01.03.09 Music Core: SeungRi’s Strong Baby Performance | More SeungRi Promo Pictures

01.03.09 SBS StarKing
Special Guest: DaeSung
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More SeungRi’s Promotional Pictures under the cut

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01.03.09 MBC Music Core
Strong Baby Performance
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The intro with his pictures already killed me….. aigoo… the things my husband does to me. I stayed up to watch this live, gotta support my man, I was hoping Bong would make a cameo appearance and introduce Baby, but sadly Bong wasn’t there, but seeing my name in that neon sign help make everything better 😀 those of you who knows me well know what I’m talking about haha.

White suit… red rose… man I love that rose, he just look oh my god HOT, I love how the audience below are the roses up to support him and also singing along to the “CRACK CRACK” feel the love in the air. Again… even though he was suppose to be a player… this just look like a bunch of nuna trying to rape him, I’m sorry it’s true, it does look like it, no matter how hard he try, Baby can never be portray as the jerk-of-an-player, at least to me.

I just freaking love the choreography for this song, his male dancers are from “Troop” nice~ they’re awsome, and he’s dancing with EunHyung, one of my fave CRAZY dancer, I’m enjoying this, though I should be jealous out of my mind… I’m not, hahah HUSBAND’S DANCE BREAK!!!! WHOOO!!! SEXY MUCH BOY?????? ah~ I really really does felt dizzy watching this, dude…. my body temperature just rise to a dangerous level.

His face when EunHyung touched his nose then left kekek… gotta love him, the “CRACK CRACK” dance is gonna be something soon. haha

MUST SEE: Check out Poopiness’s “Strong Baby” MV Parody.

it is pure GOLD. My fave line. “Will I see tit tonight” AHAHAHAH

SeungRi’s Promotional Pictures

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Debut Stage Captures

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Poopiness’s “Strong Baby” MV Parody.

My favorite line, “Will I see tit tonight?” …. how does he come up with this from VICTORY?? I HAVE NO IDEA. Bow down to him for sure haha


~ by Vicky on January 2, 2009.

138 Responses to “01.03.09 Music Core: SeungRi’s Strong Baby Performance | More SeungRi Promo Pictures”

  1. congrats baby!! 🙂
    your still our baby!

  2. OMG!!
    I just died!!!
    I just had to stay up and watch this!
    Baby is reeeally gonna end up perverting me XD
    the white suit and the rose
    and i mean the pic showing the abs…I’m having a massive nosebleed here
    his expression….sexy player
    sorry Tabi but I might have to go to team Seung Ri soon

  3. i really really love Strong Baby the whole MV and look and everything, but i really really miss the “baby” in Seung Ri for some reason.
    i miss his innocence and maknae-ness.
    but i do like the sexiness.

  4. well done Baby [i’ll still call him that].
    man. i wonder how many different suits he’s going to go
    through for this promotion. he looks so good in them. was
    hoping for a Jiyong cameo too, but i figured he wants to
    let Baby do his own thing for awhile. although i’m sure
    he’ll jump in there one of these days.

    promo pics are looking good btw…aside from the fangirl killer at the bottom. xD

  5. im like.. almost literally drooling right now. x____x
    at first. i thought i could only love sweet&dorky SR from before. (not too long ago actually..LOL) but now, im starting to love this SEXBEAST more & more & more T__T LORD,SAVE ME.

    as i was watching the perf, i kept chanting in my head “RIP OFF YOUR SHIRT BOY, RIP IT OFF !!” like TY!,LMAO but i guess i can’t get EVERYTHING i want 😛 anyway im so proud of my baby, this perf was even better than the first one <33

  6. Sexica

    he’s perverting EVERYBODY ON PLANET EARTH!!!
    so many want to rape him now
    I’m scared that I can’t protect him

    and YOU. STAY WITH TABI!!!!!!


  7. lmao i notice his hand was still on the dancer butt XD oh dang. this was so good ~ he the youngest and has the sexiest expressions EVER! looool! ty vicky ;DD

  8. Heather

    yup. never stops.
    though I’ve been calling him “husband” a lot lately haha
    that’s how i feel, gotta call him like that
    i like him even before the abs and the sexiness 😀

    the suits and the rose
    just the PERFECT THING……. forreal
    nothing is better than that.

    and I really so hard to stop staring at that abs shot
    cuz it always give me this tingly feeling and then i feel perverted all over again

  9. panda

    I was thinking something like that too!! hahah
    ppl keep saying it’s photoshopped
    i don’t know what to think either

  10. OMG! He is so hot!! Ah~
    I’m drooling right now!
    His ABS! I’m going to faint!!
    I’ve been watching his MV over and over again!
    This might be the 100th time watching it!

  11. haha..yeap..i just wish that he would actually show his abs, not to show off, but to prove the netizens wrong for claiming that those abs are fake. but then again, im glad he didnt because he’s only 18, still young and innocent to do all that. leave that to your hyungs ~

    he’s maknae-self is slowly coming back during his hosting with daesung and solbi. haha, it’s funny when daesung teased him about his abs. i bet solbi too feels slightly nervous standing beside the sexy maknae.

    hopefully his solo becomes successful and goes far. all the best maknae ~ ❤

  12. Vi
    oh whoa. you changed your little avi there. didn’t even know it was
    you until i read the username. very cute and everything you love –
    Baby in a suit with the red rose. very nice.

    and yeah, for you, ‘husband’ is a very fitting.

    oh and no surprise that you get perverted thoughts from staring at
    that picture. xD if that was Bong, i’d be in the same boat. 😉

    hahaha vicky, i noticed you changed your avatar from bong to baby 😀
    oh god please let me have the strength to stay on tabi’s team -_-
    baby is giving me such a hard time…
    how is his abs photoshoped??it looks real to me huhu, yeah he needs to give some proof…like, behind the scene or something… LOL 😀

  14. tubby

    I don’t really give a damn if it’s real or not
    and I think those netizens are stupid for tripping over it
    with abs, SEXY BABY, without it he’s still my Baby

    I’M REALLY GLAD that “STRONG BABY” is the #1 song on CYWORLD chart right now, just 1 day after his MV release, and also #1 and within TOP5 on other charts, so glad his song is doing well
    it’s time for the maknae to shine 🙂

    Baby might be the sexy babe now
    but when he was hosting, the cute maknae is back haha
    I love that about him, hope that he never move out of his maknae town 😀

  15. Heather

    Bong’s messed up face was cute but I love this picture too much
    gotta use it hahaha
    dude. my favorite flower, my favorite cltohing on guys, and my favorite person, WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR???? hahaha

    Bong…. haha I’ve seen his abs before, that dude can get some abs and muscles if he work out, Bong is my 2nd love, so I’ll be right there to be horny wth you hahaha

    I don’t care anymore, can’t hide the fact that I’m a pervert…. a doneseng pervert… AHHHHHHH~

  16. boldstripes

    haha I was always on Baby’s team, ever since DAY 1 he’s my favorite, Bong is my 2nd boyfriend hahahaha I’m not being unfaithful, just fully returning to my husband, gotta have his pic up man.

    Maybe.. HOPEFULY.. YG will release a making of video to shut netizens up.

    hopefully… 😀

  17. oh yeah, maybe the picture is slightly photoshopped to “enhance” (that boy doesn’t need enhancing to look smokin hot IMO) but according to that article in the BB thread@soompi regarding Strong Baby, it was his first time showing his abs to the public during the shooting of his mv. so THOSE BABIES in the mv are his. <33<3<3<3 i can’t stop thinking about them now. LMAO.

  18. awwws. i miss the little seung ri ;( he used to be the cute one but now hes the Hot one.

  19. SeungRi was AMAZING
    that white suit he’s wearing is incredible!

    SeungRi just owned Music Core
    lol he just set the hardest standard
    for all maknaes in kpop groups hahaha
    what maknae can beat this sexiness?!

    Im sad too we didnt see GD 😦
    but damn, his dance was MASSIVE MIND BLOWING!
    omg, this performance was just hot!

    SR fighting! you go dominate those charts!

  20. panda

    I believe that it’s his
    never doubt him
    just amaze how perverted he make me haha
    I know he’s been working on those babies ever since November
    it’s worth it.

    YG’s trainer really do some wonders….
    I have a feeling Bong will have some abs too later this year when he’s doing his solo activies…:D

  21. Oh, and the pics are HOT!

    I’m really loving the concept.
    which to me is like clothes that
    belong to Prince William or something!

    AAHHH!! he looks so good with
    what he is wearing. SR is definitely
    a great model. expressions are hot~

  22. sexaayyyyyyyyyyy~
    it shud be ABS ABS ABS instead of CRACK CRACK CRACK…..
    Baby is turning VIPs into perverts… nyahahaha i know i am one pervert noona…

  23. uh oh i think he has a bulge in his pants… ummmm? vicky, is it true? coz u must have watched the HQ ones…

  24. i don

  25. ohh baby!! hahaha~
    yeahhh vicky..i still find myself laughing while watching strong baby mv
    i’m still not used to it!!
    the guy making out with those hot noonas shouldn’t be baby T__T
    it is sexy..but somehow feels not right
    cuz BABY is still a BABY for me T__T
    feels like the girls are conquering him..not baby conquering them T__T
    hahaha but don’t get me wrong.baby is sexy and i still love it
    love baby’s choreography too..especially during his solo dance
    and the hand over the thing movement..ahhh lol i’m a pervert now i love that movement HAHAHAHAA

  26. OW OW OWWW that was hoottttt;)
    seungri is growing up so fast…sighh
    but WOOT WOOT love the solo so much

  27. Vi
    exactly. that avi was made just for you.
    as for Bong, i personally like his flat, non-aby stomach.
    oh crap. a wave of perviness just hit. xD
    man, Vi. look. you influence me too much…and i’m your unnie
    for goodness sake. ahaha. j/k. i don’t mind being pervy…anymore.
    i mean, we could be like perv sisters man. haha.



    k im done


  29. Vi,
    i read somewhere that the staff was surprised when dey got to see SEUNGRi’s abs during the filming of his MV.. so it was really his..

  30. heather

    when vicky said bong might get himself some abs
    i was like…noo i want him to stay skinny
    he is already HELLA SEXY with such skinny body
    how could he do that?
    and how can i ever feel that he is sexy?
    cause it is normally a NO for me to love skinny guy
    thats what bong does on me
    i hate him xD~

  31. Vi,
    i read somewhere that the staff was surprised when dey got to see SEUNGRi’s abs during the filming of his MV.. so it was really his..

    nweiz, gotta watch his performance Later.. i’m ready to die again..

  32. ‘cant watch it now.. oh gosh, seungri!! ❤

    SEUNGRi’s ABS is a HOT TOPiC now in KOREA.. wel thatz true..


  34. I don’t know what happened to me!! I keep gigling while watching this perf.!! I think he’s super hot ‘n sexy in musicbank and in his MV too!!, but now watching this performance i see him as a cute 18-year-old dongseang again!!! (not that this is bad, he’s still the same Baby, that’s a good thing.)
    and i have to admit that it looks as if he was being harrassed by noonas ROFL

  35. omg!!! i stay watching this 😀 white suit, red rose, he has the moves and the flow! ready to blow xD!

    Seung Ri hwaiting!!!! this time he really suprise me o.O and i’m a noona xD! LOL!

  36. Wanie-chan

    I try not to look… try not to
    but damn. T____________________T

    he was excited during this performance or something?
    like……..REALLY EXCITED???

  37. jiyanz

    though he’s sexy in that bed scene
    but…… his inner cuteness just know how to get out
    when he talks, the way his lips curls up
    yup, that’s the cute maknae’s signature lips move

    like I say, during his Strong Baby performance
    it looks more like the nunas are raping him rather him being the player haha

    crotch grab is always loved haha

  38. Heather

    haha I made it for myself so I hope it’s for me kekek
    I prefer skinny Bong too
    that’s why he got the name Bong in the first place haha
    but muscle here and there woudln’t hurt

    VVC members are ALL PERVS hahah
    where is nya when we’re talking about her? hahaha

  39. rahquhxie

    make the whole damn page hotter

  40. zzen

    like I said, I never doubt they’re his or not
    I can recognize his sexy chin anywhere

  41. WOOO

    that’s why i put a red tint



  42. vicky

    wahahaha hahaha yeah!!
    i noticed something with his lips too xD~
    and dang..i hate his expression in the ‘come a little closer..yeah just like that’ part!!
    look at that damn expression..dang that was sexy
    but somehow…baby is still cute for me wtf
    i’m not saying that baby failed to be sexy
    he is really sexy but….i need time T__T
    this is all becuz he is the damn BABY MAKNAE in bigbang
    hahah you get what i mean right?
    i don’t really know how to explain it wtf yeah his cuteness just get out like that

  43. i told her to put abs in it, but then again, who wouldn’t right? haha

  44. seungri oppa is bringing sexy back over n over again..
    im in love. and where did the abs/packs come from ??
    anyways, loved the poopiness video..lol.
    will i see tits or what
    V I C T O R? Y

  45. I was hopingGD would come on stage and introduce SR, buh oh wells 😀

  46. jiyanz

    REALLY? that’s my favorite part (aside from the abs shot)
    the part where she came up and kiss him, it looks like he was holding his lips tightly close so she can touch it HAHAH
    i was laughing so hard
    see!! he can’t hide his inner naive-ness

    ppl always see him as the maknae and shocked because of this
    but it wasn’t that surprising to me, since he is 2 years older than me and I already see him as a sexy mature man LONG ago… ever since I know him actually, i remember when I first laid eyes on him I thought he was the leader of Big Bang haha cuz he seem so mature and serious.

    I hope he doesn’t take this whole wanting to grow up faster to an extreme level
    we still want cute Baby.

    when I heard he wants the MV to be racier… I was like “EFFIN HUSBAND OF MINE SAY WHAT???????????????????”

    i dont’ even know.

  47. Melly


    now everytime I refresh the page, there’s the nipple to remind me how big of a pervert I am 😀

  48. Vi,
    so it’s really confirmed! god, he has such sexy abs I’M STiLL DROOLiNG! aigoo ~ hyper ViP’s, see u guys in cemetery. RiP ViP. haha.

  49. uyangaabblover

    I was watching it, when I saw that part, I laughed so hard I banged my head on the corner on my desk
    it hurts so bad hahaha
    but it was worth it hahahah

  50. zzen

    his abs has been the talk on KPOP these days haha
    there’s pictures of his abs everywher, his name was TOP10 on every search engine.
    ppl keep comapring his abs to Bae’s and Dae’s
    saying that it’s a pattern for Big Bang members.

    haha if it is a pattern
    i’m pretty Bong is the next victim kekek

  51. no GD?ohhhhhhh

  52. vicky

    hahahaha its not that i really hate it
    its just that baby seemed like enjoying it hahahaha
    i can’t stand the expression when he said ‘yeah just like that..’
    then baby turned to her and they kinda kissed….ARGHHHHHHHHH
    i got turned on..seriously..i’m not even kidding T__T
    but the thing is..why baby? WHY? hahahahah
    although the kissing was kinda fake, i still think it is SEXUAL hahahahaa am i too naive or what hahahaha
    i really think baby is sexy but i can’t stop cracking up while watching
    dang..never in my life i feel so confused
    i don’t even know what to feel now T_____T
    and the feeling is kind of torturing haha

    yeah i still want the cute baby ❤
    when i blogged about baby’s birthday post..
    i wrote ‘baby u’re not allowed to stop being cute..no dirty scenes please!!’
    damn..deja vu..i knew he is going to have dirty scenes
    i knew!!
    sigh..i don’t know what to feel T__T~

  53. shit this MV driving me crazy
    i just want the baby maknae not a sexy VI 😦
    but its just his work i understand him
    but i want the baby MAKNAE :((
    i miss him

  54. OMG Baby is soo HOT!!
    I shock when he was really dare to act on the bed scene..
    But he absolutly HOT!! SEXY!! and~ HANDSOME!!
    But the dancing move not really good at all, just the ordinary one..
    Because I saw the dancer behind him have a better move than him..
    Keep Fighting Baby!!!
    Btw, Jiyong did the funny thing with Baby there..
    I Laugh when they clapped their hands together!!!
    XD~ Look at their expression!! That’s funny!! hahahaha…

  55. Vi,
    hahaha! i ‘cant wait to see GD with abs like that. omo! Seungri & GD! hakhak. nweiz, our SEUNGRi got all the attention, & this is just the beginning. i hope YG wiL give him a solo album too coz he deserves too. as far as we can see, seungri is deserving to have a solo.

  56. hot perf!!! but I miss bong’s “QUACK ” hahaha..no ” crack ” I know..haha…..

    I LOVE Poopiness’s “Strong Baby” MV Parody OMG that was so funny hahha I laughed soooo hard !!

  57. imagine Seungri wiL take off his clothes while performing? HAHAHAHAHA.

  58. the performance was the shizz for shizzle!
    wayyy better than the MV itself (i dont like it. lol.)
    super awesomeness for the dance break!
    ahh maknae i love it when u dance 😀

    as for the poopiness…
    that was freaking hilarious
    nooo i shouldnt have watched that
    now i just cant listen to strong baby seriously now…

    …’will i see tit tonight or what?’



  60. was it just me or did he touch her skinny ass?? 0.0 i envy her…and i notice some of you watched poopiness lol is he a genius or what?!?? that curfew thing and the quack quack quack almost made me pee lol

  61. hahaha ofcourse u guys watched the parody its there! i didnt see it in the post XD

  62. Hearing the audience say “crack crack crack crack” was hilarioussss XD

    But DAMN he did so good! He can really sing and dance at the same time! I’m impressed! He oozes so much charisma when he dances too. I didn’t know he had it in him ^^;

    The parody is effing genius (goes off to watch it again lmao)

  63. Vi
    Oh my God. We really welcome the new year with pervertness.
    Hahaha… what’s with Baby’s nipple on the banner???
    Vi, be glad of it, now everytime u refresh the page u’ll see baby’s nipple.
    Well, this quite refreshing for me too.
    Now I’m really down coz of studying too much. & when I come to this site, the first thing I see is baby’s nipple. Haha
    I know I can’t be like this but still got me feel refreshed.
    But of course I’ll feel more refreshed if it’s hubby’s. fufufu…

    Baby perf, yup. Very agree with u.
    It just looks like a bunch of nuunas trying to rape him.
    um, isn’t the male dancers suits a lil bit too weird(?)
    Well, that’s for me coz the first time I see it I thought of ‘ninjas” haha
    Looks like my brain have a lil malfunction.

    Now baby’s pics are pure hotness, sexiness, & PERVERTNESS.
    (vi, please forgive me but I think I really have to type out the last word)

    BUHAHA… Poopiness. Damn, (I wonder he/she?) is genius.
    My laugh burst out the time I heard “Quack quack quack”
    Well, I dunno but it does sound like that too.
    Oh yeah, “will I see tit tonight” sure is my favourite too. fufufu

  64. btw vi, i think 2009 is the year full of pervertness.
    will our VVC expands? fufufu…
    i wonder~~ 🙂

  65. Okay so ummm…*clears throat* Big Bang should perform “La La La” again so we can see some abs >.> One set of abs at a time isn’t working for me anymore…Baby is waking up my inner pervert XD

  66. Did Seungri have like 5 extra birthdays this year?! He looks so MANLY. ^_______________^

  67. mannn –
    i l0ve how seungri
    is so hot & grown up
    yet still so cute
    ierno ; maybe it’s just me –
    but i can’t see seungri without seeing cute. LMFAO

  68. omg ..
    he is sooooo sexyyy <3333333
    can’t wait to see more vids of him hehe ^^

  69. i absolutely lurveee the “CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!” W/ the hand motion thingy…and with Bong!
    heheh i can’t get enough of GRi.
    And the CF teaser is funnayy bc Tabi’s the last one to chase. Bong’s expression was priceless and Dae looked so funny with his stare.

  70. wait, i am stupid!
    i thought i was commenting on the post before this w/ the actual CF teaser and the Strong Baby mv. So ignore my comment above!

  71. SeungRi’s ‘Strong Baby’ already #1 on online music chart

    Big Bang SeungRi has been given the green light for his solo activities.

    Already his solo song ‘Strong Baby’ has already achieved the #1 position on Cyworld. Not only that, the song is also proving to be moving up other music charts very quickly.

    The solo song is actually from Big Bang’s 2nd full album and not from SeungRi’s solo album, but this handicap did not prove to be hinder any more love that music fans have for it.

    The music video to the song was released on 1st January, showing a totally more matured side of SeungRi.

    Especially since the reveal of the MV, search keywords ‘SeungRi abs’ have been ranked #1 on various online search engines.

    source: kbites

  72. haha.. thatz pretty cOOL..

  73. why is there a parody? leave maknae alone. he’s all grown up and just too hot in the video 😀

  74. Holy damn, Seungri.
    Such a hot performance.
    Aww man, no GD! =(

    LMAO, I saw that parody yesterday.
    It’s so funny.

  75. omo omo omo i cant think straight. Vicky i cant even imagine what your going through watching him like this. He is freaking FIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEE. I thought some of the girls in the crowd were going to faint cause i definately felt the temperature rise a little in my room lol. I was so hoping to see my Bongie though for the intro. *sigh* ill just have to wait till his solo to die a happy death lol

  76. omg our strong baby looks very comfortable on stage now XDD

  77. will you be loading daesung on Star king….??

  78. omg lol
    He does the haru haru kiss at the end XD
    Copying Bong xD

    This is such a good performance.
    But srsly he is trying to hard to play the player and it just loooks weird

  79. WHOO, Seungri HOT!
    his dancing was nicee.
    Ahaha i love the parody.
    it’s funny, yes exactly what
    i thought too. Well the thing
    about GD traning him.
    DAMNN Seungri. that’s our Baby.

    seungri’s mahhh jam ;]
    okay that really sucked .
    and i hate that song anyways 😡
    though i love strong baby ;]

  81. OMG! HAHAHAHA, for some reason, I think some of the lyrics for the parody was better. (: But I love the original either way. (: AHHHHH. It was awesome! I love Seungri so much! He is awesome! (: HAHAHA, gosh, I wish I was his noona. T___T

  82. Jiyanz
    wow. HI. it’s been awhile…or is it because i really suck at backtracking comments. haha. but yeah. high five. someone who agrees
    that Bong is fine the way he is. at one point he looked way too
    skinny though…during the Haru Haru days don’t you think? i think
    he gained a little since then, which is good. and you ‘hate’ him
    for being so…so…for being Jiyong right? haha. love/hate. that’s
    how it is with him. i hecka know how you feel. ^__^

  83. Vi
    yeah he’s making all of us want to steal him
    just wait till he comes to america we’ll definitely get him
    as much as I’m dying for Baby’s abs i won’t cheat on my man
    at least not before seeing His abs
    hopefully in IRIS

  84. Vi
    really? wait. how did Bong get that nickname again?
    but true, a little muscle wouldn’t hurt. just a little though.

    okay. i’m clueless. what’s VVC? and yeah, where IS nya? don’t
    think i’ve run across her essay long comment yet. hehe.

  85. OMG!!
    the parody is hilarious!
    10 bucks + a $1.50 for touching
    then in the end VI likes it….LMAO!!!
    had to leave because of the curfew

  86. OMG! i’m still spazzing over the MV and now the performance?? haha Seungri totally went from adorable to totally HOT in my book..and that six pack he been hiding all this time wow-ser…i was also kinda hoping that Jiyongie would like pop out of no where haha

    everybody wants him >.<

  88. i just love lovelove the this song and vedio and him


    That was HOT. Red rose, white suit. And omg, that thing he did with the girl dancers at “Let’s party baby, shake it baby,” I went 0.0 WHOOOOAAAAAAA. And omg, the dance solo.

    [I will admit I started cracking up everytime CRACK CRACK CRACK came out. xDD)



  90. Jesus…if he gets any hotter, I will explode.
    LOL, nunas raping him, that’s so true. It makes me wonder how much older are these dancers xP. Not too much, I hope.
    I have to go stare at funny gifs of him, now. It’s the only thing that gets my thoughts back to normal and not like “slrnvgslslk”. I still love maknae.

  91. BY THE WAY, I can’t wait until the HQ promo pics are released. xD

  92. Vi

    hes so damn hot.
    hes hurting me. and my throat.
    Seung Ri is love. ❤

  93. jiyanz

    haha imagine how it is for a Baby lover.
    I really thought I was suppose to be jealous
    but I’m not at all…. it’s weird haha
    I’m just enjoying seeing him being that sexy

    me too, though it is steamy, I can’t help but laugh whenever I watch it
    there’s some awkwardness there somehow

    I was expecting this day to come sooner or later
    and it’s here
    now I have to fight half of Korean’s girls population for him… BRING IT ON

  94. zzen

    Bong had some before, I’ve seen it
    it just that his abs go away if he stop working out hahah

  95. nya

    I know… that nipple… KILL ME EVERYTIME
    we’re a bunch of horny fangirls

    well YG never do anything normal and that includes their dancers hahah

    I just keep having problem breathing whenever I see those pics of his
    it’s just too…. breath taking

    haha he is one….. genius……. in some way hahah

    and I blame Baby for it? AIGOO0~~~
    MY husband.

  96. dy

    don’t take the parody seriously
    Poopiness didn’t mean any harm
    just for laugh
    he’s a huge fan of Big Bang and love the MV that’s why he did it

  97. Sexica

    YUP… I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some abs from mr. choi seung hyun soon enough hahaha

  98. Heather

    because he look like a stick, and Bong means stick in korean, and also cuz it rhyumed with his name haha

    VVC stands for

    Vicky Virus Club
    nya and roro made it up
    they say I spread the perverted virus everywhere
    so they form that club for anyone who’s infected hahaha

  99. Maryam

    well the one he’s dancing with is Dae’s age, so she’s 1 year older than him
    and I’m not sure how old is she, but the one with hair covered her face, she’s the leader of CRAZY and she’s probably 3 or 4 years older than Baby

  100. […] 01.03.09 Music Core: SeungRi’s Strong Baby Performance | More SeungRi Promo Pictures More SeungRi’s Promotional Pictures under the cut […]

    oh my damn baby is my JAM! he looks fine in that suit
    who cares who hes dancing with?! i didnt even look at them, kyaa~
    Babys solo was the best idea freaking evaa
    OMG AT THAT BANNER!!!!!! definitly my favorite one so far keke
    babys abs are to die for no doubtttttttttttttttt

  102. Vicky
    One year isn’t bad. If one of them was like…27, that would be awkward.

  103. Vi
    ohhhhh yeah. i remember now. haha. true though. such a stick.
    he’s A LOT skinnier than he used to be though ne? like why do
    skinny people always need to get skinnier. >__<

    and ah – Vicky Virus Club.
    how true. i obviously got infected. 😉

  104. So, is he going to come out with a mini-album or is he just promoting his solo song?

  105. everyone should add me on myspace if you liked the banner.

    just so I can promote I want more myspace friends.



  106. LOVE THE NEW BANNER. ❤ good job rahquhxie, you are now my idol. LOL
    ughhh baby’s been getting to my head lately. i glanced at the title of this and i saw “More Seungri PORNO Pictures” instead of Promo… AHHHHHHHH T_T im sorry, seungri! ill try not to think naughty thoughts abt you anymore! although it is very hard!

  107. loved poopiness’ parody. QUACK= CLASSIC xD
    and oh my holy heck. the third promo pic wthhhh T-T major nosebleed
    my friend and i were discussing the vid and our reactions
    me:( initial reaction) *dead* *falls off chair**ran around house trying to get rid of the heart attacks* o.o (later on…) OH MY HOLY MOLY GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR BABY AND WHY AM I HAVING THESE THOUGHTS?!!
    friend: i didnt think he had it in him o.o
    neither did i…nor did any other of the BABY loving vips i doubt T-T tho i did have my suspicions after number 1. when BABY leaned towards that grl in the vid… me = DEAD. imagine what strong baby did to me D: abbsss abbbsss T-T

  108. Ohmydamn, hotluss.
    Just let me stand in front of him!!
    Lol, I’m sure you all feel the same way. lol (:

  109. AH! love Dae on star king! hes SOO ticklish! what a cutiefacee :]
    i love how he covered Solbi;s mouth when she was argueing! kyaa. theyre that close.
    Him and Nichkhun made me laugh sooo much!

  110. will there be any subs for daesung’s star king?

  111. OMFG the banner.
    I LOVE IT xDD<33

  112. and i just have tooo sayyy:


    adorable ish at the same time xDD idk if anybody feels the same?
    LOL, anyway. BABY’S EFFECTS lolll<3 CUTIIEE HEHE.

    AHH, yeahh it would have been SO MUCHH BETTER if bong was there 😀
    BUT GOOD ENOUGH ANYWAY LMFAO. i loveeeed the perf. :DDD

    GAh, and when he’s doing those parts with the female dancers i’m
    just totally staring with longing lmfaoo. xD<333
    i wannttt some Baby o___o; loll.
    I LOVEED THE DANCINGG PART xD towards the endd :} it was soo
    .. sooo schmexxxiiiiiliciousss<3 :DDDD he’s so talented x]
    i’m totally in heaven watching this stuff :DDD i’m sick, but
    after watching Baby perform strong baby. i’m like freaking

    and the parody LMFAO<3 THAT WAS NICEEE xDDDD HAHAAAA, good laughs :] just what i need ;]!!



  114. OMG .
    he’s adorable ..
    he’s HOT ..
    he’s grown up ..
    and i’m afraid i can’t
    handle my self anymore when i
    see his mv !!
    arrgghhh ..
    i just wanna scream out loud !

  115. heather

    Yeah HI!! haha
    yeah not only haru haru..during lies days he was skinny too
    and especially in their haru haru comeback
    gosh my bongie looked way too skinny
    and then during their japan concert he looked okay again
    i’m happy with it
    yeah..i love him just because he is just so..jiyong..so himself
    i can’t explain..u know how i feel
    yeah love-hate relationship..dang.

  116. vicky

    i have two baby lover friends
    and they are so damn jealous and are mourning right now T__T
    i wonder…how would i feel if bong is the one? T__T
    i might be ok…ok and maybe not hahaa
    what? don’t worry baby is already yours haha
    VI FTWWWW! lol

  117. MY HUSBAND!!! :))

  118. T.O.P with abs??
    will him?? erm.. he was too shy to show his abs but if it comes true,i must make sure no blinking eyes~!!!

  119. Vi
    I think that nipple is not really good for our health.
    Every fangulrs health T________T

    We’re not horny. It just them who make us horny everytime.
    All things that they done just give us the effect of being horny. Haha

    Why God have to make them that sexy??
    Sometimes this question pop up in my head.

    Oh? So Poopines is a fanboy? Wow~ rare to see one. haha
    But still, his parody, I never though that its made by boy.
    Hahaha… I should give him a round of applause. Now everytime I look at baby’s MV. I remember the ‘quack’ & our favorite line. Hahaha…

    Ohh~~~ I wonder if we would see more of them in sexy way??
    Baby become so sexy, & I hope Bong too.
    Let us welcome Bong solo with pervertness too.
    Also don’t forget hubby’s “iris”
    Ah~~~ dying in heaven.

  120. i’m melting~~~ what a hot baby ^^ the dance ❤

    but the translation in the mv was not the one from the lyrics, right? because some words didn’t match at all.

  121. I watched some of DaeSung on my TVants on that StarKing thing and it was so funny! You can still laugh even if you dont know what they’re saying. ^_^

  122. omg! victory fever is widely spread! mwuahaha! XP Seems like everyone is drooled on baby! HAHAHA! I even got the sickness ryt now! LMAO!! ^^

  123. Im shocked with the banner. It just got into my mind that his sizzling abs were mainly emphasize there! hahhaha! It’s kinda attractive to them! ahihihi~~ I love it! *ohh, I can imagine smokes coming out from that abs! nyahahaha! XP

  124. baby!!!ohh ah ohh^^

  125. Love daesung! he was also funny in gold miss.

  126. Jini

    who the hell have the time to look at what’s moving next to him when he’s that sexy

    that banner make me feel so dirty hahahah

  127. Maryam

    yea~ but I think the leader of CRAZY is quite old since she use to dance for JinuSean since debut, and that’s a LONG time

  128. Heather

    he make every damn girl out there jealous
    he eats all he wants and yet he doesn’t gain weight

    don’t blame it ENTIRELY on the virus, there has to be something already there
    hahah inner perve-ness was ur fault kekek

  129. Kim

    no, he’s just going to promote Strong Baby

  130. panda

    that’s already porn for me.

  131. Jini

    yea~ you can really tell he’s close with Solbi unnie from hosting Music Core
    that was cute
    Dae was the star of that show for sure, he got most air time out of all the guest haha

  132. H.

    I doubt it
    I wn’t be subbing it

  133. jiyanz

    now Bong I would worry
    since he just have this player vibe in him
    and damn, his eyes when he wants to be sexy and seduce girls…. it really is NOT a joke at all hahah
    i would be a bit jealous if I see Bong do that too
    since I have love for Bong too

    but… Baby is mine. 😀

  134. nya

    I’ve been sick these days. WONDER WHY!!
    aigoo~ not healthy

    all humans are horny
    and God MAKE SURE that it happens hahahah
    to not just boys, but also girls hahah

    yup, haven’t seen much fanboy but i have seen a few
    did you see his “always” mv parody?OH MY GOD haha

    I………..”BANGED HIM”

    IRIS needs to hurry the hell up and release already

  135. about_me

    it’s a parody
    not the real translated lyrics

  136. Vi
    U’re sick of baby’s sexiness.
    Such a serious problem. & I don’t think other have the medicine for it except baby. Haha

    Yup, hahaha. His always parody.
    Damn, I never know that someone could come out with that. haha…

    But the percentage of hubby showing up abs is too small.
    Though he still look sexy without showing it.
    I have the feeling that they have abs in them but still remain hidden for fans.
    They need to expose it sometimes too.

    Now I really really want to see hubby’s shower scene from idol world.

  137. omg~
    I’ve never seen Baby this SEXY!!!
    he’s so DANG HOT!! i mean freakin’ HOT!!

    when first heard this song, i loved it so much.
    but now whenever i see BABY sing it..i don’t know who i am now..
    I’m soo crazy over Baby now!!

  138. i’m like…dead. i mean, guys usually look good in tuxedos but damn he just raised the bar lol made it that much harder for others to look that good in a tux ever again. i don’t think i’m making sense here -_-”
    how does he manage to bring in that innocent baby-ness into such a sexii song?? while STILL looking damn fine?? lol i guess it’s just his face expressions or something, but i still get the feeling that he’s having too much fun being all grown up, like he’s pretending or something. i don’t think that made sense either…
    BB FTW

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