01.04.09 SeungRi’s Strong Baby performance on SBS Inkigayo | Big Bang with Mini-BBs

UPDATE ON SeungRi’s “crack” ISSUE

YG decide to change the word “crack” to “clap” and send it in for another review to fit with KBS’s request.

This is really stupid, I was proud of YG for defending their artist and not bow down to KBS’s stupid request. Really wish YG wouldn’t change it.


KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show. They think the word “crack” use in his song was inappropriate, cause it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows…

…. I was some-what concern about the whole lyrics issue since DBSK and Rain has been going through something like that, but…. picking at the word “crack”? really? wonder how this will turn out, doesn’t seem like YG have any intention on changing the word for KBS’ request

Did you know… “Strong Baby” was actually meant for the female Big Bang to use. But then they decide that it fits Baby’s personality more so they gave Baby the song.

Thanks to S님

01.04.09 SBS Inkigayo
Strong Baby Performance
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Thanks to 아련알섬님

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I saw him with the gray suit and I was already cracking up haha because there was this FRIEND… she told me that whenever the boys wore those gray suits, she can’t control herself cuz they make the boys’ butts look so good……. eh~…. I don’t know hahah…. if it makes Baby’s butt look good or not since I never look there but… maybe this is the time to find out haha.

“CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK” I love seeing Baby’s supporters down there with the roses and crown light, VIP FTW MAN! This is the FIRST TIME… I notice how good the choreography is….. and how Baby just freaking flow~ when he dance to this song…. damn… maybe cuz I pay too much attention to Baby, but it’s really good, I must say.

JUST BEFORE…. Baby did his DANCE BREAK…. he kinda bend down a bit… and OH MY GOD MY FRIEND WAS RIGHT… that gray suit does make his butt look good….. O____O I love the dance break as always, cuz my husband be looking SEXXAY~ but WHEN… will we EVER get a close up at the “grabbing” move eh???? I NEED TO SEE!!

When he said “Bye Ladies”.. look sexy enough, but he let his inner cuteness out, I dont’ know if you noticed but Baby got a special way of talking, the way his lips always curled up when he try to act cute, it has becoming a habit that he can’t get rid of or something haha that’s what he did there kekek Baby, you’ll always be my Baby.

Remember the Mini-BBs?

haha those cute adorable little boys, here’s some pictures of them with OUR BOYS backstage… and I think rehearsal room? They look so FREAKING CUTE with their Baskin Robbins snowmen beanies. And they’re pimps from a young age.. hahaha

01.04.09 SBS Good Sunday

DaeSung on Family Outing

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Big Bang with Mini-BBs

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Mini-BBs with ‘CRAZY’ dancers unnies. (pimps from young age haha) and OMG!!! DO I SPOT MINI-BONG with his permed hair???????????

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And does anybody else think that Mini-Bae resemble JaeBum from 2PM more? haha cuz I always get that feeling whenever I see Mini-Bae

Thanks to 렌루 | 개폭풍 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on January 4, 2009.

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  1. LOL XD
    quack quack quack!
    am i the 1st 0.0

  2. OMG so cute the mini BB ~<3

    very similar like baby 🙂 aaww love baby and baby seungri

  4. oh my gad seungri!!

  5. mini top is the cutest!! haha. it’s the one who wore blue jacket right?

  6. vicky! thanks!!
    haha im sure we’ll get to see the grabbing up close soon.haha.hes so sexy but makes me laugh too.the things he can do to fangirls.ahh~

    and the mini-mes! so cute! tabi looks a lil skinny in the 3rd pict.
    and mini tabi looks soooo happy.like he can be a smiley emoticon!
    and mini bong has that frizzy hair too!! aww!
    mini dae looks just like him.lol!
    mini seungri was the most hyper one to me!like he was so jumpy! so adorable!
    and maybe mini bae has a mohawk thats why he looks like jaebum?
    jaebum also has that hair.so maybe that.

    haha and oohh im so jealous of the mini-dae! tabi hugs him like that! lol!~~

  7. Owww they are too cute for words :3 i loved them too much and mini Kwon leadah ahhh ♥♥♥ i wanna see them in a lot of pics ♥♥♥

  8. where’s mini seungri there>?

    umm, seungr~ahhhh… grab me pls.. ‘wana take you home!! touch me baby!! hakhak.

  9. awesome! i like the song! timbo-ish/JT! whoohooo! i wonder how it would sound when the female BB sings this. hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm. anyway this boy pulled it off i like it when it’s live so that i can see him dance and actually concentrate then seeing the MV i get distracted. hahaha. i keep looking at the girl. O___O

  10. WHEWW. i forgot to breathe…
    baby was last to performe! forsuree :]]
    he does look good in that suit, he looks good in ANY suit kya~~
    when the VIPs started chanting ‘lee seunghyun’ i forgot that was his name..i was too caught up lmao its so cool me and baby have the same last name 🙂

  11. just one word H O T
    quack quack quack !! x’D..LOVE LOVE LOVE x’D

    ooooomg!!! mini BBs are so cuuuuute!!!
    uwaah bong looks so cute X’D

    I LOVE MINI BONG WITH HIS HAIRS hahahha sooo awesome!

  12. hahaha
    miniBBs are awesome!
    they’re so cute
    wanna pinch mini Tabi so bad~!

  13. LOL, ‘Strong Baby’ was for the girls? I really want to hear them cover it or something because I’m super curious, now.

    Seung Ri’s panda eyes are becoming contagious. Look at Bong and TOP! Aish, look at me! I have gotten such little sleep and school starts again tomorrow. -_-

    Seung Ri’s mini-me has the cutest expression in the last picture. Looks like he’s trying to be a spy. Or maybe, he’s just shy, hehe. Cute! He’s my fave. ❤ Mini-Bong looks like this kid I used to babysit. Looking at the pictures make me miss him. =/

  14. Oh, and, those kids better grow up to be super hot just like their hyungs. xD

  15. damn strong baby perf is getting hotter!!!
    hahaha you see i’m making fun of bong’s crack here hahahaha
    i just love that part. VIP FTW~~

    and i kinda feel that baby is more confident now
    and dang…i feel some sexiness and less awkward now
    see…told you i’ll get used to it..
    i think i will..
    and no…then baby will not be a cute baby for me anymore T__T
    grabbing move!!…DANG it was what i was waiting for the whole perf haha
    and close-up? better don’t..my heart cannot take it hahaha
    and yeah…the ‘bye ladies’…sexy yet still CUTE to me huh?
    damn sexy mouth ahhh..beware..maybe one day i will feel like kissing him wtf

    MINI-BB!!..i have a huge crush on them
    they are just so freaking cute!!
    BR beanie FTW man.
    haha the pic with unnies keke..
    notice mini bong’s permed hair and mini tabi’s spiked hair!!!
    thats so freaking cute

    the song was for female bb?
    ahh..i can imagine park bom’s voice singing this song
    but hell it suit baby so much more!!
    YG did the right thing again

  16. OMG!! that girl touched seungri’s butt at 2:25 right?o_O

  17. I can’t get enough of mini big bang. They are seriousally too adorable for words!!

    In the last pic. I spot Mini GRI!!! lol

  18. btw.. just realised GD’s eyes!
    they look so damn tired
    thanks god that their holiday is coming!

  19. Vips doing the Crack Crack Crack part, that rocks!!!
    that friend was right, that suit made Seungri’s butt look damn good 😀

    Awww look at them mini pimps, with the ladies. They are all just too cute 😀

  20. Dangggggg ; look at them.
    “lil pimps”. LOL (:
    so cute! heheheheh x)

  21. oh mah gah mini big bang kiawa
    mini G-RI aigooooooooooooo

  22. LOL mini taeyang does look like jaebum!
    they’re all really cute, loved mini TOP’s hair =)

  23. This is Just…TOO CUTE!!!

  24. OMG VICKY!!!!
    I THOUGHT the SAME THING as you about
    Mini Tae Yang that looks like 2PM’s Jaebum!!
    i’ve been saying that for the whole time in soompi and when i first saw him i thought of that right away!!
    YAY!! lol
    and another good performance from SR
    can’t believe that he’s on his own on stage now..
    i was really thinking about that when watching his performance
    so proud of him~~

  25. mini BB so cute!

  26. I think, if Mini-Bae equals Jaebum, then Mini-TOP is Taecyeon. xP I just noticed the resemblance.

  27. ahh OMG they’re so cute >.<
    lol i c TOP’s cheek bones haha XD

  28. does mini-dae have cell phone hanging off his neck!? wow, kids these days loll. sexy performance today, love the ‘cage’ too!

  29. Ha—Seungri really did well on his own!

    Like I said before– he allready seems like such a pro. It´s really great to watch him. That´s what I like about the korean market—-they give each band member a chance to prove themselfes.


    And about the pictures (miniBang)—–I have to say……TOP looks more like a child than those little boys.(he looks so different here for some reason)

  30. OMG!!!
    I hadn’t noticed the thing about the gray
    but dang it Vi your friend was RIGHT!!!
    now I wanna go see videos of BB wearing gray ;P
    the performance was awesome
    loved the beginning the way he walks in waaaah!
    the song is perfect for him there’s no doubt about it now
    at the end I noticed the lip thing too
    looked cute!!!

    the pics with mini BB killed me
    those kids are just toooo cute
    the last pic with the dancers
    dang they’re real pmps LOL
    it was good to see my man again
    so much Baby really affects me

  31. aww, mini-Bae does look like mini-Jaebum!
    dude, i noticed the lip-curl thing too, i was looking at gifs of their With U MV and when it was Baby’s turn to sing, he was faced sideways and his lips were curled!

    i forgot which one is which T^T
    we start school tomorrow and i have to give a speech
    but at this rate, my voice will be dead tomorrow ;[ ahh bong~ the things you do to me<3
    i want to see big bang all in white long polos with rolled-up sleeves
    i’d have a heart attack for a month D:

  33. HOLY SHITFAG. lmfao xD


    hehe, and Baby’s perf was gooood xDD
    but i think that there’s a HINT of Baby’s cuteness because he’s
    just too cute you know? xDD
    sexy is good, but there’s always A LITTLE adorableness yeah?
    or maybe that’s just me…? LOLL.

  34. Jaja

    i don’t know if I’m still alive after seeing him doing that upclose…
    but I still wanna see haha
    it’s worth dying for haha

    it’s just his eyes.. the way it’s droopy like that haha
    just like Jay
    can’t get that out of my head
    he doesn’t look like Mini-Bae to me
    just the mohawk is the same that’s all
    his face resemble Jay more

  35. Jini

    true. Baby is the person to work a suit
    haha when my friend told me about the gray suit and their butt, I was like “hmm… ”
    but now damn.
    is she right.

    haha whenever Baby is that sexy, who the hell can remember their own name?

  36. Maryam

    Dae is the only one that doesn’t seem to be infected, whoa~
    but glad the boys have time to rest now
    prepare for their concerts coming up and it’s vacation time for them
    that’s good news.

    Baby’s Mini-me have like so much attitude haha
    just like Baby
    if you pay attention to him during their performance
    I love that dude. moving here and there just like Baby keke

  37. OH EM GEE!!

    the mini big bang are sooo adorable. I wanna hug them all! soo cute…”>.<“v

    i love baby bong’s hair^^he really got it got it from the big bong 😀

  38. jiyanz

    it’s hilarious when Baby was trying to promote his CRACK CRACK dance and then the MCs ask him about his abs then he get all embarassed
    Baby’s abs is a HOT ISSUE in Korea right now
    no joke.

    NO. GURL~
    you better forget that thought or else we gonna have to fight!! haha stick to BONG!!

    Bong probably forced his mini-me to perm it kekeke
    no kids will have the right mind to do that to themselves kekek

    actually, i think Bong decide to give it to Baby
    he wrote the lyrics and co-compose the song, his intention was give the song to female Big Bang but after SeungRi requested his own solo song, Bong fell like Strong Baby is more Baby’s style.
    now we know why he’s the Kwon Leadah.

    I still can’t get over the name, I call him Baby, he come out with the song “Strong Baby” and said “I’m a Strong Baby” in the song hahahah then he said “V.I like this” which sounds like “Vi, I like this” HAHAHAH

  39. amyZ

    haha no that’s not her hand
    that’s the little speaker thingy attached to his headset
    and I woudn’t be surprised if there’s some butt touching going on for this song haha
    I’m already used to it

  40. ncly

    sorry to say but the only thing that make him kinda resemble Bae is his hair
    everything else is just Jay

  41. Sexica

    watch Big Bang’s comeback on Inkigayo a while ago, while they were performing the intro
    that’s when my friend told me hahaha

    ah~ in that case I better stop posting Baby goodies for a while and start searching for others’
    or else I’m gonna lose my husband soon

  42. Mykaaa

    he does it A LOT
    mostly when he talks

  43. heehee i love strong baby perf. and MINI-BBs are sooooooo cute! ahh i think mini baby is the cutest.

  44. its kinda funy you think that mini youngbae resembles jaebum from 2pm cause both the guys sorta resemble each other to me. except youngbae ftw<3 but its okay my jaebummie comes in third! LOL hes in the top 3s, so its okay ! ^_^

  45. Vi
    I just remembered they wore gray for the scandalous stage with Hyori and I was drooling over Bong’s butt
    if you thought Baby was in danger when he was showing his cute side
    imagine now
    that he has all of us like this
    once again he better watch out when he comes to America

  46. i think i saw some butt smacking x]
    ooooh seungri ❤ hahaah

    btw aliks089 did a remix of strong baby..iz hoooottttt =D

  47. woo, thats some sexy stuff x)
    the grey suit is lookin good on him~
    haha the mini boys are so littlee
    look at my mini hubby kid with that
    hair stickin up.. keke

  48. MY HUSBAND!!! 🙂

    Mini-BB FTW!!!..sOOO CUTE!!!

    lol the photo with top + taeyang + minis, top looks so cute holding the mini’s hand!
    ahhh loveee it ^^

    btw Vi
    what do you mean the female BB?
    like a female group to sing it? 🙂

  50. VI
    true true. thats the baby effect~
    lol you should make a blog just for VVC. what you done to us fangirls VI..Kya~
    i love your new icon! sexaay

  51. Vi

    haha ohhhhh gaaaaaaaaaadddddd
    isnt hat we all want is a close up of the… ‘grab’?
    … we’re notti.

    wow. ur friend is right.
    look at that butt.
    lmao, that sounds funny…

  52. I just read something funny…

    KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show because they think the word “crack” use in his song was inappropriate, cuz it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows…

    …. I was some-what concern about the whole lyrics issue since DBSK and Rain has been going through something like that, but…. picking at the word “crack”? really? wonder how this will turn out, doesn’t seem like YG have any intention on changing the word for KBS’ request

  53. Vicky
    haha i know you won’t be alive after seeing that up close.like how i died when i saw tabi smacking the dancer’s butt 3 times (i still can get over that!) on The Movement perf.hahaha.
    but like you said,worth dying for.definitely a happy fangirl death.LOL!

    actually i didnt realise the jaebum-ness in mini bae untill you mentioned it.so i kept staring and staring at him(LOL!little eye candy)i put their faces side by side to compare and then i realised only the clothes and the hair is like bae’s.hahah.
    i dont think we can ever find people who look like our boys.although sometimes,certain angles, baby looks like tabi.is it just me or does anyone else notice that before?

  54. Wow..out of everything inapporiate with this song and they pick on “crack?” BAHAH!
    i woulda guessed the whole sexual ‘lets make love tonight’ and being barely legal~ kyaa

  55. and whatttt? they won’t let him perform -_-
    i think its really unfair to him.even to rain and dbsk.when these songs top the chart thennnn they ask to change the lyrics.
    and i think they think too much about the lyrics.if they didnt mention it i dont think anyone would think of drugs listening to this song.
    like rain had to change part of rainism a more than a month after the song is released.shouldnt they check the contents before it airs?
    and they pick on the simplest things.which i feel is super unfair to the artises.

  56. haha….out of all things they can pick on, the word “crack” attracted them? that’s absurd. somebody please enlighten me how crack is used for drugs-related issue.

    oh well, this is expected of the industry. Maknae must prepare for more unforeseen and undesirable things in future regarding his solo. the solo perf. was hot though.

    Screw KBS ~ Hope they wont change the lyrics. Crack is like the in-thing right now :L

  57. keke take this KBS- CRACKCRACKCRACKCRACK! i hope they dont change it. i love that dance! ❤

  58. WTF??? I was worrying about the lyrics & the content of the video being too sexual that the Ministry thingy will banned it, but banning SR from performing for the word “crack” ??? Seriously??? Why is KBS the only music show that banns this?? It is just stupid & dump….

    Seriously, “crack” is the best part & like the hottest dance right now… Nowadays, I find the Korean music industry so closed minded….banning on everything…what good does it do???

    Poor magnae SR…I feel bad for him…But I feel like it’s because the boys are on the spotlight so much, they are being criticize more than other artists….but just unfair like Jaja said…

  59. lol bbftw

    we should crack into the KBS studio, chant “crack” at the KBS staffs all the way until we crack their brains out.

    Well at least that made sense, right? :K

    CRACKcrackCRACK is LOVE.

  60. theyre on CRACK!!! BAD!!!…jaja ryt on..it is really unfair 4 d artists!!!..wen i thought all those sexual in d MV n a little bit of his choreo might b banned..d CRACK part???..cant say anything…too stupid 4 me…haha..jk….oh well… LEE SEUNG HYUN HWAITING!!!

  61. WTH? That is so… stupid.
    Banning Baby just because of “CRACK”.
    PSHH it’s used in another form, not the drug one.
    GOSHH, that’s so… blah. I’m pissed.
    CRAKCRACKCRACK is love (LOL) & So is Baby.

  62. Ban Strong Baby because of Crack??? Like you guys, I really can’t see it as a reason to ban the song. G-Dragon pronounced it clearly, how can they hear it as Drug??? I haven’t heard anybody said that crack part sound like drug drug drug. Really funny and a stupid reason to ban the song

  63. : (
    im sad. how do they not let a wonderful, hot, gorgeous, (i could go on but i wont) guy like seung ri not sing a song cuz a word.
    aughhhhhhhhhhhh efffffffffffffffffffff.

  64. Okay, I was always afraid of the government making a big deal about ‘Strong Baby’ since the lyrics are…not the most appropriate but of all things they can censor, they want to censor ‘CRACK’? WTF, THAT’S HILARIOUS! Oh, come on, the very first line is worse than ‘CRACK’.

  65. hi,
    i was wondering, what i should download to watch these HQ movies!
    i can’t watch it with winamp or windows media player..
    well, it said he couldnt find the file with a programme.
    somebody help me? (:

  66. LOL awwwww theres MINI G-RI at the last pic! ^___^

    LMAO, “crack” in the song related to crack drugs?
    what the… have some sense! Mr. YG pls dont change it!

    and forreal this perf. really showed how hot
    the choreo was. camera angles??..nah..jus sexy-ri!
    SR’s dance break was super smoking!

    VIPs are awesome with the loud chanting!!

  67. LOL Oh! hahaha yea, Mini-Bae does look more like a Mini-Bum!

  68. @ Sue
    you should download GOM player
    look it up on google or something && you could find a download link.
    hope i helped!

  69. hey KBS, whats CRACKalackin?
    lol i never thought of ‘crack’ relating to drugs, listening to Strong Baby…
    stick it to the man YG! KBS will only be losing viewers by banning Seungri anyway. idiots.

  70. awwww~
    but they look tired! T-T
    or is it just the camera flash..

  71. vi
    hahaha… I think YG need to change it into ‘quack’. Kekeke…
    & I don’t think that KBS will banned ‘quack’ haha…

    ‘crack’ relevant to drugs? Is it?

    Huh? Strong baby was for female big bang??
    Thanks god it become baby’s solo. It’s fits him more.

    I love how VIP yelling baby’s name & sing along at the ‘crack’ part.
    OMG… nuuna raping baby again also with some ninjas at the back.

    Is it?? Gray suit make the boys butt looks good???
    Omo~ I need hubby to wear it soon. I demand it.

    Seeing the pics make me relieved that their promo already finished.
    Now they got time to rest. Though I worry for baby now. Hope he could manage it somehow.
    Look at bong’s eyes & hubby’s. their dark circles. Get plenty of rest now boys.

    Now I’m glad to see my hubby & my son again. Hehehe…
    They look so cute together. Aw~~~ I should try to control my emotions somehow. Haha..

    Mini-Bong with perm. Poor kid. What have Bong done to him??? hahaha..

  72. what da!! does ‘CRACK’ sounds like ‘DRUG’? hahaha. thatz so funny.. KBS, stop beeing nonsense & kill-joy.. weL i suggest YG to change the word into ‘QUACK’ rather than ‘CRACK’. haha. it doesn’t really m8 sense nweiz.. SEUNGRi is a HOT TOPiC, so that’s why he’s been getting this kind of controversy.. i’m stiL proud of my seungri.. go SEUNGRi!

  73. what da!! does ‘CRACK’ sounds like ‘DRUG’? haha. KBS, stop beeing nonsense & kiLL JOY.. i think YG should change the word into ‘QUACK’ rather than ‘CRACK’? haha. it doesn’t really m8 sense.. nweiz, i’m stiLL proud of my SEUNGRi, he’s a HOT TOPiC thatz why he’s been getting this kind of controversy.. haha! SEUNGRi fighting!

  74. kbs can kiss my ass.

    I dare them to ban him, let’s see how long they last with like 2 viewers.

    Seungri makes that show schmack foreal.





    fuck outta here with that bullshit

    fuck the korean gov’t

    obama ftw

    *walks away* tch.


    what motherfucker

    if I get into YG yall gonna ban me too?


    smh. i’m done here.

  76. i knw the KBS thing was coming but LOL i didnt expect its bcos of the word CRACK~
    aah i love the boys with the mini BBs so frekin cute~

    sometimes, kbs… -shakes head-
    but if they banned big bang, would big bang come to america ? 0:
    YAY 🙂
    but i’d feel horrible for korean VIPs ;[

  78. OH WAIT
    if YG DID change it, would he change it to “quack” ?
    LOL that’d be hilarious ! 0;
    but it’d ruin the entire song theme ._.”

  79. This is gettign ridiculous.
    First, Mirotic for ‘under my skin’
    No, strong baby for ‘crack’
    I think these peopel ahve nothign better to do with there lives.
    I mean yeah crack can be associated with cocaine, but still.
    This is Big Bang we talking about here…
    You don’t think that from them.
    I mean normally am the fisrt one to I pick up on these things when I hear a song or whatever,
    But it has never crossed my mind that ‘crack’ could be assiocated with the drug
    Well, that was until now. =.=
    If YG changes the ‘cracks’ in the song to something else,
    Watch they gonan be liek ‘V.I. ready to blow’ is not appropriate.
    Cause that can be taken as something sexual.
    (Sorry my mind went there. Blame KBS><;
    I’m sorry I’m finding this stupid at this point.
    Stupid KBS…

    Sorry for the rant.
    But, @gloria
    Changing it to ‘quack’ would be hilarious. XD
    But, I would never look at the song the same way again, if that was the case.

    and the mini BB is so cute.
    I wanna take pictures with them. XDDD

  80. KBS is going to start losing alot of viewers if they keep censoring and banning the most popular groups in korea. Seriously get a life you old geezers. I bet up until they said this maybe one person out of a thousand would have thought of drugs when listening to this song. Like really people stop being so freaking sensitive -.- Seungri keep your head up. We’ll watch you on anything you go on. ^^

  81. WTF!!
    they can’t ban the “Crack” <—sounded strange to me lol
    that’s so dumb just like DBSK’s “Under my skin” T-T
    But still i have a feeling the VIPs will be saying “Crack” even if YG changes the lyrics ^-^

  82. KBS is stupid.
    it’s only inappropriate if it has anything real to do with drugs and it doens’t. They did this to DBSK too with the “under my sky” (which was a horrible, stupid replacement which should not have been done).
    Like wtf.
    the people who are accusing lyrics for this kind of stuff have to shut up. they have no idea what they’re talking about. Either they’re completely retarded, or they have no knowledge of the English language whatsoever and should not be talking in the first place.
    Leave SeungRi alone.
    God… =_=

    Hot performance.

    “KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show. They think the word “crack” use in his song was inappropriate, cause it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows…”

    Omgwtfbbq. -_-. Why are they so censored? It’s not as if the song’s trying to give off bad influence. >_> Jeez.

    And like luvpandaeyes said, the crowd’s probably gonna be screaming “CRACK!” anyway. What are they gonna do, eject the audience? >.>


  84. HAhaha aww!
    Instead of crack they should use clap
    if they think wrong. Right?

  85. WHAT!? No-WAY!
    but it’s used for hot-ness of the dance.
    not for the crack. Yeahh
    i agree with @ annaxyooj.
    just clap, and that’s kinda to move
    for it anyways.
    Oh why that song for Female Big Bang?
    i mean it should be more for Seungri cuz
    he’s growing up. Ooh no wonder why the
    song is so hot. Aww does that mean no
    more performence from Seungri? Noo.

  86. omg~
    they’re the CUTEST!!!
    those kids are so lucky to be called mini BB.. hehehe^^

    what?? KBS banned SR to perform?
    but why?? just bec. of the word CRACK,,
    come on, it’s just a word,,

    i agree YG won’t change this just because KBS said so..
    this song ROCKS!!!
    so why change it????

    come on VIP’s lets sing….

    Chukhae Lee SeungHyun
    for a successful SOLO^^

  87. HOLY CRAP FOR REAL?! strong baby was for lady big bang ?!?! ZOMG.. now im super excited for theeem !!!! 😀 strong baby is a hella nice song… and noow im excited to hear their first OFFICIAL song 😀

  88. ehh?? KBS banned Maknae from performing Strong Baby??? gosh…my only Korean channel existed in Malaysia!!! can’t take this news!! then, Maknae won’t be performing in Music Bank!!! shoot!

    CRACK is the reason the song was banned? hahaha..that’s cracking hilarious! i know the choreography is a bit sexy and all, but..still i want to see Maknae performing in Music Bank!! i wanna dance that CRACK CRACK dance in front of my TV!!!!

  89. vicky

    hahahah yeah his ABS…dang he should show it more
    but baby still look skinny to me though
    that was why i was so shocked when i saw the ABS!
    ahh my sexy baby~~~
    haha i will surely stick to BONG
    but…dang..baby’s mouth is sexy..
    actually..his whole face is just sexy
    his side profile is kinda sexy too huh? i like his nose..dang

    KWON LEADAH~i love him
    yeah..when i first saw the lyrics..
    i really thought bong wrote it for baby
    the song just reflects baby
    people think baby is a pure innocent boy??
    hell no..now we know how sexy he could be


    and..what’s with the banning thing???
    and it is because of the CRACK?
    how is it related to drugs?
    i don’t get that
    if kbs banned the song for the GRABBING MOVE
    maybe i can still accept
    YG..don’t change bong’s crack!!
    my bong’s crack is irreplaceable!

  90. haha korean televison what can u say haha thats just hilarious..
    i hope to god that YG dont change this cuz this is just 2 silly

    mini bang looks sooooo cute love em!!!

  91. Can’t believe they’re banning the song in KBS for the word CRACK.
    The song really had more sexually suggestive lyrics that they can point at and they pointed out the “crack” word.
    WTF? How did “crack crack crack” relates to “crack cocaine”???
    It never crossed my mind….>_<
    Maybe they can’t handle Baby Ri getting all sexy. hehehe.

    Love the pictures of Baby in the intro of the comeback special…they really have to show his ABS. hehe.
    Having “Seungri Abs” as the #1 hit on search engines really had a BIG IMPACT on fan girls everywhere.
    We really didn’t see that coming did we?
    Did I just see Baby Ri slapped the dancer’s butt?
    He’s taking lessons from Baebae in “Slapping Butt 101”. ^_^

    Awwww I really love the mini-BBs. It’s like I wanna take them home and play with them, thinking that these were the boys when they are still children. hehe.
    Tabi is holding the kid’s hand….awwww…they really like these kids…seeing them playing with kids makes me love them even more.

  92. crack?? of all the words in that song..they chose ‘crack’ LOL. KBS = Krazy Broadcasting Station and yes..the hair in mini bong is adorkable!!!

  93. KBS probably danced the Stong Baby MV because of the girl’s choreography or maybe even because of his halfnaked scene…maybe they didn’t want to come off as the bad guy so some genius was probably like, “well, uh, isn’t crack a drug? yeah! Yeah, it is! Let’s just use that!” but hey, atleast it’s got it ran for a short while. Better than nothing I guess.

    If BB changes the ‘crack” part, “the man” will just find another thing wrong with it.

    Awww, mini-BB is so cute! 😀
    I wonder if YG will keep them in their address book for future reference (*coughcough* new band?*coughcough*)

  94. haha they want to ban ‘Strong Baby’ because of the word ‘Crack’
    i agree with Noelani, they are using it as an excuse
    maybe they could change the word to ‘Quack’ lol

  95. WTH
    wat’s with korea banning songs now UGHHH
    KBS made the wrong choice
    it’s their loss for doing that

  96. Wowwww awesome performance :O

    lol i can’t believe all this trouble just for one word T.T

    the mini-bb’s are so cuteeee >.< they look like their sons xD!

  97. lol vicky i saw ur comment on bbvipz lol

  98. this is a vid of someone drawing gd…reallly goood

  99. GD!!! HAWT!!!

    i hope the korean VIPs chant that word every chance they get just to stick it to KBS. someone needs to teach that station the english language. speaking of which- why is it that they seem to keep banning english phrases in songs? you’d think they’d be more worried about the actual korean lyrics since that’s the language that most people speak in korea the last time i checked. either way, KBS = EPIC FAIL.

  101. That’s the last word in the song i though would be banned – -;;;
    Hope Mr. YG will change it to ABS ABS ABS ABS!! instead LOL jkjk

  102. my gosh, they so cute……I luv the pics especially TOP one hahaha, very cute.
    hm…KBS won’t allow Vi to perform, hell they will be the one that regret, even without KBS, Vi’s song will still be popular hahaha.

  103. wtf…sorry but why CRACK? hahah….maybe they change it to QUACK hahah x’D..oke..but ..that’s really strange…because of CRACK..oh…gosh XD I don’t understand this haha x’D

  104. Vi
    After I read ur essay saying that gray color make man’s butt looks sexier, hoho
    I remember about their comeback at SBS inkigayo & watch it again.
    Okay, ur friend is so so right about this.
    Though just only for a really short time, but, I still managed to see hubby’s sexy butt.
    Fufufu… yup, it do looks sexier.

    I think my perv level just increase,
    This is the first time when I watch vid I only look at butt.
    Staring at hubby’s butt all the time. Fufufu (?)

  105. OMG, DID ANYONE ELSE THINK SEUNGRI SPANKED THAT CHICKS ARSE AFTER STROKING HER THIGHS OR WAS IT JUST ME?! Ooo~ It turns me on when Seungri pelvis thrusts, haha! KBS CAN GO DIE 😦 Wouldn’t it be better for US to decide rather than them? It was originally “CRACK”, so we should stick to it for the sexier effect but changing it would change most of it. KBS IS SUPPOSED TO SATISFY THEIR AUDIENCE! AND THIS IS NOT IT >:/ Anyways… THEY ALL LOOK SO ADORAAABLEEE :3

  106. this seungri’s fancam is killing me!!

  107. lol he did spank he after he stroked her leg,reminded me of yb XD

  108. Sexica

    HAHA that too
    though Bong doesn’t have any butt (he’s too damn skinny to have any)
    them suits make it happen haha

    I’m scared that when Baby’s here… Bong will drag him to a tatoo parlor or something
    Bong’s first tatoos WAS done in Vegas when he was 18…so…. T__T

  109. SRvip

    yea, he response to the video I post up, it’s freaking awsome

  110. Pearllovestop

    YG is coming out with a new girl group, and they’ve been labeled as “the female Big Bang” YG hasnt’ give them yet so that’s what ppl call them these days
    Bong was the producer for their album and he produce Strong Baby for them but decide to give it to Baby at the end

  111. Jini

    oh hell no
    if I do, yall gonna bring some extra extra… extreme stuff haha
    ruin what’s still innocent about me kekek
    lemme keep that much innocent to match with Baby haha

  112. Dori

    we’re a bunch of pervs

    haha my 28 years old friend and her perviness for kids 10 years younger than me keke

  113. Jaja

    he didn’t smack her butt
    he was just pretend to keke
    he didn’t even come in contact with it
    i pay attention to some butt touching hahah

  114. Jini

    KBS is being such a stupid ass
    seriously, at crack?
    dumbasses and their hate for slang

  115. nya

    YG doesn’t seems like he have any intention on changing it
    I love how he defend his artist

    well ‘crack’ here is slang for drugs
    like when we say “you’re on crack”
    means you’re doing drugs and being stupid

    but crack can means LOTS of things.

    I love Tabi’s jacket
    it’s so gold and grand
    look like something the king of china would wear kekek

  116. rahquhxie

    Fuck KBS’s ass

  117. jiyanz

    Bong knows me
    gotta love him for that
    love Baby more for singing the song
    i love my effin name.

    KBS won’t allow Baby perform “Strong Baby” on Music Bank because they think “crack” in inappropriate
    YG doesn’t seem like he want to change, he say he doesn’t understand what KBS is talking about
    I love how YG stand strong and defend his artists

    let’s see how KBS will do without Baby’s performance
    all the current songs sucks after Big Bang end their performance
    Baby is the only hot performance right now
    their effin loss
    they’re gonna have to beg for Baby to perform now
    YG don’t take that bullshit for nobody

  118. brokenfruit

    kekkek gotta put my voice out there girl
    too ridiculous

  119. Awwwww jiyonnggiiee!
    why are u so CUTE!!


  121. that performance was hott~
    heh heh
    all the people are stupid to think the songs are going to influence people
    they’re just songs!
    KBS get some sense!
    mini bang~
    soo cute~

  122. kbs is whackk! how lame, crack could mean buttcrack lmfao!

  123. Aws lol
    and i agree Kbs is whack xD

  124. […] 01.04.09 SeungRi’s Strong Baby performance on SBS Inkigayo | Big Bang with Mini-BBs I just read something funny… KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show. […] […]


    Found out from Soompi.

  126. Vicky, everyone’s noticing that seung ri’s butt looks good in gray lol xD i agree tho it does O.O
    and aw man, that last part with the outro thing is so CUTE lol baby will always be baby he still does that cute little lip thing lol i noticed it too XD
    kbs is stupid. “crack”? wow. what the hell. lol jeez it’s not that bad and it doesn’t even have anything to do with the song!! it’s not like seung ri’s promoting crack/drugs!! jeez he just wants to dance! and perform! and make us happy lol by doing those sexii moves xD
    aww, miniBB is so cute!!! lol i love mini-Tabi’s hair!! all sideways windblown and stuff =D that’s awesome

  127. @maryam
    lol dude i can’t believe it’s on perezhilton!!! lol that’s sweet XD tho some of the comments were just…ugh. but still, that’s pretty cool

  128. Vi
    Oh~ but crack mean many things.
    KBS being stupid.
    Who’ll think about the song’s mean while others could enjoy the song without even knowing the meaning?
    All this time I don’t really know 100% of BB’s songs meaning but I could enjoy it very much.

    Kekeke… hubby’s jacket.
    I don’t realize it until u mention about it.
    Hahaha the gold & circle pattern make it looks like that.

  129. With regards to the decision to ban Seung Ri’s title song Strong Baby from being played on KBS, YG Entertainment has decided to act by modifying the questionable word in the song and have sent it for review again.

    Strong Baby was the solo song that was included in Big Bang’s 2nd album Remember and is being used by Seung Ri for his solo activities now. Actually, the song was already deemed by KBS to be not suitable for broadcast in November of last year after it reviewed the album. According to them, the crack word in the song can be linked with the drug, cocaine. But it seems to be KBS only since MBC and SBS have passed the song without any problems.

    A YG Entertainment representative expressed in a phone interview, “For Seung Ri’s solo activities, we have decided to change the questionable word. We have sent it for another review and have changed the word from crack to clap instead.” Seung Ri first performed the song at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun, showing off a new strong sexy image, a contrast to his maknae image.

    Translated by: coolsmurf

  130. felisha

    haha I guess my friend is good in those… areas keke
    should listen to her more often now haha

    and you should never read or care about anything those commentors said/wrote
    your time is too precious to be wasted like that
    you’re wayy more important than those lowlifes

  131. nya

    forreal man
    it’s purely just sounds to me really
    never ONCE was crack as in drug cross my mind
    I told my friend to check out the MV this morning, she have no knowledge about asian stuff hehe my black friend, and she loved the song, especially the beat, and she was like “now I know why you want to marry him so bad” hahaha
    and when I told her about the crack thing, she was on the floor laughing for a good half an hour

    I’m really disappointed that YG change the word to “clap” just for KBS
    I was proud of him for not backing down and just not care if Baby perform on Music Bank or not
    seriously, Baby’s performance is like the hottest performance there is now
    after Big Bang left, all there left is loser performances who lose to Big Bang and now they’re grabbing this opportunity in hope to get some award, sorry that sounds harsh, but it’s true


  132. SO STUPID KBS!!! YG PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!! LET THEIR STUPIDITY EAT THEM SOMEDAY!!! WE WILL STAND BY YOU!!! I can accept other complaints like the bed scene or the robbin d legs part or lets make love tonight part BUT TO GIVE IN TO THEM JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPIDITY is juST sOOO NOT COOL[hehehe]!!!…


    sorry i lost myself up there..but seriously this is too much!!!..


  133. J-G-RILEEN


    I mean, SERIOUSLY.
    HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET???????????????


    I think KBS should be the one begging Baby to perform on their show, not like this
    I really wished that YG didn’t change it and just screw KBS, but I guess since it is Baby’s first solo, he needs all the promo he can get. T___________T

    no wonder their music festival last year was the worst.

  134. I see baby G-Ri love ;3

  135. manageRI

    ryt ON!!!…how does “clap” work w/ d dance though???..it’ll look really weird since d dance s not really clapping?!!!..ARGH!!!!

  136. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! THIS IS SERIOUS FREAKING CRAZY!! WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY CHANGE THE SONG JUST BEACUSE THEY SAY CRACK?!?!? Not even talking about fans, but to me this isnt right to Seungri. I feel that because there is so much censoring going on, that it is limiting the capabilities of musicians and lyricists. I mean now everyone is going to be writing songs and being paranoid if they can even go and perform them on certain shows. I think this is a serious problem and really it IS going to affect music as we know it.

    Now its not fair to the musicians and performers, but it is also not fair to the fans. The people who are going to watch a show because of a performer, are watching it for the performer. More likely than not they have already heard the original song. Now if they didnt like it, then they wouldnt tune in. So really you are just pissing off the fans.

    KBS GET THE STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS!! YG I am very disappointed with how the situation has been handled.

  137. i guess they really do have to change as KBS is not only in korea but they do have e KBS world where music bank is played.

    So by having the word crack and when is it aired to other countries especially in USA, it would be very offensive and seung ri/big bang/yg/korean artists won’t look so good eh?

    With seungri in KBS, it allows him to be known not only in korea but to the end of the world!

    so i rather have it that he is on the show rather that he is not on the show at all.


  138. Ahh~ And i thought YG would stand affirm to his own views…Haiz, i think it would sound weird or strange if they sing ‘clap’.
    The feeling would be like listening how DBSK boys sang ‘under my sky’ instead of ‘under my skin’. It would sound…gay…
    Hopefully it isnt as bad as that.

    yes, i am disappointed in YG, but he probably must have thought hard before making that ultimate decision since he first wanted to stick to the original lyrics. i wonder if Seungri is gonna perform using the original lyrics for other perfs. in MBC ,SBS, etc. because that would be awesome.

    my heart goes out to Seungri for having to put up with such a situation in his first solo. hopefully this doesnt drain away the confidence in him.

    Maknae Hwaiting ~ ❤

  139. vi
    my request for the future for the boys to wear gray ALL THE TIME!
    waaah!!!!my imagination is running wild ;P
    can’t say I’m too happy about the change in the lyrics but I guess if baby gets to perform it okay
    we know fans are going to sing the original lyrics anyways
    it won’t work even if they try

  140. felisha
    Perez Hilton is annoying but exposure is exposure. I’m proud of Seung Ri for catching his attention, LOL.

    Yeah, the comments on the site are…not so nice. I mean, I know there will be people bashing the song and video but what pisses me is the amount of racist comments there are. I mean, come on, narrow-minded is so 50 years ago.

  141. LMAO! Clap huh??wtf with KBS?
    Poor SeungRi and YG! The censoring is becoming too tough these days.
    and plz calm down everybody. We shouldnt let the stupid “clap” upset us. I was laughing out loud at the ridiculous KBS when I first read this :D.
    anyway it’s better to have him in the show.. imo, at the 1st stage of his solo career, the most important things is to promote himself the more the better. And this is definitely a great chance for promotion as KBS is quite a noticeable channel. Let’s wait for our Baby’s performance. Clap or Crack is just a word in a song. And I think the important is how SeungRi will perform the song, not how he screams out crack or clap.
    ps:to us, it’ll always be “crack” whatever 😀

  142. OMG! the mini-bb’s are f*ckin’ cute! hahahaha! XD

    why should they change it to “clap”? Yay! 😐 for me there’s nothing wrong with it.. 😐 And what’s with the drugs? huh?! I don’t remember that “crack” is RELATED to drugs! LMAO!! WTF! KBS sucks!! XD

    YEAH, IT WILL ALWAYS BE “CRACK”! ahihi~~ 😛

  143. on update:
    damn im kinda annoyed too with YG
    i thought it was really bold to stand up to SBS
    honestly i laughed out loud when i read about it being changed to ‘clap’
    i guess it fits well with the rest of the lyrics, but it just loses all its ‘manliness’ to me ^^

    ah well, i guess if YG didnt change the lyrics SBS might ban SRi from other appearences?

  144. is that a Goyard bag I spot behind Taeyang?! fabulous!

  145. vi
    but isn’t it bad if baby doesn’t perform on KBS only?
    don’t mind the thing too serious.
    it won’t hurt if them changed it to clap. (though i hope they’ll change it into ‘quack’ hehehe)
    so baby’ll get more change to do his performance.
    spread baby love. hohoho…

    but, i don’t think clap match with the dance choreo. haha…

  146. lol
    yeh i thought so too, mini bae does look like jaebum

    i though who are those girls, kara or sth (cuz idk krn girlbands except WG, BEG, jewelry, seeya )
    but they’re yg dancers kkk

  147. WAHH MiniBBs are adorable! =)
    YESS mini bae looks like jae from 2pm.
    BUT; change crack to CLAP? that’s WACK! COME ON PEOPLE!!! this is so ERR*!
    ahaha i’d like it if they change ‘crack’ to QUACK!? but ohhmyGEEZ! the word CRACK has something to do with drugs?
    okay, well i just ‘cracked’ the window? o.O?
    i’m still gonna say CRACK so HA!

  148. omg..i love the mini BBs..haha they look so cute..lil pimps..that totally made me laugh..^^

    but dang..wth was with KBS?..so what if crack was in the song..no one cares..they’re making such a big deal out of it!! one thing for sure is..strong baby is AMAZING, HOT, AND BABY IS SEXY AS HELL!!^^ you guys are right..he was the hottest performer there..if it wasnt for him..no one’s gonna watch the show!!

  149. hello all

    Just signed up, thought i’d say a quick hello

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