12.26.08 Big Bang on Music Bank: 3 Performances | SBS Gayo Daejun Promo Pictures

♬ Music Core Info

Big Bang will perform 3 songs on Music Core today, ‘Only Look at me’ ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ I just woke up haha so I’ll be staying up to watch it tonight. 😀


YG release a statement saying that despite Big Bang’s busy schedule next year, DAESUNG WILL CONTINUE TO APPEAR ON FAMILY OUTING. That’s good news to hear since I love him on that show too much, but also worried he’s gonna overwork himself, but a good news for you is, CATS MUSICAL HAS ENDED, Dae won’t be so extra tire from now on.

12.26.08 KBS Music Bank
Big Bang Cuts
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NO DOUBT~ Best Sunset Glow Performance EVER!

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When I first saw this performance I was like ‘Where’s the boys’ I hear voices but nothing ahnaha but then they appeared, I thought Bong was wearing Steve… but nope it’s some other dude with a slight dull blue color… T___T WTH.. I like their color theme today though. I’m glad to see Dae all happy during this performance, I’m glad that his musical has ended, from now on he’ll get more time to rest.

When it’s time for Baby to sing, Bong just have to bump into him, aigooo but of course my husband handled it perfectly, spin one round kekek During Bae’s part kekek I cannot stop laughing at Tabi in the back keke he was so out of it, his eyes just wandering everywhere keke looks like he was looking around for flying yanggeng hahahah then he pointed at the camera with his expression kekeke priceless.

AWW…. For the first ‘ah ah ah’ they changed it to a new year greeting, in Korea, you bow down like that as a polite gesture to hope the other person good health and fortune for the new year, that’s so cute of them haha Baby’s ‘AH’ right at the camera killed me man, what a good way to start a new year kekek all of them AHH!!! I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH. Baby and his random self calling out ‘HI TECH! CRAZY” forget to thank them too, I love all the YG Dancers <3!

For the 2nd ‘ah ah ah’ keke when I saw Baby came up behind Bong and signal him to come in the middle and did little ‘tsk tsk tsk’ finger haha I knew Bong is gonna get the chance to do it this time keke He knocked Tabi, Baby, Dae and Bae down kekeke even the dancers, Baby was getting SO EXICTED to hit Bong keke he was blowing his hands and everything kekek but the other members betrayed him haha they just turned away, who have the nerve to hit KWON LEADAH? hahaha Baby raised his hand ready to hit Bong kekek then Bong caught Baby and put him in a head lock ahaha GRI FANGIRL DREAM COME TRUE!! Bong was too harsh on Baby, he lost his balance and fell on the floor, HEY HEY BONG! CAREFUL WITH MY HUSBAND NOW!!

Last Farewell Performance

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Big Bang is the ONLY ARTIST to have 3 songs on #1 spot this year, including ‘Last Farewell’ for January, ‘Haru Haru’ for September, and ‘Sunset Glow’ for November and December. Since is the Music Bank’s year end show, they have all the artist perform their hit songs according to month and also special stages. January is Big Bang, and as I was watching this live…. half asleep haha only got 3 hours of sleep cuz of this keke but I noticed something right away, THIS IS THE SAME OUTFIT they wore when they won #1 on Music Bank back in January, I still remember that performance haha wow.. time flies man haha.When I look at Baby…. it’s the same jacket… BUT…… something about him.. just change.. like compare the little excited boy he was back then holding and kissing the trophy haha this Baby just seem so mature… so different… I like it…. but then…. I don’t want cute Baby to disappear forever, it’s fine for him to be mature… cuz he’s just sexy doing all that, of course a wife like me would wanna see that but he better never move out of maknae town.

This song really never gets old, I always feel so hyped up whenever I’m listening to it. HAHAH LOL at the big hyung of the group, Tabi and his little head twirl….. kekek T_____T that is just typical T.O.P. a dork anytime anyplace. Dae seems to be really energized today, lately he’s been a bit dead tire whenever I see him, so I was getting worried, and since YG said earlier today that DAESUNG WILL KEEP APPEARING ON FAMILY OUTING despite of Big Bang’s busy schedule overseas, I hope Dae won’t overwork himself. AH~ Baby’s bridge part killed me… the way he look so dreamily at the camera…. what is going on with my hubby today? making me feel like this at 5 AM haha I LOVE IT. And what’s that I saw at the end?? what is Baby’s thing with those firecrackers thing?? it keeps bother him every end of the year? One of them blew up and fell on Baby, keke you can see run to the back when that happens, don’t get hit by anymore firecrackers this year now, you hear? last year when that happens I cried my eyes out, I don’t think I can take anymore of that.

Haru Haru Performance (PLAIN HILARIOUS)

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ah~ the Haru Haru performance once again, Tabi and Bong was just rapping all cool… then Steve’s cousin’s tail got caught in the gap between Bong and his mic keke that is hilarious. And we get to see Tabi’s mickey mouse mitten once again keke good memories.

HAHAHAH OH MY GOD!! This is hilarious hahahah during the first chorus, kekek did you hear this weird ‘EY~’ sound??? kekeke at first I thought it was Dae, but Dae doesn’t have his mic near his mouth when that happens, and it turns out to be Bae keke as soon as he make that sound everyone was looking at him and cracking up. They just can’t stop smiling keke it’s so cute!! Especially Bong haha even during ‘OH GIRL I CRY CRY’ he was suppose to be sad during that part but NOPE he look so happy like he found a life time of supplies of skinny jeans keke

You know how I said about Baby looking different, NOW I KNOW WHY, HE GOT A HAIRCUT, it’s shorter now, trust me a wife knows, I KNOW there’s something different about him when I saw the Last Farewell performance, so that’s it, my man got a small haircut… maybe for his upcoming solo stage??? hm…………. and again, Baby singing all sad in the front, Bong laughing his butt off in the back T__T haha

Throughout the rest of the performance… I CANNOT STOP DROOLING OVER BABY’S NEW HAIRCUT…. i love it!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The pictures to promote SBS Gayo Daejun… Dae wasn’t there due to his musical I think, it’s either that or Family Outing, that’s too bad, but the others…. OMG… WHEW~~ LOOKING OH SO MIGHTY FINE IN THOSE SUITS… it’s amazing. Tabi’s hair look a bit funny kekek it’s like… hard to the left side kekek it cracked me up big time. Baby look so GOOOD~ and it’s all for me 😀 hahah Bae and his cool shade and ‘H’ belt keke and Bong………Bong just look like a cartoon right there, the way he just stood there kekek a REALLY HOT cartoon though. The standing position for the ad of all artists, Tabi was sepreate from Hyori unnie by Eun Ji Won…. hm……… …. haha she look smoking hot though, if Dae was there, I bet he’ll be standing next to her for sure


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~ by Vicky on December 26, 2008.

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  1. wah
    long post Vicky LOL
    how r ya by the way???

    Haru Haru: Tae Yang got so embarrassed after making that Hey sound. it was cute though. everyone was laughing haha. SO ADORABLE.and then I couldn’t help but smile when GD smiled while saying “oh girl” part. it is hilarious. this is the first time the sad Haru Haru brought us laughters.

    Last Farewell: I dont’ think it’s the same outfit that they wore last year..but they do look similar though. anyways. wah,. wonder why GD had to wear that hat again, but it’s cute on him as usual. i miss them performing this song so much !!!! wah, can’t believe it’s been over one year since this song came out (*tears*) LOL.

    Sunset Glow: When i saw the bowing part during Ah Ah Ah i was SO surprised. It’s such a polite and respectful way to say thank you to the fans and wishing all the best. hehe, seriously i actually droped my jaw seeing that. and then the hitting part, wah~~ GD’s turn!!! hope TOP and TY would get their hitting turn soon!!!! lol. i screamed when GD turned around and pulled SR in (fangirl scream lol).

    and i’m still not over the end of year award issue yet. it sucks. at least i’m not as mad as when i heard the ending result. but yeah, kinda ruined my happiness in the end. i should watch their performances again to cheer up!

  2. awww! 3 songs! whoo!! lol
    yay CATS is ovaa~ thank god, think of all the reearsals, wardobe, makeup, performances…wheww. Dae should be resting~~
    Baby got a new haircut!~ hes still so cute xD keke

  3. I think it´s funny how they playced TOP so close to Hyori, in that one picture……;T

    Havn´t heard or seen the performances yet.

  4. awesomeness!!! 3 songs holy crap!!
    sunset glow..i saw tabi’s eyes wandering!! thats so freaking cute!!
    and the ah ah ah part was really polite..i like it and i really like korean culture 🙂
    last farewell..their outfits were similar..but they ain’t the same anymore. and this song never gets old..i’m forever hyped when i heard this song
    haru haru was hilarious T__T i can’t believe i was laughing watching an emo perf T__T bong ahh~steve’s tail T__T hahahaha i started laughing from there…and for the 1st time bong was smiling while doing the i cry cry part kekekekee
    gayo daejun pics..holy HOT!!!
    look at their kicks!! amazing!!

  5. gee. youngbae got embarassed. but it’s ok.. stil freakin’ cute when i saw GD smiling, & stil smiling at the back of seungri when seungri turns to sing. haha.. so cute.. i love all the performancses, ‘never get tired watching them.. ‘love them truly.. i love seungri more & more..

  6. by the way their gayo daejun pix. mm uberly hot!! gd, youngbae, topee, & ofcorz ma beyVi seungri.. lavet..

  7. Lols!Haha I loled when I heard the ey~XDDD
    Well you can never get tied from watching the boys.
    Hahah Yong was like smiling I guess he wanted to laugh
    when it was the say goodbye part
    but he did that sexy kiss thing.
    Ngaaww. I love the boys!XD

  8. despite 3 #1 songs this year, the music bank mvp went to DBSK for their 1 song (mirotic0…no bashin or anything just a pity for our boys! I guess i just don’t get the criteria for mvp..

  9. i dont care about DBSK, although i love yonho.. BB is the MVP of our hearts.. hek.

  10. i dont care about DBSK, although i love yunho.. BB is the MVP of our hearts.. hek.

  11. loved all the performaces too,i was also suprised when they bowed down.it got me really emotional. i was also suprised that DBSK won mvp,they won on music bank one time before.but i dont care cause our boys have worked and brought us and korea the best music.they are truly the best,i hope they take good care of their health.

  12. Vi

    Wow~ good news, now Dae could have more time to rest.
    Even though I don’t follow FO that much but since Dae get more popular & be recognized by more ppl not in their 20ies but also 30ies of 40ies, so I wont want to see Dae left FO.
    That’ll be so sad. Since Dae also enjoy FO so much.

    Sunset Glow: wow~ I think there must be something strange with me too.
    I get all horny just by seeing hubby in this perf. I must be a pervert at all.
    But… I notice my man lose some weight. He looks skinnier than before.
    Or is it becoz of his jacket?
    Kekeke… Baby is so exited to hit Bong. It’s like “payback time!!”

    Last Farewell: aw~ is that so? They use the same outfit when they win in January?
    Ahh~~ that just so sweet of them.
    Baby will never leave maknae town. Since he’s the only resident there. I don’t know what will happen to maknae town when he move out.
    Typical Tabi head twirl. Kekeke… u just can’t help but to love him.

    Haru Haru: yay~~~ I’m so happy. I got to see the Mickey Mouse glove again!
    Remember when he only use this Mickey Mouse glove when they performed their comeback stage? Then he just left the glove in his wardrobe. Ahh~~ it’ll be complete if hubby wear the shades. I miss time when he removed the shades. That’s one hella sexy moment.
    Hahaha… the tail part. So funny! Hehehe…
    They can’t help but to crack up hard coz of Bae. Kekeke… Bae is acting cute lately.
    New haircut of Baby for his solo stage? Damn, that make me can’t wait.

    Oh my god. Their pics is too sexy for me to hold.
    Yup, Bong sure look like the handsome boy which usually appears in girls cartoon.
    Also tabi. So smoking hot. But I wish Dae was there. The couple doesn’t complete.
    Hyori look so gorgeous. She’s really beautiful. I can’t find a word for her.
    But still LOL at Bong’s pants. It looks weird coz he sit. The pants & the socks look so so weird.
    Tabi expression ot the pic. Standing there & gazed. Looks like he’s taking the formal photo shot for school use.

  13. Thanks for the video…
    So good to see Gdragon’s smile. =)
    But today Big Bang aren’t supposed to do a special stage with KARA? I’ve beeen waiting for it T.T

    now i get why Big bang didn’t get MVP

    —> the winner of MVP award is chosen from 12 artists that have the highest scores of MB’s monthly charts

    Jan. Big Bang 4573

    Feb. SNSD – Kissing You 5248

    Mar. Jewelry – One More Time 6088

    Apr. Lee Seung Gi – 7448

    May MC Mong – 8971

    June Wonder Girls – So Hot 10135

    Jul. Brown Eyes – Do not go, do not go 10386

    Aug. Seotaiji – Moai 11485

    Sep. Big Bang – Haru Haru 10872

    Oct. Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic 16404

    Nov. Big Bang – 11784

    Dec. Big Bang – 9147

    Credit : DNBN

    * and as you can see DBSK is the artist that has the highest score…so yeah…they won.
    oh well

  15. aww, Kwon leaders smile made me feel soo happy. so genuine. lol. & you’re certainly right Vicky; that was their best performance of sunset glow.


  16. OMG!! i love the ah ah ah part super cute! and awesome..i love the second ah ah ah part too, cause no one could hit GD back..kekeke..damn, that’s the power of being a leader.
    anyways, that photoshot is awesome! look at all these great stars..YB is sitting so up straight, he looks a big uncomfy. hahhaa.
    can’t wait to see big bang perform with DBSK.

  17. Ugh, can’t believe Big Bang didn’t win!
    But the performances were SO CUTE.
    Especially Sunset Glow.
    Omg, when they bowed down. ❤
    And GRI! ❤

  18. been a silent reader lately…but i enjoy reading all the comments from the wonderful VIPs. all 3 perfs were superb. i love the fact that they were having so much fun doing the performances.

    it’s slightly suprising that DBSK won MVP of the year, however after looking at ncly’s post, i could understand why they won. but what is more suprising to me is that i dont feel upset at all Big Bang didnt win, probably because deep down i know they’re the best! ❤ lol, i find myself more tolerant of those hate comments and easier to dismiss such things recently. it is mostly due to the presence of this website where i find so much comfort and joy.

    lol, i havent really give a formal thanks to those who have made this website a true success. So i would hereby like to express my gratitude to all the staffs, Vicky, Melly, Jessica, Momo and not to mention other staffs who have undoubtedly contributed to this V.I.ctory. hee~

    also not forgetting all VIPs who visit this blog and post witty and amusing comments to express their
    love to Big Bang. 😀

    i really hope you guys continue to update the latest of Big Bang in the following years. i have been a fangirl of a other idol groups before, but thanks to BIG Bang and you guys, i feel so attached to this fandom. scary isnt it? im really worried. Seungri ❤ ^_^

  19. Hello everyone! I just want to say that I love Big bang and I appreciate that you guys are keeping up with this site about them! You’re totally best. I’m from Sweden and even though I live far I dream about going to Big bangs koncert… But I heard that they’re going to USA next year.. and I even saw that you guys had said that the tickets had run out.. (that’s okey for me, I can wait for hundred years) But please can you guys keep in touch if they are going to have koncert and if, where can you buy them? Because I live far away I can’t get any information at all 😦 and I can’t understand korean either. (But I’m willing to learn) Anyways please see this message, happy christmas and happy new year! Don’t ever stop updating about them, and again, you guys rock! <333333333

  20. Ohmyyygoshhhhh.
    I love these performances! SO AWESOMENESS!
    In Last Farewell, I LOVE THEIR OUTFITS! THeir jackets are so
    cute, it makes mines look old. LOL. HaruHaru, all I remeembered
    from watching that was the smile on Jiyong’s face & HOW HAPPY THEY
    OMG Baby cut his hair? HE STILL LOOK CUTE AS EVERR!
    Hehe, this was a GREAT PERFORMANCE, { as always. LOL }

  21. AHHHHH best performances ever
    LOL @ BAE :] very cute<333
    2008 = big bang’s year ? CHYEDIFINITELY !

  22. This is just TOO AMAZING!!! All 3 performances r so good!!!

    And Tae’s “Ey” ahahahhaa but i wonder how he can say “EY” two times within this short time. But it must have been he! I think, he loughed bout himself too heheheh

    AND 2008 IS DEFINITELY BIG BANG’S YEAR!!!!! Every year will be theirs ❤

  23. wow i really loved those preformances lol baby is soooo cuteee!!!!!! i liked on sunset glow when they bowed thats freakin cute

  24. OMG!!!!
    I died like never before(is that even possible???with this boys anythin is ;P)
    seein the 3 performances definitely made my whole year now
    there really no words to describe them right now
    sunset glow
    GRi moment I don’t know why but I was too happy to see that
    the things those 2 can do te makin me look at them instead of my man
    haru haru
    damn i really missed those times
    my man and his gloves
    last farewell
    i almost cried Bong wearing the vest and sam
    i went back to the first time i saw them
    best way to end the year

  25. *****************************



  26. OHMY,

    first of all i would like to say






    BB FOREVER<333333333333333333333333333333333333 LMFAO.

    haha, yeahh and i love them so muchhh prolly like a bajillion
    other fangirls out there xD!!

    at haru haru i felt all happy and jumpy and that ‘HEY’ from
    bae. LMFAO<333333 I LOVED THATTT. he was all embarassed and then
    looked at bong and they smiled really big at each other xDD<33

    AGH, idk what to say about it xD
    and last farewell was PLAIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD :DDD<33
    it was amazing and i felt all jumpy again and super happy xDD

    FREAKKKK in my head xDD [can’t scream in the house or im dead
    lmfaoo] AGHHHHHHHHHHH, and its funny i have these automatic habits
    of watching for any G-ri moments xDD. or just BABY AND BONG
    LOL. for a whilee and then i notice BABY’S JACKET LOOKS SUPER
    LMFAOO, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVEDD THIS PERf. and tabi and dae just look so cuuteee in general xDD BONG WAS REALLY CUTE TOO.
    SO ADORABLE<333333333333333333333
    ohmygoddddddddddd, and all their little motions EVERYTHING in that
    performance i was like. AWWWWWWWWW SO CUUTEE
    AGHHHHHHHHHh, BABY WAS SO CUTEEEEEe. haha, i say that enough xD!
    AND THE PART WHERE THEY ALL GO DOWN. man i’m just thinking. this
    GAHHHHHHHHHHH, so cute cute cute cute.BABY’S ‘AH’ IT WAS SOO
    ADORABLE. LOLL, i caught myself saying F**K like. 5 times during
    the perf xDDD LMFAO. bad bad me. AHHA BUT THATS THE EFFECT :]<3

    now. im just going to watch the performances 2340238509485 times over again xDD and save some for later LOL. or i mean. ENJOY THEM ALL OVER AGAAINNN AHHAA<33333333333333333333333333

  27. woah im an idiot for writing that much xD ^^

    well, not really cause its BIGBANG FANNNGIRL OVERREACTIONS.

    x 98409840923840928340928308248023402934029342340235850984095

    died during sunset glow perf. :]<3

  29. YAY for Daesungi!..Im gLad he wont b as much busy..he needs rest..but im also glad he’ll stay in FO cuz I love him there too!!! DAE2x HWAITING!!!..PERFORMANCES???..speechless..juz 1 word : LOVE!!!

  30. Vi

    yes, i agree one hundred percent.
    bong does look like a cartoon : )

  31. Deang, that was HOOOT !
    Thanks SO MUCHO for uploading.
    Seung Ri—in a headlock^^
    soo adorable.
    GRi LOOOVE(:

  32. ncly

    thanks for asking
    a bit pissed off from other things
    but nothing a bit of GRi goodness can’t fix haha

    if Bae perform gag, he make SURE you laugh ur butt off haha
    it’s great

    it’s the same outfit they wore when they got back after their break in the beginning of the year, the one where Baby kissed the trophy
    I remember it because of husband haha

    I’m looking forward for more Sunset Glow performance just to see who will be next CAN’T WAIT FOR MUSIC CORE TONIGHT!!

  33. Jini

    I heard Dae’s skin got some bad effects from all that makeup he have to put on daily
    awww…. you know how Dae is with his skin, even wear a mask to sleep haha

  34. nya

    FO has becoming Korea’s best varietyshow right now, due to its rating, always more than 25% each episode, really impressive
    so Dae staying on is definately a good thing for his status, also he paid lots too haha
    but it’s not worth it if he gets too tire though
    i was hoping Dae would stay on long enough so another Big Bang member can go on, I’m crossing my fingers for Baby!!!

    you….. really
    I have no words to describe you hahaha
    damn ur hormone gurl kekekek

    the GRi moment make me so happy I was floating on clouds 😀

    Baby have the possibility of selling maknae town to Tabi
    you never know
    or Bae, lately Bae has been.. whooo~

    hahah Bong is the ONLY ONE that can wear something like that and nobody will have the nerve to say anything to him hahaha
    because he’s the GDRAGON
    and you DON’T questions the GDRAGON haha

    I seriously think Bong will PROBABLY become something like Andre Kim when he’s older haha not Andre Kim extreme, but somewhere near there kekek

  35. omg i found out i could watch music core on my tv and i was super excited when i saw seungri and daesung on my tv screen ! =D
    what time is it gonna be on?!

  36. ncly

    I completely don’t care about the award
    I didn’t remember about it until you brought it up now haha
    I didn’t watch the thing after i heard DBSK won so none of that in my memory haha

  37. tubby

    yea~ I know how you feel
    I was just like ‘eh~ whatever’
    they already got a MVP award from ME
    who the hell cares about what Music Bank think hahahah

    yea~ sometimes I love the boys too much it scares me haha
    i don’t know how I got this attached but I am

  38. milkydonut

    ikekeke and I thought I was excited hehehehe 😛
    it is a RIGHT for you to spazz
    you’re a fangirl
    and a BIG BANG fangirl that is 😀

  39. Dori

    haha now I know I’m not crazy kekek

  40. jeanne

    it will be on at 3:30 PM [SEOUL, KOREA TIME]

  41. awesome thank you !
    cant wait to watch it =D

  42. LOL! HaruHaru perf. and YB’s “EY”
    was soo funny! their reactions were
    so cute haha. then during the bridge
    YB did this SUPERFLEX I was so not
    ready for! lol ahhhh!!!

    The end of Sunset Glow was so CUUUTTE
    with GD hitting everyone then that
    GRI MOMENT! lol ahh i luv you SR!
    it was so sweet how they bowed : D

    Last Farewell perf. definitely brought
    back awesome memories, ahh..it was just
    early this year.

    I SO LOVE SeungRi’s HAIRCUT! i think its
    the best yet! Im so happy
    that BB got the most months! 😀 hehe

    LOVE what theyre wearing! the pics are hot!

  43. lolz anyone notice tae yang messed up in Haru Haru and the boys crack up?
    that was kute!
    he can go pretty high

  44. hyori is sooo pretty! i love her dress and my babys are looking pretty fine

  45. hahaha bong is so mean putting baby in a headlock like that! these are the best performances because they really look like they were having a lot of fun lol boy do i sound CORNAY!

  46. YES~ of corse DAE would stay on FO for us 🙂
    but then i hope he doesnt over do itt like my
    hubby tabi always didd
    & DANG this is madd hot&FUNNY!
    bigbang style dorkiness<3 just too lovable.
    definitely makes my day alwayss~
    hahaa i can only imagine u screaming silently
    in 5am.. xD
    now im relly feeling the whole end of the year
    vibe~ all those memories coming bak..
    good times. and seriously our boys worked
    so hard all throughout this yearr
    and no matter wat award they wouldnt receive
    they still put all their efforts into
    their work.
    and i noe everyone here agrees,

    BIGBANG is NUMBER 1 ^^


  47. I swear, that concert was completely totally FABULOUS!! and not only that, they performed 3 songs!!! it was totally head over heels banging! but the fact that dbsk won with their one-hit is just outrageous. i honestly couldn’t care less if dbsk’s stupid mirotic song got more points in ONE month, it;s stil only one month. and big bang totally should’ve won! if anyone saw the part where the hosts announced that dbsk won, it was so sad and pitiful and so goddamn frustrating to see our beloved big bang members walk off center stage and to the side just bowing. it must be so frustrating for our boys. 😥

    god, i swear, something is wrong with the mvp criteria thing.

  48. Vi
    Hahaha… crossing ur finger for baby.
    This wife. Kekeke…

    But… Tabi look so good right?
    He looks like he’s losing his weight. It that the result of his fruits diet????
    I don’t want him to go on diet though.
    He look good enough.
    Damn, everytime I think about hubby’s weight the anti thing come in my mind.
    I think I could kill one if I met them.

    Hehehe… the GRi moment. Baby expression when he get to hit Bong.
    No words to describe.

    I think Bae have more of the possibility to moving in the maknae town.
    If hubby move into maknae town, I think the town’s name should change into “hyung town” kekeke…

    HAHAHA… Andre Kim. I think way too much gurl. Kekeke…

  49. It wasn’t TaeYang. It was SeungRi. If you listen closely, TaeYang does a softer “Hey” right before SeungRi cracks.

  50. haha yess i read your descriptions..
    i think the some guy in a slight dull blue color
    was yb lol..

  51. this the username iamvip but im too lazy to log in lol wow big bang can never disappoint me and their performances are always hot im always excited and anxious to what to expect from big bang and they never fail to amaze me
    Big Bang = ♥

  52. haha I swear I was like wtfff what was that “ey!” sound.. then I saw like taeyang and jiyoung smiling at each other xD best moment of the show lmao(: jiyoung like kept laughing until his rap,, I want a fancam… I coulda sworn he laughed so hard that he even covered his mouth with his hands during the dance,,,, ;D

  53. i just watched the HQ one and i saw baby avoiding the firecrackers T__T
    poor baby..i don’t want him to be haunted by this forever
    and i wanna praise baby..we can so tell that he improved so much
    he did so well for his bridge in haru haru ❤
    baby must be practicing alot!!
    and its extremely weird to laugh in haru haru perf
    kekek but i couldn’t help it hahaha
    bong was literally smiling all the way..dang..he made me happy 🙂
    others were also laughing when bae popped the ‘HEY’ sound except for dae
    he was too concentrating keke
    but i feel happy cuz he looked so much better!!
    he has been a little tired lately.
    the performance was awesome!!

  54. LOL! Really Best Sunset Glow Performance Ever!!! thanx Vicky!

    can’t wait for the SBS Gayo Daejun ^^

  55. LOL. Vicky is being a protective wife to SR. hahaha! that’s good anyways!^^ I love all the descrptions here.. :DD soo cool!!~~

    awww~~ I love the ah~ah~ part.. LOL. sooo cute~~ and I spotted some GRI moment. :3

    It’s good that Hyori was not beside TOP! >:)) I’ll get jealous when that happens!! hahaha! >:)) 😛

  56. Vicky !
    how can u see this performance live? 🙂

  57. OMGGGGG!
    Awwww! SWeEETTTTT!
    Omg where is DAE DAE???
    Hes not in the pictures? URG! Anyways awww I love
    Tops hair. FABO! I seriously love their
    dancing, it is awesomely awesome =DDDDDDD

  58. haha i loved how during the end of the last farewell performance everyone put a L up with their fingers except for SR!

  59. AIGOOOO! TOP is sooo adorable!!! And Tae Yang lloks so GQ as always, but where’s DAE DAE?!!!

  60. just comes to show my baby is not so perfect…. Ok! I’ve never seen GD so cute before until the crack came. So funny!

  61. Have you guys noticed that Bae doesn’t sing “I LOVE YOU GIRL~” high-pitched anymore? He just sings it normally. DAHAHAHA! Tabi is such a crack up when they do that hand movement in ‘Last Farewell’ it’s like, supposed to be upto his shoulders right? But he does it all the way at the… I don’t know what to call it but slightly above his tummy. And I realised, Bong does a slight ‘Tell Me’ hand movement. I think he was smiling when it came to his part because he was still not over Bae going “AH!” and “EY!”. The ‘H’ on Bae’s belt stands for “HOT” 😀 I think that’s Yunho from DBSK? On the left and Rain on the top left 🙂

  62. nice shoes you have there…..BIG BANG all the way….

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