Happy Holidays! | BB Challenge Contest Results

it definitely is that time of year again, & i want to wish you all a merry christmas & happy holidays!
as vicky & everyone else pointed out, we are definitely like one huge family, & firstly, i’d like to thank you all for your continued support of our site. who woulda thought we’d have so many views in a day & this many supporters from all around the world? being a part of this site has taught me the many cultures & practices of other countries & how different we can all be, & yet share the same loves & have such a wonderful thing in common?

2008 has definitely been BIG BANG’s year, & i hope they’ll have more to come that’ll continue to excite us & bring happiness to our lives daily. i think this site & being continually updated about them has kept me going the past year & kept me happy, & i’m sure i speak for many of you out there. i feel lucky to have come across these boys but at the same time cursed, cuz i will never be the same person again (in a good way lol).

i’ve made lots of wonderful friends & gotten to know many of you through the site & i’m thankful for that as well. hopefully the coming year we’ll continue to make traditions happen @ big bang fansite (then again, we can save this talk come new years)


& have a happy holidays – enjoy it w/ your family & cherish every moment of it.

P.S.: i decided to put up the snow, just for the 24 hrs, to get us all in the merry mood ^_^ enjoy!




BTW, TOMO has updated me w/ the results of her BB CHALLENGE CONTEST ~~ her note is under the cut———>
congrats to the winners!


Here are the winners for the challenge. As for honorable mention I decided not to give a prize anymore.

1st Place: Wendi Broas

2nd Place: Queenie Bui

3rd Place: Christel Macabeo

Honorable Mentions

Mang Khang

Natasha Poon

Maribeth Reyes

Thanks to all the other participants- you guys did awesome:
Phoebe Wong
Anna Zhang
Kim Duong
Jannelle Zapanta
Sandy Martinez
Nhi Lam
Kristy Lui and Hang Pham
Elaine Choe
E’zzati Said
Coco G
Pat Cruz
Tommy Chanthavong
Vanessa Oh
Mandy Lam
Hoang Anh Doan
Ming Ming Yang


~ by gdluvzmc on December 25, 2008.

38 Responses to “Happy Holidays! | BB Challenge Contest Results”

    i agree, we are like one big family with the same 5 husbands! keke.
    happy holidays everyone!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Melly!

    wow. congrats to the winners. great entries.
    Queenie Bui – the BB silhouette and Baby vector are friggin’ awesome. i’m actually jealous. i mean, that’s cute and creative. :]

    “i feel lucky to have come across these boys but at the same time cursed, cuz i will never be the same person again”

    and i thought i was the only one who felt this way lol
    BB really is a blessing and a curse – a curse because it made me totally lazy in uni lol.. AND because its made me spend SO much more time in front of a computer!

    but then again, a blessing, because BB managed to make me really really happy this past year too!

  4. cool~
    congrats to all winners!!!
    deserved well!!!

  5. “i feel lucky to have come across these boys but at the same time cursed, cuz i will never be the same person again”
    i’m loving this melly!! i feel wonderful waking up everyday thinking about the boys..i don’t know how the hell i’m like this..it just happened..and i CHANGED alot after knowing bb..yes in a good way too lol~i’m a happier person now =)

    congrats to the winner!
    the remember acoustic version rocks
    but why is it so short my dear christel? keke
    natasha’a make love is nice too..i was bobbing along the song all the way kekeke
    and maribeth u rock!! i love your voice
    omg it is frigging nice..seriously

  6. Congratz to the winners and Happy Holidays Melly ^^

  7. Omg VIP_0717 ; I love your pictures & ROOM! NEAT!
    & Congrats to all the other winners ๐Ÿ˜€ You guys did great :]
    & MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays to all the staff on here &
    VIPS On here ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Well done to Big Bang, this was truly your year. Thank you Big Bang cos sometimes when im down or not feeling great, your music always makes me happy again =] We VIP’s will never stop supporting you and anticipate all your future events including your individuals performances.

    Thank you Vicky and Melly and everyone else who spare their free time in updating this site. Without you guys we would never get our daily big bang addicition haha.

    Merry Xmas to all VIP’z around the world!!

    Big Bang Forever

  9. uwaw~
    i love maribeth’s voice..i wonder if she’s filipino ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Congrats to the winners.
    WOW, Maribeth Reyes’s voice is AMAZING.
    I seriously thought it was Park Bom singing.
    And Park Bom’s voice is flawless.

  11. yay~4 maribeth…<333
    awes0me v0ice…^^

  12. congrats to the winner
    & merry christmass everyone~~

  13. Maribeth Reyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Merry Christmas Everyone!
    Loving our big happy family that the boys brought together.

    And congrats to teh winners. =]]

  15. aww guys HAPPY XMAS to u 2!!!
    an we r for sure one big family!
    Keep doin great things in 09 an im sure that 2009 will be Big Bangs year as well, every year is a Big Bang year!

  16. Merry X-mas to the site too! As a visitor, I definitely glad there is a dedicated BB fan site, I can be a part of and not feel too old to be here:0)

  17. Merry Xmas everybody!!!
    and congrats to all you girls
    you guys are awesome!!!

  18. I am glad I got to participate@@!!!


    tnx gdluvzmc 4 sharin’!!! LUV U guRL..merry christmas..

  20. Hey Congrats you guys!
    that must’ve taken lots of creativity and LOVEEEE

    MERRY CHRISTMAS you guys!!!

  21. “Eโ€™zzati Said”

    I must say that is a fantasically awesome name.

  22. merry christmas!
    ah,this year i’ve change to
    because of Big Bang which is
    in a good way =]
    2008 was Big Bang’s year
    and YES 2009 will be their again
    and a to the winners
    shhh I’m so jealous! you guys have
    a lot of Big Bang stuff && wonderful
    remixes of the song/ the singing z

  23. omg
    those rooms are bigbang shrines!!
    can i move in ?!
    LOL <33
    congrats to everyone!!

  24. wow those big bang rooms are hawt <33 i want to a a big bang filled room too ;__;..congrats to all the winners ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. […] Happy Holidays! | BB Challenge Contest Results it definitely is that time of year again, & i want to wish you all a merry christmas & happy holidays! as vicky & […] […]

  26. hello :D:D
    i’m jamie, and i was just commenting here because…i couldn’t be stuffed commenting somewhere else :D:D
    anyway if vicky is reading this then:
    do you think you can convert the coming SBS gayo daejun to MP4 for me PLEASE. because i have a mac laptop and i absolutely don’t know how to convert avi to MP4. even though i try SO hard i can’t. you probably dun wanna noe abt that so i’ll just be quiet ><. but can you PLEASE. convert the FULL thing to mp4?? ty veryy much. greattt fansiteee. go on it like…every day :D:D

  27. i’m totally in love with queenie bui’s room and marabeth’s version of forever with you is so good ldakjflaksjdflaksjdf i wish i could sing like that >_______________o;;

  28. the rooms are amazing! especially that wall!!! wow. and vids are OSM! VIPs hwaiting! congrats to everyone who participated, everyone’s a winner in my opinion. ^___^ it’s the effort that counts. I should’ve participated too. T__T maybe next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. woww congrats to all those winners&participants! (:
    i was way too busy AGAIN for this one as well..
    sighhh .
    i promise to participate soon enough on one of these~
    dangg tat girl’s room is only wat i imaginedd i could have xD
    tats some crazy devotion. props to her ๐Ÿ˜€
    AND YES,
    our boys have had a wonderful year in 2008.
    so many things happened.. ah~
    we’re in for another great year of BB<3
    thanks for keeping tis site awesome u guys!!
    we all appreciate it ^^

  30. omg..i don’t believe it..i made the honorable mentions list..keke..
    congrats to everyone…
    wahh..i love Queenie Bui wall..

  31. Wow, very creative people! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  32. i love all the rooms with all the big bang merchandise!! Maribeth has a really good voice =) i’m glad you guys liked my acoustic version of remember too! i’ll be sure to redo it when I have the time. Happy holidays everyone!!!!!!!

  33. Woohoo .. i made honorable mention =P.. im still happy with that, cause the the people who made it all deserve it as well! =D Thanks to everyone who liked my forever with you version =) Merry Belated Christmas to all you Big Bang fans ^__^ and a Happy Upcoming New Year! .. yes im super late at commenting i know hehe =D

  34. OMG. I would die to have a room like VIP_0717.

  35. good job!!

  36. omg is anyone selling that big bang t-shirt with them in cartoons? i rlly want it T.T

  37. “i agree, we are like one big family with the same 5 husbands! keke.”>>>>>bbftw


    the same 5 husbands! Yeah…Fantastic!!

    i like this part *_*

  38. so many posters O_O
    i think im in love

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