Big Bang Exhibition in Osaka

yes, lucky Japan VIPz will become experts in a new kinda art, it’s called BIG BANG.
by the end of this post, you will understand why:


mmm yes they are lol.
the exhibition is located in the “Kintetsu Department Store” on the 5th Floor.
Contents include photo exhibitions, videos, & sales of BB goodies.
Admission is Free

& it will be there from 01.23.09 to 02.03.09 so go check it out while you can!

pictures under the cut ——————->


can you spot our boys way back when? lol. i turned one around so you could see their faces lol daesung’s skinny self was standing on a block lol! baek kyoung<333333 x]

BTW, the answers:

y’all definitely got 2 of them mixed up like i said you would lol
1) TOP
(cuz his hands are PERFECT! c’mon now! lol)
2) GD
(cuz he’s the only one cheesy enough to draw a star w/ his left hand on his right hand )
3) DAE
(cuz he’s the only caramel asian that i fiend for)
4) SR
(cuz he was a baby then w/ small hands lol)
5) YB
(cuz YB’s the gangsta who wears pinky rings)



^ can i please be curator of this exhibition?

^ the ZEN that is G-DRAGON

^ STRONG BABY has already hit Japan. the ‘CRACK CRACK’ dance has gone global!

^ ah, the glory days of LAST FAREWELL. =]

^ who’s that cutie over there? ^_^ (multiple answers apply)

^ my baby’s so photogenic. STOP IT xD lol notice how the reflection is ALSO JIYONG. xD this boy

^ i loved the FOR THE WORLD era too. they were all too cute.

^ wtHECK. there’s so many jiyongie pix. whyyyyy isn’t there one in LA =[

^ i would freak if i went to the mall & saw big bang’s face on display

^ lol, i would run away w/ those life size cut-outs xD

^ i’m taking jiyong’s though. i can’t carry them all! >.<

^ ahh. colorful ❤

^ ahh. blood. ❤ LOL xD

^ i guess this would be around the time i realized seungri isn’t a baby anymore. =X

^ in all honesty, when i first saw LAST FAREWELL, SR looked the oldest.

^ this picture makes me smile for some reason. FAMILY <33333 i love jiyong’s hair xD

^ THERE HE IS AGAIN! OMGAHHH that’s sucha cute picture <333

Photo Source:


*disclaimer: if you are offended by our inuendo-driven comments, please ignore. otherwise, feel free to add to them! hahahah ^_^

QUOTE #1 by KIM:
“i’d call youngbae a piece of art too if he dropped his pants LOLLLL alright, ignore this perv comment. but yes, youngbae is a piece of art “

-i’m sorry kiddo, it’s the flat out truth. i’d say the same thing, ever since my eyes got a glance at that one GIF (see this post to know what i’m sayinggg yo!)

QUOTE #2 by ME (comeback @ Kim’s)
“what better way to bang bang big bang, than in a room full of big bang pictures? ROFL xD”

– hahahahhahaha dapzzzzz.

QUOTE #3 by KIM (comeback @ mine)
“that might distract me =X especially if he was super hot in the pictures than the way he looked in person cuz of PS.”


QUOTE #4 by DUBSEE (multiple attacks in an IM chat)
“girlfriends should never take their boys there… nothing good will come of their relationship.”

“would there be a line to the exhibit? or a time limit?”
-lol cuz they’d stay there forever!


~ by gdluvzmc on January 24, 2009.

76 Responses to “Big Bang Exhibition in Osaka”

  1. ohmygood those picture are sooo cute !! i want them badly . D:

  2. 😀
    i read about this on
    seriously, i’d KILL for a flight ticket to japan right now .

  3. i bet that life size picture, is legit youngbae’s height LOLOLOL jkkk

  4. oh and if you’re curator of THAT exhibit
    then i claim the one with gd wearing tons of hats <333333
    SEXUH to the max~!!

  5. LOL


    no. if i’m curator. they’re ALL MINE THEN! lol

    i’ll probably auction them off though.

    BUT ITS OKAY. cuz i would only do that after i have the real thing lol. i’ll give it to you then XD ❤

  6. OH NO D:
    fine you can have the real thing
    for a limited time ^_^
    then one night
    and leave you with a realistic bongrobot !

    or i could be nice and live with your gift X]

  7. god.

    this is killing me.
    i couldnt close my mouth at the look of life size cutouts..


  9. gloriaaa

    lol nooo. marriage commitments involve loving only 1 person! xD
    i’m sorry ^_^

  10. ):
    fine then .
    since you’re my elder i will resist any more fighting and watch as you and gd get married

    i hate being younger than people .

  11. gloriaaa


    awwww ❤ thank you my dongseng.

    since i can see you are kind-hearted, i will gladly hook u up w/ my caramel asian daesung. haha. keep it in the family!

  12. LOL okay ! X]
    he will crack me up with his wickeddddd impressions of TOP<3
    that works too !

  13. I would so totally run off with that lifesize cutout of BAE
    First, I’d stand next to it casually, then when even one was buzy drooling over the others, I’d disappear with it into the crowd. XD
    Maybe no one would notice since Im little. xD

  14. man! if only there was a Exhibition
    of Big Bang in chicago or milwaukee.
    i would soooo stay there alllll dayy!

  15. DEAD X-X
    i’m so dead right now X-X
    and i’m up to heaven ^^
    it is Beautiful!!! full of BigBang for sure!!

    BIGBANG .<
    sry for that =)

  16. BIGBANG ❤

  17. Whoaaa so nice! dangg,
    i’d stay there & rob all of the items.
    Lmao, Japan fans are so luckyyy.
    I envy you[s]. Lol j/k. :]

  18. HOLY SHIATTTT wthelllz?!?! yeahhhh, i totally agree they should have one in LA xD

    that’s the coolllessttt thing everr :D:D:D:D
    i see a lot of G-RI <33333333333 muahahahaa jiyongieee looks
    so effing cuuteeee in those pictures xD<3 i love his hairr in a lot of them too hahaha.
    bae is so pretty lmaoo.. andd they all looks so cuteee togetherr

    they take amaazzing picture :D!!<33

  19. yeahhh OHMYEFFING GOD those gifs. were like..
    ooooohhlala was all i could think xDDDDDDDD

  20. or..WOAHHBABYYY ;D<333

  21. awww…
    I think I got them all mixed up
    the exhibition is such a crime dude
    showin so much BB goodies in one place should be illegal especially if it is a place far from me ;P
    but they’re definitely a piece of art
    sorry i don’t think I can come up wih an explanation like you two
    mine’s would just be something like

  22. …i think i drooled a little looking at all that. its bad enough i spazz whenever i see a picture of big bang. if i ever saw anything with big bang in the mall, dear god the entir place would hear me yell, scream, shout, and kill anyone that stands in my way for it. ugh i would love to see this.
    And HELL YEAH TO ALL MY BONGIE PICS. he is so photogenic isnt he. all the better to oogle him. XD God i love him so. The cardboard cutouts? Gah >..<

  23. sorry posted too son
    didn’t finish writin
    it would just be too pervy to mention
    and now that I see that we’re all pickin and choosing fromt the exhibition give me the lifesize TOP cardboard and I’ll let u guys fight for the rest

  24. Got cut off. what i meant to leave off at is the cardboard cutouts. Gah i would totally tear off limbs for my Bongie one lol jk people. I would take him in a heartbeat. Then i would take Youngbaes so he would have some company XD

  25. OMG I would love to see that exhibit. *o* <333

    And dang LMAO at those GIFs. XDD Aw GD. Yay, I can’t wait for the DVD already. D; <33 I hope I get it on Monday. Then I’ll have the whole day to watch it. 8D

  26. -gasps- Gah I thought I was done, but I scrolled down…. TaeYang. I seriously had my mouth drop. And I was very close to actually drooling. XD That clip is too HOT. 8D

  27. OH GAWD
    YB’S GIF= me bringing out my dirty mind 8]
    that sexyy man.
    imagine.. the day my hubby tabi
    does that..
    i would prolly just D-I-E.
    LOL@top pinching jiyong.. his happy reaction
    is priceless xD
    i would run to the display if they had
    one in LA too~ that is just too good to miss outt on.
    i gotta find some time to watch my global tour dvdd
    why is bigbang art?
    because they come in all colors and their possibilities are endless<3 muah

    what i would do with a lifesize doll..
    pfft (;

  29. I NEED those life-size cutouts. All of them. I would never be able to go to sleep. xD
    -sigh- I want to go to Japan.

    After many debates on whose hands belonged to who, my sister and I totally got them right. =]

  30. aw man i want to see that so bad and i would try to steal one of those life size cut outs..just sayin lol they are so fine!!!

  31. “QUOTE #2 by ME (comeback @ Kim’s)

    “what better way to bang bang big bang, than in a room full of big bang pictures? ROFL xD” ”

    HAHAHA. omg. that is so funny and yet, as perveted as this sounds, i totally agree with you.

    they should have an exhibit like this EVERYWHERE.
    i love the picture of the 4 of them (minus top) smiling/laughing.
    and the pic of their hands together, absolute love.

  32. Haha..i got TOP’s and Taeyang’s hands wrong.. :L

    Dang the art exhibition is so cool..If only i could teleport myself to Japan for a moment and embrace those pictures..hee~

    i’ll be on cloud 9 to be able to walk through the art exhibition..
    LUcky Japan VIPs!

  33. oh. my. god. an exhibition… of pictures of big bang… EVERYWHERE! holy shit man!!! can u ask for more!!!! (either than the real thing of course)

    god these pics killed me. i would SO kill to be in japan right now…

    and who set up this exhibition? YG?

  34. are they nuts putting life-size cutouts in public….big nono for hormonal fangirls lol….geeze don’t even get me started with taeyang’s cut out lol…the quotes were halarious and that gif *gulp* my mind still reels whenever i see it lol

    now we all know how YB does the dirty in bed =P i’ll stop!

    I WOULD SO BE IN BIG BANG HEAVEN with all this…
    i would never come out!!!

  36. OMGG id sell my FAMILY to buy all those fine peices of art xD put all those cutouts in my room.. 😛
    JEEBUS they are fine! i wanna go to japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao Japan needs US to put some pictures up there! lol we’d cause complete chaos in that place <333

  37. OMG. :O
    I WANT. :O
    Aw, and I was in Japan just a couple weeks ago!? D:
    ARGH!? D:
    I wanna go so bad!? :O
    But if I go, I’ll end up buying everything?! xD
    Hehehe… 🙂

  38. Dude, if i was in the exbibition, i would
    of just stayed in there forever!
    Japan Vipz are so lucky. I want to go there!
    When is the Exhibition going to end? hrmm

  39. i want the Ji Yong cut out. That’s the
    reason why i’m gonna stay in there.

  40. OMO…
    i wanna cry because i just got 2 correct in guessing who hand izzit…
    sob sob..
    i wanna go to osaka so badly and take top’s life size cut-out pic back to malaysia.. haha…
    btw, go JVIP…~~~~
    I wish other country will do this kind of stuff too…
    Its one of the way to spread BB’s love, charm, cute, hotness (ops, better stop till here)

  41. i seriously wanna stole ALL THAT!!! AH THE LIFE SIZE CUT OUTS!! AAAA~and those pictures are just GOLD baby!!

  42. damn i was way-off on the hand.
    but true Ji Yong is the only one who would
    draw the star =]
    Aww he’s so cute. Whoa Seungri wears
    bacelates too?

  43. WOW! OMG those still pics at that exhibition are SUPER HOT!
    mmaannn! I really wanna cry…I wish I was there! It would be
    so cool to be in a room surrounded by ALL THINGS BIG BANG!
    That place looks soo cool… ugh *sigh*
    I never thought about a BB exhibition, but now that there is one
    with all these never before seen pics..I WANNA GO!!!
    whyy???? why am I not in Osaka lol lucky JVIPs im so missing out

    Oh, ASSAH! I got the hand thing correct lol

    man those YG pics are so funny, YB got hotter, that’s when
    SR really looked like a panda, DS was hella skinny! GD’s hair
    made him look older, TOP is still sexy lol

  44. ohh my goodness, that exhibition is HEAVEN.
    one day i will have a room in my house that looks like that.

  45. god i luv this site. i was just on POPSEOUL (out of curiosity… which i will NEVER do again) and that site makes me SO FREAKIN MAD!! like the first post there is some bullcrap about how VIPs and Wonderfuls dissed DBSK. and thats so stupid!!! like how the HELL do they know that those people who did cancel their seats were VIPs or Wonderfuls (if they were then, whao there K-fans)

    and after the MKMFs, they wrote some bullshit post about how GD started crying when some stupid, ugly, so damn un-worthy comedian imitated GD’s “i ❤ s3x" shirt and they used a pic from 2007’s MKMFs… so stupid!!! and they were all "if you can’t take the critisism then you shouldnt be in big bang" or something (can’t remember, too long ago)…they make me so MAD!! gahh!!!

    and the comments!!! like are these people for real?!?! they’re all "omg im do dissapointed in VIPs and Wonderfuls…" "omg! they’re just jealous DBSK taking away their popularity!" "omg! VIPs and Wonderfuls should get a life…" freakin hell you b*tches should get a life and while your at it, go f*** yoursleves. what i dont understand is HOW THE HELL these people believe this nonsense!! and the biggest nonsense, that DBSK’s comeback ruined BB’s or WG’s anything.

    that site made me so mad. and so sorry for like writing an essay on nothing related to this post!!… which btw has some major sexy pictures… yea… i just needed to get that out cuz i was like shaking with anger…

    K-fans aren’t really like that right????

  46. @Mykaaa

    OMG! that’s an AMAZING idea!! so cool… one day i’m gonna do that too =D (after [something too violent to say] the b-iatches at popseoul)…sorry still pretty mad…

  47. lol i call tae yang a pice of art if he drop his pants too..lololololol no really i would..:)

    but do you have a link if there is a web site ???

  48. thanks for sharing!!
    aaww i really want to see those with my bare eyes..
    surely i would freak out..

  49. ^ this picture makes me smile for some reason. FAMILY <33333 i love jiyong’s hair xD


  50. ahhh!!! exibition awsome!!!! most of exibition that i go befor only games,education ,stuff n whatsoever…huhuhu this exibition is the best!!!! kawaiii photo!!!!thx for sharing!!!

  51. OK for some reason my computer isnt letting me see the bigger sized pics from image shack! I click ’em and then I get the page with everything but the picture!

  52. ommg. i caught my self drowning in my own drool.xD i wannt to steall all those poster and everything else and runnn the way home(: and keep them Heheh(: I soo wish i was there right now:[

  53. WOWWW! i will freak out if i see BB Exhibition T.T

  54. Gahhz!! They shld have one in Bangkok too!! Those pictures r love!!! I saw an exhibition of DBSK like this in Bangkok…last year…they came after BB left…I would wish for it to b in my country but I dun think YG would even think of being in here…so Bangkok would def be my nxt resort…Luvin’ all the GD pictures!! Even “Haru Haru” MV pics r in there…they r truly a fine piece of art…^^

  55. Marry Me GD

  56. they should have bb exhibition in each country 😀 i’d totally visit every weekend/month

  57. uwaah!!! …omg I want to be there too..what a great exhibition!!!! lucky japanVIPz

  58. oh god.
    they’d need an ambulence over there from all the fainting!
    im pretty sure id be passing out haha

    thanks for the pics melly! XD

  59. OMGGGG I wanna rob the whole exibition!!! all those pics are too hottt
    I got all their hands correct XD wheeee~~~i’m a happy fangirl~~

    Thx a lot for the pics, the last one with GD is freaking cute!! i’ll die right there if GD staring at me like that!

  60. luvBB4lyf

    i saw posts like that too and sometimes its just crazy the sh*t people say and do. id like to think all VIPz are nice and most i know are. Saw a post recently where VIPz used orange as Big Bang’s colour and Shinhwa supporters wern’t very happy, even though they admitted they did not own the colour. However the next day thousands of VIPz appoligised to shinhwa supporters and members. Some other fan groups always make it out as a competition, like whos better than who. Which is stupid, because its just about opinion. i love this site to cos it promotes no such competition and even though we all support big bang we dont diss other groups to better ourselves.

    Oh and yeahh don’t you just wanna steal all those framed pics and take em home xD

  61. BB exibition,that’s Bigbang HEAVEN right there.

    with or without clothes YB’s freakin’ piece of art
    that God made for us to drool on.

  62. Omg, those pics are sooo cool!
    Gah, I wanna see them in real life.

  63. EH For the 1st PIC the one with alot of ppl..
    Is Seung Ri Like in the middle of GD and taeYang? Lolol :X

  64. The exhibit needs a lot of security alarms if they want everyone to see every piece, because every VIP would take at least one home. * I would, most of it Baebae arts XD*

    Of course everyone in Big Bang is a piece of art, but Baebae is definitely a piece of art…I had never seen an eyebrow lift as hot as Baebae’s….damn him… and that was before I saw that GIF….

  65. those life size cut outs killed me!
    i’d ATTEMPT to steal them, but because of my short filipino size that is less than 5 feet, i’d fail miserably since i’m weak T.T
    then again, i think ALL VIPs would attempt to steal and take one home, am i right? xD

  66. omg *flies to japan* xDDD

    err in the pic with their hands, i went to and the full pic of that doesnt have the star on jiyong’s hand. +_+?

  67. Well, I agredd with the Quote #04, because my boyfriend never like me go on the whole thing melting whenever I saw Bong, huhuh, he will feel down every time I mention Bong or other Big Bang, ahhaha…

    I want to go to that Exhibition, I want I want, huhuh….

    And those life Size, I will only take Bong and Tabi hyung, haha, I cannot manage to carry all five of them, LOL

  68. GD is the most precious piece of art in that exhibit!!! I wish i live in Japan where Big Bang is Bangin’!!!!! are the pictures for sale? If possible, I will buy the GD life size and snatch Baby..cuz GD will be lonely without Baby..right?!?!

  69. Heck yes G-dragon is the most finest piece of art out there. 🙂
    LOLL ! But bigbang = loveee<3

  70. omg!im so jealous of japan vips!ahah..

  71. Oh Em Gee!These are all so cute.I want them lol.

  72. im totally wanted to go to japan now..
    anybody can take me??huhuhu..
    i would take all that and bring it to my room…
    LOOOOOVEEEE BIG BANG SOOOO MUCCCHHH..wish im at japan now…lol

    for me,BIG BANG is the precious piece of art in this entire world…

    so VIPz,we all must take a VERY GOOD CARE of this piece of art…

  73. SHIZZLLLEEE. My Jiyongiiee is freakin` cute !!
    And yeah, i agree to you, if there will be a big bang
    pictures on the mall, i would really freak out like
    i wanna take it out from the mall and bring it home !
    hahaa. especially JIYONG`s pictures. *u*

    URRHHH, I hope they`ll be here in Philippines D:
    VIPz Phils. waiting for them. BIG BANGG FTW ! JIYONGG FTW ! xD

  74. omgsh they should def. have one in america!
    i’d fly anywhere just to see those pictures 😀


  76. Okay if I wasn’t in school in NC I’d so be there to borrow the Bae cut out the only thing is even if I “borrowed” it I’m only 4ft 11in I don’t think I could “sneak I mean carry it alway”!! LOL but they need on of these in the US.

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