(English Subbed) Big Bang on Sang Sang Plus | 01.10.09 SeungRi: Strong Baby performance on MBC Music Core

01.11.09 SBS Inkigayo
Strong Baby Performance
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(English Subbed) 12.23.08 KBS Sang Sang Plus
Special Guest: Big Bang
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FINALLY!!! WE’re done subbing the video!!!
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『KBS found more problem with Strong Baby』

I read that KBS is taking the “Strong Baby” music video under consideration. Apparently, they’re digging for more faults in the lyrics as well as the MV, the say the bed and kiss scene might be a little too much to be broadcast, so now they’re re-evaluating the MV and the song once again…. I really don’t know about KBS anymore, I give up, so ridiculous. I feel bad for YG because he have to put up with it since SeungRi only have less than 1 month to promote this song, he needs all the promotion he can get.

This is how excited Baby gets when he get to perform his original lyric

Thanks to S님

01.10.09 MBC Music Core
Strong Baby Performance
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Thanks to 아련알섬님
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His “Are you ready, MBC?” already had me LOL’ing. haha he’s so excited to be back in MBC where he’s FREE to perform the ORIGINAL lyric to his song. You can tell he’s REALLY excited to hear the VIPs below to say “CRACK CRACK” cuz he was all hyped when he said “HEY SEXYYYY~” haha VIPs never disappoint him, hopefully this make him feel better about the whole freedom to express stuff that’s been bothering him lately.

He’s getting good at this, I can tell he’s getting a hang of it now, how he manage to brush off his jacket before he sings haha also actually TOUCHING HeeJung’s back now haha good job Baby! Handle it like a man now! Even touched HwiJin’s inner thighs too. WHOO!! so proud of him !! 😀 I love his little “YO! LET’S GO” haha his face is like “you know you want me, I’m 18 years of sexiness” haha

Oh em gee… I just noticed something haha this suit make his butt look good too T___T what am I gonna do with myself? aigoo~ I had to laugh so hard at the part where he was dancing with EunHyung and she did that butt thing haha and he looked down, then look back up and he went “HEYYYY!” hahahah They camera man REALLY needs to learn to close up on Baby’s face when EunHyung touched his nose, cuz that is the golden facial expression man.

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O________O………I know.. I didn’t believe it either, but that IS MR. KWON LEADAH, just goes to show how tired he was from preparing all that Music Festivals last year, I’m so glad they’re on a break right now, cuz look at these pictures scares the bee-jeezes out of me (that’s a word I made up), Bong with the mini-GD.

GD with Mini-GD

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I didn’t believe it was Bong when i first saw this pic…….. wow… what fatique can do to a person

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Thanks to 빕츠 | bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on January 10, 2009.

89 Responses to “(English Subbed) Big Bang on Sang Sang Plus | 01.10.09 SeungRi: Strong Baby performance on MBC Music Core”

  1. Strong Seungri ^^
    clap clap clap clap ~~~

  2. Woo~! was that perf. hot or what?!
    but his perf are always hot anyway!

    && is it just me or does mini-GD look like he doesn’t like his job??
    haha he’s not even smiling.
    he must be tired too

  3. Lol, judging from the perf., Seungri looked more comfortable performing at Music Core than any other music shows! It’s lovely to hear the VIPs crack-ing loudly during the perf. Maknae looked hot as usual~

    Heh, the mini-Bong look similar to GD, especially his hair. LOL. GD looked worn out there, having black circles just like maknae. It’s a good thing that they’re having a break this coming feb.

    which now brings down to KBS issue with Strong Baby. What the heck is wrong with KBS? They’re so against the song, the mv, everything. They’re really hampering maknae’s opportunities to shine and bring the best out of this promotion. They’re acting like they’re a member of Korea Censory Board committee. I understand that they are an international broadcast hence the need to check on the lyrics. But they’ve done that. So why prolong the matter? It’s not going to make their channel any more responsible and better than other channels.

    If i may say this, they’re probably banking on maknae’s popularity, making it on the news. Yea, this sounds ridiculous, but their actions are way more absurd.

    Ok, tubby here shall stop ranting ~

    i must say i love the banner!

  5. Man… I can’t believe KBS is being like
    this… idk what’s with them

    Music Core perf. was HOT! Yea, you can tell
    SR wanted to express himself, showing the
    audience what he got. lol the whole way he was
    definitely like, yea you know you want some of this
    come get it

    From start to finish he was really workin it!

    -_- boo KBS, boo

    SR FIGHTIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mini-GD! Cheer up kiddo! Your wearing the best fashion
    round Korea! and your being held by one of the sexiest and
    greatets artist in the world!


  7. gooosshhh…Ji Yong!!! he looks dead to me! but still he could manage a smile..=) hope he gets a very good rest now.. enough sleep and proper meals are the answer to his good health..stay strong there Ji Yong!! Fighting!!

  8. Vi,
    haha. lavett again! his performance was awesome! hyper seungri ~ fighting!! by the way gurL, how did U know their names? (seungri’s backup dancers) whoa. i’m proud of you. LoL.. i hope we r 1 of them. Haha!
    jiyong~aaah.. ‘cant wait for his soLo aLbum.. ^^

  9. Oh, wow, KBS just sucks. Clearly, they’ve never watched American MTV. Honestly, I like MBC better. They had the better music festival…and better dramas, LOL. Seriously, the dramas are better.

    I didn’t recognize him either. He looks like he’s just risen from the dead. Aww, even mini-Bong looks worn out. T.T I’m so glad they are getting a break soon.

  10. i knew as the weeks went on, Baby would be getting better and better
    as he performed Strong Baby and i was right. seeing how comfortable
    he is now, i wonder how much MORE comfortable he gets for the remaining
    performances. 😉

    and OMO. i’d probably be like this T__T after seeing all those deathly
    tired pictures of Bong. but i’m more like this x] only because for a
    split second after seeing the first pic [the one that was cropped as
    a preview before the cut], i thought he was a girl. ahaha. don’t
    shoot me.

  11. KBS is just pissed because VIPs screamed CRACK anyway.
    Oh get OVER it already, they seriously need to realise that we live in 2009, not 1939!
    Haha Seungri totally owned KBS: ‘ARE YOU READY MBC?’

    Aww I love the mini-BB pics, GD looks so tired though, I could barely tell that was him too.
    His mini looks really freaked out though…
    Did GD scare him with the bags under his eyes?
    Lol jk jk, GD seems so sweet with the mini, with his arm around him ^^

  12. KAWAII!
    jiyongie…you’re so near…yet so far…………….ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  13. for this performance, seungri dances MUCH more energetic than he does with KBS. i’m really glad and this suit really made him bottom show more, kehe 🙂 CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!

  14. The way that you decribed your lil baby having “skinship” with the back dancers just simply makes me laugh~

    That’s so true, our magnae is a big boy now. He is very much enjoying the stage in Music Core than in anywhere else. Of coz, it’s his turf!!! haha

    And I just luv GD’s smoky eyes, they really help GD in saving his make-up budget~

  15. Lol~ ..Kbs… Need to know they are in the 21th century!
    Gd and mini-Gd.. both look so tired.. lol. and didnt regonize him too…

  16. jiyongislove

    haha maybe Mini-Bong’s mom is just like Bong’s mom when he was little
    she make him do it keke
    or Mini-Bong was just trying to be cool.

    …..OR… he doesn’t like the hair Bong gave him hahaha

  17. tubby

    yea I noticed that too
    since Music Core is HIS SHOW haha
    he hosted it ever since last june
    it’s his HOOD, his TOWn, haha his HOMIES! kekek

    can’t agree with you more,
    KBS is just…… someone knock some simple english sense into the,
    though Baby IS getting publicity due to this issue too
    so SOMEHOW it’s helping Baby’s solo activities… but to me, not in the right way.
    and Baby probably worried about this a lot since this is his chance to represent Big Bang and YG
    the last thing he do is earn some bad image/name for them

  18. tiqahs

    haha I do too gurl~
    though I feel perverted everytime I see that nipple…. T___T

  19. rosiebb

    I feel the energy there too
    he’s just TOO excited to say CRACK! haha

    and of course, you can NEVER go wrong with Bong keke
    his hair T________T
    Bong put him up to that, i’m sure ahha

  20. zzen

    that’s like OUR term eh:????

    and I know cuz I joined their CYWorld fanclub
    HeeJung is CRAZY’s leader
    they’re pretty awsome

  21. Maryam

    I know!!!
    if they watch just 2 minutes of MTV over here
    they’ll seee…… that “Strong Baby” MV is just BABY STUFF…

    and I think MBC is a better channel too
    I love everything about them haha explain why MBC and Big Bang is SO TIGHT! haha

  22. Heahter..

    ehhh……..hopefully… not TOO comfortable.. cuz ehm. O_O

    and gurl I can’t shoot you when I’m on the same boat haha
    when I saw the pic, I almost choked on my coffee
    i was FREAKING sleepy from staying up until 5 AM
    but when I saw that pic. i was awake right away hahahah
    he look like anything… BUT Bong

  23. Pearllovestop

    ooh~ now that you brought it up
    it MAY be because of what VIPs did the other day
    KBS try to fight back at VIPs?
    are they retarded?
    have you ever heard of a TV station try to win viewers??
    they gonna lose for sure.

    Mini-Bong probably was like “WTF?” at the hair Bong gave him haha

  24. teezlesvip

    so……..you noticed it too??? HAHAH
    so I’m not that perverted? keke

  25. Fish

    haha why? cuz I sound WAYY to happy to have him touch other female??
    jkekekek i dont’ why I do….. but I do
    can’t help it
    he look so SEXY when he do it

    when “Oh My Friend” MV came out, we were talking about how the reason why he drove that van away because there’s a lifetime supplies of eye liner in the back kakka

  26. Lmao! OMG MiniJiyong & Jiyong look so cute!
    Lol at the hair (: Very cute though. x) AWW he looks so tired!
    I feel sad for him. I”ll make my eyes red too then. (WTH?? Haha)
    But yeah. Yayy CRACK CRACK CRACK! Love the RED performance.
    Baby looks FINE, like always (:

  27. I LOVE this perf….I can feel the stage energy by just watching it.
    Weeee I’m happy for you too Baby Ri! Crack crack crack!
    I love the lights and the camera effect, it’s so energetic, and it suits Baby’s mood of performing the original lyrics to his solo. =)
    He’s getting a lot more sexier now….=)
    KBS can screw themselves for trying to ban Baby’s song. damn them.

    Bong looks really dead tired in those pictures, but they still look cute together. awwww. Mini-Bong.
    The Mini-Bigbang group…I wanna meet them too someday, just to play with them.
    I saw a fancam of Big Bang and WG and Mini Big bang during the MBC music festival. Mini-Baby is exactly like Baby, wanting to dance a lot on stage not only with Big Bang songs but with Wonder girls songs too…too cute!!!

  28. poor GD! The bottom of his eyes…oh my. they are on well deserve break.

  29. and yeah, that suit made his butt look good.
    The butt shot was nice when he was shaking it at the end of the 1st chorus.
    Wouldn’t it be great if he throws the rose to the audience at the end of his perf? the VIPz would surely go crazy about it. hehe.

  30. OMG!!!
    Baby was so hyped
    he can finally hear the crack again
    I swear this performance was his best one yet
    he didd the touch me thing again
    LOl just this time not so colose to the camera
    his butt looked so fine
    so it wasn’t just the gray pants doing magic

    poor Bong he must have been reaally tire
    his eyes look so scary and yet I love the pics with mini Bong
    their permed hair LOL

  31. ahh .. poor seungri :[ i hope he’s not too disappointed right now.. although i have a feeling he might be =\ especially after releasing his concerns about freedom of expression. its true, he always says “i will try my best not to give big bang a bad image” in the interviews whenever they ask him about his solo. lol so cute. don’t feel too hard on yourself Ri!! you’re doing a great job =) smoking hot perf ! and look how many fans were shouting “CRACK,” LOL, i hope that made him feel better 😀

    also.. in the article about GD’s solo, Seungri mentioned that GD will be going to America along with Taeyang to practice dance. Does that mean the other three aren’t going to America too? D: I would understand if Dae couldn’t go, because he has sooo much stuff like family outing to deal with, since he’s now a permanent member. (but i was hoping he’d come to America anyways) But if SR’s solo promotion ends at the end of Jan… hm.. and wouldn’t TOP have to go to America in order to film “Iris”? im confused. haha can someone clarify which membenrs of BB are going to America?

  32. oh crap. kbs is all i have on my tv :/ but i’ve got to say its no surprise they’re re-looking at the mv though. since they are already so concerned about one word. doesnt reflect well on them…to make so much fuss over one word before realising the whole mv is just like that…

    was watching the chauCNN’s video where seungri’s hyungs left him a message..i hope that was recorded long ago…cause it just seemed like suddenly all of them lost alot of weight and looked so haggard in there.. ):

  33. KBS is just… S-T-U-P-I-D.
    America doesn’t care about the lyrics! Korea is conservative with their music, obvs.
    Go VIP’s! Sing it! “CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!”

  34. oui. KBS is full of it. -_-‘
    other than that.
    oh gosh to see baby so excited to sing his original lyrics.
    the VIP’s making him feel more energetic. lol.

    OUI! poor bong.
    he looks so horrible. :[
    good thing the have this upcoming break.
    he needs that deserved rest too.

  35. Here we go Seungri!!! Forget KBS. He’s a STRONG BABY and he’ll come out on top. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK

    And GD, get some rest, okay? 😦

  36. mini gd didn’t smile ];
    cheer up kiddo! xD you should be happy you get to see gd. 😛
    haha seungri’s hot hot hot (;
    can’t get enough of him xD

  37. damm ji wongs dark circles T_T
    the mini GD seems soo depressed hahah very unlike the real ji yongie.
    This strong baby was the best so far, hes really gettin into it now. VI i like this. =]

  38. ha….bee-jezes
    my mama says that!!!
    i luv bb!
    they look rough!!!!!
    yeah they need a break!

  39. the video is going to be reviewed by KBS? ugh!~ they’re a bunch of looneys! crack crack crack all the way!~ BONGah! you must be so tired! come over to Cali and rest with me~ hehe.



    Screw YOU, KBS. -_-. I’d use a much more profane word but I know I’m gonna get my butt kicked. GOD. I bet they’d have a HEART ATTACK if they saw some of the American music videos. Freaking ldsajflkdsjf.

    ._. Whoa. GD looks so. So. So. So so tired.


  41. ugh WTF is wrong with KBS?
    Whoo that was a hot performence again
    Aww G-Dragon and mini g-dragon
    he looks so tired. he needs a lot of rest
    luckily they are coming to US in like three weeks

  42. “crack, crack, crack, crack”
    ahh I miss him saying that
    it makes the song & performence hotter
    aha he is do happy saying thee
    orginal lyrics

  43. sis in law

    you can so tell he’s making progress huh? haha
    I’m so proud of him AHHHHH~
    in cloud nine of heaven.

    I really want to say “SUCK IT” to KBS
    you have NO IDEA
    see if they can understand THAT slang

    DUDE. Mini-Baby have so much attitude haha
    just like the original 18 years old Baby
    but all of them, the most similar thing between them is the eyes
    so similar it’s crazy

    haha Baby’s butt…. keke
    the rose is sewed to his collar
    so he’ll ripped the blazer if he throw it down
    but I love how during the debut stage, the fans throw the roses up onstage after he’s done
    only if they’ll do everytime…. but roses are expensive hahah

  44. KBS is so annoying. they just cant find better things to do! are they the same one’s so band TVXQ’s mirotic song and Rain’s Rainism song too? geezz.. KBS sucks!

    I feel bad for G-Dragon. since he wrote it and i feel bad for baby cause it’s suppose to be the song! for his debut! geezz.. im glad they are on break too!! YEAH!!!

  45. Sexica

    this performance have my vote too
    the BEST
    part because MBC is Baby’s homedog haha
    it’s his HOOD
    so that’s why he’s so comfortable performing on it

    I was laughing so hard when I noticed the touch me
    though i blame Bong already
    I need some trust worthy source

    I can imagine Bong making mini-Bong perm his hair and the lil Bong be like “wtf is wrong with his hyung?”

  46. hey i was wondering. im kinda new to this site. lol. i’ve been looking at this site to get info about big bang! ^_^ and i love this site. but i was wondering. do we have to join? or how do we join this site? thanks! if someone can let me know. here is my email: jenxnguyen@yahoo.com

    -THANK YOU very very much ^_________________^

  47. thanks ladies for subbing! I’m going to watch it now:0)

  48. panda

    even though ppl tell him constantly that he’s doing a good job
    Baby… he’s an over achiever,
    always being labeled the un-talented one out of Big Bang, I read many hurtful thigns people write about him like “why are you in Big Bang?” “you’re such a burden” “you’re stopping Big Bang from major success” “leave already”
    those are stupid stuff anti and netizens say just to stir up trouble, but of course to Baby, he KNOWS that he’s not as good as his hyungs, he’s trying his best to show people what he can do, and even though he KNOWS he shouldn’t mind what those ppl are saying, but if someone say something like that about you, of course your feeling will get hurt
    to him, he have to do this PERFECTLY, to prove to people that he can do it and not ruin YG and Big Bang’s image
    he have a lot on his shoulder
    KBS is NOT helping at all

    They’re here for a vacation but also to brush up on their english and learn more about dancing and singing over here, even though Dae is coming to the US, he’ll continue to do Family Outing, so that means he have to travel back and forth from Korea and US every 2 weeks for 2 months

  49. Kat-Chan

    HAHA let it all out gurl
    you need to release it before you go insane
    who the fuck care?
    whoever kick ur butt, I’m gonna kick their ass 😀
    i got ur back gurl haha

  50. greenxmelons

    you already joined haha
    as long as you have a username you can start posting 😀

  51. oh my JEEBUSS kbs is like a bunch of pussies! (sry for the language)
    but what the eff?! first the CRACKK and now the mv?? this is too much for babys 1st solo.. its ridiculouss~!

  52. i dont think that little boy understands the postition that he is in. There are so many people who would KILL to be in that position. Lol like me. But seriously he looks so damn tired here that it really makes me glad they are taking a semi-break. Seungri does look alot happier performing on here thaKBS should just give it the hell up. They are just gonna end up pissing more people off and it just isnt going to be good.

  53. Aw, I hope KBS does change anything else. 😦
    I hope BabyRi will get to keep his lyrics. :O
    OMG. JiYong looks so tired and worn out?! :O
    Look at his eyes!?!?! :O
    OMG. I hope he gets better and more health soon. :O
    The boy isn’t smiling…. 😦
    He looks tired too…. :O
    I’m so jealous of him though. :O

  54. Vi,
    ah.. so HeeJung is a member of CRAZY girlgrup? ^_^ mm, yep it’s our term! LAVETT! haha.. my MAN SEUNGRi have to show that he’s not affected when he’s on stage. but mann, he’s stiLL hurt.. dontworry seungri, we are here for YOU! are you ready gwangju boy? Let’s rock the stage! HAHA..

  55. Vi
    What d fuck with dad KBS?
    R they mad coz when baby perform VIP still yell crak? Unseasonable.
    Than how bout the radio yesterday? Isn’t it from KBS channel?
    Omona~ bong surely make me shocked! His darkcircles. Thank god now their promotion had over.
    Mini bong look like he’s been freak out coz of bong.
    Ah… I wish my comp could work now. I want to see the sub!
    Thanks Vi

  56. Jini

    them mother effin pussy
    I think because they’re not happy with VIPs yelling “crack”
    that’s why they’re pulling this card
    mother fuckers

  57. kay-chan

    the boy was probably up late on night practicing with his Big Bang hyung too
    and kids can get cranky and bitchy when they don’t get enough sleep…. I should know haha
    I bit my dad once cuz he won’t let me sleep

    KBS really isn’t smart at ALL if they think they can win against the VIPs
    we’re powerful.

  58. zzen

    yea~ all the female dancers that dance for YG is in CRAZY
    you gotta have LAVETT!! haha

    the GwangJu boy haha

  59. nya

    them mother effers.
    mess with my man

    and yesterday on Maybee’s radio show, I think he use “crack” and it WAS on KBS’s station
    so they ban him when he’s on broadcast but not on radio?
    what kind of bullshit is that?
    they just wanna create fucking troubles

    wait til u watch it haha
    ur husband and Bae got SOME interesting relationship…. O__O
    …..hahahah too interesting.

  60. LOL, Bong and the mini gd.
    mini gd looks o___o EVIL MUCH? LOLL, maybe he’s confused? ahaha xD

    my goshhh, can’t believe kbs -.- WHATEVERWHATEVER. GOOOSHH
    lololl. they’re crazy :]
    GO VIPS. like, who cares what kinda problems there are..it’s not
    like it’s going to kill people or result in a ginormous disaster
    PFT..it doesn’t matter..it’s bull -__-;

    but likee. on MBC, i was like OMG ahaa look at Baby gooo. :D!
    he’s all pumped and stuff. CUTTIEE loll. one SEXXYY CUTTIIEE :]<3
    he seems more CUTE when he’s happier LMAO i thinkkk so xD
    hehe, i loved that perf. it was cuutee and HOOTTT at the same time lolloll 😀
    before his ‘bye ladies’ he was so cute XD

  61. Vi
    Poor baby. It’s his 1st solo.
    While he already prepare so much for his solo.
    Stay strong baby 😥

    KBS.. if the mv not hot again, then the mv concept r gone. WTH with that? They’re ruining baby’s good part.

    Omo! Then how bout ToDae couple? Now the starting of TOBae? Love triangle?

  62. Vi,
    they are so sexy & hot & have good chemistry with my MAN! 0_0
    by the way, can U teLL us the whole interview of seungri on a radio show?

  63. Omg, thanks so much for subbing the show!
    I’m gonna go watch now.

  64. Yes, thank you so much for share the show..

    I am gonna download it right away

  65. vi
    now i know what u mean by interesting relationship.

    Bae is playing a role that he’s a wife who wait for her husband who go home late.

    Bae~~~ that’s my role~
    don’t take it. u could just lie down or even sleep on Kenley’s or Roro’s bed. they’ll gladly welcome u.
    Tabi don’t roll it that way. kekeke…

  66. Vi
    lol yup he’s just gettin better and better
    hope that convinces u to stay with him only

    seem like Bong’s just getting people to do things
    first Baby and now mini Bong
    seriously thw things he makes them do
    if only he could get Tabi to show his abs…

  67. Lol! MBC is soo much cooler than KBS.
    KBS needs to yank those sticks out their butts and stop making our Baby upset >.<
    But he worked the MBC stage ;]
    I think he was giving MBC all he’s got while he didn’t try as hard on KBS.
    Awh, Ji Yong looks so tired ): thank god he’s getting a vacation.
    And mini-gd looks so scary T.T oh so lucky..
    Thanks for the sub Vi!

  68. at last Sang Sang Plus is subbed! hahaha! thanks vicky.. :DD I have fun watching it~~

  69. Babbyy Rii ::
    Awww OMOO! I love his MUSIC! AHHC! His dance moves killed it! I’m so jealous! I like dancing, he should teach me, kekekeke =)
    Sang Sang Plus ::
    LMAO! OMO! It was so worth my time watching. OF COURSE all the videos that invoulves Big Bang is always worth my time watching =D Awww haha Mr. TOP is sooo CUTE! He tried to run away when they tried to hit him with the Green FANN! LMAOO! Ahhh, TAE YANG is such a GENIOUS! OMG! *shy laughs* Aww himm. Aha Rii! LMAO him & the attention for the camara! LMAO. Dae Sung, ahc! Family Outgoing with Nuna Hyori! LMAO. The make-up is to dark so he needs to wipe it off LMAO. Awww. What I love most about Tae Yang, is that he’s laying on the bed touching his ring and twisting it awwww! HOW ADORABLE & how he waited for TOP! LMAO, awww. OMG, can’t believe he scared TOP! Ahhaaaa LMAO. Awww I love Big Bang to DEATHHH =)

  70. hehehe, vi.

    mini bong looks so pissed that bong forced him to do the peace sign XD lmao..

  71. ..and he prolly forced him into the jacket and hair to.. lol

  72. THANK YOU!
    I ve been waiting for the subbed version of sang sang plus.
    Thank you for your hard work
    I appreciate it.
    And about seungri.. Oh well.. Dont worry about KBS.. since they are doing this to almost every single singer. The good thing is that seungri gets to go on the radio shows and maybe talk more about these stuff.. As we all know asian countries have to make sure to give out a good image.. maybe its hard for them to understand that some words dont mean what they might seem to be.. Lets just keep cheering him on. He should be very happy since I think he is the youngest to have a solo so early on.. so its just part of a small process for a bigger journey..
    Seungri.. jia you.
    Big bang jia you.

  73. thanks so much for subbing Sang Sang Plus!

    ~loved it!!! omo Tae Yang was frikken adorable…and he’s got a good set of brains…SO SMART! I knew he was good at math but he’s good at everything lolz. Aw waiting for TOP on his bed or hiding to scare him, such a kid lol. I love how he’s become more open on variety shows now – good to see that side of him. He’s a different kind of funny – its quirky and cute but he rarely shows it lol.

  74. taking the sub..thank you Vicky..=)

    about KBS, well, they are just being conservative and not very open-minded..Seung Ri will survive since he has a very large group of VIPs supporting him 24/7..=)..furthermore, the hyungs are very supportive and that’s what matters..just seize the day Maknae!

  75. the whole KBS taking consederation on maknaes vid and song is utterly stupid! i mean COME ON! Jiwon has half naked girls dancing in his video and maknae cant do a little bed scene!?!??! Rain can talk about being sexy and maknae cant?!? T_T this is sad since KBS is the ONLY korean channel we can get here in malaysia…i will be awaiting the strong baby musicbank perf =D yay! if they cut that out i’m flying off to korea.

  76. gd seem like a kid…
    he is so ADORABLE

  77. Vicky and Anecia,Thanks for subbing!!
    thanks to the subs i actually know what they’re saying.haha tabi was so cute when he was like requesting them “Call me oppa” and did that shhh thing.hahaha tabi i’ll call you oppa anyyytime and you can shush me as long you want.hahah.
    and awww he almost got a ‘heart attack’ everytime bae scared him like that.and bae you know i would kill to trade places with you just so i can lie on tabi’s bed and scare him(in a nice way of course).hahahha.
    and he and his partner in that spelling game were so hilarious.they remind me of dumb and dumber.like they are so funny and dorky together.
    and out of all the members tabi was the only one who really tried to avoid getting smacked by a green fan.hahah it was so hilarious when he tried to protect himself from those people but in the end they smacked his crotch.his expression was priceless.he probably was more shocked than when bae scared him.hahaha.
    tabi doesnt talk much but when he says something its always so dorky.love him.
    all of them were so cute in the show!
    i can’t help but to spazz abt tabi altho i have a lot to say about the rest.just cant blame a tabi luver can you.hahaha.

    thanks alot for subbing!!

  78. seungri was so cute on SANG SANG PLUS.. & he was so sexy on GOLD MiSS.. & he was so adorabLe on COME 2 PLAY. Hahahaha.. i love evrything about him!

  79. aha what the hell with KBS man???

    I can see SR got really excited on MBC lol. “Crack” definitely sounds better than “Clap” lol. I love the way VIPs screamed out loud “crack crack crack” with all their enthusiasm :D.Forever the “crack” lol.

    and Kwon leader needs to rest!

  80. lil sis in law

    Mini-Baby is the next BABY for sure!
    He’s all hyper just like Baby.
    And a good dancer to boot.
    I hope they do a perf with mini-bang again. ^^

    Yeah, KBS really is asking for it.
    now they want to ban his MV because of the sexual implications? Why didn’t they say it in the 1st place?
    Screw them.
    They are just too paranoid…or stupid.

    Then again, Baby’s butt…hehehe…yep you can see it a lot clearer in his suit.
    VIPs are too sweet, throwing roses to Baby and always chanting Crack crack crack for him.
    Yeah roses are expensive, but wouldn’t it be nice to get one from Baby?even if it takes one to buy 2 dozens of roses to throw into the stage and be thrown back by Baby? I think it would be worth it.
    Baby gave a whole new meaning to the red rose. ^^

    Thanks for the subs btw! I’m gonna watch it now.

  81. nya

    are you talking about Baebae’s joke with your hubby when he waits lying down on Tabi’s bed for a long time alone while waiting for Tabi?
    yeah. it’s your role all right.
    Baebae doesn’t really roll that way either. Coz he should do that joke with me.
    I wouldn’t mind waiting for a long while for him either. hihihi.

  82. Kenley
    hahaha… u know what’s funny?
    when they talk about it, they feel like they’re innocent.
    but when the MC poit out his finger, they understand about it immidiately.
    & their face r like “that’s not what we means. not in that way”

    bae will wait for u on ur bed & u just have to find way to go back home late. hahaha…

    or maybe he’ll wake u ap at 3AM just to make u play with him.
    what kind of play? oh~ i don’t wanna know bout it. fufufu…

    btw don’t u think Bae’s voice when he imitating Mr.YG voice sound really same? even the way they talk. or is it just me? 🙂

  83. lol dont bong and mini-bong look tired? o.o”
    and kbs is sooo …………. o.o~

  84. aww!!! too cute!!!! but Mini-GD looks like he’s about to cry!! aww!

    isn’t it weird how KBS is the only music channel doing this to Strong Baby??? o.0

  85. hehee…the sang sang episode was funny.
    and meh hubby bae got the puzzle right first! he is hot and intelligent. =]
    G-Dragon looked like a girl at first…no offense to him. Awww, he must be tired. They need to get some rest!

  86. OMGGG! Thanx for subbing Sang Sang Plus ^^

    i never get tired of Strong Baby performance ^^

    i hope the boys rest well this time T.T

  87. nya

    yeah he really did President YG good.
    I was laughing out when he did his impression, with matching expressions and lips movements to boot.
    Tabi’s sweet, he doesn’t stop baebae from scaring him because he can see he’s happy all the time.
    Baebae can “play” with me anytime,even if it’s 3am.
    We’ll have so much fun kekekeke
    How would you “surprise” your hubby?^^

  88. awww the little mini-bb gd looked so tired :X
    and poor jiyong.

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