(English Subbed) GOLD MISS Part 2 | 12.27.08 Family Outing | Music Bank Stalker Pics


SBS Music Award (Gaeyo Daejun) will be starting in 10 hours. And this is the list of performances:

1. Big Bang & DBSK’s “STAR WARS” stage
2. TaeYang and Junsu’s PIANO BATTLE
3. SeungRi’s DANCE BATTLE with Yunho, EunHyuk, JaeBeom and TaeMin
4. SeungRi’s performance in “WONDERBOYS 2”
5. SeungRi’s FIRST SOLO STAGE with “Strong Baby”

SBS Music Award will be starting at 9:55 PM (KOREA TIME)

『Big Bang & Wondergirls’ joint stage』

Big Bang and WonderGirls will have their first joint stage after 1 year during MBC’s Music Award on December 31st.

12.21.08 SBS Good Sunday
Big Bang on GOLD MISS (English Subbed)
274 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Due to some problem, english subbed/soft subs videos are now MEMBERS LOCKED. In order to view the post, you need to have a LiveJournal account and join community. I really don’t want to do that but some things that recently happened leave me no choice.

12.28.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
903 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to 마시멜로님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love the part where Dae and Hyori did a duet with the song 그대안의 블루 (The Blue in You) was just beyond amazing, I demand these two to do a real stage with this song, cuz damn… Dae… as soon as he started singing…….. I cannot close my mouth, and when these two start singing the chorus together, i almost cried, if it wasn’t for MC YOO I probably would cry like a baby, but I only teared up a bit, their duet is just OH MY GOD.They showed us a Family X-FILE, consist of clips from previous episodes that was edited out, during Bong’s episode, they showed up Dae and Bong making ‘BIG BANG COFFEE’ haha the most important thing about their coffee is…. decoration haha, I wish they would show us more though.

AND HERE’S THE GOODIES; Stalker pics from the performance on Music Bank…. mostly of Tabi.. yall must be happy haha. They be looking HOT! HOT! Dae is looking extra sexy with his expression while Bae………..he just look sexy without even trying, I’m serious! The boy just turn his head in a 24 degrees angle and BAM……… hormone raising haha. AND MY FAVORITE SHOT!!!!!! OF COURSE is my beloved GRiBong putting Baby in a headlock, Baby laughed his butt off….. JUST LOVE~

11.26.08 Music Bank Stalker Pics

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You guessed it, I DIED~

Thanks to ShinBingBing | DCTOP’s Orange

~ by Vicky on December 28, 2008.

92 Responses to “(English Subbed) GOLD MISS Part 2 | 12.27.08 Family Outing | Music Bank Stalker Pics”

  1. GD’s choice in the song he sang to that lady in Gold Miss was weird haha


    And Bong was only on Family Outing once right?

  3. vicky dha post ish locked. i cant get dha eng subs. what can i do?

  4. thank you so much
    nut waht time does it start?

  5. my tvants isnt workin =[

  6. thanks ! the pictures are so nice tabi ❤
    can i ask what happen to your eng downloads, the thing you mentioned above? just a bit curious ….
    and yeah ive a question, same as sokhany, when does it start?

    thanks ! ❤

  7. GD`S_WiFEYY

    I know, I felt so uncomfortable listening to him haha
    “last night i saw you in my dream, now I can’t wait to go to sleep”
    haha he should’ve sang something in korean, so the unnies can undestand kekek

  8. Christina

    yea, he was only on it once
    episode 8 and 9

  9. iREANiE

    you need a LiveJournal account then join the community in order to see it
    something happen recently that leave me no choice but to members locked my subbed files

  10. sokhany

    it starts at 9:55 PM (KOREAN TIME)

  11. Hehe, I love the stalker pictures =D
    They look so cute! Lol, you died looking at
    that “headlock” picture. How cute. Haha.
    OMG I love this show. LOL I love them in it. Hehe.
    So hilarious. Thanks for subbin`.

  12. TOPLova

    someone reupload my subbed files on youtube and when I ask them to remove it, they just ignore me and add more videos so I was pretty mad and almost decide not to sub anymore, but since my friend Anecia already translate it, I just go ahead and subbed it. But if something like that happen again, this will be our LAST project, which I hope it woudln’t be since I’m looking forward to sub Big Bang’s ‘SANG SANG PLus’ episode too

    and it starts at 9:55 PM (KOREAN TIME) DECEMBER 29th

  13. AHH i’ve been waiting all day for this 🙂
    though i love dbsk (yunho), i really really hope that seungri wins the dance battle
    people are always dissing big bang and seungri’s dancing to me, so if seungri wins, i can’t wait to shove this down their throat 🙂 baby can TOTALLY dance ! T^T

  14. someone re-uploaded ur vids? 😮 how disrespectful… are the vids removed yet?

    anyways. thnx for all d vids and schedule info. 🙂
    + i totally went gaga over that last stalker pic!

  15. which community do we have to join on livejournal? lol this site has one? i already belong to yokshim, gdheartri, and bigbang_fanfic. what other one do i join for the vids lol? i belong to too many lol

  16. omg thank you for the subbssss!! you two are so fast. VIPS are blessed to have you two working so hard =D
    KAY-CHAN: you have to join vicky’s HQBB livejournal community. TOTALLY WORTH IT, hahahah.

  17. lmao i just found it and noticed i was a member yg_bigbang right? lol i really am an idiot sometimes -.- XD

  18. gloriaaa

    gurl~ call me over
    I’ll stuff something down their throat alright
    have the nerve to criticize my husband’s dancing?????

  19. xarmaine

    I haven’t check it on
    don’t care about it anymore
    that person probably is just despreate for attention
    too pathetic for me to care about

    I just feel ashame to have a fellow VIP like that
    that person is not even worth to be a VIp in my opinion

  20. kay-chan



    yg_bigbang is a Big Bang LiveJournal Fanbase that I’m moderating
    hq_bigbang is my own community for Big Bang videos

  21. Ahhh..i wish i could watch all the Big Bang and DBSK love. But sadly i can’t *cries* i’ll make it i swear..*looks at stalker pics* yea..i’ll make it.

  22. YEY! my xmas wish was granted! ENG SUBS for Gold Miss! whahaha!~~ I’ve been waiting this for sooo loonnnggg!! and at last!! >..<

  23. Gonna be a BIG day for my Baby ^^.. I am counting down to the first SR SOLO perf and dance battle LIVE!

  24. thanks vicky.
    i got it =]

  25. this is so worth for me to wait and stream it online!!
    bb n dbsk special stage..i don’t know how to think anymore T__T
    junsu and bae’s piano battle..i love both of them T__T
    baby..strong baby..i can’t wait to see him being SEXYYY!! keke
    and dae is gonna be the MC rite?
    replacing hyori..poor hyori in the hospital T__T
    dae u can do it!! don’t be nervous!!

  26. omomo! SEUNGRi is STAR of the night! 3 performances! go baby! hahaha. i’m pretty excited, evryday everynight he’s killing me! hahaha.

  27. hi Vicky
    I joined community and sign in already, but I still couldn’t get into this page to download engsub
    Could you please show me how to do that???….T.T….I really want to know what they are talking about….pleaseeee

  28. oh, it’s 4 performances rather. haha. ‘cant to see seungri.. ‘cant get enough of him! i’m too bias when it comes to seungri, wahaha. i love yunho, but i want seungri! haha.

  29. Vicky! thanks alot for the english subs!
    i think you can report “tcasinz” youtube account for violation.
    maybe that will get the account holder to remove the videos…

    on a lighter note,thanks for the stalker picts as well <3!!
    the sole of tabi’s shoe is filled with confetti.hahah!
    and doesn’t tabi’s fingers look thin in the 3rd pict,yo me at least.heheh.
    and the GRi love can never and will never get old.ahhh~~
    i hope tabi gets to be the one knocking the boys down in future sunset glow perfs.heheh.lets see who will dare hit their hyung.LOL~~
    thanks for sharing vicky!
    can’t wait to catch SBS Gayo Daejon!!

  30. Is there any way to watch the SBS music awards LIVE online for free?
    PLEASE help!

  31. I reeeally hope I can watch this
    it’ll be 4:55AM here >__________<
    the pics are love!
    Tabi look like he was posin
    suuuuper HOT!
    Bae and Dae don’t even have to try they’re already lookin good
    but my favorite was definitely the GRi
    the smiles are priceless!!!
    I wish there was more ToBae or ToDae but it seems like Tabi gives up on them too quickly
    he got tored of Dae after spendin so much time spanking him
    and now everytime he goes with Bae I don’t get to see it

  32. hey vicky may i know ur email add in livejournal so that I can add youu. 🙂 THANKS!

  33. I think they already started voting for the performances over at the SBS website… hmmm and i heard from another source that hyori cant be there??

  34. how can we watch the award show LIVE?

  35. PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPP! VIP!!!!!!! :]]]]

  36. Vi
    I can’t wait for Gaeyo Daejun XD!!!
    Wonderboys 2 & baby’s solo stage!
    Provocative Baby. Aw~ what will it be like??

    29 is too much for us.
    So many thing in a day.
    I wonder if I could sleep tonight. Hahaha…
    Sad that I can’t watch it online T____T

    Is it coz I said I’m attracted to Bong last time now u post hubby stalker pic to wake me up? Kidding. Hehehe…
    Don’t worry gurl, 90% of my heart still belongs to Tabi.

    My favourite is hubby with his Mickey Mouse glove pic & GRi~~~~~
    Aw~ that couple is just to sweet.

    I just finished watching Gold Miss.
    Hahaha… that’s so hilarious. Really thank u for subbing.
    Jin Jae Young aunty is so cute. Crush her like ramen & become shattered pieces. Hahaha…
    Also mother & son happy dance. Hahaha…
    I really can’t help it but to call them aunty. Kekeke… since Yang Jung Ah was born in the same year as my mom. hahaha

  37. savage..cant wait for this!!!
    an im totally excited over baby’s solo stage..im not really a Baby fan (sorry Vicky :D) but I’m SO hyped up about this im really lookin forward to it an I know Baby Seung will do an awesome job!!!!


  39. What do you mean “join community” ?

    —To view the Gold Miss episode.

  40. stalker pics = ❤
    TOP has tape or something on the bottom of his shoe in the first one, LOL.
    Can’t wait for the ‘Strong Baby’ performance!

  41. so sad to hear that someone reupload vicky’s files.. tsk2. believe in Karma vicky! ahihi~~

  42. Oh will downloads for the performances be up?
    I cant watch it online..cause my internet will just lag..
    so hope it will be uploaded (:

  43. ish_tiffie

    Have an account at livejournal.com 🙂 Then visit this link, http://community.livejournal.com/hq_bigbang/ made my Vicky 😀

  44. thanks for the subs! I hope the youtube person takes it down soon!

  45. wow that means I have to reactivate my live journal, damn I dunno how to use it LMAO I’ll try though, for Vicky’s hard works subbing! CHEERS~ and ha, those youtube people who re-upload your piece of works are shameless and disrespectful.. but don’t stop subbing, please.. you’re our Angel.. lol.. OMONA! it’s like hm 5 an a half hour more if I don’t miscount whatever my brain is already disconnecting from my head, CANNOT WAIT I really want to watch it live, but damn! WHAT’S WRONG WITH TVANTS it keeps saying that it’s already expired, and I only have 2 days left, you people got that problem too? can someone please for God sake help me solve this problem? I’m desperate !!! LOL LOL LOL or can we watch it somewhere else? GOM? no? anyways, waiting for some answers, they would help a lot, I’ll be standby for the next 5 hours! or else, I’d be waiting for uploads T.T well either way I’m SO FRIGGIN INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Vicky must be very ecstatic right now! BABY is gonna SHINE dude!!
    and THE DANCE BATTLE, WONDERBOYS!! GAH!!! VICKY, let’s fly together to the BABY HEAVNES, GAH i’m so going crazy right now.. *doing the sondambi MITCHEOSO dance* LOVE THE STALKER PICS and YES esp the G-RI ONE GAAAAh they just can’t NOT STICK to each other… xDD thanks a bunch VICKY! xD


  46. vi~~~~
    remember when we talked about the fancam at japan stand up tour?
    the one u talked to me about Tabi fancam.
    AH MY GOSH!!!!
    i found it in youtube just now.
    actually i already forgot about it but when i look at it i… i… went crazy!!!
    when he grab the dancer (i forgot her name 😦 haha) so roughtly…
    aw~~ i think i fly to heaven.
    now i know why u want me to see the fancam so bad. oh my gosh…

  47. OMG-am so nervous for Seungri.Even though I know he’ll do great.

  48. oh, problem solved tvants already in use. but now I’m clueless how to watch SBS, there are so many SBS. well, will be googling! xD

  49. I tried downloading Gold Miss
    But it didn’t work! T.T
    Why?? I think I’ve joined as a member.
    But still can’t!
    I’m really excited to watch it.
    Please help me ><!

  50. OMG! SBS is very late T.T i really wanna see it!!!!! that time is like 9am here T.T and is 02:56am @_@

  51. i guess its a choice to prevent it of happening again …
    but i still appreciate your hard work 😀

    and thanks for the time too 😀

  52. T.T!!
    HELP ME!! I realy really wanna watch Gold Miss!
    I wan to watch it!!
    Please tell me how to join yg_bigbang member!

  53. xxVictoryxx

    You have to create a livejournal account.go here:

    once you created your account,you join the community that Vicky created.

    there is a link at the top that says “Join Community”
    Just click on that.
    Once youre part of the community you can downlaod 🙂
    Hope this helps.

  54. heyy ~
    thank you for subbing ~
    buh’ i was wondering if you are gonna upload it on to youtube?

  55. thanks anecia and vicky for the subs!! u guys are really fast!! thank you so much!!!!

  56. thank you for the subs vicky and anecia
    i love Seungri’s expression in the second pic
    There’s like less than an hour to go, i know this is going to be an amazing show

  57. omg T_____T i just downloaded TVants
    and the show begins in 40 minutes
    my internet is so slow..

    is there any where else I could go?
    back place to watch this??
    ahhh T___T pls help me

  58. jiyanz

    haha I’m not worried about him being nervous
    I’m worried about him being too dorky keke
    he’s hosting it along side with his family members, ChunHee and YeJin so I don’t think he’s gonna be nervous AT ALL

  59. winniemai

    did you join
    http://community.livejournal.com/hq_bigbang/ ?

  60. Jaja

    not even gonna bother with it anymore
    paying attention to desperate people is a waste of my precious time and engery

    kkee I was LOLing at the shoe too hahaha
    so far Dae, Baby and Bong each get to do it 2 times, so I’m sure in the upcoming Sunset Glow performance Bae and Tabi will get to do it

  61. chrissy

    you can watch it using TVants

  62. Paula

    you just need to join http://community.livejournal.com/hq_bigbang
    you don’t have to add me

  63. valerie

    yea~ her health is condition is really bad right now
    because of her concert, she overworked herself and also with the prepartion for the year-end events, she was found unconsious at her house, seems to be affected by pneumonia and dehydration, she just woke up from her coma last night and there’s no way she can make it to those events, so there’s no choice but for her to cancel the performances, mean while, Dae will replace her as one of the MC on Gayo Daejun

  64. babygangster

    you can watch it using TVants

  65. nya

    when I heard the news…. it was a week away
    not it’s…. 30 minutes away
    I think I’m going insane… ahhhhhhhh~

    that wasn’t what I was thinking but if you wanna think it that way sure hahahah

    mother and son kekekeke
    when Baby started doing that hip thing
    I died….so so so many time.
    you have no idea how my body felt when I have to watch the part over and over again to time the subs… WHEW~ amazing hahaha

  66. ninna83

    Baby SeungRi will always amaze us 😀

  67. ish_tiffie

    you have to have a LiveJournal account and join my community


  68. Paula

    I do believe in it
    karma is a bitch

  69. authentiquesaga

    I have that thing with TVants too
    but I just click NO and go on with using it hahaha
    chose CJB SBS

    everytime someone says “SeungRi” or “Baby” or “Solo”
    there’s just this electric feeling shooting up my legs
    it’s… pretty scary hahahahaha

  70. nya

    you did??
    that’s good
    see I told you

    the way he grabbed JiHye so roughly..
    even I want some of that hahaha

  71. Trangyy Babyy

    I’m sorry but due to some problem, I won’t be uploading the hardsubbed version anywhere

  72. Vicky

    Thanks for subbing!
    I already join your community, but is downloading the videos the only way to watch them? I don’t think my comp. can take anymore downloads. Lol

  73. Vi
    I didn’t think about Bong when I’m not seeing him with that outfit.
    Its just a period thing.

    Hahaha… is it like being strike by a lighting??? Kekeke…

    This is the first time I see Tabi do thing in such a rough way. Hahha
    My dad was beside me
    But I can’t help but to scream. So so loud.
    I want him to did it to me too.
    JiHye must be so happy.

  74. oh okay then ~
    i joined live journal buh’ it wont let me view the page ><”

  75. hold on ~
    i found my problem ~
    thanks for the subs x]
    and please do continue subbing ~
    i really want to watch sang sang plus 2 with big bang on it since i love daht show ~

  76. Vicky: After i created a live journal account and validated it. i clicked the link for the subbed videos. and it said “you do not have permission to access this server”. what should i do?

  77. OMG, thank you so much for subbing ~
    buh’ you coulda warned a sister ~
    so glad he didnt kiss her properlyy ~
    buh’ thank you so much for subbing ~

  78. trangyy babyy HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    did you have the same problem???

  79. sorry about that vicky. thanks so much for subbing and uploading!!!! ill get a livejournal account pronto

  80. What song was GD singing to the noona?

  81. YB looks so tired. look at his puffy eyes.

  82. omggg tabi stalker photos <333

  83. bong as usual, he rock my world..
    aaa hyung seung hyun, kyaaa, kawaiie ne…

  84. oh mymy, a few days of terrible sickness and THIS IS WHAT I MISS?!?!
    at least i’ll deff be healthyy and healed after all this to absorb

  85. hi guys, can anyone help me?
    i am having trouble playing the gold miss file for some reason, i have downloaded all 3 part and joined it w/ hj split but for some reason when i play, there is only sound but no image coming out… i have tried using realplayer, gom player, windows media player class, and the results were the same, no image only sound. if anyone has a solution to this please tell because i’m dying to watch this!!1 thx.

  86. oh nvm, sorry to trouble everyone, my computer was just acting up, it worked after i restarted the computer, lol

  87. trina

    convert the video to mp4 format. it might help^^

  88. i love tabi<33333333333333

  89. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  90. hello , im new to this forum. its a special forum

    hope im welcome 🙂

  91. to download the gold miss video…wat community should I join???

  92. want more pictures!!!!

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