CYON Ice Cream CF | 01.08.09 SeungRi on M Countdown! | A book about Big Bang pubslished | Pictures Updates!!


New CYON Ice Cream WALLPAPERS Behind the Cut

Big Bang & Kim Tae Hee’s FULL CF.

Also include “Ice Cream” Big Bang’s version

01.08.09 Big Bang CYON CFs
CYON Ice Cream 2 CF
336 MB

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01.08.09 Making of the film
CYON Ice Cream 2 CF
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01.08.09 Mnet M Countdown!
SeungRi Solo Comeback Stage
236 MB

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Translated News Article:

Big Bang to publish book on their success story

What do you know, our boys will hae their own book soon, whoa.. so unexpected, but that just sums up how successful they are, and we were there with them in the way, how proud should we be?? REALLY PROUD!! I’m gonna get this even though I will have NO IDEA what it says on there haha. The book expect to be release on January 28th

I also love the photoshoot pictures that comes along with this news, Bong is officially going on his headband phrase now, HE LOOK SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I’m so happy, Bong got a new haircut and I didn’t get any heart attack, THAT’S a good thing haha now that’s Baby is a “Strong Baby” Bong gotta take care of the cuteness level in Big Bang now, so freaking cute!! Also a HQ version of the PMP promo pic, sitting on a mini couch screams adorable!!


thanks to Haruka님
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The intro… they seriously NEEDS to release those pics already, cuz dang I be dying over here looking at the picutre of him in bed with that rose… DYING…. aww… he performed “the Next Day” again, there’s the white piano… only he wasn’t playing it keke still looking HOT as always, my Baby. He stood up and walk to the mirror… then walk real fast over the chairs and sat down haha it’s like a race keke seems a bit awkward. Then EunHyeung came out, I don’t like that dress, doesn’t flaunt her figure, the dance is a bit weird for a slow song like this too, i was laughing, she took off his jacket… and WENT OVER THE BED!! OH DANG!!!!!!!!!! CAN I JOIN??? hahaha that’s a bit… hahaha for this song. kekek

thanks to Haruka님

It’s the bed again.. dude if I was there, you can be SURE those curtains wouldn’t be up hahaha he just look so SEXYY!! GOD!! BABY!! WHAT YOU DO TO ME?????????? When he put on his jacket then walked over looking at the camera under him…. whew~ too much to handle at 5 AM.. dang. The CRACK CRACK dance, screw KBS, they wanna change it to “clap” then FINE! but he’ still CRACKING IT UP now, what you gonna do? the CRACK CRACK dance is freaking awsome so don’t you try to deny it. I just freaking love seeing him move, ahh… the reason why i fell in love with him, I love it!! ahhh! My husband is the best!! If you notice, he barely touched EunHyung’s butt now haha…. scare to touch nuna? now that’s not the Baby I know.

He was working that camera haha since M Countdown! always have camera like right next to the artist while they’re performing, he was being such a camwhore, i love it haha this is the first time I see the camera man not zooming in on the dancers, since M Coutndown!’s camera men are known for being pervs, maybe Baby was too sexy event he camera dudes cant’ take their lense off of him haha

PMP Promo ad.


New Photoshoot

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SeungRi on M Countdown!

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~ by Vicky on January 8, 2009.

134 Responses to “CYON Ice Cream CF | 01.08.09 SeungRi on M Countdown! | A book about Big Bang pubslished | Pictures Updates!!”

  1. ghawd. hot hot hot :))

    when will the book be released? <anxious

  2. hey jeska arent you going to answer my email? 😦 are u busy?

  3. i love it that he sang DaEumNal as the intro song. The settings for both song just relate to one another! I must say the perf. was well-planned ~

    Haha, seungri looks mature in the first pic at MnetCountdown, but looks cute in the second pic. Talk about bipolar. ^_^

    It’s nice to see them taking photo together as a group again. Those headbands look good on GD. Everyone looking fresh and energized. Their faces complement one another.Seriously, they look good together as BIG BANG. ❤

    Can’t wait for the book. Someone PLEASE translate 🙂

  4. wow the book…(get excited about this indeed)
    and GD’s new hair…is freaking cute, esp with that headband haha. Adore his taste always 😀

  5. OMG A BOOK?!
    haha lets pray for a english version too ^^
    damn my youtube isnt working so i cant watch baby atm T.T

  6. TOP looks so tired on those pics..
    hehe GD is a real cutie!! and i love that hairband!!!!!

  7. omo…a BOOK? =O…wow!!!! can’t wait!!!

    …why is bong so cute???..

    GD looks so WOOOOOW WITH HIS HAIR……..omg…

    sry I’m a bit hyper….fjworfjsm.

  8. oh mann.look at tabi’s tired eyes.
    and yayy! he’s wearing purple pants!love that colour! hehe.
    the CF interview was hilarious!if tabi was a pig he’d be the best looking pig on earth.ahhaha.

  9. OMG!!! i luv big bang soo much and i hope they cum 2 OHIO so i can c big bang and there hott selves! Expecially T.O.P. and Tae Yang and they r sooo FYNE!!!!!!!!

  10. wow!!yeah pray 4 english version!!!

  11. waaaaaah ! ~ SEUNGRi was so SEXXXXXXXXXYYYYYY!! oh~GAWD. i love when he’s on the BED! haha.. HOT PANDA!! laveeetttt!! oh gosg, i can’t breath… ahhhhhhhh ~

  12. SEUNGRi is the MAN!!

  13. Now this looks like a niiice shoot. Though I must say, I´m not really digging the jeans in the last few picture.

    (A bit off topic, but TOP, in those pictures could play both, Raito and L from “Death Note”—-if anyone is familiar with that manga)

  14. O gosh! My baby Dae is so cute!! REally love his smile in the photos!!!!

  15. oh mah gah love the new picsssssssss

  16. SEUNGRi seducing me @ 3:14 STRONG BABY.. touch me part!! hakhak..

  17. Lets hope they have an english version of this book!!!


  18. I wonder if the book will be in english or else oversea VIPZ will be sad just like me.

  19. wua so cute^^
    seungri *-*

    thanks! ❤

  20. for the PMP Promo ad, i most definitely read it as “Pimp Promo Ad” XDD

    the ads remind me of older BB photoshoots!

  21. WAAAA!!!!! A BOOK!!! Let’s hope there’s a english ver. of it. AHH
    AWWW… Bong’s new hairstyle is very cuteeee =3
    I love seeing new photoshoots of our boys =D
    Oh No!! Tabi’s dark circles are scaring me =( He looks tired
    Hope he rest more and don’t overwork himself with the filming of his drama…
    Ri can’t hide his cute self haha…
    I need to see the perf later =D

  22. Nice a book.. and its released on my birthday! xD how sweet is that.

  23. Tabi, I love you 4 ever!! xD

  24. They are still singing “crack” here right?
    Hope they only change it in KBS, not in any other networks.tsk2.
    That bed…tsk3…hehehe.
    Love his perf! =)

  25. i wanna buy the book! hope there will be english version! :D:D oh oh i like gd’s hair 😀 and seungri, even my mom and my sis said ur handsome! XDXD

  26. A book? already? I want it! Except I can’t read Korean. Hopefully they’ll have an English version? My birthday is in March…

  27. i thought that i didn’t know my own name last night, but oohhhh , i didn’t realize what would happen when i saw THIS photoshooot .
    god, bong, let me breath for once without choking .

  28. Love GD headband. Not a lot of men can wear that but he pulls it off. Also top is growing out his hair, yay! I think maybe becasue of his upcoming drama role. Love it better long.

  29. “Bye, Ladies.” *kiss*
    no, Baby, come back. xD
    that killed you, Vi? killed me too.

    and yay. group pictures. i love group pictures.
    and Bong’s headband look is love. can’t get enough of it.

    oh and of course i’ll be ‘crack’-ing it up til the
    day i die. screw KBS. haha.

  30. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY NEXT DAAY~!~!~! I lurve that song. o-o. The dancer’s dress was really o_O;. But I liked. 😀 And hte part where she sent him to bed, wah. xDD

    LOLOHSNAP!~ THE BED!! LOLOLOLOL And then “crack-crack”ing his way to the dance. xD Awesome.









  31. annebonny
    I agree, only GD can pull of the headband. He pulls them off better than I do.
    And, TOP’s hair looks good. As usual. Almost. I really prefer to not think about the ‘With U’ video. His hair was great when it wasn’t in those…stubs.

  32. baby has all kinds of props on mnet! lol
    i wished he’d sing more of his partss. xD
    ah i wwant that book! id need a translation dictionary by my side reading it but still!! keke~

  33. i lovee gd’s new hairstyle, so cute. ❤
    they all look cute, actually, esp. in the ice cream video.

  34. xarmaine

    It will be out in Korea on January 28th
    i’m not sure if YesAsia will stock it
    but HOPEFULLY they will

  35. topluvsme

    she probably is busy since school is back and everything
    you should send her another email or wait a while 🙂

  36. tubby

    I’ve been saying that over and over
    when you’re a Baby luver, you just feel so bipolar.. ALL THE TIME!!

    I LOVE Bong’s new hairphrase
    it is FREAKING CUTE!!
    I love all this hair except the bowlcut, that was wrong
    so glad he have a reasonable one this time hahah

  37. Pearllovestop

    I seriously doubt it, but let’s pray together haha

  38. daesungie15

    I would SO buy these pimps hahah

  39. KyBBLover

    just glad their vacation is after this month
    they’ll have plenty of time to sleep 🙂

  40. sis in law

    they only gonna change it for KBS
    so on the rest of the channels, he’ll be CRACKING IT UP!
    KBS can’t do CRAP about THAT

  41. annebonny

    dont’ cold-blooded killer normally have short hair so they can kill ppl easier? hahahah
    we’ll see

  42. Heather

    OH GURL~
    what do you think?

    and how his hair is all soft
    AHH~ and shiny too
    LOVE IT!!
    got me all excited haha
    i love it when Bong have a cute haircut


  43. Jini

    Mnet is tight with YG so Baby of course got better treatment haha
    I just want the bring the damn bed with him on it home haha

  44. VI

    really? cool!
    hahaha i dont even NEED a bed, just HIM <33

  45. Aww, they are soo, soo cute!
    i love the CF. aha that was cool how
    they just changed into a different person.
    Kim Tae Hee unnie is lucky to do a comerical
    with Big Bang. WHOO Seungri’s performence is hot!
    omg DAMNN Seungri you’re making me die hear.
    Ahaha yes i notice the ‘claps’ but i clapped
    and said ‘crack’ b/c it’s the lyrics and i’m
    used to that. Lols. i want to get on bed with you
    Too Seungri. Aww i miss hearing ‘Next day.’




  47. Jini

    haha i know
    but the bed’s pretty and since hs’s already on it
    WHY NOT??? hahaha

  48. ninalee

    I was thinking about that
    it’s like a Korean’s boy dream to meet Kim Tae Hee or Lee Hyori
    and Big Bang already met and work with both haha
    and it seems like to Hyori, she’s the lucky one rather than Big Bang being the lucky one haha
    so idk about Kim Tae Hee, wonder if she’s the lucky one or our boys is the lucky one to get to work with her haha since she’s such a huge star in Korea, a definate A+ lister in the celebrities world

  49. VI

    kyaa~ the bed would slow me down! LOL
    babys just SO temptinggg

  50. OH! I loved how he turned into Dae Sung! That was my favorite part! LOL, did TOP try to eat the phone?

  51. aww The Next Dance dance was niice
    made the song seem cooler lol

    ahhh, the performance was hot! SR’s
    getting more provocative everytime.
    His voice is getting more powerful ^^

    LOVING the plain white tshirt photoshoot
    TOP’s new hair is SEXY! GD’s is extremely cute!

    I REAALLY want the book, too! Hopefully it will
    force me to learn korean 😀 haha

  52. The Next Dance dance? sorry…i mean The Next Day dance lol -_-

    The CF song is so CATCHY! and the concept of Big Bang
    chasing Kim TaeHee is so cute lol

  53. o0o I this video is HOT! I want a Cyon Ice Cream phone now! haha

  54. Hm—-it´s funny how TOP has some new move every month. This time around, it´s the legcrossing.

    Just mentioning…..

    Peace—–oh, and VICKY, havn´t heard from you in quite a while. Cheers.

  55. JIni

    gurl you scare me sometimes hahahaha

  56. Maryam

    yes he did
    i so expect him to do that haha
    the ice cream lover

  57. rosiebb

    i know~ i didn’t think that dance was necessarily
    seems a bit awkward

  58. Vi

    did u see what baby was doing in the end?! gawd.

    our baby is like love. but better. he can comme true. whatever im saying…

  59. Danggg sexyluss (:
    Love the commercial. Look at their face expressions! xD SO CUTE!
    Wow love “The Next Day” performance. I always love that song.
    STRONG BABY xD It’s still “Crack”.
    SEXYYYY (: LOL Let’s Join them in the bed. J/k! haha!

  60. oui. i really do hope they have an english version.
    and if not…hopefully YESASIA will sell it.
    cause i’ll buy the book even if i cant read it. 😀

    Seungri’s just…
    so super hot. lol.
    but Bong…his hair.
    it makes it hard to stay faithful to Baby. lol.
    Bong is so…amazing.
    😀 love my boys.

  61. OMG!!!!
    this is like the third time I write this my computer is just sooo retarded!

    the cf was so so so so cute!
    the boys are so colorful!!! waaah!!!!!
    Tabi tryin to eat the phone
    then at the end their faces
    waaaaaaah! CUTE!!!! >.<
    looooved Kim Tae Hees’s outfit
    and the wallpapers are awesome!
    already Tabi on my screen ;D

    baby’s performance was LOVE!
    when I saw him taking off the jacket and lie down
    the pervy thoughts were unstoppable

    strong baby
    I still heard CRACK LOL
    I knew it was gonna be like that but oh well
    3:10 to 3:15
    soooooooooooooo damn sexyyyyyy!!!!
    and the camera was so close it was just too clear!
    I DIED!!!!

    BB in the new photoshoot…. 0__________0
    second pic is definitely my favorite
    their smiles look so innocent and the white shirts with the backround waaaaah!!!!!

  62. Vi
    Ow~ our boys now is a CF star!
    The CF so cute~ I don’t droll ober the cellphone but I droll over our boys!
    Bong looks so cute indeed & I also glad that he bring back his headband style again. Hehe… like how he was in Haru haru MV. Kekeke.. bong is the one who have to take care of BB cuteness.

    The wallpapers,
    hubby with my favorite color. I can’t ask more of that. ah~ dying of happiness.
    Bong with my 2nd favo color. Look incredibly cute but still he can’t match the original cute from BB. Hahaha… baby~ aigo~ so so cute. The way he stand & put his arms at the back.

    Hahaha… “alk real fast over the chairs and sat down haha it’s like a race” keke
    Yup, its so awkward.
    & the dress remind me of Hyori dress during MKMF. But her’s is backless.
    Look’s like only Hyori could work the dress style. haha
    OH MY GOD! The BED!
    Vi~ ur hubby is teasing u too much these days. Hahaha

    “you can be SURE those curtains wouldn’t be up”
    Hahaha… I like how u say this up. Kekeke…
    LOL, my pervy thought…

    Baby is like having a censor for camera.
    He just know where the camera is & do many poses to make fangirls die.
    Ckckck… remind me of what Bong say of baby.

    I like how hubby is with his hair down in this PMP. He looks so cute with his hair down, not hedgehog looks alike really spiky hairstyle. Hahaha
    with so many Bong cuteness overload, he must stand up & join too. Right?? keke

  63. omg!!i love the ice cream song!!! can anyone rip just the song from it?? cuz i really really like it =3

  64. Dori

    hahah hands in his mouth and blink twice keke
    that’s so Baby
    gotta love him

  65. shuggah

    I’m not even kidding
    I would so join haha

  66. kiana;

    I’ll bring it to school and MAKE my friend translate it for me haha
    I’ll bribe her with some bulgogi

  67. Sexica

    ouch. I hate it when I have to rewrite my stuff
    cuz you know how much I write hahaha

    a little advice, open up Wordpad on your computer, write everything you want then copy and paste it on the comment box
    that way, even if the internet is being stupid
    you don’t have to rewrite everything haha
    a little trick I learn from experience keke

    Out of EVERYONE.
    i would expect his mouth to come in contact with that phone ahah
    just cuz the name is Ice Cream kekek’

    u used Tabi? I’m using Baby’s hahah

    you have NO IDEA what I was thinking when I saw that
    OH GOD…. Baby is out to kill me for sure

    I don’t know where he get the idea for “touch me” and physically touched myself hahah
    try to teach my innocent husband bad things

    i love it when our boys do cute photoshoots
    sometimes even more than sexy ones I must say

  68. nya

    during the Haru Haru days, his hair was curly and ahjumma style
    now it’s just straight, soft and cute!!
    I LOVE IT!
    Bong sensed that I’ve been loving Baby too much these days so he’s trying to win me back HAHA
    sorry Bong. Baby’s abs is hard to beat keke

    the wallpapers are to DIE for
    i’m gonna switch it up by day
    I’m using Baby right now but I’m going to use Tabi soon haha
    sorry ur husband is being amazingly attractive these days
    and 2 days ago, I finally saw “Come to play” with him and Bong as guest, and he made me cry, never realize how sensitive Tabi is
    oh em gee, he keep this rate up, even Baby’s abs can’t help me stay with him.
    i’m scared I’ll get weak and give in and join Tabi’s team

    Baby does look awkward just running to the chair like that haha
    the whole dance wasn’t necessarily, I rahter he just sit and play the piano…. and walk to MY bed hahaha
    and gurl, you BETTUH believe those curtains ain’t gonna be up when I’m near
    I love those kind of bed, and what you can BEHIND the curtains hahaha

    I didn’t realize until you mentioned that Tabi’s hair is down
    he look so cute like that….O_______O STOP ME GURL!!!! I CAN’T HELP IT NOW! LORD JESUS CHRIST!! THE MAN IS 5 YEARS OLDER THAN ME AND HE’S MY FUTURE BRO IN LAW!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. xtopieloverx

    I already ripped the song and posted it on HQBB

  70. ahaha i love how you describe your thoughts LOVE IT hehehe
    Ommmggg BABY!!! i’ve got some..none underage thoughts kekeke 😛
    HOT! thanks you!

  71. doesnt seungri have a gf? 😕
    or was that old news..

  72. Vi
    never thought of that
    thanx 😀

    hahah yup he loves icecream after all
    haha reminds me of their Baskin Robins cf he was sayin that they promised him icecream but never gave him any
    guess it was the same here so he decided to eat the phone instead

    I don’t know who thought Baby to do that but
    wooow that was just too visually pleasing >______<
    he really gotta stop doing that it’s just not right to all of us who are tryin to be faithful to our men XD

  73. Vi
    But still, Bong could work the curluy style.
    Aw~ he looks so cute too in Haru haru.
    Bong just can’t admit that he lose to baby’s abs. he want to make u realize how cute he could be too. Hahaha…

    U use baby? I’m using hubby’s now. Won’t change it, but maybe will change it with Bong’s. his cuteness just too much.

    Ah!! U mean the last part right?
    Aw~ that’s so sweet of him. he didn’t make me cry but it’s so touching.
    Like how he want to protect his ex.
    But, I REALLY want him to answer MC.Yoo question.
    “Who that suggest the break up?” well, but since he want to protect her, it’s a wise decision not to answer it. I will appreciate his request on giving privacy.
    STAY WITH UR BABY GURL. I’m sure baby is as sweet as Tabi is. The other members also. They’re much mature than how they looks & behave.

    walk to ur bed. Aigo~~~ I can’t stop imagining things~
    so pervy in the morning. Hahaha…
    I believe I could hear some strange voice behind those curtains. Hahaha & I don’t want to hear that.

    Am I just dig my own grave?
    Letting u know more about hubby’s cuteness again. Aw~ I must stop this if I still want hubby to stay with me. Again, STAY WITH UR BABY.

    Aw~ the making of the CF. yup, that looks so dark. Not like the CF is.
    I spot hubby eating the ice cream & he’s the only one who’ll bite the phone.
    He thinks that as an ice cream huh? His endless love for ice cream.

  74. ohhhmannn such CUTIESSS<3

  75. Tabi..he looks. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute when
    he follows everybody in the beginning hahaaa.

    Bong LOOKS PRETTY xDD Dae’s eye things HAHAHA cuuttiieee ;D<33
    mymy, when it’s Bae’s turn. HE’S SOOO ADORABLE D:
    sooooo. adorableee.. SOOO MUCH IT HURTSS -_________-;;
    seriously, SOO ADORABLE. i’d loveee it if he danced for me like
    that xDD except i prolly wouldn’t act all stuck up ish and reject
    him HAHAA. LMFAO, i saw a comment on youtube. it was like..
    ” WHYY HER?!?! ”
    LMFAOO, i’d say the same too xDDD HAHAA.

    xD ALL OF THEM I FACT, but Bong’s the mosttt :DDD<33
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, TOO ADORABLE. wayy too adorable :]

    blehh, but the end when she talks and says ice cream and is all
    making those ‘sexy faces’ i’m like -_______________________-;;
    ew.. HAHA jk jk! but i don’t like the ending
    o_____________O; it just..bugs…me…lollll.
    idk if anybody feels this way too xD

  77. BABY’S SHAKY SHAKY. LMFAO, i almost wanted to call her a bitch
    when she looked at him like O_O omg wtfreak?! HAHA
    i would be like WOAHH BABYYY *O* HEY THERREEEEEEEEEEE ;D!<33
    lmfaoooo, supposedly this girl is all great though xD
    i don’t have anything against her but i mean o____________o
    i don’t like her in this CF xDDDD

    hahaaaa, i’m an idiot :]

  78. the picctuureess *-*


    lol, too late :DD too badd. hehehehee.
    looking YUMMMYYY as always xDD

    since i’ve talked to one of my friends about Baby’s mv, i’ve wanted to LICK HIS TUMMY. likee, this will be my crazy dream.
    LMFAO, IM GROSS BLEHHH. but at least i’m not perverted? xDDD

    HAHA, or maybe its the same LOL..

    and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee BONG AND HIS HEADBAND FASHION.
    seriously, in HARUHARU IT WAS supertasticly spicccyyyy HEHE xD!
    veryy cuuteee. lovee his headband. Bong is so ‘charismatic’ LOLLL.
    i lovee BONG :DD!

    BABY TOO!! xD
    LOL, pft might as well save me some time and say I LOVE BB.
    but whatever.. we all know that. we all love them. hahaaaa


  79. @ Vicky: sorry..i didn’t see it right away 😛 bad eyesight LOL..anyways, thankss 😀

  80. is it just me or is my man, T.O.P if course, have a “rounder” face? he isn’t fat (i couldn’t dare call someone that especially since i just looked int the mirror, but enough about me), but he looks a little rounder in the face but nowhere else

  81. wow i love the CF its so hot and cute and i just love big bang especially tae yang
    damn BB you are so hot

  82. Sunny

    haha whatever I wrote never really make any sense
    but glad you enjoyed it 😀

  83. xblackchristmas

    that was a long time ago
    he only has one girlfriend that he dated for 3 years, he broke up with her after he debut since he was too busy with his career he doesn’t have time for relationship

  84. Sexica

    he’s obsessed with ice cream
    he keeps talking about those free ice cream OVER AND OVER again
    Baskin Robbins just won’t give the man his damn ice cream
    he even threats to eat Häagen-Dazs’s ice cream keke
    Baby is tempting other ppl to leave their husband
    but Tabi is tempting ME to leave MY HUSBAND.
    and I already got 2!!

  85. Vi
    Baby is doing good at that
    those moves were just too damn tempting
    wait WHAT????!!
    noooooo Vi you’re our only hope if u start gettin with MY MAN
    your will go crazy and will tease us to death

  86. nya

    the only thing I didn’t like Bong in at all was the bowlcut
    and he make it look cute sometimes too haha
    so there really is no point in complaning about his hairstyle keke

    since Baby is taking care of the sexiness
    Bong is taking over the the cuteness
    my two husbands keep me balanced hahah

    I was crying when I see the way he said it
    you look in his eyes you can tell his voice about to break and he’s gonna cry
    he really cares about her
    now I know why he gets mad whenever his family’s picture are posted on the internet
    they’re not celebrities, they deserve their privacy
    he really think about other ppl before himself, even though he seems to mess around a lot, under there he really is a person who think deep about lots of stuff
    WHICH make me fall for him
    Bong is the cuteness, Baby is the sexiness and Tabi for sensitiveness?”? LORD!!

    you just go somehwere with Tabi while me and Baby handle OUR business okay
    ahahah don’t want you to hear nothing either kekeke

    YOU ALWAYS dig your own damn grave
    always make me realize everyday how amazing Tabi is
    you should blame yourself when I want to change my name to Mrs. Choi
    GAH~ I already set my mind on being Vi Lee
    haha DON’T YOU BE IN MY WAY!! hahah

    his love for ice cream had me LOL kekke

  87. milkydonut

    haha well it is THE KIM TAE HEE
    i wouldn’t be jealous of her haha
    she earn her chance to be chased by the boys
    she’s some serious star in Korea
    I know her from watching the drama with her in Harvard
    I actually stop watching 3 episodes into it haha
    too weird for me

    you shoudn’t get bugged by that
    that’s the typical CF thing that all actresses do
    it’s a style and she have to do it that way
    it’s not like she want to look fake like that
    it’s jus thow Korean CFs works

    Big Bang is huge and hot
    every singers and actresses wants to work with them
    so you have to use to see them as workers and not in any loving relationship
    cuz if you get jealous over everygirl that comes near our boys, you’ll be very tire haha trust me
    I have build up zero tolerance for jealously, I saw Baby all over MiJung in Strong Baby MV and I was just having fun watching him do it rather than hate the girl, cuz I know she’s just doing her job, without her the MV wouldn’t be this hot

  88. luvzkoreanz101

    if I have to guess, I would say he’s getting buffer
    since he is filming his drama right now, and it’s a role of a cold-blooded killer, he probably has start working out now

  89. Sexica

    DUDE i don’t want to go down that road either
    I want to keep my love for Baby but Tabi is making it REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD
    you have NO IDEA how HARD I TRY GURL!!!!!

    trust me, I’M TRYING!

  90. awww the CF was wicked cute..gosh if Jiyongie and Bae were to like pop out right in front of me like that gosh i wouldn’t still be walking like nothing happen haha ill be to busy spazzing over them haha…i love love love it when either Jiyongie or Bae bite their bottom lip so freaking hot and sexyy

  91. seungri is so cute in the CF when he does the shimmy, kehe! dae blinks alot, it’s adorable. i’m running short on vocabulary 😦 top has those eyes and it’s making me melt inside! when kim tae hee blows a kiss, dae does the same reaction he does in the big bang and wondergirls mini drama! in the ‘next day’ performance, eunhyeung should’ve taken his shirt off as well, teehee! then my mouth would be raining saliva and i’ll be squealing insanely with it going everywhere, haha! strong baby: THE PELVIS THRUST IS A MUST! oh, and feeling-of-his-own-thigh! I’M PRETTY SURE HE WINKED AT THE END TOO 😀 is it me, or top looks the same in every picture? ROFL, either way, they WORK the camera damn well 🙂

  92. Vi
    yup Tabi is just too damn tempting
    just can’t wait to see him in IRIS!!!
    but hmmmm…don’t
    you can’t Baby remember only baby matters here
    sorry i’m no good at convincing people not to like the man i’m so obsessed with

  93. awwwww i love the new CF!

    uhmmmm i don’t like the CLAP!CLAP!._. and i think the bed was too much ^^;;; hehehe but still Baby rocks ^^

  94. ahhh~ I cant help but think about the early debut
    days of Big Bang when I see the white-shirt simple
    photoshoot pics 😀 I miss photoshoots like these..
    sometimes I prefer their casual, happy poses with
    simple, not-so-high-fashion clothes than the opposite

  95. OMGEEEEE…did you look at the pic where TOP looks freaking HOOOOTTTTTTTT..the way he looks at the camera!!! he is guilty for making me falling for him even just for one minute!!! Sorry Ji Yong…huhu..Noona won’t do that again..but, hell..they all look great in those pics!! love DaeDae smiles and Ji Yong’s super cuteness!!! woot woot..=D

  96. Vi

    kakaaaa he was eating his hands.
    while tabi prefers phone.

  97. BaeRi in the 2nd pic =D

  98. oops I meant 3rd pic xD

  99. it really is lethal to watch strong baby whist eating something. i choked twice on my cereal… @___@

    baby really shows his cuteness nowdays..haha
    Bong’s hair…totally cute..haha..I do love this hair a lot…
    The pictures are really damn cute…
    I love it when they all together in a picture..
    I want that to…but……………………………..-____-
    can someone help me to get it when it’s out??
    even I can’t understand it,but still I want it…haha
    I can ask someone to translate it for
    PLEASE 10000x…I’m here really hoping for someone to get me that…PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME…..huhuhu



  101. another CF?
    our boys are working too hard T__T
    so glad that they’re going to rest soon!!
    he’s so damn damn cute T___T
    ohh bong i wanna kiss you so badly.
    look at dae sitting on the floor!!
    so freaking cute!!
    but tabi seems more like a MAN to me though
    so HOT T__T
    nooo..i must torn between tabi and bong AGAIN

  102. omg another cf~
    good for us but our boys
    shouldnt work so much..
    actually i gess they’ll stop
    BB work (together) so its a good
    thing.. anyways
    UGH BONG, kill me now- wayy too adorablee
    hahahhaaaaha *cries
    TY for pics~ ^^

  103. lil sis in law
    hehe. that’s great!
    Now Baby will always say KBS’s one-word description, if ever he mispronounces clap. hihi.
    Kim Tae Hee is so pretty in that CF…and all the guys catching her attention.
    Did Baby’s chest shake or Bong’s very very very cute smile killed you in the CF?
    I loved how Bong smiled while bitting his lower lip.
    Baebae ran towards her, and got knocked down by her flying kiss…too adorable!
    Tabi’s transition from Baebae to him was cool too, kneeling and opening his jacket.
    Dae was too adorable with his smile in the beginning.
    BTW I want that phone. and I hope there’s a full song of the CF…it’s too cute and catchy. hehehe.

  104. Vi,
    are u seriouz? even when u’r infront of seungri’s face? HAHA. wel, just leave it.. can u give seungri to me? i wanabe mrs.LEE so badLy! hakhak.. j/k.. sometimes i’m torn between gd and seungri.. but seungri’s magnet keep pushing me into him.. hak!

  105. I like the CF~~ They look so adorable there with kim tae hee.. and the pmp promo ad!!~~ huwaaa! I almost died bcoz of it.. they look so freakin’ hot with their poses.. I like Bong’s pose.. He looks so cute~~ ahihi~~ LOL. I can’t even see Bae’s eyes.. HAHAHA!^^ and look at top, gawd, he’s so matured with those pics..

  106. they r sooo cute!!!!!!!!

    SR so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Vi
    We just can’t help but to shut up when it comes to Bong’s haircut isn’t it?
    Though first I don’t like his Mohican, now I want to see his Mohican so bad. He even could make a Mohican hairstyle look cute.

    Then when Bong went to sexiness baby just have to make himself look cute again.
    Good balance.

    Yes. He really care about her. Up till now.
    & that make me envy his ex so much.
    I can’t lie. I do feel envy when I saw him protect his ex. I thing his ex is the happiest person in earth.
    Many boys badmouthing their ex & I hate boys who do that.
    “Is ur good memory with her become bad when u break up?
    Can’t u keep it as a good memory?” that’s what I thought.
    And seeing him speaking in really soft way when he talks about his ex, make me fall for him again. That’s so touching. Also the fact that she’s nuuna by 5 years for him.
    I wonder it’s the one I saw. She sure is a really happy person.

    Can’t help it, I’m a Tabi lover. If I don’t talk about Tabi I dunno what to talk. & it’s dangerous for others if I talk about other members, not Tabi.
    And others won’t like it if I talk about her favo members THAT much. hahaha
    What’s wrong with u? puberty? kekeke
    U also make me realize how amazing Baby & Bong is but I just can’t change my heart.
    So, I think u should learn from me for being loyal. Hahaha…

    Keep ur Vi Lee.
    For Mrs. Choi position, hohoho… I’ll gladly take over it.

    His love ice cream, yanggaeng, donut & sweets.
    It’s endless. Just like how he love his family.
    Damn, I want to be an ice cream just for him to eat.
    Eat me please, hubby?

  108. btw vi,
    don’t u think the way hubby cross his legs
    looks like the way Son Dam Bi chair dance when she raised her leg? kekeke…
    hubby lift it so high so it resemble it. hahaha

  109. I hope it’s in English LOL because I only been speaking korean for like 5 or 6 years but I pretty good I at speaking but reading it like I get by!! But some how I know I going to buy it!!!

  110. Sexica

    I kept telling myself that gurl
    BABY ONLY. just HIM.

    trying…. REAL HARD.

    haha yall are doing a BAD job of keeping me away from him
    keep poitning out the good things to me haha

  111. Dori

    Tabi prefers anything sweet and ediable haha
    but in this case
    anything with the name “ice cream” keke

  112. Tina SungMin

    that happens to me SO MANY TIME!
    i swear!
    I had TOO MANY near-death experience

  113. jiyanz

    I’m torn between Tabi and Baby these days too
    idk what is going on with Tabi lately
    he just…. OH EM GEE!!!
    help me gurl~
    we gotta be strong to get through this

  114. sis in law

    haha I was expecting that too
    since in Korean, they always mispronouce R for L
    so they might end up sayng “CRAP CRAP” sooner or later keke

    I just LOVE how Tabi crossed his legs… I think I’m gonna start doing that now hahaha

  115. Lee zzen

    I’ve been torn between those 2 MANY TIMES… still until now haha
    but Baby is my true calling
    ever since day 1

  116. nya

    i miss the mohican OH SO MUCH
    it make him look OH SO SEXY
    miss it
    ahhh~ why u gotta remind me… T_T

    you shoudn’t be jealous
    you should be happy
    you get to know how your man really is
    which is a even more amazing person than he already is

    hell no gurl
    puberty is back in 7th grade hahahah
    I’m a grown ass woman HAHAHAH
    but I might still have a bit of growing up to do
    a couple of inches and a cup size wouldn’t hurt 😀 hahahahah

    aigoo……I’m trying hard.
    REALLY trying hard gurl
    to keep my position as Mrs. Lee
    I don’t even wanna be Mrs. Kwon now
    Mrs Choi, I think you better take it too haha

    “eat me please?” HAHAH
    you are.. desperate keke
    can’t blame you though
    i would say the SAME to Baby

    we’re a bucnh of crazy ppl

    I was just talking about that with a friend of mine hahahaha
    she was talking about how she want him to try it and I was like
    those LEGs are MADe for the CHAIr hahahaha

  117. oui. i dont even have my korean friend anymore.

    i love that stuff. 🙂

  118. vi
    when I miss his Mohican, I just have to watch back the vi of their haru haru days.
    Looking oh so sexy but cute too sometimes.

    Hahaha.. I can’t help it.
    I always think that the girl is the happiest person in earth.
    Ah~ hubby ah~ hope ur ex could see how much u try to protect her.
    Hope ur feeling could be received by ur ex.

    Then I should call u 2nd puberty. Hahaha
    A cup size?? Omona~ I don’t even want to know what ur talking about. Hahaha

    So does it mean baby’s abs still not good enough to beat Tabi???
    Lord~ take that poor sheep of urs to the right road. kekeke
    Poor Kwon Leadah. He’s beaten by baby.
    I wonder what his feeling right now. Keke

    When u see those curtain u’ll say the same.
    Especially when he walks to ur bed. “eat me baby? Please?”

    Hahaha… Tabi’s legs.
    Ohmygod~ what have pop up in my head??
    No~ that’s too specific~

  119. Toppie is soooo friggin adorable even when he’s trying to eat the cell phone. AIGOO!!!!!!!!!!! But pics of him in the white shirt aren’t too flattering. But I love him in purple!

  120. Vi,
    well if it’s GD’s idea, i wana thank him for that.. haha.. but w/o seungri’s charisma, it wont really work, nonsense. haha! i love his sexy image now. i dont think he’s still innocent, i can sense that he’s not really that innocent anymore. & i do really lavett..hakhak.

  121. Vi

    lmfaoo, yeahh i get it xDD
    i mean in Baby’s mv i actually liked it too AHHAHAA
    yeah maybe its just because of the fake expressions and all that

    that’s funny. i don’t think i’ve heard of ‘THE KIM TAE HEE’
    lmaoo, hmm. interesting XD

  122. kiana;

    those stuff can do some SERIOUS bribing
    and whenever she wanna bribe me
    she just bring over kimbab and jajjangmyun and I’ll do whatever she said hahaha

  123. nya

    OOOH~ especially the video where Bong dropped his mic but still keep on going.
    on SO MANY LEVELS there isn’t any FREAKING word to describe it

    every girl know what I’m talking about,
    there’s this kid at my school, he’s my friend but since he’s a freshman and look so young I just keep think of him like my little brother, he explained me to me what cup sizes mean, me and my friends was on the floor laughing during lunch today

    A – Almost boob
    B – Barely boob
    C – Can’t complain
    D – DAMN!
    DD- Double DAMN!
    E – Effin GOD!
    F – FAKE!
    H – HELP! I CAN’T GET UP!!

    HAHAHA i don’t know where the hell he get that keke

    no one can beat Baby
    some can tempt me once in a while
    but Baby always defeat them with his awsome spidey power! haha

    I’m counting on seeing him perform “Crazy” as a fan service performance during their upcoming concert hahahah

  124. zzen

    took me a while to find out what “lavett” means hahaha
    I’m slow, especially when it’s 2 AM
    but keekk I LAVETT TOO!! hahah

  125. milkydonut

    if you’re into k-drama then you’ll know her
    she’s pretty “THE” person haha
    I can see the boys jumping up and down out of joy when they know they’re gonna be working with her

  126. has anyone spotted tabi eating icecream at one point in that making of the CF ahahahahah sorry if someone mentioned it already but he is SO DAMN CUTE THERE!! heheeheheehe xD

  127. seung ri the magnae beats his hyungs on the sexy radar at the moment. hehehehe

    i cnt get enough of their pics and i want more and more. lg do know how to sell cellphones. our boys+candycolored cellphones with the additon of kim tae hee is a sure formula.

  128. kekekekeke young bae was exceptionally cute when tae hee blew her kiss ;p he literally, blew himself away. the exact effect i’d have on him if i blew my kiss ahahahahaha

  129. vi
    OHH!!! That one!
    That’s freaking hot too!!
    Though I love to see their comeback stage, where his Mohican r still fresh. Kekeke

    BUHAHA… oh my God.
    Ur friend r hilarious!
    I need to study about it more I think.
    He’s a man but yet know more about boobs then we, women. Hahaha….
    Damn! Where the hell he could come up with that?
    Say to him “2 thumbs up!! *wink* ”

    Spidey power! Kekeke….
    Yup, baby is urs while that old man is mine. *pervy smile*

    Ohhh!!!! Then I must find a way to get to Korea & sneak into their concert!
    Seeing hubby with “crazy” just gold!!

  130. AHA! OMO!
    I love the CM thingy. DEEPLY in love with the BOYS parts!
    DIE FOR =) LOL. Tae Yangs first part is very additing =DDDD
    LMAO. I like the beat also. Aha Tae Yang with the kiss, he
    dies lmaoo! Awww! I’m SO IN LOVE ♥<33333

  131. cool maknae

  132. If I could blow a kiss to all of them and Tae Yang would be blown away = only in my dreams.
    But I loved what Kim Tae Hee was wearing! It was so playful, girly, and fun.

  133. OMG!
    Who could have thought that a guy could look so awesomely cute in a head band. Go Kwon Leader YEAH!
    Why can’t all guys look cute in a headband like him??

  134. kk ana bigbang jolla guiyo wo kk

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