01.25.09 TaeYang & SeungRi’s Dance Battle!! | Pictures Update.

WATCH: Big Bang’s STAND UP Concert in Japan

Happy Lunar New Year!!

DOWNLOAD: TaeYang & SeungRi Cuts on Star Dance Battle

In your opinion, who won?

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Dance battle between the best dancers of Big Bang, Baby and Bae battling it out for a Lunar New Year special.

Baby was turning on his sexy charm all the way, his body waves…… send me to “AWE~” heaven, I can’t close my mouth… no matter how hard I try… I can’t hahaa then he did that hip thurst wave… how does he expect me to live after that????? OH LORD. Although his dance send me straight to heaven, I must say this wasn’t his best, he pick sexiness over his true music, which is totally J.T stuff, that’s where his skills shine, he should’ve done something like that, Bae on the other hand OWNED it… he even showcased those who didn’t get to see the move he did during his “Ma Girl” performance during his solo concert, the whole humping the ground and body wave with his abs (I have the DVD, saw him do it half naked… nosebleed~) Bae just freaking shine the whole damn stage, so freaking smooth.

Who doesn’t know I love Baby to death, but I have to say Bae wins hands down.

Pictures Updates

  • SeungRi and TaeYang during Star Dance Battle
  • Updated FILA Photoshoot
  • Updated PMP Photoshoot
  • New NII Season??

SEXY SHOTS of the two during the show.

Updated FILA Photoshoot

Updated PMP Photoshoot

New NII Season Photoshoot??

High school jocks theme???? DELICIOUS. haha

Thanks to FILA | NII | MBC | 쏘쏭님


~ by Vicky on January 25, 2009.

158 Responses to “01.25.09 TaeYang & SeungRi’s Dance Battle!! | Pictures Update.”

  1. they both did REALLY GOOD

    but….i do have to say that TY owned it..
    you can see SR wasn’t really happy with his performance in the end (of may be it’s just me imagining), but SR really did a GOOD GOOD job
    he was so sexy~~
    but i couldn’t stop drooling over TY’s performance…it was scarily sexy

    SR was really busy to prepare for a sport dancing compeition on TV next week
    and then for his promotion, and then big bang concert rehearsal
    so he didn’t have as much time to practice as tae yang’s hehe
    may be that’s why he couldn’t do his best
    but yeah, he did a good job
    could see his sad face in the end~~
    but he smiled again when it was a tie haha
    SR is pretty competitive hah? haha
    adorable maknae~~

  2. thanks

  3. Oh my~ TY owned, thats a fact! His dance moves are such great damn sexy~ his little cute smile when he lift up his cap!
    SR did a great job too ^^ his waves got me, I confess!

    Anyway~ my opnion.. TY won!

    the moves, the style, the perfection in his dancing…its so detailed and smooth and jaw-dropping gorgeous..i think everyone was just awe-struck at his dancing since its the first time really he’s done a full-fleged “just dancing” performance…hes always singing or something which makes it harder to move….he was so damn sexy and he owned the stage. It’s sometimes harder when your background dancers are just as good and then even harder when they’re dressed exactly like you – he totally stood out and took center stage…the ground humping, pelvic thrusting and the tiny shirt lift was enough to get my hyperventilating and nosebleeding…

    SR was good, not his best perf though and i wished he did more dancing rather than trying to be sexy

  5. Seungri was very good and sexy but Taeyang killed it!!
    I couldn’t stop droolinh.. ahh so HOT!

  6. taeyangg, hands down. (;
    both of them were freakin’ hot!
    this made my morning! 😀

  7. can you put it in ipod version? im dying to put this on (:
    i love seung ri but….tae yang definitely won =]

  8. taeyang wins.
    but seungri was amazing !

    LOL the pictures..
    why does my dae always attempt to fly?

  9. oh. my. im finding it hard to breath after all that. ALL THIS SEXINESS!!! it DEFINATELY can’t be good for fangirl’s heart man!! or her health!! (but definately yes for her eyes ;])

    the pictures… SO SEXY AND CUTE!!! ahaha, i luved TOP and Taeyang’s intense stare at the camera…absolutely fantastic. havent seen the dance battle yet but im sure after reading everyone’s comments, i’m gonna suffer a nose bleed too…


  10. @daesungvip

    ahaha! i see what you mean. it’s pretty cute… ahh. gotta love our daedae (though he may be a bit weird at times)

    and oh my. GD’s headband is KILLING me!! and my heart! headband = <333 (especially in the Nii pics…)

  11. My man, Tae Yang took the spotlight. Ooohh.. He always make me go crazy with his dance moves and his wonderful voice. But SeungRi also did a good job, which was really really sexy. Touching the noona and all. ahah.


    totally love bae in here! look at his sleek moves omg, and the way he work his cap totally awesome!

    ri did pretty good too, look at his body waves! and the confidence on his face ! great job !

    and just one thing, how do i join the vip fan club? :/

  13. i thought
    may be it would have been better if SR did the dance he did in the global warning concert solo dance one??
    but anyways
    he did great though ^^

    Happy new year to BIG BANG!!!!

  14. I’m gonna give give Baby Ri love @ the dance battle. that was a risk for me, trying out new things. I’m proud of him for that. =)
    But I gotta agree Baebae took this one! smooth moves, he’s oozing that sexiness all over, and he just have to smile at the song break. ooooh what’s a girl gotta do.
    I saw that “move” too, but it was a GIF…and no need to replay that scene by myself. weeeeee.

    I love those pictures! The PMP pics were hot, especially Dae’s and Bong’s ^^
    Wonder if it’s really NII on the jersey picture. It looks so damn promising to the eyes. hihihi.

  15. ^that was a risk for HIM (not me…whatta…I must be spacing out)

    Happy Lunar New Year to VIPz and Big Bang!!!

  16. Taeyang destroyed Seungris in this dancebattle. Trutfully just from the moves they were preforming, Taeyang is yearsss aheard of Seungri, which is normal, since Seungri is still very young. Experience shows…Taeyang ownedddddddd.

  17. its really really awesome !
    but does anyone knows where i can get or watch the full video ? 🙂
    thanks !

  18. check out this site, http://www.dongyoungbae.webs.com

  19. taeyang!! omg GD is the one in my heart but sometimes taeyang just O.O omg…lols

  20. the dance battle was just awesome! TaeYang totally rocked the stage. He even received a standing ovation, which is not surprising of course! Gosh, i was mesmerized by his sudden smile..lol~ yeah he did a superb job!
    Seungri did a great job too! he’s getting used to the sexy mode ever since Strong Baby! He is a skilled dancer, no doubt. But with TaeYang, lol, it’s a choice between my fav. and the deserving one.LOL~ It’s ok maknae, you can learn a lot from TaeYang hyung! He’ll be even better when the time comes.

    Dang they look hot in the NII photo…! Hmm, i wonder where’s DaeSung.. o.o

  21. Vivian

    I totally agree with you. Bongie is my love, but sometimes Youngbae just. Gah the performances. I was screaming through half of them cause they were hot. My mom thought i was like gonna die from spazzing. Seungri, daaaaaaamn he has grown up way too quick. His dance was more sensual, but i like his JT style alot more. If he had added that it wuld have made my decion harder.

    Youngbae you freaking tease. He decided to whip out his secret weapon. Youngbae, you had me at your abs. Those should be illegal cause they are a weapon that kills fangirls everywhere. The thrusting on the ground? WHERE THE HELL IS MY DVD DAMMIT?!?! i want to see that already ;-; I love watching Youngbae dance cause he was so serious then the music changed to happier and he got all smiley. I smile like a retard when i see him happy.

    All in all Youngbae won to me. now the pics? Bongie being the first big pic? SQUUUEEEEEEE Gah hes freaking irresistable >.<

  22. I can’t wait to see more NII photo shoot!

  23. OMg!!!! the dance battle was sexy!

  24. WAHHHH~ these guys know how to dance…LOL NO DUH!!
    i prefer Bae’s dance, BUT Baby did really well too.
    the whole dance for both was AMAZING!!!

  25. lil sis in law

    I just watched the taeyang and seungri clips from Star Dance Battle.
    I’m pretty sure this episode made you happy.
    Baby doing that sexy Rainism move. 😉
    Baby doing that sexy boy dance on the pole *I think Baebae taught him since he did the same thing in the PMP commercial*
    Wasn’t that the same game in KM Idol World where Baebae won over a little boy whose good at it? hihihi.
    Those two in big candy(?) bags…too cute! Why do they keep torturing us by showing ways to wrap our boys and take them home? hihihi. Baebae’s jump was really adorable…waaaaa.
    And I saw the major BaeRi action! Baby going to Baebae’s side and watching the rest of the game with him…Did you see him whisper something into Baebae’s ear? His position….waaaaaaaaaaaa….
    Wonder what it is. Baebae didn’t register much facial reaction,just listening to him intently…I guess he was tired from the concert preparations.
    Hope they do well!

  26. taeyang sooo won! X)
    soo happyy!

  27. the battle was freaking awesome…i watch Seungri part with my mouth open the entire time lol…Bae was totally full of HOT-NESS when he pulled his shirt off gosh i went into total fan girl mode lol..and when he did that dance he did at his solo concert wow-ser that made me go nuts lol….i love both of them but i have to say my dear hubby Bae totally owned it =D


  29. DAMN That was fricken SEXYYY & HOT!
    i opened my mouth the whole time too.
    OMG i Can’t believe they have a tie.
    Hrmm i can’t chose who won..but i have
    to say TaeYang. I’m sorry Seungri baby, you
    were good too!
    omg i think i just died & got beborn again =]
    Lols i can’t stop thinkin about it. Ima go
    watch it again. WHOOO.
    Happy Lunar New Year!!

  30. HOLY SHNIT! Man, I’ve been dying and daydreaming for Big Bang
    to dance to Chris Brown’s “Freeze”!!!!!!! OMG dream come true!!!

    Waa~ i think just because of that..I’m picking TaeYang, his
    performance was fun to watch and his moves were amazing!

    SeungRi had the sexier song, aaaand the sexier dance but
    I must agree somewhere along the lines, he kinda was…..idk?
    but OMG when he picked up the dancer and swung her!! Waaa~
    idk I just squealed lol I wish that was me 😀

  31. I REALLY, REALLy want to go to school with them now.
    NEW NII Pictures! =]
    YAY Best Lunar NEW Year!

  32. ….both of them were good!! really… but my heart won TAEYANG =P…he was a BIT better..xDD …I don’t know why..but seung ri looks like if he wasn’t in a good mood..maybe he is too tired…bcuz of his strong baby perfomances..

    uwaaah!! bong looks so hawt !!!!….

    omo…can’t wait for the HQ pics of Nii.

  33. Seungri looks like profession in his suit
    & Taeyang is just TaeYang. Screams*
    Watching it over agian still makes me scream
    and stuff.

  34. They Where FANtastic!!!!^^
    love it when BIGBANG dances!!!! I die every time again..=)
    ther are soooo good at everything!!!
    singing, dancing, pose, make fans die, scream, laugh, cry, everything…!!!


  35. oh and a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


  36. Happy lunar new year xP!
    BIGBANG<333 LOL ! Hwaiting!

  37. i loved both of their performances.. and i love the songs they danced too (even though it has been my DREAM TO SEE YB DANCE TO TAKE YOU DOWN…) but that’s ok lol. SR’s was more sexy while YB’s was more street lol. but my vote leans more towards Taeyang. I wonder if they will go to ABDC if they come over here? I think they would really enjoy it ^__^

  38. love seung ri’s white jacket then silky green inside =]
    Hahah taeyang’s dance crew was sho good, lool hot concert dejavu (however you spell it) i dont thinks its fair how can seungi compete if bae is doing all floor gropes and sexual hip thrusts hahaha. Mannnn him being shy of girls whatever, how things have changed. So funny when shin puts Bae’s cap on him and he just stares at him do it, like a lil kid hehehe. this has soo made my new year especially after all this exam revision

  39. The dance battle was so hot! Although, I thought Seungri was gonna dance by himself & do some intense moves instead of dancing with the girl, which just made it seem like he was doing a Strong Baby routine, so wasn’t a big fan of that. But his body waves were SO HOT. Taeyang was sexyyyy…when he lifted up his shirt, omg. I died. He won in my opinion.

  40. Baby did aweesomee and he was all pretty and stuff XDO< so then i think bae won because he was really good 😛 hehehe
    but that was SEXY AND HOT and CUUTEEE in a way LOLLLL
    i love bong’s headbandddd <3333 his headband fashion is totally unique and adorableee plus in my opinion he looks the besttt with
    it ;D! loving tabi’s HAIIRRR ANDD JACKET in the pmp photos. they all have such great fashion sense lmao. my role models? xD<3
    BTW, does anybody know the songs bae was dancing to? LOL i reallyy liked them xDD lol i fell like twice today for nothing :] and hurt myself at the edge of my bed and chair twice too xDD
    blehh 😛

  41. yeah. YB totally owned that battle. i mean, props to Baby for being
    super sexy, but yeah that was all YB. love his style.

    and weeeeee, more gorgeous pics to stare at. the new season of Nii
    is looking good too. very preppy jock.

  42. Tae Yang definitely won!!!!!! I love seung ri and the song “Take you Down” and he just didn’t do the song justice, there was no passion or sexyness about.

  43. im gona be seeing the battle later
    but man im alrdy imagining the sexiness (:
    GASP. hubby tabi in those preppy clothes
    look mighty fine even in that little preview
    pic. teheheee

  44. wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh to the max!
    that was just the sexiest thing!!!!!!!!! >______<
    Baby…. 0.o
    soooo sooo sooo sooo sooo SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
    all those body waves got me spinning
    I lost it
    but then….then has to come Bae
    those abs I died and came back to die again
    *repeat 1000x*
    I’m kinda glad they tied
    keeps things real friendly between them
    it’s just too damn hard to decide
    i wanna say Baby did but then when Bae was on the floor….*NOOOOOOSEEEBLEEEED!!!*

    the FILA pics= LOOOOVE!
    but that high scchool theme had me rolling
    little too dangerous if they were in MY highschool
    the things i would/wouldn’t do

  45. the winner for me has to be tae yang. seungri should’ve shown some abs too. darn!

  46. WoW! I hope to see some more of that NII photo! They all look amazing!! Bae won the dance battle for sure! Baby was great, but Bae’s floor movements were out of this world! HaHa loved it!

  47. I’m just going to be really blunt and say the ‘sexy’ image just doesn’t go with Baby.

  48. T____T so sad, I don’t see my Dae in the new NII photo, was he too busy again …

  49. Awww. Baby didnt look so happy about his performance. I felt so sad to see that girl touching him. AAAAAAAAH. Lucccckky ass girl.

  50. happy lunar new yr everyone!
    in my opinion yb OWNED.
    baby did pretty well, but yb trued the true dance skillz <

  51. Happy lunar neww year :]
    OMG I loved that dance battle! AHHH! I’d say it was
    a tie too, the dances were insanely awesome. AHHH When
    Bae humped the floor… DIEDDDD. Lmaoo, “nosebleed!”
    Haha, & Baby looked so fine, OOH, his dance was soooo
    JT, for sureee. LOVE THE NEW PICTURES ALSO! Hotluss!
    OMG NEW NII? AHH I cannot wait! xDD

  52. my baby won. : )

  53. LOL, just had to be a tie. YB won, hands down. His dancing never ceases to amaze me. And, I love how they closed up Yoona’s face when he lifted up his shirt. Because that was totally every other girl in the audience, haha.

    I think Baby should’ve danced alone. The girl kind of hindered him.

  54. hahahaha… SEUNGRi killed me! although YB owned it.. i dunno but i love SEUNGRi’s sexyness, i wish i could see him in person doing those sexy moves.. maybe it’s just me. but i love seungri’s sexy moves, he doesn;t really give his BEST, but, his sexyness is enough.. aww, *droolz* i’m too perverted fangirl.. hahaha.. SEUNGRiiiiiii… ahhhhh… btw, DANCESPORT BATTLE. i hope seungri wil give his real dancekills there. that’s one thing to look forward 2, on ‘d 27th.. haha…

  55. ncly

    it’s not just you
    I feel it too
    Baby is really obvious when he’s not satisfy with something
    he show it right on his face.
    he’s really is not good at hiding his emotion

    and I do agree
    Baby is working his butt off these days with so many things going on with his solo activities
    so it’s understandable.
    poor Baby.

  56. daesungvip

    because he’s DaeSung
    I think that answer it completely. keke

  57. JAC

    join the official fanclub?
    it’s HARD work
    probably impossible if you don’t speak Korean
    you have to go through this test about the boys and have to pass it in order to join
    and I don’t think they’re accepting any new members right now

  58. Omo!!! Tae yang tore it up, he won, personally. But he’s so cute when he smiles during the descision part while SR was all intense. When he did the thing on the floor and when he pulled up his shirt,I ALMOST DIED!!! SR, props to him for trying to be a big boy.

    **EDIT: no bashing allowed.
    thankyou 🙂

  59. sis in law

    kekek sure is a risk for him
    he kept staring at HeeJung’s butt, she was trying to hard not to laugh out loud when he wrapped his jacket around her haha

    I just wish that Baby would done some J.T stuff, since that’s just totaly him
    rather than try to fit with his sexy strong baby image.
    cuz if Baby were to dance like he normally do.

  60. tubby

    yea. even though Baby is always my #1
    gotta give it up for Bae
    he rocked that stage.

    Dae is probably on the side somewhere
    that’s just a small preview from their website
    it’s not the whole pic, so some of it was cut out

  61. Vanessa,

    Man-ho? I’m not the biggest SR fan but that was definitely inappropriate to say.

  62. sis in law

    OOH YES.
    ‘nough said haha

    or Baby taught it to Bae before the CF?
    we never know
    Baby and his sexy things these days
    we never know hahaha

    what amaze me is Baby’s upper body streight
    I should’ve guess those abs are good for something else too
    he’s been working on his biceps too

    Baby was resting on Bae’s shoulder at first
    then whispering something
    if Bong saw that clip he would be furious hahaha

  63. hoichu

    haha me too
    I love how there’s silky green inside when we can’t tell at all when we’re looking at it from the outside

    I’ve been trying for the past year, convincing my korean friends that Bae never had a girlfriend before and he’s afraid of girls
    but… so far, they still can’t believe me
    they make me seem like the biggest liar on earth

  64. milkydonut

    Bae danced to

    Fallin out-keyshia coles

  65. Sexica

    imagine seeing Bae doing all that half naked and sweating
    yea…………that’s how he did it in the DVD
    on god.
    my mom was watching in the kitchen. I KNOW SHE DID.
    my little perverted mother of two kids.

    I would lock them in the locker room and have some fun haha

  66. i havent been commenting in here 4 ages..i really miss talking w/ u guys..hehehe…nweiz…all i can say is this is another heaven moment of mine…im sOOO glad i was born on earth..hehe…

    I LOVE BOTH Performance…and mah man RI is sOOO SEXY!!!..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…………but i gotta give it 2 YB oppa..I ❤ his smooth moves…and d choreo man…even if i cant dance, I WILL LEARN that choreo…haha…BB<333

  67. lol vicky i just noticed you changed ur siggy to only mrs. LEE xD
    HAHAHA <333
    mrs. kwon jiyong is finally mine xD

  68. they were both really good, but yb was amazing. he totally owned it. and thanks for posting the pics – they’re hot. is it just me or is daesung looking really good these days?

  69. Has anyone here heard of ONTD? It’s way better than Perez or any other gossip blog, and I’ve made them fall in love with Tae Yang lol.


  70. Vi
    hahahaha can’t blame her now can we
    my mom was behind me when I first saw the GIF Melly posted
    she played it cool but hell I knew she peeked a little but she did
    now I know were I get my gifted eye for this things
    my mom is probably the main cause

    I was just thinkin on givin them cookies and
    ‘making cakes full of rainbows and smiles’for them
    but I like your thinkin better
    are u willin to share them or do we fight for them with our lives

  71. If it’s me, I can’t make a decision who wins too!!!
    Baby make me scream like crazy.
    His sexy dance.
    Whhoooaaa~~~ the waxe. Ohmygod~~

    But Bae… I should say. He send me to pervert haven too.
    Lord… that abs.. I can’t close my mouth.
    Bae so being his own self.

    The FILA pic.
    Hubby looks like he’s picking up something that fall.
    Now when I see the PMP shoot. I remember about the ‘cock blocker’ move.

    So good now they wear the jeans again.not the skinny jeans.
    I personally think they shouldn’t let us stare too much of their ‘that’ area.
    If they keep this up I think I would die from blood lose.
    & they’ll think about the murder scene, with so much blood all over the computer. Haha…

    Damn, they really turn me into a total pervert in this 1st day of new year. Fufufu

  72. OMG! OMG! OMG! New NII photoshoot! they look so HOT!!!!

  73. I like them both, but TaeYang was the best to me. All his choreography. Mmm. ❤

    Yay more pics! c:

    Ooh I’m loving the jocks theme for that Nii photoshoot. [: ❤

    HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR everyone! Hope yall had some good food. ^___~

  74. really really awesome dance battle!!!!!!!
    them both really good at dancing^__^

    i luv that pics of them so cute!!!!!!!!!!

    MY sexy husband can mooooove XD
    But I admit, SR’s got some sexi mooves.
    =) Yay, sooo going to DL this RITE NOW

  76. ooh~.very amazing.so much love this guys.<3

  77. Wow. Both were really good. But…I gotta say TaeYang totally won. I mean, his style, his rhythym, even the timing was absolutely perfect.

    AWESOME PICS!!!! 😀

  78. tae yang is the best dancer in big bang.. love how he moves and looks like he really feels the music.

  79. When I saw both of them dancing, yikes, sexy dance especially Baby and my eyes were so wide when he does that dance with that girl >.<”’
    And Tae, he is so sexy as well..

    It’s hard to choose which one, because both of them are really good…


  80. they both were good but i gotta had it to taeyang
    the way he dances is just really smooth. never get disappointed when he dances cause taeyang always executes the choreography successfully. But seungri did alright

  81. seung ri looked so annoyed there.. anyone else notice?

  82. ohhhhh BAE!!!! i freaking died
    baby is good too but bae is more of a better freestyle dancer
    every move he did is just smooth smooth and smooth~
    BAE ahh~~~~i love you~lolol
    betraying bong again hahaha
    yay happy chinese new year to myself!!
    am taking a break now from going here and there to visit my friends
    dang and what’s wrong with the damn connection again dang

  83. ————HM—————–

    That Nii photoshoot looks more exciting than all the other news above. Can´t wait to see it—-those sweaters look pretty damn cool.

    As for the dancebattle………well, I never understood why Seungri was always considered such a good dancer—he isn´t that good.

    TY has always been the better one- in my opinion.
    He´s smooth, groovey and very stylish. So, there goes the winner.

  84. They were both really really good! But Young Bae was so damn HOTTTT!!

    Happy Chinese New Year Guys!!

  85. another blessed post 😀 cheers and thank you ;]


  87. lil sis in law

    yeah, he should have done his old moves
    I’ve seen a video clip of him during their documentary days
    That was too wicked!
    If he toned down on the sexy and brought more Seungri (meaning J.T.) maybe he could have won it.
    But then when Baebae lift up his shirt and smiled later on….aigoo…how I can i resist it?
    Plus his overall dance was really good.

  88. omg…..totally after that floor/air hump thing bae did i dnt think ANYBODY could’ve won over that. my runny nose might just turn into a nosebleed.

    and lols TOP’s face kinda gave the impression that he let out a fart accidentally XP

  89. And the BaeRi moment. that was too cute.
    It’s like it was a big secret.
    How Baby whispered it to Baebae…just shows he’s still the cute maknae that will be loved by 10 generations of girls.
    I think we’re seeing a lot of Baby’s but these days. hehehe.

  90. they both were very very good!!!
    but definitely…TAEYANG WINS!!! no doubt!!
    but…that was such a H0T performance!!

  91. taeyang pwned it. but like you know, baby is still learning and has room for imrpovement compared to taeyang who’s already a pro.

  92. hi, i just want to drop by for a little heads up. Some of the stand up tour performances (not fancam!) have been uploaded into youtube. check out account name mamip, and you’ll find quite a few there. the boys had really given amazing performances!

  93. I totally agree with you!They are both HOT and Seungri is very sexy during his performance but I’ll say Taeyang owned the stage big time!!!

  94. Ma baby boo of course.. no questions asked.. Seungri is a great dancer but there’s no doubt about it… Hubby wins.

  95. Tae owned the stage!!

  96. the winner is tae, sorry baby!

  97. ow baby seung ri u did gr8
    but i’ve always love ur hyung yb!;p
    he wins no matter what ehehe

    yb he’s amazing

  98. SEUNG RI!<3 Ahaha, ’cause he grew as a dancer and as a MAN! 😛

  99. sorry… all the pictures were cool as ish.

    but c’mon.. the last one?? i mean the poses are great and they look ill in the clothing.. but rugby.. and helmets dont mix my peeps…

  100. p.s. of course taeyang took it sons!!!!!

    i had a dream last night i met him but was trying so hard not to act like a crazy stalker fanboy….

    man i know im not gay.. but dude has it..

  101. Taeyang is a sexxxy beast ! ;D

  102. youngbae’s was sooo….:drools: and i love love love how he danced to a female song!~ maknae did some sexy provocative moves on that floor!!! wahh!~ sexy beasts! But I gotta give my vote to YoungBae. His moves are clean and precise…and SEXY!~

  103. http://www.sourceradix.com/ng.html

  104. omg!damn is all i got to say!ahha seungri was not as good as i thought it was going to be!!!!i was kind of bored!haha…i felt like he could of done way way better!…now talking about taeyang!ahha he did very good! i think taeyang’s dancing is smoother then seungri!overall i agree Taeyang won over seungri big time!next time hopefully i seungri can do better!good job trying though!

  105. yeah thats girl was kinda too much for the SR routine Bae was too awesome the sexyness was toned down a lil it was just perfect for a battle.:)

  106. if SR didn’t try to be sexy I think it would’ve been up to par to YB… but they both had something that defines them. Good dance battle

  107. i thought your would post a cut about the game where they hop around in the bags too, though. that was so funny and adorable. 😀

    bae won though. all of the girls were fangirling when he flashed his yumful abs. SR was cute too, but i was surprised they tied. ❤

  108. WOOT ! Props to both !
    They we’re both amazing =)
    But Taeyang killed it !
    Seungri was kinda not as good as i thought..but we still love you 🙂 Overall it was an awesome battle ^____^
    P.S.: Vote Quest Crew ❤


  110. Bae for the win (crotch wave o-o)! Seungri wasn’t dancing, he was giving bop and getting freaky xD

  111. That D3 phone looks like a Nintendo DS o-o;;

  112. to me taeyang won!!!but seungri did a good job tho

  113. they both did well but taeyang.. OMG *drool*

    big bang sweating… *dies*

  114. OMG. Loved the dances!? xD
    But I thought YoungBae did better. :O

    I know this is kind of late but…
    I was re-watching the WONDERFUL performance, the LIVE one on December 31st… And you said that the boys performed all their songs…. :O
    But I never saw a Sparkling performance… Did the boys perform Sparkling? O_o

  115. SR WON.
    TY was good like always. but it’s become normal/regular for him to do something like what he did on the dance battle. but SR’s was just so awesome and it’s something you don’t see him do all the time. so i think SR won.

  116. I totally take off my hat for both of them. I was surprised for Baby’s performance I man, I would say, YB still ruled the stage. Well, as what he always does. haha. I’m happy they won 50:50 though that was just too impossible?

  117. the stand up tour is amazing!!
    and the boys look so breathtaking — even in sweat ❤

  118. ah~ seungri was getting freaky with the girl but it was still goodd. but man, like everyone’s saying, bae was totally
    smokingg. and we all died wen he gave us his signature cutie smile during it. then goin bak to the sexy floor dances.
    the way he moves~ oh man.
    but i say seungri needs a pole. agreeed.

  119. haha…i just patiently waiting for the abs to bust out….then i would seriously die. taeyang killed me…i waiting on seungri now.

  120. Youngbae, won hands down.
    Seungri did amazing! his floor thing with the girl was amazing erotic, and he has the nuna going “wow! seungri is mine!” that was funny!
    I think its the songs fault for the lack of excitement from Seungri, that didn’t seem like a style suited to him.
    Bae chose a perfect pair of songs, by two really good artists, Keisha Cole, and T-pain ft. Chris Brown.
    I think what killed was when Bae lifted up his shirt, like did you see her face?! She was like “COME ON TAKE IT OFF!”
    Bae’s hot offered a good mood device, and so did Seungri’s contrast of green and white jacket, and his white suite again the black dress.
    Still it is pleasant to see that they both one, and they both got to show off their well developed muscles, Sengri’s lift, and Bae’s tight popish moves.
    AH~! sorry this is long, just my analysis.><

  121. i have so many misspellings!!!
    “girl amazingly*
    “Bae’s hat*
    “white suite against*
    “both won***

  122. Somehow I have a feeling Tae wins.LOL

  123. As I wait for my dvd, the stand up tour will keep me sane:0)

  124. Vicky
    did you watch the whole MBC battle?? if you didnt you should ^-^ coz damn their was this hot part of SeungRi when they were doing a mini game and it inovles him-dancing-and-a-pole O_O hot stuff man LOL

    Yay the shoot looks HOT

  125. aigoooo, pictures are soo cuutee xD<33

    baby and thee girl from the cf!!! ADORABLE :]
    their group pictures owwnnnn hehe xP
    and that girl is suchhaa cuuttieee lmaoo :}

  126. Vi

    Thankkssss again lolll :D<3

    i cant wait till they come to the states and likeeee. bong’s solo album?!
    hahaa off topiccc..

  127. haha
    GD is wearing princeton !!??
    i think bae should have won……

  128. bae will definitely won ..
    [althought actually i’m a big fan of baby ..]
    he’s got the skill and everything .
    and his moves were just perfect ..
    he danced the new style of dancing ..
    just like jabbawockeez , kaba modern , etc 🙂

    but seung ri was really good too ! hahah

  129. Of course I think Bae won I love Bae yet Baby a close second Yung bae just got those sx appeal skills with that whole emm emm good dancing!!LOL


  131. OMG TOP IS SO HOT!!!

  132. Just finished seeing KBS, Shall we dance. And I think that the show was much wonderful. Hope you can see you Baby dance in samba.

  133. lil sis in law

    Have you seen Baby Ri in “Shall We Dance?” OMG. I hope you did, coz he looked deyyyyyyyyyym HOT.
    He’s really shedding his cute image off….hehe.

  134. They both did really good. But my pick is Tae-Yang

  135. omg taeyang o.O so damn fineee that dance, i can never get enough of it lol downloaded it straight away XD even converted it to high quality for my psp LOL oh dear XD argh hes just too cute n hot >< seungris face did lk disappointed 😦 i thought he was great with the pole though LOL oh yah haha

  136. […] 01.25.09 TaeYang & SeungRi’s Dance Battle!! | Pictures Update. WATCH: Big Bang’s STAND UP Concert in Japan Happy Lunar New Year!! DOWNLOAD: TaeYang & SeungRi Cuts on Star Dance […] […]


  138. OMG T.O.P IS SO SEXY!

  139. J-G-RILEEN

    tell me about it
    I felt weird not having anybody call me “MangeRi”

  140. Melly

    hahaha JUST noticed?
    it’s been that way LONGGG ago hahah
    you earned the Mrs. Bong title eh? kekek

  141. Sexica

    moms are weird
    i swear, if one day I found my Bae DVD concert missing, she’s the first one I’m looking for

    i’m taking Baby and maybe if Bong begged I’ll take him haha
    but the rest.

    to you. keke

  142. nya

    haha he made you screamed too eh??
    that little booger.
    dare to make his future sis in law scream for him out of hornyness


    being a pervert on new year isn’t a bad thing…. i don’t think kekek

  143. sis in law

    especially that small clip of him dancing to J.T’s lovestoned
    that makes me fall in love with him

    I want the whole wanting to be so sexy phrase go by quickly already.. and show me those abs, then he can go back and being his Baby self.

  144. vi
    He dares to make me scream out of my consciousness
    Baby just too good with girls. Hahaha
    He knows what we want.

    When we talk about cock blocker then I remember bout the whole bulging out thing. kekeke

    This is the second time I become a pervert on new year.
    First on the new year & second on this Chinese new year. hahaha
    This pervertness just won’t leave me.

  145. Tae Yang won for me. I love his musicality in his piece. They both choreographed it themselves, right?

  146. OH MY TAEYANG TOTALLY KILLED IT! Omg his humping on the floor and when he lifted his hat and smiles, that totally got me. PURE SEXINESS! He is such a tease

  147. Vi
    believe I wouldn’t risk it
    hide it somewhere safe

    how generous

  148. LOVE THEM!!

  149. i think taeyang deseerved to win this

  150. haha i LOL’ed so much when Yoona got caught gaping at the part where Taeyang lifted his shirt a bit xDDDD ahahaha she froze her facial expressions as soon as she saw the camera on her LOL

  151. baby was on fire! haha..but seriously..tae just rocked the whole thing..you can really see that he’s an amazing dancer..^_^

  152. mann….dt wuz…**speechless…soo…beautiful…**tears**
    tae yang is da best dncr in bg bng…no doubt…seung baby cn
    du bttr bt he’s all intu strippng ladies nw…its sad TT_TT if he wrkd
    wit music instead of girls he wd hv won da battle hnds dwn.. ;DD

  153. i downloaded the video
    but now how do you put it on the ipod?
    when i downloaded it, it popped up the video. now im wondering how do you put it on the ipod?
    please reply :]
    please help &thankyou

    * love the video ❤

  154. OMG
    im so proud of myself caus ei tught myself the first part to seung ri dance but to be honest i like tae yangs dance better. wat were songs he danced to??

  155. tis wat happens when im exhausted-typos. Let me rephrase
    im so proud of myself cause i taught myself the first part to seung ri dance but to be honest i like tae yang’s dance better. wat were the songs he danced to??


  157. ive seen that vid so many times just to see taeyang dance. i love the style he dance and it showed off his skills so much more than seungris. not that i dnt love him too i just dnt think it showed his skills as a dancer as much as taeyangs routine.

  158. SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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