Gwangju Home of the Biggest Stars

U-Know Yun Ho – Yoo Bin – Seung ri, ‘Turns out they are alumni of the same elementary school’

[Asia Economy Newspaper Lee Hye Rin reporter] 3 alumni of the same elementary school from each of the greatest national idol groups have been born.

It has been disclosed recently that Dong Bang Shin Ki’s U-Know Yun Ho, Wonder Girls’ Yoo Bin, and Big Bang’s Seung Ri all went to Jeong Ahm Elementary School in Weol Gye Dong, Kwang Ju.

The three people coincidentally went to Kwang Ju, their hometown, on January 1st at the same time and were surprised to find out that they went to the same elementary school. U-Know Yun Ho is the oldest, being born in 1986; Yoo Bin is after him, being born in 1988; and Seung Ri is the youngest, being born in 1990.

This isn’t the first time celebrities are drawing popularity by being alumni of the same school, but the fact that a member from each of the three greatest idol groups that are leading the music industry today is alumni of the same school with the others is very unique.

An associate of Seung Ri said, “Seung Ri found out by going to his hometown for New Years that the three artists gathered in one city” and “It is an incredible connection.”

An associate of U-Know Yun Ho also marveled, “I knew U-Know Yun Ho and Seung Ri went to the same school, but it’s surprising that even Yoo Bin went to the same school.”

A close associate of Yoo Bin also said, “I’ve known since last year that the three people are alumni of the same elementary school. It is a surprising coincidence.”

On the other hand, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, and Wonder Girls are representing groups from SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, respectively, that have conquered the biggest awards from the past end-of-the-year music award ceremonies and are demonstrating competitive popularity.

Lee Hye Rin reporter <ⓒAsia Economy &>

Translation credits to bigbangnyuh.
Credits to 슨니애기 for posting at bbvipz.

i would love to spend this time right now to THANKS ARAfor always translating articles for me (: you are the best.
not only are you willing to help me. you do it HELLA fast
so i love you ARA!

~ by Winnie Chu on January 6, 2009.

25 Responses to “Gwangju Home of the Biggest Stars”

  1. ” but the fact that a member from each of the three greatest idol groups that are leading the music industry today is alumni of the same school with the others is very unique. ”

    ^ that’s the part that amazes me. what are the chances? hehe.

    thanks Ara for translating and thanks Winnie for sharing. :]

  2. woah, that’s really great isn’t it ^^
    i wanna see their pictures & video clip together last january 1 XDD

  3. wah
    that is SO AWESOME
    it’s like as if they are rivals, but they are not
    good friends yeah?
    it’s like as if they already became relatives awww
    i’m so gonna visit kwang ju one day if i get a chance to go to korea LOL

    oh and i’m glad that SR got to spend the first day of the year with his family and friends too~ didn’t know that he went back there.

  4. damn
    talk about endorsement!
    nah jk
    thats seriously kool that all 3 are from JYP, YG and SM too
    haha what are the odds?!
    i might also add that 2 of them are awesome dancers ^^
    yunho is my fave from dbsk and yoobin is my fave from WG too!

  5. wowww! thats so cool 😀

  6. Thank You for translating.
    Oh that’s so cool. No wonder on that
    talk show, seungri was talking about Yunho.
    AHH Kay, gotta got. Bus coming in 2 minutes!!!!!

  7. WICKED!
    They all went to the same school..
    They must have been so cute as little kids. XD

    Anyways, Thanks for Translating. =)

  8. So cool that Yunho, Baby Ri and Yoobin went to the same elementary school.
    I wonder how they all reacted when they saw each other in their old elementary school…maybe something like “You went her too? Cool!”
    Of course they wouldn’t know coz they are not of the same age.
    This really is a nice coincidence. hehe.
    Gwangju’s Pride! =)

  9. Lol that’s so cool, it amazes me in some way. Hahaha!

  10. amazing. maybe if i was born earlier and went to that elementary, i could have been dancing with seung ri in the wonderbang concert instead of yubin.

    kinda ironic how they were paired up with each other for the concert…

  11. Aha, that is so cool!
    And they didn’t even recognized
    it till like last year or something.
    It’s like they kinda knew each other but didn’t notice
    till they were famous. Hrmm they used to go to the
    SAME elementary and now they are ALL of them are famous,
    Seungri was with Yoobin in WonderBang performences,
    Yunho & Seungri has this connection. Aha very cool

  12. OMG! thats sooo cool. i wonder if any of the teachers had taught all three of them! :]]
    that is a super-idol school now!

  13. wowww yoobin i didn’t know xD thanx for the news! ^^

  14. none related topic to the post about family outing, not sure if you’ve read this:–talk615298.html

  15. This is freaking cool!

    and wow, amazes me how each of them REPRESENT
    SM, JYP, and YG Entertainment

    that’s just awesome! didnt know U-Know was from Gwangju too..?!


  16. wow wow woww :DD


    all the coolest things happen to them xD LMAO.

  17. haha super interesting
    and cool !
    thanks winnie 🙂

  18. At first, I was like, “hey! Maybe, they were all friends!”
    and then I remembered that they’re all different ages. -_- LOL. It’s cool that the went to the same school.

    The guy that does the voice of Kermit the Frog (not Jim Henson but the guy who does him now) graduated from my friend’s high school.

  19. wooow
    it’s cool that they went to the same school
    and each of them had 2 years gap lol
    so when seungri was in 1st grade, yoobin was in 3rd grade, and yunho was in 5th grade wkwkwkwk kiyowoo~~

  20. I’ve been dying to go to gwangju *chuuuuu!! >.< They say that it is one of the most beautiful places in KR.. I remember my oppa yunho was dumped by 2 girls.. ahihi~~ maybe now they’re regreting so much bcoz they broke my oppa’s heart.. ahihi~~

  21. gwangju pride

  22. hmm…
    if only i were born older and in korea to go to that school, i could be dancing with seung ri on new years eve to lie instead of yoobin.

  23. ooooh i remember i was watching a show with yunho
    and he was saying he was from gwangju and speaking those
    regional korean languages (사투리) and i thought
    seungri is from gwangju too~ but didnt know
    they went to same school.. esp yoobin. tats so random haha

  24. wow..that is so cool!..

    3 of the hottest groups in korea..all from the same school..and it’s so unexpected!! i knew baby was there..and u-know too..but yoobin!! wow..haha ^^

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