01.17.09 SeungRi on Music Core and Various Radio Shows | GD called in !!

(Hilarious) Infinity Challenge: Haru Haru MV Parody

Thanks to coolboy

The long anticipated parody of Big Bang’s Haru Haru done by the cast of Infinity Challenge is finally revealed!!! I would say MC YOO did a pretty good job as Tabi, he looks better in eye liner actually kekeke though………Myun-Dragon…. creeps me out… a lot kkeke their fight was just consis of them MC YOO smelling PMS’s bad breath kekek if you didn’ t know this, Park Myung Soo bust his nose while shooting this fighting scene, so props to him for continuing with the shooting after it; The part with him on the chair and the shower... it’s like horror movie to me keke it’s just too scary, when it’s Bong, i can feel the pain and I was crying while watching it but with Park Myung Soo…. ahahh I can’t stop laughing and getting creeped out at the same time, I don’t dare to stare at him straight in the eyes… OH LORD the mirror part…. can scar a 5 years old for life… or a 16 years old like me hahaha

They even performed the song live, pretty impressive, they learn the chroreography, though it’s not perfect, but dude, it’s good enough, and their singing was pretty good too. LOL at the end with the members playing around with PMS’s “Sam” kekek

and this;

aigoo…….. help me.


Thanks to ybsound/bigbangpop/ Dr.Dong

01.17.09 SeungRi on Music Core

Thanks to S님

OOOH!! It’s the REMIX version!! of course, as always there’s gonna be a remix version to every song (YG’s genius producers’ work) wahhh~…. sexy dance in the beginning? doing all that body wave.. whew~ had me giggling like an idiot haha waering a metallic suit, the pants look like a bit uncomfortable keke it doesn’t stretch… T__T hahhaha but he looks HOT nonetheless, a cream-like rose this time, i wonder if he will ever a black rose, that’ll be AWSOME.

whew…. when he sat in front of that camera… killed me BIG TIME, I just loove looking into his eyes haha I just noticed something… his bowtie, it seems a bit messy, so is his collar, either he didn’t have enough time to put on his costume properly or…. he did it on purpose for…. haha you know a “hidden message”

204,000 citizens voted Big Bang as #1 on their “Most Wanted Stars for 2009″
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DOWNLOAD: SeungRi on KBS Music Bank (01.16.09)

Bong called in during Baby’s radio show!!

01.16.09 Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night
Special Guest: SeungRi
66 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

They were having fun calling all these famous.. like REALLY famous people on the phone and Baby will get all embarassed and excited to talk to them, then at the end, someone called in, at first I was like “wHO THE HECK???” cuz the voice sounds REALLY weird, even when he said “I’m Big Bang —-“ I still can’t hear what his name is, but after i rewind it and listen to it again, IT’S BONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bong was rehearsing for his concert and it sounds like he’s loosing his voice or something, it sounds REALLY DIFFERENT. After Baby realized that it’s Bong, he was like “HYUNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Bong’s laugh over the phone is just freaking adorable for words!!! Then Bong’s “I GOT YOU BOI!!!” killed me!!

thanks to S님

It’s Music Bank so it’s the “clap” again, if you didn’t know this, KBS banned SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV by saying that it contained inappropriate scenes, well the reason why KBS is being such a pain is because during Baby’s debut stage, even though they change the lyrics on the screne to “clap” the audio track still says “crack” so that’s why KBS is mad, haha sneaky YG, YOU GOTTA LOVE HIM!! it’s KBS’s lost, not Baby’s. It may be “clap” now but you hear down there is “CRACK” SO LIVE WITH IT KBS!!! YOU CAN’T MESS WITH OUR MEN AND THEIR MUSIC!! VIP SHOW YOU HOW IT IS!! WHOOOO!

I like the stage setting today, and how he walk from one platform to another keke what a playah!!…… no not really keke Baby look a bit tire to me, he’s been on lots of radio shows lately and also endless practice for their concerts coming up… I’m scared… I was hoping KBS would just ban from Music Bank too, that way he get more rest, but despite of being dead tire, he still ROCKED IT!!! I’m proud of him haha this time he only say “touch me” rather than DEMONSTRATE it kekeke maybe it’s for KBS’s rated G music show ahhahaha BABY IS THE BEST!!

SeungRi on PKL’s Starry Night

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Thanks to 빅뱅만보여요님

on Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show

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95 Responses to “01.17.09 SeungRi on Music Core and Various Radio Shows | GD called in !!”

  1. awww Seung Ri is SOOOO CUTE!!! XD XD XD XD XDDDD radio shows galoreeee. Seung Ri hwaiting!

  2. LOL!!!
    happy they couldn’t really change those lyrics
    Baby did awesome he did look a bit tire but
    he rocked the stage
    too bad he doesn’t get to do the normal choreography with the dancers and the touch me thing

    he looks so cute in that brown sweater
    second to last pic is my favorite
    his face looks CUTE!!
    so much like Baby’s usual cute expression ;P

  3. Aws It is cute when bong called hahahahah! LOL serung Ri too !<33
    Hwaiting! ❤

  4. GD called in?! How nice of him~ I hope they are doing fine. It would be awesome if TY, TOP and Dae talk too. Wanna hear their wonderful voices<3 LoL, Seungri must be so delighted to hear from his hyung…It’s a good thing because he seemed lonely during certain radio shows like KBS Maybee.

    The songs he sang during the radio shows were great. I’d never thought i would hear him singing Snowflake again after the Osaka Concert. I was thinking, first Fool’s Only Tears and now, Snowflake!!! This month of January is definitely a blast for me!!!

    I’m really looking forward to the concert, although i’m not going. HAHA! Fancams! Fancams!
    And let the concert end soon, so the boys can have a long, fruitful break.<3

  5. LOL..i just saw the vid when GDragon called in, Seungri’s “HYYYUUNG!!!” sounded like he had found comfort after a longg torture lol.

    And GD’s “i gotchu boy” was just LOVE.lol~

    Love the GRI moments!


    And I liked the stage setting too, walking from one platform to the next. xD and DAMN, no chest rubbing.

    And I… will download the radio showz. Laytar. xD

  7. Hey Can i know what min did bong called in buring the radio? lol .. X: cant find it xD and dont undersatnd korean 😡

  8. SR’s good side is his right side apparently.. LOOL. He always poses with his right side.. or mostly..

  9. Sexica

    Baby is keeping it Rated G for KBS
    keke his whole “touch me” thing kinda give me goosebump sometimes keke
    it’s hot but somehow awkward to me keke

    He should wear these kind of clothes more often cuz he just looK HOT!!!
    is he copying anything Bong in this outift? hm…

  10. tubby

    yea~ he called in during rehearsal and at the end of the call he told Baby to hurry up and come join them with the rehearsal
    they must be dead tire if they’re still practicing at 11 PM
    Bong sounds REALLY tire, I’m worried about them
    it’s painful to see them like this

    oh my god I know!!!!!
    getting to hear Baby sing that song…
    I’m in freaking heaven
    he’s just… too amazing for me to even imagine haha

    yes! I’m gonna ran sack the whole korean net to find every freaking fancam there is
    cuz I NEED TO SEE IT!!!! BADLY!!!

  11. tubby

    probably cuz he was a bit uncomfortable talking to the ppl from before since they’re so famous
    but with Bong he can be more himself so he’s just too happy for words kakka

  12. Anqqie

    it’s around 51:43

  13. thu

    HAHAH apparently he knows what works for him keke

  14. ohhhhhhhmygosh.
    hehe, i totally heard ‘crack crack crack!’ anyway XD
    ahhh, THAT WAS HOOTTTTTTT 😀 lolll
    despite the hotness/sexxiinesss XD i still think Baby is
    outrageously cuuteee lolll :]
    i also don’t know why..but i keep giggling when he says those little ‘whoo’s in his perf hahaaa.
    the pictures are SOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLEE xDD!!<333333333333333
    ohhmygash, i freaking LOVE Baby’s beanie in PMS’s radio show xD!
    sooo cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD

    and omfg, in kl’s starry night when Baby popped up or was introduced or whatever [lol idk korean] he was sooo freakking
    ADORABBLEEE xDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like AWWWWWWWWWWW :D:D:D:D:D:D
    hahahaaa, he looked like a little puppy or something omggasshh
    and the strong baby was like A MINI/CUTE VERSION with little hand motions omgodd so cute XDDD !

    hehe, imma finish it now :]

  15. credits given to park myung soo for actually making his eyes visible!
    seung ri looks hot-TER!

  16. lmao, when he licked his lips i died HAHA xD

    Baby is so cute .

  17. OMDAYMNNN :]
    That sounds so cute! Jiyong’s laugh over the phone was so
    damn funny. *mwuahahahahaha. hahahah x))))
    absoulute cuteness :]

  18. Vi

    oh god. seung ri just looks so freakin cute.

    then im starting to grow onto bong.
    “i got u boyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ !!!!!!!!!!!!’
    then baby’s reaction.
    priceless. @_@

    i gotta photoshop my face onto park myung soo. with the peace sign and the seung ri and the ahhhhhhhhhhhh so hot.

  19. LMAO, omgosh i laughed my head off at the ‘i got you boy!’ LOLL
    bongiiee and babyyy<3 XDD

    G-rii, MAN!! its good stuff 😀

  20. ooh, did u see the wall paper, vi?
    i spy a little bit of tabi and purple pantsssss
    : ))))))))))))

    my favorite color.

  21. Eh i cant find it !_! and i dont here any “igot u boy ” 😡
    Sorry lol..SLow x[ Ima wait for some1 to Sub it :x!

  22. AHAHAHAHA; this was totally worth the watch.
    Seungri: “HYUNGGGGGGGG~!” was so adorable && GD’s “I got chu BOYY!”
    Baby’s whisper was so cute @ 4:36.

  23. LMAO Mr. YG was probably like, oh you want us to change the lyrics?
    oh..ok..*changes the lyrics in subtitles not in actual song*

    SeungRi was all over that stage! Loved the color of his suit
    and ahh~~ again..the way he dances is so sexy!

    The radio pics are adorable! lol SR & his signature peace sign~
    Im obsessed with SR + beanies

  24. aahhh! SeungRi is just killing me with his gazes and
    cute expressions on the radio show lol…its so cute but
    he looks really tired..ahh, i feel bad..
    but its ok, thoughtful GD called! hehehe so cute when he
    said “Hyuuung!!” in that deep groan
    and WOW when GD “I gotchuuu boyy!!” he sounded so different
    but lol haha it was so funny when he said it, riri was just
    laughing <333 the way they talk to each other is adorable ^_^

  25. OMFG! Seungri stiL rocked the stage! haha.. ^_^ aww, how CUTE. gd called in. that was a sweet of him.. “i got U boiii..” & seungri’s ‘HYUNNGGG!!’ aaah.. *faintz* G-Ri ❤

  26. awww seungri,you’re too hard to resist.i’m like,falling and falling for you everyday.what darlin’Bae will say?*bangs head on the table*

  27. aWw what a cuutiiee! LOL

  28. seungri so cute with his hyung.

  29. where could i see the part where gd calls in?

  30. I thought I was going deaf when I saw Baby Ri’s comeback stage in Music Bank. Because I’m really hearing crack crack crack, even in the song, not clap clap clap.
    Wooohooo for YG!
    I hope someone uploads Baby’s radio guestings, can’t download at the moment.
    Did you hear the one when he did an audio message for Junsu? That was too sweet! Our baby’s such a fan boy! =)

  31. vi
    baby really look like a pimp.
    i can’t say anything else, coz now in my head i could only think that he’s pimp.

    i can’t decide that baby look tired or not cot the darkcirlce always there but it seems that it’s not that serious. not like he’ll collapse soon.
    like how Bae was when his solo.
    & that’s great. 🙂

    HAHAHA i love how KVIP still yell crack!
    yup crack! hehehe…

  32. milkydonut

    haha the “whoo~” had me going too
    he just seems so hyper when he did it keke

    the way he was drinking that coffee.. keke
    with his mouth
    THAT Is a priceless shot
    for sure

    Baby look so cute when he’s starstruck
    and to think there’s ppl who will do way more than that if they get to meet him haha

  33. jenn


  34. milkydonut

    SO DID I!!
    i was in heaven.

  35. Dori

    I’m not blaming you
    I’m a victim right here
    Bong is powerful
    NEVER underestimate him

    make sure to share with me your “artwork” later keke

  36. Dori

    YUP YUP!!!
    either he stole it from Bong or from me
    cuz I have a pair just like that and I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!

  37. x.x

    if you listen to the conversation carefully, especially during the phone call from 51:00~ onward you’ll hear it
    and if you decide to wait for subs, well I can tell you right now there’s 99% that there WON’T be subs for this

  38. rosiebb

    hahah of course
    NOBODY mess with YG Family
    they stand up for themselves man.

    me too gurl!
    Baby and beanies… LOVE~

  39. geles

    you can download the video, it’s from 51:00 onward

  40. sis in law

    yup gurl~
    all you hear is crack

    I heard about the news
    but I haven’t seen the video
    which is weird since I download every radio show he’s on

  41. lil sis in law

    I heard an audio rip of his message, it was a cut from ShimShimTapa. It was on Sookyeong’s blog. hehe. Wonder why they don’t have a video of it…maybe to hide Baby crying?

    I saw the IC parody and….LMAO…hahaha!
    My mom thought I was going crazy coz I was laughing to myself while watching the whole vid.
    Myun-Dragon eyes on the mirror shower scene…damn…it was like “I’m gonna eat you if you don’t listen to me!!!”
    And the Big Bag… it look so useless it’s funny, popping out in every scene, cleaning the car.
    So glad they finally showed it!

    and about that picture of Baebae.

    … I wanna stop my urge to pull his pants down….hahahaha. ^_^

  42. OMG!!!!
    the parody was beyond hilarious!!!
    and yet I was amazed they actually sang and danced so good
    PMS’s faces LOL!!
    MC YOO did an reeeeaally good as Tabi
    he didn’t look too bad

    Baby’s stage was awesome!!!
    that body wave ~ SO HOT!!!
    I bet Bong taught him that too ;P
    and the suit waaaaah!
    gotta thank the camreman for giving us good close ups
    too bad he didn’t do the touch me part
    guess he was too uncomfortable doing it after all

    I don’t know if anyone saw the whole show yesterday
    there was this guy who did exactly the same dance as Baby
    I thought it was him at first

  43. And then I watch Baby’s Music core perf.
    That body wave at the beginning made my mouth hang open for a while..too sexy…
    It’s a good thing they remixed the beginning, give something new to the song.
    His “You know you love me” almost killed me…too sexy again…
    Did he change his hair? He looked a bit more mature to me…or maybe it’s the suit.
    Still he’s getting a lot more mature.
    Love how he made the VIPs scream “Crack crack crack”! Freedom of Expression!
    He looks hot in this perf. =)

  44. sis in law

    ah~ it was during ShimShimTaPa
    I must’ve missed that then, I didn’t see the interview on SooKyeong’s page
    i saw the video

    aw….. Baby is so cute
    but I understand how he can be awkward with Junsu
    he’s really close with Yunho but since Junsu is his idol and everything
    it’s hard to close the gap from admire-idol to friends
    but hopefully they will becomd closer in the future
    Junsu is always my fave in DBSK ever since the day I know aboutu DBSK, so seeing how much Baby love Junsu is just that much awsome for me haha

    but it’s cool to know how Junsu talked to Dae on the phone and text Bae
    BBSK love.

    I cannot stop coughing while watching it
    I’m sick these past couple of days so laughing out of my butt while coughing with a sore throat is REALLY not a good idea
    but what can I do??? Myung-Dragon is just AIYAIYAI!!


  45. Hahaha. They did a pretty good job on that parody.

  46. Sexica

    I KNOW!!
    I was surprise too
    never know Don-Don can sing
    they pulled it off really well
    props to them.
    though it’s not perfect, but damn.
    they’re comedian, not singers but yet. WHOOO!

    AH~ reminds me to send Bong a fruit basket thanking him for teaching Baby all this then
    JUST DAMN!!!!!
    I be in freaking heaven!!

    touch me………that close?
    what do you want?
    me to die at the early age of 16???
    hahahah T__T…. I’ll be GLADLY to kekek

    I’m sick these days and last night was really cold here in Florida, so I have no strength to stay up, winding sleeping on my bed like a cocoon all covered up in my blanket haha
    I’m curious about this guy, do you remember his name? or the song?

  47. sis in law

    I’ll be waiting to see more of THAT waving. hahahha
    and I don’t think he got a haircut, it’s the suit maybe
    kekeke…… pants that won’t stretch FTW!!

  48. lmao.. 🙂

  49. Vi
    I’ll be sending some baskets too
    that was just too good

    I didn’t mean close like that but he doesn’t do the touch part anymore
    nowadays I look forward to him doing it
    and he broke my heart 2 times yesterdsay
    but I understand he feels weird doing it or maybe not….

    I think the name was Tae Goo or Tae Good
    and the name of the song is “Call Me” I think
    it’s because the damn channel kept on stopping so I didn’t see the name >_________<
    seriously his dance at the beginning was the same
    though of course he didn’t really look like Baby

  50. Vi

    bong is wonderful.
    but i think hes third in line along with tabi in second. ^^

    i cant find a good picture of me ^^’
    they dont exist.
    ^ im sorry, i have low self esteem~ ; _ ;
    im like that little ugly girl u see wasting away time on the computer because she doesnt want to show her face.

    hehe, i have purple pants too.
    but i think my pants are a bit brighter colored that that shade.
    or maybe they would look brighter cuz tabi’s shadows and the lighting.

  51. it’s Tae Goon

  52. ^ y’know what? i might as well send u a pic of me by email. yeah, yeah i will. to show myself. : )

  53. Sexica

    maybe some skinny jeans with those fruits while we’re at it kekek

    hahahah you got addicted to Baby’s “touch me”
    that’s…. somehow not healthy kekek

    I just saw the the video
    and you’re right
    his dancing style is really similar to Baby’s
    (though Baby is better 😀 *bias wife*!)

  54. Dori

    aigoo I saw it.
    gurl~ you be tripping

    I really don’t like it when ppl have low self esteem like that
    if you’re right next to me I would probably give you bruises for talking like that
    no forreal, that’s me, whenever my friends does that I’ll hurt them haha

    you’re pretty, I can’t call you a sexy mama since you’re so young (you make me feel like a old wrinkly lady for being 3 years older than you kekee)
    you’re still a Baby cute, let time do the rest
    once puberty hits you…… you don’t even know hahaha
    trust me… I KNOW kekekekek

    I just did some laundry and I found my purple pants kekeke
    it’s like ALL THE WAY at the bottom of my pile of clothing
    I REALLY need to stop shopping so damn much

  55. Vi
    we might as well just send everythign we got
    show him how happy he made ys

    I’d say obsessing over the touch me part isn;t good at all
    but I blame Bong teachin him this sexy moves
    yet i’m plannin to send extra baskets for the song and for the touch me business

    u know Baby’s always gonna do better
    original is always the best especially if that person happens to be a BB member
    *extreme BB bias*

  56. Sexica

    I’ll be gladly to send myself to him. kekek

    haha though i HIGHLY SUSPECT that Bong is the one that teached him
    we still have to investigate
    we NEVER KNOW.
    it MAYBE Bae who teached Baby that kekekeke
    again. WE NEVER KNOW!!

    anybody who have a problem with it should jump off a bridge
    cuz we ain’t never gonna change kekekeke

  57. hahaha oh my goodness!! watching that performance by infinity challenge was soo hilarious!! LOL my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!! haah they’re soo funny!!! ohh big bag.. THEY’RE AWESOOME! AGHHAHAHA.. ohh seung ri!!! u adorable man!! hahaah whoo!!

  58. Vi
    I can imagine u being carried by some random guy
    and being delivered to him ;P

    I know after they say it’s always the innocent ones
    he’s probably the mastermind behind this along with Dae
    and his sexy hip thrusting(refer to that episode from FO where he was doing the Cats moves)
    and maybe Tabi too always holdin back when he’s supposed to be dancing dang maybe the only innocent ones are Bong and Baby
    I drank a little too much coffee today ;D

    being BB bias is the best!!!

  59. lil sis in law

    Baby’s too cute as a fanboy.
    It is hard to be friendly to an idol, especially when Baby admires Junsu a lot.
    I’m happy to hear that Junsu talks with Dae and texts Baebae.
    It’s absurd to see some fans of BB and DBSK fight because of it. =)

    That Haru Haru Parody didn’t disappoint me.
    My stomach hurts for laughing and I was holding down my laughter as people are already sleeping here.
    Myun-Dragon’s tattoo….and the seat scene…damn!!!

    It’s a bit of my pet peeve when I see someone having too low pants that you can see their underwear.
    It’s my instinct to have the urge to pull it up.
    But since it was Baebae…kekekeke.
    We’ll have a lot fun. ^^

    I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that body wave.
    Baby always loves to give fanservice.
    And that screams “fanservice”.

  60. lol on the BIG BAG ^^

  61. Vi

    i’m guessing u dont have any low self esteem.

    i dont know. its not very often people say much about how i look.
    except on my myspace [when i used to have one], a stranger sent me a friend invite and a truth box thing saying i look like a hot korean. @_@’
    i see myself too much. i dont feel like im pretty when i see myself everyday and then put my hair in a ponytail and leave for school.

    i have the exact opposite problem. i only have a few pairs of jeans that fit me now [the skinny jeans i go tin september are shrinking in the wash really fast] and i never find time to get more. i can’t drive, so i either wait until someone comes and drives me, or that i walk for about 3 hours to go get jeans.
    i think i have like, four pairs of pants now.

    if u could put me on a list for people with self esteem, i wouldnt be two, not one, i would probably be in the negatives. my face just screams, ‘help me.’ : (

  62. Sexica

    me too gurl~
    that’s my perfect dream kekeke

    I KNOW!
    ppl underestimate Bae WAYYYYYY too much
    when I get that concert DVD, I’m gonna have to watch it when no one’s home
    or else my parents would think that I’m watching porn or something


  63. sis in law

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about VIPs offending Cassies
    it’s mostly Cassies
    i don’t know if you know this
    but during SBS Gayo Daejun, when Big Bang finish their performance, they did a small interview with the MCs and when the MCs ask Tabi to say something to the audience, someone in the crowd nearby yelled out “SHUT UP YOU BITCH” and the VIPs that were there shared that it was a Cassie who said that to Tabi
    okay, I DO have respect for Cassies, but that’s just ridiculous and low to do something like that
    I felt bad for Tabi, I bet he heard it, it’s so loud even we can hear it in the video

    haha I love how the boys let their pants HANG LOW. keke
    especially Bong when they just debut

  64. Dori

    of course there will be days where I hate something about myself
    but then I have to realize, I’m not perfect, I can’t.. NOBODY is
    and there’s only me in this world
    same goes for you, there’s ONLY ONE YOU… YOU’RE LIMITED EDITION GURL~
    and you have to treasure yourself, if you can’t do it then how do you expect other ppl to?

    ponytail? you sounds me in 6th grade
    there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty
    take care of youself, instead of wearing a ponytail everyday, how about let your hair down for a day
    see how it goes, you can always change it back if you don’t like it
    the important thing is if YOU LIKE IT OR NOT screw what other ppl have to say, you’re too important to care what they say, it’s your body, if they have anything negaitve to say about it then that’s THEIR problem, and make sure to thank them for caring for you too much, they should just mind their own damn business though.

    look in the mirror. STRIKE A POSE. then tell yourself. “DAMN I’M HOT!!”
    do it!!! it’s fun, trust me
    I do it on the daily. hahah
    don’t tell nobody that… but yea~ i do kekeke

    I LOVE MYSELF. and I’m not afraid to say it, you shouldn’t either.
    you’re still growing, it’s too early for you to worry gurl~.

  65. Vi
    I’m not surprised
    it’s mines too
    except it involves me,Tabi and some other suff I shouldn’t mention

    OMG YEAH!!!
    he still manages to fool me at times
    but after hearing about his habit of waiting on Tabi’s bed at night I’m startin to doubt his innocence
    I’d do the same
    sit int he corner of a dark room watchin Bae dance and sweat

  66. damn look at the size of seungis dark cirlces in some of the pics. He must be working like crazy! Dammmnn soo wanna go to the big show concert >.<

  67. Why is Baby so cute ?!

  68. awww baby is soo cutee

  69. Sexica

    yea… you shoudln’t kekeke
    we shouldn’t go there… AT ALL haha

    I really wonder WHAT can be so fun about just lying on Tabi’s bed for… I mean… forreal
    I’m sure SOMEONE would LOVE to have him do to him daily
    but Tabi i sweet too, even though he get tire of it sometimes, he act surprised and shocked everytime since he saw Bae was enjoying it too much

    isn’t that what we ALL want? keke

  70. Vi
    I see you know what I mean there
    probably even better than I do

    “I really wonder WHAT can be so fun about just lying on Tabi’s bed for…”
    LOL some things could but only if he was there ya know XP
    not that it would bother me but who has that kind of patience to wait so much time for me without falling asleep
    my man is such a good hyung considering Bae even though he was tired and always acting shocked

    some more than others but once again him being a BB memmber and all it must be what EVERYBODY wants…. ;P
    *too much BB bias today*

  71. Ahaha LMAO i love the Haru Haru Parody.
    cracked me up. Yes the orginal MV made
    me cry but this one was funny as hell.
    Aww G-Dragon was sooo cute. Hehehe seungri
    screamed Hyung when he called. adorable =]
    “crack”! hehe gotta love YG.

  72. omg first of all the haru2 parody made me literally LMFAO the blond dude i keep forgetting his name lol his voice was weird XD

    and shit man they added new stuff to maknae’s intro and in the dance interlude. these are times when i curse my country for not having MBC. KBS is so boring T_T and old (if you get what i mean)….and maknae was showing off the whole “crack” freedom lol.

  73. LOL! omg…that parody was hilarious ParkMyungSoo was super funny in
    the chair…ahh I kept cracking up but the performance was
    pretty cool…and OMG!! SeungRi’s Strong Baby performance..woooh!!

    man, after his body wave..i was left paralyzed watching
    the rest of the performance. lol i noticed his messy
    bowtie & collar too haha i thought it was cute
    again, SR in a ballin suit and taunting the camera amazed me!

  74. Sexica

    kekeke now that you mention it
    i mean, I can NEVER just stay in one play and wait for something to happen, that’s not me, I’m a very very very very veryx100000 impatient person
    so… props to Bae for that then kekek

    the big hyung is getting old keke
    Bae shouldn’t do it too much
    heart attacks are very unexpected haha

  75. Tina SungMin

    yes gurl~ i get what you mean
    KBS is wack for not allowing crack kekek

  76. rosiebb

    doesn’t it look like he did it on purpose for certain… “purpose” to you? haha

  77. that parody was the funniest thing ever ahhaaha
    yea kbs is just missing out the good.
    i find what they interpreted the ‘crack’ to be was just plain silly. -_-
    baby hwaiting!! : D

  78. Vi
    I know i don’t know how he does it
    but it must be really fun for him

    heart attacks
    at least he’ll understand us
    I’m always on the verge of dying everytime I see them
    guess it’s fair after all

  79. Omg!! That parody was the BEST ONE ever!!!hahahaa….GOOD JOB!

  80. lil sis in law

    yeah I heard about that too. They say it was the reason why Tabi spaced out, because he was surprised to hear it in the audience.
    I feel bad for him too, I think he was preparing to say something nice, and to hear that….it’s just…DAMN…grrrr.
    Really I think sometimes fans go a bit overboard.
    Just because it’s their idol’s “rival” doesn’t give them the right to diss them.
    Did you hear about Baby also receiving a mean comment in the audience in the same incident? It was about his undies showing again or something.
    But hey, we VIPz love that. =)
    Ooooh I remember their debut days…the hip hop looks…sometimes I wish they do that look again, just for a while.
    Bong never forgot to lower his pants.
    Remember the Haru haru vid? hehehe.
    And seeing HQ pictures of their pants hanging low really…hihihi.

  81. Hahaha…
    The parody!!
    Super HILARIOUS!!!!
    MC Yoo did a really good job being Tabi.
    The Big Bag.
    It’s so hard to breathe when I watch this. Laugh too much.
    The exam stress r all out now.
    This parody made me forget everything. Hahaha
    That’s really bad news. Though I love it.

    The scene of Bong in the chair & in the bathroom what should I say?
    I’m lack of vocabulary.

    Hehe the Sam look alike. Hahaha…
    I laugh too hard. When they play with it’s tail.
    It do looks like it’s saying goodbye. hahaha

  82. Sexica

    our innocent Bae is too naive keke

    yup. now he’ll get how we’re feel… well at least 40% of it
    cuz I’m sure we’re MUCH worst keke

  83. sis in law

    they think it’s HOT when THEIR idol do it
    it’s their asses’ loss for not enjoying them
    nobody should give a crap
    this is the 21st centery, not 1470, stop makig crap up about those things
    I would LOVE to wrangle at least one in my lifetime.
    those mothers !!!!!!!

    I know, I miss those HANGING LOW days kekeke
    especially how Bong always wear star boxers kekeke

  84. nya

    oooh~ you had ur exams?
    how did it go?
    is it over yet?

    Myung-Bong in the chair… bathroom… mirror……. oh my gandhi.

    I KNOW!!

  85. Vi

    hahah, u sound like an advice column.

    “dear vi, i look ugly.
    [vi’s advice here]”


    but i guess ur right.
    well, most days i put on my ponytail. i let my hair down once and a while and people notice.

    but yet in life, im literally, ‘that girl over there’.

    keke, ‘ur limited edition, gurl~!!’
    i laughed. ^^

  86. Hey Vicky,

    Is this the interview (from the SBS Gayo Daejeon Festival) you mentioned?

    I don’t hear anything bad. Maybe I’m deaf. lol At what point in the video is it?

  87. MC YOO & SEUNGRI’S SEXY DANCE FTW 😀 Did you see him unbutton his thing?

  88. LOL I love the parody!! XD

  89. vi
    Not yet. A week again & I’ll have my whole month holiday.
    I have to suffer first. Hahaa

    Myun-Bong… I don’t know what to say. Really.
    The scene of him in front of the mirror.
    I feel like he could eat me.
    Terrible. His eye stare.
    Uh~ I have a chills. Hahaha

    When Bong wear it, feels like Sam is so big, but when Myun-Bong wears it. It feels like a swimming cap. hahaha

  90. auw…Ji Yong called in..and his laugh is so flattering that i felt like being sent to wonderful heaven on earth..=D

    and for the Haru Haru parody..i’m speechless..PMS freaks the hell out of me!!!!!! but MC Yoo kinda okay, and i thought i saw Junjin!!!! yay!!! Junjin rocks!!! hohoho..fake Big Bang consisting of ahjushis..kekeke.

  91. can someone please tell me the 3 ppl who seungri was talking to on the phone?? esp the last one. he was so excited XD

  92. LOL! thanx for the vids ^^ i never get tired of Strong Baby

  93. SR so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank 4 videos!!!!!!!!!

  94. LOLOL i was laughing all the way with my ill cracking voice =.=
    IT WAS A HORROR MOVIE hahahaha.
    the mirror part…oh mi gosh…i just wanna freaking run away from my pc!!! URGHHHHH
    hahaha..it was hilarious…BIG BAG…kekkekee….

    strong baby performance..
    baby looked freaking weird dancing to the sexy moves in that metallic suit T___T
    thats right i was giggling all the way too hahaha
    i was like..wow sexy…but..but..it just feels wrong T__T

    sigh so freaking many shows to download
    i’m not here for 2 weeks wtf…and now i’m so outdated =\
    do you miss me gurl? lol

  95. i like the dance of the strong baby:)
    baby’s body wave was cool.

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