Random Updates | Guess Whose Hand? | Surprise!

there’s new stuff, i swear! lol


1 is for your computer, the others are for your guilty pleasures ^_^

especially for JIYONG & YB lovers (& a lil TOP)

firstly, i’ve been mistakenly misled to believe there were only 3 concert dates. there’s actually 4. (if you hadn’t noticed the calendar on the sidebar)

  • 01/30 @7:30PM
  • 01/31 @6PM
  • 02/01 @3PM
  • 02/01 @7PM

they’re all @ the same location. lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky kvipz.

the GLOBAL WARNING / HOT CONCERT DVD is arriving in our mailboxes out soon (i HOPE by next week), & i got my confirmation.

i had a strong hunch when i saw these pix from before they’d be the posters for the dvd, & my hunch was correct!

(thanks to 제스쳐최탑 @bbvipz)

i’m not sure if we’re getting 2 though. i do recall it was double-sided, so i don’t want the picture to be misleading… lol. but now you know what the posters will look like.


guess whose HAND belongs to who. (the # corresponds to the HAND next to it) i had doubts at first, but i got it after a lil bit of arguing w/ kim lol. maybe u’ll get 2 of em mixed up. SHRUGS.


leave ur answer 😀


** made with LOVE by me ^_^ enjoy. **

& JT would like to tell you guys that the RINGTONES that he makes from now on will be HQ. YAY!

because dubsee told me to! ROFL her dirty mind was thinking that’s what i’d show u under the cut, but that wasn’t initially it. but then again, my duty is to share with you guys… =]


LOL. i guess the best thing gotten out of this was how happy jiyong was. LOL ❤ it’s okay, i forgive you TOP. jiyong’s my scrawny lil korean & I LOVEZ HIM <333 x] (honestly, all i could think about was bad stuff when i saw yb’s & jiyong’s skin so close to each other… =X)

YB: yea, GD must be cold right now, so we’ll just test how hard his nipples are… TOP.
TOP: *pinches GD’s nipple*
GD: *looks down* HEY OW! LOL *giggles & shrinks in pain/pleasure*
YB: yea so anyways…

so this was how it started. they decided to be pranksters while YB was doing some serious talk. haha. u’ll be able to see more of this in the GLOBAL WARNING DVD extra footage WOOOOT!


original source is unknown, so i’d rather not spread these goodies.

i was drooling when i saw these. i don’t need to put captions underneath. just scroll & enjoy, but don’t get drool on ur keyboard/mouse. omgahh he’s soo FIIIINEEEEE xD

credit : DCGD / BlogNaver / ellamy@bigbangchina/ CHOITOPTHAILAND


OMGAHHH. DUDE. this made me squeal more than GD’s pix did! WHYYY LOL! XD i’m sooo bad! i’m sorry baby, but that’s YB & like i see TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH TOO MUCH! what do i do!??!? lol *WARNING: excessive staring could cause you to lose track of time & sanity.

~ by gdluvzmc on January 17, 2009.

161 Responses to “Random Updates | Guess Whose Hand? | Surprise!”

  1. 1 is ty
    2 is gd
    3 is DS
    4 is sr
    5 is Top
    sooo confusing

  2. 5 TOP
    4 SeungRi
    3 Daesung
    2 G-Dragon
    1 TaeYang

  3. 1 TaeYang
    2 Gdragon
    3 daesung
    4 seungri [very nice hand btw :] )
    5 TOP

  4. uhmm…
    all i know is that 3 is DS
    4 looks like a really young hand…
    im assuming SR?
    by the star and bracelet,
    2 HAS TO BE GD.
    who are 1 & 5?
    bc when I think about it,
    GD is the writer, so i was thinking that 1 was him.
    but he’s puny!
    and I don’t look at seunghyun’s hands.
    and youngbae…I don’t even know.

  5. What do you mean who’s hand is who’s ?

  6. 5 I KNOW ITS TOP!
    4 taeyang?
    3 seungri? youngest should have the smoothest hands right? LOL
    2 daesung?
    1 GD!

  7. 1 is YB
    2 is GD
    3 is DS
    4 is SR
    5 is TOP
    seungri’s hand looks very smoothhhhh

  8. 1 is taeyang
    2 is Gdragon
    3 is DaeSung
    4 is SeungRi
    5 is TOP!

  9. 1. Taeyang – the veins
    2. GD – the star
    3. Daesung – just normal =]
    4. Seung Ri – the smoothness
    5. TOP – the rings

  10. I agree with Queenie all the way!!!!

  11. 1. Taeyang the veins haha
    2. GD the stars and rings that he likes to wear!
    3. Daesung nothing on it!
    4. Sr- young and smooth skin
    5. Top- his rings!

    dang we love them so much of course we can tell whose hand is whose! <33

  12. 1. Tae Yang
    2. G Dragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

    hah, they’re all the same shades.

  13. the fourth one is seuengri for sure >.<………..right?

  14. yea.. i think seungri’s was the most obvious xD hahah

  15. 1.TOP
    4.Seung Ri
    5. Taeyang

  16. i don’t know which is which >.>

    i think the 4th one is seungri’s hand.
    GD’s is the 2nd one because of the star and ring.
    1 is taeyang’s because of his muscles ^^
    5 is daesung’s because he’s muscular but a bit less then taeyang’s xD
    and TOP’s is 3 because that’s the only one left ><

  17. wait. switch 5 and 3 for mine because 5 has rings and TOP wears rings xD

  18. this is hard.. lol
    1. taeyang
    2. GD
    3. daesung
    4. seungri
    5. TOP

  19. OOOHHH!!! I WANT THE DVD!!! T__T Hope that my mom will get it in china, hope that they sell it there!!!
    UMMM… It’s a little hard:
    1. maybe Bae?? cuz it has a lot of vein… IDK
    2. I’m almost totally sure that is our Bongie, cuz of the star. XD
    3. Maybe Dae, IDK im confused with the 1 and this…
    4. Almost totally sure that is Baby Ri Oppa’s hand, cuz look like a hand of… umm… how can i said this… well, hope u understand me XD
    5. TOP’s hand cuz of the rings, haha, i never knew he has so many veins XD he’s hand look so… small??.. IDK

    HOPE that the answer are right XD I Didn’t cheat!!!

  20. 1. Bae with his strong muscular and veiny hands. =]
    2. GD bc of the star
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP bc of the rings


    WOW that is hard to determine…

  22. 1. Tae Yang
    2. G Dragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

  23. i say:
    1: tae yang
    2: g-dragon
    3: dae sung
    4: seung ri
    5: top

  24. hmmm… confusingish.
    i think i got it..

    1- I think that’s Bae. I THINK.
    2- Bong. Small, one ring. Yeah, i think thats Bong.
    3- That’s probably Dae, since they’re pretty big, kinda like Bae.. which confuses me if that’s Bae’s hand of Dae’s hand.
    4- You can bet me anything, but I am for SURE that its Baby’s hand.
    5- Top oppa, it leaves him. and the rings add a nice touch. i see he’s a fan of rings. i myself am one too.

  25. 1.SR

  26. 1 Top (longer fingers, because he is taller)
    2 GD
    3 Daesung
    4 Seung Ri
    5 TY

  27. where do you find the right answers?

  28. 1: Taeyang (manly hands)
    2: G-dragon (star and bracelet)
    3: Daesung (slightly darker complexion, more flesh)
    4: Seungri (baby-like soft, small)
    5: TOP (rings…probably him)

  29. ah yes ! i can wait ! come on DVD ! =)=)

    ohhhhh !!! fun time ! let me try … hMmmmmm….

    3. has to be dae sung because i rarely see him wear rings . well not ALL the time like the other members LOL
    4. has to be seungri because it looks … young and not very muscular like the others LOL [but its a very nice hand ehehe]
    5. long debate between taeyang and TOP, but in the end … taeyang because if i know my man [which i do LOL] TOP ALWAYS wears a ring on his index and/or middle finger … never the pinky =)=)
    leaving …
    2. GD because of the star and the fact that his hand is slightly smaller than hand #1
    meaning …
    1. MY MAN LOL ! nah, TOP =)=)

    yup … im locking in those answers [with NO cheating whatsoever, just using my brain and observasation . i feel so proud LOL]

  30. 1. YB
    2. Gdragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

    Do we get a prize?! (:

  31. 1. YB
    2. Gdragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!! (:

  32. 1. YB
    2. Gdragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!! (:

  33. 1. Tae
    2. GD
    3. Dae
    4. Seung
    5. Top

    I guessed that right away. Without even thinking. Its like their hands match there faces, I sware. xD

  34. 1; TaeYang
    2; JiYong
    3; SeungRi
    4; DaeSung
    5; TOP

  35. OMG. LOL i just realized the numbers were according to the hand…
    i went according to the arm XD

  36. 1 YB
    2 GD
    3 Dae
    4 Maknae
    5 TOP
    i can’t wait to get my DVD!!

  37. 1 young bae
    2 ji yong
    3 dae sung
    4 seung ri
    5 seung hyun
    … i think… >____<

  38. 1.young bae
    3.dae sung
    4.seung ri

  39. 5. Top – obviously because he usually wears the most rings
    4. Seung Ri – Cuz the hand looks rather small and young, just like maknae
    3. DaeSung – last hand left xD
    2. G Dragon – Star Tattoo
    1. Tae Yang – Looks like a rather muscle-y hand, obviously its taeyang

  40. 1. TY Its manly and he usually doesn wear rings
    2. GD The star
    3. DS its manly but not too manly? HAHA
    4. SR cutsey baby hands :]
    5. TOP He usually wears a pinky ring

  41. 1) Top’s
    2) GD’s (flashy, of course)
    3) Dae Dae’s
    4) Seung Ri (the cute small flimsy one)
    5) And (drumroll please..) Tae Yang’s
    Pretty sure but confusing.

  42. 1)youngbae

  43. 1. TOP
    2. GD
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. Tae Yang

  44. i would tell you how many ppl got it right, but that would just give away the answers lol.

  45. 1.jiyong..
    4. Taeyang
    5. T.O.P

  46. 1>>taeyang
    5>>t0p :))

  47. top, gdragon, daesung, seungri, taeyang.
    1 & 5 are so vein-y it confuses me!

  48. 1. Taeyang
    2. G-D
    3. Daesung
    4. Seungri
    5. T.O.P

  49. 1=young bae
    2=ji young
    3=dae sung
    4=seung ri
    5=my oppa T.O.P

  50. OMG.. it’s so hard..
    i’ll try my best^^

    1-Tae Yang
    3-Dae Sung
    4-Seung Ri

    is it right?

  51. Clockwise from #1 is YB, TOP, SR, DS, GD
    lol this is my first instinct I better be right XP

    WP is awesome!!
    and yes, super lucky KVIPs

  52. aish…i screwed up, switch YB & TOP
    …im really unsure abt 4..i think its SR but
    the bracelet is throwing me off lol…this is and old pic, ryt?

  53. waaaaaah. i was going to answer the little quiz, but i’m being
    thrown off since i accidentally saw someone’s answers. i know
    it’s for fun, but yeah…haha.

    i love the wallie, Melly. thanks so much for sharing. ^__^

  54. 1 yb
    2 gd
    3 dae
    4 sri
    5 top

    im all happy now YESS 😀
    my bro is witness~ woot. haha
    YG is the bombb

  55. 1. taeyang
    2. GD
    3. dae
    4. seungri
    5. top

    I hope i got them right.

  56. 1 bae
    2 bong
    3 dae
    4 baby
    5 tabi

    hahaha!^^ I’m confident with my answers! LOL I hope it’s all correct!

  57. 1. TY
    2. GD
    3. SR
    4. DS
    5. TOP

  58. most of you guys thought the same as me!
    1 bae coz it HAS to hold bongs and its like huge XD
    2 bong nobody else could put a star on their hand and still looks good lol
    3 Dae he has the most humble hands in my opinion lol
    4 maknae simply coz its almost similar to bong’s i think?
    5 tabi and yes its the rings XD he always has the most


    . ohgawd.

    how could anyone NOT think dirrty after seeing that?


  60. GOSHINGNESS !!!!!!!
    i want my dvd now LMAO !

  61. TY

    member melly when i was analyzing their hands from my poster one night??? u member?? xD

  62. apparently i got two wrong xD
    TOP and TY hav very many hands

  63. 1 gd
    2 ty
    3 ds
    4 sr
    5 top

    i’ve cheated actually!!!!

  64. oh meant
    1 ty
    2 gd. cuz gd likes tattoos

  65. should i apologize? probably not. LOL

  66. 1) TY
    2) GD
    3) DS
    4) My Baby = Baby
    5) TOP

  67. omo GD topless..that’s amazing..!!!! *dies*

    …yb..I can’t look at it more than 1 minute…bcuz it’s too hot…=S…

    oooh and Melly !!! I love your wallpaper!!! awesome!!

  68. HOLY MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

    that last gif left me paralyzed!

    ^ㅂ^ ahhhhhh~~~~~~

    lol hahahaha these gifs are so funny

    the second to the last pic is super hilarious!!
    haha shows how sneaky they are, messin around YB

  69. 1 TOP
    2 GD
    3 DS
    4 SR
    5 TY

  70. 1 – YB
    2 – GD
    3 – DAE SUNG
    4 – BABY
    5 – TOP

  71. 1 – TOP
    2 – Ji Yong
    3 – Dae Sung
    4 – Seung Ri
    5 – Young Bae

    That YB’s gif is… ya…ai dza… =))

  72. 1-TOP
    3-seung Ri
    4-dae sung
    5-young bae

  73. 1 is TOP
    2 is Bong, right?
    3 is DaeDae
    4 is Seungri (oppa)
    and 5 is YB

    Am I right? 😀

  74. 1. is Taeyang! (not sure)
    2. is G-Dragon ❤ (FOR SURE!)
    3. is Daesung~ (not sure)
    4. is Seungri (looks the youngest hand over there xD)
    5. is TOP (so many rings!)

  75. 1.DS
    2. GD
    3. TY
    4. SR
    5. TOP

  76. 1. Bae.. (doubt..)
    2. TOP.. (doubt to..)
    3. Jiyong.. (huwaaa~)
    4. Dae Sung.. (quite sure..)
    5. Maknae.. (…)

    But, I love them all!!
    So, it’s hard to decided..T.T
    They are “Number 1” for me..lolz..

  77. 1. Taeyang (juz my instint)
    2. GD (da star n ring lolx)
    3. Daesung (>__< soo da answer pls

  78. ahh! my answer out half way T^T. pls delete da previous entry tq!

    1. Taeyang
    2. GD
    3. Daesung
    4. Seungri
    5. TOP

    i think i got 3 correct lolx hahahaa

  79. 1. Tae Yang
    2. GD
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP— i love his rings hahaha

  80. 1 yb, 2 gd, 3 seungri, 4 dae, 5 top


  81. OMg!!!!! damn right -Drool- And losing track of time ahahha!
    Hwaiting ! Lol At Top pinching his nipple :x!

  82. OMG taeyangs O.O waves LOL XDDD ok i guess i should try and guess whos hands who so..

    1. i also think is Taeyangs cos of the veins hwahah
    2.hmm could be GD? cos of the start and the jewellery lol
    3. ok this is where it gets hard :S erm DS lol
    4. wow thats a small hand compared to the others… maybe seungri haha
    5. and by process of elimination.. TOP yay XD

    *back to staring and looking at someones pexa flexing LOL XDD*

  83. 1* Tae Yang
    2* G-Dragon
    3* Dae Sung
    4* Seung Ri
    5* TOP ❤ ( I’m sure #5 is TOPs hand)!

  84. oo jus loving the hip thrusts!!!

    let’s see…

    1. TaeYang (veiny hehe)
    2. JiYong (excessive hand accessories)
    3. DaeSung
    4. SeungRi (small and non-veiny)
    5. TOP Hyung

  85. 1. Youngbae
    2. Jiyong
    3. Daesung
    4. Seungri
    5. TOP

  86. 5. Seung Hyun oppa…
    4. Baby
    3. Tae
    2. Bong
    1. Dae

    Anio…anio…so confusing…


  87. I can’t wait for my DVD!!!!

    LOL SR’s hand is so easy to notice XD
    1 TOP
    2 GD
    3 DS
    4 SR
    5 TY
    I’m pretty sure …but i might be wrong DX

  88. 1= Taeyang
    2= GD
    3= TOP
    4= Seung ri
    5= Daesung


  89. i love the global warming DVD!!! i bought it today in seoul! it’s amazzzzzzzzzzzing!!

  90. 1. TY
    2. GD
    3. DS
    4. SR
    5. TOP

    *1 and 5 is making me confused. O_0

  91. 1. Tea Yang
    2. GD
    3. Dea Sung
    4. Sung Ri
    5. Top

  92. *OMG* DIES


  93. OMGG JiYongg SO CUteeee <33

  94. ahhhhhh!!!!!!!~~~ what else can i sayyyyy

  95. issit really what theyre saying when YB ask to test GD’s nipple? thats really crazyyyyy, hahhaahh, and do they haf subs in the extras for the dvd? ahhhhh YB —>dead.

  96. really want the DVD buh its so expensive >.< Dammit if only they had the Hot concert dvd seperately Orhhhh mannn

  97. lol no that’s not what they really said. i was just going off the gif & made my own rendition of it haha.

  98. okay i really want to guess this! hahah..
    1. really looks like tae hands
    2. looks like GD hands cos he got tattoo on his inner hands too!
    plus he look like he would wear that bangle..or i prolly had
    seen one of them is wearing it!
    3. is Dae hands cos the fingers are quite flashy.
    4. is seungri cos his hand is abit on the thin side.
    5. looks like TOP hand because he just love rings!

    but all i could say IM POSITIVE NUMBER 5 IS TOP!
    he’s my TOP LOVING HONEY! haha~

  99. I’m not even going to bother with hands. If you showed me their arms, I’m sure I could get it because, honestly, that’s all I care about, haha.

    Anyway, the gifs are pure <333

  100. Ugh, accidentally pressed ‘submit’, LOL. ANYWAY, what I was going to mention was how funny it was that GD’s fingers are like, scrambling up his chest when he’s trying to take off his shirt in the second gif. xD

  101. 1. YoungBae
    2. JiYong
    3. TOP
    4. SeungRi
    5. DaeSung

    ~asianglamgal & bigbangluver4lyfe

  102. 1.DaeSung

    omg at the gifs.
    i dunno how long i stared at YB doing his stuff.
    lol at the nipple pinching.naughty hyungs.

  103. what’s the right answer?

  104. HOLY…that Taeyang gif…I died. DIED.

  105. OMG. 😀
    HEH. I drooled lots. ❤

  106. OMG TAE YANGGG! **drools**
    TOP! How cute, lmao pinches GD, aha lol.
    GOSH GD is too skinny, lol. I’m jealous XP

  107. my mind is…TAINTED!

  108. ok ok ok *looks at first gif and dies* YEEEEEESSSS AHHHH best present ever!!!! omg Bongie. omg omg omg omg i freaking love you and i dont care how scrawny you are, i would kill, i mean kill to just…. GAHHHH *dies* hes soo freaking adorable. TOP i hate you. Youngbae, i love you lol. He’s like, “Jiyong, why do you not have a shirt on? I mean damn you look good *looks him up and down* but your gonna kill the fangirls.” And hes so cute how he laughs and smiles as he grabs his nipple. TOP how dare you do that to my Bongie? But i forgive you becauase his reaction was priceless.
    Now the other gif where he takes off his shirt. I saw it and i was like YES! FINALLY! ALL OF MY DREAMS AND WISHES HAVE COME TRUE *stares for like 20 minutes* god now i get to stare at him shirtless as much as i want. *is in Bongie heaven* I am a seriously happy person right now.

    Now Youngbae. That is quite possibly the freaking hottest gif i have ever seen in my life. I mean im all for bongie taking off his shirt and staring at that. But DAYUM!!! Youngbae….no shirt. those hips….just….wow.

  109. 1. DaeSung
    2. T.O.P (or TaeYang LOL)
    3. G-Dragon
    4. SEUNGRI ❤
    5. TaeYang (.. or T.O.P)

  110. Oh my lord, Tae Yang, I WANT YOU!!!! He’s so beautiful, I wish he could do that in front of me…….on my bed…….sigh*

  111. Hahaha! I ❤ The surprises.

  112. omfg those dirty pics xD hahaha they’re so cutee… the gifs.. makes me think dirty thoughts =X

    gd&top&yb ❤

  113. i’m taking these to my blog…can i….and i will credit you all, and direct link back to here…please…

  114. […] DCGD / BlogNaver / ellamy@bigbangchina/ CHOITOPTHAILAND melly/gdluvzmc @ bigbang fansite click here to original […]

  115. FUDGE.


    THANKS FOR THAT SURPRISE! HAHAHAHA!!! *stares at Tae Yang*

  116. I swear I can’t answer that quiz the minute I saw the GIFs

    Men and their nipple pinching…
    …a LOT of dirty thoughts suddenly came into my mind.
    And then I saw Baebae without his shirt on.
    It’s killer enough for me but then he did that body wave…

    … ok I don’t wanna speak now….kekekeke.

  117. 1 ty
    2 top
    3 ds
    4 sr
    5 gd

  118. Melly thanks for this post! I really really love Baebae’s GIF..but I have to take my eyes off if I want to do anything else… it’s too mesmerizing..and I’m about to go insane…^^

  119. 1 is Youngbae
    2 is Jiyong
    3 is Daesung
    4 is Seungri
    5 is Seunghyun

    haha HMM

  120. Okay i got it
    1 TOp
    2 GD!!
    3 daesung
    4 seungri
    5 taeyang

  121. v

  122. 4-baby
    5-tae yang

  123. 1. TY
    2. GD
    3. DS
    4. SRi
    5. TOP

    lol though im not a huge TY fan… i think i stared at that for about 30 seconds with my mouth hanging open before i realised i hadnt been blinking either

  124. 1. is YB
    2. is GD
    3. is DS
    4. is SR
    5. is TOP

    GD likes to wear accessories so im guessing he’s the one wearing bracelets, TOP likes to wear a lot of rings for #5 is TOP
    #4 looks like baby’s hand, it’s smooth so it has to be a young person which is Seungri…
    #3 looks like Dae sung and all that’s left is YB which i guessed was #1(he’s my number 1, lol, that’s so random and has NOTHING to do with the numbers, ignore that XD)

    I died when i saw that and i went directly to HEAVEN xD
    it’s like you can kinda see inside xD (im so perverted, sorry about that)
    LOL TOP pinched GD’s nipple, I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD! and Tae Yang just turned around and just looked at them, like: “they’re always fooling around like that” kinda look xD

  126. OMO! I want a DVD!!!! X) and I almost died when I saw YB

    1. Taeyang 🙂
    2. GD – Star 😛
    3. TOP ?
    4. SR – its so small LOL
    5. Daesung

  127. woot woot, hottt!

  128. 1-top

  129. Ahhhh G-Dragon =]
    giggles* Thank You
    idk it’s hard! tell us!

  130. 1:tae yang
    2:g dragon
    4:dae sung

  131. 1. Tae Yang
    2. G Dragon
    3. Dae Sung
    4. Seung Ri
    5. TOP

  132. oh man I cant believe TOP is that kind of guy lol. Poor GD (die laughing though rotfl)

    1.Dae SUng
    3.Tae Yang

  133. um that YB gif is ugh omg…i really blushed and im like balck..lol

    but 1.YB 2.GD 3.DAE 4.SR 5.TOP

  134. so when i mop up myself from this puddle of drool..ill continue this response lol….

    YB AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gawd he makes me blush like no tomorrow….sigh that sexy boy…im losing track of time and sanity…

  135. OMG YB…

  136. 1. Tae Yang (He Has Vainy hands and always has that silver ring)
    2. G-D(he has a star on his hand)
    3.Dae Sung (He doesn’t wear much acesories)
    4.Seung Ri (He’s the youngest and has smooth hands)
    5.Then Top Would be left

    P.S. Thanks so much vic for the gifs i visit them everyday lol

  137. 1: YB (vainy!)
    2: G-D (the star gives it away lol)
    3: Dae (only one left hahah)
    4: SeungRi (What do you expect from BB’s Num#1 Hand model xD)
    5: TOP?? (i thought his hands were bigger)

  138. aish i suck at this lol but i’ll try
    1. SR, um… it’s small? lol
    2. TOP [um… it was left over lol]
    3. DS, i just get a DS feel looking at this hand lol
    4. GD, everyone thinks this is SR cuz it’s all smooth & babyish but i really get a GD feel, lol
    5. TY [same reason as TOP XD]
    & OMGDSFKJDS>FAZCZ. i died looking at that last GIF of TY. GIRL, THAT SHOULDN’T BE LEGAL. *nosebleed*

  139. lol vicky naooooo~ i wanna see if i identified the hand that i’m going to put a ring on in the future properly XXXD hackin garnit, girl!

  140. i feel pretty confident 😀
    1 is tae yang
    2 is gdragon
    3 is dae sung
    4 is seungri
    5 is top


  142. 1.daesung?

  143. […] January 21, 2009 by kwonlitaisvip https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/random-updates-info/ […]

  144. oh hot damn
    i’ve come to this page lyk a million times today just to stare at tae yang XD
    i forgive boys for being obsessed with staring at girls cuz NOW I FINALLY GET IT >O< *nosebleed*

  145. vicky u notty!

    all those pics cud’ve got me into hugeee trouble ;p
    i gulp once seeing top pinching gd’s nipple.
    gulp then drool seeing it for two times [then three,then four and so and so..]
    i absolutely lost my breath,my mind,my senses,my innocence [as if there were any innocence in me], and perhaps even a lil bit virginity of my eyes seeing my darling young bae doin his thing (*.*) i want moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahahahahahh more more

  146. oh btw, i read on popseoul yg’s announced 5 members of their first ever girl group! luks like a great bunch of talents.
    big bang’s gonna get little sisters ;))

  147. aigoo. beyanae. thought ths ws frm vicky. gdluvzmc:u notty.yes u.
    thnks anyway

  148. 1.YB

  149. 1. taeyang..the veinss and his yummy muscles
    2. G dragon cuz of the starss
    3. Daesung cuz its young and fressh but not as young as number 4
    4. Babyss’ all young and smooth 🙂
    5. TOP.. THE RINGS 🙂

  150. well for me i agree w/ most of u guys
    1 Taeyang, bec its so white
    2 GDragon, bec aside from d obvious star, i love him, i know dts his
    3 Daesung, bec he doesnt hav much on
    4 Seungri, bec its small n young
    5 TOP, bec i knw

  151. 1youngbae

  152. 1Tae yang
    3Dae sung
    4Seung ri
    5 TOP

  153. 1. Tae
    2. GD
    3. Dae
    4. Ri
    5. Top

  154. 1. bae
    2. bongie~
    3. dae~
    4. baby
    5. tabi~~~~~~

    i thought i wouldn’t be able to guess…but i got it..yeah thats my answer..and i love that pic to death..idk..i just love their ‘fighting fighting’ and praying pictures 🙂

    ohh and all the pics…thanks melly..i drooled soooo much!!
    ARGH~~BAE ar…so effing sexy T___T

  155. 1- Seung Ri

  156. 1-TOP

  157. […] Random Updates | Guess Whose Hand? | Surprise! […]

  158. 1. TOP
    3.Dae sung
    5.Tae yang

  159. i hope some1 get to read this casue i really want to know which hands belongs to which member, so can someone pls tell me the results casue i couldn’t find the post

  160. https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/big-bang-exhibition-in-osaka/

  161. 1) Tae Yang
    2) T.O.P.
    3) Dae Sung
    4) Seung Ri
    5) GDragon

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