New FILA Photos RELEASED! | SeungRi’s backstage of SBS

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
More FILA pictures are relelased!! WHOO~ I was really looking forward to seeing these pictures because I love what they were wearing, how the maknaes were wearing the pink “F” shirt and the hyungs was wearing black/gold ones, looking so hot, and I was also excited because of the GRi shot I saw during the making of video, and here it is, I just LOVE the GRi goodness man, Bong elbowed Baby….. make me that much happier, and there’s some love for the man who likes to sit in one place and turn the ring on his finger for fun haha yup there’s GDYB too, Bong likes to go around haha…. OOH! Also some G-DaeDANG BONG!

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But it’s alright, though Bong likes to go around, he will always return to Baby, cause Baby is just too sexy for words, SBS release his backstage pictures from last week performance.. and OH EM GEE. And there’s some random pictures updates…. HIGH HIGH QUALITY PICTURE.. of Baby’s abs shot.. O___O yup. nosebleed.


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SeungRi Backstage of SBS

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Various Pictures Updates

You HAVE to see the original to this.. OH MY GOD.


I just found these few on news articles, they haven’t been official release in HQ yet

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PMP ad!


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thanks to 쏘쏭님 | S님


~ by Vicky on January 12, 2009.

90 Responses to “New FILA Photos RELEASED! | SeungRi’s backstage of SBS”

  1. Seung Ri iss damnn shoo hoot 😛
    “NOSE BLEEDING” ahaa

  2. First one to look at it saw it when it just came out ;D I LOVE BIG BANG<3;D

  3. for some reason the Fila photo shoot reminds me of them back then… LOVE IT!

  4. ooomg the fils shoot is sexy!

  5. Ahh they all look so happy in the FILA pictures *_*
    Top is so cuuute. XD

  6. LOL i Love big bang too! 😀 <333
    damn Hot + Cute :x!!! ~

  7. Gorgeous pictures!
    GRI <33

  8. Well………appart from Seungris funny looking scarf, they all looked good. And full of energy too!

    (Damn it! Can´t wait for TOPs drama to come out)

  9. OMG! What are those shoes called?! I MUST HAVE THEM!
    I checked the Fila site store but can’t find them =( can anyone help me?

  10. aww..they all look so cute and meh hubby YB is looking good.

  11. Vi

    GOD, are u trying to kill us?!

    i swear, if they get any hotter (almost not possible)
    im going to get a giant cardboard box, sit in it, and stow away to korea to stalk big bang for the rest of my life. Vi. i think ur just trying to get rid of me arent u?

  12. Gri made my freaking dayy..
    Baby can not get any more perfecttt!! omggg.
    thank you for bringing that picture into our lives VI, i will treasure it forever kyaaa.
    i want that F shirt! it looks so cute!

  13. O.O
    Are they allowed to be this CUTE + HOT + SEXY?!!?!
    Like wow… i’m on hotness overload. ❤

    and dianatranphan
    i agree with you!!!!! the FILA pics remind me of them way back then too!!! ❤

    and Vicky. you rock. i seriously don’t think you know just how much you rock. but you do. (rock i mean)

    BIG BANG<33333

  14. Omg…drool*
    They are so cute and hot!
    Aww GDYB, GRI & G-Dae were cute!
    i love the FILA pictures.
    And aww the last picture was cute too.
    omfg Seungri……that picture was uhmmmmmm
    uhmmm hot. Oh wow, i cannot wait till
    his pictures of HQ

  15. O_O that picture was clearly photoshopped but it’s still hot.

    I can see Seung Ri’s eye make-up in the backstage pictures. And a brooch on his tie. I think, it’s a bug? He has the best facial expressions, haha.

  16. Vi
    LOL for Tabi’s belt in FILA pic.
    Quite alike lil kid belt.
    But he still work it off.
    Ah~ grandpa tabi~~

    Why I feel weird when I hear 2 maknaes?
    Dae… I don’t think he looks like maknae at all, with his abs bulging out the shirt.
    It seems like whenever ppl say maknae I’ll think about baby.

    Bong, he went around the members.
    Could I say Bong made a circle then return again to baby?? Kekeke

    Aw~ baby is letting out his pheromone. Hahaha…
    I like his rose. Very suit him.

    Ahh!! Gri in PMP!
    Bong look so cute with his headband,
    Baby like “hyung, u’r weight”
    Bae look so good in white. I can’t refuse boys in white. I just can’t
    Dae, what to say? Being his usual angel smile?
    & hubby just dazed of holding that PMP. Hahaha… I love his expression.
    Damn, seeing this remind me of hubby sleeping face at the beginning of hteir CF making. fufufu


  18. ….*dead* thats all i can say *o*

  19. Woot woot :]
    Hotass pictures 😀

  20. OH MY GOD!! too much!! SEUNGRiiiiiiii….

  21. oh oh…GDYB love….sigh


    And omg, TOPpa. MY LOOOOOOOVE.

    HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT. <333 I lovez you.

    And I really want FILA stuff right now. Omg.

  23. oh friggin’ gosh.
    i was waiting for those Fila pictures too.
    so happy that they’re finally out. i mean, look at the boys.
    looking so, sooooooo good. Baby is looking real good too.

    oh, Vi. is it cool that i posted the Fila shots over at BBSK?
    just had to share the goodness with the VICassies. ^__^

  24. Oh the GRi Love!! 😀
    The Fila pictures are awesome, and for some odd reason i love Top’s solo picture.
    HQ Abs O.O *drools* dang it i need a tissue…*Sigh* lol

  25. oh and i think someone messed up Seungri eyeliner on one eye…or maybe it’s just me lol

  26. aznmoomoo

    I’m not really sure, but I think it’s called “high tops”
    and if you’re checking the US FILA siteyou wo’nt find it
    it’s only availble in Korea

  27. Dori

    haha well, I COULD keep it all to myself and let you guys live
    but that’s selfish and I’ll be lonely dying by myself haha

    HAHAH cardboard box??
    at least shipped yorself firstclass in one of those fancy US mail box haha

  28. our boys be looking so good…
    BONG~~~~~~i love the black shirt they’re wearing
    and tabi..dang..i think i just fall in love with him again T___T
    and those kicks..i checked the korean fila website
    and asked my friend in seoul to search for me
    but he said they’re not selling it anymore
    maybe because it’s limites edition?

  29. Jini

    haha you make me sound like I’m God or something
    how could I be one if I’m exposing this barely legal boy to all this pervertedness now? haha

  30. Hahaha Baby is all grown up, I like the second pic of him(the one with the lit up lines as the background) He looks so dapper.

  31. luvBB4lyf
    Thankyou… haha I do rock kekekek

  32. nya
    He DOESN’T look like a maknae at all haha
    we gotta take a while to realize he’s also the youngster of the group keke

    Bong is such a manwhore keke
    that sounds bad but it’s true
    he wants a piece out of everybody
    but he’s a bit scare of Tabi hahahah

    popping out of nowhere

  33. Heather
    go ahead 😀
    I don’t see why not
    VICassies deserves to drool too hahah

  34. jiyanz

    yea~ maybe that’s why
    it’s limited
    those kicks are badass
    it even has the BIGBANG logos and glitter on them

  35. vi
    yup yup yup. not maknae at all.
    that remind me of baby’s 5 reasons for in the group.
    “i don’t think other ppl will fit the maknae position in the group except me”
    hahaha… he really make those words come true.
    not Dae but baby. kekeke

    Bong maybe afraid to give Tabi heart attack since he complain about it too much.
    like how Bae with Tabi.
    Bong is greedy. hahaha.. & WE TOO! 😀

    me too!! i can’t wait to see.
    my desktop now is their PMP pic.
    aw~ the sweet face of tabi with his hair down

  36. wow seungri! so grown up 😀

    TOPPPP ❤

  37. very nice!

  38. OMG! the FILA korea site has so much BIG BANG!! it’s amazing!! AND OH SO HOT!!! you guys should seriously check it out!:

  39. TOO SEXY FOR HIS SHIRT! AHAHAHA! 😀 i’m getting heated up by them, and i’m eating food that’s hot too 😦 but it’s all worth the heat. i can picture myself touching them and they’d go *sizzle* PHWOOAAAA! they all lookin’ fine, top FINALLY poses, haha.

  40. GD. So cute, hehee. 😀 But they all look so good. <333

  41. i love the photoshoot pics!! makes me miss how they were when they first debuted T^T… Love GDYB pic the most

    ummm.. Seungri is starting to look a little sick.
    I dunno if it’s the angle of how the person took the pics
    behind stage… but yeah.. i dont know why he thinks his
    body is far from perfect.. it was fine before >_<
    oh well.. i hope he stays healthy ^__^

    FILA PICS ARE FINNNEEEE :DD!!!<333333333
    andd myy myy, seung ri is TOO ADORABLEEE Dx
    he hurts my heart LOL.
    andd, THE LAST ONE.
    damnnn, it’s the MOST PERFECT CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD :D!!!!
    seriously, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee xDDD

    haha, i lovee the last one. loving bong’s headband and baby’s EFFING ADORABLENESS lol. the g-ri ness 😀 😀 :D, TOP’s ultra cool hotnessss ;D. Dae’s CUUTENESS and he looks so happy xDD, and bae’s CUUUTEEE PUPPINESS. lmaoo, he looks just like a puppy
    NYAA, sooo absolutely ADORABLE :]<3333333333

    i love these pictures XD<3333

    the ab picture is like WOAH BABY.
    way too ab ish for me XDD

  43. yum (:

  44. woooow!
    Baby’s abs are delicious!!!
    seriously Tabi better be ready to show them soon or I don’t know what’s gonna happen
    Baby is tempting me a little too much lately
    his voice,his abs HIM!

    the BB photoshoot is looove!
    the last pic is hot!
    and the GRi moment waaah!
    my man doesn’t look bad with his hair like that but dang it at least show some arm Tabi
    I need you to!

  45. mmm TOP looks mighty fine in that Fila photo
    gah! his eyes are so intense *drools*
    LOVE the GRi pics (especially the pmp ad)

  46. Vi

    he looks mighty damn hot.
    it would be selfish.
    i think i like dying and revivng myself then dying again with more big bang hawtness.
    : )

    i COULD buy a big expensive plane ticket, i COULD ship myself in a cardboard box… and i COULD just find someone with a big suitcase, take all their clothes out and lay in the suitcase with a pack of gum to live on until the ship gets to korea where i can happily stalk big bang, then go back home ten years later, and hide them in my closet where i amek them sing to me every morning as my alarm clock instead of my iPod speaker being my alarm clock. : )

  47. -0- *drooools*

    nosebleed to death! omg!

    SeungRi’s squint!<333

    I LOVE the FILA style theyre all rocking! super hot! I love
    their clothes! Thank God for HQ!!

    Ahh…I miss TOP’s chain and stunner shades..aaahh!
    I’m in love again! I think Im gonna cry…….!

  48. LOL SeungRi’s smile for the PMP ad is so CUUUUTE!

    I’m in love with the FILA photoshoot -0-


    ……how I wish SeungRi’s whole shirt would come off


  49. omg omg omg omg >.< Bongie i freaking love you to death!!! Omg he’s so freaking….GAH I love love love the pic where he has his arm around Dae. His face. *dies* He’s freaking gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous and he doesnt even mean to be. Bear with me people. I’m massively fangirling over him right now. Baby, yea the pics are nice but BOOONNNGGGIIIEEE!!!!!! I absolutely love him in the FILA photoshoot. God i love the way he looks, i love the way he interacts with all the members. ….ok I just love him. I think ill end the fangirling there. Sorry all ^^

  50. WOW those FILA pictures are to DIE for<3
    hahah in the group pictures, SEUNGRI LOLL<33 him trying to look really hot and not cute, puhahaha. and top looks so..awkward in the goup pictures, hahah its soo cute, yet he still looks hot loll.
    jiyong, awesome as alwayss<3
    daesungie..sooo cute. i see a little ds/gd love going on(: and a little ds/yb(:
    aww..yb looks esp cute here(:
    DUDEE.. seungri’s sbs backstage. he looks hot, but he’ll forever be cute to me(: he looks hotish-cute(: loll. GOSH, the abs picture, *dies*
    noononono, seungri is making me stray away from jiyongie lolll<3

  51. Thanx Vi!

    OMGGGG! I love the FILA Photoshoot ♥♥♥ my hubby is HOT! Tabi ahhhhh~

    and G-RI!!!! I was missing 😛 i’m happy fangirl now T.T

  52. i really LOVE those poses of GD.. he’s so CUTE, wel as always. HAHA.. i dunno, but GD’s cute pose, dangg~ ❤ anyways.. HQ abz. ‘cant ask for more.. i’m always drooling over my MAN seungri. evryday evrynight.. ^_^
    G-Ri <333

  53. I like to eat, eat, eat apples & bananas
    I like to ote, ote, ote opples & banonos
    I like to ate, ate, ate aypples & banaynays

  54. I can imagine Baebae lying down while playing with his ring on his fingers…waaaa…and then I’m gonna bother him to play with me. hehe.
    Nice FILA pix, i love the black shirt. hehe. Look at Baby doing sexy while Dae is in charge of the cuteness. =)
    Baby is such a camwhore, I gotta say.
    Is that a bee on his necktie?
    and the Abs picture….O.O!!!!!!!!!!!>.< *dies*

  55. After seeing the HQ pic of his abs I have this bad urge to see his….undies….
    ….waaaaaaaaaa..damn the garter…
    Baebae pls bother me @ 3am. hehehe.*need to be faithful*

  56. OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the pics of them!!!!

  57. TOP’s smile is my heaven:

  58. kahkahkah vicky it’s funny when u refer to yb as the man who loves to it at one place and turn his ring ;p gd was so cheeky when he teases yb oppa on sang2 plus.

    i replayed the visual of yb doin that so many times that i myelf starts to grow with the habit xp hahaha

    yb’s so different on stage and back at the hostel with the boys ;p
    the best part’s when seung ri retold what yb did to him at 3 am hahaha

    bad yb ;p

  59. love the FILA photoshoot! they all look sexy and cute!!~~ Ive seen some GRI actions in there!! O.o haahhaha! YB and SR have the same expression at the last photo :))

  60. talkking bout how Hyun Jung knw each other as well as Jae Jung…haha…i saw his imitation,,,it was funny…it was like oh yo hyung…haha…in tops rappppiieeee voice…and Jae was very it was oh hyun jong

  61. -\ /- -\ /-
    / \/ \ / \/ \
    \ / \ /
    \ / \ /
    \ / ——— \ /
    \ / \ /
    \/ \/

    AAAHhh… my [CUTE] Kwony is back!!
    love that [CuTe] thing in his [CUte] hair!!!
    love his [cUtE] facial expressions!!!
    love the [Cute] boy!!!!
    LOVE IT ALL!!! =o
    o__O sweeetnesss!!!!!

    d^.^b BIGBANG ❤

    <-_- (SeungRi Peace)

  62. omg..I love the group pics !! they are cute cute cute cute cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ..bong is killing me
    ..GRi too …=O
    dae…wooow with heart <333 yaay !!!

    and H O T X’D ^^

    ..OMG HQ ABS =O…G R E A T….

    thank you for the pics !! =)

  63. aghh!! they are looking so good!

  64. T^T NOSEBLEED~~~~

    Seungri ahhh.
    Don’t kill us~

  65. mmm seungri does look hella gd lol XD is it me or has he gotten thinner too? his eyes are nice XD

  66. AWWW!
    OMMOOO! HOTTTTT! I died for how many seconds…LMAO

  67. TOP arms are really thin, never noticed that before.
    Hahah everytime i think of bae jus lying on the floor playing with his ring its cracks me up. Who knew something so simple could be so fun. Bae should wear shirt and jeans more often he looks good

  68. nya

    haha most of his reason to be in Big Bang is because he’s the maknae keke
    he can never escape the word “maknae”
    no matter how hard he try
    I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing to him

    have you hear about ur husband’s locking himself in his room new? hahahah
    maybe he’s hiding from Bong in there too keke

  69. Sexica

    I’m gonna have to buy a box of light sabor so I can some of you off HAHA
    my friend lend me her light sabor today and it was the worst mistake she ever made haha
    we were fighting for it in the middle of the soccer field… where ppl were playing flag football!!! HAHAHAH

  70. rosiebb

    I remember that song stuck in my head for like 4 months when I was in elementary school
    we need to teach Tabi that song

  71. sis in law

    not sure what it is
    but I was hoping it was a upside down V hahah
    no luck. T_T

  72. athirah

    HAHA he seems close with Crown J when they met backstage that one time kek
    and now I know why, Crown J is also obsessed with turning the ring on his finger hahah

  73. vi
    i love the way baby being the cute maknae.
    no one would fit that position except him.
    like imagine ATabi being the maknae. hahaha…
    that just not right.

    yup yup. he don’t want other members to give him heart attack again. kekee…
    gotta be healthy too. too much heart attack won’t be good.
    but he must give me his key or else i can’t go inside. haha
    hubby ah~ u want me to break the door just to see u?

  74. Vi
    you and a light sabor…BAD IDEA!
    you guys were fightin in a soccer field?!
    hahaha I’m surprised you didn’t get hit
    but I’m even more surprised your friend had a light sabor in school
    you won’t get rid of me *evil laugh*

  75. OMG.
    i want those black fila shirts.
    but i want the white one too just cuz
    seungri wore one.
    and OMG
    that pic of seungri.


  76. thanx for uploading the pictures….BIGBANG is so cool..

  77. haha. in the fila g-ri pic, it looks like seungri’s trying to take off his pants XD

  78. i like when the wear those FILA products ..
    they look sooo cute !
    and OMG .
    seung ri.
    he changed a lot !
    for sure ..
    he’s adorable .

  79. anybody mind rushing me to the hospital? i’m losing too much BLOOD! AHHH, FREAKING HOT. *sisssss*

  80. *Drools*
    seungri is my strong baby
    and of course GD

  81. very cute ! i love 4ever(forever), big bang! 😛

  82. I ưill going Han quoc –>Seoul ^^! 😛

  83. Ubber yumminess all over! Just looking at them is enough to make me happy for the rest of the week. :::fan girl squeal:::

  84. lol…. does anyone notice baby’s wearing a gd belt on the abs pic?? hmm… what’s baby trying to imply?? hehe^^

  85. lol. mistake. i must be seeing things. curse this g-ri spell i’m under. it’s just another notch on his belt.

  86. damn he kept those abs secret for so long haha.
    that pic is so airbrushed but looks so good. [shame =.=”]

  87. waaahh they look sooo HOTT
    and cuteee ><
    seung ri (L) **drools**


  88. Are the Fila shirts still avaliable? T_T


  90. I love how the pictures transforms, like a slideshow. He’s all smiling, then one picture shows as if he was going to take off his suit. Then *BAM* there goes his sexy pic with those awesome abs. Lol, Seungi-oppa doesn’t seem like the maknae anymore [he’s still my favorite though!] Big Bang, hwaiting! 🙂

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