Big Bang’s New PMP Photoshoot RELEASED! | HQ Ripped of “Until Whenever”

TaeYang vs. SeungRi in dance battle

TaeYang and SeungRi will battle against each other for a Lunar New Year Special during MBC ‘Star Dance Battle’ on January 25th


(You can change DVD Region setting if you’re using Window Media Player)

YesAsia delivered my Global Warning Concert DVD today!! that’s fast! It’s only 1 day after their release. I just finished watching everything… OH MAI GOD. did you order it yet? HAVEN’T? GO DO IT ALREADY!! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT, they even have english subs for the “making of” video………. AHHHH!!! here’s a couple of things

  • Bae’s solo concert make me cry like an idiot in front of my mom
  • The Global Warning Concert make me scream so loud I lost my voice
  • The “MAKING OF” videos make me the happiest girl alive. PINCHING NIPPLES!!!

SeungRi confessed; “I have a girlfriend”

Subbed by me

Baby and Tabi was on “Night Quiz” and when the question about stars lying about their personal life on TV came up, Baby confessed “I have a girlfriend“………. WHAT?????

01.18.09 MBC Night Quiz

Guest: SeungRi & TOP

629 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

Download: HQ Audio Ripped of “Until Whenever”

They played a HQ version of “Until Whenever” at the end of the Global Warning Concert DVD, and thanks to shimbi@LJ for ripping it. This is the first time I listen to this song, cuz I believe a great song deserve to be listened to THE RIGHT WAY, now that I get to hear it… WOW…..  now I know why you guys were so anxious for it to be release… just amazing…

Image and video hosting by TinyPicUpdated with more HQ Pictures

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis got me squealing for happiness!!! PMP released the pictures for the boys’ ad and OH EM GEE!!!!!!! THEY’RE SO FREAKING CUTE! It’s not HQ, but good enough for me to GO INSANE over. I’m still shaking with excitement. Baby totally rocking out to this PMP, what killed me more is BONG WEARING YELLOW!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! HE LOOK SOOO GOOD IN IT!! Bae was rocking that amazing color too… ooh child~ Dae looks so….. thin? eh? the muscle man??? and Tabi oooh~~~~ wearing a suit this time…. do i need to say anything more? see it for yourself!

Big Bang’s PMP ad RELEASED!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

thanks to 난너네꺼님

More HQ Photos Added!!


thanks to 쏘쏭님


~ by Vicky on January 17, 2009.

263 Responses to “Big Bang’s New PMP Photoshoot RELEASED! | HQ Ripped of “Until Whenever””

  1. this is soo cool 😀

  2. ok i tried leaving a normal comment.. but that’s impossible. THEY ARE SO FREAKING HOTTTT ❤ GD AND TOP :DDDDDDD

  3. they doing this for a phone ad ?

  4. I can’t download the song, D :

  5. omfg, i LOVE the HQ version of Until Whenever. i already thought the LQ version was good already, but wow … big bang sure knows how to blow me away. and as usual, HOT PICS! damn GD looks so bright in yellow, in a good way of course. hehe ;] he’s so adorable!

    btw, this is a bit off topic but do any of you happen to know where this video was taken from and where i can find a non-fancam version of it?

    thanks!! ^__^

  6. Great. Now, they decide to block LJ. =/

    Oh, you’re right. Yellow does look great on Kwon Leadah. I really love that outfit. And Baby’s too! Oh, he looks hotter and hotter in these photoshoots. I think it’s the hair. Or the ‘Strong Baby’-ness. Wow, I really am seeing him differently after that. xD

  7. xihts emily

    PMP is like a korean version of a iTouch

  8. Iqwoo

    did you click on the link to the download
    the one that lead to mediafire?

  9. panda

    it was during Incheon’s Opening performance
    it wasn’t broadcast, so there isn’t any HQ of it

  10. Maryam

    he’s just making me feel bipolar
    he kept changing it up, I can’t keep up with it sometimes

  11. I can’t continue to be a silent reader again after listening to Until Whenever. Knowing the lyrics makes the song a thousand times more meaningful. How come they can manage to kill fangirls like me even when they are not active now? I’m putting it on replay haha. THANKS!^^
    Bong totally look like a sunshine boy yellow. ahaha. Tabi is looking like a lil boy with those expressions. lol 😀

    finally more BB oodies!!!!
    Bae and Bong look so good in yellow
    and Tabi I’m in love with his purple pant
    they look sooooooooooooooooo damn hot!!!
    I think I’ve been deprivin myself of Tabi for a little too long
    his second to last pic is givin me way too many perverted thoughts

  13. vicky
    i sent u an email. u should check it this once just for mine lol

  14. awww! so cute! this makes me wanna buy this media player more than anything! haha!
    love love love the pictures! and yesss i love tabi in those deep purple pants.totally made my day.i so love purple!
    hahah and is it just me or does tabi look awkwardly funny in the 2nd last picture.hehehhehehe!

  15. oh and the quiz show with TOP and baby on MBC is on today right?
    what time is it may i ask?

  16. TCHYEAH! Thanks Vicky & shimbi for the Until Whenever hq audio!!

    WOWEE!! the pics are squeal-worthy! waahh~~ and BabyRi has
    the cute poses ^___^ and GDYB in bright my day will be!
    lol…..DaeDae ah~ why only 1 pic?! Tabi!! love your clothes & poses^^

    BigBang is 짱!!! im sure this thing is selling out~

  17. awwwwwww. the song is so good. i have it on repeat.
    [fangirl tendency right? haha] thanks Vi and thanks Shimbi.

    and wow. Bong DOES look good in yellow and Bae too.
    those PMP T3’s still look like GPS systems to me though. haha.

  18. Sexica

    I think Bong just make yellow my favorite color
    damnnit….. the Bong is TOO POWERFUL!!
    what am I gonna do??????

    I’m wearing yellow RIGHT NOW too kekekek

    glad to hear that!!
    I heard someone called it a “cock blocker” move T____________T
    OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Melly

    ah~ my inbox is a MESS.
    now i have something to do for a nice quiet Sunday home sick
    clean out my inbox haha (don’t forget the spam folders)

    I replied to your message 🙂

  20. Jaja

    hahaha I notice it…
    and appreantly so does every Tabi lover out there
    blocking something there kekek

    and the show will be on 06:10 PM (KOREAN TIME) on MBC

  21. Heather

    I was watching this movie called “Another Cinderella Story”
    it’s pretty damn good I must say, I’m impress with this gurl in this movie
    but I can’t go back to watch the movie cuz I can’t stop listening to this song!!
    I wanna finish the movie so badly.

  22. Vi
    I’m wearing yellow too
    weird isn’t it?!

    maybe we should
    not only I get to see him but I see his “cock blocker” move
    now that’s special

  23. ahh. i wonder if there are gna be even more HQ ppics out, cause that means i have to delete and re-save…. ackkk..

    and i thought about what i wnated to say about gd’s outfit long and hard, and i cant seem to correctly place my words, but basically, hes lucky the picture doesnt make him look too unproportional… no help from his capris and socks.

    ahaha and im thinking of not listening to UntilWhenever (i put it on repeat when it first came out!!! oh my ears and LQ), until i hear it from GD’s album… if not. i hope i can still find your audio file. lol.

  24. vicky
    hahah its quite hard not to notice isnt it.his blocking move reminds me of the time he had to be batman in CHANGE.he also did that blocking move.hahah tabi ahh~
    just staring at that picture for 82756235 hours is the most insane way to spend my birthday man.but its all worth it.hahahahha!
    haha and i do agree that bong looks real good i yellow.he can make any damn colour look good.hahah!

    oh and thanks for the info! 🙂

  25. lol nvm, the thought of the audio file becoming nonexistant, scared me so much i DL it anyway. wow. MUST DELETE LQ.

  26. hi vicky,
    i tried clicking on the link but it’s not working for me to dl the hq until whenever link?! please help, maybe it’s just not working for me because everyone fine. hehe

  27. for some reason, the link isn’ working for me either.

  28. I don’t have an account, could somebody please post the download link as a comment?


  29. Sexica

    ahaha I just changed though
    since it’s freezing in florida right now
    gotta wear a hoodie
    and I’m sweating right now…. hahaha don’t feel like taking it off though
    Colonize hoodies are really hard to get out of keke
    I’m wearing the one with the pimp hat… Doraemon is so pimpin’ hahah

    I bet you’re enjoying that move….. ALOT
    just don’t do nothing creepy now keke

  30. dubseeXvip

    the HQ pics are diffferent from the LQ pics
    they’re different poses

    I didn’t hear anything about Until Whenever being in Bong’s solo album coming up

  31. Jaja

    OH MY GOD!! THAT’S IT!!!
    kkeek reminds me
    I gotta go and rewatch that kekek

    well that is SOME way to spend ur birthday….
    hahaha well damn good for sure.

  32. snookie831 & JJJ

    I just put it on members locked
    you have to be a member of to see the post

  33. BBVIP

    sorry, but there’s a reason why I put it on members locked
    you have to have a LJ account to see the post
    any link posted on the comment section will be deleted

  34. ARGH?! Vicky…i did go crazy…hehe…Bong is so freaking adorable and HAWT with that outfit and hair…Seriously can He can any cuter and hot…? Haha…The rest didnt lose either…big bang is love…

  35. btw, whats PMP…? Mp4? anybody know if we can get i too?

  36. Vi
    “Another Cinderella Story”? wait. what is that about and who’s in it?

    are you streaming/did you stream the live airing of that show TOP
    and Seungri were going to be on btw?

  37. i can’t download the song~~!!!! is the link broken? cuz i when i click on it it just says like forbidding or gateway something something T______T fixxx pleaseeee i love that song

  38. Vicky
    haha, I know. It’s like, his bipolar-ness is making me bipolar. “Aww, stay like this for a while. NO. NO, STOP IT. GO BE CUTE AGAIN.” xP

    Whoa, I just noticed Bong’s hair. Are those new highlights? Maybe it’s just the lighting from the shoot but the color looks great.

  39. omfg……..BONG…he looks so WOW!!! “$Q§”)$!§!”$1%^!::::help me x’D….

    and seung ri..W O W too!! <333

  40. GD ILY…..

  41. these pics are really nice….thnx for sharing….
    I love GD’s hair….:D

  42. I love Baebae to death so I can’t compare him to anyone else here. hehe. I just thought his white shirt was a bit weird…who’s the old man on it? hehehe…maybe that’s why he has to wear that vest…my fave. =)
    I think Tabi was hot here, on the last 3 pix…he really can carry a suit so well…aigoo…he’s a fave on this ad. =)
    Bong in yellow = ❤
    And that couch…It’s like they’re in the hostel, he’s lying there, playing his ring with his fingers and suddenly the other boys invaded the couch to show the new T3. weeee.
    And suddenly a lot of, eherm, thoughts pop into my head. Baebae and that couch…hihihihihi. ^^

  43. WUAAAH! They are so cute! BIG BANG IS V.I.P!! ❤

  44. ahhh!!! i LOVE until whenever…seriously it makes me so freaking happy and proud that i’m a VIP…<3 FTW BB!

  45. God, Thank God, I really love this song. Thank God for the one who posted it. Does anyone have the romanized lyrics? Could someone be kind enough to please post the romanized lyrics of this song. I mean, it has the nices translation and I would really like to be able to sing to it…

  46. D: Um, sorry for being sucha bother but…you know the download link for Until Whenever apparently it’s “forbidden” from my view. D’: I wanna listen to it though. Can..somebody, possibly, change the link or like upload somewhere else so i can download it? If not, it’s alright…)’:

  47. Ahhh!!!
    I need these 5 boys to be sent to my house, ASAP!!
    Especially Tabi!!
    Damn God! I went insane!
    That purple jeans, which Tabi wears, I found the same at a shop here, but shit, they don’t have the stock for my size T____T

    I actually love to see Bae wearing the white one than that yellow vest.
    Ah~ but he still own it. Aw~~~

    This is so bipolar.
    Baby in his Strong Baby perf with this baby.
    sexy VS cute. But I should say baby pose in the first pic is so good.

    This is the first time I see Bong wearing yellow.
    He could rock all the colors. My gosh.
    That’s Kwon leader power.

    Agree~~ why Dae look so thin here?
    Is it coz of his cloth??
    But his smile still great.

    Nah, my angel with his suits.
    I lose track of time.
    Sitting here admiring him. oppaaaa~~~

  48. Wow Thank thank for share Vi,

    How can I download I have community.livejournal member, So that mean I can download?

    (Now I’m a member of community.livejournal to but I don’t konw why I can’t.

    Help me pleaseeeee T-T

  49. thank you sooooo much!
    i love this song.

  50. oh my goshhh! they are soo cute!! XD
    i cant wait until i get my global
    warning dvd!! X)

  51. vickii…
    i think a few of the hq picture link is not working cause the image shack website c0ouldn’t open the pic can u pls re up load…i am dying for their hq hahaha….drooling all over the place…(jks jks jks) close to that thou

  52. chipsmorebaby

    I KNOW!!! Wearing that yellow and look so damn good
    only Bong.
    aigoo. it’s moments like these that make me love him keke

    and PMP is like a korean version of a iTouch
    and I think you can only get it in Korea and it only works there (since it require wireless network and stuff)

  53. Heather

    it’s about this girl who love to dance and she have to be a maid for this evil lady cuz her mom died
    this singer came to her school and try to look for that “dance passion” again haha
    and you know how the whole cinderella thing goes, they went to the ball, she have to leave at 12, then he look for her, but this movie is better actually, it doesn’t just end with him finding her, but something happens afterward which is really cute
    Selena Gomez, I’m impressed with this girl, at first I didn’t care much about her since I though she’s another hannah montana crap, (OOH~ I HATE THAT GURL) but she’s REALLY good, beat tha hannah crap by FAR, she can sing, act, and ooh child she can dance, I’ve been obsessed with dancing lately so this movie is awsome for me
    you should watch it

    I did stream live but end up giving up and went to sleep
    since I haven’t sleep in 24 hours haha

  54. omg GD is soooo hot in those pics. like the outfit is so good and his hair is so cute. ❤
    every1 else too!

  55. TopGirl

    I members locked the post
    you have to be a member of

    to download

  56. Maryam

    though i love him being sexy… duh! who doesn’t
    but I still love him being cute more
    that’s the reason why I fell in love with him in the first place

    that DOES look like new highlights….. mostly in the front and back kekek

  57. sis in law

    haha we will never know
    I stop trying to question their fashion sense LONG ago haha

    though I LOVE Baby in that jacket
    Bong HAS to be a fave in this photoshoot
    I mean, just a simple yellow sweater… LOVE~

    kekekek T____T
    hahaha “COME LOOK!!!!”

  58. Masuda – Top’s my love

    I members locked the post
    you have to be a member of

    to download

  59. nya

    NO GURL~
    Bong and Baby is heading my direction kekek
    at first I thought he stole my purple skinnies since I can’t find it in like forever
    but to make sure I cleaned up my closet today and i found it so… Tabi is innocent keke though I thought he stole it from Bong kekeke…….but then again…. who the hell can fit into Bong’s skinny-ass skinnies? keke

    I just hope that it’s the clothes
    and not because Dae is overworking
    he got everything going on

    keke when you were “admiring”
    did you noticed the “cock blocker” move?? hahahah

  60. panadary

    you just have to join

  61. Shaypoo

    you can go here

  62. Seungri looked cute as always, but Bae and Jiyong were rockin the yellow, i think that if my mom saw those pictures she’d start to like that color.

    OMO! for some odd reason i’ve been falling in love with TOP’s pictures lately. O.O

  63. thanks vicky…

  64. vicky
    haha totally! i re watched that also.i couldnt help it.hahaha.tabi ahh~~ why are you so cute.hahah and hyori was totally loving it.i would too if i was her! haha.
    oh and i watched the Quiz show on and tabi were soooooo adorable! the part where a few of them just pounched onto tabi’s table(ooh saying tabi’s table is like a tongue twister for me.LOL)i didnt understand what was going on but i just went people love tabi that much too?? hahahaa.

  65. cute jiYong!!

  66. OMG. SO CUTE!? xD
    AGHHH. I’m so happy!? <3333
    Thankyou~~ ❤

  67. Do you think they’ll come out with a poster for this? :O

  68. love the song as usual, musical genius ji yong.

  69. GD looks good in any color:0) all the boys always look good!

  70. Vi
    really its cold?!
    I live in Cali and its not too bad right now
    I so wanted one of those hoodies but I need to work and get $$$

    whatever do you mean?
    I wasn’t planning anything but you seem to have something in mind
    mind share some ideas?

  71. daesung looks really awkward… but still makes me wanna get that phone 😀

    i want a big bang hoodie! :[

  72. is that TOP singing in the beginning of Until Whenever? it sounds reggae-ish lol

  73. GAHHH what else can’t these boys do!
    i’m in love w/ them all over again!!

  74. ahhhhhhhh gd’s looks so awesum is yelloh ❤

  75. Ahhhh omfg Thank You so, so much!
    Dude Until Whenever HQ is beautiful.
    It still makes me cry. I wonder if
    Until Whenever is going to go on
    their Album.

  76. Omg, Kwon Jiyong is SOOO GORGEOUS in yellow!
    Seriously, who can pull off yellow so good?
    And he died his hair too right?
    It’s lighter!

    And the song’s so awesome.
    GD <333

  77. Bong looks so freakin hot and cute at the same time. Yellow is his favor color and he wears it so well. 🙂

  78. omg… SO FREAKIN AMAZING! they all look soo incredible hot!!! this is so not good for me man!! i have exams this week!! and Big Bang’s distracting me too much! but they’re so tempting…

    GD = <3… GD + yellow + hair like that = <33333

    btw, what did you mean great songs deserved to be listened to "the right way"? like how does that relate to this song?

    ahh, everyones getting the global warning DVD!!… but its so expensive!… oh well, there’s always big show =]

  79. WTFFF!!!!! SEUNGRI HAS A GIRLFRIEND! NO FREAKIN WAYYY!!! that has to be a lie mann!! maybe a publicity stunt?? how can he have a girlfriend with his busy schedule anyway????

    K-VIPS!! STALK THEMM!!!! lmao… actually dont, that may make him mad.. if he even has a girlfriend that is…


    holy mannnnnn… wow.

  80. luvBB4lyf

    gurl did you watch the whole video? keke

  81. THAT JERKK!!!! he freaked me out!!!! i commented before actually watching it… holy shit he scared me man! but OH EM GEE!!!!



    gosh when you linked me to this you gave me a friggin heart attack! 😛

    im so distacted maaaan >_<

  83. i love jiyongieees hair like that :3

  84. Vi

    damn, vi.

    he smart.
    : )

    and honestly, Baby, i know im ur girlfriend.
    u dont need to tell everyone.
    thats my job.

  85. lol
    you’re so evil! lol
    living up to your nickname i see haha

  86. Seungri is such a cutie!

  87. omgoshh! i thought seung-ri was serious!!

  88. Jaja

    I KNOW!!!
    just for the bottle
    they were literally FLYING
    even broke the damn table haha
    but i don’t blame them
    Tabi look damn good on the show with his hair like that WHEW~

  89. Maknae!! almost gave this nuna a heart attack!! i’m glad it was a joke LOL

  90. teefannie

    but probably limited supplies for ppl who actually bought the PMP
    it won’t be available for purchase

  91. Sexica

    maybe cuz ur used to live in the cold so that’s why
    for me it’s sweating all year long so even when it’s a bit cold, I can’t stand it already

    i’ll keep it for myself for me keke

  92. luvBB4lyf

    I was shocked when I read ur comment
    I was like “CRAP! DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?” haha
    but good thing you saw the whole thing and get it keke

    I’m so evil.

  93. Dori

    he copied it from Bong though kekeke
    and he pulled it twice already
    this little recycle-er hahaha

  94. Melly

    hehehe i never lie gurl~ keke
    it’s my job, so I have to work hard.

    Baby learned it from Bong,
    so blame ur man haha

  95. LMAO! SeungRi you butthead! You kinda scared me there.
    Lol, he got me good. You too Vicky!

    My first reaction was like no way, liar!! lol
    음모!! conspiracy! haha

  96. LOL Tabi has funny poses
    They looked like they had fun 🙂

  97. Vicky
    i know right tabi looks so hot! i love his hair and in a suit like that.damnnnn.hahaha!
    so they broke the table just to have tabi’s bottle of water?? now i know im not alone.hahaha!
    and when tabi had to act with the lady,omg! hahaha i couldnt stop laughing.i think he was trying to hold in his laughter but he couldnt.hehehe!
    he was like holding onto her head like its national treasure or something.haha!
    i wanted to comment the same thing about baby having a girlfriend but luckily i read all the comments! if not i would have been like “SAY WHATT? WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW? Noooo..”
    hahahah.vicky you sure shocked alot of us.
    thanks for subbing it!

  98. Haha, I was smiling at the end. SeungRi so silly. xD ❤

  99. OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE I FELL FOR THAT! I was away for 1-2 days so I was updating, I saw “SeungRi confessed; “I have a girlfriend”” I was so shocked, but I updated from where I was upto… I couldn’t look at him the same 😦 I even told my mates T__T” Then I realised after I watched it, I so agree, he’s such a smart mouth! And he was so confident too @__@ They all look hot *sizzles*

  100. T.O.P was HOT as usual!

  101. OMGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Ji Yong looks freaking fineeeee in yellow!!!!

  102. awww seung ri!! he almost gave me aheart attack!! i was soo shocked at what he said int eh end! he’s soo silly!! hahaha ohh my!

  103. Blah! Almost believed him XDD And yea almost gave me a heart attk too !
    iThink Bong did that too right haha.
    they are still cute :p ❤

  104. Vi

    yes, yes he is.
    when i saw, ‘ever lied on a quiz show’, i was thinking, ‘hes going to say that then say he just lied..’
    haha, uhh..

    bong always wears that headband now. so cute…<3
    i was at a party last night, and this other asian guy puts a ribbon around his head, and what i was tempted to do was go up to him and say, ‘That’s so G-Dragon.’
    : )

  105. uhmm…. whats this t3 and t5 thingie ????
    im really confused what is it?

  106. Aish..Seungri had me scared for a second, but then when he said his girlfriend was all his fans i started laughing. 😀

  107. haha. i knew it!! mm, gudthing thatz not true! ^_^ whoa ~ seungri, i trust YOU!

  108. um
    i’m already a member of hq_bigbang but it’s not working for me
    maybe it’s cuz i’m at school & it’s blocked so i’ll try later ><
    but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the song, can’t wiat to hear it HQ ^^

  109. vi
    hahaha… hubby’s size is way too big for Bong’s skinny size.
    U forgot where u put the skinnies. Don’t blame it on Tabi. Haha

    Grr… since Chinese New year r close, everyone was going to buy a new cloth.
    & I’m a step late. They don’t have my size again.
    The remain is S & M. uurrgghh… I need L. sob sob…
    When I think that I could have some couple jeans.

    That must be the cloth.
    Since Dae always wear thigh cloth & now he wears a loose one.
    We all get shocked.

    I didn’t notice that
    & when I roll it again to top. Hahaha
    U mean the 2nd last pic right?
    Omona~ yup. “cock blocker” move. Fufufu
    Wonder why? It’s not like it’s bulging out. Haha
    Let us see sometimes too Tabi,

  110. whoaa! hot pictures! & OMG! thanks so much
    for letting me listen to the song!
    ahh! i’ve been waiting FOREVER, but i’d wait
    UNTIL WHENEVER! xDDD HEEHEE! DAMN! i love you[s].

  111. OMG Baby scared me when he said that he had a girlfriend.
    I was gonna end my life. [not seriously]
    but yeah. then, he said “the fans”. so i was like,
    WOOOTT WOOT ;] hooray for us (:

  112. WHAT?!
    oh ahahaha good joke Seungri,,good joke.
    jeez you’re killing me Baby. ha-ha-ha funny. =/
    i hate it when they do that, gives me
    a heartattack or something

  113. lol SeungRi is so silly! i thought that he really had a girlfriend!

  114. Jaja

    the scary aunties can do some extreme stuff
    she literally FLY through that table keke
    I’m surprise Tabi didn’t shriek like a girl when that happened keke

    haha I do that A LOT…
    and I enjoyed killing many fangirls 😀
    ask anybody, they’ll tell you kekeke

  115. Dori

    “that’s so GDragon”
    that reminds me, this week was spirit week at our school
    and one of the theme was for sophmore to be tree huggers and also to dress like in the 60s
    so ppl just keep walking about with ribbong on their heads
    and I was like “damn that’s just too Bong”
    and on the “career” day, I dressed up as Bong hahaha
    and I had the ribbon around my hair, a long cardigan and skinnies, add some awsome Nike kicks man hahaha
    and ppl was like “Vi! you got the wrong date!!”
    and I was like “NUH-UH! This is THE GDragon. GOOGLE IT!!”

  116. mimee

    it’s just the name of the new versions of the PMP

  117. nya

    i don’t get why ppl always shop on chinese new year haha
    I use to do it when I’m still in Vietnam too
    my mom would always get them especially made for us, she doesn’t like store-brought stuff, and EVERY TIME, she ALWAYS buy the fabrics and make 3 SAME OUTFITS, different sizes, for her, me and my sister, we always dress the same on the same day, espcially on the first day of new year (MY MOM MAKE ME) it’s stupid and embarassing, I hate doing it, fortunately, I’m now a grown woman who can buy my own damn clothes haha

    hehehhe………you said “bulging out”
    call me immature but I’m still giggling at that phrase keke

  118. Vi (its Dori.. i got a new wordpress..)

    keke, wow.
    there must have been ribbon people everywhere.

    haha, wow, vi. dressing up as bong?
    that must have been interesting.

    i was planning to be tabi for halloween. i got the hightop filas, the shades, skinnies.
    : )

  119. OMFGasdfghjkl;’ as i was wacthing the clip i was like “ohh dang whoever’s Baby’s girlfriend must be LUCKYY.” and then he goes “all my fans,” and i’m like WHHATTT! man this kids REALLY knows how to mess around w/ people’s hearts. HAHAHA I don’t know about you other IVIPZ but Baby got me GOOD when he said that =P

  120. AHH! Baby is my boyfrann :] ah that feels good to say! lol
    i cant believe i was studying for my finals when i coulda been doing this!! lol
    id much rather spazzz here 😀
    i love baby, hes so witty!!
    i ❤ this photoshoot, they look so adorable!

  121. omo seung ri. he’s adorable

  122. aw, ri’s so cute for saying that
    and OBVIOUSLY i am his one and only girlfriend

  123. OMG wheh he say he has a girlfriends i was soo shock, but after he say it was his fans i was soo happy =D

  124. Man, I read ‘girlfriend’ and I was like “wtf? is he stupid, stirring up controversy like that? Doesn’t he know that the media will EAT HIM ALIVE?!?!”

    Gosh, that cutie man-whore. He has a gazillion girlfriends, now. xD I almost wanted him to admit, “I have a girlfriend. It’s my fan- KWONJIYONGISMYGIRLFRIEND.” Haha, I’ve been making GRi fanart, lately.

  125. wowowowow;
    I’m Seung Ri’s girlfriend????
    lol if all his fans are his girlfriends,
    then he has like a million girlfriends
    asian pimpp.

    Haha, there was a ‘heroes’ day at school where you had to dress up as your hero. I actually dressed up like Bong [white nike high tops, purple skinnies, suspenders, etc]
    This one white girl came up to me and said;
    “Eww high tops and suspenders? Who’d you dress up as? An ugly freak who couldn’t dress themself?”
    She totally dissed Bong.
    I was like, “W/e hoe, I’m way too high fashion for your blonde ass to comprehend. Get it through your empty skull that your abercrombies got nothing on me.” D: I would have beat her up if she didn’t run away with her groupies.
    No One messes with my Bong >:O

  126. Vi
    well maybe that’s why I’m very used to the random weather
    I don’t like the hot weather though

    ur so selfish
    hahahhaha no wait…thank u for not corrupting my innocent mind

  127. OMG!!!
    Baby’s announcement was hilarious!!
    for a second there I was startin to worry about all Baby lovers
    can’t wait to watch the whole thing
    but gotta wait for sub
    if there’ll be any

  128. Whoa~

    SeungRi…you sly sly dog xD
    For a second there I thought it was actually true!

  129. That link isnt working for me for the song download.
    It says Im not authorized to view the page but I have an account.

  130. OMG ! i was so scared that he really got a gf. thank god he doesnt ! PHEW !

  131. alytheazn

    I SALUTE YOU!!!! man that was a wicked movee! absolutely amazing… and dressing up like GD… man you guys rock [alytheazn & Vicky] … but sticking up for GD… there are no words to describe you…

    Way to go VIPz ❤

    (btw alytheazn, i completely agree with you comment… hehe)

  132. vicky
    hahah totally! there was one lady especially she was like a hungry flying tiger.hahaha.tabi just haaaad to be all cool and didn’t scream or anything.i would love to hear him shriek tho.hahaha.
    this reminds me of one episode in the Documentary. i think it was episode 6 or smthg they were playing scissors paper the end tabi lost and he had his arms beaten up by Hyun Seng(i dont know if i spelled it right,the one who got eliminated) he was totally sore and he tried not to scream.hahaha.tabi~~

    haha i realised you love to kill! and i enjoy dying like this.LOL!

  133. i’m still pretty upset that they didn’t officially release it in their albums cause that song is very meaningful to us VIPs and not all VIPs got to enjoy it because not all VIPs got to go to the concert or can afford the DVD. it would be nice if they officially release it even if it’s a digital single. don’t you guys think? i’m still waiting for them to officially release the song in HIGH HIGH PROFESSIONAL QUALITY.


  135. seungri is slick! so cute!

  136. aww seung-ri is such a him for that

  137. Yeah janie and some dont have the right region player for the DVD… 😦

    If you dont have the right region code to watch a DVD, can you still watch it on your computer?

  138. Whoaaaa. Tabiiiiii. (: He looks so cool. D: Makes me wanna eat him.

    Eeeeh. I wish I could own every single item that BB endorsed for. Hahah. (| Lovinnn BB! ❤

  139. Is it me or are the videos unable to be played?
    I tried downloading 01.18.09 MBC Night Quiz but I couldn’t play the file,
    and I could only managed to convert the first one into flv..

  140. Vicky ur so mean =( i almost died when i saw that caption lol i thought it was for real XD im such a schmuck.

  141. btw, is that show subbed?

  142. gosh seungri! Joking is a kind of art and he’s apparently a great artist lol 😀 Such a slick boy!!!
    and yellow so matches with our leader.
    *I wanna that T3*

  143. hey guys
    i’ve got the translation (by mel which i borrowed & credited but i can remove it if you want ^^), korean & romanization (done by me) lyrics of Until Whenever at this link
    & an alternative download link for ppl who can’t download from the livejournal link ^^
    hope this helps~

  144. i was gonna throw my laptop. Why’d you have to put the “i have a girlfriend” caption? bwahahahahahaha you could kill someone. haha anyway thanks for subbing that part!! ^_^

  145. OTOKEH?
    1st.. becoz jiyong is so cute..
    make me went to hospital..
    2nd.. ALL OF THEM!
    nega micheosoh haesoyo~~~(i’m already crazy~) hahaha

  146. Vi
    I’m so lazy to go to shopping coz the stuff here, especially clothes r really expensive.
    So I rarely go to shopping.
    & I use this Chinese New Year event to buy my whole year stock of clothes.
    I’ll only buy clothes if I find it cute or interested in it. Kekeke

    Hahaha… ur mom make u to?
    Well, for my case my mom will buy it for me.
    But since junior high I already buy it myself.
    I better buy it myself.
    Not with my mom. They have “the old man taste”.

    Is that weird if I say it ‘bulging out’?
    When I type that phrase, I ‘thought’ of ‘SOMETHING’ uhuumm… GOOD 😀

  147. Dori

    haha I’m gonna have to put that in my memory drive to remember that it’s you haha
    ribbons… EVERYWHERE.
    and there’s this girl in my 3rd hr that love Big Bang
    so I was like “I’ll be GD, you dress as TOP”
    and she did kekeke
    it was hilarious
    good thing my spanish teacher didn’t make us perform a song
    cuz I would so do it and embarass myself hahaha

    last halloween, I dressed my cousin as Bong keke
    since he’s only 6 and he has like short hair
    so I put it up in a bun and make him wear pants that come up tot his knee and the muffler too (which covers half of his body haha)
    it was TOO CUTE.
    and I taught him “whenever someone ask you “what are you” you say, I’M GD MY CHILLY HOME DAWG!!!” hahahahha

  148. Jini

    haha you better get ur butt up and study keke
    my midterm was before winter break
    so now I have nothing to do 😀
    but sleep around in class…. it’s a good life keke

  149. alytheazn

    he’s was always a pimp keke
    just a pimp that doesn’t get that much haha


    there’s ppl like that in my school too
    I’m not being racist or anything, I’m asian that go to an art school, I can never be racist
    but those mother effers who always try to start crap and act like they’re all that are mostly effin white girls have nothing better to do with their life

    what pisses me off more was for spirit week, on career day,
    this freshman (White) she dressd up as a asian
    and whenever ppl talk to her she be like “I’ll do ur nail for 5 dollah” with an asian accent
    and that’s just disrepectful, you don’t do shit like that
    I went to talk to her, in the middle of the class and her fucking teacher (my past math teacher) defend her, I was PISSED OFF, and one of the friend told me that she called me a nigga after I left the room
    oh MY GOD!!!
    mother fucker.

  150. Sexica

    even though it’s hot,
    we have A/C on 24/7
    so it’s pretty much normal for me

    i doubt it
    cuz I won’t be subbing it
    it’s mostly ppl answering questions and the ladies just talk among themselves… a lot.

  151. Chrissy

    you have to be a member of

  152. hallo have never see a cool blog like this

  153. Jaja

    he’s the dorkiest of them all
    yet he try to maintain his cool self onstage or in front of a camera
    that is just TOOO Tabi haha

    i just want him to shriek like a girl… just once??
    PLEASE! haha

  154. janie

    I’m sure they will release it soonner or later
    YG must have his own reason for not include it in “REMEMBER”
    it’s such a great and meaningful like you said to us VIPs
    no way they won’t officially release it

  155. Miss St3ph0u

    can’t help it!!

  156. Chrissy

    I’m not sure
    I haven’t try it

    I got the DVD this morning
    but my mom is home… I can’t watch it in the livivng room
    it’s like soft porn
    and I don’t wanna watch it on my computer
    gotta watch this in HD outside!!

  157. xin

    you have to use HJSPlit to join the files together

  158. nya

    well I have that event every weekend then
    I’m a shopaholic
    it’s sad
    fortunately, recently I stop doing so many online shopping
    so only store-brought now haha
    the problem I have is, I brought clothes that I think look cool, then after wearing it for one time I got bored, then never wear it again
    or sometimes I just never wear it at all

    I took over in 7th grade
    thank god I did
    cuz…. my god.

    not weird… for you
    but funny….for me


  159. i can’t dl Until whenever ;(

  160. Eh.. iam Confused…x-x
    i thought the concert is in like er June or something =x?!
    And then… the 2nd Reg Album came out around november?..
    Nao the dvd came out? o.o do they have the 2nd album song in there? lol sorry … New here O.O

  161. lil sis in law

    You’re such a genius! haha!
    Baby on fanservice at his best. hihi.

    That couch is Baebae’s bed? hmmm….yeah… if two people lie there well, you know. haha!

  162. vicky
    aha excatly! i wanna hear it too! ill record it and like put it on replay if he does it.LOL! im sure there is a way.i remember talkin to nya about kidnapping him and all!(Nya do you remember?hehe) that ought to get him shrieking! hahaha! crazy crazy.

    oh i’m watching Entertainment Weekly on KBS World and baby was just on! for a while tho.he was showing the camera cakes that VIPs sent to him backstage of Strong Baby perf.awww so cute and he was talking about fans and all i dont remember what i just zoned out after seeing him showing the cakes with his cute face like that.hahah!

  163. will you be streaming some parts of the DVD on your youtube account like how you do with their albums? I hope you will T________T

  164. vicky how come i cant dl until whenever?!?!
    ive been waiting for it for so long now D:

  165. it says “FORBIDDEN…you dont have permission to access this blah blah”….help please?

  166. Vi

    haha, thats funny.
    “im gd, my chilly home dawg~!!’
    ^that shoud have been interesting.

    y’know, u probably have the most courage when ur a little kid, cuz u dont really know what ur doing until ur older and say, ‘wtf?! i did that?! i could never do that.’
    i remember hitting ants off my older sister’s flipflops cuz she was too scared to try it. keke….

  167. oh nvm i just joined the commuinty and it worked!
    thank you soo much vicky!!!

    i think you should teach the steps of like how to join in cuz a lot of people are really fustrated by this..
    thank you again 😀

  168. I won’t got mine until next Sunday!! I wanna watch it nowww T___TT

  169. LMAO :]
    those pictures are funny

  170. LMAO :]
    those pictures are funny x]

  171. the group pictures are adorable xD<333


    lol, when he said i have a girlfriend i was like

    WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?!?!??????????????????????????????????
    [totally flipping out] xDD

    but then when he said it was all his fans OMG. lolll
    HAHA THAT WAS SOOO….soo… idk xD

  173. gah seungri is such a smart mouth. XD ❤

  174. Vi,
    DAMNNNN, asian haterz need to drop dead!!
    They need to go buy a life on ebay or something.

    Culture day. We had one of thoseeee. Except I forgot about it so I didn’t get to dress up like BB.
    And on culture day this group of emo kids went up to me.
    They had tape on their eyes that made it look like they had slanty eyes.
    They were like;
    “Hey chink! If I have tape on my eyes, do you think I could be asian like youuu?”
    Dicks. I wanted to freaking kick their asses. I’m no chink O.O
    I said;
    “Sorry, you’re too skank to be asian. try again next time.” Then I walked away dramatically.
    Then next period, there was this annoying ass white girl that was pretending to be japanese.
    She had chopsticks in her hair with a ribbon on her neck and an anime plushie.
    She was saying stupid things like “Konichiwa! Teriyaki sashimi sushi mitsubishi.”
    I was so pissed I chucked my pencil at her. She like looked at me and was all angry and stuff.
    I was like;
    “Sorry, I dropped my pencil. Do you mind giving it back to me bitch?”
    Then she called me “baka” which means idiot i think.
    So i like stood up and walked over to her and was like;
    “Screw you asian poser wanna go? I’ll freaking break you
    Haha, then the teacher made me sit down ):

    Dumbasses. They’re just jealous that’s they’re not cool like us asians 😛
    I think i get into fights too much.
    Oh well, they deserved to get beat up >.<

  175. Wah! Thank you for the HQ pictures. So very very cute!! GD in yellow… There are no words!

    And I’m so jealous about the DVD– I really want to buy it, but on YesAsia they only have region 3 DVDs, and I don’t have a player for that type (I’m in Canada and only have a region 1 player) 😦 Does anyone know of a place that sells the DVD in other formats? Because otherwise I have to go without… Sometimes being an iVIP (not a VIP) sucks…

  176. lol , at first i freaked out about the gf thing but then i thought agian about this other time he said his girlfriend were is fans XD and the pictures are amazing ❤ .i watched part of the global warning dvd … meany…yb and baby players…dae sung, a girl./poor bum..and bong..and sweetie that got courage XD…i need to watch rest! XD

  177. ok thats it… time to beg my parents to take me to the nearest korean music store… and get that DVD… you guys have convinced me. and the eng subs just convinced me more… maybe as an end of exams/semester 1 present…??

    btw Liza,
    you can play them on your computer… i live in Canada aussi which is how i know that works.

  178. omg, our baby boy SeungRi is playing the old tricks on the GF issues again~ That’s exactly why the VIPs couldn’t help falling for him!!!

    And our TOP goon is still as shy as usual, he’s just so cute. I wonder if he will soon become a Siberian Husky for real. haha~

  179. aish… baby… that little smart mouth. I almost jump off of my chair when he said that he has a GF… this is one thing why he sooo attracted to me

  180. ah!! howd you get the mail today? i thought it was a national holiday? … ive been waiting around the mailbox all day. but nada =(

  181. hii vicky juz want 2 ask did d global warning dvd worked on ur dvd player? and if it did wat kind of dvd player is it? i heard it does work on comp. but i really want 2 watch it on tv, much better quality. I’m still deciding weither 2 buy it or not since i still dont know if it works on our dvd player so yea. Thanx in advance! =>

  182. dubseeXvip

    it’s Martin Luther King bday
    it’s not a national thing
    and it got delivered by FedEx so that’s why, they’re always fast, I got it at 9 AM, when I wasn’t complete awake yet haha

  183. MariahJanine

    I just tried it on my computer
    and when I use Window Media Player
    they ask me to change the DVD setting to REGION 3
    and I was able to play it just fine
    so it does work on your computer

    and the DVD Player I have at home is REGION 3 since my parents bought it from Vietnam so that’s how I was able to play it

  184. Vi
    Then u should try to save up ur money for the upcoming BB goodies.
    Poor clothes. U have the same habit as my friend.
    She just like u in this shopping case.

    Eh?? U don’t think of something ‘good’??
    Aw~ u r VVC members but u didn’t think of something like that?
    Where the hell ur VVC pride went to?
    *kidding* hahaha

  185. […] Big Bang’s New PMP Photoshoot RELEASED! | HQ Ripped of “Until Whenever” YesAsia delivered my Global Warning Concert DVD today!! that’s fast! It’s only 1 day after their release. I […] […]

  186. Hey! can anyone help me? iam a new ivip .. just heard of big bang hehe and they are ftw!
    did they just released a album back in november?
    also… the global warming concert dvd jus came out? o.o… i went and research it…is the concert @ June? Or something like that? lol..if anyone can help me..Thanks alot x]

  187. Ok, I shouldve gotten the DVD earlier (bad fangirl) but now
    that I know it works on my comp. for sure (plus the
    extra stuff sound awesome!), im definitely gettin it! thanks for the clarification!~^^ so envious of you VIPs who got it already!
    rawr lol

  188. LOL! seung ri’s smooooth.

  189. haha seungri!
    i was like what?!?!?! O_O
    then he was like all of you~
    he got me there!
    and the pictures
    soo good looking
    man everytime they have ads and whatnot
    they make me want to buy all the stuff =3=

  190. New-iVipz

    yea big bang released their 2nd full-length album in Korea last november called REMEMBER and yupp they had their Global Warning concert last June and yes the DVD for the said concert has just been released (along with a DVD for the solo concert of one of the members, Taeyang, called HOT)

    They’re (big bang) super HOTTTT! and sexy and cute at the same time.. and AMAZINGLY talented… you’ll become obsessed in no time… (and im speaking from experience here… hehe)

  191. can anybody help me decide if i should get the folded posters or the tube posters?
    does the dvd really have english subtitles?

  192. they work on your computer too?!
    you just convinced me to get it >< and here i am thinking i can finally save up some money. hahas.

    is there a difference between the blue, green, and orange version? (besides the color)

  193. Hey, I just wanted to give a shoutout and let you guys know that you don’t have to change your computer’s DVD region code (since you can only change it up to a max of 4 times, and then for the last it’s permanent) to view different region DVDs. I downloaded a program called DVD43 (just google it) and it decodes all DVDs so I can watch everything without changing my computer’s DVD code. Just thought I’d let you guys know.. might save some time

  194. Pandu

    uhmm;; if you want your bill to be less, you should get the folded poster, but if you want great quality of the poster you should get the tube poster..

    i hope that helped yhuu 😀 ahhaha..
    and as what vicky said, it does have english subtitles in the making of- section

    btw thanxx vicky for telling us that the dvd works on any computer;; my dvd player was not region 3 so i’m so happy it works in computers..

  195. omg, my love- seung ri, so handsome o___0. so cute. he will kill me

  196. aigoo~
    i was shocked there for a moment!!!

    SR, does looked serious. . . lolz ^^

    we’re his girlfriends~~

    whoaa~ so hapee. . .

    the pictures were soo cutie. .
    love them all!!

  197. OMG
    HE HAS A GF?
    and then i was like
    laughing so hard at the end

    and i love the pics..~~


  198. GD dyed his hair lighter!!!
    from a dark to a lighter brown wah~~
    looks good on him!

  199. >.< i want my dvds sooooo badly. I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail. MAIL MOVE FASTER!!!!!! gah its not fair i want mine right now-.- im so impatient lol

  200. ahhhI can’t wait till my dvd comes! I ordered not knowing if it will work for me or not. ha! now i’m more more excited!

  201. Vicky ahhhh~~~~~ … wat’s your DVD version? cuz i saw on Yesasia, they say that the Green Vers. Tube Poster does not have English Subtitles ~ 😦

  202. well, nvm…i read your old post and you got Green one rite? i was confused 😦 cuz i got wrong items sometimes for not knowing the stuff well

    i ordered it though ~~ thank you for letting us [me] know about the region :* love you ~~

  203. i cant download the song 😦

  204. Oh thanks! Now I can finally continue watching from part 2 :3
    Thanks!! TOP is too hot x.x

  205. is the green one subbed?? =o
    AAAAAAAAH thank you for letting
    us know about the region =DDDDD

    Im super duper happy v.i.p ^^

  206. hye. i want to buy the dvd too but i dont hv a credit card n my mom wont let me borrow her’s. Sooo, i want to ask for a favour from the malaysian vipz. can someone email me about this. i really really really want this dvd. BADLY!!!

  207. – i found this today 😀

  208. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u make meh dont want to wait anymore mine ish coming in sooonnn ill probably die after wat u say about he dvd kant wait!!!

  209. Seungri’s ‘I have a girlfriend’ got me soo jealous, haha
    I’m laughed out loud when he said that he calls us his girlfriends <3333

  210. Thanx for the show xD! Bong rockz in yellow xD

  211. Hello do you want to affiliate???

  212. pangieshine, were u replying to me? if so, wat do u mean by affliate?

  213. i got my dvd copy today.. yeah they have english subs..

  214. Ena

    I have the green version
    but all of them are the same
    YesAsia say that but all of them have english subs

  215. aahaha I was so shocked ..” Seung Ri confessed; I have a GF” hahaha gosh Vi..don’t do this heart…hahah

    omo..I can’t wait anymore…!!!

    I can order the DVD friday,,.I want it..RIGHT NOW hahah….
    but I’m so week I can watch my DVD also!!…

  216. VI, what do u mean by ‘You can change DVD Region setting if you’re using Window Media Player.’

    so that means, we can make it DVD all region ?

    i can’t breathe !
    i can’t wait for my dvd to come ^^
    LOL SEUNGRI IS SO CUTE<3333333 didn’t he say the exact same thing in thailand too ? 0;

  218. lil sis in law

    it’s off topic but I have a request.
    Can you rip the live acoustic version of Haru haru from KJE Chocolate?
    I really like that one over the one in the album..hehehe..
    please? if you can. =)

  219. Vicky
    thanx 4 d info!
    i might as well juz buy it since it still works on computers. Thanx! =>
    Oh wow YB&SeungRi on a dance battle kewl! Can’t w8! =>

  220. luvBB4lyf
    LOl! thanks haha!
    yesssss they are super HOT and sexy and cute, gotta agree with you haha :]!
    getting obessed already xP

  221. love it thanks

  222. hey i just noticed that the line seung ri used was used by g dragon when he was on yashimmanman…ah baby always looking up to bong

  223. Seungri and Taeyang dance battle! cool! anyone know what time it’ll come on MBC??

  224. GD is god. period.

  225. Gah I’m debating on getting the DVD…. I never splurge that much. >w< I wanna know for sure the DVD will work on my computer/TV though. x3

  226. SG, I meant if this site wants to trade links with my site. Well if anybody wants to affiliate with my site, drop me a message on my chat box with your link and i’ll add you up.

  227. thankyou for the photos!!
    omg is it me but tabi is getting more and more buff?
    you can see it in his face that he’s bulking up..
    XD such a mighty fine guy
    loving GD in the yellow, he looks so cute lol!

  228. thank for sharing

  229. T.T does anyone know if the Taeyang hot concert dvd will ever be released on its own. T.T i really want it buhh £40 is ahhhhh =/

  230. random thought but i wonder if people watched Obama’s inauguration in Korea… more specifically i wonder if big bang watched it… (really don’t know what Obama has to do with them but they might have…)

  231. i’m in the process of leaving you another email in regards to hqbb.
    please answer promptly.

  232. WOW taeyang ans Seung Ri!!! I can’t wait!!!

    omgomgomg i was busy all weekend
    and reading all this is making me so
    thanks vicky
    u’re the best 8)

  234. VI.
    Oh, well, I hope they’ll have it online or on eBay. Somehow. :O
    It’s so cute!? xD

  235. luvBB4lyf
    Big Bang might’ve been too busy to watch it but I know my relatives in England and Bangladesh watched it.

    Wow, Seung Ri vs. Tae Yang? I’m sorry but…I think TY will win.

  236. email x2

  237. vicky jst wondering if u use Tv Antz to watch korean TV?

    and if ur using it do u have any problem at the moment, cause my tv antz is not working, can u pls help

  238. thanks Vi 🙂

  239. Kenley
    i ripped that haru haru because i loved it too much.hehe.i dunno if Vicky did it already but if she hasnt then i don’t mind uploading it for you guys.I’ll upload it asap and just put the link in a comment here.
    Does that work for you? heheheh 🙂

    There you go! 🙂 That’ll save y’all and Vicky ripping time!

  241. they r soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. nape x boleh nak download gambar!!!

  243. gd is mine

  244. Whenever someone uploads the DVD let me know, my mother is stalling on ordering it because she says my behavior hasn’t been up to par lately -___-

    Stupid dishes
    Stupid kitchen
    Stupid chores


  245. Jaja

    Thanks so much! I love it too, I think it was way better than the one in the album. ❤ *hug* ^^

  246. OH em gee. The PMP photoshoot blew my mind away. They all fantastic. I want a background for my computer with these shots like now XDDD

  247. how come i cant download the song? 😦
    well i wish i could get the DVD LOL.

  248. […] Big Bang’s New PMP Photoshoot RELEASED! | HQ Ripped of “Until Whenever” TaeYang vs. SeungRi in dance battle TaeYang and SeungRi will battle against each other for a Lunar New Year Special […] […]

  249. @Vicky;
    which region Global Warning Concert DVD did you buy off of Yesasia?
    WHAAATTT? English subs for “making of”?! OHMYGAWDD i have to get it NOW!!!

  250. i cannot download until wheneverrr! its live journal and i cannot get in! some one help, i must have it in my ipod!!

  251. Ohmo, Makes me soo pissed I ordered the DVD on Christmas day and it hasn’t come yet!! HAish! I got the blue one though, so english subs!!!! I can’t wait I’m soo anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. connie // You have to be a member of live journal and join HQBB to be able to see the download. o:

  253. i wish i had that PMP.They’re so freaking cute!OMG!Sooo cooooool

  254. Taeyang & Seungri dance battle!!!! OMG!!! I’m so exited!!!!!
    They’re gonna fight over me on MY BIRTHDAY LOL

  255. GDRAGON! i cannot wait to him comes to the usa i love him….! omg!!!!!!!!!!

  256. so is this an mp3 player?

  257. i cant download the song.. can anyone reupload it ppplease.. thanx alot..

  258. wow.! TOP n GD soooooo smart+cool+creative!!!



  260. vicky
    how do you change the region on windows media player?
    please help me >< i have mine today,and omg im very
    happy with it ^^ hihi

  261. i love until whenever
    esp the choru

    oh baby, dont cry lady
    dont forget the promise of ours
    ill take care of you until whenever
    now matter how sad i am, a can only laugh
    even if im tired and hurt, i can only endure
    even if you leave, i cannot catch you
    only with your trust we be together forever

  262. i love until whenever
    esp the chorus

    oh baby, dont cry lady
    dont forget the promise of ours
    ill take care of you until whenever
    now matter how sad i am, i can only laugh
    even if im tired and hurt, i can only endure
    even if you leave, i cannot catch you
    only with your trust we be together forever

  263. thx a lot ja
    i love the song so much ^^

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