01.27.09 SeungRi doing the Samba during “Shall We Dance?” | Pictures Updates.


  • DaeSung’s new digital single is a trot song called ‘대박이야’ or “Big Hit!”. YG will release it on January 29th at 2PM (KRN Time). I’m a bit disappointed that it’s a trot song and not a ballad, because I think powerful ballads are more suited for Dae’s vocal, I want other ppl to realize what an amazing singer he is, not just the hilarious trot idol.
  • There will be a Music Video for DaeSung’s new song “Big Hit!” directed by the same director that did ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’

He didn’t shine during MBC’s battle cuz he was busy with this?

DOWNLOAD: SeungRi Cuts on KBS “Shall We Dance” (01.27.09)

Thanks to S님
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Baby performed a “Samba” dance for KBS’s “Shall we Dance?” and WHOO~ I cannot close my mouth the whole time while I was watching this… mostly because of his shirt hahah it just hanging loose, and he keep wiggle here and there, looking so greasily sexy haha I was really hoping that shirt would get caught up somewhere so I can see them abs… but no luck, but DAMN!!! WHEN HE DID THAT SLIDING MOVE THEN GRABBED HER HEAD…. OOOH~ THAT IS JUST…………..AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can’t say much cuz….. I’m dazed. haha too busy staring at the shirt to say anything, Baby did an amazing job, he was busy preparing for this dance that’s why he seem a bit lacking during MBC’s dance show, it’s okay hubby, I’m always here, you always amaze me.

Baby was 1 point away from being the night’s MVP, Baek Ji Yong took first place. The MC moved his shirt… but didn’t reveal enough… AIGOO~~ this is torture.

Pictures Updates

  • New Colonize Pictures (kills!)
  • New Pictures in Japan

New Colonize Pictures

The Bong and Baby shots killed me. AHHH~

New pictures in Japan

Thanks to ygbigbang.jp | Colonize | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on January 27, 2009.

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  1. wow! that was gewd! 🙂

  2. waaaaaah. Baby will never cease to amaze me.
    the samba of all things? and he did so good.
    so sexxxxxxxy. and Vi, i know right. if only
    his shirt got caught somewhere. darn. haha.

    oh and it looks like Bong wants to play hide
    and seek. no peeking, Jiyongah. xD

  3. Samba is originally a Brazilian dance…
    I’m Brazilian, and I dont like samba xD
    in fact, samba is quite diferent from that SeungRi danced…
    but I definitely prefer SeungRi’s version *-*

    OMG DaeSung in colonize… *-*
    [ok DaeSung’s arms OUT of the colonize *O*]

    thnx Vicky!!

  4. Oh my lord!!!!
    how the heck am i supposed to breathe while watching
    that was just too amazing!!!!!
    and he looked sooo damn sexy!!!
    when he unbuttoned his shirt I loooost it!
    god he should have gotten MPV

    MY GOD!!!
    the pics are CUTE!
    my man holdin his beloved fruits
    does he look skinnier????
    the Japan pics
    he looks kinda funky with that cap
    good thing I was able to do this before going to work

  5. —————–DAMN——————-IT—————-

    Seungri can Samba!

    Ts…..he should forget all about his normal dancing and do this instead. He´s really good, I can´t believe it.

    (TOP looks older in those pictures above)

  6. MAN! baby was sooo close to being MVP! he was winning over three people! lol
    THATS IT!! im becoming a dancer dammit..lmao
    baby and that shirt…its like enough to last you a century..ahh…keke.
    baby was being a camwhore again! lol the whole time i was watching baby i dont even know what the girl partner looks like.. :DD
    i love bongs picturee. i dont rly like daes! idk..i just dont like shirts cut at the shoulders..looks like arnold shwarzenegaer or sth.lol

    i couldnt get my eyes off him.
    when he does the shimmies, x___x.
    then he pulled his shirt more open afkldjaksf.

  8. ooooh wow
    that was so amazing = v =
    everly so pretty *v*
    i am so mezmerized w00t!
    go Baby go! he can dance! and omg so waii much better then me D: he need to be my instructor or sumthin cuz he gots moves lulz
    to tell you the truth…THAT WAS AMAZING *OH EM GEE FANGIRL*
    and 0MG hes so sexy he has changed soo much it scares me….
    and why does TOP have like a banana and apple?

  9. Sexy SeungRi again! Workin’ that Samba and workin it for that camera, ha, I love it!

    and I love Dae’s arms.

  10. Holy sljrdnv! Dae Sung is effing RIPPED! His arms in that Colonize pic…and he’s smiling as if it’s nothing. LOL, TOP and his fruits. He looks hot, lol.

    Seung Ri was so into his samba, haha. You could tell he’s not a ballroom dancer but still, he was good. If he could just undo a few more buttons… xD I think, the girl’s outfit was way too conservative. LOL, you don’t see people dancing in that.

  11. Tae Yang looks tired…T.O.P IS SO SEXY WITH HIS FRUITS OMG I LOVE HIM!

  12. Aww! GD’s picture is really cute! my husband is so shy! Ha ha! Top with the banana and Apple, showing off his healty side! 🙂 SR dance so well! i wish he would smile when he danced! he looks too serious smile baby we love you! lol!

  13. Aigo!! I almost died seeing Baby dance.
    When i see when he was done with his dance, they make a oh so saxy pose and walking and all that stuff, then all of the sudden, they were dancing the “crack crack crack dance” haha I was laughing my butt out… Oh Baby, promoting ur song every chance u get??
    Baby almost win, well, anyway, he got 2nd place xD
    The Colonize pics, aww Bong being oh so cute haha
    Tabi loves his fruits so much ah?

  14. GET OUT OF THIS SITE “ThetruthHurts” if you’re gonna bash our beloved Vicky. You’re such a loser for saying what you said just to get attention.

  15. waaaah.. ‘cant watch it right now.. OMG! seungriiii..

  16. D:
    only enough to get me hungry
    and now that i’m famished,
    where is the main course ???

  17. Anyways,

    We need to see those abs LIVE Baby Ri!!!
    He looked so mature and sexy during this show. I love his interaction with Solbi, when she slide down Baby’s leg and then grabbed(?) his butt. Hihihi.
    He did samba really good… nice sexy moves. ^^

    Looking at Bae in the Colonize pictures…remove that shirt now!Stop teasing! ^_^
    Naah, I think he’s just practicing his “kill my fans” move. hehehe.

    I love the Stand Up Tour videos! Did you see the BaeRi Moment during Last Farewell? too cute. and Tabi wearing that dino cap…typical Tabi. ^^

  18. Vi

    vi.. i think i need surgery.
    i dont think i can close my mouth after all that hotness

    why do that?
    : )
    is my mouth permentantly dropped?

  19. Vi
    HAHAHA… hanging loose, wiggle here & there.
    Ohmona, it really just not enough for u huh?
    Btw, is it coz of the female dancer is too short that baby looks so tall here??

    Baby doing good job.
    I see his dancing skill improved a lot.

    Agree with ur saying the MC move his shirt but didn’t reveal enough.
    Please if u want to give us some fan service, don’t do it half way. Fufu

    The pic.
    All of them look so sexy & good looking but
    Why there’s 1 man who looks weird?
    Hubby ah~ what’s the meaning of this banana & apple???
    Haha… it just looks weird. Like he’s advertising the fruits??

    The japan pic.
    Why that jacket hubby wear resemble to Bae’s jacket?
    Did he steal it?? Haha



  21. love love love the new colonize photos!

  22. lol, i was squealing all by myself because i watched this at night! It was such a pain to hold in my screams and laughter.LOL~

    Dang, his loose shirt just make him look so sexy! I kinda see him in a different light now…He’s a grown up. Lol, his dance was slightly messy and rushed, but for someone who has nvr done samba routines before, that’s hella great effort! Kudos to maknae!!! ❤

    And i think he seemed more cheerful for this event. He’s been looking a bit down and serious lately, prolly due to fatigue?

    And the interaction between Solbi and maknae was just plain funny!

  23. baby look soo soo soo hot, oh god he is so HOT!!
    omo top pls pls forgive me~ but baby is soo hot there lol, his skin is glowing and his face is just so…HOT!! OH GOD AND THOSE SUAVE MOVESS…BABY AAH!!
    the colonize pictures crack me up and made me go aww~~
    lol TOP holding the banana LOL…..

  24. woahhh ;
    baby is so sexy there !
    i wish i could dance like that .______.
    heck, i wish i could dance at all ! LOLL xP
    omg the pictures are drop dead gorgeousss ❤ !
    i love daesung’s hoodie ! O:
    & lol TOP with a bananna and apple 😀
    hungry much ? xD
    i love their shirts o_O
    back of doraemon? XD

  25. gd is so sexi!

  26. OMG!!! i’m done watching it!! ‘cant control myself but gigglin’!! hotness overlooad!! ahhhh… ‘cant breathe! i keep on looking at his… oh shi*t!! hope to see him shirtless during BiGSHOW concert, he wil gona reveal his body sooonnn… hehe! *hoping*
    FANCAM!! lol..

  27. Heather

    I think he freaking glued his shirt to his stomach or something
    he was wiggling here and there but that shit won’t budge

    I love that pic of Bong keke
    that’s gotta be the new wallpaper for my itouch haha

  28. daniS2jiyong

    haha i don’t know much about ballroom dancing
    but kekeke wiggling here and there
    seems alright to me haha

    Dae got some serious guns man
    even Bae can’t compare

  29. Sexica

    focus on ur man and leave my hubby’s belly button alone
    being too horny now hahaha

    Tabi probably did get skinnier
    since he didn’t chomp anything but those fruits
    seeing that pictures reminds me of the childhood song haha

    haha apples and bananas are my favorite fruits too
    so is orange haha

  30. Jini

    haha you and your sudden burst of randomness
    become a dancer damnit!! hahah

    I KNOW!!
    he was suppose to look at his partner and build up a mood
    but he was staring straight at the camera the whole time hahahaha
    his head stays in one direction while his body wiggle here and there hahah

  31. Porfavor

    and a cool rapper like him gotta have dem kekek

  32. KyBBLover

    kekek that’s Baby for you haha
    gotta promote the dance every chance he get
    he won’t stop until it turn into another Tell Me syndrome

  33. aaahhhhh please check out this site… http://www.dongyoungbae.webs.com

  34. I was hoping dae would sing a ballad too… Not a trot song…

  35. sis in law

    keke thanks gurl~
    having my back.
    well those ppl, they can say whatever floats their boat
    I never have problem with ppl saying shit to me
    cuz really.. they’re the pathetic ones
    but just in case they go around and bash other ppl
    no longer can that person’s comment be seen. anywhere on this site.

  36. gloriaaa

    oh god i love you

    the main course?
    hm…… don’t we all wanna have a piece of that? keke

  37. sis in law

    actually she slapped his butt hahaha
    Baby always complain about the nunas who always messed with his butts
    guess he’s talking about Solbi? haha
    Solbi have a thing for butts (just go and ask Andy haha)

    i mean that pic
    he was just practicing his sexiness-can-kills move?? hahaha

    I didn’t watch the STAND UP concert videos yet
    I just found it and posted it up for ppl who want to see it
    I wanna look for the HQ and watch it then
    though I don’t think there will be any but stubborn me gotta have it that way haha

  38. Vi
    pulled a JLo with the glue ne? haha.
    your hubby just wanted to mess with us.
    *shakes fist playfully at Baby*

    and what? someone was talking smack about you?
    oh hecks no. whoever that was was lucky i didn’t
    see what they wrote. i would’ve gone apesh*t on em.

  39. Dori

    I’m gonna have mine fixed first
    and if the doctor’s any good, I’ll call you hahah

  40. it’s never enough
    you know me gurl
    always thirsty for more

    I think cuz the dancer is short
    and since she’s so tan she make Baby look so pale haha

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

    haha have you ever heard of this song?

    it’s a song they alway played during lunch time when I was in elementary school haha
    maybe Tabi got addicted to that song, cuz that song can be quite addictive.

    maybe Tabi sneaked into Bae’s room this time hahah

  41. tubbyy

    there’s been so much drama and new years stuff lately i forgot about this COMPLETELY
    didn’t see it until I got home from school today I was like “wHAT! WHEN WAS THIS!!?”
    i felt so bad for forgetting about it

    he is DEAD TIRE
    probably the weakest one out of all the members
    he have his own solo activities, praticing for all these special performances and rehearsing for Big Bang’s BIG SHOW concert
    2 hours of sleep a day is a miracle for him.
    I’m really really worried about him.

  42. daesungvip

    haha yup.

    it’s a brand name in Korea called “Colonize”
    Big Bang and YG Family is the first one to promote the brand by wearing it during their concerts and now Colonize is just as famous as any other brand name in Korea.
    all their hoodie are to DIE FOR.
    I have 2 myself.

  43. Dang, that Samba performance was hot! o: <33 All of SeungRi’s wigglin’ and hips movin’. ;D

    Aww, GD is so cute in his pic. Love his hair~

    Haha, TOP’s photo made me smile. …He’s looking all tough with his fruits. XD;

  44. Heather

    took me 2 seconds to get the “JLO” part
    thanks to you
    I have a image of my husband wearing that damn green dress
    drag queen much?
    thanks Heather.
    ur………….evil hahaha

    yea~ something about how I should feel shameful that A GIRL LIKE ME want to see Baby’s abs. and that I’m nut..

    …. I think I’m nut hahaha
    the way Baby has been doing them half-fan-service.
    I will go insane sooner or later.

    but I’m curious about something, so….. I’m a girl..and I should be shameful thinking that… then a guy should think about those stuff then???
    do you think that make sense? cuz it hella doesn’t make any to me

  45. Vicky

    two hours of sleep?! is that what he gets daily?? that’s way too little..even a normal person with not much activity cant survive a day with just 2 hours of rest! he seriously needs a long break..the other members..i wonder how they’re doing..:l

    and you’re right. daesung should sing more ballads than trot. well his voice is certainly suitable for trot, but he kills me when he sings ballad songs..besides, i dont really have an interest for trot songs, but i guess with daesung singing, i’ll soon take a liking for it ^_-

  46. Vicky,
    I know this is kind of late but…
    I was re-watching the WONDERFUL performance, the LIVE one on December 31st… And you said that the boys performed all their songs…. :O
    But I never saw a Sparkling performance… Did the boys perform Sparkling? O_o

    OMG. BabyRi’s dance… :O
    SEXY!? xD
    HEH…. And thanks for the pictures!? <33

  47. Vi
    AND thanks to YOU, i now also have an image of Baby
    wearing that green dress. xD OH MY!

    wow. i’m evil and pervy. what a combo huh? haha.

    urgh. is that what the person said? that’s like whatever.
    it doesn’t make sense to me either, Vi. person’s just dumb.
    “nuts?” then fine, we’re all nuts cause who here doesn’t
    want to see Baby’s abs?

    psha. i dare that person to come back to leave more stupid comments.

  48. lil sis in law

    Haha! serves that person right!
    Why go to this site just to bash? weird.

    Baby may complain about nunas slapping his butt, but I think he likes it. 😉
    We are seeing a lot of Baby’s butt these days…maybe he also built his butt muscles along with his abs? Hehe.

    When Baebae does that lift-up-his-shirt, I remember that body wave on the floor with no top.
    That was too sexy… it makes me think of so many perv thoughts.
    I prefer to keep my comment PG so no details. ^^

    You gotta see it, I think the quality is not that bad in youtube. Maybe mamip has the HQ?
    Though the one posted didn’t show the concert where Always suddenly stopped and they improv.
    Tabi in dino-cap is the REAL Tabi.
    And Dae’s wearing a cap like Baebae.
    And they did A Good Man live.
    I love how they speak Japanese to the audience. too cute.

    Wishing Dae did a ballad too… I miss his “Try Smiling” days.

  49. Whoa look at those freaking hotass sweaters =D
    I like the Colonize pictures alott 😉 sexy.
    Lmaooooo VICKY! I read your blog-thingy about Baby’s dance.
    You couldn’t stop staring at his shirt?? LOL! Funny!
    Same here! Hahahahahah x) Of course, his shirt could’ve been
    more opened. Lmaoo (: But it’s okayyy 😀

  50. Vi
    Hahaha… we’re like addicted to drugs. Keke
    Always want more.
    & if we can’t have it, we’ll become crazy & search for it. Haha

    Look at her high heels. Wow~ dancing with that is awesome.
    This is the first time I think baby so tall.
    In the group he always look like a cutey shortie.
    But here I think baby looks like a ‘man’ haha
    He should blame Tabi for being the tallest one. hehe

    He better doesn’t give me some.
    Coz halfway is like having the appetizer without the main dish then come the dessert.

    No. I never heard bout the song.
    Kekeke… what a funny song.
    Why his face looks like the “monkey king” there?
    Holding the banana. Hahaha… I can’t stop looking at him.
    Damn, he always could draw my attention.
    He & his Dino hat during baby baby stand up concert. Hahaha
    I can’t stop laughing.

    OH MY GOD!!! U means their relationship getting closer & closer???
    Maybe hubby just want to give a PAYBACK TIME!!!
    Like what they’ve done to Bong during the Great concert. Keke

  51. TOP makes apples and bananas sexy….he looks thinner though,the diet he was on was pretty intense, he did look a little chunky on the Global warning DVD.

  52. Seung Ri! You Fox!!!

  53. DAMN SR IS SO TALENTED! When I was watching this I was like,
    WORK IT WORK IT!” Lol! And omg, I LOVE LOVELOVE the Colonize pictures:D

  54. i didn’t know baby can dance like this!!!!!
    oh gurl i’m so proud of baby!!
    he shines even more than his dance in strong baby
    i’m serious..he is so so sexy
    look at him swaying his hips!!
    and what’s with his clothes?
    is samba dancer supposed to wear like this?
    with his shirt out and buttons down? kekekee
    awwww baby is so sexy

    dae’s new single name is BIG HIT?
    and it’s a trot single????
    the name doesn’t suit the theme =.=
    olololo looking forward to it though
    i still remember how hard i laughed when i first heard look at me gwisoon
    until now i still cannot stop laughing to that song hahaha
    will Big Hit be the same? kekeke

    and those colonize pics…i want those shirts T_____T
    BONG AHH~he’s so cute..
    and his finger nails are cute too
    so clean cut and short hahaa
    and tabi holding banana and apple and looking so HOT???
    hahaha everything seems wrong =.=

  55. More trot for Dae Sung? ‘Gwi Soon’ was good for laughs and all but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do trot. Especially when BB is more hip-hop oriented, it’s kind of weird. I agree that ballads would be much better. His voice has a lot of emotion in it and I think it works better.


    i want dae sung to have a ballad song too
    like Trying to Smile 😦
    having another trot song is fine too!
    cuz DS loves it, and his dad loves when DS does trot songs too 🙂

  57. nooo dae!
    not another trot!
    i agree, dae has a really beautiful voice (best vocalist for me personally) but its wasted if he keeps playing the class clown all the time!
    i hope people are able to recognize how much TALENT he has, rather than being a comedian – dont get me wrong, FO is the highlight of my week, but it would suck if dae ended up being typecast as only the ‘funny-trot-guy’
    did GD write ‘Big Hit’ btw, if anyone knows?

    damn i gotta say, SRi… rocks.
    ive never really liked him much to be honest (lol Baby fans, dont hate!), but ever since his Strong Baby promotions, he keeps impressing me more and more
    his dancing has DEF hit the roof!
    he’s more confident with the lady-dancers now too haha ^^
    …i also confess he looked mighty fine while he was dancing too 😛

    the photos looks hot as!
    mmm TOP’s holding a banana and apple?
    the good boy’s healthy! (well, minus the smoking part, but i love him anyway haha)
    thankss for the pics XD

  58. i agree i didnt think the whole trot thing was serious. i thought they just wanted to have a good laugh.
    and the samba it was so-so maknae looked a lil stiff or maybe its just me preffering him to dance hip hop lolz. but when he made the girl slide under him…dayum i wish i was her.
    and for some reason, that banana picture made me giggle =p

  59. aww me too i wanted
    him to shine with a different image
    i gess they want him to stay
    funny and bright
    but thats good too. cuz he
    can pull it offf
    aw the pics r cutee
    hubby top looks like a monkey!! XD
    but isnt he still a hottie 8]
    i wanna see sri do samba~ oh man
    ur description always makes me
    anticipatedd… cept i gotta do hw
    at the moment darn 😛

  60. Vi
    sorry Vi until my man shows some abs on iris all fans except for Tabi’s will have to share

    my man better eat right
    don’t even wanna think on what could happen >___________<

    gurl I almost choked
    that used to be my favorite song when i was 5
    I normally avoid fruits
    I’m a vegetable kinda person

  61. omg jeez idk is it just me or is Dae getting hotter..But YB looks sooo cute..:) ahh why Japan…USA USA…lol

  62. i’m excited for a new single but a ballad would’ve been nice. he has such a strong voice! i hope for a new ballad soon.

  63. mann, i totally agreeee. i loveee dae’s voice!! he’d be reallyyy
    reallyyy good in a ballad. i loveee his singing 😀 it’s true
    that they shouldn’t really make ppl believe he’s a trot idol.
    he could be and is good at it..but i mean..ballads are much better
    :D!! tons of talent in songs like those..not that the trots aren’t
    good tho.. they areeeee. but maybe its just me who prefers dae should sing ballads and softer songs? hehe. he’s got an aweesome voicee <33

    the colonize picturesss.. GEEEEEEE, bongiieee, is SO ADORABLE xD
    and baby..he’s just being a cutee/sexyy BABYY xDD<33
    dae and bae have serious gunnnss mannn lololll :] and LMFAOOO at tabi’s picture XDDDD i scrolled down and there tabi is with his natural sexiness expression but then he’s like holding a banana and apple..*loves food huh* xDDD HAHAAA. cuuuttiee :}

  64. agh D: have no time to watch the kbs perf!!! Dx<

    shall watch tomorrow :]<3

  65. LOL tabi’s picture kinda looks like he’s going

    HEYYY BABYY, look at MYYY BANANA AND APPLE. sexxxyyy huh?

    LMFAOO<33 so cute :}


    niceee jacket dae has there x] it reminds me of those times they had matching patterned jackets :P!<333333

  67. wowww TOP grabbing a banana and apple~lol the fruit man 😉
    the look awesome ^^

  68. I was also hoping that DaeSungie will do a ballad song.
    But, it might be better than I think lol

    YAY! Colonize pics are amazing! hahaha well GD is just SO CUTE!
    and SeungRi with that sexy pose (while texting me) lol
    YB’s candid seriousness in that pics is just hot haha
    TOP is the most gorgeous being alive! ahhh! lol of course,
    he looks MORE delicious than the fruits…is sweeter, too!!
    DaeSung you sexy beast, your smile is killer!

  69. VI

    how could you not wanna become a dancer after watching what baby does?? kyaa.
    lol random is what im known for..sadly..lmao
    Baby loves the camera sooo much that i barely saw connection with his partner~ i was screaming at the screen going ‘look at your partner!!!’ hahhaa mostly cuz i used to watch ‘so you think you can dance’ and thats what the judges used to say.. xDD
    his body rolls was LOVE and very sexxxy but i think Bae won no doubt~

  70. wow TOP looks so hot with that yellow cap~ but I still prefer without it~

  71. OMG Seungri, SEXY!
    WHOO just unbutton it all, well mine as well.
    because their is only..3 buttons buttoned.
    yay Dae has a new song!
    Aw i wanted it to be ballad too. Yes true
    his voice does sound better in ballad.
    2PM hrm that’s like at 11PM for us?
    gasp* MV too. Ah, this is great! i wonder who’s
    goin to be in it & how it’s going to go.
    I can’t wait.

  72. OMOOOOOO!!!!MY BONG IS SUCH A CUTIE!!!….Please call 911…

  73. i hope im not the only one who was cracking up like mad when i saw tabi and his fruits, hes so cute with his banana and apple LOL

    aigoo our tabiii stop acting like a maknae ahhahahaahah

  74. YAY Dae has his new single~ lol
    i bet its gonna be catchy and cute <33
    i wish hed do a comtemporary song like he did with ye-eun unni~

  75. I never knew seungri had these samba skills o.O’
    But sure it was sexy!
    Looking forward to Daesung’s new single 😀

  76. Dae has an AMAZING voice…. :$ the best of all 5… I think only GD keeps my hearg bounsing and Top makes me meld, dae makes me love singing even-more-than-ever [because of his beautiful vois] SeungRi makes me laugh and Tae makes me wanna dance [btw SeungRi does too xD]


  77. young bae’s so hotttttttttttttttttttttttt

  78. my jaw drop right away seeing yb’s hot pic omo i need help i cnt breath

    saw sr’s samba on kbs ystrday hehehehe he’s way better thn any1 else on the show

  79. Aww… I really hoped that DaeDae would realese a ballad song instead of a trot song, well, no problem, if is our boys, i can’t get dissapointed, hope that the trot song would became a HIT

  80. lmao daesung always shows off his sexy muscles x] haha. i luv all their shots. i hope their having a good rest ;D! ahh. omgg XD imma die cuz that colonize shirt with daedae is on my touch. haha

  81. seungri does a great job dancing to whatever style.
    and those are some seksi Colonize pictures. so candid. it’s great seeing them doing their normal day to day stuff.
    thanks so much for sharing the vid and new pics!
    kind of off topic but i dunno if anyone has seen this or if it’s already been posted here. when i saw it i died. im sure others will too: http://ygworld.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/thank-you-danny/

  82. bong is so sexy .. ah~ thank uuu!

  83. WOW!
    They are…. HOT HOT!
    Aww I love GD’s! Ahhkk, how adorable!
    Top & the fruits, kekeke!

  84. omgee!the pictures are hot!
    g-dragon looks sexy!

  85. Vi

    its going to be inda hard to find one for me, my mouth needs like, a major surgery. im going to have a dropped jaw forever.

  86. aww baby~
    he did soo well!
    i was soo surprised
    he was almost like a professional
    too bad he didn’t win
    stupid judges =3=

  87. Oh TOP and his fruits. He never goes anywhere without them eh?

  88. tubbyy

    that’s the life of a successful korean artist
    2 hours of sleep a day is LUCKY
    haha it’s crazy man.

    I do have a liking for trot songs
    they’re really fun to listen to
    I’m excited for Dae’s new trot song too but if it was ballad it would be better, I’m running out of sad songs to listen to these days hahah

  89. teefannie

    that was my bad
    I forgot about “Sparkling” being on REMEMBER haha
    they haven’t perform “Sparkling” yet

  90. Heather


    pppffft. oh well
    they can live the way they want
    pathetic or not. that’s THEIR problem
    not ours
    let awsome ppl like us sit back, relax, drink some orange juice and dreams about abs hahahaha

  91. sis in law

    hahaha YUP YUP
    he KNOWS he love it
    but he’s trying to deny it cuz he still want to be the cute little dongseng to some nunas hahah
    kekek PERKY BUTT FTW!!!!

    yes please.
    keep it PG
    did u see his HOT concert yet???
    did you die?
    cuz i did.
    and I’m sure my mom did too hahaha

  92. shuggah

    hahah you can’t blame me
    that shirt is just too damn teasing
    it won’t freaking reveal them abs!!!


  93. nya

    haha freaking put us in rehab already!!!
    not that it would help but… kekkee

    Tabi is so damn tall he make the rest look like smurfs haha
    i love them little blue shawty though haha

    HAHAHHA put it into dinner words

    keke my ex-future-husband??
    I swear to God, when I was little, I promise myself I’ll marry the monkey king keke

    scare the crap out of Bae
    now THAT’S something worth seeing haha

  94. jiyanz

    I don’t know much about ballroom dancing or samba
    so I’m not sure if that’s how they dress

    the theme of the song is to help cheer ppl up with the current economic problem in Korea
    hoping everything ppl do in the new year will be a “big hit”
    can’t wait ot see how that’s gonna go kkeke

    that reminds me, I’m proud of Bong
    he stop his nail-and-cuticles bitting habit
    he use to bite his nails, make his nails look so wrong and disgusting (it’s sorta a pet peeve of mine, can’t help it when ppl bite their nails)
    he stopped now, cuz his nails and cuticles look really healthy
    so proud of him
    it’s hard to get rid of this habit, i should know, I’ve been there.

  95. Pearllovestop

    “Big Hit” was co-written by Yoon Jong Shin, a member of Dae’s “FO Family” with this other person I forgot their name

    some F.O Family in action! WHOO~

    yup yup
    haha Baby is amazing 😀

    and Tabi is OBSESSED with fruits
    that’s like, the only thing he eats haha

  96. Sexica

    I hate how freaking “East of Eden” will be 50 episodes long.. T___T
    it’s gonna be a WHILE until it ends and MBC start airing “IRIS”

    I hate vegetable so much I will die rather than eat brocoli haha
    NEVER IN MY LIFE have I eat one single brocoli :D… skills hahaha

  97. Jini

    haha cuz a dancer can only touch him onstage. and I won’t be satisfy with that hahah

    damn we’re twins aren’t we???? hahaha

  98. Dori

    haha you do know that’s a serious health condition
    you can die gurl haha
    fix them jaws up
    u gotta live for them abs

  99. I LOVE CLNZ!!!!!!!!!!!! looks so damn good on YG FAM!

    just got mine and DAMN it looks good. hahaha. not so sure about it looking good on me but for sure the hoodie looks good. hahaha.

    LOOK at TOP holding that banana for “dear life man”! hahaha.
    but is it just me or does he look like a druggy in that pic? he looks like he’s been hitting a few cigs too many.
    hope the boys stay healthy.

    honestly i thought NAM GYU RI should have won MVP her dance was HOT!!! she definitely got the feel down. BEST dance of the night if i were to say. SR’s was alright. i just like it cause it was him…but some how i didn’t get any excited feelings from watching him dance the samba.

    Thanks for the pics!

  100. SEUNGRi is really versatile DANCER. & his confidence on stage truly amazed me! ^_^
    he got the power! ‘love him even more! geee.. he knows how to attract those noonas Like me! aww..

  101. Vi
    I know what’s with that?!!!
    I reeeally want to see it now!

  102. Vi
    Where do you buy Colonize items?
    I can’t find a site for it ><

  103. WAAAAAA!!!! LOVE Seung Ri’s pic… its so sexy!!! that sexy glares of his almost killed me!

  104. Vicky,
    Okayss. :O
    It would have been such a good perf though?! xD
    Heh… I can already imagine it!? so cute!?:D

  105. greasily sexy LMAO that killed me XD

  106. Vi
    I think I should open up some Big Bang rehab for myself. Kekeke

    Hahaha… it’s not like he want to. He was born like that. hehehe
    But I DO like tall guys. So I won’t complain. Hohoho

    Don’t u think that sound like dinner words?
    Coz I should admit that baby DOES looks delicious there.

    HAHAHA… I still remember Kwon Leadah face when he’s freak out.
    That really make my stomach hurt so bad. Keke
    Well, it’s Bong’s fault for being such a strict leader so other members just want some payback time.
    But Bae, I don’t think he’s that bad till other members want some payback time.
    If they do, it’s coz they only want to mess around.

    Today is the release of Dae’s song right? Hehe
    Can’t wait!!
    Yup, I do hope its ballad.
    Coz Dae’s voice when he sings Try Smiling is too good & touching.
    I want him to give us some feeling like that again.
    I fear Dae will become a total comedian if he continue this whole trot. Somehow I think Dae’s image of an idol is blurring.
    But, could I complain too much about other ppl’s husband?
    I should stop this ASAP. Haha
    That’s not my territory. Keke

  107. Vi

    ur right. for the abs..
    but thinking about the abs makes me want to drop my jaw again ;_;

    ill do it tho. i dont really want thins ugly face, but if this ugly face meets big bang some day, this ugly face better look good : )

  108. Im anxious I wanna hear Dae’s song. XP

  109. lil sis in law

    If Baby keeps that sexy image he’ll really lose his cute dongsaeng imaage for sure.
    He really looked hot in his Samba outfit.
    I really wanted to see his abs, especially when he lost more buttons during the dance.
    Stop teasing us! haha!

    I still have to order that DVD.
    Been thinking on how to budget my money, or pre-emp my dad for the sudden charge on his card.
    But I really wanna buy it!!! I just have to.
    It would be a sin not to.
    You watched it with your mom?
    I would never watch it with anyone, at least in this house. They might think I have gone insane, if not sick because I might pass out.
    Especially with my brother. He’ll tease me to death.
    But I knew he’ll envy Baebae’s tight abs. ^^
    The teaser GIF already killed me. >_<

  110. I was wondering where could i get a colonize shirt i’ve looked everywhere online =(
    lol oh and i was wondering i was going to buy the dvd but i didnt know which one to buy there’s a green,blue, orange lol whats the difference?

    thanks =)…and thanks for this website its amazing!

  111. Ok, I’m Hispanic and let me say, his Samba is REALLY good. He needs to get down to some Salsa dancing! LOL! 🙂

  112. hoho, bong with the hands cover, Tabi with the fruits, Tae urm, does he wants to take his shirts off? O.O
    Dae with his winning smile >.<”” kyaaa, sugoi ne, kawaiie desu Dae-kun…kyaaa…
    Erm, Baby, love his pictures, the camera loves him XD

    Love love and LOVE all of their pictures, ehe…

    Bong is sooooo cute with his hands cover, and also as Tabi hyung, gah O.O K-A-W-A-I-I-EEEEEEEE!!

  113. soo hawtt…my seung is soo cute…he won!! yay!!
    > i cudnt stop smiling…
    n staring of course ^^
    ughh…lucky girl got tu dnce wit him…n d way he held her wuz soo..
    **smiles** i wish he’d luk at me lyk dt…TT_TT

  114. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

  115. OMO! OMO! OMOOOOO! i had my mouth open the whole time too! just when i realised i was literally drooling i had to pause it LOL. SEUNGRI GOT 94, i clapped proudly 😀 ’94 is the year i was born, yay 😀 congrats :3 BB’S PICTURES GOT ME STUNNED! bong looks so adorable, seungri has that look on his face that i’m LOVING. dae and bae’s guns got me hyped, dae’s smile made me smile 😀

  116. Wow, that’s what I was exploring for, what a stuff! existing here at this website, thanks
    admin of this web site.

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