SeungRi Winning #1 | Big Bang’s new PMP CF | Updated Pictures


  • SeungRi and DaeSung will be on SBS ‘Close Note’ due to the awkwardness between the two of them. Big Bang members encourage them to go on the show in hope they will become closer after the show. This is gonna be GOOD~ haha CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!

DOWNLOAD: SeungRi Strong Baby performance on Music Core (01.24.09)

  • Remember to watch TOP on Family Outing on Febuary 8th.
  • Daesung will release a single album on January 29th, his comeback stage will be on Febuary 7th on Music Core

Congrats to SeungRi

Winning #1 of January on M Countdown!

DOWNLOAD: Strong Baby performance, Winning #1 and Encore

  • TOP will be a guest on Family Outing, he already filmed the episode, the broadcast date hasn’t been confirm yet though. Hyori unnie would FREAK… I know for sure. haha there’s stalker of him while he was recording the show.
  • It looks like Big Bang is shooting a new video, there’s stalker pics of them at an amusement park riding all these rides with camera all around them, they were wearing ski masks too, can’t wait to see that!!

Big Bang’s new PMP CF

Download: Big Bang’s new PMP CF

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tabi and Baby is up first dancing and beatboxing, whoo~ look at Baby go, the two SeungHyuns are closer these days, SO MUCH LOVE. Then it’s Bae working all his “Look at me” sexiness, when it’s BOng’s turn…. what he does best “ACTING CUTE!!” AHHHHHHHH! I DIED. I like Dae’s the best though hahaha he came out singing trot, but she was like “stop” he was all awkward walking away scratching his head haha then she was like “start again” he was getting excited.

Then it’s the sexy act from Tabi, HE WAS WORKING IT~ then Baby’s dance, SHAKE THAT MONEY MAKER !!!!!!!!!!! LOL at him covering his cute little butt haha Bae was being TOO TEMPTED… oh lord, Bong’s rapping keke Dae and his trot again hahah she just keep switching it back and forth, I wanna be her hahaha

LOL at when she was in her room, they were suppose to disappear when the mom come in, but Dae didn’t jump out the window fast enough haha so he got left behind and the mom was like “WHO ARE YOU?” he just answer “I’m DaeSung” then just walk out the door ekekke

Updated Pictures

  • Big Bang in Japan rehearsing for their STAND UP concert
  • Stalker Pics of TOP during recording of Family Outing
  • Stalker Pics of the boys recording a show in an amusement park
  • New HQ Photoshoot release from YG

Big Bang’s new Japan Pictures

TOP IN Family Outing

Big Bang shooting at an amusement park


New HQ pictures release from YG


Thanks to 쏘쏭 | YGfamily | youhoos+유동이 | Op.23 | 김열파참 | Bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on January 22, 2009.

194 Responses to “SeungRi Winning #1 | Big Bang’s new PMP CF | Updated Pictures”

  1. wait I heard the amusement park pictures were for BIG SHOW
    am i wrong?

    I Love The CF <3<3

  3. i love the new CF!
    ugh! if only MY ipod did that…that would be heaven!
    daesung was so cute in the end! ahaha~


  5. WHAT??? Hubby on FO?
    Hyori wish come true at last.
    Huh? What I’m exited about??? Hyori is favo is Tabi. Omo~
    But I still exited to see it. Aw~
    Hubby ah~

    Haha.. ilove this PMP CF.
    Hubby beat boxing, baby dancing, bong acting cute, Bae with his sexiness, & Dae!
    Kekeke… I like the stop part. LOL at Dae’s face. So cute.

    Ahh!! Hubby sexy act just blow me away~ so good for refreshing
    Then baby shaking his butt. Vi must be dead while drooling.

    I want to know what kind of variety show again this time. Hehe
    Amusement park. Our boys must go insane to release stress. I could so imagine them being so noisy & messing around. Keke

    The pic killed me. Flower, cute charm, smile, hubby ah~
    Then after that hubby with his seximess. I feel so bipolar.
    I think I know vi’s feel when she say that she feel bipolar when baby doing his cute & sexy charm.

  6. omgoshh!! XD they are sooo cuteee!
    😀 and taeyang wearing sweatpants?
    *sighs XD

  7. sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and funny

  8. YESSSSSS!!!!
    FO is my all-time favourite show, i was always hoping tabi would be a guest since hyori loves him so much ^^
    haha her little brother dae is going to be ignored XD
    omg the CF is so good!
    haha i loved how dae’s like ‘aish’ and walks off when she says ‘stop!’
    and then comes back dancing again!
    tabi totally killed me in that sexy move…
    *drools* hes so hot and funny at the same time
    …can that work?!
    GD looks so cute as well
    im so glad they used it, its such a great song that deserves greater exposure
    its already on my iTunes Top 25 (along with a zillion other BB ones haha)
    thanks for the pics too!

  9. LotteWorld (?)

    ahahha for the cf, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! lol. everyone is going to go buy one now, we’ve been falsely led to believe that our members are going to pop out and… ^^

    i like how the girl seemed unfazed by the boys’ sexy moves…
    kekkeke ^^

  10. DAMN!!! the T3 PMPs are HOT!!!! Screw My Itouch! ahaahahahah i want the t3 PMP…..i hope it ahs english settings though….

  11. HECKK YEAHHH~ now that my exams are officially over, i can enjoy catching up in BB =)
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new PMP CF…look at Baby shake his THANGG & TOP giving magnae a beat. Dae’s trot was hilarious when he walked back scratching his head, and ohMYGAWDD Bae’s moves are OMFGasfghjkl;’! Bong’s moves were ADORABLE!!! the ending was out of this wold!!

    Mom: Who are you?
    Dae: Daesungnimida~ [bows and walks out]
    HAHAHA nice one Dae 🙂

  12. ktyum

    like I said, “I think”
    so I really am not sure
    guess we’ll just have to wait for see

  13. nya

    now you know he’s gonna be a shoo in for #1
    just so Hyori unnie can sleep next to him haha
    worry? kekeke
    and I’m sure they’re gonna brought up the kiss again
    now that’s something we should look forward to
    how are they gonna react to that?

    all ur man ever did was sat down and took off his glasses……. and yet.. kekeke
    it rage ur hormones eh?? keke

    someone told me it may be a recording for a special video during Big Show?
    I’m not sure that it’s a variety show or not, I’m just guessing since there’s cameras everywhere

    now you know how I feel??
    the bipolar-ness is REALLY weird.
    it make us go insane.

  14. haha the pic of bae coming out of the curtain is foonnyy. Hahaha the cf was great. I love dae hair back in the day where his bangs were down.

    By the way has anyone noticed or know how bae wears a cap but when he takes it off, his hair is still spikey and like untouched lol

  15. Haha, love the CF. I agree with dubseeXvip, it is false advertisement. I with they would pop out whenever I listened to them.

    Aww, TOP looks so adorable in the FO pictures. Hehe, poofy overalls. xD

  16. Pearllovestop

    I always knew Tabi would be on one day
    especially after that kiss on MKMF
    next week is Daniel Henney gurl~
    DAMN. these FO ppl can get some pretty damn awsome guests

    it’s gonna be fun to see how Tabi get use to the FO enviroment

    Dae’s part was my fave
    though Baby and Bong being cute was LOVE
    Dae owned them hahah

    oh yes. trust me
    it works.
    it’s called “bipolar-ness”
    I experienced it TOO MANY times already

    WONDERFUL is one of my fave too
    most played is Haru Haru though ahha

  17. the PMP cf is so awesome!!!!
    i wonder if YG will release the Stand Up on dvd later…?

  18. dubseeXvip

    that’s right!!! keke
    they be like sitting in their room pressing the button

  19. Suzie

    did you notice the pole that Bae was hanging on??
    or is that just my perverted self? keke

  20. hoichu

    haha he’s playing peek-a-boo…
    would you like to take a peek? kekeke

    his way of maintaining his hair really amaze me haha
    but I think cuz his mohawk is really short so that’s why

  21. aaw, seunghyun love <
    must squeeze cheeks! hehe.
    dae instantly put a smile on my
    face as soon as i saw him 😀
    baby’s bum *pats* :3
    it’s always dae being silly, i love it.
    and they all lookin’ fine in
    the stalker pics and at the
    amusement park, i’m glad they have
    squeezed in some time to go there 😀

  22. YG didnt release any bong picc?

  23. this got cut off –
    “bae, where’s my hat? 😦 LOL
    OMG, bong is so adorable ><
    must squeeze cheeks! hehe."

  24. Awww the commercial was so cute! i was smiling the whole time! lol I can’t wait until the family outing comes out. God! i was praying for another big bang member to show up on the show with dae! i already saw my husband jiyong and now my best friend top is on! yes! the pictures were really adorable. i loved the picture of tae in the redish curtian thingy lol so cute! 🙂 i love big bang!!!!

  25. huwaaaa…I luv PMP CF..BIGBANG so cute…
    T.O.P….huwaaaa U’re so cool boy..saranghae^^

  26. ahhh! TOP on FO! i want to seeeeeeeeee XD

  27. OMG~~! TOPP NOOOO T____T hyori unnie will ATTACK HIM waah and they had a KISS wonder how awkward its gonna be xD
    she’s gonna rank him #1 and give him a hug -.- aigoo

  28. LMAO omg that is like the best CF ever!
    hahaha soo funny! DaeSung on “pause” and waa! TaeYang
    on the POLE! LOL SeungRi shaking his BOOTY!! GD was sooo cute!
    and WOW they played “Wonderful” lol DS so funny at the end

    if there was a device that brought BB to me anytime I would
    pay ANYTHING!!!

    WWWOOWW!!! these pics are amazing! ^0^ *stares with awe*
    YG HQ pics are hott!! GAH! SeungRi and TOP in that suit is
    fangirl death sentence. FO looks fun for Tabi haha not really..
    looks interesting tho~ STAND UP tour pics are sexay!
    Looks like BB’s having fun at the amusement park! Something
    different! The rest of the pics are so bright and cute!

  29. yb luks so fineeeeeeeee ❤
    eheheh it’s always gr8 seeing them together in one place.
    i wished i was at the park i wish i wish iwish

    wonder what it’s like tabi and bebe sitting nxt to each other
    on tht ride. must b crajee ;))

    were they wearing the masks jst for the fun of it or was it a camouflage? ;p

    i love them i just love them so mch!

  30. Vicky;
    HAHAHA i guess we’re both perverted after all =]

  31. Vicky;
    HAHAHA i guess we’re both perverted after all =]
    DAYYUUMM i need to catch up on Family Outing…no kohjidmal man!
    i’ve been missing out BIG TIME!

  32. ahhhhh! when i read tabi will be on FO i was just going insane.hahah! i’ve been like wishing for that since Bong went on FO and yes! finally! yay! although im worried/weird about tabi and hyori.teeheee! im just super sexcited! lol.nya! i know how you feel! can you imagine if they asked tabi to redo that kiss again? ahh! im going crazy just thinking about the possibilities! hahah!
    and omg he looks so cute in those FO picts.he looks like the hottest+cutest fisherman in those overalls.tabi ahh did you catch any fishes? LOL!

    and omg the CF! i had like 938647235 emotions from 5 of the best boys in the world in ONE singing and he suddenly put his hat on her head i was thinking “bae gave a girl his hat tht he loves? really? cant be.” hahaha and i thought right.he wouldnt he just had to take it back.LOL.he’s so hot when he’s doing that but when he smiles its just like “ahh~ bae how do you make me melt like this” haha.
    and omg tabi.his eyes in that sexy move staring at her like that.damn tabi.i love him.his beatboxing is awesome as usual! and its really very heart warming and lovely to see the TORi love.
    bong is just too damn cute for the world’s own good.hahaha.
    dae! i loved his exit! he was so adorable! just saying “daesung imnida” and walked out thru the door instead of the window.ahh~ dae.

  33. teezlesvip

    haha “BUM” keke
    sorry but I just have to laugh at that
    my mental age is no where near my real age

    they were wearing masks but everyone can recognize them anyway
    there was this picture of all of them on this thing where it goes really high up then just drop
    they look so excited hahaha
    I went on those once…. hate it so much haha

  34. iVipzx33BigBang

    that’s all they released
    I don’t know why
    they’ll probably release it sooner or later

  35. nooo!! these boys are TOO distracting!!! and not to mention unbearably temptingg!!!

    gah! i am so gonna fail my exams… Suzie, you are SO lucky your exams are over…

    can’t wait til my big bang timee!

    ahhh…. utter hotnessss…

  36. MissChrissy

    I was hoping one day they will do a Big Bang special where all the members will go on it
    but that won’t be possible since there won’t be any place to sleep haha
    but Tabi on is excitingx10000000000
    can’t wait!

  37. topluver

    don’t forget the chance to sleep next to him .. lD

  38. rosiebb

    I’m on the waiting list to buy that device with you gurl haha
    are you kidding me?
    that would be freaking heaven.

  39. athirah

    I think it was for the video shooting’s purpose
    they weren’t trying to hide or anything, since everyone around them knows it’s them haha

  40. pmp cf rocks

    tht gal has to be the luckiest she gets
    all the moves from big bang

    and young bae.omo

  41. Suzie

    you must not know about VVC then kekeke
    I’ve been watching every ep of FO
    it’s wayy too awsome to miss
    can’t wait for this week’s ep

  42. Jaja

    They probably wouldn’t
    they woudln’t want Hyori to get killed haha
    and I’m serious.
    you don’t know what ppl can do.

    it’s freaking FREEZING in Korea and they still have to go to the river and fish
    that’s just hell
    I live in Florida, and it was so cold today I wanna die already
    in Korea? I don’t wanna imagine.

    Dae was the star of that CF for me
    though I love my husbands being cute and everythang
    Dae was just hahaha no one can beat his exit.


    i luv how they just appeared in the beginning! and then how the girl kept switching them!! TOO CUTE!! TAEYANG BEING SEXY! GD BEING CUTE! SEUNGRI SHOWING HIS ASS! TOP BEING TOP! and daesung’s was THE BEST!! TOO CUTE!

    these PMPs rock!! so cool!!

    AND WONDERFUL!!!! THE BEST SONG EVERR!! omg! this made me so happy!!… but now my big bang break is over… back to studying…

    but God…thank you so much… ❤

  44. VICKY

    OMGOSH!!! ur rightt i forgot T_____T WHYYYY lol

  45. ohh btw that was me topluver xD

  46. thats not another show their filming in the amusement park it’s actually for big bang big show

  47. Bae and TOP just totally mad me die >_< gosh TOP and his stare gosh can make a girl melt any day..then Bae being sexy dear lord that when i just stop breathing lol..Seungri haha him and his dance to freaking adorable…Jiyongie hahahaha word can’t describe how adorable he is lol..Dae and his trot song hahahaha…

  48. omgggg! love thE new CF!!! ♥ every fangirl dream *.*

    wow i’m so curious about the amusement park pics *¬*

  49. Ahhh the cf is so cute! I wish i was her, having BigBang
    all around me. WOOT WOOT all them look so sexyy! Hahah x)))
    I lovee it! & OMG, the pictures are good quality. Very great 😀
    I like ’em all. (:

  50. Wow those pictures are nice quality.
    I like the cf too! LIKE IT ALOT!

  51. omona~
    those pics were so beautiful. .
    they’re so HOT and CUTE~ aaww!!!

    aigoo~ i love the CF so much. .
    it’s so cool~
    YB is so HOT!!
    i love it when BABY dances. .
    TABI is so cute when he suddenly get serious. .lolz
    GD was the best. . acting CUTE and all.. aaww!!
    and of course the Trot king DAE,, kekeke, he’s so cute singing that. . .

  52. that was like the cutest bigbang commercial i ever saw! waaah tae yangs part with the sex music. whoa man crazy there. and daesung haha so silly. i think T.O.P.’s second part was awesome too. haha all trying to seduce her. she was feeling the heat

  53. omg that CF was freaking adorable. like seriously i loved them all in it.

    Seungri, damn im loving his dance moves. Man can move it. But i swear its like he taunts us when hes shakin that ass, then he ends it by being cute with the hand over his mouth. I really cant take this double edged sword anymore. Him being cute then sexy then reverting back to cute. I’m so confuzzled.

    Tabi was adorable. Now i usually dont say that cause if anything, he is my least favorite. But with the beatboxing and then going all serious. Man, he has really intense eyes. Like seriously.

    Daesung. OMG >.< his face was soooo cute when the girl is like stop. He turns around and goes to walk away and then jumps back into it. Hes so funny.

    Now on to my number 2 Youngbae. Gah with him leaning on the side in front of the girl after that. Putting the hat on the girls head. I would have ruined the commercial and completely fangirled over him lol. Thank god it was her. Especially during his second time and just…gah what i wouldnt do to him.

    And my number 1, Bongie. Gah hes just too damn sexy, cute, etc.. lol I cant get enough of him. He did that little v by his eyes and then he kept his finger up by his lip. YOU ARE A NAUGHTY BOY BONGIE!!! DONT THINK YOU CAN PROVE OTHERWISE. damn tease -.- tries to act cute (is freaking adorable) but we all know better. Bongie what are we going to do with you? You and baby are teasing the hell out of us. Youngbae,…keep doing what your doing lol

  54. awww these boys!!!!!! so cute! *drools*

  55. OMFG YAY!
    is going to be very happy =]]]]]
    aHHH thank you YG =]

  56. whos wearing that green masks? issit GD? hes everywhere! so cute!

  57. the best CF so far!! top being sexy? gds cuteness? and ooohhh YB ahhh! dae-dae is freaking funny!! SR dancingness!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh kill me now! i miss them so muchhh

  58. yeah the CF was soo funny Dae is soo kawaii..and Bae aigoo* oh well some day….lol

    i reallly wanna go to japan looks sooo fun.

  59. haha..the CF is just awesome. Love the seunghyunS moments. They’ve been together a lot lately, that’s a good sign! Daesung’s part was just plain hilarious. TOP’s intense staring and little wink just makes me sigh “ahhh…”. Seungri’s little butt-shaking…is just so seungriish! Taeyang’s solo song never gets old, i love it when he leans in, and when he places the hat on the girl. He’s the best at portraying sweet moments with a girl. Hee~ GDragon, acting aegyo just makes me grin widelyyy. And the girl’s voice is cute. omo omo omo~ Loved it that they sang WONDERFUL in this CF. Wonderful it is! ❤

    And oh, love the HQ pictures. TOP in family outing? That’s something worth anticipating! Hmm, imagine if all the Big Bang members star in that show subsequently. That would be just awesome…

  60. GD, u fatttt . i don’t belive it. Oh! god

  61. DID ANYBODY SEE BAE’S PACKAGE!?!? i sure did 0.0 …impressive lolzzz….

  62. woahhhhhh, Bong’s looking SEXYYSEXXY in that tankyytankyy XDD
    omgg, tabi can be soo cuuteee xDD AWAHH.
    bae is soo cuutee with his sexxyyyy and cutee little expression<33
    and baby’s last picturee haha, FAVORITEE :D!:OOO!! omgggg, BABY’S DANCE WAS SOOO EFFING CUUTEEE xOO
    TABIIIII<3 *drooools* LOLL.
    AND WHEN BAEEE DID HIS ‘look at me’ part HOLYCRAPPNESS, aigoooo
    sexxyyy. that girl is sooooooo lucky i totally freaking wish i
    was her. ohhmygodd. if they ever make a ‘making of’ of this one
    i’m SO FREAKING LOOKING FORWARD TO IT xDDD jeeeeee, this is like.
    WAYYYYY ADORABLEEE gahh. i feel super EXPLODISH hahaaaa :D:D<33
    ANDD BONG’S PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIGOOOOOOOOOOO
    I DIED DIED DIEDDD DIEDD DIEEEDDDDD. i wonder what m face looked
    like when i saw that part xD probably looked like a mix of constipation and longing? WTHELL lol -___-; AGHH, TOOO ADORABLE
    SO SO SO CUUTEEE D: i loveeed it xDD<33333333 the girl’s voice is
    also superr cuutee xD! andd MANN did i laughh at dae’s part HAHA
    xDD<33 he’s suchhhaaa cuutieee ;D plus the girls laugh was adorable lolll. asljf iowej 2904r lewjf CUUUTEEEEE xD
    anndd DAMNNN OHH DAMNNNNN, tabi’s part!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!
    i shitted myselfff, signature *take of sunglasses* sexxinesss
    *O* ahhahaa. and my jaw DROPPED. LITERALLY [im nottt even kidding xD] when Baby started his little -i like to call it- ‘BOOTY DANCE’
    HAHA, im definitely giong to day dream about his SUPERRRRRRR
    CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DANCE FOR likeeee EVER?!?!? Dx my god. i will never get over this amazzingglyyy cutee CF xD<3333333333
    im going to run that clip through my head over and over again
    lmaoo. sooooo freaking cuteeeeeeee xD
    and then back to Bae’s sexiiiinesssss 😀 😀 wowowowww. that song
    is aweesomee lmaoo i lovee it ;]!
    anndd AHAHAA i laughed when it was just bonggie singing b himself
    and then BACK TO DAE. LOLOLLLL<3 mymymyyymyyyy, SOO CUTE ~*O*~
    LMFAOOO AND LOLOLLL and ROFLLLOLLL when she ended at seung ri
    and he sounded breathless? xDDD I EXPLODED.. aghh, GOD SAVE ME ,
    ahha im too crazy today.. -__-;

    [not done yet xDD]

    annddd i really LOVED how they sang wonderful xDD<333333333 it’s
    one of my favvoorriiiteess :D:D!!!! yeeeeeeee. im in heaven heaven heavenn<3
    JYAAAA freaking freaking freaking ADORABLLEEE when they were dancing to wonderful and at the ‘you and me’ part i couldnt help but notice bong and baby xD pointing at each other ;D!!!<33333
    CUTTIIIESSSS<33333 G-ri FOREVEREVER EVERR. lolllll, and i love
    that girls glasses btw xDD
    LMFAO, daee at the end AHAHAHAA<333 SO CUTE. the mom was like
    O____o; and he just said i’m dae sung and walked out xDDD<333

    hehe, IN CONCLUSION loll








    xD finally im done..well not really but for here and now i’m going to watch it again :D:D:D:D:D

    canntt waiitt!!!!!
    and yes, HYORI WILL BE flipping out xDD

  64. ohh, and im so stupid i remember i already watched the
    making of that cf xDD

    hehe, and yes i loveed it xDDD<333

  65. hehe back to the CF:

    TABI’S super sexyy winkk ;D<33,


    BAE’S ULLLTRAA sexxiiinesss *O* [omo],

    RANDOM BONG SINGING XDD<3 [cuuteee],

    and then back to DAE’S trot LOLLL<3

    yeahh idk what that is ^^^ but i just felt like doing that xD it was kinda in order you knoww… o__o;
    okay idk what i’m saying i don’t make any sense. i’m retarded

  66. i can’t wait to see their concert

  67. the CF is SO SO cute.. and I love the end with Daesung who can’t escape from the room.. and when G-Dragon acting cute.. He definitely know how to do it!!! LOVE THEM (when are they coming in France??? never hein?

  68. TOP is mine! ❤
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ hes so damn hot that pic holding flowers.. ^^

  69. the video they filmed in the amusement park is for the Big Show concert
    it’s another special clip again hehe
    and i love the PMP CF

  70. Vi
    ARRGGHH!! It’s like I don’t want to hear but still I want to see it so bad.
    Of course I worry.
    The kiss too. I already forgot about that.
    Good thing u remind me.

    Not rage.
    It blow my whole hormone. Fufufu

    Whatever that is, I’m exited to see it.
    I’m waiting for it hubby~~~

    Yup. So bipolar. Too bipolar if I should say.
    But we LOVE it. keke

  71. I love this CF!! it’s the B E S T !!

    omo..TOP on FO??!!!!!! gosh can’t wait!! x’D

    sorry. i just had to release my excitement. ^^

  73. the amusement part sure looks like Lotte World…the rollercoaster looks real familiar…THERE! i see Lorry’s balloon…

  74. Hahahahahaha————————-this post ROCKZ!!!

    Certainly brightened my mood (especially after some tiresome tests).

    That CF—————is the best thing I´ve seen for a while. And come on now, Daesung owned everyone else—–hands down.(even TOP—and that´s saying something)

    Hmmm…..TOP on “Family Outing”—-glad to hear that it´s not only a rumour after all. I can´t wait to see all the ToRi interaction (don´t kill me for this!).

    (Though I´ve heard that alot of the stuff on that show is scripted anyway)


    The pictures are cool- I really dig TOPs brown jacket…..and talking about TOP…..his grey pants are….a bit…..revealing…..if you catch my drift…

  75. Aww TOP is so cute with the flowers in the new pic! <33 And I can’t wait to see him on FO. Hehee

    OMGLOL I love that CF! They were all so cute… Haha, Daesung. xD

    …Ok, I just ordered their DVD. -has only to wait now-

  76. OH MY TOP~ yayy! i cant believe hes going to be in FO. im soo watching! i bet hes going to be hilarious with Daedae <33
    this cf is the best one ever~ its so cute! i wish i was that girl lol with Bae busting a moves :p keke
    new mv! yayy omg i hate rollercoasters&heights in genereal lmao :DD

  77. I like your site!

  78. hahaha..i just love daesung part at the end..

    who are you..

    IM DAESUNG *and walks off..

    LMAO so cartoon!

  79. and OMG i love that 2 pics of TOP with flowers! i love the one in bouquet cos he look so sweet in if he is preparing to go out on a date. Whereas the one of him in suit is like a rich man son trying to ask a girl out! lol!


    he kissed hyori and now he gonna be a guest with HYORI!

  80. thank you for sharing


  81. Vi

    if only it could happen.
    buying the pmp and getting big bang to sing to u.

    look at Baby.
    so cute~!!
    he really can shake that butt. : )

    hehe~ ‘i’m daesung.’ cute.. ^^

  82. I love the PMP cf!
    Baebae killed me with his sexy moves…damn that pole…and posing “cool” in front of her.
    The girl sounds cute! I wanna be her for that moment! lucky lucky!
    Baby Ri shaking his butt.
    Bong being all cute.
    Tabi showing his sexy side.
    Dae with his trot and getting caught by the girl’s mom.
    Too cute. ^^

    Those pictures were too good!
    I love baebae getting out of the curtain! It looked like how he got out of the gift box for me. 😉
    And those Japan pictures were cool. love how all they looked there.
    The amusement pictures look so cute! ToBae moment! haha! Plus the three wearing masks…hehehe.
    I love the HQ pictures of Tabi, Dae and Baby Ri, especially the suits worn by the two Seung Hyuns. so sexy.

    Thanks for the update!

  83. BTW…has anyone heard about the issue between Cassies and VIPs? How some VIPs reserved tickets for DBSK and then cancelling at the last minute?
    It was one of those time I feel bad that there are also people like that who are VIPs….>_<

  84. kay-chan

    haha he gets you so bipolar that you say words like “confuzzle”? HAHAH

    hahaha you want Bong and Baby to stop but you want Bae to continue??
    you ain’t so innocent either kekeke

  85. mahirah

    Bong was wearing the yellow mask
    I think Dae is in the green mask

  86. Tina SungMin

    i refuse to say anything haha

  87. milkydonut

    my sifu
    yes it is gurl.
    yes it is

    and you don’t HAVE to make sense
    you have a right NOT to make sense keke

  88. nya

    but think of the good thing
    you’ll get to see his little sleepy face when he just woke up
    and I read an article about how he was awsome on the show
    he was being really witty and himself, also something funny happened between him and Dae too
    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    it’s not rage but blows???
    OH WOW. hahh

  89. Jini

    it’s not a MV
    I heard it’s a special video for the BIG SHOW concert

    and I heard something happened between Dae and Tabi on the show… HM… haha

  90. sis in law

    they just HAVE to add that stinking pole

    I think Bae look like he was playing “peek-a-boo”
    wanna take a peek?? haha

    and what happened?
    was it for a concert or something?


    …..i am so speechless.

  92. OMFG!!!!!
    that cf id like my dream come true
    I think I just died watchin ;P
    when Tabi was actin sexy I flipped
    I knew it it’s always the quiet,innocent ones
    Bong and Baby were CUTE!!!
    Baby showin the butt I swear he just made me even more bipolar
    actin cute when we all know he’s “grown up”
    Dae was just the best
    when he came out singin
    and then at the end when the mom comes in she’s like wht?

    the pics are HOT!!!
    my man is lookin too good in all the pics can’t stop droolin
    him and Baby in a suit……I’m in heaven
    all of this BB stuff reeeeeaaaally makes my day

  93. i thought that they were gonna go to america for a break for three months or so why is daesung having a comeback album

  94. waaaaaaahhh!!
    CONGRATS TO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (hadn’t seen it with all the excitment of the cf)

    Tabi on FO?!!
    caaaan’t wait!!!
    Dae + Hyori + Tabi
    sure to be hilarious!

  95. Dae is releasing a new single?? is it trot? isn’t Big Bang supposed to leave for the US after their Big Show concert? or is that just G-Dragon?
    lol sorry for so many questions…

  96. Whoa dae doing a solo aswell, aish i thought FO and big show concert would be enough to work on, he must be so tired. Haha why do they always call it comeback stage when they havent even debuted yet

  97. SCreams* This is exciting NEWs!!
    Thank you YG. Damn every BB member has
    an Album =]
    The pictures are hot! i cannot wait Big Bang.
    Lmao a spider man mask, oh wow…Hrm i should
    ask where they got it b/c my bro wants him
    Ahaha he would love it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE
    January now. well er not really not as much as
    Febuary will be =]

  98. oh can’t wait for FO with TOP
    it’s going to be hilarious

    the CF was WOW
    top is hot with his sexy act and wink *i die*
    and taeyang is smexy with his little pole dance
    g-dragon is soooo cute
    sr and ds is so funny

    love the pics top is hoooottt

    *sigh* TOPpa and his sexy act… *droooooool*
    GD rap. <3333

    LOVING the HD pictures.


  100. CANT WAIT for TOP on Family Outing!
    I lovelovelove the new HQ YG Pictures too!
    LOL the PMP CF video…
    TOP & YB were being sexy LOL

  101. AHHH
    I would never miss TOP FO hoho
    That’s cool Dae will release a single album…
    hoho new songs will be bangin in my home

  102. Yay congrats to SeungRi!

    And yay for Daesung’s upcoming album. ^__^

  103. Vi
    That’s why I say I don’t want it, but I still want to see it so bad.
    I want to see ToDae couple, Tabi craziness with the other FO members, his reaction when they ask about the kiss, his wake up face!! Ahh!!
    I’m depressed. Haha

    So it’ll air on Feb 8? Yay~ good thing.
    It’s my holiday, I could see it without any problem. Hoho…
    I wonder how to watch it online?
    My TVants not working these days.

    Dae will release a single? I wonder if it still have some of trot feel. Kekeke
    Aw~ all members r going to their solo.
    I can’t wait for this.

    Also congrats for Vi’s hubby that got 1st, have u prepare anything for him?
    Baby face when he get the 1st. haha…
    “I don’t believe it. It’s me?”
    Baby seems so happy & his thank you speech. Haha…

    I know it’s random but the MC’s boobs.
    Wow~ I can’t help but to stare at hers. haha

  104. DaeSung?! Single ALBUM?? YAY!!!
    Omo!! Im so excited!! Yay for DaeSung~ I can’t wait!

    and HELLS YES! SeungRi wins!! YAY im so overjoyed right now!
    love the way SR kisses HIS OWN trophy!!

  105. vicky
    haha people can do crazy things.i hope they don’ fact i hope Hyori doesn’t do anything that will give the fans permission to chop off her head.hahaha.but i would imagine it’ll be awkward for them? i dont know i just get the feeling even though hyori and tabi are fans of each other.

    aww poor thing.they should do something else instead of fishing when its so cold isnt try making their own red bean paste or donuts.i’m sure tabi will do that willingly.hahah.but anyhoo tabi looks really adorable in that fisherman suit.ahh tabi~~
    i think FO should totally do a special episode where all 5 of them go on the show.oh that would be so much fun! hahaha.i’m just imagining all of em trying to fish and cook kimchi stew all together.hahahah!

  106. OMO!!! look at those pix!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! CONGRATS SEUNG RI!!!

  107. That CF is now my favorite CF.
    Jiyong was so adorable I wanted to pinch his cheeks! Bae was oozzinng sexiness with that pole dance, you could see Tabi’s alluring mysterious eyes come behind the shades, Dae’s trot clip was so funny. Heheh: the scratch of the head. And I wanted to slap Baby’s butt with that Money Maker.

  108. i demand Seungri’s Album too! he deserves it! calling the attention of YG!

  109. Sexica

    isn’t that all our dreams? haha
    I wish to have a dream like that
    I would never wake up

    imagine doing his “touch me” then the whole shaking money maker thing
    now THAT’S bipolar.

  110. medirin

    we’re not sure if it’s trot or not
    they’re keeping it on the DL
    all I know is it’s co-written by Yoon Jong Shin, a member of DaeSung’s family on F.O

    and I really don’t know why he’s doing his solo activities when they’re leaving for the US
    the whole Big Bang is going to the US though, not just GD

  111. D: all the videos i download always end up the same way;
    i hear the audio, but no picture/visual. whyyy ? :[

  112. JUST KIDDING. i downloaded a codec and it works now 😀

  113. nya

    haha talking about all these excited things then you’re depressed? haha

    TVants isn’t working for you?
    SBS only works on TVants for me
    I can’t watch it anywhere else

    that’s my secret for tonight 😀
    I’m so proud of him.
    he did it.

    you were staring at her boobs??
    OH WOW.
    will MR. CHOI be jealous then? kekek

  114. Jaja

    Hyori tends to get really nervous around guys she’s interested in… like REALLY NERVOUS haha
    back then, when Tabi was still a teen, he’s already a HUGE fan, even left a message on Hyori’s CYWorld saying how he’s a big fan of her and she’s really beautiful
    but right now, look like the table has turn, Hyori is more a Tabi fan than Tabi a fan of hers (or maybe he’s trying to hide it haha)

    i know, poor Tabi
    all this freezing cold weather, now the wind from the ocean and fishing?
    I’ll die for sure.

    I was hoping for a BIG BANG special too
    but then there won’t be enough place to sleep hahaha

  115. Vi,
    have seungri performed there? congrats to seungri!! K-ViP’s are so cute, they are so happy seeing seungri receiving that bacon. hahaha..

  116. lol~Seungri won 1st!! Congrats maknae!
    Is it just me or was his hair slightly different? he seems more decent-looking..<3

    DaeSung a comeback album?! Cool! i know this kid has voice that can do wonders!

  117. Is Dae Sung releasing a new single or is ‘Gwi Soon’ just being released on a physical ALBUM.

  118. Vi
    pause and rewind Tabi’s sexy scene a thousand times
    now that would be a dream I wouldn’t wake up from
    I hadn’t thought of that
    should I be thankful then?!
    going a little more bipolar wouldn’t hurt

  119. i hope big bang is success forever .. and can be no 1 singer group in world. and when to come and make concert in malaysia…………..

  120. OMG, a DAE SUNG SINGLE!?!??!?!!

    If it was more trot I would die a happy fangirl…but seriously now, Dae Sung needs his good share of ridiculously amazing ballads =DDD

  121. lil sis in law

    the pole dance was like for almost 2 seconds.
    Yet it made my day. =)
    And I’ll take a peek and more for sure.
    Baebae should be ready. ^^

    I heard that some VIPs bought concert tickets of DBSK so that Cassies will run out of tickets, and cancel at the last minute, since DBSK and Big Bang will have the same dates of their concerts… what I understand is that they did it because they want more people watching Big Bang than DBSK…
    It was really a sad news to hear…

    I am excited to see Tabi in Family Outing! For sure Hyori unnie will be so excited and happy!
    Love his stalker pix, typical silent charismatic look of Tabi when he’s just standing.
    Can’t wait to hear Dae’s new single too. =)

  122. so proud of baby winning #1 on M! Countdown!!! ^_^

  123. G-dragon is so cute my love

  124. Kenley, apparently i heard a different storyline… VIPs reserved the tics for DBSK concert and did not buy them, hence tics were auctioned at high prices, causing much anger in Cassies.
    But, one thing i know is that DBSK and Big Bang concerts are not going to be held on the same days, but at the same location. Big Bang late Jan, DBSK mid feb.
    Either way, those VIPs who did the extreme ought to apologise. I’m very sure most of the VIPs arent like that. Well, let’s just hope things will get better between the two fanclubs.

  125. omg, i looked at the pictures for bb shooting at an amusement
    park jeeeeeeeeee, cuttiesss xD
    especially that picture with BAE loll he looks like he’s been
    caught unexpectedly or something adorabbleee XD<3
    they totally look like they’re having fun. I WISH I WAS THERE!!

    can’t wait for FO WITH TOPPP!!!!<333333333 hehe, with tabi it’s
    probably going to be HILARIOUS LOLL.
    but thennn D: i don’t really know which channel its on on my tv
    lololll..aaghhh, i think i’ll hafta wait till it goes on youtube
    or something -___________________-;;

    grr…oh well :[

  126. wowwww Congrats to SR!!! I’m so proud ^^

  127. ohhh……………really

  128. seung ri ,good luck and cogratulations

  129. Damn… i REALLY hope DaeSung’s new single is a ballad. His voice is so angelic ._.

  130. totally fell for them more n more now…
    aaahhh,mh heart hurt,i guess…


  132. Flowers for me! hahaha!

  133. woooooooo I hope its a really good ballad for Dae Sung single!! (though i doubt it very much!) I just don’t want it to be trot, we all know he can do trot very well!! Woooo Seung Ri getting number 1!! He came second on Music Bank as well!

  134. tubby

    I thought they had the same date, or at least I figured they had since VIPs did that.
    That made me think since I know Big Bang and DBSK doesn’t have the same date of concerts, if they had it would have made controversy already…
    I think what you heard was right. And I agree, the VIPs who did that should apologize. I feel bad for the Cassies that should gotten tickets.
    If something like that happens to a Big Bang concert we’ll be mad too…

  135. Woww hyori must be happy because of TOP hehhee,,,,
    Congrats to our maknae Seungri crackk,,crackk,,crackk,,,for the win!!!

  136. Vi
    I’m depressed.
    I’m exited to see all of those, but I don’t really want him to be closer with Hyori.
    I just have this small thing call ‘jealousy’ haha
    I’m so bipolar. 😦

    Huh? Damn, then how should I watch it online??
    My TVants must have grudge on me.

    The secret doesn’t sound so good for baby. Kekeke
    But do sound good for u.
    Every VIP r proud of baby gurl.
    But I thought that won’t be as proud as u. kekeke 🙂

    I just think of how to make my boobs looks like that too when I wear dress. Keke…
    Mr. Choi doesn’t need to be jealous coz I do it for him & I want him to give the ‘points’ XD
    Damn that boobs. It sure is well-shaped. HAHAHA…

    YAY for the end of EXAM!
    YAY for the whole month holidays!
    I’m so high now. kekeke 😀

  137. Oh my god


    Can’t wait for all the others!!!

  138. yay congrats to BABY!!!
    kekeke he’s improving and i love it 🙂

    the CF~
    hahaha i wanna be her too
    bong is too freaking cute in that outfitsssss
    i want him in that outfits and go on a freaking date with me!!
    ahhh i so died…and bae…too tempting…and seducing
    lolol i enjoy stalking bae so much..but i’m never in love
    i wonder why? hahaaa
    cuz there’s bong there i guess..
    i can only fall for bong..and maybe tabi haha~
    the look at me gwisoon was funny haha dae doing that classic dance in that pink suit T___T
    and baby’s butt shaking!! lololol
    i feel like doing something on his butt now hahaha
    the last part is hilarious too
    and dae is the perfect guy to act this out
    i’m daesung….*blank* and just walk out like that hahaha

    and the pics…oh well..
    bong cant stop showing his nipples
    i love it hahahaa!
    and others just look fine!

    tabi on FO?
    i’ll start watching FO..when i’m free
    before this i didn’t watch that much though
    and the other day i watched an episode in my roommate’s laptop
    and i laughed so hard in public
    cuz i was online in a cafe
    so yeah i’ll catch FO up asap

  139. OMGG feb isnt too far from now! lol cant wait
    Dae new single?! AHHHHH. its going to be the bombb~ another trot perhaps? keke

  140. Oh My Goodness!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the PMP CF!!! I watched it like 20 times already!!! I even saved the video!hahahahha……I definitely LOVE TOP’S sexy wink and Taeyang’s pole dance!!!!hahahahha…..

    “My Bus Fantasy”=shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  141. tubby

    I noticed that too
    like he swept it to the side a bit or something
    almost resemble one of those trot-like hair haha

  142. Maryam

    I think he’s releasing a single ACTUAL album with like 3 or 4 songs on it

  143. Sexica

    ekeke and all he did was sat down, took off his glasses and put his arm on her shoulder HAHAH


  144. sis in law

    HAHAH ready….. for… i don’t WANN know

    that’s really low.
    and WHY?
    that’s completely pointless.
    i don’t even wanna try and understand that

  145. milkydonut

    it’s on SBS
    you can watch it using TVants

  146. nya

    I got you gurl
    I remember back in those days, when Bong was on FO
    I’m a Bong lover too
    so of course I’m jealous
    at least for you there isn’t any “I LOVE YOU” game
    it’s a good thing I like Hyori, or else I might explode.

    you don’t know how??
    that’s like the girl secret.
    you put masking tape underneath while wearing a strapless bra
    it make your boobs look about 2 cup size bigger and ….. anti-gravity hahah

    no more exams?!!
    GOOD FOR U!!

  147. jiyanz

    whatever you’re thinking
    direct it to Bong
    that butt is MINE!

  148. Jini

    I hope it won’t be trot
    since powerful ballads is where Dae at
    ppl always know Dae for trot and Big Bang’s hyped up song
    it’s time for ppl to realize what an amazing voice he has.

  149. pmp cf;
    Hi I’m a dead corpse now. Yeah, I saw Bong acting cute and I imploded with a burst of lovely loveliness. I LOL’d at taeyang’s pole dance. Sexy and HILARIOUS at the same timee. And baby touching his butt. OO; that was a magical moment<3

    :] Big Bang is sexiness on legs.

    Thank Goshh Seung Ri won. He deserved it ❤

    Weeee Tabi on FO. Can’t waittttt x]
    I remember Bong on FO. Three words
    Jea lous girl.

  150. testing…testing…

    i’ve created an account!!! hee~

  151. Vi
    I think asking more from Tabi would be too dangerous
    it’s always good for him to leave things to MY imagination

    I think so too
    he needs to keep all that to YOUR imagination
    it’s the best for all of us

  152. G-DRAGON I love you from thailand

  153. This is random but i have to share this story!!
    So i’m in Gwangju right now Seungri’s hometown and I went to get my haircut at this salon.
    And the lady and I started talking about Big Bang. And she said about 5 years ago Seungri came into her salon to get his hair done and that’s when he was semi-famous.
    But he came in all grubby and and in sweats and he was all tired and cranky, but still polite.
    she thought he was never going to make it to the top.
    But she was wrong.

  154. vicky
    i know right? it’ll be so awkward haha.tabi is prob still a fan of her but yknow how he’s always being so cool.he can’t let hyori know that he’s such a big he’s hiding it like you said.hahaha.

    a big bang special FO would be like the best thing in the world.haha i’m sure anybody would give up their room so big bang can sleep in it.i know i would! hahah! but until then im anticipating tabi on’ll be so cute to watch him and dae.they ahve so much love going on since forever.hahahah

    and im so excited about all the solos coming up >_<
    look at m e gwisoon is nice but id rather not have a whole album of songs like that from dae.haha he can do so much more.ohh i wonder if we get to see abs.ahh exciting!hehe.

  155. Vi
    I hope it’s not the game that worst than ‘I love u’ game.
    U’ll explode too coz of ur brother in law?? Haha
    Yup, I mustn’t forget that u’re attracted to Tabi too. Though it;’s just a lil bit.

    No. I don’t know.
    It’s not like I want my boobs to look bigger but I just curious bout her well shappd boobs.
    Coz mine not really in a good shaped.
    & when I want to use a v-neck shirt it doesn’t look so good.

    Hohoho… I’m so happy that I don’t have any exam again.
    Kekeke… the school will start at 2nd March!
    Aw~~ I can’t stop smiling if I think bout it. hehehe

  156. Awww, awkwardness between each other.
    that’s so cute. Aha well i cannot wait
    to see this then. (:

  157. Close note will be brodcast on Feb 7th, if i’m not wrong…cuz i saw it on Big bang’s schedult time table in YG website
    TOP was the one that told SR and DS to go to the show LOL hehe

    back to music core:
    the dancers always have such pretty + gorgeous outfits hehe~~
    make them look sexy especially the female dancers hehe~
    back to maknae~~
    the sound he made at 2:51 is hehe….sexy hot hottie hotie hot hot….
    maknae is LOVE

    and i can’t wait for DS’s new single!!!

  158. it’s all seungri because he’s doing solo activities atm whilst the rest of the members rest.

    obviously there’s only going to be seungri stuff posted.

    stop moaning, kk.

  159. alytheazn

    me too gurl
    me too
    I was gonna blow when I saw Bong and Dae kiss Hyori
    but…….I survived. haha

  160. tubbyy

    HAHAH so it’s now an extra ‘y’?

  161. Sexica

    leave him as that
    i can’t handle all that

  162. angela

    AWW…. that’s so sweet
    ppl always doubted Baby
    but he always showed them.
    he work hard and he deserve everything he got today
    nobody can take that away from him

  163. Jaja

    yea~ and also Big Bang is a huge star now, they have to act like one, you can probably say a A lister almost. Tabi has this sexy dangerous doesn’t talk much cold blooded rapper image going on with him haha so he can’t show much of his fanboy side.

    I really want Dae to do ballads
    his voice is just MADE for that
    and it’s time ppl realize what an amazing voice this guy has.

  164. nya

    well luckily for you, these days on F.O they don’t have any games that require skin-contact as much as a quiz haha
    I’m telling myself I’m not attracted to my bro in law
    so please help me out here hahahah

    what kind of shape can your boob have except round??????
    I think it’s because the way her dress was shaped, it make her boobs look perfect
    ………are we really talking about boobs? O_______O

    I still have to go to school on chinese new year.. T___T

  165. ncly

    no that’s not SBS “Close Note”
    that’s MBC’s “Introduce Star’s Friends”

  166. ewwww

    this is a BIG BANG fansite
    where we update on every member
    you can keep the negative comments to yourself
    right now there’s many updates on SeungRi because the rest of Big Bang is taking a break while SeungRi is the only one doing his solo activities

  167. lil sis in law

    leave it to them. the VIPz already apologized. hihi.

    I wanna see Dae and Baby on Close Note! so excited for the two. hihi.
    So I guess Tabi and Baby are not awkward with each other anymore?
    Good thing Baebae and Bong are pretty close with everyone.
    …But I remember Baebae wanting to be close with Baby, because Baby’s always with Bong. or following him around. hihihi.

  168. Music Core was HOT! Man, I can’t help but fall in love everytime
    with the dance break and him in the end blowing a kiss and smiling!!
    AAHHH!! SeungRi was glowing 😀

    LOL! Close Note will definitely be fun! Haha I can’t wait to see
    SeungRi and DaeSung together. I can’t believe they’re still awkward!
    After being MC’s together and in the mini drama together and all that!
    But I guess work and play is different lol so excited for the show!

  169. I can never get tired of Seung Ri’s strong baby performance! I can’t wait to see Dae sung and Seung Ri on SBS “close Note”

  170. oh ‘cant wait to see dae & seunghyunie there.. haha! awkwardness!

    by the way, i read somewhere that seungri and taeyeon of snsd wiL be having a night-ski together. the fans voted them.. ^_^ i think fans really like them beeing together after mini drama. hehe.

  171. my friend is joking me, she said, ‘1-night-stand’ between seungri & taeyeon! HAHAHAHA!

  172. Vi

    what is TVants? xD
    loll sorry i just don’t know this stuff D:

  173. hehe, i just love looking at the concert pictures again 😀

    they’re soo sexxxiiliciously high quality and they look shiny
    or something in there xD
    bb is beautifullll LOL literally..especially in the photos ;D~!
    top looks so sexyyy xD and GD is woooahhh, freaking hot in his
    tankkk x] i already said that a few days ago -.-;
    lmao okay..

  174. that’s soo aweesomee/cool :D!

    so glad baby and dae are encouraged to be together more often
    because of the awkwardness lololll.
    that’s soo sweet and cuutee too xD<33

    can’t wait to see either ;]!!

  175. Vi
    Is that so??? Hahaha…
    Looks like I’m quite lucky here. Keke
    When u feels drawn to him I’ll pull u out. Hehe *evilsmile*
    Need me to fill u the “stay-away-from-Tabi” pills again?

    It is ROUND but some ppl’s r more pointy. & the MC’s r more round.
    & that’s my case.
    I dunno how to put this with English.
    I wonder if u understand it? Hehe
    I think I like the “full-round” one better.
    …. Can’t we talk bout boobs?? HAHAHA

    Hahaha… I can’t wait to see some fireworks tonight.
    It’s the new year eve. Kekeke…
    But I think I better bake my cookies first so I could catch up to see the fireworks.
    & the new year money. Hehe

  176. Vicky

    haha yes…apparently “tubby” was already taken way back..guess im a little slow xD

    this is random : BaeRi FTW ——->

  177. lol cf is funny i whish they were singing on some bus i was on.
    and congrats to seungri and dae sung.

    Did you guys noticed the letter “V”
    in the Music Core performances? 😀

  179. Could I just ask..cause I am wondering. Actually I am not too happy with seungri’s single. Yes its great that everyone is trying out with their own singles. But how can you listen to an 18 year old sing about one night stand and touch a lady on stage. Dont you feel its kinda wrong at all? Its fine if he sings about ballads about love at his age.. but have him half naked on an MV ..pretending to make out? I dont know but as much as I love big bang. I dont think I want to watch any more korean stars that young to be acting like that. This is JUST my honest opinion. Its not a really good influence to younger people.

  180. sis in law

    I heard it from another VIP that while Baby and Dae are on their “close note date”
    the rest of the members will be watching

    Bae and Baby are close
    but it just that Baby like Bong more haha
    and Bae is jealous
    he wants to be love more than Bong kekeke

  181. zzen

    no hahaha
    TaeYeon and Baby was voted the two that ppl would love to go night-skiing with
    haha not them together

  182. milkydonut

    it’s a program that allows you to watch TV online
    just google “TVants” and download it

  183. nya

    if I take anymore of those pills I’ll overdose
    I think I’m good from Tabi for a while….. haha for a while.

    i don’t know
    we’re talking about boobs… round and pointy…yea~ not weird at all.

    i’m busy with my family here too but I ditch them and rest in my room for a while
    too much yelling and chaos going outside

  184. tubbyy

    kekek then you must see Bae and Baby on Star Dance Battle
    some major BaeRi going on in the back
    they thought we wouldn’t notice

  185. lil sis in law

    I think that’s how it is on the show. When Yoobin and Sohee were there the other members were watching on their progress and giving them encouragements to open up to each other.
    Wonder what the others will say to Baby and Dae. ^^

    There’s a reason why Bong is the leader of Big Bang. I love my hubby to death and I am really attracted to him but I can’t deny Bong’s ultimate charisma. Sometimes he’s just too cute to resist.

    wait what BaeRi on Dance Battle? in the back? it wasn’t on the uploaded clip was it? waaaa.

  186. Vi
    Hahaha… this for a while line doesn’t seem so good.

    Now it do feel weird.
    It’s the first day of New Year yet we still talk about bobs. Hahaha
    I think we should stop it by now. Keke

    My father’s friend comes here so early.
    Well, not that early but I haven’t take a bath & surprised.
    I was like WTF? I just woke up & a dozen of ppl come, waiting to eat??
    Uhhhh~~~ busy from the morning
    Looks like we have the same condition ~.~A

  187. they r really cute^__^

    luv them so much!!!!!!!!!

  188. tabi.!!!!
    cant wait to watch family outing.!
    big bang hwaiting.,!

  189. Vi

    THANKKKKyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :]<3

  190. aaawwhhh… ❤ Daesungieeeee !!!
    so cute ^^ !

  191. Awww! I’m jealous! I wish I saw them at the amusement park x)

  192. OMG
    G-Dragons so cute in the istation ad!
    I screamed my head off when i saw him trying to be cute.
    And his headband!
    And that sweater thingee he’s wearing.
    Dude where did you get it??
    i want one now

  193. for all the people who wanna download youtube vids u download it at its pretty self explanatory. just for u ivips =]

    those pictures are so cute! the bae one is so adorable

  194. I hope one days I can go the big bang concert .. I hope I can show…I like big bang song .. I t is very nice your voice .. but know I more like Epik High.. But I more like with big bang…I hope the big bang will success forever…

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