01.09.09 SeungRi performance on KBS Music Bank | REMEMBER Photos Released!

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Added pictures from their shooting for SBS Gayo DaeJun (shooting the intro video and music drama)

Suppose to be “clap clap” but all I hear is “crack crack” GO VIPs!!!! Melly~ if you’re reading, forget that last email I sent you haha I was being stupid at 6 AM. 😛

thanks to S님

01.09.09 KBS Music Bank
Strong Baby Performance
197 MB

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Yup, they changed the lyric to “clap” now, but JUST for Music Bank, on other music show, Baby can still use “crack“. Even though they changed it to “clap” all I heard from the VIPs below is “crack” YG have to take KBS’s stupidity and change the lyric doesn’t mean us VIPs have to, we stand our ground and keep the original lyric, what can KBS do? ban us??? PFFT! I love our K-VIPs. When he start signing, I thought he was gonna get attack by that fire,. it really does look like it was next to him, Baby have a bad history with all these stage effects so I’m scared to death whenever i see something like this happen.

At first I thought it was the making-butt-look-good gray suit haha but turns out it’s something different, I was getting excited haha sorry kekeke if you notice Baby, whenever he was suppose to “touch” his dancers, he never really does, his hand just got frozen in one position and just barely touched it, haha He may be all growned up on the outside, but inside, my Baby is still there, I love that about him.

Where did he come with the whole “TOUCH ME”?????? He just add that out of nowhere… should I blame Bong for teaching him that??? I dont’ even know… hahah but uhm…. I like it haha

REMEMBER HQ Photos Released!

MNET decide NOW it’s time to release the boys’ REMEMBER album photoshoot… after their activities ended, I love the colors in this photoshoot but I gotta say I love Bong’s “2” on his face and also his see through hoodie haha I wonder what happen if I wear that…….O______O ain’t gonna be pretty for sure. I still don’t get why they look so gangster and serious when they’re promoting “Sunset Glow” for this haha

01.09.09 Mnet WideNews
Prepare for ComeBack on Mnet
125 MB

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Wolly showed Baby a video of the members giving Baby video messages to encourage him, it’s so sweet, Dae was doing SooRo’s signature move “HOK HOK HOK!” haha Bong was wearing the headband again, in pink… wah~ the hairband style is here to stay, LOVE IT! Baby was getting teary and all touched, it’s so cute, his mood brighten up right away, aww.. the hyungs are too sweet.

Shooting for SBS Gayo Daejun

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Thanks to ㄴㅌ3 | 얼벌.. | bigbangpop

REMEMBER Photoshoot

Thanks to Mnet | S님


~ by Vicky on January 9, 2009.

86 Responses to “01.09.09 SeungRi performance on KBS Music Bank | REMEMBER Photos Released!”

  1. ah! CRACKKKKK. cant hold VIPS down. its like mission impossible!
    baby is such a good dancer. i cant get over it! kyaa.
    bahaha when i saw YB, i thought he dipped his fingers in green paint or sth!! <33

  2. nice!!!
    love it all!!!!
    cant find more words to exprese this…^^


  3. haha sorry, your comments are too long so i dont read them >>; so if i miss anything, i’m sorry D: lol. anyways, he performed so well…as always. my husband is amazing ❤ kekeke. he really is. and i’m glad that the vipz said crack crack crack. instead of clap 🙂 or maybe it’s just their accent? LOL jk. not sure but i love how they kept the crack ;D i dunno why kbs was bugging out about this whole thing anyways -.- as always, my strong baby looked good in his grey suit. i’m always jealous of the female dancers D: lkasjfakljfa~ he did well though, i’m happy ^^ the rmemember photoshoot pics look amazing. they all look great. why do they finally decide to put them out in public now? =o=; gah! seungri hubby, you’re gorgeeeeeeous ❤

  4. I hear “crack” even though they change it to “clap”! I agree with BBFTW Can`t hold VIPS down!
    Loving the photosho0ots btw! TaeYang is HOT! LOL

  5. “Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack.”
    Lols yes i hear it too but i kinda
    hear ‘clap’. whatever, it’s ‘crack’
    stupid KBS, yes i’m still mad at thems.
    Aww Seungri wants it to be ‘crack’ instead of ‘clap’
    too. argh but at least he gets to perform.
    Ooh damn, this performence still kills me.
    Finally the pictures are release! i saw these
    pictures on my Album when i recieved Album 2.
    [AHEMS] hot.

  6. those VIPs know how to stand up for themselves
    &our boys~ way to go >:)
    and of corse seungri lookin
    finee~ i do notice hes too
    “shy” to touch his dancers like
    taeyang does..
    somebody needs lessons xDD
    GD’s bittersweet earring pic
    is so graphically appealing~

  7. LOL, I hear no “clap”, only “crack”.

    You know, I was just thinking… Seung Ri has more experience with girls than YB, doesn’t he? ‘Cause he’s actually had a girlfriend and all. Yeah, I don’t know. See, this is why ‘Strong Baby’ is perfect! LOL.

  8. I heard Crack too 😛
    VIPs Ftw haha.. KBS cant stop VIP ;D
    BigBang Hwating ❤

  9. AWESOMEE!!!!
    I knew fans weren’t gonna go along with the clap
    Baby did reeeeally good
    lol I hadn’t notice that he doesn’t touch the dancers
    can’t help it he’s still too innocent

    the photoshoot is cool
    I wonder why they don’t let Dae and Bae smile
    they look more tired than serious
    Bong’s hair on his second pic LOL
    I just looove it and the thing on his ear ‘bitter hot’
    can’t imagine anybosy else wearing that see through jacket really
    it’s a Bong thing
    my favorite is Baby
    he seriously looks good in both pics especially the second

  10. ya know if i ddint know any better, i would say the fans were purposely louder than usual when they were yelling “Crack Crack Crack.” is it just me? lol And if they are well then KBS you better start listening lol. VIP’s dont like it when you mess with their men and their music. XD VIP’s united we stand!!

    …Bongie. *sigh* if only they showed a little further down in that pic with the see through jacket. I wanna see more dammit -.- I dont care if hes not as muscular as Youngbae or as toned as Seungri now. He’s still my favorite and still the smexiest!!!!!

  11. Vi


    looks like bong took baby’s camera, huh.

  12. omg!

    so hee’s wearing bong’s camera in tell me!!! AHHH…. heedragon is SO CUTE.

  13. Jini

    you shoudl’ve seen me this morning haha
    I heard the “crack crack” and I got all excited HAHA
    so proud of our VIPs
    KBS is stupid
    they can stop us
    hope Baby is happy with that 😀

    hhehe YB’s green fingers, tht IS funny haha
    I love the shot with him and his side profile
    he have SOME jawline alright

  14. SEUNGRISwife

    I’m pretty it’s crack
    cuz if it is due to the Korean accent
    it would sound something like “crap” since the R and the L in Korean are the same haha
    so proud of the VIPs for standing up for Baby

    they always do something like that
    we should be happy that they actually release it
    some photoshoots just go on without the HQ being release AT ALL.

  15. swtlidopnai

    don’t try to mess with our boys
    probably because of the news about Baby being upset about the change to the lyrics
    so that’s why VIPs are doing this, for him

  16. ninalee

    the only way I know it’s clap is on the side where they have the lyrics
    other than that…. no one can tell
    the song is “CRACK”
    you can’t change it man;
    KBS gotta stop tripping

    but I do understand why YG changed it
    it’s Baby’s chance at doing his solo thing
    and it’s only for one month
    after January, he’s leaving for America
    so he have to perform as much as he can

  17. candysweetz

    how about we keep them this innocent for a while??
    cuz Bong’s solo is coming up and I’m sure….. he aint’ gonna be shy to do a bit of touching here and there HAHAH

    the earing.. keke
    I’m not a fan of the whole… extension thing
    but it’s Bong
    so I’m not complaining

  18. Maryam

    yea~ everybody have more experience than Bae
    he only kissed one girl before
    never had a girlfriend
    Baby of course is wayyy more experience
    he only date one girl, but it’s for 3 years
    now that’s some long term relationship

  19. Sexica

    he still is innocent and cute
    but when he’s onstage
    gotta act like he’s done it before haha (you know what i mean right? keke)

    I really don’t get why they didn’t let the boys smile int his photoshoot
    when the concept of his album is “Sunset Glow” and they’re all happy on a yellow school bus to go out and save the world haha

    see throlugh jacket haha
    if you’ve seen JYP’s see-through pants (which are simliar to that)
    you’ll know why Bong is the ONLY ONE haha
    cuz JYP….. he gave me nightmares after seeing that hahaha

  20. kay-chan

    haha i like the way you put it
    don’t mess with our men and their music hahaha

    pervy much now?
    but I know ur pain
    we all want to see his stomach
    just to see if there’s any sign of abs kekek
    it’s time for Bong to show it damnit
    Baby already did

  21. Dori

    HAHA the yellow one?
    nah I’m sure Baby is the one who took it from Bong
    Baby have that habit of doing so
    Baby then lend it to SoHee to wear on their joint stage keke

  22. wOw!!! OUR K-VIPz r especially louder this tym in the “CRACK” part..its like their emphasizing “IN UR FACE KBS, WE LIKE CRACK SO MUCH BETTER SO BACK OFF!”…hahahha…


  23. Vi
    lol I think I know hat u mean
    or do I?!

    see through pant?
    WTH???!!that’s just disturbing
    I mean the jacket is okay since our Bong is a stick and it doesn’t look bad but pants hell no!
    though if Tabi decided to wear either of them I wouldn’t be too bothered

  24. Vicky

    XD when it comes to my Bongie i stop at nothing. Pervy? hey, your man in flaunting it all April dammit XD As i stated before, Big bang has two directions to go in my mind now. They either have to perform shirtless *aka Youngbae* or they have to wear grey suits that accent their butts XD *aka seungri* That ladies and gentlemen is my final answer. ^^ I dont even wanna know what Bongie is going to do for his solo. But I will die a very happy VIP either way. lol I’m bad arent I? too dedicated to my man -.- lol

  25. cut off some of my comment.

    Hey, your man is flaunting all of his smexy maknae self. I have to wait till April dammit XD

  26. Vi
    Omona~ the gray suit again.
    Hahaha… now I bet all girls who visit here will have a stare at baby’s butt. Fufufu

    KBS can’t get VIP to say ‘clap’ since ‘crack’ sound better that it.
    All I could hear is crack. Hahaha… & I like it.

    Huh? “touch me?” where?
    I can’t find it. Which part??

    The pic of them doing that lil skit.
    Hahaha… I can’t help but to laugh. “destiny~~~~~” kakaka

    I insist on Tabi wearing that ‘see-through jacket’
    Want to see his abs badly *drools*

  27. lol. i checked out bbsk vicky.
    i’m just curious if you guys figured “fashionista” is the feminine adj for the root word.

    might wanna change it to “fashionisto”

  28. J-G-RILEEN

    HAHA XD!
    “WE CRACK SO MUCH” keke
    I felt like KBS got OWNED this time?
    do anybody feel a cold snap going on cuz it is FREEZING up in this place hahaha

  29. Sexica

    I’m pretty you know what I mean by the way I ask you if you know what I mean cuz I know damn well that you know it too well hahahaha
    does that make sense???
    probably had dreams about that before keke
    know what I mean? haha

    it was DISTURBING
    he was wearing those old school whities underneath
    showing… *EH*HEM*
    Bong is the ONLY ONE man
    though i would LOVE to see Tabi try it on too haahah

  30. kay-chan

    haha all of us are horny
    I stop denying it LONG AGO
    we even have this thing called “VVC”
    Vicky Virus Club
    where all horny fangirls come together kekekek

    Bong’s solo… dude
    I get exicted just by saying it
    I know he’s gonna do something fur-reaking amazing that just have you go “OH EM GEE”
    cuz it’s Bong we’re talking about here
    of course he’s gonna amazed you
    OH MY GOD!!!

    and gurl~ you can wait til April
    it’ll be like WHOOOOOOOOOOOO~
    time FLIES when you’re in love with these boys hahaha

  31. nya

    haha did they happen to notice the butt thing too?
    or is it just us?
    Baby is being eye-raped all over kekeke
    does that even make sense? eh? hahah

    no he didn’t “touch” himself like he did last time on Mnet
    but he keep saying it
    during the bridge
    he just keep saying “touch me”
    I blame Bong for that
    he probably is the one who teach Baby that T____T
    teaching my innocent man all the things he shouldn’t
    it’s just WRONG.

    I love the pics with Bong just sitting there being such a badass haha
    listening to his iPod kkee
    I just wanna jump on him there and then
    something about bad boys is drawing me in these days keke
    can’t help it.

    Baby went on a radio show today and talked about his abs
    they mentioned how Bong was upset over Baby’s abs haha since Bong have a history of fans leaving him for Dae and Bae’s abs keke
    and he also mentioned……

    TABI GOT ABS!!!!!!!!!!
    OH MY GOD!!
    I freaked out when i heard that

  32. Melly

    haha didn’t notice that…
    now I know why I failed Spanish last year keke
    I’ll tell tee to change it
    thanks for telling me haha 😀
    calling Bong a girl T__T

  33. Danggg. I only heard CRACK also. I think
    people are still saying that, I mean, I am… 🙂
    But yeah. Hehe, hot performance. Look at all those
    girls up on Baby. WOotWooot, he’s SO FINE (: Lol.
    Hehe, love those “Remember” pictures 😀

  34. Vi
    yeah i think i know what u mean now that u say that u know damn well that I know what u mean
    I think i’m gonna have the nightmares now
    the picture was VERY clear in my mind now >________<
    Tabi has to wear the jacket at least
    since the time I read that Tabi had a muscular body I’ve been waiting for some shirt tipping goodness comin from him
    Bae need to teach him how is done

  35. Vicky
    LOL, the funniest part is that his kiss wasn’t even supposed to happen. I just find that so hilarious. xD
    Yes, three years is impressive consider how young Seung Ri was at the time. And, they could’ve been together longer, even. I could see him married, haha. Well, LOL, of course, I can. I had a dream where I was married to him and, let me tell you, it was the WEIRDEST dream ever. Ever.

  36. Vi
    Baby is being mass raped.
    Does it have a meaning? Hahaha…
    Poor baby but I think he’s happy for it.
    He wants to tease other with his sexy self so bad.

    Bad Bong! Teaching Baby for something like that!
    Bong knows that this ‘touch me’ will make fans happy.
    But too much fan service is no good too.

    Hahaha… I know ur feeling.
    That just like how I was when it comes to Dr TOP.
    When he spread his arms. I want to jump into his lap so bad.
    Aw~~ we’re such a bunch of pervy girl.

    Hahaha… I’ve post my comment there.
    U freak out when it’s about ur brother in law?? haha

  37. woot woot..he performed at KBS..hoho..now i can sing along when his part at Music Bank is aired..kiukiukiu..=D

  38. lol! SeungRi stills Baby inside :3 hehehe

    thanx for the pics ^^

  39. i dont think it was GD’s idea the ‘TOUCH ME’ part, weL it was SEUNGRi’s idea! hakhak. he knows how to entertain fans. hehe.. he did the choreography, it’s awesome to see him with those sexy moves! Lavett.

  40. i hate my bestfriend! she hates seungri! she said, seungri sucks! she dont like seungri for beeing tryin’ hard to be sexy.. i hate her from now on, i dont wana be her bestfriend anymore!

  41. shuggah

    After Baby said that he’s disappointed at how he have to change the lyric
    VIPs are probably on his side and fight back at KBS now
    if you know what I mean keke

  42. Sexica

    If I heard the word “know” again I think I’m gonna go insane
    and you know that too kakakak

    he’s gonna rip it soon… in his drama.. OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT TO FREAKING WATCH IT!!
    WHEN THE HELL WILL IT RELEASE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Maryam

    and his kiss just look…… so… awkward
    like he was frozen there and let her take charge

    He dated her ever since freshman year
    I like guys who keep a long relationship
    cuz that’s how it is for me
    though I never reach 3 years, but at least it lasted near a year haha
    guys who went through girlfriends too fast disgust me

  44. T.O.P IS hot! omg i love him!

    go VIPs!!!
    lol suck on that KBS, dont mess! ^^
    dude SRi was smokin today, his voice sounded really good even with all the dancing he has to do
    im getting more and more impressed with him

    teehee, i have my Tabi bookmark from the Remember CD on my calendar so i can look at him everyday

  46. nya

    i don’t know about you but it make PERFECT sense to me hahaha
    he likes it, but he doesn’t know the BAD side to it
    he never does
    AIGOO~ how the hell am I suppose to save him now?

    you sense it’s Bong too huh?
    nobody will teach Baby that BUT Bong
    Bae? FORGET IT.
    Dae? ppftt.
    Tabi?………..you have to ask? haha
    so Bong it is.
    damn you Bong.

    now I KNOW you wanna do WAYY more than just jump in his lap *PERVERTED SMILE*

    my bro in law’s abs deserve the same attention damnit
    and I’m serious about that premiere
    I’m gonna stay home/stay up watch that damn drama’s first episode live and I AIN’T GOING NOWHERE.!

  47. zzen

    it MAY be Baby
    but…. I sense a bit Bong here
    cuz… he’s Bong. hahah
    let me have a little hope that Baby is still innocent.. please? hahahahah

    oh well, everyone have their own opinon, don’t force her
    we know what’s right and we’re gonna keep on loving Baby 😀

  48. Mariale

    haha when I read “inside”
    I though of something else…

  49. Pearllovestop

    haha i wanna say that to KBS so so badly
    since they think they’re such expert at English slang
    they might wanna open up a dictionary to figure out what “SUCK THAT” means hahahaha

    you actually used it?
    I never pick up a book in my life so I won’t be using it hahaa
    and I don’t wanna lose it so I never took it out
    just keep it there on my display self haha

  50. GO VIPS! I love the support 😀 For a second, I thought Bong was TOP in that chair, lol.

  51. lmao bongs influence huh? Then my Bongie is a GENIUS!!! Fanservice is what makes my world go round. Although Bongie, your giving Seungri all this advice and hints. I swear to god you better sex it up when you go solo. And if you dont, i will be severly disappointed.

    Seungri with the whole lyrics thing. This is what i am afraid of. There are stations out there that are forcing artists to change lyrics because they are inappropriate or may have another meaning. This is taking away from the impact of the song and its going to hurt the music industry because artists are going to be limited in their creativeness. Seungri, you can tell the fans understand this and continued to scream the original lyrics. Dont be disheartened. Let the power of the VIP’s take care of it XD ^^

  52. Vi
    U’ll need a really big fishing net to get all the girls & rescue Baby as quick as u could. Haha

    That must be Bong.
    Dae will teach him gag.
    Bae is inexperienced
    Tabi can’t say a thing when they’re left alone
    The only one left is Bong.
    Not to mention that Bong knows very well what fans would want to see or hear.
    Bad Bong

    I have to jump in his lap first to do the ‘next’ moves. Hehehe
    *perverted smile*

    That drama seriously need to air soon.
    I’ll stay on my chair to watch eventhough I don’t understate it at all.
    As long as I could see hubby’s abs.

  53. Vi lol
    you KNOW I won’t say it again

    gurl he BETTER do it now we have been waiting for TOO long to see
    I’m just waiting for it to come out
    forget subtitles I’ll watch it like that
    I’m just waitin for the date the only thing they say is that it will air the first half of the year

  54. SBS GDJ pics are so cute and candid!:D

    Man! SeungRi’s stage was so HOT! I guess
    Im a little less mad at KBS lol, I must admit
    his stage was TIGHT!
    I havent mentioned this, but I really really
    love SeungRi’s group of dancers. All of them can
    seriously work it! And of course RiRi rocked
    the stage and blew KBS away even though theyre
    against his whole song & w/e

    VIPs ROCK!!! OMG! They were super LOUD!!
    Im soooo happy!!

    “CLAP”..”CRACK”..”CRAP” w/e it was they were cheerin
    on Riri!! singing along to the song and chanting
    “Lee SeungHyun” in his dance part

    SR fighting!!

  55. Vi,
    wel if it’s GD’s idea.. errmm.. i wana thank him! cause i’m enjoying the ‘touch me’ part.. haha.. but if w/o seungri’s charisma, it’s nonsense to watch.. seungri knows how to do it,to make it so seductive.. i love his sexy image now.. i dont think tha he’s still innocent.. i can sense thet he’s not that innocent anymore.. lavett. hakhak.

  56. OHH MAN, the pictures are SOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE<3 :DD

    and of Bong sitting there, i was like AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
    hehe, i barely heard the ‘CLAP’ in the perf. it actually sounded more like ‘crack’ hahahaa.
    oh well ;]

    the 5th picture is ABSOLUTELY AADORABLEEE<3 i think they caught
    Baby and he was kind of half closing his eyes HAHAAA sooo cute

    and i agree, Bong looks TOTALLY hottt with that 2 on his face xD
    i lovee it lolll.

  57. LMAO, and i love it when Baby gets touchy with the dancers

    HAHAA, i know. i’m retardedly gross O___________O

    loll, but that’s what bb does to me, you know ;]?

  58. Oh god.

    Tae and those lips.


  59. kay-chan

    damn gurl you read my mind
    Baby can be sexy all he want
    but keep it to a maknae-level
    cuz Bong be tearing that shit up with his sexiness
    I’ll be waiting
    he’s just gonna blow our damn minds away ain’t he?
    he work 8 years for this
    ain’t gonna let it blow by easily
    Kwon Leadah’s solo is no joke man, NO JOKE.
    he’s gonna show you the BONG POWER!
    He can be skinny but you NEVER know what’s underneath all that haha

    I heard KBS is taking the music video under consideration
    appreantly they’re digging for more faults in the lyrics as well as the MV
    I’m pissed off, they need to fuck off and stop worry about unncessarily crap
    I can just imagine how this effects Baby,
    I mean he works so hard for this,
    it’s his solo,
    it’s his thing,
    he did it himself,
    he’s representing YG, Big Bang and all his hyungs,
    of course it’s sad for him to deal with all this,
    he just want to show people that’s he’s not that little kid anymore
    and he’s perfectly capable of being a good artist

    KBS is being a bitch for forcing this stuff down on him.
    and for the most RIDICULOUS reason EVER.
    and YG can’t win against KBS either because Baby only have 1 month to promote this and he needs every opportunity to promote as he can.

  60. nya

    screw the net haha
    I’ll get some electicfied cage keke
    that’s faster haha

    from a fangirl perspective, I woudn’t say Bad Bong haha
    i would say, “GOOD JOB DUDE!”
    but from a wife’s perspective.. I have to ground Bong
    that is no way to teach a married man to act!! HAHAH

    please keep this innocent 16 years old OFF that thought haha
    whatever it IS that you’re planning on
    I don’t need mental image

    you know what’s funny?
    I just realize I can understand 2/3 of dramas without subs
    like I’m watching “Boys over Flower” right now, it’s the Korean verion on Hana Yori Dango, I only watch it because HyunJoong from SS501 is on it, I’m not a huge drama fan, but as I was watching it, UNSUBBED, I get the whole story haha pretty weird.
    I’m so proud of myself haha
    probably since in dramas they use such simple words that’s straight out of the dictionary rather than slangs.

  61. […] for more, click here […]

  62. Sexica

    I never wait for subtitles for ANYTHING haha
    you left it out for too long, it’s gonna get cold keke
    I know it’s weird but i use food expression for everything haha it works.

    KBS’s new drama “Boys over Flower” started filming around November just like IRIS but their first episode already aired last monday
    so I don’t know why IRIS hasn’t been broadcast yet…. maybe they’re waiting for MBC’s current drama to end? East of Eden? not sure, but I heard it’s not ending anytime soon T__________T

  63. zzen

    hahah all of us are sickass perverted fangirls that needs to seriously get a boyfriend
    but I don’t want to
    why should we right???
    stick together gurl~ haha

    he can be all that on the outside, but forreal,
    he can’t hide his cuteness factor
    it’s his true calling
    he doesn’t want to admit it
    but I can tell 😀

    he’s less innocent than Bae that’s for sure keke

  64. milkydonut

    I have to agree with you there
    even though it’s SO SICK…
    but……………. we like it eh??? haha
    all touchy kekeke

  65. Vi,
    haha. perverted fangirls! yah, i agree that seungri stiL have his cutness, i really like him for beeing that, cause that’s his true calling! but i love his ‘KNOWS-iT-ALL’ image.. you know what i mean.. when he’s on stage, when he’s on bed.. & the MV! haha.. he’s tempting me to leave my boyfriend! haha! Seungri, what are u doing to me? i wana take you home! i used to call him ‘baby’, but now i dont want him to call him ‘baby’. i’m now using ‘my man’ rather than ‘my baby’. Haha. i love him so much, i wana marry him, i wana be the one who comforts him when he’s sad, i wana be the one who cook for him evry morning, & i wana rape him! haha! he’s my MAN!

  66. Vi
    lol probably huh?!
    I always wait for subs when it comes to dramas
    anyways..weren’t they goign to be filming in russia and china?!
    maybe they still haven’t done that and it’;; take longer

  67. oh by the way, gdragon was so cute wit his headband, & the smile.. oh my god! he’s stiLL my 2nd LOVE. haha.. i remember the days when i’m on team GD! he’s the reason why i got to know bigbang even more.. hee! but, now i’m more into seungri, keke. & sometimes they are tied in my heart.. but stiL, i end up with seungri.. SEUNGRi won my heart.. hakhak.

  68. LOLOLLL.

    just let out your inner pervertedness LMFAO xD

  69. zzen

    Baby is a “know-it-all” haha he have TOO MUCH confidence in himself
    which is one of the reason why i love him
    he make it to where he is today by himself
    he work hard for it so when he achieve what he want, he KNOWS that it’s suppose to be that way haha
    our little lovable arrogrant boi

    haha lately I’ve been calling him “my husband” kekek I still want to call him Baby, because that’s how he always is to me even though I noticed how sexy he is LONG time ago…… first time I laid my eyes on him actually haha

    he’s techinally…. still barely legal

    Baby was the first one for me, still is until today
    Bong slowly pulled me in becasuse of all the GRi love going on haha
    Mr. Bong is PRETTY POWERFUL.

  70. Sexica

    I heard they’re coming to the US to film too
    maybe that’s why
    we can’t wait no more man
    I’m going insane thinking about it DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY
    not only is Tabi in it, one of my fave actor from “All In” is in this drama too
    I heard something about Kim Tae Hee being in this drama too? first it was Son Ye Jin (Dae’s celeb crush) but they change it to Kim Tae Hee

  71. milkydonut

    I can’t……. Baby might get arrested
    haha since he’s now legal and I’m still illegal…..
    it’s not good for him keke
    gotta think about husband’s future before everything else

  72. Big Bang, come to my school! Wonder Girls are coming. Alicepark.ko.kr

    I am not a big pop music fan, but Korea does it well.

  73. Hi Vicky,
    I hv been reading your blog for a week. What you wrote about our boys are just so interesting, I just couldn’t stop visiting it since then.

    At the beginning, I feel sorry for magnae who needs to change the lyrics of his song for the silly request of KBS. But after seeing how VIPz react in the show, I just want to laugh~ The VIPz are such a bunch of lovable people! And ya, what else can KBS do?

  74. Vi
    Kakaka… such a cruel gurl.
    But I like ur style. Get rid of it in an instant.

    From fangurl perspective I’ll say ‘good’ too,
    But bong, being a hyung & teaching baby stuff like that.
    Poor innocent baby.
    I miss his cute self & maknae town now.

    I think its coz of u already become BB fans or other Korean artist fans for so long so that u could naturally understand what they’re talking about.
    Like how I am with my Japanese.
    I don’t watch the dramas but I watch the anime. Hehehe… *a huge anime freak*
    It start from my 7th year till now. So I could naturally understand what they’re talking about. Like everyday conversation. But sadly I can’t read Jpnese very well.

    Ah~ I don’t mind about the sub anymore.
    Let’s just see the pic. hahaha…
    At least I could understand like 40% of it. hehe

  75. awwtts~
    seeing him sing this song is soo worth it!!!
    i really, really love this song!!!

    he’s so CUTE and oh so HOT!!!!
    SR baby.. u’r the man!!!

    come on vips,,
    let’s sing crack,crack,crack!!!!


  76. Fish

    haha really?
    glad you had fun while you’re on here and hope you will keep on loving Big Bang 😀

    VIPs NEVER take crap from anybody
    we’re strong/united/ and smart 😀
    KBS is stupid for messing with our men

  77. nya

    hahah you should get use to my “style” by now keke
    I’m not normal… AT ALL haha

    Baby said “touch me” and actually DID IT AGAIN for the Music Core performance today
    OH MY GOD!

    haha pictures speak more than words
    I just HOPE that his role is bigger this time
    since last time on “I am Sam” I have to wait for 2 hours just to see a 10 seconds frame of him on film
    that……….is RIDICULOUS.

    though I love the first scene, damn when he grabbed her neck…. DAMN
    he NEEDS to bring those eye brows back man

  78. I saw the KBS perf a while back.
    dunno about the “clap” word, all I can hear is “crack crack crack!”
    Go VIPz!!! =)

    Baebae didn’t bite his lip there…did he? Coz it killed me…too sexy…….>.<!!!

  79. hq pictures are like candies. nyumnyum thy look so freaking yummy, it’s almost dangerous. top’s pose looks kinda stiff but still, macho. my yb. oh myyyyyy goodness this guy. he’s too good for me hehehe. that lippy thing he does,owh so sexxxyyy and those black and green gloves can only looks smexy on his hands ;p

    i wanna applaud their stylist for this 2nd album cos mannnn, aren’t all of them so dangg hot?? they always were, but this time around, even hotter !

  80. was just thinking..i wonder when bae will ever change his hairstyle? And if he ever does what would he change it too? Wonder what long hair would look on him haha

  81. Vi
    If u’r normal, then what with me?
    Abnormal? Kekeke…

    Bong teach baby how to tease his fans.
    I think Bong give him hint how to make fangurl scream like crazy.
    Teaching this kind of stuff for illegal child.
    That’s why I say bad Bong.
    But if I’m on fans side. I should say “Good job!” kekek

    I don’t know how long I wait to rent that “I’m Sam” but
    I can’t find him in the first episode. Hahaha….
    I was like, “WTH? When is hubby’s turn???” keke

    if he bring that eyebrow back,
    that’ll be like he’s making all of his fans go pervert & adding more pervert fans for him.

    I agree, all I hear is CRACK!
    Because I’m so use to crack then clap. LMAO.

  83. Vi

    hehe, maybe so.
    either way.
    Baby still looks hawt : )))) hehe.

    hmm.. i bet i could make one like that, to mimic it.
    that would be so cool to show up at school wearing that.
    vi, do u think thats cardboard? kakkaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  84. wow BBSK forum is cool!
    they should make a SuperBang forum~ kyaa

  85. Vi

    LOLL, i was just being inside-jokey AHAHA
    lmaooo, ‘it’s not good for him’ xD

    i get it i get it LOL. soo truee :]

  86. i think “crack” is nicer than “clap”.Why kbs make it all so confusing and troublesome?haix.

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