12.30.08 KBS Music Festival Discussion | Updated News!


DOWNLOAD: Sunset Glow Performance with Lee Moon Sae

12.30.08 KBS Music Festival
Haru Haru Orchestra performance
505 MB

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Thanks to 아련알섬님

Big Bang FILA Digital Single: Stylish

12.29.08 SBS Gayo Daejun

SeungRi & DaeSung’s Music Drama
Big Bang’s SHOCKING Stage

After yesterday, everyone request to do another discussion post, since yesterday was just too fun (I told you haha). So this is the discussion post for KBS Music Festival.

This is what Big Bang’s special performance for the night: (thanks to gypsy_sonata)

1. Big Bang and Lee MoonSae will perform ‘Sunset Glow’ together
2. DaeSung will be in a performance of the musical “Mama Mia” with other artists
3. Big Bang will also do a 51 member orchestra version of Haru Haru.

Info about SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV

In other news, just want to let you know, SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV is scheduled to be release on January 1st, with a cameo appeance by GDragon. The concept of this music video is “One Night Stand” that includes

1. a kiss scene
2. a bed scene
3. and ABS….

and also, YG release a statement saying that there might be plan for TOP’s solo next year.
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  • More Info about KBS Music Festival lineup under the cut

Sunset Glow performance with Lee Moon Sae

thanks to S님

Big Bang’s Haru Haru Orchestra performance

thanks to S님

Big Bang during Opening

thanks to S님

Updated with rehearsal pics for KBS Music Festival

Big Bang will be in the opening. They will be the 5th team alongside the Wonder Girls.

Opening Show teams:
1) Rain & KBS dancers
2) Kim Jong Gook, Baek Jiyoung, Son Dambi, MC Mong, Jewelry
3) Kim Gunmo, Brown Eyed Girls, SG Wannabe
4) Hyun Chul, Song Daegwan, Tae Jinah, Seol Woondo, Hyun Suk, KangJin, Park Sangchul, Park Hyunbin
5) Big Bang and Wonder Girls

Big Bang’s performance of Haru Haru will end the first part of the show.

During the second part, Daesung will be in Special Stage 4: Mamma Mia. He will participate, alongside other singers, in the songs Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Waterloo.

The Lee Moonse special stage will end the second part of the show. It will be a six songs performance total with Big Bang being the last one.

Special Stage 5: Lee Moonse
1) Kim Gunmo
2) Kim Jong Gook & Baek Jiyoung
3) SG Wannabe
4) Lee Moonse
5) Park Jongah (Jewelry) & Wonder Girls
6) Big Bang

Thanks to gypsy_sonata

Rehearsal for KBS Music Festival

Thanks to star.mk.co.kr | mydaily | Net to News | Hankyung | Starnews | YonHap News | 건의사항

~ by Vicky on December 30, 2008.

448 Responses to “12.30.08 KBS Music Festival Discussion | Updated News!”

  1. KBS2 on TVants isn’t working for me, its grey in colour unlike others which are in red. T_T Is there other websites that we can watch from?

  2. OMAYGAWD!! all that in just one MV??
    BABY AAH!!


  4. NOOOO!!!!! i’m watching it on TV and im gonna have to leave for the second part!!!! noooo!!!!!! lee moon sae!!!!!! for TVants, do i just type in KBS2 in the “Search” part?

  5. kiss scene…bed scene…ABS???? T___T
    one night stand T__T hahahaa i feel weird cuz it’s baby’s MV??
    sigh..i don’t know what to expext hahaha
    tabi’s solo? T__T
    wouldn’t they be busy next year? i don’t want them to overwork

    i’m not watching the KBS one
    my connection sucks now!!
    plus…my dad is not feeling good about me watching this and screaming here and there
    so i’ll be waiting for the youtube!
    enjoy guys!! i’ll keep myself updated here! 🙂

  6. yay its starting!
    i cant wait! i hope it’ll be as exciting!!

  7. Vinny

    I update the post with direction on how to stream it live

  8. mmm i want a one night stand with baby’s abz~ lol

  9. top’s princess

    he’s STILL not legal in Korea yet….
    well not until the day the MV release….AIGOO

  10. luvBB4lyf

    are you planning on using TVants?
    that doesn’t work with KBS
    I update the post with directionon how to streaming KBS2 live

  11. big abng wonder girlss~!!!! nowww!!!!

  12. i saw them! ah so cute with the sticks!

  13. Oh my gad!
    January 1st for baby MV??
    “one night stand” o_O!!
    Is it okay for a boy who’s not illegal yet in Korea who even not allowed in club to do this scene???
    Vi!! U’r baby is betraying u.
    Hahaha *kiddingwink*

    Lord… I was not that interested to welcome this new year coz after that I’ll have my final test.
    But hearing this news.
    Damn, I want New Year come as soon as possible.

  14. jiyanz

    last night when I read about it
    I really know what’s being mad is like
    OH MY GOD.
    i hate that feeling too much
    but after a while, I realize that means he’s gonna be EXTRA SEXXAY on there
    so I should be happy
    as long as no tounge is seen…. I think I can cope with that hhaa

    and ABS???????????????

  15. oooo kk thanks!

  16. did you guys just hear the scream after “big bang”????? WICKED!!!!

  17. they’re performing now????
    i wanna cry!!!
    de page is damn slow,man!!!

  18. nya

    …….. aigoo…
    probably some fake club made out of cardboard walls hahahaha
    that’s how they film anyway kekeke
    they are really trying hard to shed Baby’s…. baby image
    but in my heart, he’s ALREADY a man LONG ago
    and he’s still my baby

    Tabi’s solo
    let’s just hope your husband doesn’t follow mine’s footstep
    a kiss scene in the MV.. T____________T

  19. it’s still loading..i wanna kill myself rite now..

  20. The link up there and TVants isn’t working for me 😦 I wanna watch this so bad!

  21. AHH, I can’t seem to load it from there too, sigh. I’ll continue trying though, but keep going with the comments!:D

  22. who’s performing now??

  23. it’s on MY OWN TV!!!

  24. ooh i can’t wait for 1st january.i really wanna see STRONG BABY’S MV!
    and tabi’s solo? yess that sounds good.but it seems everyone is coming up with a solo..hmm.
    i wish the best though!!



    and click KBS2

  26. crystal

    MC Mong just finished
    now it’s Jewelry

  27. oh! jewelry! i really like seo in young.this should be fun

  28. @szai,
    u hv Kbs channel on ur tv??
    i have Kbs world but i dun think it’s on..

  29. hahah the one more time dance always cracks me up!

  30. kiss and bed scene?? o.0
    i dont think im ready!
    omo. baby’s … smexxi side …
    *sigh* *faints*

    oh. how do i watch it live T.T
    on what player would it work?

  31. @Vicky,
    BB performed already??

  32. vi
    of course i know bout that too.
    but i just couldn’t really accept it.
    baby not being baby 😦
    can’t they have another concept for the MV??

    i think he’ll follow baby footstep 😦
    i remember the time when i heard him having kiss scene in Gummy’s MV.
    but tthanks that it’s not a real one like Bae’s though

  33. its on KBS WORLD!! yay!

  34. For some reason, I opened up vicky’s link but it won’t work either. I’m using IE btw =S

  35. crystal
    i just checked kbs world on my tv.its on!
    check it out~

  36. big bang was just in the opening with a bunch of other artists… and the performed with the wondergirls!!!!!!

  37. damn it..my parents are watching tv rite now…
    i wanna cry..aish!!!!
    looks like i wun be able to watch kbs gayo..
    i’ll wait for Vicky to upload it on youtube instead..
    i’ll go cry rite now..

  38. crystal

    no SG Wannabe just perform
    when you see me going “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
    you know they’re on hahaha

  39. nya

    since this ia one night stand concept
    I’m sure Baby’s kiss will be WAY more intense than Bae okay
    I hae to get mental ready for this

  40. LOL@ VICKY! thats probably what we alll would do when we see BB on.

    dont cry yet! theyre repeating it tomorrow on KBS WORLD! you can watch that perhaps.

  41. Aw. 😦
    Mine’s lagging. 😦

  42. we can watch Mbc on tvants,rite?
    i hope i wun miss tml’s gayo or i’ll reali kill myself..
    i hate tvants!! why can’t we watch it on tvants!!

  43. Hahah. 😀
    The cam man zoomed into a fan with a BB light stick, and the boys aren’t even on right now. 🙂

  44. is anyone watching this on the internet? if yes… HOW?????

  45. vi
    what was ur first reaction when hearing that?
    for some reason i’m interested in this. haha

    damn, everytime i try to watch online
    my internet always go down.
    i dunno what to do with my internet conne again 😦

    i have to wait till u upload in ur utube account again.
    well, i’ll keep myself updated here, waiting ~.~a

  46. @Jaja,
    oh!! reali??
    wat time they’ll be repeating it??
    my stupid astro book is not up to date..aish..

  47. GD’s hair T_T
    it looks so weird..
    it’s like everywhere..
    i don’t know
    can’t see him well cuz the camera was filming far away
    but big bang came out with wonder girls
    the dancing was really pretty
    WG looks gorgeous!!

  48. darn, wish i was going to be in baby’s mv xD
    lmao. (jk jk jk)

  49. Dae’s idol is performing his song right now hahahaha
    Dae must be pysched!!

  50. aaaa i wanna watch it 😦

  51. oh and trot stage singers are on now hehe
    i don’t think KBS night will be as fun as SBS…
    but anyways
    can’t wait for BB~~~~

  52. crystal

    yea you can watch MBC on TVants

  53. I guess I’ll also have to wait for the uploads. And hopefully we’ll get to watch on KBS World tomorrow.
    I wonder what awesomeness will BB put up again tonight, haha.

  54. @Vicky,

    ahhh!!stupid tvants!!

  55. crystal
    yeap repeating it!
    i’m not sure about yours because i don’t use astro.
    but anyway mine is repeating tommorrow 11.25am Singapore time.


  57. is that the wonder girls?!?!?!?!

  58. waoh, their performances for both these music festials have been so different from their usual… and tomorrow, its gonna be with big bang!! =D

  59. @Jaja,
    ok,ok..thanks a lotz!!
    any difference in de time between Malaysia & Singapore??
    pardon my ignorance & stupidness..keke

  60. whats with all the “divas” performing american songs?? Lol.

  61. @crystal199187: nope. there’s no difference in the times because the countries are really close to each other. ((:

  62. im getting soo mad cuz it kept on buffering

  63. Big Bang Opening with Wondergirls

  64. I know this is totally random, but what’s with the “Female Ver. of Big Bang”.. ;O
    I heard a friend say that YG is comming out with a female Big Bang. :O
    Hahah. 4 Minutes?! xD

  65. Wow! all the English songs are coming out!

  66. sokhany
    dont worry, your not missing much… its stillt he “DIVA” performance

  67. ah jewelry again! hotness!

    i think there shouldnt be any difference.haha no problem

  68. i click on 2TV but cannot. How? Smeone help pls. I really want to watch

  69. @selene,
    okie..thanks a lotz!!
    yippie!! i’ll wake up early tml to see de repeats!!
    but then i’ll miss de fun in spamming dis discussion post..lol

  70. ah vicky! thanks!! youre real fast! love ya!

  71. it there anyother place to watch this instead the link vicky gave?

  72. the diva stage just finished..
    WG’s in red dress …looks like tango dancers~~ they look pretty though
    and then Jewelry with their sexy image and stage…
    then Sondambi with After school
    so far everything is fine….

    baek ji young is on!!


  74. Vicky, you are amazing!! Thanks for the upload~ Its as though I’m watching it live, though its clear that I’m not. haha. AHHH BB look so cute with the sticks and all!!1:D

  75. baek ji young!
    ive honestly never really heard her songs before this one.
    shes really pretty and this song is really good.

  76. @Vicky,
    whoa..u’re hella fast!!
    i luv u,gurl!!!

  77. gah! why isn’t TVants working! like seriouslyyy!

  78. ahhhhhhhhhh he’s still not legal?
    ah “the MV” can’t wait j-2

  79. why do all the girl groups have at least one rapper in them??

  80. brown eyed girls!
    i actually like watchng them perform “how”
    its super catchy and the dance move too.LOL!

  81. omg!!! rehersal piccsss!!!!

  82. thanks for the rehearsal pict!!
    tabi looks so adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  83. updated with rehearsal pics
    it looks like Lee Moon Sae will have the honor of knocking them down haha
    I’m curious to know what the will do when it’s time for them to hit lee mon saw back
    they coudn’t do that to a sunbae
    so curious~

  84. i can’t wait for that performance =D

  85. haha vicky,im super curious too.
    like if they dindt dare hit bong,i dont think they would hit lee moon sae.heheheh
    and the gold miss lady is on again!hehehehe

  86. aahhh!! rehearsal pics!!
    thanks a lotz!!
    i can’t see Bong’s eyes..lol

  87. Lee moon sae is a senior..
    i dun think they’ll hit him too..

  88. @jaja
    Are you watching from miotv or from some other channel? 🙂

  89. vinny
    i’m watching it with starhub.channel 173.hehe
    but there is kbs world on miotv too.just that im not sure of the channel number.:)

  90. hey, that link doesn’t work for me. >< anyone have any other link to watch KBS live?

  91. i really wanna watch it live too.
    but how come tvants isnt working?
    and everytime i press on 2tv it also wont work, asking me to download missing pluggins which in turn doesnt work when i press on it. aigoo.
    someone please help. is there any other alternative?

  92. @jaja
    Oh.. haha, thanks!:D

  93. i can hear the sound fine
    but there’s no picture whatsoever
    my player has joined the lagging wagon

    i’m depress cuz I can’t see
    but on the good side
    I’m having the best meal in 3 years right now
    omelet and rice haha
    with coffee on the side kekeke

  94. wah wah
    can’t wait for HARU HARU ORCHESTRA version~~~
    51 people on stage for Haru Haru!!
    Sunset glow is so gonna be fun!!

    and lee moon sae looks so young there~~

  95. vinny
    no problem! you use miotv ey?

  96. Oh my god!
    What’s up with hubby’s long oversized coat???
    And the stick.
    Crack me up so bad.
    Though he do still look cute with all of that.

    Kekeke… Lee Mon Sae sunbae, what’ll they do to him.
    I’m so exited to know.
    Can’t wait.

    Tabi & Lee Mon Sa epic. Hubby look so cute.
    Like a 5 years old boy beside a sunbae.

  97. i hate the laggyist. cant hardly watch it. isnt like an hour away from them for the new year?

  98. @jaja
    Haha, nope, just wondering since my friend has it, I was hoping to go over to watch the rerun(if there is any). hehe

  99. no haha it’s on the 30th for them over there
    and new year eve is the 31st keke

    Big Bang will welcome the new year with everyone on MBC Music Festival, which is a show starting from 9:55 PM and ends at 1:05 AM

  100. OMG. ONG. OMG. 😀

  101. nya
    tabi luver huh? you have a friend! me too!LOL!
    i know! the coat! similar to bong’s in This Love isnt it? heheh
    and his hair is so adorable~~~

  102. nya

    looks like Tabi has joined Baby on the “let’s-steal-the-kwon-leadah-clothing-item-cuz-he-complain-about-it-way-too-much” plan hahahaha

    looks like the one Bong wore to perform “Foolish Love”

  103. oh durrr i just got it all wrong. im still tried and mad that it buffer too much

  104. aw~~ the opening performance is so cute~~

    big bang & wondergirls. the all look so gorgeous.

  105. yay! haru haru now!

  106. OMG OMG OMG

  107. GD’s hair T_T
    looks like an afro…

  108. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what happend to bong’s hair!!!

  109. IT’S STARTING. 😀


  111. OMG. JiYongie’s hair. :O

  112. OMG im missing it =(

  113. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BONG’S HAIR????????????????

  114. Vicky
    you ought to be super happy! hehehehe
    bong is wearing the V necktie again!

  115. Jaja

    can’t see it clearly
    but FORREAL??????????


  116. OMGGG an MV is coming out? thats like 2 days!
    oh no baby! hes becoming a man thats not even legal in korea yet >_.<

  117. It’s FRIZZY. :O
    Hah, their suits are so weirdly coloured. 😀

  118. bwahahhah!!
    what’s with gd’s hair???
    seems like sam and the rest lived and got too attached in his head!

  119. Vicky
    YEP! he is! hahahaha that should make up for the hairdo!LOL!

  120. teefannie

    it looks like whoever make those suits run out of fabrics hahah

  121. WAIT. Is JiYongie’s hair FRIZZY or CLAYED? :O
    Heh, Coke Commercial 🙂
    Washroom break!? 😀

  122. HELP!! It wont load. somebody? i really want to watch

  123. aWW..I can’t watch itT_T

  124. Jini

    they’re smart
    they know how to get by the law
    by the time the MV release, Baby will be officially legal in Korea
    he turn 20 on the New Year day
    wah~ YG is smart hahah

  125. wah
    it just finished!!!!!!!
    but GD’s hair..
    not my fav but yeah..
    it looks ein stein’s hair
    haru haru’s orchestra is ok…
    not the best but it was good
    and their outfit is so cool~~~

  126. wtf,it stopped buffering right after BB finished.Am gonna kill this thing,only sound and no picture!

  127. @ VICKY.
    Haha, yeh. 🙂
    But I kinda like it. 🙂


  129. why jiyong, why. </3

  130. I’m gonna call GD’s hair, Sam’s Frizzy Afro.

  131. aiyoh..
    im really upset..
    i can’t watch it even a sigle second..
    so i’ll just wait for uploads..:(

  132. Jaja
    Hahaha… I’m always Tabi lover.
    I think it’s more loke Bong’s in Foolish Love perf.
    But way too oversized. Kekeke…

  133. but the performance was wickeddddd.

  134. Its over?? Already?? Ahhh, my mind can’t help but wander off and imagine Bong with afro hairstyle.. And the outcome is weird.. lol

  135. Vi
    Buhahaha… I think he’s infected by baby virus.
    Poor Bong. Now we’ll see him yelled at tabi
    “don’t come near” when they go to shopping. Keke…

    Yup yup yup! I’m thinking the same thing too! Hahaha…
    Looks like our brain still connected in this case v^^v

  136. ^single

  137. That’s why So Hee was so scared to look at his face!

    the SECOND PART will start in a bit

  139. Omoooooo

    GD’s HAIR O_O

  140. iqwoo

    i don’t give anything name unless it’s staying for too long
    keke so we’ll see haha

  141. nya
    hahah i know how you feel! the 1st time i saw bb i got hooked on tabi.no one like tabi,i always say.hahahha
    yeah like that foolish love coat too! definitely oversized but i guess his cuteness in those picts make me forget about his coat.hahahah!

  142. I CAN’T WATCH IT!

  143. i luv how everyone’s spazzing about GD’s hair and not commenting about how sexy the others looked, Lol =P

  144. OMG. I feel so dorky and happy, I’m in the same hemsphere as Big Bang. ❤
    I know, totally random. :O

  145. nya

    well husbands and wife are the same
    if yall can get effected by Vicky Virus easily
    of course Baby Virus is contagious too hahaha

    I’m telling you
    DNA TEST!!!!

  146. my pc really can’t stream live.
    post all the fun! =)
    Will be waiting for all the vid uploads later. hehe.

  147. Oh, And is Tabi’s hair shorter? O_o

  148. Vicky,
    hopefully you wont have to give it a name because hopefully it wont stay for long… let us hope.

  149. I’m scared to say it’s gonna last, cause he’s been hiding it for so long, haha, it kinda looked like Taeyeon’s previous hair. We’ll see, maybe he’ll wear a cap later!

  150. luvBB4lyf

    cuz I only get to see Bong’s hair haha
    my player was being stupid and black out the whole time
    only get to hear the sound
    but I didn see my man looking at the camera so dreamily when the song begins…

  151. luvBB4lyf
    LOL so true.jiyongie’s hair had that big an impact on us that we forgot to mention how awesomely hot bae,dae,seungri and tabi look.
    we still love you jiyongie!

    oh 2nd part started!

  152. YAAY, Finally the damn thing works
    Big Bang’s Stage are all over????:O:O

  153. Vicky,
    Lol. GD’s hair is the first thing that you notice… (well its the first thing that i noticed) and i started spazzing… i’ve come to realize that with G-dragon, you must expect the unexpected…

  154. *cant see bong’s face, hood..too..long!*

  155. im getting soo aggravated.
    i can bearly watch this.
    i just gonna wait for you(vicky) to upload their performace.

  156. wat’s up with GD’s hair???
    he change his hairstyle or sumthing??
    dang,i couldn’t watch it!!
    aish!!i wanna smash my pc rite now!!

  157. i barely see Jiyongie’s face….T_T!
    Still I’m happy to see him…lol

  158. the dude on right now makes quite a good ray charles.heheh

  159. Jaja
    Tabi just way too attractive.
    The first time I see him too!
    I know he’s my prince charming the second I see him.
    Ah~ that just love.

    Hahaha… I stare at him about 5 minutes & start to realized how weird he is with that coat. He look like a weird pervert ahjumma ~.~A hehe..

    See his cuteness with Lee Mon Sae sunbaenim pic?
    Oh~ I so love that one.

  160. Vi
    Kekeke…there again with this virus & dna thing.
    Never gets old.
    Aw~ looks like u’r all talking about Bong’s weird hair again.
    U should know him. never underestimate Kwon Leadah. He’ll give u shock.
    Uhh~~ I want to see it so bad

  161. nya
    awww! definitely love! in any photo or perf i always look for him first.teeheee!
    ahahah pervert ahjumma!
    yeah that pict with lee moon sae! so adorable!
    like what could he possibly be doing leaning back like that! kekekeke.
    ah tabi is just loveee.heheheh

  162. wonder girls with nobody tonight was….hmmm,
    i don’t really like it….
    it wasn’t that good…
    i like SBS’s version better

  163. luvBB4lyf

    I learn about that long ago
    but just can’t help but can’t believe my eyes whenever I see the things he does
    it’s just…..so Bong

  164. ooh wondergirls had really cool outfits!
    reminded me of big bang’s in MKMF when they performed hyori’s 1o minutes.

  165. and GD’s hair like that is only for 2night…
    i bet 2moro’s night would be something different again

  166. what’s with tops trench coat? and why is jiyong always covered by his hoodie lol

  167. nya

    I never expect him to be normal
    but I can’t help it when I’m easily startled by these things.
    I have a weak heart gurl
    do you know that? hahaha

  168. LOL@ Tina,hahaha its prob really cold so they had to wear it? i hope thats the case.kekeke

  169. ncly

    i know
    proabably a speacial one too
    since tomorrow is new year eve
    he gotta have something special for that hahahah
    we’ll be waiting…. and geting shocked keke

  170. Ohmygizzzzzzzzzzzz.
    They look so… STUNNING. *dies.
    WOWW, I can’t wait for Baby’s MV!
    Dangg. this week is AWESOME.

  171. Tina Sungmin

    Bong is sick right now and it’s freezing in Korea around this time
    so he probably didn’t want other ppl around him to get sick that’s why he covered up


  173. haha.i was about to say the same thing.
    today’s music festival is very trot-ish.


    My essay that comes with this

    I thought the person standing there next to the piano was Tabi, but nope, when he turned around and look at me, I know it’s my hubby haha, that stare… WHOOO~ and then………I saw it….

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH BONG’S HAIR?? It’s all frizzy, and WE ALL KNOW Asians’ hair dont’ ever get frizzy, so….. I don’t know HOW to describe this… uhm…. hhaha.. I need time to adjust. Then I saw Tabi walking out all cool with his hand in his pocket, I love when a guy does that, I find that very sexy haha Their clothes are interesting, it look whoever made it ran out of fabrics haha but they still look SEXXAY, that’s for sure, you can put anything on these boys and they’ll rock it… (except yellow blankets) I love it when I see fanboys sing along to Big Bang’s song. WHOA…. Dae… he look extra sexy to me… whoa~~ slow down there… I’m already dead from obsessing with Baby and Bong, and a bit of Tabi lately, can’t handle no more

    OH EM GEE… the part where Bong rapped the 2nd verse… they did a new remix to it, and they did that chest pump… OH CRAP! I fell in love with that right away…. dude!!!

    The audience went crazy when Bong went down there, I think everyone down there was singing along to this song, you can’t escape the love for Big Bang, no you can’t.

  175. OMG VICKY!!! I saw the Haru Haru performance on your youtube account!!! AHH, I’m so excited now. hahahahaha. I LOVE YOU!!!:D

  176. I was shocked when I saw GD’s hair
    And the opening
    Was it just me
    Or did TOP do soemthing wrong

  177. jaja
    hahaha… we can’t control our hormone if its about Tabi huh?
    Kekeke… but that’s understandable.
    Since he’s sex god himself.

    Tabi is the gag king. Like what Vi always say.
    Hehehe, love him till death!

  178. aish. im gg crazy. try my best to find other alternative ways to watch. T_T anyone can help? seriously, im dying to watch it

  179. vicky! thanks alot for the speedy upload!

  180. Vi
    Hahaha… I know u way too good.
    Though u always say that u won’t but in the end u’ll get surprised by him too.

    So? What’s his new hair now?
    I hope it’s something that I could accept.

  181. anybody notice the MC’s mistake? hahaha
    she was talking about stars who have been in musicals and she say Super Junior’s Kyung Joon…. KyungJoon is from SS501
    OOOOH~ that MC is gonna be in some deep trouble with the triple S

  182. haru haru orchestra version


    3 minutes of heaven!

  184. OMYDAMN.
    Look at Jiyong’s Hair.
    OH WOW, Lol, “asian hair is never frizzy”.
    Is it only me, or am I dying here? This performance
    is soooo GOOD. (:

  185. nya

    of course, if you don’t, who else would?
    Bong, he’s just
    wait… this hair during this time is perfect
    you stilll have the hot for Bong now since you see this Bong? kekekekekek

  186. snurk29
    try this http://able.kbs.co.kr/live/index.html
    just select 2TV.thats what i know.hope it helps ^_^

    definitely sex god!!hahah.especially yesterday’s HIP HOP stage.omg he smacked the dancer’s butt 3 times and pured chocolate syrup on the other.omggggg.kekekekek.
    the whole time i just was like O_O

  187. ahhh! Dae’s on stage singing Mama mia:D!

  188. ncly

    I heard it last night after it was release
    it was freaking awsome~~~~
    but it’s sad how I can’t get the album
    I wanted it
    it look so cool

  189. HAHAHAH
    the small eyes brothers keke

    KJK, Dae and that guy from SG Wannabe keke
    that is gold

  190. haha:P so cute:)
    Og the third guy is from sg wannabe?
    I couldn’t see who he was XD

  191. im sorry to say this bt jiyong’s hair look lyk those wooly hats he used to wear..

  192. DAE SUNG !!!
    he looks so cool~~
    and sun ye looks very pretty~

    Trot again :/

  194. vi
    i just watch the haru haru orchestra.
    i have problem with all this jaw drop thing.
    same with yesterday gurl 🙂
    no one could pull that out of me exceptour boys!

    um… the hair in haru haru.
    look more like the live attached Sam.
    remember the sea urchin? now he really got one on his head.

    oh my god. our boys sexiiness.
    though i don’t like the outfit but still.
    they could work it.
    damn. look so sexxy~~

  195. to mory

    Don’t be!It’s Ji Yong we’re talking about.YAY thanks for the fast upload!The orchaestra version for this year had a different feel.Last year’s was like GRAND.

  196. o~gee! i died yestrday coz of seungri, & when i read about the concept of seungri’s SB MV, damn! i’m gona die again.. haha. evryday he’s killing me.. as always.. haha..
    while watching him performing STRONG BABY, i wana jump on him!! ‘cant wait to watch his MV. . omo!!

  197. Oh.my.god. I freaking love the Haru Haru perf. Though it looked as if they ran out of cloth, but they still look AMAZING. Gosh. I’m putting it on replay nowwwww.

    @nya, jaja
    I’m a Tabi lover too!! haha. And he look super H.o.t during the haru haru perf. Dying soon.. haha

  198. whoaaaaaaaaaa bongs hair is so 90’s!!!!!!!!!! its all frizzz

  199. jaja
    hahaha… the choco syrup thing.
    damn, i want him to pour some on me too.
    i don’t mind if he want to slap me.
    maybe i’ll beg him to do it more. hahaha…
    in a rough way too.
    know the rough side of him? u’ll die.

  200. vinny
    i think i died way too much coz of him

  201. im glad they upload the orchestra perf quickly.. my tvants not working.. =((

    bt i do have a prob wif ji’s hair.. ytdae he looks all fine…

  202. oh my god. Vi, you’r really so fast.. i’m thanking you! seungri wil definitely proud of you.. haha

  203. VICKY


    If Seungri’s video is coming out on New Years in Korea, doesn’t that technically mean its coming out tomorrow for us??

  204. Did anyone see a girl in the audience

    She’s using binoculars, haha

  205. @nya
    I was super shocked when I saw that butt slapping from him, plus the choco syrup, gosh, I bet those dancers are in heaven. In a rough way? haha, you got me thinking..haha

  206. vinny
    i’m bizzare if u know me.
    so this ‘in rough way’ still not too “coughcough* fufufu

    those dancer. oh~ not only the dancer.
    i think Tabi himself is in heaven for being able to slap.
    imagine him when they do the training. oh~~~
    i think i could die right away. again.

  207. Vi.
    i’ve noticed that u’r oficially mrs. LEE?
    W/O KWON in it anymore>? haha..

  208. vinny
    i know right!! i love those shades on him in the haruharu perf.just like nya i died over and over again because i kept replaying tabi’s part.hahahah!

    LOL!!! omg that sounds so kinky.damn these hormones don’t stop when it comes to tabi! my mouth and eyes were open so wide when i saw the chocolate syrup.and when i saw him holding it i knewwww he was going to pour it on the dancer.he looks like some pimp in that perf.like damn these girls all over me.hahahah!

  209. Jaja

    thks^^ but im still uable to load it. T_T
    thks again

  210. @nya
    haha, we can all die together as Tabi fangirls if we ever get him to butt slap us. lol. I realized that hes wearing more tight fitting clothes now, haha, and it just show more of his broad shoulders o.o I’m like nuts now and am not making any sense anymore. lol

  211. Jaja

    thks^^ but im still unable to load it. T_T
    thks again

  212. ahhhh rain! hes dancing to magic now!!~~~

  213. i’ve seen GD new hair~ *puff* I ❤ It~ x3 So cute but unfortunately i cant see his face or his angelic smile or hiz cute pretty little eyez~! T-T

  214. Rain’s torchlight thing is so cool~

  215. @jaja
    OMG, I did the same!! Replaying his parts. YES, I LOVE those shades on him. Like l.o.v.e. Haha, did you see one of the dancer wearing Tabi’s spikey mask ytd during their Oh ah Oh perf? I guess only Tabi can pull off those thing WELL.


  217. snurk29
    no prob.sorry i can’t help about that though.

  218. @Vicky:

    after going pressing 2TV, what will i do next??
    answer me please. THANKS.

  219. nooooooooo !!!!!! im missing RAINNN!!!!!!

  220. vinny! i totally saw it and i was like heyy thats tabi’s mask! nobody nobody but tabi.

  221. ^
    i seen it~ and the split AWESOME!!

  222. I’m gonna be absent from the discussion for a bit
    gotta upload Baby and Dae’s Music Drama up to HQBB 🙂

  223. LMAO, what in the world happend to GD’s hair?
    I thought he was wearing another one of those funky furry hats.
    But, no, I stared closer & it’s actually his own hair.
    He looked like he teased it & crimped it, LOL.
    Oh well, still sexy as ever.
    Haru Haru was awesome!

  224. did it already end in rl? O_O I’m wondering if the thing I’m watching right now is a re-run or real time.
    I’m watching it right now on KBS World… and it’s gonna air again later tonight. YAAAAAAAY!!

  225. oh man~ Lee Moon Sae on now T-T so bored

  226. Big Bang are gong to perform on stage soon!!!
    Or I think so, cause the other singers have been performing with him ?

  227. Big Bang are gong to perform on stage soon!!!
    Or I think so, cause the other singers have been performing with the guy munsae and he’s singing now

  228. oh wondergirls again! i love yoo bin! shes so cute! i watched her on wonder bakery.very cute.

  229. `Now it’s Jewelry and wondergirls with lee mun sae!
    Maybe Big Bang’s next?
    COME ON!

  230. Jaja
    Kinky is okay too. Since I’ve seen the fancam of him grabbing JiHye head in so so rough way in Big boy perf. Oh. Kinky is acceptable.
    Kekee… I couldn’t help but to cover my mouth back then.
    If I scream, my dad will wake up & I’ll be forced to go to sleep.
    So, I better not doing anything stupid. Hehehe…
    But covering ur mouth very hard & stop ur breath at the same time suffers a lot.

    Sometimes I think of planning something bizarre like capturing him.

  231. yes!!!!!!!!!
    big bang!

  232. NOW!

  233. Vinny
    No. I won’t dead before I make him mine. Hahaha…
    Making any sense?
    Fangrurl will never make sense. We’re all crazy.
    & I’m enjoying it. Fufufu…

    Yup, tight clothes. Oh, I can’t help but to stare at his board chest & back!

  234. It’s a weird version of sunset glow?

  235. OMG!
    Look at all those fangirls and fanboys screaming and cheering!
    I would have gone crazier!

  236. nya
    LOL!! count me in if you have a capture tabi plan!
    tabi looks so hyper now!! and dae just sang wrongly!
    LOL! so cute!

  237. WG power~!

  238. TABI just looks hot like always, no matter what he do:D

  239. sorry BB power

  240. hahah and nya i need to see that video of him tugging Ji Hye again! hahaha


    Big Bang is definately the big artist of the night

  242. lolx Lee Big Bang ver~

    SO NICE~~

  244. the show just finished
    sunset glow with everyone
    but the MICS SUCK!!!
    can’t hear TOP rapping 😦
    but yeah
    over all the show was ok

  245. yay~ all join on the stage~


    GO BIG BANG!!! You Guys rocked the show!!!

  248. couldn’t see GD T_______T

  249. It’s OVER?
    Ngawww..I’ll patiently wait for uploads on YT!

  250. yay!!! So many fanzgirlz and fanboyz!! their perf is soo special!!

  251. nya, jaja
    AHH, capture Tabi plan??? You have to include me!! haha. Tabi’s shoulders are something that I can stare at all that long.haha

    Oh my, I need to watch this sunset glow performance!! All the comments are making me so excited. haha.

  252. OMG!!! Vicky, u gotta be kidding o__o!! a kiss scene?!! and a bed scene + abs!! OMGOMG this is wayyyyyy hotter than what i expected!!! how many times dose baby plan to kill his noonas!?

    i LOLed at GD’s new hair but i love it too XD

  253. Haha, sorry girls but I still don’t like gd’snew hair look >.<

  254. lol
    gd’s hair is ONLY for tonights at KBS
    i bet 2moro at MBC it would be something different
    but seirously
    who did that hair for him?? tsk tsk tsk

  255. vinny
    haha most definitely! we’ll be like Tabi’s Angels on a mission.hahaha! ahh wild imaginations~~ staring at tabi is more of a hobby.hahahah.
    yeah and vinny i think they’ll replay this on kbs world tommorrow.

  256. oh my gosh! I just watched the performence. It was so cool. GD got strange hair then before.



  258. vinny + jaja
    Tabi doesn’t look like he have so much weight too. hehehe…
    let’s all capture him.
    but we must know what to do with fliying to Korea first.
    thinking a way to let myself fit in a travelbag 🙂

    ahh!!! i’m so mad at my internet connection.
    it didn’t work all the time.

    i want to watch online too 😦
    oh~ i hope vi will upload it soon before i pass out & sleep in front of my computer. sob sob sob

  259. they were the artist of the night at SBS and now KBS.everybody loves them.

  260. nya!
    LOL! we can all go to their concert and capture him there.
    but tabi is a little too tall to fit in a luggage.i guess we have to bribe the immigration officers to let us through.im sure they wouldn’t mind because its tabi.with tabi anything is possible.
    hahahahha! omygosh.we are truly crazy fangirls.but its okay!

    and don’t worry.i’m sure you’ll get to see it soon.^_^

  261. i missed to whole thing T TT guess i have to wait for YT links~
    seems like they own the night again! i friggin LOVE december ❤

  262. nya, jaja
    I just LOL at your comments, its just so awesome. Tabi is losing weight at a fast rate, I guess from all the fruits and healthy diet.
    Yeah, flying to Korea is the BIG problem. LOL. I doubt I can fit in a travelbag. ahahahaha. I’m mad at Tvants. T_T

    Instead of Charlie’s Angels, Tabi’s Angels? LOL. I like that~ AHHHH, I hope KBS World on Tvants can work. If not, I have to wait for uploads, haha, but Thanks for the info, I’ll try with Tvants again tomorrow. hohoho.:D

  263. jaja
    LOL. Maybe we can ask Tabi to do the finger spazzing thing during the lies perfs. Then pysco those officers to let us pass through. hahaha.

  264. vinny
    LOL! tabi is a good example.i wanna be a fruitatarian(is there such a word??lol) like him now.kekeke.
    we should totally figure out how to get to korea before they go over to the US.hahah
    finger spazzing! hahah thats one of my favourite tabi moves.tabi can definitely psycho anyone with those fingers spinning around.hahaha!

  265. where i am now its new years eve already! ahhh last day of 2008.
    enjoy your last day of 2008 everyone(or 2nd last day if youre not in asia) and happy holidays! have a great 2009 ahead!

  266. ah!! cant wait for seung ri MV!!!!! huhuhu awsome perf!

  267. jaja
    Haha! Yeah. I’m like getting high in the middle of the night. lol.
    Yeah, US, gosh, its FARRR. We need quick actions! Hahaha.
    Its also my fav. Tabi move. haha, totally cheesy but N.i.c.e. haha
    And I need to sleep soon if not my dad’s gonna scream at me. haha, more spazzing tmr yeah? I LOVE MBC. They always work. hehehe.

  268. jaja
    Which country are you from?haha, I thought you were from Spore or something, haha.

  269. T___T its not working! i wanna watch dis! T_T

  270. jaja
    kekeke… with Tabi everything is possible.
    Hehe.. it’ll be better if those immigration officers are all female.
    That’ll make thing go fast. In an instant way. Keke

    Hahaha… it’s almost midnight here.
    I’m dying to see.
    & my dark circle will go worst if I didn’t take much sleep.
    Hehe… I think I’ll back again tomorrow. ^^

  271. Vinny
    Hahaha… that’s the power of we VIPs. Keke

    I don’t like him & his weight lose program.
    He’s good enough. Too damn sexy for words.
    Sometimes I think him with all his body training is exaggerating.
    His weight is in exact amount.
    I want him to eat more though.
    With all of their busy schedule, they’ll need protein!
    Why u add some diet plan into it??

    Uh~ I don’t want to see him pass out again

    I think we more like Tabi’s devil than Tabi’s angel.
    He can’t have a life with light again with me beside him.
    His future is dark~~ fufufu

  272. yay~ vi just add the sunset glow perf!
    gotta watch it!

  273. vinny
    haha i know me too.getting high right now,totally not the right time.
    hahah most definitely more spazzing tmr(hopefully i’m not out counting down to 2009)lol.
    hahah i need sleep too! need to prepare myself for the awesomeness on tmr’s MBC MUSIC FESTIVAL.kekekeke.
    have a good night/day everyone~



    After the boys finish singing their version, Lee Moon Sae came upfront and start singing his original version, it was so cute how the boys just stand like good behaved elementary school students haha then he came over each of them and gave Baby and Tabi and light pat, Tabi look so freaking cute. He gave Dae a hand…thing haha keke the stupid camera change the angel so I didn’t get to see what Lee Moon Sae did with Bae, seems like a hand thing too but Bae did that “YOU GOT OWNED!” gesture by touching the side of his hair..hm… wonder what happened. Lee Moon Sae came over to Bong and just hug him haha Bong got all shy and backed down, then LMS shot Bae a love bullet haha

    All the other artists that were there that night came out and join the performance, it was so awsome, I love it whent hey do that. Big Bang’s performance was definately the highlight of that night man, what a great ending performance, LMS even pulled Rain up to sing along haha

    this is random but I love what the WonderGirls are wearing, simple yet cute, love SunYe’s hair~ she should wear it like that more often. There will be a WonderBang performance tomorrow during MBC Music Festival


  275. and yeap vinny
    i am from S’Pore.you too right?

  276. vi
    gurl~~~ u dunno how much i loved u
    especially this night.
    aw~~ thanks u upload it just before i decided to go to sleep.
    heehe… gotte watch sunset glow now 🙂

  277. vicky thanks for the really fast upload.much appreciated <3!

    haha yeah itd be great if all the officers are female.just as long as they don’t capture tabi for themselves.LOL!

  278. jaja
    yeap, haha, thats where Miotv came from. lol.

    AHH, I get to sleep well after watching the sunset glow’s perf. Gosh, I LOVE YOU GIRLLLL~:D

    Sometimes I do think that he’s cutting down TOO much too, aigoo. Lets all stuff him with LOTS of protein-filled food when we capture him okay? haha.I got to go nowwwwww, sweet dreams everyone!~ hehe.

  279. Vi
    Oh~~~ gurl~
    Let me say it first before I go to bed. Kekeke…

    god!! Tabi just look like a dark prince!!
    Ah~ take my soul away~

    Kekeke… good behaved elementary student
    Haha… they does. They does.
    Oh, I love the hand thing that Lee Mon Sae did to them.

    Stupid cameramen! I can’t see what LMS did to Bae!
    But he hugged Bong & that’s L.O.V.E. ah~

    The perf was so awesome.
    I like LMS vocal at the end.
    With all the audience standing & other artist join the perf.
    Big bang made their night!
    Ah~ I’ll have a good night sleep now ^^

  280. r u joking me?!?!?!
    Oh MY GOD!!!
    What’s YG thought!!!
    My baby will make a mv like that???????????
    I’m not agree with diz.
    when i read it,i started gonna crazy.
    i can’t imagine, seungri make mv with concept like that.
    But what i can do?
    Just support U d Bezt.

  281. jaja
    they’ll faint first if tabi did his Lies Dance to them.
    who can take that? hohoho…
    but we ourself should be carefull not to faint too ^^

  282. vinny
    lets fill him up with his beloved yanggaeng & ice cream.
    also all the sweets. kekeke…

  283. So busy with all the uploading I didn’t have time to join the meeting

    Anyone up for tomorrow’s MBC Music Festival?????

  284. nya
    haha i’ll put on protective goggles to make sure i won’t faint.hahah! and im sure we all will have a good night’s sleep.espcially now that im rewatching yesterday’s music festival.
    dont be! thanks for all your hard work ^_^
    and i should be up for MBC tmr.kekeke.

  285. hehhe do you guys notice somebody messes up at around 1:37ish
    when they go “ah ah ah” XD

  286. wow GD’s hair reminds me of a crazy scientist or something ahhh why GD why? okay i guess i should stop asking that question….but WHY!?!?!?!

    lol at that last pic..Bae looks..weird @.@

    omg LOVED the opening – WonderBang!!!! lolz and even the Sunset Glow perf, Wonder Girls were singing with such enthusiasm…oh i am so super stoked for tomorrows performance!

  287. GD has on BOA’s jacket(EAT U UP)

  288. OMG!!!
    more big bang
    gotta love it for sure!
    Baby’s gonna have a bed and kissing scene?!
    Tabi might be next OMG!!!
    caaaaaaaan’t wait!
    now for the spazzin…

    the opening performance was love!
    Tabi looked like he didn’t know what he was doing
    Haru Haru
    but I just couldn’t concentrate on anything but Bong
    what did he do to his hair?!
    sunset glow
    liked it a lot!
    it was different
    but of course the cameraman

  289. Uhhh. anyone here wanna try allkpop.com ?
    is like probably a little bit late buh the writers there give you a quick summary BUT is not only about big bang . THEY post up all the kpop artist. so try it is useful

  290. YES!!! im totally up for MBC tomorrow =D. GO BIG BANG!!!!!

  291. ah, Vicky. you are too awesome! always keeping us VIP updated with news and downloads. just wanna say, thanks!!! ^_^

  292. Seungri you cant do this to me !!!!!!!!!
    blahh. he’s gonna make so many fangirls die T^T
    buh ill support you till the very end and i can see you half naked =D

  293. GD’s hair reallt looks like Seungri’s when he was younger, all puffy and stuff lol because of yesterday i thought the bowl cut might be back
    Seungri’s MV is going to be a shocker for us, i really can’t wait

  294. AHH OMG Seungri’s gonna have a kissing scene
    & a bed scene && ABs. whaaat? Kinda like
    YoungBae there Seungri. Screams* he’s gonna
    make EVERYONE die if they see this MV.

  295. two days full of stuff! it is definitely hard to handle. ha! I need to find room to breathe.

  296. VI

    Count me in for tomorow mornings gayo!!
    i couldnt really read and comment much this morning cuz my friend was over and shes whitee. keke. didnt know much about BB but i did force her to watch the performances xDD (she likes baby the best!)
    isnt tomroow the wonderbang? <33 yayy
    i cant believe baby has a kiss scene…ㅠ.ㅠ *cry cry*
    sounds like its gonna be like YB’s my girl mv. duncha think?

  297. AHHH
    SDFLKSJDLFKSJFLKS T_____________T;;
    ah poor you vicky :[
    baby is shedding his innocence !

  298. Ok—————–I totally lost sight of this whole scenarion.

    The event yesterday, and the one today (tomorrow?)—-are they somehow conected?

    Are they something like the “MTV” awards?


    My confusion appart, almost all of the shows looked really cool til now.
    And I really can´t wait to see Seungris video—and him performing it.

    (And damn it!!! TOP going solo! I LIKE THAT ;T)

  299. Oh………..just wanted to add that I totally dig TOPs new hairstyle (and his coat).

  300. BED SCENE—OMGOMGOMGOMG, i cant wait :DD
    WAAAAIT, is there any other way i can watch it besides TVants ?



    And I gotta say, Sunset Glow with Lee Moon Sae and orchestra Haru Haru was PURE own. The chest bumps made me go WOOO!~

    Everyone’s lookin’ fiiiiiine. 😀

  302. VICKY! theres SOOO much things going on i cant catch up xD

  303. Aww, I forgot to wake up to watch this. I REALLY wanted to watch the ABBA covers. It’s okay, I’m watching all the KBS clips on Youtube.

    ‘Strong Baby’ MV…bed scene?
    I have a feeling it’s not going to like the one in the ‘My Girl’ vid. Nosebleed, anyone?

  304. the mp3 download for the fila’s stylish thing doesnt work :O
    i really want to download it help?

  305. why don’t you just kill me already…haha. i hope the kiss/bed scene is like TOP in “im sorry” video. all angles no touching…k. seungri, i just…sighh..shock. i hope the video isn’t too dramatic..regardless i give full support…Big Bang always.

  306. ABS?????????

    OMG i WILL die! ahhh I can’t wait!
    this is THEE BEST way to start the year
    a sexy, provocative SeungRi!! AAHH!!

    the pics are awesome! I love what theyre
    wearinng! ahhh, shame I couldn’t watch it
    live ):

  307. ahh wow
    this is a selfish request
    but is anybody going to make like one video of all the clips of BB on both gayo dejun and kbs music festival?
    i know it sounds selfish but it’s so hard to keep track of six different clips
    and i want to see all the little clips of our boys 😛

  308. GD’s hair
    is big lol but its so GD

    They looked so sharp with their
    suits in the HaruHaru perf. that
    CHEST pump thing made me go crazy!
    waahh!~~ the orchestra was amazing

    SunsetGlow was awesome, LOVED how
    they performed! theeee best way to
    end that show! when Lee Moon Se came
    out it was SOO CUTE how BB acted
    so HUMBLE, especially TOP!!! XD

    DaeSung’s mess up WAS THE CUTEST!!!
    LOVED Sunset Glow performance it was
    so spontaneous!

    2 wonderful performances from BB!!!<333

    the singing along crowd was awesome : D

  309. WOWOWOWOW! the perf was all amazing! BONG?! what’s with
    the frizzy hair? hahahaha!! and wooh…they all look sexy!
    hahaha!! I LOVE THE SUNSET GLOW PERF…the crowd was singing
    along too!!!! BB FTW~~~

    i hope someone upload the mp4s for these perfs…hehehe! pleassseee? hehehehehe!!! ^^ thanks Vicky unni for the update!
    and KISS SCENE+BED+ABS?! waah? im already cracked at the gayo perf!!!

  310. i get to watch de perf of Sunset Glow on KBS World last nite when my parents fin watching tv..
    i was trying to see wat new hairstyle he has since u all here are talking about his hair..de stupid cameraman did a bad job..there’s only 1 second of closeup…

    OMG!!!! and guess wat!?!?!?!?
    my sis have de same hairstyle with GD!!!! 😛
    my sis just change new hairstyle on 29th..
    it’s some kind of perm similar to GD’s hair on KBS Gayo on 30th..
    it’s just dat my sis hair is a bit longer n it’s red colour..lolz..dis is such a coincidence,man..
    then,my sis told me not to mistake her as GD n hug her in de middle of de nite..hahaha xD

  311. whoa~ baby’s MV is gonna be like a “One Night Stand?”
    NOOOO~~~~!! lol he’s grown so much that we need to let go.
    ahaha i cant wait to see his MV =)

    the performance was amazing!! (as always)
    what’s up with GD’s hair? looks like jiyong is not afraid to mess around with his hair!?

  312. Cant believe I missed this! XP
    How am I suppose to sleep with these on right after another!?

    But the joint stage with WonderGirls is on the MBC one right, I didnt miss that?

  313. Chrissy

    no you didnt 😀 thats tomorow

  314. VICKY !
    I NEVER would have seen all this stuff if you haven’t posted it,
    & THANK YOU, mucho.
    Dayem ; i can’t wait until the MV, is it legal to have someone that sexy ?!?!

  315. sorry for asking this but may i know where can i download wonder girl’s stuff?
    anybody can help me?

  316. I hate the fact that SR will do a kiss scene and a bed scene in his MV ><

    Anw,thanks for uploading 😀

  317. When does the MBC one come on? like what time? And anyone else with Florida’s time zone know what it’ll equal here? lol I thought you subtract an hour from korean time and make it opposite like PM or AM. like Korea= 5:00PM US(Florida)= 4:00AM
    am I wrong?

  318. hey vicky, i was just wondering if you have heard about seung ri’s movie.

  319. SEUNGRI reminds me of JT!!

    watch JT here~

    same as seungri, so sexy & flirting wit those girls. hek.

  320. Seungri’s cute, jt is not!!

  321. Vi

    youre making me tear up. u just had to tell me there was a kiss scene in the music vid. did u really? : ((((((((((((
    *cries more*

  322. what a great performance!!
    lee moon sae is a great performer!
    hahaha the boys acted like school kids and respect him so much
    that’s good..kekeke..
    OHHHHHHHH BONG…..what’s with your hair T_____T~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    haru haru orchestra kinda reminds me of lies orchestra though
    but it was just okay..i like lies better kekeke
    sunset glow FTW!! lmao at bi singing along at the end xDD
    he’s so damn cutee

  323. AAAAhhh..
    I feel like crying T_T
    Once I look at the One Night Stand theme for Baby’s MV..
    kyaa >.<..I think it doesn;t go that far maybe just dancin..like that..
    but A “BED SCENE” !!!!! wth..
    It can’t beee !! 😦

  324. Chrissy
    The MBC one is on at 9:55 PM (Korea time). And, since you’re in Florida, it will be on at 7:55 AM. I live in Georgia, so we’re in the same time zone.

  325. hello it is test. WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats.

    I totally watched this on tv when i flipped it to KBS!
    I had the channel, but i
    didn’t notice this schedule!
    so i flipped it on in the middle of
    haru haru! LOL
    so after that, I recorded all that I could.
    except the part of Daesung singing mama mia.
    i only recorded haru haru and sunset glow.
    but you don’t know how spastic i was!

  327. Can’t wait for Big Bang’s activities next year!
    Many people were shocked by GD’s hair. But you know what, i think it looked good on him. No matter what he’s trying to pull, he still look like a HOTTIE!
    And yes, i do think SeungRi’s MV may become something similar to YB’s my gurl MV, but dirtier if you know what i mean. LOL 😀
    OH! I don’t think if anyone notice that GD is wearing BoA’s jacket from her ‘eat you up’ MV. Now GD is stealing BoA’s clothes. LOLZ! 😀 Love YOU BB ❤

  328. wowwww! Awesome perdormances! i love Haru Haru Orchestra Version awesomeeee! and Lee Moon Sae collab. awesome ending :d

    I’ll be waiting for baby MV lol!

    Ohhhh and i guess later is Music Core WonderBang performance T.T is very late…i hope get to see it ^^

    Thanx 4 the downloads Vicky <333

  329. I hope those kiss, bed, and ab scenes are of G~Ri action! GRi in bed together, kissing each other, and showing abs (which means nekked?!?!?)! XD


  330. Baby’s MV….
    …will make him not the cute maknae anymore.
    I know some noticed he’s slowly controlling his cuteness on cam and looking more serious and hot.
    But he’ll always be a baby to me.
    A Hot Baby though. hehe.
    Can’t wait for tonight!

  331. GAH I SO want that bones jacket!

  332. heyyyy! i need a littlee help
    i’m trying to watch MBC for todayy;;;
    anyone could help me or sumthingg?
    thanxxx thanxxx ^___^

  333. You know TVants?

  334. I was at my aunt’s house earlier for dinner and my sister called me at around midnight, after I left, saying she found the Sunset Glow performance on KBS while flipping through channels. I regretted leaving early. Could’ve seen the end, at least. -_-

    Yeah, so, I’m up early, waiting for MBC Gayo. Accidentally woke up an hour early and couldn’t get back to sleep but no worries…

  335. uhmm;; yess
    i tried that, but it didn’t work for me
    and it’s in korean so i couldn’t understand it..

  336. I am so ready! I think I actually got sleep beforehand this time…..3 hrs though….but that’s 3 hrs. more than the other night. Hopefully I’ll be awake enough today for new years eve.

    I think Im on the right channel with TVants, it says MBC.

  337. I think this is what I used: http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/TVants-Download-60571.html

    It was pretty simple for me I clicked the first one (US).
    I hope that’s right.

  338. @Chrissy, aahh! i want GD’s jacket, too!

    yea, you can try TVants or try here:

    1 hour and 15 minutes til MBC!
    anyone know the line up?
    im trying to watch this and celebrate New Years XD

  339. You hear that Teddy’s gonna perform prayer with Taeyang?

  340. I just can’t wait for the MBC gayo! Wonderbang is gonna be great, I just know it (:

  341. @chrissy
    Yup. Can’t wait for that too!

  342. will we have another discussion post for MBC Gayo tonite??
    anyway,which MBC shld i choose?? is it YS??
    when i open my tvants,it says it still have 0 days to expire..
    i can’t still view de channels but i’m scare they’ll stop halfway..
    for de channel chooser,it says de channel is offline..
    wat does it mean??

  343. IDK, I just saw one MBC on mine, the news is on it now.

  344. @chrissy
    THANK YOU so so much for helping me

    THANK YOU also for helping me;;;
    for the link you gave me;; do i click on anything? or i just leave it as the link pop out??

    can’t wait for the performancess 😀

  345. Oh I see the others, hope Im on the right one.

  346. @Chrissy,
    u’re using tvants?
    u typed MBC only,is it?
    when i type MBC,it says no channel exist..
    i hope there’s nothing wrong wit my tvants..aish

  347. @bigbangloverr
    So it works now you see some channels?

  348. @ crystal
    My TVants expired too, so I went to this website to watch MBC. I’m not sure if its the right channel though, its Kwangju MBC and right now, its news.

  349. Okay now i’m sure thats the right channel ^^ That website is pretty good, its clear and doesn’t stop to buffer.

  350. crystal199187

    I just chose from the list that popped up, I didnt type anything.

  351. @gene!,
    oh!! thanks!!
    i luv u,gurl!! 🙂

    ur MBC is also having news rite?
    my MBC is showing sumthing like a press conference..
    is it same with urs?

  352. Yes crystal199187!
    OK Im pretty sure you, me, and gene! are on the same channel now, lol.

  353. You’re welcome! Just hope that everyone can watch it too ^^
    *grabs popcorn*

  354. @gene!,
    it’s de right channel?
    cool,thanks!! 🙂

    it’s ok..thanks..
    looks like mt tvants have expired..haih
    how am i goin to watch live shows in de future?aish..

  355. yeah!! de 3 of us are on de same channel!!
    dang,mine kept jam n buffer again..
    i wanna smash my pc..lol

  356. Hmm, mine doesn’t buffer. Try to close all active applications like MSN and stuff. Just don’t open things that will lag it further =P

  357. lol Im on a laptop and Im treating it like it’s the most delicate thing on earth, haha! “Please dont screw up computer”.

  358. oh..ok ok..now i’ll just leave dis page open..thanks..

  359. haha..i’m gonna go shower now..
    hope i wun be late..
    bye guys,i’ll come back n spam later..keke

  360. @chrissy
    i tried gene!’s and it works
    but it’s all green;;
    there’s sounds, but no images..

  361. IDK what’s wrong but mine works fine so it must be something with your computer

  362. Hmm.. I tried using firefox but it didn’t work, I think only Internet Explorer can open it. Have you tried closing all windows? Or perhaps you should just let it buffer for some time, and see if it loads.

  363. what time does the mbc music festival and under which channel can i watch it at tvants??

  364. hey VIPz~ if TvAnts says your thing expired, just click no and you should still be able to use it.

  365. It starts at 9.55pm Korean time, 8.55pm for me in Singapore. I’m not sure about TVants though. I think you can just type in “MBC” and click on one of the red links?

  366. thanks gene! =)
    and im a singaporean too!! haha.. =))))

  367. it’ll be starting in about 20-25 minutes everywhere~ =]

  368. thanks for the links guys
    you’ve helped me alot since my tvants isn’t working

  369. lol 20-25 min to see if we’re all on the right channel ^_^

  370. is u guys mbc channel showing news??

  371. Welcome ^^ Cool! haha! 😀 15 more minutes ~

  372. yeah news is on

  373. @mary: yep
    I think all the mbc channels are the same

  374. haha ok tts gd.. cos my tvants is working perfectly well right now.. hehe.. couldnt catch ytdae kbs fest though..

  375. @Keriann,
    oh..just now when i click Mbc in tvants it say no channel exists but rite now it’s working!!
    but there’s a lot of Mbc..
    which one shld i choose?
    there’s MBC-2,MBC HD,MBC(Korea),etc..
    we shld choose Gwangju MBC,rite??

  376. Im glad this website’s here cuz I dont know anyone around where I live who likes Big Bang so I dont have anyone to talk with about them.

  377. I just saw alex! He’s cute xD

  378. Oh;
    I’m using Internet Explorer..
    ohh okaeee;;
    I’m still waiting for the images;;
    Did yours just pop out and have images and everything?

  379. it’s showing Alex cooking,rite??

  380. @crystal199187: you choose whichever one you want~ I personally chose the first one which was just MBC
    & yeah sometimes it takes awhile for the channel list to load. btw, long time no talk XD

  381. yeah!! looks like i’m on de right channel!!
    thanks a lotz,VIPs!! muackss!! u gurls are de best!!

  382. Yo! I was just wondering if I should just use MBC or MBC 2?

  383. ITS NEXT!

  384. Haha, Alex on a Centrum commercial. My mom uses that, LOL.

  385. Hmm, i think all MBCs are the same? But just to be on the safe side, MBC ^^

  386. Use regular MBC.

  387. @Keriann,
    oh.cool..thanks.. 🙂
    yup,long time no talk..
    i just finish my final exams for de first sem..
    de results just came out..
    i wanna cry.. T.T
    one of de subject is one mark less to getting an A..
    how about ur life?doing fine?

  388. I think the website may be faster than my TVants but the website’s …uh…buffering a bit for me.

  389. Its starting now?! XD

  390. Oh crap. The advertisement made me so hyped up =x

  391. kk, thanks… can’t wait.

  392. i think tvants is faster..
    de website kept buffering..
    i’m using tvants now..
    it’s going fine.. *crossing my fingers*

  393. @crystal199187: haha bad grades? same here TT__TT but it’s almost January and I’m vacationing to Australia for a little so yay! =] also my TvAnts is working perfecting but firefox is being extremely slow so sorry if I respond reaaaaally late D:

    & if your TvAnts happens to freeze up & you have gom player, you can try this:


    thanks to akagasuki @ DBSG on LJ. Gom player might also lag though but sometimes I just leave both of them on XD

    & uhmmmmmm if you use gom player, you still have to keep TvAnts on



  395. no..it’s still commercial..
    aahh..de baby is so cute!! haha..

  396. im just so hyped up… hahaha

  397. is there going to be an mbc discussion post?
    im so mad for missing the kbs one ><

  398. actually the website’s faster on mine, my TVants is like… a minute behind it.

  399. Its on! XD

  400. Hi everyone here 😀 and Happy New Year!!! (well not yet but HNY antway LOL)

    the show’s started right?

  401. i think it’s starting now..
    they’re introducing de mcs is it??
    dang,my tvants n de website kept buffering!!

  402. it is? is it the thing where they’re like in a desert?

  403. For me, the website, the MCs are already talking. There’s yoon jong shin xD

  404. So, I wish I could understand this ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Weird’ thing…

  405. Okay, just kidding, I get it now. TVants is just a few minutes behind.

  406. Id watch the website but it keeps buffering! 😡
    TVants is smoother but its like 1-2 minutes behind or something and I wanna chat with you guys!

  407. its starting? yayyy~ its too bad this is the last one xD the last three days were so much fun ❤

  408. de mcs are still talking now..

  409. i’m watching tvants even if it’s slower..
    de website’s not working for me..
    MC Mong is out!! woohoo!!

  410. MC Mong now~

  411. OK um you guys think I should stick with TVants cuz it hasnt frozen on me but it’s a bit behind the website?

    Cuz the website is like freakin’ freezing on me each time!

  412. I just read that Ye Eun will be singing ‘Look At Me, Gwisoon’ with Dae Sung. Pretty excited for this.

    MC Mong, right now. I haven’t heard much from him but I think I like him?

  413. keep both open =]
    I normally keep TvAnts open cuz it’s more reliable than the site =\

  414. NOOOO after they introduce MCmong my TVAnts just buffering like crazy!!! DDDDX

  415. where’s MBC’s discussion?
    I joined today and theres no discussion

  416. Chrissy, keep both open, just in case.

  417. Connie, just stay here and join our unofficial party?

  418. omg bed scene??? O_O
    even though he’s grown up still baby

  419. if your TvAnts happens to freeze up & you have gom player, you can try this:


    thanks to akagasuki @ DBSG on LJ. Gom player might also lag but sometimes I just leave both of them on. & if you use gom player, you still have to keep TvAnts on.
    I’ll make a post for the MBC discussion if Vicky doesn’t yet

  420. oh..my tvants jam a bit..
    who’s de 3 gurls at de side?
    is it SNSD??i heard MC Mong say their name..
    let’s discuss MBC over here..
    if someone open another page,plz inform us here..

  421. yeah!!!Epik High!!!

  422. Epik high’s on!

  423. OMG. epik high is on ! ONE is playing .
    omo . lols. sure i’ll join the unofficial party

  424. yeah I like this song….like about almost all the rest of their songs too lol.


  426. omg epik high!!!!!
    gosh i wish they provide subtitles.. perhaps nxt year music festivals??? for foreigners.. =)))

  427. time is ticking..time is ticking..

  428. FLYY!!!!!!!

  429. NEW DISCUSSION POST: https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2008/12/31/123108-mbc-gayo-festival-discussion/

  430. i miss EH’s perf nooo T TT my internet went bad, why now?

  431. epik high was amazing…

  432. go to de new discussion post!!
    i moved my camp to there already..hahaha xD

  433. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TAEYANG ANG TEDDY OPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAA<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333


  435. ohh~~ that must be tomorrow’s release! waaa!~~ I can’t wait to see it!!~~ WAAA! omg! vicky must be jealous ryt now coz baby will have a kissing scene! ahihihi~~

    what happened to bong? ahihi~~ I dont like those hoodies covering his entire face! he looks like an EMO! WHAHAHA XD

  436. OH HO HO HOOOOO! seung ri’s mv is going to be hot! ahaha~

  437. LOL. They r lyk boys being scolded by their dad(lee moon sae!)! ahihi~~ XD

  438. omg!! i cant wait for baby’s mv!!! ^_^

    boy you’re gonna be legal soon!!^^ youngbae-yaa!! omo!! he looks so hot..and why is GD’s face under the hoodie..haha ^_^

  439. oh nooo… a kissing scene for my makane TT___TT
    and a bed scene T___T
    good lord its like my girl all over again TT__TT
    dont worry… my little seungri fan girl heart can take it xD

  440. I wanna be in the bed scene ^^

  441. OMGS! kiss scene? bed scene? ABs.?!?!?! and TOP’s SOLO! OMFGS!

  442. i saw this one live at KBS!! muahaha…thanks Astro for that!! i thought it was KBS Open Concert..so i just ignored and watch another TV programme..when i went back to KBS, i heard familiar voice!!! it was DaeDae singing his part in Haru Haru!!! i almost screamed that my housemates got curious…i stayed watching till the end…and of course, i could not believe my eyes, looking at Kwon Ji Yong new hairstyle!!! out of every style, why did that frizzy hair!!! and i love Kim Gun Mo performances!!! woot woot!!!

  443. aaaaaAaaaAaAAAaAAAAAAaaAah its 1/1 right now. and ive been checking and checking this site for the MV. the suspense is killing me !

  444. oh ma god thaxz u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo much!!!!!!

  445. everything is soo awesome!!!! i want to download the entire music festival now!!

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