YG Notice, Big Bang Book | CYWORLD GOODIES!

look what i got when i checked my mail! i’m sure you guys got one too.

how excitinggg ~ there’s honestly too much stuff. but i’ll try to put as much as i can up.

YG Family wishing us a happy  new year ^_^ & to let us know yg ent site is UPDATED! woot.

  • check out the nice wallpapers
  • YGeSHOP will be reopening (FINALLY)
  • they’re also starting a newsletter to keep us updated on news.


  • it’s called BIG BANG: Shouting Out to the World! (BIGBANG [세상에 너를 소리쳐])
  • subtitle: “The dash towards their dream, Big Bang’s 13,140 days’ challenge” (count back the days towards their trainee days ^_^)
  • Cost: ₩ 15,000 (about $20 bux?)
  • Presale starts now!, official release JAN 28 09
  • The book comes with a BIG BANG DIARY SCHEDULER (o.o so tempting!)


now time for some cyworld goodies! it’s a bit late since it’s holiday-themed, but heck i’d use it ALL-YEAR ROUND! 😛

look under the cut ———————->


another concert message, but this time from cyworld.

this one’s cute cuz TOP gets to say, “this has been.. BIG BANG!” ahahaha. so cute ❤

they’re soo cute! lol they go right next to your picture. look they’re in their snowman caps! gahhh it’s so cute. i just wanna kiss jiyong, or i guess dae wants to kiss me. & YB IS SO CUTE! ahaha! i love you too YB! & sr does his lil booty dance xD


they’re gifs too! it’s soo cute xD

click for bigger image

Big Bang talks about their upcoming Concert BIGSHOW!

i just love listening to their voices ^_^

sr’s BIG BANG at the end was too cute.

source: ygbigbang.tossi.com

3 concert dates:

  • 01/31, 6PM
  • 02/01, 3PM
  • 02.01, 7PM

~ by gdluvzmc on January 9, 2009.

83 Responses to “YG Notice, Big Bang Book | CYWORLD GOODIES!”

    soooo CUTEEEE


    life is killing me with big bang.
    apparently, its good.

  3. AH! i want that book! its 16$ which is no biggie but my parents are so rigid about getting stuff online lol xD
    those icons are too cute! keee



  6. THX It is amazing to see or boys like this..^^ A Book who has thought of that… will it be in english or even Netherlands..??
    let me know cause i want/meet to have this book…:D

    does little “jumping” pics are REALLY cute…XD just like them!!<3
    mmm…love the guys!!! man never thought that I would fall so badly for there music and stuff…
    I think I’m like the onley one on my school and that is like really bad news D:
    but still I will Love Them till I die!!!<3
    and that Show…Need to go…If i had the power to buy a flyticket right now…i would do it..^^
    n__n well this is a BIG massage but that is what i have 4 my flowers!!!


  7. those gifs are so cute. So are the layouts. =]

  8. I WANN TEH BOOK! lol.. o.o”

  9. i want the book…is it like SGD $15?where to get it? just looking at the picture oreadi drive me crazy…hehe

  10. Dangggg, so cute! I want a book too!

  11. O_o ohmgosh.
    i want…i want the book man.
    where can i buy it? lol.

    awws…look at the cute gifs.

  12. Is the book only in korean?

  13. How do you join the YG Ent. website for updates like that?

  14. Aww i’s so cute! i love ALL the GIFs.
    Ahaha TOP “this has been.. BIG BANG!” . He says it
    all fast too. At first, i couldn’t understand it
    but i replayed it over and i was like oh yeahh,
    he does say that.
    Aw i loved TaeYang’s snowman gif. it says “i ♥ u”
    All of theirs are adorable.
    Do you know if the book is going to be translated
    into English?
    Must get book! if they don’t have a English version
    then i’ll get one && learn Korean or be mad.

  15. thanks a lot melly 🙂

    lol in tae’s cyworld skin, they make him “wink” XD his eyes are tiny lol

  16. I LOVE EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE! *jumpy* top looks so hot with a fringe >:/ the gifs are adorable! dae’s big smooch, bong looks like a baby >< seungri looks dopey, top winks! tae yangs simply a sweet heart ❤

  17. apparently, my comment got cut off o_o” it’s missing… >:/

  18. heh?! again T__T seungri is so cute copying his hyung and signalling with fingers, then they look at each other, aaw. I WANT TO GO TO BIGSHOW 😦 thing is, i live in australia >:/

  19. thanks melly ^^ i got the email too :O and i was so excited they’re sending newsletter yayy! also they have new wallpapers and screensaver from the BIG SHOW >.<

    Awwww the cyworld goodies that’s too cuteeee! so sad the holidays are over 😦 i would have the TOP minime and cyworld skin xD but my cyworld account its kinda dead ._.

  20. Oh,I hope they will translate this book into English so that a non-Korean fan like me can understand T^T

    However, I’ll buy it by no doubt 😀

  21. LOL TOP’s so funny
    ‘thishasbeenbig… BANG!’
    haha he said it so fast
    did anyone notice how dae’s the first one to walk off the frame before the cut? ^^ so cute
    ahhh i really want the book… except it will all be in korean…
    …which i dont understand lol.
    thankyou for the gifs!!!
    haha how cute is TY’s? his lil eyes XD

  22. OMG i forgot to add:
    -is that TOP hugging one of the dancers at 00:37 in the BIGSHOW promo?
    *jaw drops*

  23. Wow! The Book is lookin so PRO and cool~~
    Man, I wish I had a cyworld, I would definitely
    use those skins! but my friend was telling me you
    have to earn points or “acorns”, the gifs are cool!!

    ahhhh, the vids make me want to go to the concert
    sooo bad!! *sighs* hopefully next time will be

    ooh! website updates! gonna check it out!

  24. TOP’s nose twitch is killing me!! XP

    i even noticed they looked at each other at one point lmaooo
    CUTIESS ahhhh.
    OMFG, and at the beginning that sexy wave thing that Bong was
    doing with the girls was SOOO HOTTT o_______o
    omgomg . hahahaa

    hehe, i wantttttttttttttttttttttttttt that BOOK!!!! OMGOMG, it’s
    like. a bb text book. MUST HAVE!!! wahhhh, unfortunately i’ve
    asked for too many bb stuff already D: damn!
    i’m definitely getting that though -___-; i musttt haveee itt!

    Bae was soo cuuteee at the beginning of the vid when they were
    talking about the big show concert, but then i saw Bong and his
    head band and i was totally out of it xDD
    ADORABLE HEAD BAND. i loveee the head band look lmaoo 😀 it suits
    him i guess x]<33 GAHHH, SUCH A CUUTIIEEE :D! Dae looking cuute
    too xDD and Tabi’s point was adorable hahaa idk why i thought
    that was so cute and he’s just being his sexy self xD
    then i saw Baby and OMG, i loveee everything about him xDD
    HIS VOICE IS LIKE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOHHHH *O* HAHA. i like him in plain white shirts too xDDD AGH, overload of adorablleeness!

    :]<3 cutiess lolll.

  26. GAHHH, and the Big Show Conert D; i REALLY WANNA GOO, but seriouslyyy..im in US. =____________________________=;;
    how dissapointing >:O!!

    blehhhhh, the promo looks soooo outrageously TASTTYYY O___O

    GARRR, no fair -.-;

  27. what i would do to go to concerts in korea…. *sighhh
    i was born in korea but i never went bak
    since i came here to l.a in.. 8 yrs..
    WELL haha i lov their little clipss.
    its like making us want to go more T T
    is it me or is tabi like so adorable
    wen he talks xDDDD <<< view as my hubby hehe

  28. Melly <3333
    thanks for all the adorable goodies and updates.

  29. I wanna buy that book! :DD

  30. the pic for the Big Show is uber cutEs!~ Tabi looks like he has on a thizz face!~ and Bae’s Big Show gif is mah favorite!~ effin cutEs!~

  31. I wish cyworld USA kept it how it was so we can play around with those goodies. darn it!

  32. are there translations for this book? in english?? if there is news of this, could u post it? or email me at mskuei@yahoo.com ?? thanks. it would be greatly appreciated ^^

  33. omg.. a book about BB!!
    i want it too~

    i want to watch the concert too!!
    i really really want to go..

  34. why is it i always failed when i registering for YG ent official site?

  35. so excited for them!! hope all of them will be fine by the concert. =)

    I love Tabi’s hair in the cyworld msg, so cool, and Dae’s stance is very manly. =)

    Those GIFs were gaaaaaaah! Baebae, I love you too!

  36. 13140 days ???
    that’s 36 yrs – –
    how could that be?

  37. the price of the book is about rm60. not xpensive,really. but even so, since i spend my money buying items that are youngbae-ish, i kinda don hv the $ now eeheheheheh

    the concerts are 2 days in a row. wee. i’m afraid our boys will get exhausted again. or.not. cos they are big bang and big bang can and will do anything to make us happy 😉

    young bae’s gif. perfect.i’ll make it my phne’s wallpaper and chachang! i’ll get to say ‘luv u too’ to yb everyday

  38. wargh warghhhhhhh y does yb has to do that ilbon-speaking thing?? it’s too cute and too adorable i can’t believe how much i love him xp

  39. @ KK – I was thinking the same



  42. They make me fall for them over & over!
    I act as if I’m going. LMAO.

  43. ahhh the book…wanna have it so badly. And if only it had an English version. I wanna so many BigBang stuff these days and cant get enough… Ahh I wanna the book!!!!
    The BigShow is coming too. I wish that I could go! Korea seems to be too far =(

  44. I wantttttt thee booooook. Oh my lordy. Where can I get it?

  45. does anyone know if this book would be translated to english? or anywhere else i could buy it ? =/ .. worried that by the time i wanna buy it, it would be sold out, because isn’t it limited? won’t be around for long, so many people have already pre-ordered =/.. well if anything could you email me or note it on the website please & keep going with the work! 😀 xo

  46. ahh.. they looked so cute.. ke ai…


    LOL I love TOP’s nose twitching on the concert msg video 😀

  48. uuuwaaaa soo cool
    T^T i cant access the wallpapers on the oficial yg site T^T
    i click the little link that says what size the wallpaper is and it says that it cant find the server?


    There’s this korean books and music store called Jongro (or Jong ro) Korean Books and Music in downtown Toronto thats taking orders for the book. It’s a bit expensive but you can call them and either order on phone or go to the store and order!!!!

    Their phone number is (416)-537-5147


    spread the LOVE! ❤

    ive been stalking YESASIA for the book.
    and by golly its there for preorder lovlies. 🙂


  51. i preordered the book on yesasia
    but now im wondering
    does it comes with the signatures and scheduler
    does anybody know if the yesasia version come with that or not?
    cuz dvdheaven has it for a cheaper price
    and it states that it comes with those things

  52. ahhh ahah i really want this boooook =)=)

    is it possible to send it too AUSTRIA ahahah^^
    hope to get it

  53. ahhhh
    can i also have one?
    does u deliver it to austria?

  54. When I first heard about the BIG SHOW tour, i thought it was a sort of a world tour and I was so pissed off because they weren’t coming to Australia. The i found out the BIG SHOW was only in Korea. LOL!

  55. Hii i had a question idf anyone could PLEASE answer this :
    Does the YG shop deliver to the U.S????
    please let me know!!!
    email: aderlinf19@yahoo.com

  56. Does anybody know if their book will be translated into English?

  57. beuhh,,kren2 BGT SICH KALIAN ..UYU2 bgt sih

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