SeungRi talks about his first love | SeungRi won’t be promoting his solo on KBS

DOWNLOAD: I Know Performnace on M Countdown! (01.15.09)
DOWNLOAD: Strong Baby Performnace on M Countdown! (01.15.09)

SeungRi perform SE7EN’s “I Know” on M Countdown!

thanks to S님

SeungRi performed SE7EN’s “I Know” as a special for the “Heroes” corner of M Countdown! AHH! He look so hot, I haven’t seen SE7EN perform this song that much so I don’t know how he is compare to SE7EN, but of course to me he’s always the best call me bias and sue me, that’s how I am. When he kneeled down…. good thing he was wearing jeans T___T and CHEST PUMP FTW!


Translations thanks to SooKyeong

  • SeungRi will perform SE7EN’s “I Know” on M Countdown on 01.14.09 (this week) part of a special “Heroes” corner on the show. AHHH!! Baby is so gonna rock this, CAN’T WAIT!!
  • SeungRi will keep continue to perform on Music Bank, just without the MV promotion on KBS. T__T I wanna hear some crack up on that stage tomorrow!!
  • SeungRi’s no cut  “deep kiss” Strong Baby MV will be showed during Big Bang’s BIG SHOW Concert. …. ooh~ juicy, pray there’s fancams.
  • YG decide to not reexaminate SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV, SeungRi will go on with his solo activities without promotion on KBS Music Bank. I’m actually happy about this, less work for Baby and …. YG let KBS have it.. BIG TIME!! GO YG!!!!
  • Big Bang’s BIG SHOW concert tickets sale reached 40,000. COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!! it was said that more than 600,000 people had went on to the ticket sales site to get  the tickets.

SeungRi’s first love; TOP has been locking himself in his room

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SeungRi was on SBS PowerFM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time – School vacation special episode – Big Star special show’ on 12th January where he revealed he experienced his first love during his 3 year in the secondary school.

He was in a dance team back then, “When I had my first perform on stage, a girl in the audience crowd caught my eyes. Right after the performance, I went off stage and approached her to ask for her contact.”

And DJ Choi responded, “That’s such a manly gesture. (’Manly’ as in bold in this case)” And SeungRi replied, “There is only just 1 chance. I told myself I don’t want to go home and have regrets over why I let the chance go away, so I summoned all my courage for it.”

He continued, “I had my first kiss with this girl under the umbrella on one rainy day. Even though I know how this girl is doing now, for sake of this girl’s privacy, this will just remain as memories.”

SeungRi also revealed that he is the type who will, “do things like telling funny stories so as to make the girl he likes enjoy and have many laughter.”

Other than that, SeungRi talks about his transformation from being a teenager to that of a man. He has been known to be the youngest in Big Bang who portrays the image as one who would act rashly and act cute and all, but during his solo activity, SeungRi has also tried to read up more and think about things himself so as to get out of his own cocoon.

SeungRi also replied on one of the questions posed by the DJ, “TOP seems to have fell in love with music lately. He has been locking himself in his room, and all we can hear is music from inside the room. It seems like some great music is in the making in there.” hinting on fans anticipation for their upcoming works.


Any girl who Baby love sure is lucky, cuz I’m sure he’s the type that when he likes a person, he will really care for them, 3 years relationship is a LONG time for a teenagers to have… like forreal haha beats my record FAR~ I like how he’s all confident and just went for it so he won’t regret later, his over-SeungRi-confidence exists LONG before he become “SeungRi” haha LOL at how Baby describe Tabi locking himself in his room, I LOVE LOVE LOVE “A Good Man” has to be one of my fave, so I’m really excited to see what Tabi will come up with, I’m sure his composing skills doesn’t lose to the Kwon Leadah in any way. EXCITED~

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After his last Music Core performance, SeungRi held a small fan meeting outside the MBC studio, with lots of awsome VIPs who attend the Music Core recording, I’m touched to see so many fellow VIPs there to support him. GO K-VIPs!!!! I’m not even kidding when I said “A LOTTTTTT~” just for Baby, he must be so proud his nose can blow up haha

01.03.09 SeungRi’s mini-fan meeting

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Thanks to YG | 빛나는너


~ by Vicky on January 13, 2009.

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  1. lol first yb. now it’s sr’s turn. aka ur baby.
    wait til it’s jiyong’s turn, aka my baby 😛

  2. i love him !

  3. thats so cute. gah<3 his first love thing.
    but yeahh mel’s i was thinking about youngbae takin pictures with his fans with i saw this picture

  4. yes. big high five to YG for not backing down.
    if KBS needs to be stupid, then let them be stupid.
    Baby can go elsewhere. ^__^

    aww. those pics of him with the VIP looks so fun.
    if i were an idol, i’d be so touched by such a sight.

  5. Awww! his first kiss was in the rain! SR is a keeper he really is. i love how he just approched her out of no where! thats sooo sweet! ooh can’t wait to see what top comes up with! and the pics with SR and his fans are really nice. wish i was there!

  6. seungri looks happy with his fans(: loll
    yesss im happy to hear that kbs is out of the picture..
    ohhhh danggg melly’s comment just reminded me that jiyong will be having a solo this year.
    muharharhar jiyong’s solo(:
    strong baby hwaiting!!

  7. aww three yrs? under an umbrella? so sweet T^T

  8. Heather

    you know what makes me even MORE exicted?

    a friend just told me about how YG was being sneaky and didn’t change the audio track to “clap” even though the lyrics on the screen says “clap” the audio track still says “crack” during Baby’s Music Bank comeback performance HAHA

    HE’S DA MAN!!!
    he stood up for his artists and didn’t take KBS’s crap
    WHOOOO ~~~~

    I just wanna tell KBS to “SUCK IT!”
    since they seems like such english slang expers, I’m sure they will understood my insult JUST FINE

  9. His ex must be so proud of him now.. ^^

    n about TOP.. I really hope he fell in love with me! =P kekekek.. im sure hes doing his best locked in his room!
    Big Bang Fighting! ❤

  10. he’s so happy around his fans!

  11. I’m happy he’s not doing any more promotion on KBS…GO YG, stick it to the man!!! *aka KBS*
    Seungri looks so happy, and so do the K-VIPs ^-^
    His 3 year relationship beat all my relationship O.O lol
    TOP is cooking up something awesome, i can feel it 😀

  12. “I had my first kiss with this girl under the umbrella on one rainy day.”
    SO CUTE! I swear, my first kiss has to be like that.
    Honestly, everything he said was so <3. You just know Seung Ri would be a great boyfriend if he can maintain a relationship for three years. In his teens! I mean, they only broke up so he could focus on his career. He IS my dream guy.

    Oh, yay to Seung Ri and YG for sticking it to the man. Who needs KBS, really?

    Oooh, TOP is working on new stuff? I hope he gets to write more songs. =]

  13. lol
    serves them right for tryin to change the lyrics
    damn KBS people I have you on my list of people to kill when I go to Korea
    aww Baby’s story of his first love is just cute
    that girl is damn lucky
    3 years with him
    when I first saw the thing about Tabi lockin himself in his room
    almost had a heart attack
    my man is workin on mire songs!!!

  14. aaw, seungri and his ex are lucky people.
    HIM LONGER, teehee 😀

    i can imagine top huddling up in his
    blanket, wouldn’t it be cute if they
    had a photoshoot of him like that ><"?

    * edit: I understand that everyone have different opinion but please no bashing, keep this a friendly place 🙂

  15. oh man, i’d love to be the girl of seungri’s dreams (although, i’m already his wife) ;D LOL. he’s really sweet and i’m sure he knows exactly how to treat a girl. asjkfajsfask! k-vipz are so lucky T_T” i wish i were there. i’d kill to be there, seriously. having to see his breath taking beauty up close- it’d be too much for me but i’d feel like i’m in heaven ❤ one day, seungri lover. one day 😉 LOL.

  16. awww hubby tabi<3
    can’t wait til his hard work
    is revealed.. ㅋㅋ
    but i don want tabi with abss
    i like him the way he wass ;o
    plus i don want him over working
    himself over muscles.. altho fan girls
    like me will be drooling by tat time xD
    ANYWAYS, wow seungri sure is bold.
    im impressed~ dos tat mean a vip
    has a chance….? HAHAHA 😛
    aw i can imagine him being all caring&cutee

  17. hahah.. i love yg!! screw kbs!! like vicky said.. less work for baby ^_^ aww baby is too cute with his love story!! FIRST KISS IN THE RAIN!! *dies*

  18. vi
    hahahaha… now just as i wanted to!
    yay~ baby don’t change his MV!
    what’s the point of them filming all the hot scenes if that’s about to change?
    making baby do useless work.
    now they won’t change it 🙂 & i’m so happy.

    Tabi locking himself in his room?
    hahaha… i thought something happen.
    so it’s just him composing & listening to song. ah~
    stupid me. i though something bad happen ~.~a

    wow~ the VIPs.
    so many~ lots.
    i can’t close my mouth when i look at that.
    somehow that made me proud of our boys 😀

  19. haha..Maknae is super straight-forward! i like that kind of attitude..=)

    when you like someone, just go and tell them, if he/she rejects, it’s not the end of the day..=)

  20. I read it on Sookyeong’s blog and yeah… I feel Baby’s emotion when he described his first kiss…awwww…how romantic. =) how sweet.
    KBS can screw themselves! haha! Go Baby and K-Vipz! *and that’s a lot of VIPz showing love for our Baby Ri ^^*
    Wait, Tabi wrote “A Good Man”? Really??? It’s one of my favorites too…waaaaaa…. looks like Mr. Choi Seung Hyun got a lot, errr, more attractive in my eyes…hehehe…^^

  21. 3 years!!! as a teenage!!!! wowww
    u are sooo rite
    he is really good
    my longest is lik 2 mounths!!!! 2!!!!!!!!!!!
    that girl is soooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sexica

    kekeke SCARED YA!!
    yall Tabi luvers have been getting my Baby lately haha
    gotta scare u guys a little bit heheh

    I’m sure the minute he step out of that room, he’s gonna have all of u back with him for sure
    leave my man alone by then keke

  23. candysweetz

    I have a feeling he’s already working on it / had it
    for his role in IRIS
    which he should be in the process of filming by now

  24. nya

    a friend just told me about how YG was being sneaky and didn’t change the audio track to “clap” even though the lyrics on the screen says “clap” the audio track still says “crack” during Baby’s Music Bank comeback performance HAHA
    HE’S DA MAN!!!
    he stood up for his artists and didn’t take KBS’s crap
    WHOOOO ~~~~

    I put the title like that to scare the bejizzus (not a word) out of you Tabi luvers keke

  25. awww…”I had my first kiss with this girl under the umbrella on one rainy day.” SO SWEET!!~~
    That is so Seungri-ish!<3

    Top lockin himself in his room?? Oooo..makes me anticipate a solo from him…Is he really doing one?? Cant wait for a piece of him..hee~~

    Way to go YG!!! Screw KBS..I’m sure maknae would be happy about this. He already has overwhelming support from fans~~ Just by looking at those photos, there sure were a lot of fans..cos he had to to take 3 shots to account for all of them!!

    Spread the Big Bang LOVE~~

  26. these boys are KILLING me. does anybody else have the same trouble as I have? i keep trying to pick just one of these guys as my favorite but I just can’t seem to…they are all so damn lovely

  27. sis in law

    oooh gurl~
    our Tabi wrote the lyrics and composed that song
    I was like “DAMMMMMN~ HE GOT SKILLS” when I first heard it

  28. Vi
    definitely I was startin to imagine the craziest things when I read that
    you have no idea

    yup I believ MY man is gonna do something incredible and I;m also expectin a lot comin from iris like those abs we have been talkin about
    I don’t think I’ll be able to drool over Baby for long
    at least that’s what I’m sayin right now

  29. his first kiss sounds sooo cute man i wanna be that girl lol

  30. WTH Mini-fan meeting? THat’s alotttt! Lmaoo! Baby’s so
    adored by everyone, rightt? Hhahahahah x)))
    & OMG TOP’s going through the same thing I’m going thru.
    the bombbb (: Lmao. bUT YEAH. Dangg Baby’s off of KBS?
    I agree, they’re trying to take control of BABY’S SONG.
    Mean-freaks. It’s Baby’s song, he shud do whatever he wants
    w/ it. GO YG! Loll!

  31. aww~ i’m so happy that he had a little fan meet, although it didn’t look little to me.
    but that’s so cute!

    gosh! i want him as a boyfriend cause he’s such a sweet heart.

    Baby warms my hearttt a lotttt D; he’s so absolutely SWEET.
    ahh, that’s TERRIBLY SWEET. loll that girl is amazinlgy luckky
    x]<33 jeee, i wish that happened to me XD!


    fuckk, he kills -___-;;;;
    ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s so sweet it hurts loll.

    dyyingg right now :}
    Baby, he makes people love him xD<33
    “There is only just 1 chance. I told myself I don’t want to go home and have regrets over why I let the chance go away, so I summoned all my courage for it.”
    A:SLD JKP(AU$R$r ohhmyygosh.
    ohh myy god.

    omg omg.

    so sweettt Dx ASL:df4uj904t j
    ohhhhhkay, i’m dying now D:

    hehe, i love youuu seung ri :] for REALS x]<3333333333333333333
    even if you will never read this and never know me D:

    ahh, and TABI LOCKED IN HIS ROOM WITH MUSIC?! sounds like meee XD<3 that’s good to know :D!

    gee, i love these boys lolll.

    and btw, GOO YG!! YG FTW :] you guys are aweesomee x]<33

  33. Way to stick it in KBS’s face. They are losing one heck of a guy and lots of great performances. Their loss. YG made a good decision.

  34. awww!! thats so cute!! a 3-year relationship and they had their first kiss under an umbrella in the rain!!! so freakin romanticc!! and cutee! lmao. and the fan-meet pics rocked. SO MANY VIPS! sweet. makes me so happy to see so many! =D (but i wish i was there)

    and i wonder if those girls at the front touched him?? just extended their arms a bit to touch his shoe or something… if that were me, i’d jump him instead… hehe

    wicked everything. especially YG… THE BEST. ❤

  35. So cute XD
    I cant believe everyone had their first kiss before Tae.
    Its so cute.
    I can’t wait for the new albums.

    And Tabi is locked up in his room cuz OF ME. XD
    Private “music” sessions. XD

    JK, but really. Can’t wait for everything to start rolling soon.

  36. YEAAAAAAAH, SOONGYII! That really was bold of him. xDDDD And omg. I’m surprised the fans didn’t go, “WAAHHHHHHHHHHH *RAEP.*” That bowtie on him looks real good. xDD

    OMGGGGG TOPPA! Lol, blasting music through his room. xDD I do that a lot. And yes, a lot of good music is to come, that Good Man. <3333

  37. milkydonut
    haha.. i freaking LAVETT. no 1 can beat ur hyperness! LOL. j/k.

    i read it a whiLe ago.. Seungri made me LOVE him again even more.. Lucky girL.. that’z a CUTE story, like a teenage life drama series.. ^_^ i Love how he revealed his 1st love story.. thou it’s juz a memories. but that memories wil always be remain.. 1st LOVE never dies? HAHA..

    K~Vipz are awesome! what more can i say.. oh i LOVE YG! yea.. screw KBS! kbs sux! ehe. ^_^

    TOP? haha. how cute..

  38. Vi

    seung ri is so mushy.
    it just makes me luv him more.

    god, only a few people like that will get Baby’s heart.
    and for his first one, he knew she was pretty.
    thats not exactly something i sport., it is not. =_=

    but i plan to catch Baby’s eye someday anyway.
    and maybe the rest of him too. : )

  39. crack rules! HAHA.

  40. Damn that’s a lot of KVIPs! awesome!
    I’m also kind of happy he’s not promoting in KBS
    lol Im happy w/ YG’s decision, KBS will regret this.

    SeungRi’s first love experience story was so cute and he’s
    right about that one chance <33 I think SR has the best
    first love story in Big Bang lol not so sure about TOP &
    DS…and I’ll have to see for YB hahaha

  41. zzen

    AHAHA, xDD.
    ahh, that was just way too romantic you knowww?! and ..
    i needa explodee somehow xDD
    lmfaoo, usually that’s now all i want to say LOL
    it is TOTALLY A PERFECT ‘drama’ type love story XD
    i’m wonderingg.. does he still love her? 😀 aha
    that is just way too cuuteee.
    i, too, love him more when i read that article x]<3
    veryy cutee hehe :]<3

    andd yeahhhh! go K-VIPS!! gotta love them ;D!

  42. loll, whenever i look at seung ri just can’t help but love him
    a little moreee. :}<3
    he makes me happy xD

  43. If I didn’t read it on K-Bites wrong then I think the article meant that Seung Ri will still perform on KBS but without the MV. I don’t know if they show the MV on the other shows but I think that they do but we just don’t see it? But yeah, the translated article said, “We will just have to do without the MV for SeungRi’s promotion on KBS Music Bank.” and “But because the word came up in the MV during the performances on Music Bank on 9th January, KBS is making things difficult demanding for another review of the MV as well.” So I THINK that they show the MV when Ri is performing and the lyrics show up? I’m not sure but that’s what I interpret it as. But either way, if Ri doesn’t perform on KBS, I couldn’t care less. It seems like he wasn’t happy practicing with them anyway.

  44. vicky! you sure know how to shock a tabi luver! hahahah!
    when i read “seungri talks about his first love; TOP has been locking himself in his room” i was totally flipping like could it be because of his first love too or smthg like is he heartbroken or smthg”
    but YES! its not.he’s just immersed in music.hopefully he’ll write songs for bong’s(although he is capable himself) solo album or smthg.that would be interesting.heheh. GO TABI!

    and bb being such big stars im not surprised that their tickets are completely sold out.who doesnt want to watch them right! i know sure as hell would kill to watch their concert! ahahha.

    and i think its about time stars stop changing MVs lyrics etc just for stations that cannot appreciate it.its really soo ..blergh.i dont even have a word to describe it.LOL.yay for YG!

    and aww the fan meeting looks soo cute.anyone whos a BB fan definitely has to be a baby fan.thats why theres like a sea of VIPs.hahaha.

  45. milkydonut
    *high five* haha! ~_~ his ex-gf.. she’s really LUCKY. Seungri stiL remember her somehow, esp their memories. aww. so speciaL.. it’s like watching a drama series of this 2. walking in the rain & kissing each other under the umbrella. haha.. that’s ❤

  46. LOL aww :] lucky girl~ !
    LMFAO HIS NOSE WOULD BLOW UP ?! i laughed so hard at that X]
    ahh, when i read the title “Tabi locks himself in his room lately” i got really worried
    but now i’m happy 🙂

  47. kinda reminded me of ‘THE CLASSiC’ movie of jo in-sung.. maybe because of the RAiN? and the UMBRELLA? haha.

  48. this is why i love the guys. They have no problem going and meeting their fans without having to be behind a table or have like a bazillion body guards around. But on the other side, im glad VIP’s are respectful enough to not just mawl all of them. (I might have technical difficulties if i see Bongie but i would try)

  49. Cute … (0)

  50. Vi
    now I want a round of applause for YG.
    That’s the way to do it. Haha…
    I also love how VIP don’t care & yell ‘crack’ along.
    See the naughty smile of mine?? Hohoho

    What? To scare Tabi lovers???
    Me too? What have I done to u ?.?
    I though he’s too tired or anything happened to ppl around him.
    U give me heart attack.
    Damn, Tabi locking himself. He should invite me along too. Not leaving me outside.
    For 2 of us in a locked room.

    Btw, gurl I just realize this.
    During haru haru orcherstra.
    Did u pay attention to Tabi?
    See his belt?
    (I hope its only my bad eyes though)
    His belt, there’s “V” on his belt.
    A golden “V”
    Check out if I’m right or not.

    My man keeps teasing another gurl while I’m always here with him.
    He should have “M” there, not “V” sob sob…
    Looks like hubby need some “close-to-nya-pills” 😦

  51. Seungri is such a little player! I knew it ;O

    ————-Hahahaha—TOP locking himself up to produce some music—-finally!!
    Can´t wait for the result.

  52. lil sis in law

    WHOA….Tabi….that’s too cool..
    Yeah he really got some skills!
    I love “A Good Man”, it’s my tone at the moment. I love the intro acoustics and the overall song!
    Damn Tabi!
    Now I really can’t wait for his solo album.
    And then there’s Bong’s solo and Baebae 2nd solo album. weeeee.
    Oooooh I love 2009. ^^

  53. It is great that there are useful sites!
    I thank you for your help and support.
    I wish you a great development of the project.

  54. aww how cute!! kissing in the rain under a umbrella!! how romantic <3…

    I can’t wait for tabi’s solo album !! wohaaa..

    YG IS THE BEST !! wohoo xD

    wooaaah so many K-VIPz!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  55. whoa~ how sweet.. a first kiss under an umbrella on a rainy day!!
    how cool is that?? just like in movies..

    i soo love baby! he really is turning into a man now!
    and a hot one. dang!!

    TABI, i’ll be looking forward for ur songs.. hehehe^^
    i know it’ll be great..

    whoa, this lucky fan girls are so envious..
    wish i was there too~

    i’m so PROUD of what BABY has done for his SOLO!!

    go YG!! great decision!! lolz.

    i want to see the DEEP KISS too~
    i’ll be waiting for fancams.. yeah. lolz^^

  56. thats right! YG doesnt bend over for KBS. KBS are a buncha CRACKheads anyway.. lol ❤
    omg when i read the headline i was like "tops been doing what now??" keke.
    aw babys first love sure is luckky~

  57. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo that gurl mad lucky. yoooooooooo and she ungly!!!!!!!! seung ri don’t have good taste. if he saw me then, uhmp he’d be all over me lyke what!

  58. id make him go hard!!!!!!!!!!

  59. the word “deep” in the deep kiss is scaring me… :'[

  60. In the first picture with the radio show host… isn’t that a GD move? The peace sign to the eyes i mean… i’m pretty sure i’ve seen GD do that quite a few times… Seungri, are you copying your hyung again??? tsk tsk =P (and if not then my bad…)

  61. sex-seh

    thats the host of the radio program he was on. not a photo of his first love.

    “I had my first kiss with this girl under the umbrella on one rainy day.”
    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG that is uber cute!!!!! i want my first kiss with a guy to be like that!!!!!!!

    that is the cutest thing ever
    the girl must be so lucky to have these cherished moments with maknae & be chosen out of all those ppl T______T *sniff*

  63. Awww i want to be that girl.
    That was so sweet, aww who knew this strong baby would
    have this much in him. And it sound sad when he said
    memories with this girl. Ahh i wanna be kissed in
    the rain with him or g-dragon (:
    Yes, i envy of her….too. He probably really misses her to catch
    her out of all the croud. Ahh wow…..
    Hehe he copies his hyungs a lot now and days. It’s all good.
    His pictures with the fans remind me of TaeYang’s fan
    meeting pictures.
    AHHHHH I Cannot wait for his performence and i wanna
    see the MV. hopefully. Stupid KBS……grr
    Aww i’m gonna miss hearing him singing “crack,crack,crack,crack”
    I loved the song even more when i saw the MV and
    him performing it. Hrmm i wonder of his first love was
    there at all of his performence && of Big Bang’s….
    wow, got me wondering who she is now.
    Lols TOP. Ooh i wonder if he’s writing music.

  64. Big Bang is most wanted in 2009!

    i actually extracted this from a Super Junior fansite, which took it from a TVXQ fansite. LOL~ Credits to them.’s nothing new ^_^..Just felt like sharing it..hee~

  65. so happy that the magnae’s solo thing is taking off pretty well. a bit shaky with all that fuss from kbs, but no doubt seung ri will make it out there. i bet he sees his hyung, young bae’s success as an inspiration. hoaiting seung ri!

  66. Yeah T.O.P.’s Mini-album is gonna is sick

    Damn I hope its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. awwwwww anticipation~anticipation T.T
    lucky k-vipz! *.*

  68. OMG!The girl was lucky to be loved by sr:)It’s romantic dat dey kiss under the umbrella in the rain.I thought these scene always appear on korean dramas.but i cant imagine baby doin this.So sweet!!!Why did dey broke up after 3 years?anyway,3 years is really very LONG during around my age now.

  69. WHAT?!?! omg kbs is the only thing korean we get here T_T but if he’s still performing on kbs i guess its not that bad. and woah maknae 3 years?!? i never last more than 3 weeks 0.0

  70. $ 1.500,000 reward to execute Hosni Mubarak, the President of Egypt…

    Hurry up…


  72. “I Know” performance was smokin HOT!!
    The way he danced, his voice, the way he kneeled down,
    those grunt and groans! lol waaaa~ SR you really are amazing!

    Might I add, the banner is hella awesome!!

  73. I love the new banner! speaks how Baby is like in their dorm…separating himself from this others because he’s “above them”. lol. hehehe. You’re so cute Baby Ri!

    Booya to Chest Pumps!!!FTW!

  74. WHOOOO! I got goosebumps when he kneeled down.
    That performence was hot!
    Baby, you really know how to make a girl love you huh?

  75. Oh yeah i like the new banner.
    Hehe Seungri is separated but it’s all good (:

  76. i really likeee the performance 😀 love the outfits hoho baby is HOT!

  77. Woot woot :]
    OMG i love that performancae. LOVED it.
    Chest pumps! 😀
    Sexyyyluss (: Baby’s so hottttt :]

  78. the new banner’s so sick, i love baby’s face and bong is hot as usual ^^
    not to mention the others ! <33333

  79. ahhh that was awesome!!! baby keeps playing with his mic tho lol

  80. woooooow!!!!
    Baby’s performance was awesome!!!
    and he looked so DAMN SEEEEEXY!!!
    soooo sooo sooo good!
    too bad the performance wasn’t that long
    maganed to get this crazy in under 2 minutes
    I’m sure the neighbors must of thought I was dying in here
    came out and knocked on my dooor askin me if I was okay

  81. Wowwww he was awesome ^^ and now i remember back in the trainee days, that episode on the documentary when Se7en was shooting a MV and some BB members were there and little maknae was so cute watching everything from a corner ^^

  82. I really wanna see TOP in abs o.O

  83. as usuaL. it’s seungri & it’s HAWT. haha! Lavett.. he performed se7en’s i KNOW. that was HAWT perf.. he did it weL. . the fact that i’m also a fan of se7en & the fact that i’m a seungri diehard, plus the fact that i love that song & the performance.. god. i’m in HEAVEN.. ^_^

  84. wow!!!! love baby’s performance. I think that he is totally the next SE7EN!!!

  85. HAAAAY…. maknae did a pretty good job on performing se7en’s song(: AAAAAH! i know se7en’s proud (: lol he would be thinking “not as good as me.. but good enough x3” xD lol ! i love how se7en treats our boys ❤

  86. very long relationship ! the memorized that our SR never forget ! but i wanna be a new girl of him^__^

    luv his perform sooo sexy!!!!!!!!

  87. untamedvixen

    hahaha actually no
    since Baby was the first one I laid my eyes on
    so…. it’s him from the start for me

  88. Sexica

    I’ve been rewatching “All In” lately
    since it’s been 6 years since I’ve seen it
    and the main male lead is the one that’s gonna work with Tabi in IRIS
    so now I’m even more excited, since it reminds me how hot hyun bul is. WHOOO~

  89. Dori

    I seen her picture before
    it may be because it’s from back when they were young
    so she look like a little kid to me
    but she was real cute
    these two hold hands and kiss everywhere.. it’s so cute hahah

  90. nya

    gurl I was so proud of the KVIPs on the latest KBS performance
    they stick it to KBS’s mother effin face!!
    that’s the way to do it

    whatever yall be doing in that room
    I’m good

    kekek blame it on Bong
    Bong probably was like “hyung! wear this!”
    keke you mean an N????
    not M!!

  91. sis in law

    yea~ Tabi’s music style is really different from Bong
    and since we get to hear Bong’s music all the time
    hearing something different from Tabi is refreshing
    and I like that
    it’s gonna be awsome to have both of them produce in the future
    we get the awsome techno beat from Bong
    and the soft acoustic music from Tabi
    everybody wins.

  92. Jini

    kekek “TOP has been doing WHAT NOW?”
    I need to seriously get use to say that in real life “WHAT NOW?”

    but there’s also gonna be a sexy solo stage from Baby during the concert
    I REALLY HOPE they will include the MV on their concert DVD… though I doubt it

  93. luvBB4lyf

    no actually that’s Baby’s signature cute move keke
    he’s been doing that since….. forever haha

  94. Vi

    ooh, that does sound like a cute relationship.
    …i wonder how they broke up.
    that must have been pretty sad for one or the other.

    if only it was me.
    but i dont see him dating an ugly thirteen year old like me. : (

  95. Dori

    he was still dating her after Big Bang’s debut
    but since he’s too busy with his work he have no time for relationship
    so I guess they both think it’s best if they broke up

    don’t say that
    if you’re not confident in yourself then no one can
    you’re not ugly, just paranoid

    you HAVE to believe you’re a hot sexy mama.
    and it’s true. 😀

  96. Vi
    Baby will still own the music chart without SBS I think.
    Hahaha… everyone love “crack” & the dance.

    Kekeke… we will have some private time.
    Of course I won’t let u in. hahaha

    No, I mean M.
    Coz my real name is Monica.
    Nya only nickname. But N is okay too. Hohoho…

    Bong should stop that, wife will get angry too. Kekeke…
    When he got back home I’ll force him to wear a M. hahaha

  97. lil sis in law

    I think I’ll love tabi more just because he has that kind of taste in music.
    Acoustics really kills me. hehehe. especially that one in A Good Man.
    Yeah we’re getting the best from Bong and Tabi.
    Can’t wait to hear their albums in the future. ^^

  98. Vi

    yeah, that makes me feel SO much better ^^’

    ‘hot sexy mama’?
    yeah. me the 13 year old hot sexy mama. 🙂

  99. To those VIPs:
    Just know that you are very lucky to have this awesome Seung Ri right in front of you.
    Yeah that guy’s a strong baby.
    If he ever asks you for your phone number..
    Count yourself lucky, ‘cos maybe he’s gonna be your Bf.
    Please listen to my advice.

  100. yeah and by the way.
    im only eleven.
    and im crazy over a nineteen year-old superstar (wait, ROCKSTAR).

  101. i love seungri like seungri miss seungri

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