SeungRi sang “A Fool’s Tears” | SeungRi talks back

SeungRi sang “A Fool’s Tears”

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『New SeungRi Picture』

I just HAVE to update this pic…… OH MY BABY….. can you think of anything? cuz my mind is like…… O_O This is what he called his “far from perfect” abs.. are you kidding with me??

Thanks to SooKyeong for translating this.

Big Bang SeungRi was on KBS Cool FM MayBee’s radio program on 9th January, his first solo radio show appearance.
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He talks about his solo activities, relationship with other Big Bang members, and also the controversial deleted kiss scene in the MV and having to show his abs to the whole world.

He revealed on the show, “I wanted very much to try radio DJ. I told myself if I were ever to become a DJ, I would want to invite MayBee as guest on my show at least one.”

GDragon is the one who has the most worries over SeungRi

He went on to talk about his close relationship with the other Big Bang members. Of which, he reveals that ‘the member who has most worries over him’ to be ‘leader GDragon‘.

SeungRi said, “Because GDragon hyung was the one who produced my solo song ‘Strong Baby’, we had a lot of talk about what concept and feel the song and my solo activity should have.”

SeungRi and ‘Grandfather’ TOP

SeungRi also revealed, “I have also become closer with TOP hyung, who can be awkward at times. I even call him by ‘Mesh* Grandfather’. And when I call him that, he would reply me with a grandfather manner “Are you tired?”. We would often joke around like that and now we are much closer and comfortable with each other.”

Thoughts about the deleted kiss scene in the MV

“The first thing I told the MV director was that I wanted to shoot the kiss scene later. So that most of the staff who had waited long for the filming to end will go back after most of the shooting.” He told on the radio show that he was embarrassed having to film it.

SeungRi also voiced about having to reveal his abs, “I’m so embarrassed because my body is still far from perfect. I will work on it to show a more perfect built to everyone.”

*Mesh – it’s like net. But I have no idea why SR calles Tabi that.


The Gri love never fades away, I’m SO GLAD to hear Baby and Tabi are comfortable with each other now, haha “Grandpa TOP” how can Tabi be a grandpa when he his mental age is 5 years old?? If you ask me, Baby’s mental age beat Tabi in a long mile. But now that Baby and Tabi’s awkward problem is solved, we gotta worry about Dae and Baby now, Dae said that Baby and him are awkward with each other, they don’t have anything to talk about when they’re alone… T__T. After reading this I ask myself, “Why did they shoot the kiss scene when they’re gonna delete it??” aigoo~ I wanna see it though….. badly.

SeungRi on MayBee’s Volume Up

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~ by Vicky on January 11, 2009.

115 Responses to “SeungRi sang “A Fool’s Tears” | SeungRi talks back”

  1. omgggg. seungriii<3333. i really like to see him open his feelings and share things

  2. G-RI <333 x’D

    grandfather TOP?? =O..maybe he calls him like that bcuz he is the oldest? or I don’t know ..x’D

  3. how can he be awkward with daesung D:? i always thought he’d be easiest to talk to…but im glad to hear he’s closer with TOP. ahh i love gd<3 he’s such a good leader.

  4. Glad to know he’s not awkward with TOP anymore 😀 Hope the awkwardness fades with Daesung, though xDD

  5. HE THINKS HIS BODY IS FAR FROM PERFECT?!?!?!?! wtf!!! is he serious?? like honestly?? HIS BODY IS TOOOOO PERFECT!! someone seriously needs to tell him that.

    and awww GD worries about him<3, he’s close with TOP ❤ (finally), and now him and Dae are awkward… lmao

    just goes to show how real they are ❤

  6. aww~ yayy no more awkwardness with TOP and baby! ❤
    gosh…hes crazzy..his body is beyond perfect!!
    Bong is so caring…hes so thoughtful!

  7. Aha aww he is so cute. Lols damn his body is perfect enough.
    now that’s the seungri baby we know. i mean he’s embarrassed.
    Lols he shouldn’t be b/c that was a hot MV (:
    But Strong Baby looked so professional though.
    Hehe G-Dragon would be protecting of him. G-Ri.
    Grandpa TOP. aha i’m glad they are more comfortable
    around each other. And yeah i could tell.
    But if i saw that kiss scene, Whoo that would of been too much
    for me to handle. yeah, why did they shoot it if they are
    just going to delete it?

  8. Yay go Baby (: Whoo xD
    I feel his pain. Hecksyeah, Jiyong will always
    be protecting him. They’re like LOVE (: Lol.

  9. Aww the GRi love, it just keeps going and going 😀

    Grandfather Top lol. that’s too funny, i’m happy they aren’t akward anymore. but i worry about Daesung and him, because they don’t have anything to talk about when alone. i hope they get more comfortable with eachother. ^-^

    Not perfect?! O.O Seungri your body looked perfect to me 😀 but that was cute how he was embrassed to kiss infront of the shooting crew. ^-^

  10. Are Koreans really like that?

    I mean, do they really have the habbit of asking if someone is tired or hungry ot whatnot all?

    It´s just that I´ve witnessed it on TV shows as well. Like older members, who would get angry if the youngers don´t ask if they have eaten already.

    It´s just odd to me. But funny.

  11. awhh its weird to hear that baby feels awkward around other members. in my dream land, they all love each to a point of no going back haha. especially since dae and baby did the music drama. soo weird that theres awkwardness thats all i can say

  12. Awww SeungRi and TOP hahaha calling him Grandpa is so cute
    Im the same age with SR and I call my friend who is TOP’s age
    Grandma lol

    SR is such a perfectionist…I’m like already amazed with his body…
    he wants to do more?? Im dead x_x …. but excited^^ haha

    So cute how he was embarrassed a bit to do he kiss scene
    and strategically planned it where not much can see -~- lol

    I still feel a bit hurt for what GD & SR are going thru
    with this lyrics/MV stuff
    GD really cares for SR not only cus he did the solo song
    but he wants SR’s solo to be just as successful
    as his will be

    …grandpa TOP fighting!

  13. Seungri used (still is?) to be only close to GD and YB. Glad to know he’s finally opening up to TOP as well. It’s kinda funny that Seungri and Daesung doesn’t have anything to talk about – since they MC together.. they even sleep in the same room~ lolol. Oh well. They’ll work on that. In the recent Music Core MC, Dae did say “Saranghanda” to maknae and gets all embarassed. Haha. Big Bang love <33

  14. awwwww Grandpa TOP ❤
    & i love how GD worries about him so much
    its tooo cute

  15. awwwwh;
    i wanna see the kiss scene. LOL
    “far from perfect?”
    geezus; his body’s perfect enough ;
    he already has a ton of fans screaming their heads off !
    GRi<3 i love how Jiyong cares so much for everyone ;
    it’s soo sweet !
    LOL; grandpa TOP. LOL
    i can’t see TOP as a grandpa xP

  16. HAHA. i remember their interview b4.. SEUNGRi said that he’s ‘baby seunghyunie’ of the group, then TOP said “so i’m the grandfather seunghyunie..” haha. something like that.. They are so FUNNY! Lavett.. ^^ aww, my MAN was so honest.. ohh? awkwardness between seungri and daesung? 0_0

  17. muffins

    you can have awkward moments with the most talkative person ever haha
    trust me… I KNOW keke

    I’m really surprise to find out about Dae and Baby’s awkwardness, really weird.

  18. luvBB4lyf

    I KNOW!!
    I think he thinks it’s far from perfect is because he want it to be tight toned just like Dae or Bae
    but he doesn’t know that those abs are perfect FOR HIM
    Dae or Bae’s abs will be too much for him

    just like they say on Sang Sang Plus
    “they popular cuz they’re real” keke

  19. Jini

    I was EXTREMELY happy to know that too haha
    grandpa Tabi
    I really doubt it though, Tabi’s mental age is T___T haha

    ma BaByBongLOVE~

  20. ninalee

    if they’re gonna cut the scene out then why film it in the first place
    these ppl really……….. no sense. haha {quote Tabi}

    they say there MIGHT be plans of showing it during their BIG SHOW concert

  21. luvpandaeyes

    Bong care about Baby too much
    one of the reason why i have love for Bong too

    It’s really unexpected to find out about Dae and Baby’s awkwardness
    I would expect them to talk a lot, since they host a show together and constantly have to be in the dressing by themselves…… how.awkward. haha

  22. amy

    HAHAH really???
    I always have a feel of Dae like…. not that close with Baby
    I mean, I BARELY see ANY Dae-Ri stuff going on, except for that music drama
    hearing this is like a wakeup call, haha
    “ah~ that’s right~~~” haha

  23. zee

    actually, Bae said that Baby only like Bong haha
    he’s like, whenever they’re near a camera Baby would act like he like Bae but when they’re alone he doesn’t show it kekekeke
    Bae is jealous of Bong
    Bae’s wish was for Baby to like him more haha
    he’s jealouso f the GRi love

  24. zzen
    if you saw “IDOL WORLD” with Big Bang as guest, there’s this game where they fight for chocopie, and after Tabi won, he hugged Baby and Baby just cling onto him like a little kid, and Tabi was like “sorry maknae ah~ hyung REALLY like chocopie” then Baby was like “This is the first time we ever hugged, we’re too awkward with each other” hahaha

    if you saw the episode of Sang Sang Plus, Baby wrote Dae a christmas card and say that he felt awkward with Dae, and when the MCs ask Dae about it he’s like “it’s not really that awkward, we just have nothing to talk about” hahah

  25. ahh FAR FROM PERFECT?! no nooo, i liked it when Baby’s tummy
    was soft, flat, and kinda slim xDDD haha, i’m weirrd.
    but that kind of tummy matches him since he’s CUTE overall
    does it make any sense? ahaha
    but the abs are fine too lolll.

    sooo ADORABLE seeing that G-ri love/connection xD
    Bong is a good hearted leader lmaoo :]
    and hearing that Tabi and Baby are good together and don’t really
    have many awkward moments is soo cuuteee :D! ‘grandfather top’ loll, that’s VERY CUTE 😀 these boys warm your hearts, yeahh? xD
    really nice to knoww loll, but after seeing that dae and baby are
    kind of awkward with each other i was surprised too.
    hmm o___o; i thought they would be really friendly with each other
    it’s also super cute when baby is ’embarassed’ of shooting the kiss scene lol. i wanna see it too though ;D lolll

  26. haha! so cute! grandfather top.hahaha.
    it reminds me of one time they were on a show where they had a mini rap battle among themselves and bong was the judge.this was wayyyy said “i’m baby seungri” then top said “what? if youre baby then i’m grandfather?? is that it?”
    something like that.hahaha.
    its so nice to know they arent awkward with wach other anymore.hehe.
    yeah vicky i watched that choco pie show too! it was hilarious.i think food brings these two boys togther.once big bang members gave top a surprise when he was filming I AM SAM.they brought cake and they left the 2 seung hyuns together and baby fed tabi cake!! ahh that was so adorable!~~~
    and i would expect bong to be the most worried about him.its so natural for bong isnt it.

  27. Vi
    Aw~ GRi couple sweet moment.
    “we had a lot of talk about what concept and feel the song and my solo activity should have.”
    Aw~ I can imagine them both, so sweet. GRi couple never dies.

    Hahaha… baby with tabi relationship is better now.
    So now they won’t be like they were when we saw in baby manwon.
    Kekeke… so so awkward.
    Is it coz of Tabi generally being old so baby call him grandpa? Haha
    Aw~ they could joke around too. Which is the best news I heard this early morning
    But why mesh??

    Baby still think that his body r far from perfect???
    He doesn’t know with that body of his, he already killed mass girl.
    Hehee baby embarrassed to film the kiss scene is so cute.
    There our baby maknae.

    Aren’t they‘ll reveal the kiss scene in this big show?
    I think I’ve read some article like that. coz of fans request YG will reveal the real MV in the concert.

    Baby & Dae? I don’t think I’ll worry after them coz the 2 like to mess around so much. So I think their awkwardness will melt soon.

  28. milkydonut

    you’re not weird gurl~ me too
    Baby’s body frame doesn’t fit the whole huge muscle thing like Bae and Dae pull off
    he’s perfec the way he is

    Dae and Baby ARE friendly with each other
    it’s just one of those awkward thing, where you’re left alone with one person and you just feel like we HAVE to talk but don’t know what to talk about haha
    those “I-just-met-you-2-minutes-ago” awkwadness

  29. Jaja

    ah~ I remember that haha
    their rap battle was just a mess
    I’m gonna go rewatch that now haha

    that time when they left those two alone to eat the omelet..
    oh lord it was awkward beyond anything I’ve seen before
    it’s just….. dang.
    I remember getting goosebump when I saw it for the first time

    Bong will always worry about Baby
    doesn’t matter if he’s the producer or not
    he’ll always will be

  30. VI

    haha i know right?! Mr. ice cream & yangeng is a grandpa! kyaa. he would be one hot granpa..wait..that doesnt sound right lmao xD

  31. nya

    NOW we know who came up with the “touch me”
    these two discuss so
    Bong…. I know it’s you.

    I think even though Tabi’s metal age is 5
    he still wanna be the hyung around Baby and take care of him, since he is the maknae
    he want to show his responsible side for Baby, so that makes him sound like a granpa haha
    that’s really sweet of him.

    Baby is a perfectionist
    so he probably want his abs to be like “HOLY DAMN”
    like Bae or Dae at least
    he’s not satisfy with what he has
    I have a feeling he’s gonna show it to everyone the perfect abs during the concert and all fangirls will enter the E.R due to loss of blood

    They’re planning on showing it during BIG SHOW
    but I doubt if YG will include it in the DVD
    ah.. I’ll be waiting for fancams… HOPEFULLY there’s some.

  32. Jini

    oh god doesn’t sound like at all haha
    hot grandpa
    gurl…………. u would so do it HAHAHAHAHAH

  33. VI

    hahah you do know me too well…i would SO do it.. and u would too girll, even if you do love baby! <33

  34. Vi
    Wife just know who’s the one. kekeke…
    Bong must be teaching him a lot of stuff more than that.
    I think u will be too happy to see what Bong teach baby next. Fufu

    Yup, in their making of the great top day,
    He wants to be the oldest so bad. Kakaka..
    “How come u call ur hyung ‘guun’?” LOL for tabi.

    Baby don’t know that his abs already perfecr for him.
    If he want to get the abs like Bae & Dae it’ll be too much.
    Hospital should make a large supply of blood then.
    Coz at that day, they’ll b mass girls suffers from blood lose.

    I want to see it so bad too!!
    I want to know how much mature baby now.
    We have to wait & I’m exited of it. hehehe

  35. Vi,
    really? gotta watch that. haha! sometimes i love seeing seunghyun brothers like that. they are so funny. . mm ’bout dae, he said in 1 interview among BB mems. Seungri is the one he can talk 2, & understand him.. i forgot the whole interview. ehe!

  36. Vi

    yeahh! xDD lmaoo, i meant when they were alone ahaa
    but still, idk i thought they’d be closer? haha

    and yeahh, baby’s body IS PERFECT THE WAY IT IS! xD

  37. awww..G-ri ❤
    why is baby acting like he likes bae in front of the camera?
    and now bae is jealous hahhaa
    i’m glad that tabi and baby are much closer now
    grandpa tabi hahaha. i can imagine his grandpa look..and it’s actually kinda…grandpa for me. hahaa.
    but still i can’t imagine a KID be a grandpa hahaha
    sigh..Dae~i hope they will get closer soon
    i understand the awkwardness

  38. ok TOP grandpa? lmao omg this was too freaking funny. TOP would be like one of those fiesty old men that the caretakers always have to yell at for causing trouble. XD Tabi being like that towards Seungri is a bit mind boggling. His mindset is soo much like a 5 year olds. I mean just mention ice cream or donuts and watch him go. ADD to the max. XD

    Now now, my bongie worrying the most? of course. He’s the leader and has to watch HIS maknae. He also has to make sure that Seungri teases the hell out of everyone XD My bongie sets such a good example right? And dont say no he doesnt. you all appreciate his work of art. XD

    Dude Seungri’s body is PERFECTLY FREAKING FINE >.< he really doesnt need to do anything else (except show them damn abs more often XD)

  39. OHMYLORD Vicky, you freaking killed me with that picture.
    Thanks alot. Lol, In a good wayy! Hahahaha!

  40. Jini

    nah i won’t
    I’m on my “away-from-Tabi-as-far-as-possible” pills
    and I think it’s working haha
    he’s been tempting me too much lately
    I gotta quit cold turkey

  41. nya

    hahaha if it’s just my own viewing pleasure then fuck yeah! I would so pay Bong to do it
    I’ll give Bong life time supplies of eye liner for sure

    I remembered that hahaha
    “how can you call your hyung “goon” now??”
    and then he scold Baby for singing “Big Boy” so out of sync hahaha

    he haven’t show it to the public yet
    all we see it from was the MV and the pictures

    and that latest pic………………..MY.FUCKING.GOD.

  42. zzen

    I think that was Bae
    Bae said that Dae is the one he can trust
    he’s the tightest lips member in Big Bang
    Bae said that Baby is a blabber mouth just like Bong haha
    so he can’t be trusted kekek

  43. milkydonut

    these boys are weird haha
    our boys are like that
    we can never expect anything kekeke

    Baby’s latest abs pic… KILLS.

  44. jiyanz

    Baby is such a whore; I mean that in the goodest way possible keke hahaha
    messing with all his hyungs.
    I like that. 😀

  45. omfg that picture. I dont care if he’s not my man. HOT FREAKING DAMN!!!!! holy crap. Thats just…well its….god i cant even… ok complete sentences…not working…. I think i have to take a break from Seungri soon. He’s pulling me slowly from my Bongie and its a freaking battle to resist him >.<

  46. kay-chan

    dude I can so imagine that
    he be walking around with a cane and say “YO~~*cough* i’m the real RAPPER~ *cough cough* NO DOUBT~ DO YOU KNOW *cough* WHO *couh* I *cough* YO SOMEONE GET ME MY INHALER!!”

    I feel like we need to sign a petition and make him show them often kekek

  47. kay-chan

    just like Tabi is doing to me right now
    take a “stay-away-from-Baby” pill hhaaha
    just like I’m talking my “away-from-Tabi-as-far-as-possible” pills

  48. shuggah

    I’m listening to him on a radio show LIVE right now
    after seeing that pic and hearing him say “I’M A STRONG BABY” in a sexy voice…. imagine what happened to me???

  49. “stay-away-from-baby” pills?! i think i need them right now >..< ITS NOT GOOD FOR MY PSYCHE!!!!! seriously -.- that pic though… Gah bad kayleigh bad! *smacks self on wrist*

  50. Lmao, by reading your posts about him, I can
    imagine that you’re.. freaking hyper as ever? Hahahaha!
    It’s okay, we’re normal like that. Hahaha x)

  51. kay-chan

    I think I need to order about 10 box of those and distribute it to all VIPs hahahahahha
    if… someone invent it first.. kekeke

    I just learn “LAVETT” for Love it
    now “Gah bad kayleigh bad”??? hahahah

  52. shuggah

    BY HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!1


  53. Vickyyyyy!
    WTF by himself? OMG you’re gonna kill me
    even though I’m not even watching it.
    How’s he doing? GOOD? OF course, like always (:

  54. shuggah

    I’m about to cry
    his vocal was just FURREAKING AMAZING!

    i need MP3 of that RIGHT AWAY!!!


    I DIED.

  55. his body……WANT TO TOUCH!

    seungri…what are you doing?!

  56. Vicky
    Hahahahhahhaa x) It’s okay.
    I’ll die with you. *DIE.
    Hahah, whoaa sexyy, “CUZ YOU’RE MY LOVE”!
    I can soooo imagine that xD

  57. A fools tear??!!?!? by himself?!?!?!

    omg omg omg i love that freaking song >.<

  58. Imperfect abs…lol.

  59. Vi,
    there’s also an interview with dae talking about seungri. in showbiz extra. ehe! nweis, my GOD! Seungri’s LATEST PiC. is KiLLiNG ME! thanks for that Vicky! *wink* i dont think that’s far from perfect.. it must be ‘too perfect!’ LOL.. 0_0 my god. my god. *screaaaaaammm* i wana eat his HOT SPiCY ABS! bwaha..

  60. shuggah

    but normally I wake up after dying for 2 seconds hahaha
    cuz I can’t just die and leave these abs being unappreciated by me HAHAHAH

    no, i’m serious
    his vocal
    improved so much
    I’m amazingly impressed
    like dude.
    just…… speechless

  61. kay-chan

    wait til you hear this version
    oh em gee.
    it’ll have to go INSANELY INSANE.
    by himself …. GAH!

  62. zzen

    I never watch anything from showbiz extra
    the anchor lady or whatever, her voice annoys the crap out of me haha

    eat??? haha
    how about lick? keke

  63. Vicky

    i have noticed that his vocals have improved drastically. I’m so happy that they have.(they werent bad in the first place)
    I dont know whats going to happen if i hear him sing that lol. Bongie April isnt coming soon enough

  64. vicky
    Ohmydamn, you’re really making me wanna see this now.
    Hahahhahahahaha x)))))))
    Yes i can tell, it’s speechless, everything he does is speechless.

  65. Vi,
    i envy you! i wana hear him singing that part.. oh my GOD. ‘coz you’r my LOVEEEE’. . waah.. *meLtz* shitness, seungri i can’t breath.. aaah… call 911 vicky! or call 119! LoL.. he did rap there?

  66. OMGGGGGG!!!!! “far from perfect?????” SERIOUSLY????? *jaw drop*

    SeungRi surprise again O.O and i’m a noona xD!

    i’m glad the 2 SeungHyuns are not awkward anymore xD! lol!

    awwwww Bong always worried for Baby <33333

  67. hahahahaha
    is Baby serious
    “far from perfect”
    he’s too modest
    and that pic is too hot
    sorry tabi until u show them i’m gonna have to drool over baby

  68. Vi
    Omona~~~ what? What?
    That’s baby???
    & he still call his abs far from perfect.
    Ohmygosh. He should stop right away.
    Coz this just perfect for him.
    Too much will be overdoses.
    Damn, skinny & cute baby becoming sexy abs baby.
    I don’t think the hospital suplly of blood will be enough for all VIPs.

    I can’t wait for Tabi abs premiere.

  69. Vi
    i dont really watch showbiz extra that often.. yah, i wana eat him so badLy! HAHA. oh my.. *drooLz*



  71. kay-chan

    even though I’m a Baby luver all the way (duh~ haha)
    but I have to admit Baby’s vocal is the weakest out of all of them (except Tabi and Bong since they’re rappers)
    but Baby’s vocal isn’t that when he first started, he can’t seem to hit that high note
    but after all this time, especially after “REMEMBER” was release

    OHH~…. just dude.

    and this video of him singing to “A Fool’s Tears” is proof.

  72. shuggah

    see it for yourself
    I never lie

  73. zzen

    sadly no
    he was busy going
    hahah you know the typical backtrack vocal thing kekeke
    it was awsome though
    love it when he and the MC pulled Bong’s sinature “fool’s tears” move kekeke

  74. Sexica

    OH EM GE!

  75. nya

    he needs to effin preimere it already
    before all of yall take my Baby away damnit
    you and ur hormone HAHAHA
    control it gurl~~~~ keke

    but i have to blame myself for showing you too much ahah
    just like u do with Tabi to me

    did u hear?
    I’m on my “away-from-Tabi-as-far-as-possible” pills right now kekek

  76. AHHHHHHHHHHH vicky, you have completed my life.
    THIS SOUNDS SO PASSIONATE!!!!! AHH Thankyou!!!!!!! x)))

  77. DAMNN his voice is soooo strong!
    I totally see your point of view Vicky xD

  78. shuggah

    can I get a “VICKY NEVER LIE LIE!!!”
    you know, like when ppl say “can I get a ‘WHAT WHAT!!”
    okay I’m being stupid
    I’m being wayyy too hyper at midnight WHEN I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!
    so I’m gonna go to sleep now
    I have less than 6 hours to sleep

    spazz with me tomorrow gurl~ hahahaha

  79. Vi
    lol yup i’m still waiting
    but glad you’re back to being and only Baby wifey
    but now after seeing that awesome vid
    of him singing…
    Tabi I need you to sing shirtless
    the standard is going up

  80. Vi
    thank u so much!! u’r sucha CHONSA! ‘love you gurl ~
    seungri’s voice is just ❤ i love him to death!!

  81. WOAH go baby!
    hes improved so much, i never really thought his singing was particularly great (compared to TY and Dae) but damn!
    hes proving me wrong again and again!

  82. HAVE MERCY!!

    WHOA!! Oh mai gad!!

    That pic…can’t breathe! can’t think!

    …….. fangirl pronounced dead at the scene of this sexy crime

  83. Seungri is a kiLLer! i can see a Lot of fangirls died many times.. haha..

  84. Vi

    i’ve just seen the clip of SR singing “a fool’s tear” on CHJ’s powertime, and i was very impressed.

    i got to be honest, i heard SR sang flat several times. but there is a big improvement over his singing skill since he started the solo activities. and “a fool’s tear” actually reminds me of se7en singing on the radio some years ago.

    so i guess Yang has really made a right decision to put SR on solo. go, SR~

  85. gosh..his voice was heavenly!!!

    Lol, and the ending was too cute…it suddenly became low

    Although he doesnt have the strongest vocal in Big Bang,
    he has improved so much, and that’s what matters.

    Ahh~~~ Makes me love him even more!!! <3<3<3

  86. Huh?
    My hormone? No, It doesn’t include any hormone.
    I just shocked.
    How could he say a perfect body like that is still far from perfect?
    He’s good with that. Not too much but still there.
    Don’t be afraid kekeke… I don’t have interest with boy younger than me.

    Kekeke… I’ll stuff that pill as much as u could take it gurl.
    Now here, open ur mouth. *stuff u the pills* keke

    Wow~ fool’s tears not my favorite song but baby vocal there just amazed me.
    “coz u’r my loveee~~” aw` his vocal at that part.
    I don’t know what to say anymore.

  87. THE BiG SHOW: ‘BOYS OVER FLOWER’ Parody by BiGBANG! ^_^ i hope there’s a fancam!

  88. Woahhh, he sang it really really REALLY well ^^~

    “far from perfect”?!
    what is so far from perfect with abs like that T^T

    And YAY G-RI LOVE 😀

  89. What Aishah said. Seungri was my favorite from the start.

  90. how to have a “far from perfect” abs?

  91. BABY’S VOCALS ARE JUST #%^@$#^% AWESOME. -replays song 50billion times-
    I love it when he goes [COZ YOU MY LOVEEEEEEE]
    so fcuking perfect. damn. words cant describe how i feel at the moment. i shall go and stare at his abs again to calm me down 😀

  92. That picture just killed me….!!!!>.<
    I really have a weakness for abs…and those are perfect too…
    trying to think straight again. hehehehe.
    I think Baby refers to his whole body in general when he said “far from perfect”. Comparing to Baebae and Dae he’s still a bit on the skinny side. But then those abs…makes me think of ice cream…yum yum yum…^^
    I love his voice! I really feel Baby has improved a lot since their debut, I know he really had a great voice but now it sounds a lot better than before. go Baby!
    I felt Bong would be the one worried for Baby, he’s always worried with the others when they sing his composed songs, but I think Baby handled the song pretty well…if not sexy enough. hehe.
    Grandpa Tabi….too cute for words…waaaaaaaa….even if he’s the most childish in the group I can still see him being called grandpa, because I call my 6-yr-old cousin grandpa. hehe. So glad the two Seung Hyuns are getting more comfortable with each other. hihihi.

  93. oh man,. BABY is so HOT!!!
    i soo love his voice!!

    and the pucture?? dang!!
    so FINE!!!

    aaaawww~ GRI!!
    Bong,,worry so much for his dongsaeng..
    (so sweet!!)
    don’t worry bong, all the songs you’ve made were great!!

    omo,, DAE and BABY having awkward momentz??
    how come they have these awkward momentz??
    they’re supposed to be like real brothers..or greater than that.

    i wish this year that they’ll never get to have awkward moments with each other!!

    good start for gradpa tabi and baby.. lolz..
    next, would be dae and baby..ok?

    *i want to see the deleted kissing scene too*

  94. omg.!!!..his voice..wonderful!!

    oke……“I’m so embarrassed because my body is still far from perfect. I will work on it to show a more perfect built to everyone.”

    are you kidding???!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf..!!! this is so HOOOOOOOOOOT ! x’D sry haha but I’M hyper !! how can he be emberrassed..omfg..@”§%Z%?!@$§§µ


  95. Vi

    far from perfect?
    he’s got some low esteem problems there.
    he has the most perfect body and face and voice and… (yeah)
    : )

    how can he be MORE perfect?!

  96. Beautiful Seungri. Just beautiful.
    He really, really used his voice and put a lot in it.
    Which made the song really beautiful. =]
    omfg hot,,much Seungri.
    Aha G-Dragon would care for him the most.
    And Lols ‘Grandpa TOP.’ Hrmm yes i could tell they
    are been getting less awkward around each other.

  97. Seung Ri’s version of “A Fool’s Tears”. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t beautiful. Because it was. I’ve always thought his voice was pretty.

  98. Sexica

    I need to personally MAKE MR. T.O.P go naked already
    I cannot have all these women running for my man.

  99. zzen

    haha I need to look up in the dictionary what’s “chonsa” means kekeke
    I heard of “dosa” means the wise one in Korea but.. chonsa?? hahaha

  100. nya

    don’t overdose me now haha
    or else Baby will go after you kekek

    Baby’s vocal completes everything. 😀

  101. zzen

    actually they already showed it during their Global Warning concert
    it will be on their concert DVD that’s releasing soon

  102. vi
    i’ll make sure not to.
    coz u hubby will be very angry & after me if i do.
    maybe Bong will come together too.
    i won’t do anything stupid. keke

    baby has improve so much since their debut 🙂

  103. he know how to work that microphone 😀 omgoolay, when i saw those abs, i practically had a heart attack (in a good way) and exclaimed, PPPPPHHHHWWWOAAAAA! he’s doing it again, holding the microphone but he’s not speaking into it, ngaaaaw… how cute :3

  104. Vi

    HOLY CRAP SHIZZ. that pic, woah O_________________O
    it’s so AB ISH that its weird for me to look at XDD
    hahaaaaaaa xD

  105. andd. his singingg ‘a fool’s tears’
    FUCKING CRAP =.=;;
    it was soo prettyyy, andd at first i had a big smile coming up
    and then now its making me cry e_________o; NO SONG MAKES ME
    CRY MKAY?!?!?!
    but this onee…nyaaa, it justt makes me cry.

    ahh, made me cry -.-;
    Baby can make me the happiest person :]<33333

  106. wahh, it totally blew me away .____.
    i can’t believe i cried O__o;

    i’ve never cried for a song in my LIFE..

  107. hehe, but then when the woman came out to pose next to Baby, i totally laughed and stopped XD

  108. vicky~
    do you think you’d be able to upload a mp4 version of Baby singing ‘A Fool’s Tears’? I love the audio, but i really love Baby’s expression when he sings it xD
    please? :3

  109. are you ppl trying to kill me with that picture?!?!? i almost died and he says its far from perfect?!? i thnk its far from what he thinks of himself…FAR BETTER. i need some alone time 8|

  110. […] SeungRi sang “A Fool’s Tears” | SeungRi talks back SeungRi sang “A Fool’s Tears” Download MP3 […]

  111. victory’s hot.

  112. oh and i meant the mp4 version of the video, not the audio..>_<

  113. oh !!! thaxz u !!!!!!!!!!

  114. wow! my baby!!!

    what a great cover! waaah! i wanna wanna wanna download it right now! thanks for posting this one! whee!

  115. baby is too perfect!! omg grandpa TOP omg i should call him that, he is too cutee, its great that they are comfortable around each other now <33333

    big bang fighting!!

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