G-Dragon will release solo album in April, ‘Drastic VS Fresh’

G-Dragon will release solo album in April, ‘Drastic VS Fresh’

2009-01-09 7:47:26AM
[OSEN=Lee Jeong Ah reporter] Big Bang’s G-Dragon (21) will release a solo album in April.

Big Bang, the front-running group of skilled idol groups, gathered attention and gained popularity from the members’ solo activities since last year, as much as they would have as a group. After releasing his solo album last May, Tae Yang, of course, received a lot of popularity from the masses with ‘Look At Only Me,’ and his musicality was accepted as well. Continuously, this year the youngest, Seung Ri, started his solo activities with his solo ‘Strong Baby,’ which is included in their Volume 2 album. Completely different than the cuteness he showed being Big Bang’s youngest, he gathers attention everyday now for being manly and sexy.

In the midst of things, Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, will release a solo album and come forth with solo activities in April. Afterward, Tae Yang will visit his fans with a second solo album.

Seung Ri, at a music show recording studio on the 8th, said, “I can’t say what style of music G-Dragon hyung will bring, but I can say this confidently. It will be drastic and fresh.” Additionally he added, “He is planning on going to America with Tae Yang hyung and learning dance. Please look forward to their more improved selves.”


Translation credits to bigbangnyuh.
Credits to dry_ for posting at bbvipz.

~ by Winnie Chu on January 8, 2009.

56 Responses to “G-Dragon will release solo album in April, ‘Drastic VS Fresh’”

  1. it’s so cool how they can be individuals yet still be in a group.

  2. GOSH!!
    i wish april would come soon!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YYAAYY!!! AHHH!!

    GD’s solo album “Drastic vs Fresh” that sounds HOT ALREADY!
    Hopefully we get to hear his version of “Lady” in this album

    I’m so excited for GDYB to release their solos

    does this mean only TaeYand and GD will be going to the states?

  4. OMO :fangirl squeal: can’t wait for taeyang and gd to come to states and we get to look forward to even more solo activities from them, 2009 is going to be another amazing year for BIG BANG =)

  5. …………………. him and taeyang……….
    i was expecting GD to come to the states!!

    jiyong’s gonna bring it (:

    i hope they have a fan meeting :3

  7. WOOOAH!!!
    can’t wait reeeeally want to see what GD’s gonna do
    and TY’s second album waaah!
    too bad TOP can’t come but hey
    just havin those 2 in America will make me happy

  8. OMG i cant wait!!!:D
    wooooot omg 2 solo albumss this year:)
    hehe when the come to the states, im so gna meet them…or atleast im gna try:P

  9. oh
    so only Tae Yang and GD will go to america??
    not the other 3??

  10. wow…09’s big bang’s year! i already know theyre albums are gonna be awesum! *groans* i dnt live in america..come to australia!!

  11. I thought TOP SR and DS were going to the US as well??

  12. I can’t wait until it comes out.
    I’m sooo proud of him =DD
    I thought all of Big Bang was coming to the US.

  13. oh still 3 months to April =(. I’ve got excited about GD’s solo album for so long. It seems to be hot.Drastic vs Fresh – ahh cant wait…cant wait πŸ˜€
    Hope to see a GD-dancer back. To be honest,he really needs to improve his dancing skill so that he can get more perfect =) C’mon my dear Ji Jong!!!!!!!

  14. ahhh I can’t wait!

    *Sabrina: They are all going to the US for a “vacation” practicing their dance. correct if i’m wrong VIPZ

  15. wow really i cant wait r4 his solo and tae yang solo

  16. OH MAH GAWD!~

    learning dance in America!~ Where?? Omo~

    i’m soo excited for the boys! i’m soo freakin anticipating for GD’s album!!! Omo!~ Kwon Leadah!~ ahhh. that boy’s gunna make dope songs!

  17. Is Big Bang going to break up??

  18. YAY :]

  19. no..Big Bang will not break up~!
    NEVER~it just every member hav their own activities rite now..
    i wish GD album is released on APRIL 12~!!
    a present for my birthday~!!

  20. β€œI can’t say what style of music G-Dragon hyung will bring, but I can say this confidently. It will be drastic and fresh.”
    ROFL, that made me laugh. Of course, Seung Ri.

    I’m so excited for this. In the words of Tyra Banks, it will be FIERCE. I used to love America’s Next Top Model, lol.

  21. i can’t wait!!!!
    buying it for sure

  22. OMG! does that mean, not all of the boys are coming?? \
    SR makes it sound like only TY and GD are coming.

  23. OMg! ^o^
    I can`t hardly wait till GDragon&TaeYang release their album this year!! I`m totally buying it for sure! LOL

  24. hahah seung ri.. “it’s going to be drasic and fresh”
    i can’t wait!

    but that means only Bae and GD’s coming here?!

  25. I can’t wait for the music videos that will come with his album.
    HOTNESS ^^

  26. holy molyy
    GD&TAEYANG i hope they come to Cali(:
    if big bang broke up there would be another world war

  27. LMAO @ Maryam
    SeungRi is really good at stating the obvious
    hahaha I was addicted to ANTM~..it will be fierce indeed!

    LOL! @ love&peace
    if BB broke up, war will definitely break out
    VIPs will take avenge on the world

  28. dammit his album release is more than a month after my birthday. cant ask for it for a present. grrrr.
    zOmg isnt korea closer to australia not the states?! come to australia!!!!!
    nevertheless cannot wait for husband’s solo!!! =D

  29. @ryniiVIP
    come to australia man!
    we have kangaroos… ^^

    OMG im SO EXCITED for this!
    GD never disappoints, and (no pressure) i have sky-high-super-fly expectations!(…thought id add some rap to that lol)
    its going to be sick.
    i just know it.

  30. AHHH~~ The album sounds really cool. ahihi~~
    Can’t wait till april! huwaaaa!!!!~~~

  31. fightinging!!!!!!!!!!!!! ma baby!!!! we waitting 4 ur first album

  32. aaah so it means only GD and YB who’s coming to US??
    even though it jst the 2 of them US VIP is still lucky~~

    i just can’t wait for GD first solo album and my hubby second solo album!!
    that woukld be really great!! i need to save money in order to buy their album later
    πŸ™‚ since i’ve got some financial crisis in the past 2 months 😦
    *can’t ask mommy to but it for me*

  33. * i mean buy

  34. omigosh!!!!!!! APRIL??? can’t wait !!!! omg!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

    …omg..haha sry this is the only thing that I can say! !!!


  35. Woot woot :]
    Can’t wait!

  36. Noooo friggin’ way 😯

    Wooooooooooo !!! I’m exciteddddddd πŸ˜€

  37. AHHHH YAY!
    i cannot wait for it!
    I LOVE it already G-Dragon!

  38. when will GD and YB come to US??
    is it going to be different from their “vacation?”
    does anyone know?


    GDYB WILL BE COMING TO THE US – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. so excited….YB’S 2nd album is going to be hot…i absolutely cannot wait for it (i heard Crown J and YB recorded a song together???) and ofcourse GD’s first solo album….i was thinking..one thing i would absolutely love on his album (or YB’s) is a fresh remix to the one GDYB song recorded – To a Higher Place. It’s such a great song, i’d love for GD to take it and make it new and have it on his album as a tribute to GDYB friendship…..

  41. ohhh god i’m supprised to hear this news! always support GD in everyway :p

  42. OMG GDYB YaY Taeyang Oppa I soooo all over your cd babyboy. And GD I got it so ready for it yes i know this is going to be hot!!!!

  43. OMG, CAN’T WAIT!
    It’s gonna be amazing! ❀

  44. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!



    but does that mean that the others are not going???? noo! you all should come to America!!! and maybe visit Canada too! ;]

  45. OMG YAYY im so excited!!!
    yeahh i wanna see GD show off his dancing skills! πŸ˜€
    jiyong i love you :]

  46. OMGGD!!! yayy!~ imma love april.

  47. YAH YAH YAH!

    They’re all solo but a group at the same time. xDDD



    YAY GD~!


    I’ll stfu now. xD

  48. OMG APRIL IS MY BIRTHDAII MONTH~ I Hope it Will Be On The 14 Or 13 So i Can Get a Chance To Buy it For For Myself ! Cuz My Birthdaii is on The 16 : D
    Sarang Hae Kwon Ji Yong <333

  49. wow i cant wait for them to come ^_^ i live in cali kinda near la lol hoping they will come there.. haha i cant wait for both of thier solo .. i really liked tae’s hott solo

  50. WOWWWWW! Aprillll is my birthday month πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    i can imagine how fresh this would be πŸ˜€ i’m so excited

    and Tae Yang second album :O!!!!!

  51. i got so excited i had to pee.

    that’s all i have to say XDD

  52. I’m excited too, but I feel like they’re growing apart. Everyone’s got their own thing. Mother of God, if they break up, I don’t know what to do with myself. However it’s a good thing to express their individualism, just hope they don’t get too comfy being soloists.Bigbang will never break up right? I’m just talking crazy, right?

  53. Definately gonna buy both albums! OMO! Tae Yang and GD’s solos are prolly going to be hot. Super excited.

  54. kwon ji yong is coming to the u.s. and releasing a solo album?!? im so excited! good luck to gdragon and big bang!!
    i love kwon ji yong ❀
    does anyone know where they will be going to in the u.s.?

  55. one word….
    EXCITED…n_n! mwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Go GD! the album would be like GDLISTIC! so hot…hot…GDLISTIC!

  56. what??
    gd going to america???
    wow..that great babe….

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