12.27.08 Big Bang on Music Core | More: Gayo Daejun pictures with DBSK

aigoo~ out of all things Baby can copy from Bong…

12.27.08 MBC Music Core
Opening | MC Cuts & New Year Message
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12.27.08 MBC Music Core
Big Bang’s Performances
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When the song was starting, I saw Dae singing… then a figure walking down the stairs…. I thought it was BOng…. but then NO… OH GOD… it’s freaking BABY!!! Out of ALL THINGS he can copy from Bong, first it was the distracting plaid red skinnies, and now… the blanket.  LORD~ I know it’s called a poncho, but something this ugly doesn’t deserves a right name okay, especially when it’s yellow…. T_____T oh lord. Makes me think……. is it Baby who feel like copying Bong a lot lately? or Bong is the one that’s dressing baby these days??? I cannot take Haru Haru seriously like I always do when Tabi’s wearing red pants, Dae is wearing a piano shirt, Bong is wearing a phone on his chest, and Baby is freaking covered up in a yellow blanket, just CAN’T!! Bae is the only normal one now… thankyou Bae… I need that haha so clothing really can effect a mood.

The second Sunset Glow begins, Dae’s bright orange glove and green scarf seems to fit with everything haha you can’t really see since the camera man is senseless, but Tabi held onto Bae again!!!! haha I spot him looking at Bae’s arm like a piece of sausage that he want to swallow so badly haha then he just came up, hold onto it and close his eyes.. keke big hyung of the group… T_T.  For the ‘ah ah ah’ they did the new year greetings again, all I can see is yellow blanket going down T__T no matter where I look, i still see yellow blanket, the yellow blanket is not my friend. There goes Baby jumping down to the audience… see? All I can seee is yellow blanket flying.

Bong gets to knock everyone down again, LOL at his getting ready pose kekeke remind me of some old Chinese Kung-fu movies keke hehehh Tabi’s face. he act like he got hit by a bullet keke then I love how the dancer’s head just fell down to the side keke Baby getting ready to hit Bong once again, blowing his hand and everything then Bong turned around and did that hand gesture “YOU LITTLE!!!!!!!” haha and Baby backed off right away keke I love the GRi-ness!!! AHHHHH!

Bae’s ‘Only Look at me’ performance

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Since today is Music Core’s last show of 2008, they have all the artist do a bit of all their successful song, Bae gets to perform ‘Only Look at me’ once again, ah~ I still remember the night where I try so hard to stayed up until 2 AM to watch his debut stage live, time really flies, watching this makes me get all emotional haha this dance never gets old, I just love it so much… and apparently so does the whole Korea haha

And talking about hotness, pretty much ALL OF KOREA’S HOTNESS is on these 3 stair cases…… don’t know what I’m talking about????????????? 2 words, GAYO DAEJUN. More pictures!!! And congrats to Baby!!! His dreams came true!! He get to sit next to Junsu now!! WHOOOOOOOOO~ Tabi and Yunho look so picture perfect together hahaha and another thing I love the most, their shoes kekeke only Big Bang can have some cool kicks like that. YEA~~

SBS Gayo Daejun Pictures


Bong look so bummed out….. maybe jealous cuz Baby’s ALL THE WAY on the other side and next to Junsu?? awww… jealousy~


Thanks to SBS Homepage | 큰엄마님


~ by Vicky on December 27, 2008.

113 Responses to “12.27.08 Big Bang on Music Core | More: Gayo Daejun pictures with DBSK”

  1. haha, i love the last part of sunset glow ❤ and mannnn, baby’s yellow poncho, haha. it was so distracting.

    i’m just trying to imagine what’s going on in baby’s mind when junsu put his arm around baby. oh, must be so giddy inside!

  2. I bet Seungri was DYING when he was sitting next to Junsu, LOL.
    I would be.. if I sat in between them.. KEKEKE.
    And that yellow thingy… ROFL. Man, Seungri, I love you. XD

  3. Oh, I forgot to ask…
    IS GD IN SHORTS? LOLMAO, sheesh, I want his style. x)
    And.. their shoes.. are so shiny o__o
    They definitely stand out compared to DBSK LOL.

  4. hi..just wanna ask..
    why daesung isn’t there with other members??

  5. I can die juz by looking at the sbs gayo deajun. XD Top & tae looked like they enjoyed it. And seung HOHOHO sitting next to junsu! xD lucky fanboy~

  6. thanks! :DDDDD

  7. LOL! the way SR fears GD at the
    end of SunsetGlow is so funny
    haha n yea, when TOP gets hit his
    expression was the most dramatic lol!
    It was also so funny n cute when he
    was holdin on to Bae’s arm ^___^ eeeeh!!

    AND OH, what they were WEARING O___O
    whoawhoaaa! soo hot!! YB & TOP in sweater,
    GD in that beanie, DS with that scarf & gloves
    gaahhh!! and SR with the blanket? lol well,
    I do like yellow and fuchsia lol

    AND OMG, YES. these 10 men is like
    Korean SUPER HOTNESS!! whoaaaa~~~~
    Ahh, they put the 2 sexiest together
    Yunho & TOP. lol. and ahhh! Changmin & GD<33

    LOL TOP, GD and Jaejoong look so funny
    in the last 3 pics haha esp. GD lol!

  8. loved the perf,and their clothes.@ling,i think Dae was doing his CATS musical at the time. Bong looks miserable in the pictures with DBSK. I think he wants baby all to himself and for him to abandon Junsu. You know what they say, cherish what you have or you’ll loose it. Seungri looks guilty in the last picture staring straight at Bong. I wish Dae was their then Bong wouldnt feel so lonely.

  9. LoL @ the yellow blanket flying.
    If it can fly maybe its not a blanket.
    It might be a magic carpet.

    But I’m totally loving the Gayo Daejun pics.
    Especially the shoes. I should get me some


    everything is so RANDOM T________________T
    hahaha i was laughing for the whole 3 minutes!!
    1st..the yellow blanket T_____T bong is the one to blamed!! idk..it just feels weird when baby wear something like this..but if bong was the one wearing it..i think i’ll feel better T__T

    2nd..tabi hugging bae’s arms!!!!hahaha i freaking cracked up!! i gotta love him for that expression!! hahaha

    3rd…bong’s chinese kungfu thingy T___T damnit that was hilarious xD!!

    haha..today’s performance is plain hilarious!! and i really love their outfits here..except the yellow blanket T__T their outfits today were casual and nice..unlike what they’ve been wearing lately

  11. I like how they are dressed
    baby is kiawa with his pancho

  12. Baebae will always have to balance the other member’s craziness. hehe. Those clothes are a great example. =)

  13. Vi!!!!!
    I need u to slap me now!
    Why? Why? Why Bong??
    Why Bong cuteness in this perf reach the level which will make me feel attracted to him?? o-O!!
    Also Tabi who always managed to grab all of my attention for him only.
    Damn, now everytime I watch this, I feel like my left eye follow Bong & my right eye follow Tabi.
    I need an antidote ASAP.
    I can’t be like this. Must stay loyal to hubby.
    I don’t even have a look at the whole yellow blanket u’r talking about.

  14. Its a PONCHO not a SCARF or a BLANKET. Seungri is definitely NOT copying G-Dragon (unless you’re going by brand. and if thats the case GD is the only one NOT wearing that brand..)

  15. did anyone wanted to kill the cameramen by the way? I got a bit dizzy watching Haru Haru and Sunset Glow.

  16. HAHA..Seungri Husband I LOVE YOU!!!..

  17. lol vicky. u must be a lil sad he’s wearing that poncho huh?
    when i saw him come out in it, i cracked up so bad!
    some things just only belong on jiyong, u know what i’m sayinggg lol
    sigh. i think, sr picked up the poncho on his own. cuz no way jiyong would dress him in a yellow poncho xD
    those cuties.
    regardless it was pretty cute ❤

  18. I love GD’S outfit so much XDD…he looks so wow!..and his hair looks also WOW! x’D and I love TOP’s outfit too!!…uwaaah..LOVE!..xD

    ..AAAH Taeyang’s perf…is LOVE!! this song never gets old!!!

    WHERE DID MY DAE GO?!?!?!?!?!
    oh gawd Jaejoong.
    only he would up somewhere without the others.
    TOP & Yunho look so hot sitting next to each other c(:
    LOL, they should’ve put Baby with Junsu !!

  20. that poncho distracted me very much T___T soo odd.. and besides they have diff. color scheme. omo! I think TY is the only one normal in here! XD

    I saw my husbands Yunho and TOP ryt next to each other!!~~ waa!>.< soo cute!~~ hahaha. Junsu and TY are really match 🙂 btw, do u know what happen to the piano competition bet. TY and Junsu? I wanna see the vid and hear some news into it! waaa!~~ =.=


  21. 오. 마이. 갓. bong looks GORGEOUS in haru haru!! we can actually see his face now stead of those glasses for sunest glow ❤
    baby….please no blanket.. looks like your cold!!~
    btw, love the transition they did! take it to the bridge~

  22. someone please answer me…WHERE IS DAE ????

  23. Oh, good god, Baby in a YELLOW BLANKET/PONCHO is not good, haha.
    And trust GD to wear a TELEPHONE around his neck. ❤

    Aww, the pics are so cute.
    Look at Xiah & Taeyang all close.
    Then Yunho & Top with their matching hand gestures & hair.
    And Baby at the top with Jaejoong.

  24. Oh wow… Clothing..?
    Well, they still look adorable (: & CUTE =D
    & OMG. GOLD. LOL That’s alot of hot guys. Hahahaha!
    x)) Yes, Jiyong does look bummed out :[
    Makes me sad. But maybe he’s just tired or yeahh.

  25. LMAO
    i dunno its weird seeing dong bang n bb together?

  26. wow~ jj soo faraway~! maybe jealous cuz Tabi got to sit next to Yunho keke^^

  27. OMONA!!!!!
    My Bae looks sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!
    They all look so cute and sexy^^
    where the hell is Dae?
    Where is he?
    JaeJoong looked left out cuz he didn’t have a partner…..
    They all look so cute!!!

  28. O___O @ seungri and the ponco
    I don’t think GD dressed him
    Seungri had to pick it out himself
    The pictures are cool
    Top and yunho sitting together does look perfect
    Of course big bang had to put there own little bit of style into the photos (gold shoes!!!)

  29. -_-;;; Baby… No.. the yellow blanket…

    True.. Only look at me performance never gets old. Love that song and the dance is just so perfect…

  30. “I cannot take Haru Haru seriously like I always do when Tabi’s wearing red pants, Dae is wearing a piano shirt, Bong is wearing a phone on his chest, and Baby is freaking covered up in a yellow blanket, just CAN’T!!”

    LMFAOOO I laughed SO heard at that sentence
    but it’s true, you really can’t :/

    i’ve been waiting for this for YEARS ❤
    and i love the gold shoes, it adds a nice touch and sets big bang members away from tvxq members – in a good way !

  31. I was finally able to stay up and watch this
    even when I almost got caught ;P
    Baby’s poncho looked kinda cute well not the color 0___0

    Bae singin look only at me was HEAVEN!
    I was dancin by myself in the middle of the night…XD
    Haru Haru was awesome!!!
    but my man and his red pants kept on distractin me
    now I understand you Vi
    Bong looked differet
    I guess if he doesn’t have sam or any of his relatives I can’t recognize him that easily
    Sunset glow
    love the new ah ah ah’s
    Bong hittin everybody
    and Baby….GRi moments are always cute!
    the TOBae moment was cute but…..
    I’m burnin his house tonight!!!

    the pics are HOT!!!
    Tabi and Yunho look like brothers ;P
    Baby must’ve been reeally happy
    but poor Bong siitin there lookin lonely
    but where’s Dae????!!!

  32. Micky and Tae Yang sitting next to each other!!!!!!!! I could not be in more of a heaven. Now if both of them were sitting next to me, then I think I’d die!.

  33. dong bang goodness.

    counting down till the 29th!!!!

    seungri put that away -.-

  34. did bong do something with his hair? last time i saw like a bit brownish now seems like black. myb i mislook…..i duno

  35. LOL why is jae joong all the way on the top alone =________=
    daedae is gone!! waaaahh~
    everyone looks so <333333333333 i just DIE if i sit next to any of then *0*

  36. TOPpa and Yunho lookin’ flyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  37. aww where’s dae dae T_T

  38. oh, Vi. i do not blame you at all. what was Baby thinking? i mean,
    i don’t like Bong wearing the darn blanket either [not calling it a poncho anymore myself – that ugly thing], but it’s Bong, so we kind of expect wardrobe malfunctions from him. but not from Baby. waaaaah. it was yellow too – the brightest color he could possibly wear. Vi – me, you – next flight out to Seoul so we can regulate our hubbies’ wardrobe. xD

    as for the Big Bang Shinki pics, you’ve already read my input over at LJ. *pervert status* xD

  39. Awww I love how they put it all together & went really well.
    Aww Babbyyy! SO CUTEE! The yellow blanket XP!
    The phone =D

  40. OMG i love big bang style
    they can wear anything but they will never forget their hightop hahah how kute

  41. elaisvip

    probably the feelings where you feel like you can fly haha
    I know how he feels hahah

  42. Tracy

    the ONE AND ONLY mr. Bong is wearing knee-short pants and knee-high socks….. only he can pull it off
    he can wear it and NOBODY can say ANYTHING to him hahaa
    that’s Bong

  43. ling

    he’s either busy with ‘CATS’ or ‘Family Outing’
    DaeSung is the busiest Big Bang member lately

  44. nimco

    that’s what Bong gets for being with Dae too much lately T__T
    and OH MY GOD!!
    I see what you mean!! thanks for pointing it out hahahaa
    Baby really does look guiilty
    aigoo.,… this couple

  45. jiyanz

    gurl I KNOW!
    Bong is the only one that can pull off these things
    I mean, it may look odd on him at first, but after 20 seconds of seeing him in it, you just have to like it on him keke
    but Baby…………aigoo~~~

    out of everyone’s outfit… I like BOng the most actually
    he just look so charming today haha what’s going on? kekekek but the phone… T___T

  46. SHIT….
    oh god

    EVEN WITH THE TOBAE MOMENT???????????????

  47. Zombie

    if you remember last week during Music Core performance, Bong wore a green poncho to perform

  48. sis in law

    I wanna set his house on fire hahaha
    I was already half asleep since it was 2 AM
    but the camera man didn’t give me a damn break
    spinning that think like crazy
    he’s lucky I didn’t throw up

  49. Melly

    at first I thought it was Bong, when I saw Bong walking up on the other side of the stage, I lost it hahaha dude ~ out of EVERYTHING he can copy from Bong

    EXACTLY!! Something only Bong can work, I mean he can even knee-short pants and knee-high socks while the others are wearing formal suit and still look better than them hahaha
    but Baby.. AIGOO~ I’m sure Baby just copy Bong on his own too, Bong can’t choose something like that for Baby…. last time it was the red plaid skinnies ….. now the blanket….. I’m scared to know what’s next.

    but… hahaha husband with flying yellow blanket can be adorable 😀

  50. daesungvip

    I wanted to see Yunho and Dae sitting together
    since they did get closer after filming Family Outing
    but it’s a pity that he’s not there

  51. Paula

    there isn’t a video because it hasn’t happen yet haha
    the “Piano Battle” will take place during SBS Gayo Daejun on the 29th

  52. gloriaaaaaa

    haha THANKYOU!
    I don’t talk nonsense all the time keke
    you just CAN’T!

  53. Sexica

    haha everyone complain when Bong wear something weird
    but when he’s finally dressed normal… people say it’s weird hahaha

    I’ll bring the torch tonight
    we got some burning business to do hahaha

  54. karen

    I love the 2nd pic hahahaa
    JaeJoong look like a caveman king looking down on his ‘people’ hahah

  55. Heather

    people keep correcting me, telling me it’s a poncho not a blanket
    I know what it’s called (HELLO~ a fan of ‘Ugly Betty’ here)
    but…… something that ugly DOES NOT deserve a name haha
    especially when it’s on my husband keke
    I’ll let it pass when it’s on Bong… but on Baby… T___T

    haha DEAL. I’m burning everything that’s in blanket form
    can’t take it anymore.

    YES! Actually, i never know you have a hidden pervertedness..
    just when I thought there’s a saint fangirl left in the world
    OH WAS I WRONG hahaha

  56. where was bae in the beginning of haru haru…. -___- i didnt see him until top started his second rap…??? HAHAH u’re right about the flying blanket. aww baby never gets to hit gd bac xD
    ahh ❤ the picss! yunho and top double the hottness!

  57. Vi
    haha. i know. sorry. i was one of the people who corrected you that time Bong wore the stupid thing, but i’m with you now. it doesn’t deserve to be called what it’s really called. oh and now that i re-watched the performance, i say Baby stole Aladdin’s magic carpet. after you said, ‘blanket flying’, that’s all i thought – magic carpet. like he was ready to fly away. xD

    and dude. i wanted to be a saint fangirl, kind of was until you called me out way back when. you probably don’t remember, but you already said i was a perv. i don’t remember what i said and what video/picture/news i commented on before, but you called me a perv. haha. you have such an eye for hidden pervertedness apparently.

  58. LOL. these are so cute!
    wth is jaejoong doing all the way up there? O_0

    anyways, they’re so cute.
    especially GD and his nerdy look. his hair and the big glasses reminds me of phryme. LOL.

  59. I love Big Bang! lol. sorry i’m new to this so just thought i’d leave a lil comment quickly ^_^

  60. Ummm.. When your uploading, you cannot put two differnt Kind of DL sites together. such as Mediafire and USA Upload. Because when you put it together, it becomes Broken!… =/

  61. babiigurl5

    he have to go in and change because he was wearing his ‘Only Look at me’ clothes before

  62. Heather

    haha did you know what I thought up when you say ‘Magic Carpet’? hahahahahhaha
    so perverted it’s amazing
    in my head, I was like hahaha it’s too funny and perverted I can’t bare to type it kekek

    “Baby can be Aladin, I’ll be the lamp, he can rub it ANYTIME”

    I can’t believe I’m 16 either kekeke

    see, a fangril can have outburst of pervertedness once in a while
    that doesn’t make them a pervert
    but when a fangirl look at just normal… and able to turn it into something… WHOA~……. THEN that’s a true perverted fangirl hahaha

  63. TOP and Yunho! This is heaven, right?
    I’m going to have to watch those performances.

  64. marineyisme

    .003 wasn’t working with MF so I have no choice but use USAupload
    it’s really easy

    all you have to do is NAME ALL THE PART THE SAME and HJSplit will join all of them together
    the hosting site doesn’t matter

  65. what if bong dressed like that on purpose cuz he knows baby will copy him sooner or later?
    kekekeke that would be quite devious of him >]

  66. SRvip
    LOL, that would be so hilarious but so cruel.

  67. Vi
    I thought u didn’t reply my comment coz when I scroll down I didn’t see my name there.
    But I found it now. Hehehe…

    Umm, well, not only the phone I think. Also the beanni & the outfits suits him so damn well that he look so attractive to me.
    I never know Bong could reach this kind of level.
    Never underestimate Kwon Leadah

    I should stop this now. Or else Tabi won’t get my full attention from me.
    & thas the breaking of 3 golden rules as a wife.

  68. Vi
    I thought u didn’t reply my comment coz when I scroll down I didn’t see my name there.
    But I found it now. Hehehe…

    Umm, well, not only the phone I think. Also the beanni & the outfits suits him so damn well that he look so attractive to me.
    I never know Bong could reach this kind of level.
    Never underestimate Kwon Leadah

    I should stop this now. Or else Tabi won’t get my full attention from me.
    & thas the breaking of 3 golden rules as a wife.

  69. Vi
    dude. why am i not surprised? xD
    so you’re the true perverted fangirl while
    i’m the one who has an outburst once in awhile ne?

    i’m not surprised, but wow, i’m still amazed by what
    came to your mind with me just mentioning ‘magic carpet’. haha.

  70. two wonderful idol groups together. yay! I can’t wait to see it.

  71. Omg, the 2nd to last pic is SO CUTE.
    Look at Baby next to his biggest idol, Junsu.
    Those cutieees.
    Poor GD, looks all sad at the other end, aww.

  72. Hey I am making a podcast that will play top Korean and American songs. So please subscribe, Big Bang will be in it for sure!

  73. T~T my babys not there D:
    yundae ❤
    i want yundae to start XD

    (yunho and daesung ;D)

  74. gayo daejun pictures:
    AHAA, jaejooonggieee such a pretty boy ;D<3
    THE LAST PIC it looks like baby is showing concern or something
    for bong xDD HAHAA -imagination here-

    LMFAO, yeahhh i get it when you say that the only thing you see
    is the poncho xDD i agree it is such a.. o____o THING for baby
    to wear LMAO.
    but actually i like the telephone bong is wearing xDDD i think
    he still looks super :DDDDDDDDDDD hehehe… i actually think he looks pretty good in this for some reason O__o lolll AND I LOVE HIS BEANIEEE XDD AHA. i want it :]<333 i love beanies lmfao.
    bong’s beanies in general made me a beanie person now xDDD!!

    tabi’s red pants are okay too xD but maybe that’s just me. i hafta giggle or something tho when i see dae’s shirt 😀 but it’s cute overal LMFAO
    buttttttttt STILL. the yellow PONCHO XDDD
    AHAHAAA. great perf anywayyy besides the attire LOLLLLLLLLL xD<3

    AHh, and there was this one part in the perf wear bae was singing his part when they transitioned into sunset glow. and you could see a part of tabi’s face and it was so ADORABLE. like, he did this little wink thingy but it wasn’t intentional lmfao i don’t make any sense xD but he closed his eyes and opened them in a really cute way. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, that sounds so stupid HAHAHA. OKAY, he did this THING okay? xDD and it was very cute 😀
    LOLLLLLL. i love their actions its so cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀
    HAHA, baby is my love anyway even with his ridiculous funkish
    thingy poncho :]<3333333333
    AND when baby went into the audience, YEAHHH I ALSO JUST SAW THE
    YELLOW PONCHO XDDDDDDD HAHAHA it was [again] like. flashyflashy yellowyellow whooshwhoosh. ahahhaaaaaaa :]
    THE ‘ah ah ah’ part where bong hits everybody was ADORABLLEEE<3
    i loved it [derr -.-]

    gah, i have pointless comments but i feel for some reason it’s like..some type of duty that i must fufill. O_______________O
    WTFREAK DID I JUST SAY? lollllll, but yeahh basically XDDDD
    BB FOREVER :]<3
    [i’m not crazy, i just type a lot of stuff? XDDDD]

    his singing and dancing<33333 it’s so..BIG BANGGINNN ;DD!!<33
    lolll, i should stop typing anything else… x3

  75. im glad that DBSK and BB r joint together! <33 ahihi~~ They r my most adored bands in korea. 🙂

  76. I’ll try that! thanks Vicky!!

  77. omg hilarious! seungri and the flying yellow blanket! though it seemed like yb was exiled during haru haru performance – barely saw him

  78. oi…. my joongie looks like a damn god sitting up there byhimself :3

  79. vicky

    yeah..i remembered myself not liking bong’s outfits at the beginning
    those shorts and socks..i think they are weird T__T
    but after a few perfs..gosh i think he rocks those outfits
    i just gotta love him for wearing those kekeke
    yeah..but the phone is really kinda T__T
    and the phone is darn big for God’s sake kekee
    bong is forever charming for me hahahaha
    all of them were very charming these few days
    isk why..i guess they have enough rest already?
    thats good 🙂

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  81. GD looks so cute whenever he wears that black smiley beanie! 🙂 not sure if ppl already know, but the stand up tour goodies are now available for pre-order at yesasia…they have most of the stuff: http://www.yesasia.com/global/big-bang-official-japan-tour-goods/1011412995-0-0-0-en/list.html

  82. Noooooooooo! no the yellow poncho T.T!

    woww the pics :O

  83. lil sis in law

    yeah let’s set it on fire, pour his house with lots of gas and throw in some poop too. =P
    I can’t even spazz after watching it because my head suddenly hurt a lot. damn cameraman.
    Bong’s outfit wasn’t that bad, the telephone just made it a bit weird.
    I think that they tried to incorporate their style in Haru Haru and Sunset Glow into one outfit. hehe.
    Since Baebae did Only Look At Me he only had time to change his jacket. HOT. ^^

    Hey there will be a WONDERBANG stage on MBC Gayo Grand Festival!
    I am so DAMN EXCITED!!!
    First there was Baby Ri’s Strong Baby Perf and Music Vid
    Then there was Big Bang-DBSK Star Wars.
    Baebae will be on piano battle.
    And then this!!!!
    It was their joint stage with Wonder Girls that made me fall for the 5 boys of Big Bang, and also a fan of Wonder Girls.

    Nice way to end the year. ^^

  84. Where’s Dae?

  85. SRvip

    haha Bong would so totally pull something like that keke

  86. nya

    you and Bong
    NO he’s my boyfriend for god’s sake!!!
    stick with Tabi

    aigoo~~~~~~ unnie no~~~ haha

  87. Heather

    you’re a straight up perv now gurl
    haha LIVE WITH IT kekek

    I told you it’s perverted kekekek
    I can’t believe I thought of it either kekeke
    but totally expect from Vicky heh? hahaha

  88. jiyanz

    see?! that’s the strongest Bong power
    he can MAKE you agree that he looks good
    hahah no matter how ridiculous he looks

    Bong is TOO charming these day I can tell… even nya, TOP’S WIFE has been eyeing him

  89. Anna

    OH MY GOD.
    thankyou so much for telling me
    have to order everything~

  90. sis in law

    I read about Baby’s MV last night
    my body was NUMB
    then after that I read about WG and BB (I don’t like calling them Wonderbang since I like both group INDIVIDUALLY)
    you should’ve seen me, i was out in my living room watching ‘THE NOTEBOOK’ then I was just checking my iTouch when the commercial was on
    after i read the news about their joint stage, i was screaming and running to my room “OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY’RE BACK!!!!”

    not only will Bae have a piano battle with Junsu
    BABY will be in a dance battle with Yunho, JaeBeom, TaeMin and EunHyuk
    and ALSO… WONDERBOYS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHERE DID MY DAE GO?!?!?!?!?!
    oh gawd Jaejoong.
    only he would up somewhere without the others.
    TOP & Yunho look so hot sitting next to each other c(:
    LOL, they should’ve put Baby with Junsu !!

    OMFG Speechless. G-Dragon,Seungri&Yunho
    fricken hot && the others are hot tooo.
    omg i LOVE the performence!
    OMG WonderBoys 2. Screams* this is a wonderfull day. =]

  93. haha vicky your description of the weird fashion sense on the music core was hillarious. everytime before i watch the vids on this site i read what you say about it before i wath it, so i couldnt stop laughing about the yellow blanket thing you described which was flying around on the stage ahahahahaha! yea probably bae saved us all from red pants and piano shirts xD

    ahh! gayo daejun!!! i really cant wait for the dream boys stage!! ahhh hotness. : D they seem to be having fun already in those sbs pictures. jaejoong seriously made my day by having that squatting position right at the top whilst everyone else is sitting on the steps trying to make a cool pose ahhahaahah xDD he’s hillarious!

  94. ah sorry typo, i meant “watch” not ‘wath’ lol xD

  95. haha~ i was kinda reluctant to watch the perf. after i read your spazz Vi, mainly because of the yellow blanket. everyones right. the yellow “thingy” is indeed awful. Probably, thats the first and last time we see that from maknae. Still!, doesnt lessen my fangirl love. hee~

    Correct me if im wrong, SBS Gayo consists of Big Bang w SNSD, Big Bang w DBSK, taeyang piano & song battle, daesung trot (?), seungri’s dance battle with other idol groups members, wonderboys 2 and seungri’s solo. Hmm, isnt it a bit too many? Not that i dont love it, but hopefully they dont tire themselves out. :K

    This fangirl here is worried for their well-being. ❤

  96. could anyone please tel me how i can watch the festival online, and at what times it begins in korean time.
    Anyone…*puppy eyes*

  97. Vi
    if i’m a straight up perv now, i blame you then. ahaha. j/k.
    i can only blame myself. we be dirty girls. xD

    btw…what time does SBS GD start? want to make sure i start
    streaming the show at the right time.

  98. no probs vicky…but they don’t have the phone straps or the posters available yet..maybe they will have them later!
    i just got my calendars and diary today!! 🙂 a late but very nice xmas present! 🙂 i was surprised the wall calendar came in a tin can, which means the calendar was in perfect condition! very happy!! 🙂

  99. […] 12.27.08 Big Bang on Music Core | More: Gayo Daejun pictures with DBSK aigoo~ out of all things Baby can copy from Bong… 12.27.08 MBC Music Core Opening | MC Cuts & New Year […] […]

  100. vi
    really. Kwon Leadah is scary.
    i should stop looking at hm asap.
    i trying it.
    hope it just a period thing 😦

  101. Mrs. Bae 🙂

    you can use TVants and it start at 9:55 PM (KOREAN TIME)

  102. Heather

    if it’s there then it’s there hahah

    and it starts at 9:55 PM (KOREAN TIME)

  103. Anna

    I got mine the last day of school before break
    and I was FREAKING OUT!
    the tin can is awsome
    I put it on top of my bed post keke with the boys’ face facing me hahha
    I was using a box of beer to try and straighten the posters/calendar since it kept doing that rolling thing hahaha

  104. nya

    i hope you’re just PMSing too gurl
    cuz DAMN
    oh god how does this happen?

    I was just able to get away from Bong for a bit and you’re diving in?????????????????/

  105. vicky

    yeah i know nya is eyeing on my BONG!!
    no way..she better stick to tabi
    don’t follow my footsteps!! keke
    dang..i think i love bong more and more each day

  106. omona!!!
    dbsk and BB together???

    what more could i ask for this Christmas? hahah^^
    i really love this two group!

    dang!! all the boys are so Freakin’ FINE!!!!

    sooo cute,, Junsu and Baby sitting together!awwts!

    and oh, btw..
    look!!! there was a flying yellow blanket.. lolz..^^

  107. dude the first picture is a perfect example of my favorite members sitting together. first of all youngbae&junsu HOTT DAMNNN LOVEEEEEE<3 jaejoong&seungri HOTT DAMNN two times the love, yunho&top HOT DAMNNN love ain’t even a way to express it no more. loll

  108. Don’t you just wish the yellow “thing” was a magic carpet instead? So then it would fly off (and so would his shirt) of Seungri’s body to reveal (HIS ABS HOPEFULLY!) whatever’s under “it”?

  109. What is up with the yellow poncho???? SR is such a dork. OMG DBSK and Big Bang together. But where is my DaeDae??? The pic looks so incomplete without him. I spot TaeSu action; best of both worlds. FTW!!!!

  110. Bong looks so puny sitting next to Changmin! XDDD And they’re the same age right? LOLOLOL But dang, it doesn’t feel right with dae missing. The pairs weren’t complete

  111. sorry…but i don’t get it soo seungri is a fan of junsu and has wanted to sit next to him??? sorry totally out of it right now….

  112. in 2 of the pics jj,yunho and xiah r checking TOPs shoes out when BB wearin the same gosh b/c TOPs so lost and dazed all the time hes not payin attention

  113. Omgee lol JaeJoong is al by himself~

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