Kissing Scene from ‘Strong Baby’ was Deleted

Seungri’s ‘Banned’ Solo Song, Voluntarily Deleted Music Video Kiss Scene

It has become known late that the passionate kiss scene in Big Bang’s Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ music video was voluntarily deleted.

A high ranked affiliate of YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s agency, had a phone conversation with Money Today Star News in the afternoon of the 6th and revealed that “Seungri’s solo ‘Strong Baby”s music video was released on the 1st” and “this music video was directed by Seo Hyun Seung director, who has made many of Big Bang’s music videos so far.”

This affiliate said, “According to Seo Hyun Seung director and the agency, the music video was meant to congratulate Seungri’s becoming twenty years old, an adult, and was shot emphasizing his mature and manly attractiveness to the fullest” and “however after completing the shooting, there were too many scenes with Seungri’s passionate kiss scene, so these images were deleted voluntarily after discussion.”

Additionally he/she said, “Currently Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ music video has passed MBC, SBS, and other stations’ deliberations.”

He/she also revealed this day that “however, after watching ‘Strong Baby,’ Seungri’s dedicated fans sensed from the unfolding of the music video that there originally was a passionate kiss scene” and “afterwards they are pouring the agency with requests to reveal the original version.”

The affiliate said, “From the rush of the fans’ requests, the original ‘Strong Baby’ music video is being considered to be revealed at the Big Bang Solo Concerts on 31st of this month and February 1st.”

Translated by bigbangnyuh
Credit to 엉거주춤♡ for posting the article at bbvipz.


~ by Winnie Chu on January 6, 2009.

66 Responses to “Kissing Scene from ‘Strong Baby’ was Deleted”

  1. o m g.

  2. Waaaahh?? they removed osme of the kiss scenes?

    is there a second version of Strong Baby?

    *siggh* I wonder how Seung Ri is feeling abt this…

    on the other hand, I hope a kind VIP will record
    the ORIGINAL kiss scene at the concert!!

  3. I’M GOING TO DIE IF I SEE THE KISS SCENE. T_T I just can’t stand seeing BB members kiss other girls, besides TOP (not that I don’t like him). Other than that… *sighs* I’m not like bashing about it or anything I’m so sad. LMAO. I mean I’m just getting mixed feelings. Disappointed and excited to watch it at the same time. Lol.

  4. hmm…”deleted voluntarily”, meaning Seungri requested that?
    lol, i want to see the kissing scene too..hee~

    there have been a lot of controversy lately regarding this music video…just like rosiebb, im really wondering how Seungri is coping with all these.

  5. and im quite surprise that fans flooded the agency with requests to see the deleted scenes…it’s ironic that they are yearning to see it, lol ~

    VIPs are indeed different.

  6. i wouldn’t have mind. come on, YG! bring on the kissing scenes! LOL! when i first saw the mv, i thought THAT was the kissing scene. i was telling a friend “dude…is that what they think is kissing? they barely touched!” baah, my bad!

  7. aigoo, poor seungri~
    wonder how he feels and how he is coping with all the requirements and demands. yeah, if i see the kissing scene i would faint and die but i wanna see him kiss!~


    nonetheless, OPPA HWAITING!~

  8. after reading this i want to watch the making of the MV
    i want to see the other BB members(if they were there) reactions!
    i waonder if they were cracking up to see baby kissing that girl!
    it would be priceless!

  9. :O
    the words ‘passionate kiss scene’ made me squeal ><
    haha i dont know if im gonna like watching it or hate it
    but none the less, i have to see it!

  10. So that means they had a lot of kissingg and everything
    but at the end, they just don’t feel like it’ll be good for the MV.. omo;;; kissing for nothing? ..but yeahh
    I wanna watch the original MV;; i wanna see how they kisss and what’s all the difference between two MVs ahha..
    and I totally relate to you jiyongislove
    right when i watched Strong Baby MV i was thinking about the making and everything;; how other members reacted while watching maknae seungri;; i got a lot of imaginations now hahaha 🙂

    btw, thanxxxx itswinniechu

  11. I wanna see it

    Yet I don’t.

    OMO that means Seungri kissed her and stuff *shudders*

    All the noonas in the World must want to be her right now.

  12. bring on the kissing scenes! hahaha! >:)) I wanna see it ;P

  13. i wanna see i wanna see
    there should be another version for the legal ones
    now they were kissing for nothing
    baby ahhh~

  14. OMG
    i hope some one filmed it..
    OMG O_O

  15. OMG!! I demand fancam!!!! LOL other members must be jealous XD
    Thank you for the news~

  16. OMG I KNEW IT!
    i was waiting the whole time during the MV for a kiss, and at the end i was like ‘…did i miss it?’
    (yes, i admit i am a little perverted at times)
    i agree with widchii, FANCAM PLEASE!!!!
    -oh and thanks for translating again!

  17. aigoo~ a kissing scene??
    yeah, i thought there would be one,, hhmm

    so.. that explains it..
    they’ve deleted it right away..
    i wonder if that was SR request??
    well, i guess not..

    i want to see the kissing scene~

    seeing BABY this HOT,, OMG!!!!

  18. oh my gahd!
    where r u? u have 2 comment! haha. mm, my friend told me bout this news a whiLe ago, i was like “WHATT?” then i read it.. it’s a shocking news, haha. wel, i wana see those kissin scenes, gawd. i demand them to show it! LOL.. maybe seungri dont wana see us dying while watching him on that HOT kissin scene.. he cares about us! HAHA.

  19. I WANNA SEE IT x’D..haha..yea FANCAM PLEASE !! ^^..I wanna see big bangs reaction

  20. omagad! i’m stiL imagining seungri w/hot kissin scene.. i’m feeling it.. ahh.. seungri, making me wana!! 0_0 ‘cant get ove this.. *faintz*

  21. twenty? o.O …….a kissing scene?? please T_T im dying here.

  22. @ tina sungmin

    he’s 20 in Korea…but he’s just plain ol’ 18 over here in America LOL.

    Passionate Kiss??!?!?!?

    Not too sure about that, I wanna check it out though, definitely.

  23. omg i wanna watch it! omg omg babyy ahh!

  24. that’s rediculous. im tired of them banning so much lately. they let Wonder Girls get all sexy on T.O.P. in the WonderBang stage, but Seung Ri can’t do one thing!! It’s not like that kiss was so dramatically done. I bet Vi’s pissed. I would be…

  25. i really want to see the kiss scene!!! too bad i’m not going to their concert T-T please vips who are going record it so i can see it O.O

  26. omona~
    i want to see the kiss scene of baby!!

  27. aishhh– i really want to see it, but then i don’t want to see it! omg; i already died seeing the scences from the mv, but there’s more?! T.T

  28. Ahhhhhh
    FOR RAEL?!

  29. I can see many people freaking out. hehehe.

    When you watch the MV, you can see Baby Ri’s lips almost touching her lips…wooohooo.

    Personally I still haven’t gotten over the bed-stripping-touchy scene. But I really am curious on how the passionate kissing scene goes.

    OMG Baby’s so mature now. hehehe.

    to all VIPs who’re gonna watch the concert fancams please!!!

  30. Then I read the article again, and it’s still considered at the moment.
    Please YG show it to us!!! at least at their concert! *then the VIPs can fancam it for us who can’t be there. ^^*

  31. i know he’s gonna handle it well. it’s a lot of pressure on him and plus he’s young, but he IS a strong baby :). i’m a little uneasy about yg releasing the kiss scene for vipz though. i hope it won’ t be controversial. deleted voluntarily by seungri himself, big bang, or yg, it means it must be really too much then to be cut off? but either way, they’re really careful about it and they’re really thoughtful to vipz. making sure not to cause too much drama. and wow, kbs takes CRACK as drugs? double-u-tee-eff. i’m also nodding my head at yg for sticking up for their artists. changing the lyric is really unneccessary. i think kbs should just let it go. there really wasn’t ANY related lyrics to the topic. lately, korean media has been really strict. with bannings of rain, solbi and all. plus the economy going really bad. i’m worried. but seungri, fighting! 🙂

  32. why does this makes me feel so sad…

  33. He won the title MTV Hot Seat of the month of January!!!
    how cool is that? ~

    Aishah, just wondering, where are you from?

  34. oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddd!!!!! 😮
    soo..tht means he did? he did kiss her? omfg
    how bad can this go.. -_- :p seriously.. so sad 😦
    but i do wanna see it! ;D

    oh and, vicky? or others whoever posts these news up in this fansite erm i got kinda a news for u all! abt seungri..
    well, im not sure if u all kno abt it tho! jus wanna check tho

    u kno perez hilton? yea i mean perez hilton!, not paris xD
    haha u all must be saying like “what is this gal typing? its PARIS NOT PEREZ” :p well, i do mean PEREZ
    yea aniways u kno he has this blog thing..which makes big hits
    and he is really famous for it
    and i duno i jus found out yesterday tht he somehow is into k-pop too 😀
    and erm basically he posts up seungri’s video(strong baby) in his blog too 😀
    i found out tht he had posts up WG’s songs(so hot,nobody) and hyori’s (U-Go-Girl)
    and was like.. “he’s bringing sexy back blabla” and stuff!
    i was really shocked and happy! and there were some good comments too…but then yea i guess there were lots of racist comments too which upset me alot yesterday,
    i found out tht he had posts up WG’s songs(so hot,nobody) and hyori’s (U-Go-Girl)

    yea basically tht’s my news for u ;D i guess its not a BIG news, but jus wanted to inform ya’ll!

    ps. if ya’ll wanna no more abt it or want the link blabla, feel free to ask me! 😀 annyeong

  35. maknae
    I already posted the Perez Hilton link in the comments a few posts back.

    I want to see the original version. Let’s see if I’ll explode.

  36. Maryam
    oh really? 😀 thanku for saying!

  37. OMGD O.O Yg is gonna end up killing all the VIP’s if they keep doing stuff like this. There was a kiss?!?!?!? I..I..*dies* omg ok if anyone on the site is going to one of their concerts and they do show the original, i will die if you do not fancam it. omg

  38. OMFG!! he did kiss her!!!
    “…passionate kiss scene…” OMG what does that means…
    haha… I can’t imagine our lil boy (man) kissing passionately, i will scream and die XD
    OHHH VICKY where r u???
    Did u die??, R u okay??

  39. oh shaaattt..
    vicky..are you jealous NOW? ;P
    baby (i’m not even sure i can call him that now)… really did it on this one
    wow, VIPS all over the world will be dying for this…ah can’t wait to see this, but a bit scared

    I soooo want to see that kissing scene…
    I agree, i bet the other members were craking up when they saw seungri kiss. I can soo imagine them XP
    I hope we get to see it…

  41. Damn. This makes me soo mad.

  42. its still so hard for me to believe this whole thing
    abt kissing..tht was well passionately?

  43. tht aswell passionately?*

  44. what? there’s more?! o-o

  45. someone needs to revive Vicky. lol i couldnt believe it and died when i read this. Bongie is my man but this news just made me squeal, die, fangirl something aweful, and feel jealous all at the same time. Vicky are you ok? TALK TO US VICKY!!! We’ll have to send Ri over to apologize and give mouth to mouth XD

  46. many passionate kiss??
    Eh, what’s that suppose to mean huh Seungri?
    Don’t tell me he did that scene over & over
    again. are you trying to kill a fan girl here
    or something? i mean you already did
    [AHEMS Vicky since i haven’t seen her posted about this yet]
    and your killing many other fan girls. Aha
    but at least it wasn’t in the video.
    Yeahh, the fans couldn’t wait any longer.
    But damnnn that video was hot!!! & a good way to start out
    2009. And, And yes he did grow…into a very hot man.


  48. he’s 20?? i thought he’s 19 in korean age…o.O

  49. waah!
    I hope they do show the video
    Baby showing his sexy side

  50. :[[[
    oh gosh..idk how i feel about be crazyjealous watching him KISS another girl..but its so tempting! :’/

  51. O-M-G!!!! Kiss scene O.O

  52. i don’t think i want to see it 😦

  53. snap! the first time i watched it i said out loud, “Don’t kiss her. Don’t you dare kiss her.” lmao. but i wanna seeeee O_O

  54. OMO!!!!!!!

    woah mama

  55. geez. stiL can’t get over it. HAHA. imagine seungri wit that passionate kissin scenes.. Aigoo ~ by the way, how about his MOViE? i read there’s also a intimate scenes there.. oh my god, seungri is killing us!! .. i’m stiL waiting 4 ViCKY’s comment! HAHA.

  56. Hehe.
    many are having a contradicting feeling of not wanting to see the passionate kissing scene but still desiring to see it. Weeeeeee.
    Me too. I still can’t handle the bed/abs scene and then there’s more!
    Wonder how Baby Ri did all of it, his reaction when doing the scene, how many takes to make it right, the other members’ reactions, and why did they decide to edit it out after a lot of takes. hihihi.
    I’m also waiting for lil sis in law’s comment *Vicky*…is she still alive???
    Maybe YG is preventing the death/trashing of the female lead in the video and it was deleted? Then again….we ALL WANNA SEE!!!

  57. EEEP ! D: im not sure if i can handle this “passionate kiss scene” T___T but..i DO wanna see SEUNGRI KISSING must be soo hot..considering his bed scene in the mv was already hella hot and they weren’t even kissing ;D ;D so YES YG please release the scene to us! then i can imagine the girl in the mv is me. MUAHAHA 😀
    on another note. i hope Riri is coping well with all these issues concerning his mv. =\ i still can’t get over the fact that his song was banned on kbs just for the word “crack” . ughh… HWAITING SEUNGRI! i believe in you, STRONG baby<3

  58. -______________________-
    wowww .
    isn’t this like a form of self-torture ?!
    i REALLY don’t want to see it alfakjlskfjasldf;
    what the . i’m so confused ! i thought he was turning nineteen (in korean years) D:

  59. ^ he’s born on december 12, 1990, which makes him 18 years old in international age. In korea, when you are born you are already considered 1 year old. so adding that to his international age would make him 19. and then also, everyone in korea turns 1 year older on new years (Jan 1) so that makes him 20. i hope that made sense 😀

    and btw, i just noticed that on the clock of seungri’s mv, his birth date is on it. LOL so i guess it really is commemorating his “adulthood” 😀 hahaha i love him

  60. panda
    Thank you for explaining. I was a bit confused, as well.

  61. i wanna see the whole video! hahahah! doesn’t matter.. what’s done is done. i still wanna see it

  62. wait, but seung ri isnt twenty yet o.O

  63. @_@ k-kiss scene?

    uhh, i was scared to watch the first, and now theyre giving one with a kiss??
    my life is terrorizing me : (

    but, i’d like to see it, then like, take a pictre and photoshop my head on it. as long as its not too passionate, im fine.

    well no offense but i mean he alrdy
    DID IT anyways and i noe everyone is
    alrdy IMAGINING IT… hahaaa
    oo but the thing is its passionate.. mm still
    wanna see how it went tho.
    i understand how team seungri fans are feelingg
    if my hubby top did a passionate kiss scene
    (he alrdy had way too many kissing)
    i would be traumatized @_@
    and as for KBS banning seungri for ‘crack’,
    uhhh HELLOOO, ppl watching dont even CAREE..?! =.=;

  65. omg!! i seriously wanna see it!!..
    i’ve seen the mv that they released..the touchy part and baby’s abs..dang!! but i wanna see the original!!

    everyone knows he did the kiss anyway..and finally!! baby’s legal..haha it doesnt even matter if he said “crack” in the vid..come was catchy anyway!..and i just love the song!! seungri fighting!!^_^

  66. errrghh i’m so torn right now!!! like, i WANNA see it cuz it would be pretty hott, but at the same time i DON’T wanna see it cuz that would just make me feel really seriously bummed!!!
    i hope he’s okay with all this stuff about his solo >.<“

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