Big Bang’s Seung Ri, who changed his lyrics. “I’m sad about the freedom of the expression”

Big Bang’s Seung Ri, who changed his lyrics. “I’m sad about the freedom of the expression”

“Crack” in ‘Strong Baby’ lyrics changes to “clap.”

[ 2009-01-09 11:46:46 ]

No Cut News Broadcasting and Entertainment Team Lee Ji Hyun reporter

Big Bang’s member Seung Ri revealed his disappointment about changing the lyrics of his solo ‘Strong Baby.’

In the afternoon of the 8th, Seung Ri, whom we met at the waiting room of cable channel Mnet’s ‘MCountdown’ in Sang Ahm Dong, Seoul, expressed, “I am sad because I think that the freedom of the expression isn’t open.”

Seung Ri said, “The ‘crack’ in my lyrics was used as an onomatopoeic word to express a ‘boom’ or a sound of a dog barking,” and emphasized that “it was never intended to mean cocaine.”

Additionally he said, “We did change it, as much as it was pointed out, but I hope the criteria of deliberation will be reconsidered so that a more free expression can be portrayed.”

Seung Ri will come forth on broadcast after changing ‘crack’ to ‘clap,’ which means to clap.

Translation credits to bigbangnyuh.
Credits to 빛나는너 for posting on bbvipz.

~ by Winnie Chu on January 9, 2009.

38 Responses to “Big Bang’s Seung Ri, who changed his lyrics. “I’m sad about the freedom of the expression””

  1. uuugghhh…. T___T

    I knew SeungRi wasn’t liking this whole
    lyrics changing thing!! *cries cus sr is hurt*
    😦 I can’t believe these broadcasters are being
    like this to SeungRi

    grrrrr!!! ok Im mad now..

    don’t worry SR!! “CLAP” is still ok!! we will
    still chant it to support you!!

    We know your intentions are TOTALLY different
    than what these broadcasting agencies are saying!

  2. Poor Baby. He was hurt because some people *coughcough KBS coughcough* gives a whole different meaning to an innocent word in a song.
    Don’t worry Baby, clap isn’t that bad, and it’s only in KBS. hihi. You can mispronounce it to CRAP to describe KBS’s idea of the word crack being cocaine.

  3. nice one Baby!
    its awesome that he isnt afraid to speak out, i think its the most ridiculous call EVER by KBS
    geez, if MBC and SBS can take it, why cant KBS?
    *rolls eyes*
    good on ya Baby, stick it to tha man! ^^

  4. Aww, it’s okay Baby. We all know what you mean and what GD really means when he wrote this song. Screw KBS -________- They’re just being nit picky lately with all the songs.

    This is not official news but I was reading in the BB thread. This girl posted this:

    Seung Ri’s Strong Baby first performance on Music Bank might be his last performance

    picture credit: 슨니애기 @ bbvipz

    my korean friend told me today that she read news on bbvipz and naver that even though “crack” was changed to “clap”, KBS is still not happy with the whole concept and lyrics and stuff about Strong Baby. So, even though Seung Ri got his chance to perform on Music Bank today, next week, KBS might not allow him to perform. KBS is still being harsh on the song and might consider banning the song forever in KBS channel.

    ^ UGHH..this is so ridiculous…

    After I read that I was so angry. -__- I think they were aiming at the in the first place but didn’t want to take charge at it first. They’re being so difficult. Either let the boy perform at first or don’t let him at all. Even after they changed the lyrics they’re still reconsidering. WTH!

  5. ivy,
    thanks also for the infos.. i’m crying right now, i feel sorry for seungri. i can feel his sadness.. i hope i can be there for him.. i wana die! huhu. he just want to perform & to entertain people.. :c

  6. argghh!! wth! What’s wrong with KBS? uh?? poor baby.. mygawwd,, KBS is sooo dissapointing!! -_- anyways, there’s still SBS and MBC who are VERY CONSIDERATE.. >:))

  7. KBS sucks! SEUNGRi dont need them!! i height KBS, but now, i change my mind.. i hate them now!! f**k ’em!

  8. this is so sad, I don’t them to be sad, so does every fans of big bang…

    sigh, I am so sad, I can’t believe this would had happen….

    This is just not fair….

  9. Ivy

    really? Damn KBS.
    I know Baby would be sad and hurt because he didn’t mean any harm with his solo song, he just wants to perform and please the audience.
    Darn it.
    Screw KBS. KBS=CRAP.
    I hope Baby wouldn’t get too depressed on this, he can perform on SBS, MBC and Mnet without any problems.
    And probably Big Bang’s Remember album will go high in sales because a lot of people will be curious on why KBS doesn’t want Strong Baby to be performed in their network.

    Go Baby! We VIPz will always be here for you! We’ll support you all the way! Crack crack crack crack!

  10. even more of a reason to come over to America where Freedom Of Speech is a right that each and every one of us has.

    He’d love to perform his song over here, they wouldn’t censor it ANYWHERE.

    America ftw

  11. -_- ..poor seungri!!…crack is better than CLAP!!! ..I’ve never thought of drugs…gosh..KBS why?? oO

  12. Dangg I feel sad too.
    Buttt yeahh. We’ll support him all the way (:

  13. oh, OUR poor baby. his pain, is my pain 😦

  14. Aw Seungri dear, it’s okay.
    I felt sad and disappointed too.
    I don’t like ‘clap’, i like
    ‘crack’ better. Your fans know
    but stupid KBS thinks wayy too much.
    But i’ll still say ‘crack,crack,crack’

  15. awww baby, dont worry, ill always support you!

  16. poor Seungri. he must be really sad right now.
    i fell disappointed to, KBS is to ban happy right now.

  17. I understand that they want to keep their culture clean from those types of obscene things, but Honestly – Who would interpret it as drugs????
    Bunch of Morons…

    Poor SR – He must feel like he’s being so repressed by the media..Oh well..Can’t really do much about it. The media works as it will.

  18. Well, from one point of view, i can probably understand why kbs are still considering whether or not to let SeungRi perform that song, because the lyrics are a bit provocative and ‘sensual’ especially for the young school girls. Asian countries are very conservative about these things, and for good reason admittedly.

    However, as a Seungri fan, I do feel disappointed if they decided to ban him. And I think, it wouldn’t help the cause anyway (if the cause IS trying to preserve the innocent mind of the young fans~) since Seungri has already performed on many other stages, and his song has been downloaded. Anyway, i hope there wouldn’t be any negative consequence following this, ie. bad relationship between big bang and KBS. Peace~

  19. whoa…people are overreacting…fans I mean. Seung ri’s response is perfectly understandable and reasonable but fans are getting TOO angry and upset over this. So ONE station banned him from performing until he changed it. He’s psmerformed it other places and you can still listen to it on cd. So KBS wants to ban it its their loss. And yeah Korea is more conservative than other places. Its totally understandable, I’m from the USA but sometimes even Im not too comfortable with all this stuff on TV even though I’m used to it.

  20. I just wanted to justify some things (ignore my previous ranting). In my opinion I find it unnecessarily for KBS to MAYBE ban Seung Ri’s song/MV from ever being played on their station AFTER they asked for them to change the lyrics. If they find that the sexual content is inappropriate for teens (which I agree) then they should’ve banned it for that FIRST instead of finding a ridiculous reason for YG to change the lyrics and THEN considers of banning the song. I find that too… I don’t know. They’re kind of making a big deal out of it (the “crack” part).

    Besides that, I understand why KBS would ban Ri’s song. One because they’re broadcasted nationally (if this is my misunderstanding then pardon me) because they’re Korean Broadcasting System so more people would watch versus SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), and MBC (some city’s name Broadcasting System, lol, I forgot the name of the city).

    I usually don’t say much about Big Bang news, whether good or bad. I’m usually a silent reader and occasionally I would spazz like crazy and then disappear.

    But it disappoints me because this is Ri’s first solo promotion and all and KBS is an obstacle to him. I just feel the need to express my anger, grief, the what the hell reaction and all. I mean, I’m pretty sure all of us understand the reason for KBS to ban Ri’s songs but it makes us feel better if we just protest about it.

    We all understand about the sexual stuff being bad for teens and you know, all those other contents within the lyrics and why KBS would want to ban Ri’s song.

    But yeah, that’s just my long ranting. I’m pretty sure other fans understand and feel about the same way. If not that’s probably just me.

  21. And yeah, Ri’s reaction is expected. We’re just giving him our support. It’s not like he’s going to read our comments but it’s good to know that we said something to support him (i.e. cussing out KBS). I mean, wouldn’t you cuss out whoever that made your best friend angry/sad?

    I’m going to start ranting again so I’ll stop. I just hope that you guys know what (overacted) fans understand the situation.

  22. it soo wrong
    i thought korean was a freedom country
    but picking on the word “Crack” was just crossing the line!!!
    and Baby dont feel bad
    it not ur flaut
    it just the hater flaut

  23. i’m glad he’s come forward about this
    but it’s too late :[

  24. Aws. Baby we will continue support you!
    And ya.. Dont feel bad.

  25. aww baby! music bank are wusses….

  26. ohh. baby u’re soo right.
    Fighting hon.
    Korea is more conservative, but seriously?
    first dbsk’s ‘under my skin’, now they target seung-ri’s song for having the word ‘crack’ in it, but not for its sexual content.
    Its ludicrous!!!

    Anyhoo, Seung-Ri fighting! VIPs will always have ur back!


  27. i was a little disappointed with the lyrics changing too. clap does not have the same emphasis as crack. clap is too vague…too last decade. seungri was going to bring change and the broadcrastors stopped that. so yes, i definitely feel his frustration. at the same time i do understand why changes had to be made…but personally i think they are being a little too sensitive to the word “crack”. yuck.


  28. it is sad man! like what the hell! “crack” could mean a lot of things! gah! and i mean “clap”? ew! wth man!!!!!

    don’t worry seungri!!!!<3 It’ll always be “crack” to us. And when your saying “clap” on our TV (or on our computer), we’ll say “crack”. fo sho~

  29. D:

    Soongyi, it’s okay. D: It’s only a few n00bs [AHEMAHEMKBSAHEM] that like to make stuff like this overdone.

    If KBS doesn’t let you perform, it’s their loss. It’s just a song. -_- They should just stop being so touchy. [In my opinion, KBS might start losing viewers if they keep being this censored.]

    Well, here’s to KBS:


    IN YER FACE!!!


  30. who isn’t sad about that seung ri?

    We’re all with ya. come on, VIP’s, lets make a petition…..
    then add a few hundred thousand papers with


  31. awwwww i agree with SeungRi where is the freedom of expression??? T.T

  32. ahh .. i knew it. i knew hes disappointed about this news… its his first time going solo and now his song causes so much controversy =\ its okay baby. you have so many fans to support you, who needs kbs? shoot. ❤ FIGHTING, BABY!
    p.s. i love how he sounds so intelligent when he talks, i.e. “I hope the criteria of deliberation will be reconsidered so that a more free expression can be portrayed.” LOL. or maybe its just the english translation that makes him sound smart, hahah but its still cute.

  33. awww, Baby :[

    they suck, yes i know, they suck xD
    i get what he means, but seriously.
    the fans will totally not care xD

    it’s okay Baby :D!!
    you have many MANY MANY fans who will support youuu ;P


  34. panda

    MY GOSH, yeahhh kbs. PFTT lolll xD

    and LMAO, sounding smart when he talks. it does huh !
    it makes me happy and proud when he talks like that LOLL.
    and he’s being humble about it too not like WTF? lolllllllll.

    freedom of expression, yeah! xD

  35. I would be sad too! But even more pissed off than sad!~ I will forever say crack instead of clap! SeungRi-ssi, you say it like it is!~ Maknae hwaiting!~

  36. feel sorry about that…
    but seungri don’t be sad.. because i like the “crack” one.. ^^

    hey sexy.. “crack.. crack.. crack…”
    yay…. hahaha…..

  37. i love our baby nd his lyrics…

  38. why shud they change our babys lyircs there not hurtinq anyone…
    seungri~ we luv u!

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