Big Bang’s Concert this month, anyone?

One VIP sent me an email saying that she and her friend will be attending BB’s Concert in Seoul this month. She was wondering if any IVIP is going and therefore would love to meet up.

For those who are attending the concert, please leave ur comment here and ur email address for further arrangement.




~ by Momo on January 6, 2009.

40 Responses to “Big Bang’s Concert this month, anyone?”

  1. aahh ㅠ_ㅠ how I wish I was going.
    sorry, pointless comment lol..Im not goin : (

    hopefully this kind of message will come up in the future for next concerts ^0^ … I better go next time!! grrlol

    you IVIPs who are goin are so lucky!
    pls. get me a souvenir! ill pay you back lol 😉

  2. waaahhh~
    i want one too~

    too bad i can’t go..

  3. well i was gonna go but i failed my midterm test so my mom wouldnt let me……oh btw um im korean too and i was hoping to help you on the site can i be part of it? i could help u with some translations or anything else!

  4. topluvsme again my email is i hope u give me an ansewer

  5. Hi all, i want to go but no one go with me…but i dont hv ticket yet …plan to buy it there and line up in the very early morning….

  6. AHH! I REALLY WANNA GO AND WATCH THEM LIVE!! BUT I CANT -__- SHIEZ! maybe next time! i will! lol

  7. oeehhh…nice… but srry i can’t 1ste i have to fly for…like eehhh…15h and than…well you know all the rest…:(
    well have fun and tell us all about it!!!

    btw i found some good BIGBANG stuff!!!

    i don’t know if i’m a badgirl right now
    but have fun!!!


  8. REALLY WISH THAT I COULD GO..but yeah you’re rite,i can’t go…i only can go see them don’t know how many year later!!POOR ME,RITE??????I’m not stay in korea so that the biggest problem for me!!I always crying thinking that i’m badly wanted to see them with my own eyes…huhuhu…I wanted to be VIP in here..but don’t know how…lol…please email me and say something.thanks..

  9. i have a question… it may sound stupid, but when people say “VIP”, do they really mean VIP people or is it just a term to refer to Big Bang’s fans?

    I WISH i could go to the concert!! but i live in another country.. 😦

  10. @ nabongsok_bangsookee … as long as you love bb you can call yourself a [i]VIP.. but if you want to be an offical VIP you can join at bb offical site.. theres a link on the right side bar–>>

    @ Sabrina…. hahah.. VIP is the offical fanclub name for bb fans and YES it does mean Very Important Person/ People because we [VIPz] are VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Important!! ^_^

    that is such a good idea to meet up with fellow iVIPz… i wish i could go but schools going to start soon for me =( but when they come to US!! I WILL STALK THEM!! haha.. yeah rite.. XD anyways… to all those iVIPz going.. HAVE FUNN FOR ALL OF US!!!! ^_^

  11. arghhhh! i want to go! but it’s in korea, right???
    just making sure.
    let me die.

  12. oh my gosh… their concert… man i wish i can go but i can’t… it’s too far from minneapolis and plus i have no money to buy the ticket.. i wish i can go though… but it’s okay, i still have you guys… i will just wish them good luck.. BIG BANG HWAITING…..

  13. Hi im going to big bang concert big show
    my e-mail is
    Vicky u can add me on msn or everyone

  14. ahhh , why can’t big bang come to australia ? T.T

  15. ahhhhhh i wish TT^TT

  16. Lucky ivipz!
    have fun and i wish i could go, but i cant 😦
    can’t wait for big bang’s vacation at U.S. though
    imagining myself if i see them and everything; how would i react? i hope in a pretty way hahaha;;

    btw, in 2010 i hope there will be a concert or shows for big bang because my mom suprised me by saying that we’re going to stay in korea for like a week or so in 2010 around feb. or march.. so i hope there will be.. it’ll be fun

  17. @nancy: i have forward ur email to thea. She will contact you soon!

    @topluvsme: i will get melly to talk to u on that.

  18. Er… Whats the concert about? o_o
    Iam sure i cant go D=! i wish i can T_T

  19. does anyone know where big bang is visiting?

  20. wow i REALLY REALLY wanna go … like, really. but the closest ill ever get to seeing them perform is probably HOLLYWOOD BOWL. i just have a feeling they might be coming this year! 😀 but don’t trust me on this one, lol. i remember last year a LOT of people were saying that Big Bang is gonna go.. so i bought a ticket and everything.. but they didn’t come :[ but hollywood bowl was SUPER FUN anyway.

    hhaha okay sorry for going off-topic. i hope all the IVIPS and VIPS going to their big concert have fuun! maybe you guys will get to meet the boys and get their autographs 😀

  21. how lucky all of you are that are going! I wish i could go, but the only problem is, i dont live in korea 😦 im hoping[HOPING!] that i’ll maracuously[sp?] bump into them if they come to los angeles, california this year. Maybe a sudden surprise concert at the hollywood bowl? Omg, then im there! But yea, thats if it happens. Have fun to everyone else thats going in korea! Bring back tons of wonderful picturesssss to share! ^_^v

  22. i wish i lived in Seoul x( and i heard big bang’s going to US next month, anyone know which part of US? XD
    btw, have fun! to the people who’s watching big bang’s concert xPP
    so lucky!

  23. @ topluvsme: I will be sending you e-mail regarding translation.

  24. to : sarah
    jiyong said NY

  25. @riney♪
    for real???
    where/when did he say that??
    i really wanted them to come to L.A.

  26. waa!! I wanna go too! 😐 U guys r lucky to go in KR.. huwaaa!!~~ and to those who live in US.. waa!~~ u guys r lucky too!! arghhh~~

  27. hey guys, I just wanna ask if they r selling BB albums or stuffs in US.. coz I wanted to ask my auntie to buy one for me.. please please reply.. 🙂

  28. hi. sain baitsgaan uu.

  29. I and My friends have a plan to go to BB’s concert too
    but now i haven’t a concert’s ticket yet >”> my e-mail

  30. my e-mail

  31. OMG lucky ass people..i would do anything to go!! ahah well almost anything!! LOL OMG have A GREAT TIME!! and let us know ALL the details when u guys get back!!!

  32. OMG! I’mma go in 3 years >:]. I have 1 year of high school to go and taaada imma start saving up money now ^^. XD.

  33. aWw I wish I could go! T_T For those of yo0u who are going I hope you guys have a go0od time!

  34. i wish they’ll go to i can watch their concert..:C but to all ivips going..have fun!! scream your lungs out for us during the^_^

  35. T.T i wish i could go to US for their concert T.T

  36. I really want to go and attend it and meet with the IVIP, unfortunately I have class to attend, this is really sad for me.
    Maybe then, in the future… How I really wish to go so to the concert… >.<”””

  37. When and how much are they ?

  38. when big bang come to usa ,pls let’s me know .

  39. I’ll be going to the concert for sure!
    email ->

  40. Whoops, wrong concert ;P

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