Songwriter Kim In Ah’s Blog – “The Young Little Genius”

Songwriter Kim In Ah’s blog on her Cyworld Minihompy Diary titled “Kwon Ji Yong – The Young Little Genius”

This is a translation of Songwriter Kim In Ah’s Cyworld Minihompy diary blog about Jiyong. She worked with him for a little bit, and she compliments him a lot and gives her opinions on him in this post.

Honestly I have not witnessed many incidences of kids recording and such for themselves because they all do it nowadays, but the few episodes I’ve witnessed all had me leaving thinking ‘Ah, Ji Yong is a geniusㅜㅜ.’

Personally, I think if Young Bae was the person who made an unexpected ‘He had this kind of side to him?’-ish impact after Big Bang’s debut, Ji Yong was the member who, from the beginning, gave the feeling that ‘First off, Big Bang will get big because of him.’

His ‘sense’ [T/A: or good judgement], which I often even wrote about passionately in my diary, is more and more surprising if you view its course, and it has the greatest edge that even I, who have worked with him for a little bit, am proud of.

Yang president, who detected his ‘sense’ early, would carelessly give Ji Yong a track, regardless of his schedule, and say ‘Make up a melody for this~ so we can sing it tomorrow’ or ‘Write lyrics for this~ Oh yeah, we’re going to record it later tonight,’ making him do things that were near impossible.

When I would enter the recording studio thinking it’s impossible, of course, he would rarely have the lyrics written in advance or something along those lines.

He would grumble at Yang president’s difficult requests and would sit lazily almost as if he’s lying down, saying things like ‘Yeh baybee’ and ‘Yo, dis iz show time’ to himself, making raps. Then he would suddenly go in the recording studio and smoothly work things out. The melody lines and raps he produces, while sitting in his many unique positions, are truly artwork.

Especially, in ‘Anystar’’s (Lee Hyo Ri Feat. Lee Jun Ki) case, which sadly wasn’t released formally, it includes Ji Yong’s ‘cooly’ reinterpreted rap that may have even more or less embarrassed Lee Jun Ki if he had heard it in person. He made that on the spot as well, and watching that magnificent rap be made in an instant, I, who have a producer as a husband, almost drooled from desiring him. ㅡㅠㅡ

His work speed is very fast, and the way he directs people, whether they’re older or younger, without being coldhearted is very marvelous. Seeing what I wrote, it’s almost on a fanfic level, but I can’t help it. Even now, every time I see Big Bang come out, I hold onto my husband and compliment Ji Yong, and he gets a bit annoyed.

Maybe the only thing he still lacks is the skill of making tracks or accompaniments. However, in today’s trend where a shot of ‘sense’ is more important than a magnificent arrangement, Ji Yong is truly the gem of all gems. If you add track-making skill on top of what he already has, he can become a true musician for not only years from now on but in the long run. (Of course it’s surprising that he, who is incomplete, is even this much. Trickle. Ah, I’m sweating again.)

Strangely, Yang president always cared about the way his trainees dressed, and a lot of times I thought ‘Why is that important.’ But, I think I know why now. Strangely, the ‘sense’ in dressing well appears when making music too. ‘Sense’ is not prominent in only one place. Singing well and dancing well can be developed from training to a degree but not ‘sense.’ It is something you’re ‘born with’.

Speaking of clothing, if Kim Hyung Suk and Yoo Hee Yul in this folder [T/N: of her Minihompy] are like Chung Dam Dong’s brand name shops, Ji Yong is about 10 Corso Comos? Heh heh.
Since he has just cracked out of his eggshell, I look forward to the days he is going to grow more. Even though some composers in this society treat him as ‘a kid who doesn’t compose well,’ the differences in the tracks before Ji Yong’s participation and after his participation are very big. Regardless of what people say, without Ji Yong, there wouldn’t be Big Bang’s hit songs.

— side note : when Koreans use the word ‘sense,’ they mean it as something more than ‘common sense.’ Like, thinking above everyone or outside the box or just knowing what to needs to be done but more than just ‘acceptable’.
credit: maman @ / original post
translation credit: bigbangnyuh


~ by Winnie Chu on January 5, 2009.

85 Responses to “Songwriter Kim In Ah’s Blog – “The Young Little Genius””


  2. “..I, who have a producer as a husband, almost drooled from desiring him”
    this is sooo true~!
    he’s a gem of all gems

  3. “sitting in many unique positions” LOL :))


  4. omooooo

    GO GO GO

  5. bravo kwon jiyong!!!

  6. Thank You for translating.
    And that’s why i love Kwon Ji Yong.
    Yay, i’m so proud of him. Yess
    someone else other then his fans
    knows about his hard work.
    “gem of all gems” That’s true. He’s that great.
    He’s done a Great, Great Job. Therefore
    he is truly a good Leader. Hell yeah, in
    ‘Anystar’ his rap is really good & smooth.
    that was the only reason why i listened to that song.
    aha just because Ji Yong raps in there.
    “The Young Little Genius” =]]]
    This made my morning. He is definitly a Genius.

  7. i love him so much :((
    i wanna marry this man :(( oh my ghosh :((

  8. wow~!!
    never know he is so Man!!
    working hard in studying korea now!!!

  9. THE GENIUS!!!! oh GD!

  10. love it!

    for the big bang filipino fans out there. just wanted to tell you that i heard their song Remember being played along araneta center in cubao. in full blast. i couldnt help but giggle

  11. after lies and haru haru some people think he is a kid who doesnt compose well?

    thanks for translating…it is nice someone appreciates his talent

  12. correction: some people STILL think

  13. GD is a GEM of all GEM(: awww. GDOPPA fighting(: aishhhh i want to marry him TT~TT

  14. omg!!! I’M SO PROUD OF HIM!!! uwaah!!..ji yong ? I LOVE YOU x’D…he is really a genius!!…

    “He would grumble at Yang president’s difficult requests and would sit lazily almost as if he’s lying down, saying things like ‘Yeh baybee’ and ‘Yo, dis iz show time’ to himself, making raps. ”

    hahah THATS OUR JI YONG !! ^^ !!!


  15. awwww….she really admires Bong…awww.

    Yeah G-Dragon is the MAN!

    He really knows to write…and is a very good leader. hehe.

  16. go GD go best leadah forever ever

  17. whoa !! wel that’s why i love jiyong so much, he’s very hardworking.. w/o him BB wouldn’t be like this, i’m thankin’ him!! he’s my 2nd favorite, next to seungri.. i love GRi!!

    really>? wel i’m from phil. wow that’s cool.. as in they played it there? i’m always there watching live games, hopely when i’m around there they keep playin’ that. hakhak.

  18. oh yeah!!!!
    go GD!!!
    i’m so proud of him!!!
    keep it up bong!! ^^


  19. thanks for de translation!!
    wow..dis is so cool!!
    Bong as de little genius!!
    i’m so proud of u,Bong!!! muackss!! Hwaiting!!

  20. I love himmmmmm

    tae yang and ji yong oppas ❤ saranghe! ^o^

  21. YONGIE i’m so proud of u! <3<3

  22. KWON JIYONG T____t
    you idiot!!
    you know what..
    i always thought that bong is talented but perhaps not a GENIUS YET
    by seeing how this song writer compliments him
    the feeling of proud just came out
    i’m proud of him..keep it up babeh!!
    bigbang would not be big bang without anyone of them
    but the kwon leadah just made bigbang even more unique 🙂

  23. This woman speaks the truth.

    Although, Without Jiyong I think BIGBANG could still exist, just not be as original as they are. =P

    I love how expressive this person is when speaking about Jiyong and how deep her thoughts are. They really resonate among all VIPz regardless what team they are on

  24. thank for the translation =D
    Ji Yong is a genius =P
    SO proud and jealous xDD I envy ji yong~ but also VERY amazed at the same time x . x
    and yeshhh~ I drool for him =P
    I look forward to more of his work 😀

  25. i agree!!!
    he’s such a genius!!
    god he’s so damn talented
    without him BB will be different

  26. has posted seungri’s video strong baby:) yaaay hahaha
    Gd is really a genius! he has made some really amazing lyrics/songs!

  27. how cute! i’m glad he got so much compliments from such a wonderful lyricist.

    i wish i could see him do this thang in person. kekeke.

    i love when she said, “Especially, in ‘Anystar’’s (Lee Hyo Ri Feat. Lee Jun Ki) case, which sadly wasn’t released formally, it includes Ji Yong’s ‘cooly’ reinterpreted rap that may have even more or less embarrassed Lee Jun Ki if he had heard it in person. He made that on the spot as well, and watching that magnificent rap be made in an instant, I, who have a producer as a husband, almost drooled from desiring him. ㅡㅠㅡ”


    “Speaking of clothing, if Kim Hyung Suk and Yoo Hee Yul in this folder [T/N: of her Minihompy] are like Chung Dam Dong’s brand name shops, Ji Yong is about 10 Corso Comos? Heh heh.”

  28. ji yong you’re amazing !!!!!!!!!!

  29. yess, jiyong rocks.

  30. jiyong’s really a genius! a star!!! inspire us with your talent 🙂

  31. @big bang girl? when was it posted?

  32. HahA, she wrote impressively about GD. =) nIce. I think I have good feeling on GD now. 😉

  33. GD is a talented person. I hope he will continue to display his creativity and grow as a person. He is just amazing. Although I know it’s impossible to meet him or even find someone that’s close to him…I’ll continue to wait. : ) Seungri…he’s still on my mind. All of Big Bang is talented in their own ways, they are just <3. I am indeed impressed.

  34. He is a genious and im glad people other than YG see this. I laughed when she said that he would grumble about the things that were handed to him. I think thats absolutely adorable lol. Then he sits in wierd positions when hes trying to think of lyrics. Dear god i swear i love this man. He really can do almost everything. He can write lyrics. He can compose songs. And people still dont respect him because he’s a kid who doesnt compose well. Well you know what? i feel bad for these musicians cause my Bongie is going to blow them all away.
    Jiyong, you keep doing what your doing. I was so proud of him when i read this and im so happy that he is being recognized for the truely remarkable person he is!

  35. oh yeah, who doesnt drool over him?!?!? lol

  36. that was such a heartwarming entry.

  37. HE IS THE BEST GEM in all GEMS x)

  38. “topspin”
    I think it was posted today since i always watch their sites. Did you see it?:)

  39. Makes me love him even more.

    I hope he continues to write more Big Bang hits in the future.

  40. ah kim in ah you are so cool 🙂
    gdragon is geniusss<3
    and mine 🙂
    i wish both of them the best ~
    and big bang ! 😀

  41. Aw, that was so nice of her to write about him ^^
    He’s so unique. ❤

  42. Yes, becaue Kwon Jiyong is just amazing & godly like that. ❤

  43. GO GO GO

  44. i just saw the MV on too..
    that was odd.

  45. 😀 Im happy to see people admire GD and appreciate his skills and him as a person

  46. “Mykaaa”
    This isn’t the first time.
    I felt odd at first, but he is really taking interest in kpop! hahaha yaaay:)
    first it was, the wonder girls, then lee hyori, and at last it was Uhm Jung – hwa featuring TOP!

  47. KYAA~
    GemGD. that should go in the GD dictionary~ keke
    our bongie deff. has the best sense in the business, in my eyes anyway lol
    this is why hes our forever kwonleaderr

  48. Jiyong ; He’s awesome.
    The greatest leader <3333
    BigBang fighting! <33

  49. GD fans saw this in him a long time ago..its why we love him, duh!

    he’s been the victim of so much hate lately..even from some fellow vips. and its heartbreaking!
    i loved reading this, and im grateful this woman wrote such an entry – she’s a songwriter, a professional who knows what she’s talking abt!

  50. After reading this, this morning. I was super happy.
    This really made my morning and it kept me happy
    for the whole day. Except for 6 hour, i felt sleepy.
    Still i’m gonna right more…..
    God Damn Ji Yong, i love you so much. Everything about
    is amazing. You can do about anything & still have
    confidence with it. Lols aww he’s so cute.
    Especially when the part about when he grumbles when
    YG gives him a difficult requests. Lols i do that do when
    i feel lazy and don’t want to do stuff. I really want
    to see him in action of making music. That’s my goal
    before i die or something. Aha not as a stalker girl though,
    a girl who is some what friends with him. This is why
    i am his FAN. This is why i’m in love with him.
    This is actually why i’m a better person well i want to do
    stuff like him and have the same confidence and stuff.
    Yes i admire him & at the sametime loves him.
    Yepp, true when everyone reads what he has to write then
    all dem people will be blown away. B/c i already am.
    Kim In Ah…i like what she has to write about Kwon Ji Yong.
    she writes it so good & even adds some personal things
    in there. Even thing she writes is true and is what each
    fangirl thinks of him. (:
    Yes it’s true that We, his fans saw this in him a long time
    ago but he always gets better & BETTER!

  51. Oh, wow. I am…really impressed. I think “Young Little Genius” is a perfect title, haha.


  53. I’m so glad Kim In Ah wrote about this because I always think that Jiyong just MAKES big bang… with his songs, productions, and leadership… KPOP just wouldn’t be the same without him. And I’m over the moon that he’s already producing at such a young age… but I wish he would take some time and slow down soon. Jiyongee fightinggg!

  54. i always knew gd was a genius<3
    there r some ppl out there who only see gd for his so called bad dressing sense ( say what?!) and random sayings but seriously gd is an absolute frickin well… genius. i mean seriously, who calls themselves v.i.p’s, if you dont even love gd? i know some ppl would disagree, but gd makes big bang. gd is big bang. without gd, big bang wouldnt be as famous, i mean individually they all would, but w.o gd, there just isnt a BIG BANG.
    im really grateful for people like kim in ah and YG who recognize gd’s potential. i personally love him to death ❤ and not just cause hes hella hot XD and dresses nice.hes amazingly talented, crazy, a huge spazz, and the biggest BANF fosho’ :3

  55. I love that…”young little genius”. ^_^

  56. JI YONG! so proud man. so proud. I ❤ YOU! saranghae!

    “Regardless of what people say, without Ji Yong, there wouldn’t be Big Bang’s hit songs.”

    so true. There’s no Big Bang without our Kwon Leadah. ❤

  57. aaaaaaww… bong ah~
    you are truly a genius (x
    and remain a genius and gem of all gems in my heart always~



  60. GD FTW!
    thanks for the translations!
    lol although i have no idea who Kim In Ah is, but she officially rocks!
    she seems like a credible source too (she even mentions GD grumbling… sooo life like XD)

  61. woo~! go ji yong!! frikin awesome!!! this lady officially rocks lol tho i don’t really know who she is XD
    of course he’s a genius. who ever doubted that?? lol

  62. woooaaah.. this is really… aaah!
    did jiyong read this?! he should he should ! zomg…. that boy is amazing (: he really is a genius :3

  63. kwon-leadah! he is a genius x)
    saranghae, always …

  64. i love the lady for writing this!
    i feel so proud of jiyong oppa
    he is so good at what he does and has so much confidence in it
    big bang without his composing, his raps and his leadership would not stand out as much as they do to me now.
    and he seriously has so much potential to be even bigger than he is now
    in the making of REAL concert, during practice, when asked “are you tired” by the reporter he answered “i’m the leader, if i get tired everyone else gets tired”. i felt super touched and inspired after hearing that
    he also has reeally good taste in styles, from fashion to dancing to music and etc etc
    and not to mention he’s such an adorable guy as well XD
    i can just see him lying down lazily and grumbling random lyrics and humming and composing great songs.
    AHH I LOVE THIS GUY! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  65. that’s why i’m in love with him…..T_T
    Jiyongie, how i wish you know me as i know you!(sigh!)

  66. Awesome! VIP so proud of you GD!

    Go! Go! Go! Go! Leaderrrr ^^

  67. as if we haven’t been completely amazed by Bong already.
    always so proud of him 😀

  68. fish77

    OMG I noticed that too on the REAL Concert video..I thought Im the only one who noticed and touched by it since no one really commented on it…im sOOO touched!!! VIP 4ever~ BB 4ever~ ..through UPS AND DOWNS….

  69. Ohhhh..that’s truly why i love GD!! hahahhaha..
    Sometimes it’s just amaze me that he at such a young age, i mean compare to the other great producers/ song writers, can do SUCH a thing..!!! He is really gifted and i think i can say i’m kinda jealous of him..Ahhh~~~
    Jiyongee aaa..Hwaiting!!!
    thank you for the translation..^^

  70. proud of my boy
    i’m also glad that Kim In Ah wrote down what GD would have improved on too~
    it’s not always about positive comments and praising~
    and yes
    GD’s version of anystar with Park Bom is HOT~

  71. oh wow go bong !~~~ XD ,im so so proud of you^^(: >.< heheh yg changed crack to clap for kbs ?

  72. jiyonggie FTW lmfoo :DDD<33333333

    these boys are really, truly talented hehe x}!
    and jiyong is a HELL OF A LEADER loll. some people just have it in them and these kind of people ‘gem of all gems’ ;] they become what they are today. IDOL CELBRITIES LOLL. hehe, it really is reality. BIGBANG IS JUST AMAZING, YEAH?

    seriously, we don’t fall in love with pure talent for nothing<3

  73. Kim In AH ROCKS!!!
    “Gem of all gems”-yeah that’s words!!!!
    Kwon Ji Jong is really talented. I adore his great sense in music as well as in fashion.
    Thanks for translating! xD

  74. Oh he’s too wonderful. That woman is soo nice in her praising. moreover, u can sense her sincererity, which makes the whole thing even greater.
    Im glad Kwon leader’s talents are fully appreciated by other artist like kim in ah.
    To have so much poteential, and at the age of 20. i agree with u >muffins, GENIUS!
    Kwon Leader is indeed ‘Gem of all gems’

  75. Oh! our g yong,he such a perfect guy haha.
    “without Ji Yong, there wouldn’t be Big Bang’s hit songs”
    This sentence made me feel like g yong u really be superhero!!!

  76. Ji Yong Is The HOT And SEXXY Man On EArth!
    he he he

  77. i love him ❤

  78. Ji Yong ah 😀 i love him even more after reading this

  79. that is so true, no one can beat Jiyong sense ;D

  80. i thought this article was super cute. i can totally imagine jiyongie doing this: “He would grumble at Yang president’s difficult requests and would sit lazily almost as if he’s lying down, saying things like ‘Yeh baybee’ and ‘Yo, dis iz show time’ to himself, making raps.”
    <333 oooh how i love our little genius 😀

  81. im agreeing with all of u~
    aw of corse jiyongie is a little genious~
    knew it from the start.
    keep it up gd (; ❤

  82. wohoho..even married Noona drools over him..that’s serious babe..yeah, what makes Kwon Ji Yong sexy is actually his talents..dancing, rapping, song-writing and his fashion sense!!!! WOOT WOOT…=)

    even i as a fan, can see thru the talent he has in him the day i heard his solo This Love rap. I was telling myself wow this kid rap is good and he sure got something more to show. This Love is still MY MOST FAV SONG UP TIL NOW. Then i went on reading abt big bang biography and learn that JY did a lot of composition of uhm jung hwa? and Tae Look at Me? my impression of him just grow bigger! love him to bits!

  84. this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read that’s written about someone my age. really. omg. Thank you for sharing this.

  85. […] BIG BANG fansite has put up the translated version of it. I’m gonna just gonna post some of the parts that I like. You can read the full interview here. […]

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