Probs & Woes

i was pretty emo when i made that banner.

i swear, the world is out to get me! why why why!? it’s been over 10 days since it shipped.
i apologize that i haven’t updated the calendar, but it’s only cuz i refuse to get rid of that date that says when yesasia OFFICIALLY releases the DVD. once again, i ask WHYYYY?

i never thought i would get this killed over it, but it’s definitely killing me.
first, vicky received hers like THE DAY AFTER. she’s in FL. so i guess maybe she express shipped it (right vicky?)
i decide to forgive yesasia & give them a few days to get the package to me.
SATURDAY: i tracked the package & for some silly reason it’s spending a few days in TEXAS. WHAT?!?!?
next few days, the tracker magically stops working

then, 3 days ago, kim, who’s in boston, got her dvd. SIGH.
then WENDY who’s in the same state as me (CALI) she got hers at home, but she couldn’t get hers yet cuz she’s at school by then… until hours ago she lets the whole world know she has hers (THANKS WENDY>.<)

it’s been 11 days. i’m about to complainnnn to yesasia if i don’t see my precious in the mail by the end of this week! GRRR

what’s worse, i can’t sleep & study without being paranoid & constantly checking my mail to see if it arrived yet (they email you telling you there’s a package for you) & every time i walk past the stairs i pass by the mailroom & it makes me sad cuz every time i look, i am disappointed. (today, the girl in the mailroom goes, “aww it’s okay, it’ll come.” YOU KNOW NOTHINGGGG *tears*)

on a happier note, you can take this time to spazz about what color dvd you got.

i blame ucla.
they lost my mail too.
a 10 page letter i wrote to my friend WTF (i’m sorry moni!)

on another note: i was misled to believe GD wrote the trot song for DAE, but he only produced it. that silly boy ❀ it sounds great. we finally get to see a DAESUNG TROT MV. sorry kids, i am too sad to be director of this mv 😦
it wasn’t like before where i knew the inside joke from “nalbwa gwisoon” SIGHHHH


~ by gdluvzmc on January 29, 2009.

64 Responses to “Probs & Woes”

  1. im telling you. you got a perverted mailboy/girl. they took the dvd for their own personal viewing!

    and if it makes you feel any better. my disc2 is skipping. and its pissing me off…

  2. yup.
    since I’m a VERY VERY impatient person…. and I’m aware of that bad habit, I always order express
    ugh. it would SUCKS if your mail got lost.
    it could happen to college mail
    I would cry for you gurl if that really happens.

    hopefully you’ll get your soon,
    give YesAsia at least 2 weeks
    that’s normally how slow they are with my stuff when I order the normal shipping.

    I got the green one.
    OOH! and when you get yours,
    DON’T tear open the cover outside
    cuz I don’t think that’s how it suppose to work
    I teared out mine thinking I was suppose to but now it’s just hanging open

    just slide the DVDs out rather than breaking the thing up
    I learned my lesson T___T

  3. awwww hon, dont worry, hopefully the package will be with you very soon.
    —-> Sends utmost luck your way.

    if its any consolation, yesasia tends to do this to me at times as well. its really annoying, some packages arrive unusually fast, while others take so much bloody time. (pardon the language)

    lol, i keep thinking its coz i live in the UK. (talk about paranoia) but yeah, just channel that VIP spirit, and it should be with you shortly.

    AS for me, i ordered the blue cover. i was set on getting the green cover with the tube poster, but for some odd reason, when i scrolled down to ensure the dvd had subtitles included, IT DIDNT!

    so intead i opted for the blue one – which did have subtitles included in it.

    STill i dont mind too much. Baebae’s concert TOTALLY made me forget all about my prior disappointment!

    ^_^ All the best hon.

  4. Yeah I haven’t received my DVD too. Because of the Lunar New Year, it’s holiday so post office doesn’t work. And there are too many packages at the airport, mine maybe is stuck somewhere. Urg, I try to be patient but I seriously can’t when I hear someone gets their DVD. By the way, I ordered the orange version.

  5. hey! havent talked to you in a while.:[

    dont worry it will come. it took forever for mines too. maybe it will make your day like it made mine. :]

    i had a horrible day at school cuz of chem cuz i filed my exam…well an asian fail >.< so i was all sad and the nexxt thing you know i get home and there is a package on my bed! hahaha so yeahh made my day.

    i hope yours come soon! did you even finish watching the great dvd yet? hahha but yeahh lets get together again. :]

    i ordeered orange. i figured that the great dvd is orange so y not go with the same color. wat color did you get?

    you will get it tomorrow! :]

  6. lol i cant order it (no dough atm, im broke as!)
    but i feel your pain
    …i remember when i was waiting like crazy for Remember
    haha even though yesasia shipped it within 7 days or however long its supposed to be over here in Australia, i went nuts every time the postman came by with nothing but bank bills T.T
    stay strong!
    haha maybe if it comes too late and you complain to yesasia, ull get a free BB gift??

  7. i understand ur angst, but maybe not to that extent. i got my blue dvd 2 days ago (normal shipping) and i live in melbourne down under, so yep, the mailman is out to get you. but seriously, you’d just be that much happier when you actually get it. i was lying in bed when i heard the doorbell ring like 10 times. opened the door and there was my precious on the ground.

  8. omgosh you all make me sad & happy at the same time! lol
    i’m happy for whoever got theirs already.
    & pearl, i’m feeling your “ASIAN FAIL”
    i got plenty of those now. 😦
    we should definitely hang out again! ^_^

  9. i live in indonesia and i got mine lyk yesterday, it really arrived in indonesia like last week but the post office (i dont know the reason why) like didnt send it directly to my house, i was sooo paranoid that i wrote my address wrong, or there’s someone else in my apartment that got it bcos she got the same name as me etc, lol i understand ur feeling ;] i was like being sucha bitch to the ppl at the lobby, constantly asking them about a ‘package’ for me hahaha, i could tell they’re pissed lol, so yesterday when i got home, i opened up my room and THERE IT WAS on my little couch :), my mom knew what it was and put it on my room so my brother wouldnt open it lol.. i got the blue one, and i opened up the box in light speed and the rest is history ;p

  10. aww man, i feeel bad for you! I haven’t ordered mine yet though…i don’t know what color to pick But I live in Florida, and so does Vicky…i think she got hers pretty fast

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwww . i would so hunt down the mailman . i feel for you mann . i had a problem with my order, except it was with the poster .
    Living down here in the aussie land, I got mine 2 days ago (i was counting down from when it was shipped out and suprisingly arrived on the day i predicted it would come LOL and i got the blue one ^___^) and the poster wasnt sent with it ! i was so pissed off ! (i mean come on! i thought i was getting riped off here LOL) i emailed yesasia asking about it and all that, but thank freaking goodness it came the next day . stupid mailman put the tube behind one of the pot plants thats not even near my front door, so when i came home from tafe/uni, i didnt see it (i walked right pass it) but lucky my mum saw it when she was watering the garden and THANK GOODNESS she saw it before she even started watering the garden LOL !

    i hope you get your DVD soon ! if not, hunt the mailman down ! lol

  12. DANNG i feel sad for you too! I”m so impatient, but I gotta
    order with Normal shipping or else I can’t order it at all :[
    So yeah. I HOPE YOU GET YOURS SOON! Your college better mail
    it to you soon! Haha, I’m getting mines soon πŸ™‚ I”m broke
    at the moment, but getting it soon. I want the green one, but
    I’m still undecided at the moment. Hope you get yours soon :]
    { hurry up mail-person! }

  13. It okay your doing better then me my mailman knows me by now he’s like “hone it’s not here yet” LOL I already brought a new region free dvd player as well. “God Bae makes me crazy” anyways after the dvd finally does arrive I can’t watch it because it’s a birthday present so I have to wait until February 27 gosh my mom out to crush my happiness anyways I hope yours comes soon!!!

  14. LOL I order the blue one because that my favorite color my cousin order the orange one!! LOL I just may watch hers!!!

  15. I got the blue one on the 090120 =D. It was already in shop ! (I live in Paris) It was fast XDD Althought I didn’t buy the poster.. >O<
    [I’m French)

  16. @Pearl… kool name haha… i think we might have something in common… ^^

  17. I only ordered mine like 2 weeks ago, but jeez
    i didnt think they would wait a couple days after the Lunar
    New Year to ship it out, totally sucks how it is now massively
    delayed -_- it was supposed to be outta Asia before the holidays

    You know, I think the closer you are to Hong Kong, the slower
    it will take, i remember my mom telling me that. I’m real close
    to HK -_-

    Well, to get by, lol I marked a date on my calendar thats a week
    additional to when they say the package will arrive, and thats
    the day I wait for and know it will come for sure, if not,
    that is when I am permitted to raise hell πŸ™‚

  18. sweetie, i’m still waiting on mine too. i lived in minnesota. i don’t whats taking so long either. so i’m trying to be patient as i can. >_<

  19. omg yeah i get mad when Yesasia takes its time
    to send it to me. It’s like ‘WTFF HURRY UP!’
    yeah i hate it too. Maybe UCLA doesn’t want something
    to distract you from your studies. Lmao but i think
    it already did. Yeah when i don’t get my CDs from
    Yesaia i freak out and get all cranky on everyone.
    But it takes 2 damn weeks which i hate just to get to me.
    Composed by G-Dragon, now that i can believe.
    Instead of Lyrics by.
    Yeah i think i would be sad to be directing this
    MV i mean i don’t know how it’s going to be a MV.
    This song is not as exciting or happy like
    “Look at me, GwiSoon” but Dae’s going to be happy
    performing this song. It’s alright though.

  20. God bless u guys..
    For some strange reason, I wont get mine until my birthday, which is on JULY! and that’s F.UCKIN SIX MONTHS FAR! MAJOR SUCKS, yes I know 😦
    Big Bang might probably already released their “Big Show DVD” by then,, ugh.
    Better ask for double presents by now 8D

  21. hi hi, i’m from singapore and i’m still waiting too!
    my orders from yesasia usually get handled in hong kong so i guess i would have to wait a few days more =)
    i ordered the blue one!

  22. yes yes girl you are not so alone i have been waiting like crazy going out of my mind checking my house mail thinking that it should be here too but its not argh!! so i give up on checking the damn mail….seriously im so jealous at those who has theirs too good god….if i dont get mine soon yes i will go complain with you too….

  23. Wow… calm down… Shouldn’t you be using a personal blog for this?

  24. I’m waiting for my DVD too. ; o ;

    It better be here tomorrow…. Wish it was today. Tomorrow would be 7 days. I was too cheap to pay for express shipping. x3

    I got the BLUE one. ❀

    kandie // JULY?!! Gah that sucks so bad. D:

  25. i feel sad for you! hopefully it’ll come sooon! my friend sent me a christmas card in early decemeber… funny thing is i got it this friday ish.. a month later!!! USPS is soo slow! I got my DVD like 4 days after they sent it~
    anyways i got the orange one~

  26. @cheesestick

    this is my blog. what are you doing on it again?

  27. awww I hope you get yours soon! mine is definitely taking a long while too.

  28. yes i am definetley not liking the us postal service right now!haha it usually only takes a week for me to get stuff from yesasia and it is almost two weeks when you count tomorrow!i better get it today or i might just complain!i just want my big bang dvds!

  29. i really hope you get your DVD soon. i mean, you paid so much for it, it should come quickly. my last orders from YesAsia haven’t even included tracking numbers…

    i got the green version bcuz my BB collection was lacking green lol it’s such a good concert!! it might be even better than the Real (which is still my favorite for some reason)

  30. OMG, i was the same as you, luckily i got mines today, i was so freakin piss it took so freaking long after its release. well anyways i got BLUE, and im still waiting on my POSTER! grr.

  31. hey i am also thinking about ordering the concert dvd but on yesasia , it said that the dvd does not play in the north america region. also, there isn’t any subtitles. so i am wondering if there are anybody here that are in the same situation as me and what did you guys end up doing. thank you so much. much appreciated!

    big bang <333
    babydaee <3333

  32. awwww. i’d probably be anxious to getting that too if i ordered it and hearing that everyone else got it…

    dont worry. you’ll get it,
    unless it comes to you first ;]

  33. I got mine of the night of the 21st, at like 1AM. xD
    Heh… I was studying and then my dad came in with the Global Warning DVD!? xD
    I forgot everything I was studying after that… D:
    I got the exam back today and it was a horrible mark. =_=;;
    But I’m happy ‘cuz I got my poster today!??!?! πŸ˜€
    It came in a tube!? xD

    Anyways, I got the GREEN one. πŸ˜€
    That’s weird how you don’t have it though… D:
    I live in Canada, so it should be farther away, since you live in the States… :O

  34. i got mine yesterday and im from washington : )

    but i dunno why i just got it : (

  35. oh! oh! i got the green one too~!!

  36. carling // Mmm, there are English subtitles.

    I hope the DVD works with the DVD player in my living room so I can watch on the big TV… XD If not, it better work on my new laptop. ; o ;

    I was debating buying it for a few days because of the DVD region settings, but then I just gave in and I’m hoping my laptop will play it. ^^;

    ….OMG I had a dream last night and Big Bang was in it. XD /random I know. But I can’t really remember it. ;o; It was my first BB dream. LOL

  37. when i checked last also said that it’s in Texas…
    but i already got mine this stand up tour goods also came yesterday..don’t worry maybe yours will come tomorrow… :]

  38. @ carling – the dvds have English subs for the concert and behind the scenes. and you will be able to view them in your computer or laptop if you do not have a compatible dvd player.

  39. i got the blue one, but mine hasn’t arrived yet either. so don’t feel too bad, you’re not the only one waiting.

  40. Where did you buy your Global warning dvd’s from? and how much did it cost?

  41. I got the blue one, and I recieved it on friday, I would’ve cried if it got lost or if it was late, sorry ladies, I’m from NY, so I don’t understand why you didn’t recieve it yet. I preordered on X-mas day. So maybe that’s why mine came, but my dvd came, not my posters in the tube, which blows, I want em’ I want em’ now!!!!!!!

  42. Oh, in response to AOKI, i got it on yesasia and it was sixty bucks. free shipping. But i’d rather pay for it the way thingsa re going to get it faster or even get it at all.

  43. there’s no difference in the colors right?

  44. I think the mailmen are on gaurd for us girls because there must be a memo for them that Bigbang fans are all pissed they’re not getting their stuff, mine was avoiding me for a while, until it came but he wont look me in the eye until my posters arrive!!!

  45. I got the orange one. Dont feel bad though. I literally just got mine yesterday and I am in New Jersey. My mom seriously wanted to kill me cause I was in my college classes and texting her like every half hour on the dot and threatened to throw it out when it got here. I of course threatened to burn the house down (all jokingly ppl) So keep your hopes up. Youll get it soon.

  46. hey~~ Hye here from M’sia ^^
    I juz ordered mine soo maybe arrived next month -_-||
    i missed to order earlier *sigh*
    now im juz watching blindly at my frens whose got theirs dvd n telling me da colors thy bought da cool thing tht were pack in da box n stuff & some of em even teased at me -__-|| making me more misery T^T

    I’d ordered da green for 2… juz hope we get our soon *praying*

    P/S : Mail service owes suck! if thy didnt lost our mail… thy delayed our thing *sigh*
    been thru 2 cases with this problem. 1st is da album i bought had been floating at da sea for 2 month and 2 is my PB lost in space and cant b track lolx!
    i even fight with da post manager but i end up crying all da way back home *sigh*

  47. awwwww!!! don’t worry!! you’ll get yours soon!! and remember: abstinence makes the heart grow fonder ;]

    i still have to order mine… hopefully that’ll be soon and the mail service won’t suck… (but maybe thats hoping for too much)


    she bought her DVD from (and so did many other VIPs)

  48. lol… one down side on ucla is the postal system INDEEEEEEED ! lol (: but i do hope you get your copy soon :3

    on to the colors ! xD lol.. well at first i got the blue one… and after i spazzed over it… my sister was like “dont we have a blue on already?” i was like “wtf are you talking about?” and then i realized she was talking about the real dvd… then that got me thinking… so i have something blue, and something redish [great]… soo i switched it for the green one (; lol.. which is not bad since after red, my face color would be green xD lol ~ aaand i didnt order mine online(: i bought it from a nearby store ! weee xD

  49. I hope you get your copy soon. I go to UCSB and I received mine about 2-3 days ago. I also live in an apartment so my mail doesn’t go through the school. I’m sorry. ><

  50. i hope everyone get their DVD’s soon T.T

  51. I dont want to look stupid >___<‘ but whats the difference between the colors?! wah~ *ashamed*

  52. I dont want to look stupid >___<‘ but whats the difference between the colors?! wah~ *ashamed*

  53. wow, obsessed much? calm down.

  54. so yeah!!!i finally recieved mine orange dvd!!!so excited but can’t wathc it because of the region difference i guess the computer would just have to do!!!ahha…but it sucks because the poster and dvd didnt come together!!!hopefully you get yours soon!im sure they are just being slow! cause it took me 9 days untill i got mine and usually it only takes a week!!!

  55. @Yuri,
    There’s no difference. :O
    Just the colour. πŸ˜‰

    What’s wrong with being excited for Big Bang merch!? πŸ˜›

  56. THANKS GUYS! you guys are so helpful =)

  57. @teefannie,

    cause there’s more to life than Big Bang. Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Bang with all my heart. But to not be able to sleep or study because of this is kind of ridiculous in my opinion.

  58. @emmo
    Look at it this way, gdluzme did spend $60 on the DVD and I’m sure you would be frustrated with the mail system. Especially when your package has been in Texas for 3 days and in that time it should have been in California.

  59. @ EMMO

    you do realize that there is a slight bit of exaggeration to my post?

    you only say such things cuz you’re one of those people who didn’t buy a dvd.

  60. asoidfj oaier dlfgjijf

    awwww, that…majorly sucks Dx i can totally understand i would
    be the same xDD like how i randomly took a battery to my bed
    after watching the strong baby mv for the first time lol.. xD

    i hope you get it and it wasn’t lost in the mail D: i’d DIEEE
    too if that had happened. plus it isn’t that cheap >o< hehe.
    i won’t count on getting it till next year -.- or maybe not in a longgggg timee…AGHHH, if only i had my OWN account or credit card to buy stuff online lmfao. everything depends on the parents right now x_______x;

    DONT WORRY..just believe there’s nothing wrong and it WILL COMEE
    xDD i do that all the time. it works!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO πŸ˜›

  61. …I finally got mine. So there’s hope for everyone else who’s still waiting. (Poster isn’t here yet though).

    But am I the only one who noticed Taeyang’s fly was down during the beginning of his solo concert??? Seriously, I cannot stop staring.

  62. ^LOL@TY comment. OMG I’m gonna see if I notice that. XD

    I got mines yesterday! But no poster.. ;o; wtf.
    I wanted to watch it yesterday, but I’ll watch it tonight. 8D

    I hope everyone gets their DVD soon. <33

  63. Melly at least you ordered YOURS! >.<
    i still haven’t orders mines yet…*sigh* ohh the BAAANNNNGGGG.
    so wait you buy the dvd (which has different colors AND a poster too?)

  64. LOL ive been waitin soo long for mine I DONT EVEN REMEMBER WHAT COLOR I ORDERED!!! LMAO
    I swear there is a mailman somewhere in sweden right now learn korean off my big bang DVD!!! give it back LOL!!!!
    I’m missin my boys!!!! New album in sept/oct im countin down the days already!!!!

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