Big Show Concert insured at 15.3 billion KRW | DaeSung aiming for driving license



Big Show Concert insured at 15.3 billion KRW

Idol group Big Bang’s solo concert has been insured up till 15.2 billion KRW of compensation of any misfortune ahead of its opening.

YG Entertainment said, “We do have our concert performances insured everytime, but since this time the scale of the concert is bigger with more audience crowd and staff expected in the Olympic Stadium, we want to be more careful about it.”

There will be 4 shows to Big Bang’s upcoming concert seeing a 40,000-strong audience crowd.


DaeSung aiming for driving license

Big Bang DaeSung will be taking his driving test.

YG Entertainment revealed on 29th January, “DaeSung passed his course test in mid-January.”

It was said that DaeSung passed his written test last December. If DaeSung was to pass the test to get his license, he will be the first member to get his license in Big Bang.

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~ by Momo on January 29, 2009.

53 Responses to “Big Show Concert insured at 15.3 billion KRW | DaeSung aiming for driving license”

  1. Waaaa GO BIG BANGGG 😀

    Lucky DaeSung ^^ I’ll Have Mine next Years (almost 16 😀


  2. DAMNN Big Bang. i wish i can go.

    Aww DaeSung. i hope you do well.
    Lucky, i have years to go.

  3. Good Luck DAE!!

  4. yeahhhhhhhh daeeee
    keep driving.

    BB=no drivers?
    who knew?
    but i kinda got hinted that my baby cant drive. : )

  5. 15.3 billion? tht’s a huge some sum.
    i wanna go to the concert too..!!!
    hopefully everything goes well.

    and all the best to DaeSung! He’ll be able to drive the members around once he gets his license.

  6. Go Dae! I just have my permit.

  7. i’m praying hard for the boys
    i hope they’d be all safe and fine
    and give it all to the VIPs!!
    and what? the 1st member to get driving license??
    meaning tabi being driver in MVs was fake??

  8. go deasung!! fight! 🙂

  9. cool~

    congratulations DAE!!

    be careful in driving okie???
    stay SAFE!!!

  10. Maybe it’s different in Korea, but how do none of them have their license yet? Or maybe they’ve just been too busy all of this time/ didn’t really need one.

  11. so sad the article left out gd…gd also passed his written exam but cuz of his album/girl big bang/concert preparations…hes postponing his tests until later.

  12. wooh! good luck to Daesung 😀

  13. lols no wonder Bae couldn’t break on cue during the haru2 making lols he didnt have a drivers license lmao…but srsly…NONE of them have drivers license yet? i’m srsly surprised lol…

  14. Man, so that means TOP didn’t actually drive the motorcycle in Gummy’s MV?

    And I remember seeing Taeyang drive the car for the Haru Haru MV rehearsal…

  15. Yay for DaeSungie!!!

    That’s alot of Won. XD

  16. just because they don’t have their licenses doesnt mean they can’t drive =P
    i mean..boys ARE boys ^^ haha
    but i hope daesung passes!

    and i do hope that the boys will stay safe during the concerts so the insurance money will not have to be put into use.
    big bang HWAITING~~~~~~ ❤

    and how much is 15.3 billion KRW in CDN of US??

  17. @ xblackchristmas

    Yeah, he did. He is really good with Motor bikes like that. He says its one of the reasons why he was on a bike in the OH my friend video. He rode one in I am Sam too.
    But, regarding an actual license for it, I don’t know.

  18. @ Roxcee88
    Won compared to dollars is 1.00 KRW = 0.000713355 USD
    So, we are worth Less..xD
    According to some national currency converter.

  19. haha aw none of the BB boys have driver’s license. good luck dae!!
    AHH i wanna go to the concert T.T
    i hope its awesome tho!! <33

  20. Really? the first one to learn how to drive? D: Didn’t TaeYang have his whole “i wish to learn how to drive xD” thing much earlier back in 2008 and then drove the car during Haru Haru? o-o” Or did they not really drive in that mv?

    And I’m surprised TOP doesn’t know how to drive yet o-o he’s the oldest D:~ I thought he drove in Haru Haru MV too but I guess they didn’t move those cars that much in the MV then~

    Good luck to DaeSung ❤ Hope he passes and doesn’t get too excited behind that wheel ^^

  21. @ Sandy
    wait so if 1 Won = 0.0000713355 USD doesn’t that mean that US dollars are worth more because if you went to Korea with a very small fraction of a penny you would have one won o-o

    Unless you live in Korea and when you said that you guys are worth less you meant the koreans o-o. -uncertainty-

  22. i thought TOP got his license already. guess not.

    anyways, good luck dae!
    can’t wait for the MV.

  23. woot woot :] go DAE :] Good luck 🙂
    Go BIgBang & I can’t wait for BigShow :]

  24. Gud luck to Dae!!
    I hope he passes and be the 1st!
    BB Hwaiting ^-^

  25. Wow… billions? o:

    OMG DaeSung would be the first? Whoo, good luck! ❤

  26. Really, he’ll be the first one to get his license? I suppose they always have people driving them places, but I would have thought TOP or GD would have had their licenses already. xP

  27. Guys, 15.3 billion South Korean won = 11.16900 million U.S. dollars

    When i went to Korea, I brought USD instead of Malaysian dollar coz USD worth more that MAlaysian Ringgit. I can get more when exchange it to Korean Won.

  28. Haha, congratulations Dae Sung! I will have my license soon, too. I’m 16 on March 5.

    15.3 billion? Isn’t that almost $11 million in the US? Holy crap, that’s a lot.

  29. @ Maryann
    so funny I read your comment concerning your birthday and 3 seconds later the date catches my attention and I’m like “eh, what the heck, that’s my birthday too!” bwahahaha! 🙂

    Yay for Dae & GD who are gonna get their license
    oooooh for celebration, I can already imagine them taking turns driving the rest of the crew to go eat or something like that xD

  30. oh ! when dae sung starts driving, he is gonna be like a taxi driver for the other members . how i know? because thats what i do now, driving my damn brother and his friends places LOL

    and faaaaaaaaaaaar out ! so freaking much money !!

  31. I thought Taeyang already got his driving license? He did drive a bit in “Haru Haru” MV and complained about not being able to follow the beat

  32. Hmm..I can’t wait to download their concer!!
    Because I have no longer to see it in Korean.. haha..

    Wahh.. I thing I’m the same with Daesung that I will be take my driving license.. lolz.. XD~
    Good luck for Dae!! DO your best!!

  33. Good Luck and Be Safe, heard from friends visiting there that Korea road is a dangerous place ^^’, one even described seeing a 7-junction roads with no traffic light and people never slow down…
    On another note, GOOD LUCK for the concert! Starting an hour from now…

  34. 15.3 billion KRW OMG..*shock* xDD..whoaah..kVIPz have fun!! BIG BANG HWAITING!! ^^

    omo Dae !! good luck ❤ ftw

  35. what i didnt now no one of them didnt have drivin licence^^ i got mine a few days ago, and i can tell..,. the streets outside are crazyyyy , some ppl drive so crazlyyy. i wish Dasung all the best =)

  36. daesung’s doing the same thing as i am?? hahah tht’s gr8 to know
    makes wanna get my license faster

  37. YAYYYY for Daesung! XD

  38. yaaay~ Hope everything is gonna be alright in the Concert! BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!

    wow~ I also thought that TOP had a driver license.. but as said.. boys ARE boys XD hahahahah.. waaah but now Im wondering if TOP really drove at We Belong Together MV! >_< does anyone know?

  39. wowwww! omg i’m excited for their concert i hope everything turn out good!!!!! BIG BANG HWAITING!!!!!! right know they must be ready to go out T.T wowww!

  40. I just wonder…
    T.o.P. no driving license too?
    It seems like I saw him drive in he Number 1 MV.
    Well, good luck Dae~!
    Lucky those who can go for the BIGSHOW concert =(
    Good luck for Big Bang~
    Big Bang Hwaiting!

  41. goodluck my dae ! [:
    you’ll do aweesomee ! 😀
    omgosh; lucky people going to the bigshow ! ]:

  42. lol hehe
    even though they might drive ABIT in the MVs, that doesn’t mean that they have driving license…
    i mean in Haru Haru, TY only drove a few meters infront of the camera, back and forth that’s all.
    and in Number 1, no, TOP didn’t drive the car hehe
    and in Oh My Friend, the bus that GD drove was actually on another big van, so that it looks like as if he’s driving for real. but yeah
    not really

    15.3 billion won for insurance is ALOT!
    YG sure really precious these boys
    lol hehe
    they are his money maker anyways 🙂

    i read in korean news that
    Big Show was 2 hours and 30 minutes long hehe
    30 fans fainted after standing and jumping too excitedly with big bang, and they ended up resting in the ambulance area near the concert area
    some of the songs they performed were:
    Sunset Glow
    Last Farewell
    Haru Haru
    Big Hit
    Sparkling (OMG!!!)
    Number 1
    Strong Baby
    Act like as if nothing is wrong
    Look at only me
    This love
    and yeah

  43. WAIT!!!!!!

    so what was that scene where T.O.P. was dreiving in “we belong together”???

    i honestly thought they all had licenses….

    wow.. poor taeyang.. needs me to give him a ride anywhere.. i dont mind chiling with my homeboy tae and driving him places.. we can go chill at the club, go to the mall and try and flirt with some girls.. hahah…. man.. my idol Taeyang… poor dude..

    good luck DAESUNG!

  44. whooo!!!! go dae!! HWAITING! <33 ah thats so cool cuz i can get my permit this year :DD
    wow! thats alott of people and staff! i hope they come out with a dvd or sth lol 😛


  46. The concert*

  47. #

    lols no wonder Bae couldn’t break on cue during the haru2 making lols he didnt have a drivers license lmao…but srsly…NONE of them have drivers license yet? i’m srsly surprised lol…

    Tina Sungmin said this on January 29, 2009 at 6:53 pm
    Awww…poor Bae. Yeah…I was thinking the same thing too about being in time with the beat. I’m not surprised that they don’t have their drivers liscences bc they’re prolly too busy.
    I am so jealous of KVIPS. They can go to BB’s concerts! I really want to go more than anything else.


  49. woahh really?! xD
    i never knewww. DAEE, fighhtingg!
    maybe its cause they’ve always been driven by ppl? lollllll, just a guess ahaha :}

  50. haha go dae!
    lol i just got my L’s… i suck
    he should totally drive around blasting Bit Hit!

  51. Things are diferent in Korea. Korea is more crowded compared to many Western cities and it’s such a small country. Also, the kids I know that are still in Korea haven’t even thought about getting their license (they get around by way of subway and bus). I think the age there , it may have changed which is why i’m not sure, is around 20 years old. You don’t really NEED a car there and get get around just fine by walking or taking a train/the subway. It’s a bit different in the West.

    Thats cool that he’s trying to get his L, hope he gets it! :]

  52. i really hope he got his license =)
    Dae Dae FIGHTING!!!

  53. yay!!! go big bang! <3333

    Dae’s the first one to get his license?!?!? lol… i thought Taeyang wanted his license… like 2 years ago…

    but good luck DaeDae!!<3333

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