[YG’s Seven] U.S Debut With “Girls” on Valentine’s Day


In a phone conversation with Newsen on January 29, YG Entertainment said that Se7en’s U.S. debut song “Girls” will be released in the United States on February 14 as a digital single.

They said, “He will debut on February 14. There will also be a music video.”

Se7en has been staying in the U.S. for the past two years, preparing for his debut. The once silent debut has finally become into reality.

Se7en’s U.S. debut song “Girls” was created by famous producer Darkchild. He has worked as the producer for Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and other top stars’ songs. Famous rapper Lil Kim has also participated, and the two will appear in the music video.

After Se7en’s U.S. debut, he is expected to return to domestic activities.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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Fancam of ‘Girlz’ during KoreAm

Taken from: Gilbakk@YT

Credit: http://moootastic.wordpress.com/


~ by Momo on January 28, 2009.

28 Responses to “[YG’s Seven] U.S Debut With “Girls” on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Lil Kim?!!? wow thats a surprise !!! nonetheless im looking forward to it 😀

  2. Awesome! I can’t hardly wait! 😉

  3. yay… 2 more weeks to go.. ^_^
    go se7en… go YG Family..

  4. OMG! Heavenly scent.

    Hrmm i wonder how Lil’Kim ‘s part is going to be.
    OMG yay, i can’t wait. && A MV too. this going to be HOT!
    Ooh on Febuary 14th too. Awesome. Thanks for telling us.

  6. havent you guys heard the song? Im not sure whether I like her part or not but I know I like the beat of the song and Se7en’s voice! lol ^_^

  7. I’m kind of dissapointed that after two years in the US he just releases a digital single and a music video.

    On the othe rhand I’m happy that he will be returning to Korea. Honestly, I believe his time in US wasn’t handled very well.

  8. YES YES YES!!! Se7en is how I was introduced to Big Bang. Really he was the first korean artist that I listened to so he kind of paved the way for me two years ago. It’s great to see that he is releasng it finally. But I also agree that his time here in the US wasnt very well handled and could have been alot more productive. But on the brighter side I cant wait for him to release it and I cant wait till he goes back to Korea. Maybe he’ll have some songs with Big Bang? That would be freaking hot as hell.

  9. waaaah!
    definitely worth 2 years of waiting
    can’t expect less from se&en
    I wanna see the MV already

  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FINALLY! I’ve been dying to here GIRLS! I can’t believe LIl Kim will be in it, woooop!
    And I agree with CAT – His time is US wasn’t handled very well >:[

  11. YAYAYYY i love se7en!! US debut!! fighting~ good luck to him!
    i also cant wait for him to come back to korea tho :]]

  12. i honestly do love se7en. i dooo…
    but i have to admit im losing hope for him.
    its just that… idk.
    i like the songs he already released.
    but i dont think its enough to catch america’s attention.
    but deep inside, i still have my fingers crossed.
    i want to listen to his digital single and i pray that he will prove me wrong HWAITING !!!

  13. finaly! actualy i’ve for waited this.. mm no matter what, i’m stiL supporting my dongwook oppa! go se7en! i’m curiouz ’bout the MV.. i already heard his song, i can’t wait for his MV.. se7en HWAiTiNG!

  14. he NEEDS to step up his US approach. BoA i wud say is doing OK but se7en needs to promote his stuff WAY BETTER. hopefully YG is workin on this..

    anyways, i CANNOT WAIT FOR GD SOLO ALBUM lol -_-

  15. oh my gosh really woohoo on my BIRTHDAY!! oh heck yeah!! i cannot now!! thanks for the awesome news!!

  16. wowwwww Se7en hwaiting!!! i’l be waiting for the MV i wanna hear the whole song 😀

  17. Dude, Se7en is soo good! I think he’ll do a pretty good job
    debuting in the states. I’m sure he will make Big Bang more excited
    to work in hte US 😀

    hmm….Lil Kim? lol cool, cool

    this is so exciting! gotta see the MV and hear the song better!

  18. YG should of used their own dancers. the ones dancing with se7en looked a bit well not as good, especially the girls

  19. Ahh i love him<3

  20. whoa~
    horray foe SE7EN!!!!
    finally. .

    YG sure has the best talents. . .
    hwaiting YG!!!

  21. Do love Se7en n wanna wish him luck.
    But wouldn’t it cost too much in exchange of a digital single in the states?!

  22. Why se7en, why yg, why?!??!
    Why a digital singal. T.T
    I want something physical.

    Oh well, I’m just glad that we are finally getting something.
    And on Valentine’s day no less.
    I’m a happy girl now.
    I hope that that means album sometime soon after.

  23. Yay, I can’t wait for the music video. <333 Go Se7en! ❤

  24. ahhh! about time!!! i’m excitedd Se7en FIGHTING

  25. Wow it’s been 2 years! I’m sure he tried his best but I believe that the U.S. has one of the hardest music industries to make it in! i don’t think that he was productive with his time. but i wish him the best! i can’t wait to see the mv. i hope he has some great advice for JiYong about the music biz in America and i hope when he comes over with YoungBae that they do better than se7en did!

  26. omg finally! i’ve been waiting so long for this >.>

  27. dito.. to what cat said..

    se7ens time in the u.s. wasn’t handled well at all.. i remember hearing he also collaborated with Amerie.. man that should be a cool song aswell.. i have heard “girls” im not really feeling it.. but with all sincerity.. i don’t think the u.s is ready for an Asian dude like se7en to hit the scene. Especially jumping in with lil kim to start it off…. it just doesnt feel right..

    im trying to be very truthfull with all you k-pop fans.. i just started getting into k-pop like last year.. and my first impression will most likely be what many here in the u.s. have of it.. (its really soft, yes even big bangs hardest song can be seen as really soft compared to our western hardcore or average hip hop for that matter, Top “seems” like a fake rapper from asia secluded from reality and therefore has no right to be in the scene.. even that song “fly gentlemen” which is the hardest looking m.v. and song ive seen from korea seemed a bit out of touch even for its day.. my thoughts were “what are these guys raping about?? how hard they think they are because they are trying to imitate u.s. ghettos in their vids?? no no no.. sorry im getting off topic)

    any who… my point is… se7en is too light skinned for ppl here in the west to accept just yet.. recently my fellow Mexican rappers have just started to be accepted.. and they are light might I add.. (baby bash, Omar cruz…)

    here is some good news though.. ppl i do see having a possible career here in the u.s. from Asia beside (f.m. and roscoe umali whom have allready made it) are that bald guy from Y.M.G.A. and taeyang… i say if they stick to asian hip hop artist if they ever plan to debut in the u.s. that will be the ideal way to go.. (in my opinion…)

    like I said not to intentionally make anyone feel down.. but I sense that sense that se7ens debut wont hit the top 100 charts here int eh us… he will be lucky to make it in and pass the top 50th mark.. but that’s highly unattainable for him just yet.. and yes allthought the u.s. charts aren’t filled with only rap songs or hip hop songs.. a pop song or r&b song that actually makes it to the top are from artists that are already popular.. sorry. It gets very political at this stage..

    wow… ive written too much… well as long as someone has read this far im happy… trust me ill be glad and rooting for se7en but… don’t keep your hopes up…

  28. I think that he’s got some potential to debut. Hopefully all will go well. The way they promoted him seemed unorganized, but I’m sure he learned a lot of things in US.

    I am quite frankly tired of Asians trying to debut in US. I’m waiting for Asian-Americans to start showing up on the scene. MOre than anything, Asian-Americans should be the door towards welcoming and accepting Asian talents.

    There’s a small movement, but it’s not enough and it seems to be mostly directed at the Asian-American community. Hopefully, Asian Americans will be able to rise above the challenge and show that we can be entertainers not just action heroes in the movies, or doctors or engineers.

    Check out Far East Movement.

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