TOP to transform as Kang Maestro for ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody | Fans fainted at the ‘Big Show’ concert

Thanks to SooKyeong for the translation.

Fancam of “Big Bang Virus” Parody

TOP to transform as Kang Maestro for ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody

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Big Bang TOP will transform for Big Bang’s ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody for their ‘Big Show’ concert which opens on 30th January.

The parody is named ‘Big Bang Virus‘, based on MBC recent drama ‘Beethoven Virus’. And in the parody, TOP will transform as Kang maestro played by Kim Myung Min in the drama.

TOP will mimic Kim Myung Min’s hairstyle and also his special accent for the parody, which will be hilarious. He will also imitate the famous line from the drama ‘lump of shit’ said by Kang Maestro in the drama.

‘Big Bang Virus’ talks about Big Bang members’ auditions before their debut. The female lead will be played by SeungRi, and there will also be a kissing scene for TOP-Mae and SeungRi-RuMi (Lee Ji Ah) in the parody. Member GDragon will play Gun Woo (Jang Geun Seok).

Fans fainted at the ‘Big Show’ concert

Meanwhile, it is said that over 30 fans fainted during the ‘Big Show’ concert which started tonight due to exhaustion.

It was said that the fans from the standing areas were over-exhausted from enjoying the concert that they have to take a rest in the ambulance standing by.


  • Big Bang’s 1st “BIG SHOW” Concert
  • CYON Ice Cream 2 Photoshoot

01.30.09 Big Bang “BIG SHOW” Concert

The stage look AWESOME!!
a live orchestra?? OMG!

CYON Ice Cream 2 Photoshoot

240×320 for your cellphone wallpaper

The OH-SO-BIG pic

Thanks to Ice Cream 2 Website | 길밖님


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127 Responses to “TOP to transform as Kang Maestro for ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody | Fans fainted at the ‘Big Show’ concert”

  1. wahhh top is so cuteeee *faints with the 30 people in ambulance*

  2. WHOA! i woulda fainted too! no scratch that, i woulda DIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
    mother-fffather! the boys look amazing on stage!! ahh
    whewww. big show concert hwaiting! ❤
    hehehehe. TOP and beethoven parody.. kekek. xD
    sounds hilarious already! lmao

  3. Holy~ I could have fainted too if I were there. D; They’re just amazing and with the live Orchestra? Wow, that must have sounded really angelic to those fans who went.

  4. OMG! they loook so hawwwwwt and FINEE! I would have fainted too…
    OMG GD in that picture!

    lol, i think Jang Geun Seok resembles Gd a bit…that’s just me!

  5. yahhhh!! jiyong and seung ri looks so adorable AND hot!!! 😀

  6. OMO. Baby in a tutu! ahaha. it was actually super kyoooot.
    and the whole thing with Bong. weeeeee. G-Ri moment.

    concert stage does look amazing. i don’t blame the fans
    for fainting. i would’ve blown away by the stage and the
    guys. wow. and Bong was the only one who showed off his
    arms? sexy. hehe.

    btw, wheres daesung and taeyangs
    ice cream pictures??

  8. omg i want to be there!!! we should like, hold this huge big bang thing where we meet up and go to korea for like, a week to watch a concert or something D:

    When i first saw it, i screamed out “DAMNNNN!”
    so hott! Wow, “lump of shit”? that sounds so funny!!
    AHHH I bet if I was there at the concert, I”d be the
    FIRST ONE TO FAINT, due to my clumziness, but yeah.
    I understand why they fainted, but at least those lucky
    fans got to see BIgBang in action :] I’m proud for them
    & hopefully, one day, I’ll be standing in their positions :]
    LMAO – i feel like i wrote alot.

  10. wow vips fainted
    that is amazing
    and top omg he is going to kiss sr what
    never expected it he kiss everyone in bb except taeyang
    they might for thier next concert

  11. love all the pictures but where is dae’s ice cream?!?!

  12. Vi

    awww… my Babe looks so cute in the photoshoot.
    look at him, with the hands clasped and thecute little smile *melts in chair* soooo cute <333333

    hehe, is bong trying to eat his fist in that first pic? lmao.

  13. MAANN They Are Sooo Adorablee (:
    Can’t wait To See The Parodyy
    Poor People Who Went To Hospital ):

  14. OMG they’re SO CUUUTE T^T
    i wish i can go to the concert… i wana go sooo badly!!!
    i would faint just by looking at them;)

  15. OMGAWD i need to be there D:

  16. omg omg omg i can soooooo die!! i wanted to go to the concert soooooooooooooo badly!!!! i could DIE just by looking at then in pics!!!! SO HOT

  17. I feel the 30 people fainting on their concert…I might too, but I would fight not to unless the boys assist me when I faint.
    Ahhh that would be heaven, seeing their faces when you open your eyes. ^_^

    Waaaa I want that phone!!! too cute!
    My fave here is Bong, he’s too cute with that smile…too adorable!
    Tabi and Baby looked cute too.
    I’m glad to see a pic of Baebae, but where’s Dae?

  18. thank you so much for posting vic!
    they’re sooo cute!

  19. did anyone notice the paper clip seungri was using in his single shot? (the 3rd pic)

  20. oh my freaking gosh, no effing way!! people fainted ?!?! >___<
    oh dear, now I see why they bought insurance. seeing Big Bang perform live in person = hotness overload = might be hazardous to weak hearts :O

    that made my day cuz i bombed my ap history essay today > <
    but u gotta love gd’s signature smile~ its to die for ^^

    AAhhh TOP being kangmaeh(<in krn) LOL I WANNA SEE SO BAD
    THATS gona be so hott DANG

  22. I haven’t watch Beethoven Virus before…but I’m loving the parody!!! Baby and Dae as women! Tabi looking ridiculously cool in that hair and trench coat…Baebae using a different voice!!! Bong
    Boss is in the parody with them too!waaaa….in the piano with Tabi…awwww.
    Bong doing the Strong Baby dance in the alley…..aigooo…
    Baby can’t seem to get enough men here…so many choices? haha!
    Tabi you go jump in the group hug with them!
    So much fan service….
    Now I understand why 30 people would faint…that parody already killed me….waaaa….and it’s not even the full parody….*faints*
    Can’t get over Dae’s perm! and Baebae wearing pink! waaa!

    BTW, did anyone had a fancam of Baby’s unedited MV of Strong Baby?

  23. Gahh, another parody? Yay! I watched a little bit of Beethoven Virus (only for Jang Geun Suk, I admit) but I never got into it. I watched SHINee’s Beethoven Virus parody and it was pretty hilarious, so I’m sure this will be awesome. I still crack up while watching the CP one.

  24. Oh, TOP looks so hot in the Ice Crema pictures.

  25. OMFG my wish came true >>.<..>.<.<

  26. my TopRi OTP is gonna come true =D AHHHHHHH im so excited i cant wait for the parody ^^ !!!!!!!
    and OMO TOP looks HOT and cutee in the photos and Ri is sooooooo awdorable ^^ damn. im still excited about the parody x3 TopRi HWAITING!

  27. Oh my gee. Why is always TOP who plays the main male role that involves kissing his group members? xD I guess we know he’ll be smooching Taeyang next concert.

  28. OMG
    if only it was me next to gdragon in that last large picture of him D;

  29. Vi
    BUHAHAHA…. The ‘big bang virus’ parody.
    It’s beyond hilarious.
    Baby’s with his ballet outfit.
    Dae with his afro already look hilarious also the dance.
    Bae. Hahaha… the least I would expect from him, dancing look at me Gwiison. Omo~
    Hubby when he play the piano. So feeling it. But it turn out that he’s holding Boss playing it. Hahaha
    Bong!!! Aww~~~ shaking his butt. Dancing to Strong Baby also the crack crack dance with baby.
    I think I could die coz of laughter. Kekeke

    Ahh~~ i want to see the rest.
    Ohmona, 2 seunghyuns kissing scene.
    Hubby ah~ why u go from one lips to another.
    First Bong, Dae then Baby. Should we say the next one is Bae??? Keke

    Over 30 fans faint?
    If I’m there I wonder if I would faint too??

    What a splendid stage. Is that a live orchestra??
    Oh my god. Them in white suits.
    I want a big bang delivery service. Send me Tabi. Thank you. Hahaha
    But, I think Bong is the most gorgeous one here.
    He looks cute yet sexy with that sleeveless.
    Kwon Leadah fashion sense is absolute.

    Ice cream phone 2. the individual pic. where’s Dae??
    Here is the cutey maknae again. Keke…
    Him with strong baby, so bipolar.

    The oh so big pic.
    Their skin is flawless!!!
    So big that I feel it’s the real hubby in front of me. Ahh~~
    His hair, eyes, nose, lips… massive nosebleed.

  30. Lol omg, 30 fans fainted?
    Okay, that’s scary.
    I thought they fainted because of the hotness of the boys, LOL.
    But, it was due to exhaustion.
    Hope they get better.
    Big Show must have been SO AWESOME.

  31. OMG the “Big Bang Virus Parody”
    is beyond hilarious…
    AHHH Baby, he looks super cute in that ballet thing, he is so “pretty” X3
    Dae, he is the cutest ajumma i ever see, dancing randomly haha
    Bae, awww he looks so cute with those face he was making, and then “Look at me, gwisoon” he looks so cute dancing it
    Bongie, he looks cute shaking his body
    Tabi!!!! He playin the piano was priceless X3
    Boss, u r getting famous XD
    OMG i would faint too if i get to see them
    the stadium is HUGE HUGEEE

    I love these cyon pics

  32. OMG FANCAM LULZ. WHY WAS SEUNG RI SO PRETTY? I loved his hair, haha.
    LOL, YB’s Gwi Soon was amazing and Dae Sung was a cute ahjumma. Boss playing the piano! That was priceless. xD Bong’s lines were over-exaggerated, which was cute, haha.
    I wish there was more. =/

    I say they parody a sageuk next. Except that might be impossible considering the number of episodes most have. -_-

  33. waaaaaaah!!
    my man acting as Kang Mae
    lord I justr can’t wait to see that!!!

    “30 fans fainted due to exhaustion…”
    goes to prove the health risks that come with soooo much BB sexiness… >___________<
    I swear I probably would have fainted the second I saw them

    the pics are killer!!!
    I looove Loove the pic of Tae Hee and my man
    that stare is beeeyond sexy!!!!
    and he looks waaaay to good in blue
    but Bae’s smile is seriously causing me to ‘look only at him’
    daaaamn I feel like such a ‘sinner’
    Bong and Baby too what can I do when they look so irresistible
    gosh I don’t know where to look anymore

  34. HAH. Fans FAINTED?!?! xD
    That’s HILARIOUS!?!?! 😀
    I sorta feel sorry for them though, they missed parts of the concert. =_=;;
    OMG. I wanna go SOOOOO BAD!?!??! =_=;;
    ARGHHHH~!!?!?!?!?!??! D:

  35. OMG. No Dae pics!? 😦

    top ur can rock ANY kind of hairstyle ❤ i love u to death ^^
    dae made me LMAO, baby was just so cute and pretty lol, bongie was HOT LOL and Bae LOL NVER IN MY LIFE I IMAGINE HIM DANCING TO GWISOON!! HAHAHAH
    boss was just too frekin cute~
    BIG SHOW AAA!!! I WANNA BE THERE SO BAD, lets hope there’s gonna be more pics coming out hiks~
    and the cyon pics are just gold, lol the way top looks at kim tae hee made me shiver fufufu

  37. vicky, can u pls re upload the photoof CYON ice cream, casue i can’t see it, or do u have a website that i could go and grab it from pls help, i really want to see their photo…

    thank you

    okay, maybe not but alsjdf aoiwjef aoif I WISHHH I WAS THERE -.-
    LOLLL i’d prolly faint with those fans too ;D
    sooo coooll omgomggg. i wish i was there D;
    GEEE, they’re ALLLLL freakinggggggggggggggggggg HOTTTTTTT<3
    UGHHHHHHHHHHH, i sooooooooooo wish i was therreeee Dx
    blehh, i wanna see that parody :]!

    omfg, the one with tabi and kth WOAHHH BABY. lollll andd BABBYYY<3
    WHATTTAA CUTTIIEEE<3 bongie looks soo energetic and stuff ahaa 😛
    like alwayss<33

    btw, i lovee the bannerr :D! too bad i couldn’t get the global warning CD D; wahhhh, i feel…dissapointed xD

  39. 30 fans fainted?? that’s bad…the place must be really packed with VIPs that they can hardly breathe..or maybe because of the boys? must be both reasons in this case.

    WOW, the concert stage is awesome!!! I’m guessing they were singing Heaven when the shots were taken!! HOT!HOT!HOT!

    and the parody is just plain hilarious. Seungri as LeeJiAh, ahaha, i don’t wish to see him like that, but i cant help laughing over it!!! And didnt know TaeYang can be that dorky too, dancing to trot, how adorable!!! totally a different side of him~
    DaeSung with that curly hair, lol, so cute! And TOP as maestro Kang, he suits that role perfectly! GDragon as gun woo, guess he’s the only hot one there! Love the GRI moments!
    and BOSS cameo is just cute, good at piano, just like his owner! ❤

    i so love the HQ pics!!!i’m saving them in my pc. thanks!!! <3<3<3

  40. LOLOL that beethoven virus parody is hilarious!! i wanna see the rest. TY’s facial expressions are so cute!! ^^ love seungri as a girl xDDD so funnyy. OMG GD made me scream when he came out doing strong baby!!! HAHA his hair shaking thing to seungri! xD

    OMG LUCKY K-VIPS. i sooooo wanna go to BIGSHOW!

  41. Heck, yeah i would of fainted too, due
    to all the hot-ness. (:
    Damn TOP always plays mister i’m cool, hotty
    Aww Taeyang,cute. Screams* Ahhh* G-Dragon!
    Lmao DaeSung & Seungri. Bravo, Bravo
    Thank You. Damn i wanted to go to their concert.


    there are updated pictures of the film they are filming for big show.

  43. wow.! fainted.?
    i would faint bcoz of TOP. 🙂

    top cute.!

  44. haha tabi ah~~ so cute! i love that they do different drama parodies at all the concerts.its so hilarious.and baby!! he’s so good at being a girl!.he was a girl in coffee prince parody and he’s a girl here as well!so adorable.haha.i love tabi but tabi i think would look the worst as a girl.i remember him doing it in his I AM SAM drama.i didnt know what to feel.LOL!

    and ahh bong! he looks so cute in the ICE CREAM CF!!his picture with kim tae hee was so cute! and tabi giving kim tae hee the stare in their photo.hahah love it love it!

  45. HOLY SHITZU! I love the huge picture of top! I’m going to rasterbate the photo and blow it up and put it on my wall!

  46. i just watched the first 2 minutes..
    i buffered it for 2 hours++ already sigh T___T
    damn connection!
    haha but baby’s ballet outfits are funny lmao~
    dang i wish i was there
    the stage is so awesome
    and LIVE ORCHESTRA? omg faints
    hope the fans would calm down!

  47. andddd ill just add to the iVIP faint-list…
    im depressed.
    i want to go haha
    can i just say, how sick is Heaven going to be with the orchestra like that?!
    i demand fancam! ^^

  48. hahahaha the parody’s hilarious!
    can i just say seeing the BB manager doing his hip-hop stuff in the back = ROFLLMFAO?!


  50. thanks for the update vicky!I grabbed some pictures..hope that’s okay..
    talk about grand entrance!!

  51. big show looks completely and insanely awesome. and i am so jealous of everyone who gets to go! but i can’t believe that many people fainted at one show… that’s insane. it must be really intense. XD

  52. i hope they make a dvd out of this concert.

  53. I’m like BIG BANG.
    If you want see “Best Beautiful Ladyboy” of thailand
    and story of Surgery beauty.
    Hit : and

  54. LOL! save save save thanx 4 the CYON pics Vi ^^ they look so cute!!

    Wow the CONCERT T.T lucky k-vipz! U,U i wish i was there U.U sigh*

  55. awww i feel sooooo sorry 4 the ppl who fainted!!! they have to miss big bang’s concert…. i wish i was there!!!! and omg omg omg omg TABI IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEE IN THE PHOTOS SAME WITH BABY!! his cute face!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. the concert was that good huh?? can’t believed i missed out.. They totally need to Come to Cali ASAP!

  57. OMG!Sooooooo awesome!Haven’t words to say.

  58. HOLEH MOLEH! WHOA! the stage looks friggen TIGHT!!

    ahhh~ I so wish I was there, wow VIPS even fainted?
    lol BB look so HOT on stage!

    the CYON pics are cute, DaeSung..where are youu!

    man that Big Show stage is banging

  59. WOW—————–that stage looks HUGE!!

    Buuut, GD really looks so much like a girl there—-scary. Appart from that, he looks really cool.

  60. the pic are cute:)especially gdragon!*nearly fainted*
    i noe why the vipz fainted…dat’s probably bcos they are too excited 2 see bigbang!If i were there…i definitely will be one of the 30 ppl who fainted…how i wish i was there to enjoy the concert!

  61. omg the show looked damn great!! I’d die to be there (and maybe there would be more than 30 ppl who fainted – our guys are sometimes dangerous jk lol). Damn I couldnt go!! =(
    I feel sorry for those who fainted =( They had to miss the show. Get well soon VIPs!!!
    And how can I express how cute our guys are in these pics?? (esp my sweety GD ah damn I’m addicted to him so badly) And where is DS?? I miss his lovely smile! 😀
    It’d be great if the Big Show Pics are released soon. And thanks for updating Vicky =)

  62. W0W,, the stage looks awesomee.. SO B-E-A-utifull!!

    ^ my eyes ain’t deceiving me right?
    that’s a BIG CLIP out there maknae!!
    what the hell were the stylist doing???

  64. szai

    lmao i just noticed!!!
    hhahahahahah what the hell?
    is it a style or the stylist forgotten to take the clip out T__T

  65. WAUUUW!!!!!!*melt melt*


  66. omgaddd the stage was frikken awsome!!!!!!!! i so wish i was there !!

  67. ahhh! the pictures look so hot of the big show! i wish i could attend =[ wow i cant believe 30 believe fainted! i hope they are ok!
    big bang fighting!

  68. i wish i was there x]
    ALso are they gonna have a BiG SHOW cocnert dvd? omg x]
    cant wait sigh

  69. where’s daesung in the cyon ice cream photoshoot?

  70. Jini

    I’ll be with you right there gurl
    but I would stand up after dying for 2 seconds haha
    cuz no way I would die and miss out the damn concert

  71. Heather

    haha tutu and huge ass thighs kekeke
    it’s just TOO FUNNY
    can’t accept it!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Bong always have to be the one who goes sleeveless

  72. keekeeheartsbb

    I don’t know
    I was wondering about that too
    they didn’t release any Bae or Dae pictures at all

  73. Dori

    Bong always try to eat his fist hahah
    don’t be too surprise haha

    be surprise at the stylist who forgot the clip on Baby’s cardigan

  74. sis in law

    I like Bong’s the best too
    I blame his jacket… or whatever that is
    it’s just an awsome color

    and I really don’t know
    it was too Baby-Bong-Tabi central since they’re the ones appearing on the Ice Cream 2 ad.
    there’s one of Bae and none of Dae
    don’t know why

    I’ve seen a couple of Beethoven Virus since it’s on right before Music Core, and I always stay up to watch Baby and Dae live
    the drama is really intense
    but here…… OH LORD. hahaha

    yup. Dae’s perm had me there too
    just oh mai god.
    country bum.

  75. jojoluvbigbang

    I was LOL at that keke

  76. GiGi

    because he’s the “Drama star” in the group haha
    he’s the only one that debut as a actor before so he always got the main role
    i want him to be the female lead in the next parody actuallyhaha
    Bae can kiss him then kekeke

  77. nya

    I KNOW!!!!!!!
    even his “look at me gwisoon” move are…. Bae-like hahaha
    the way he move, he just can’t help it
    he look kinda like a frog to me keke

    Baby and Tabi’s kiss….. wow
    fortunately, they’re becoming closer now
    cuz if they’re still uncomfortable with each other while shooting this
    you can make sure they won’t be talking to each other for another year hahahah

    I want the damn BIG SHOW Concert DVD already
    it’s just TOO DAMN AMAZING.

  78. Sexica

    just hope that they won’t ban Big Bang for being hazzorous to young fangirls’ health haha

    ur song title gag. haha
    so corny.
    “baby i’m sorry” for saying that kekekek

  79. Shaypoo

    you can go here

  80. I love TOPs hair lol
    Que Sexiis x3
    they are soo lindos!!!
    I love JiYongs signature haha its so adorable

  81. oh dammmm ,
    30 fainted ?
    that’s how hot our boys are 8]
    wheres dae at? D:

  82. ooo k-vips tke cre of urself better.
    i noe thngs cud get crazy wth big sho over thre.
    honestly i think i’d faint too wth the hope i’d be
    call to bckstage to hv a rest

    big show seems like amazingggg i wished i was thre to witness the whole thng

    young bae oppa looking cute as ever i love him like tht, smiling it seems so much like the real him

    top looks so amazed by tae hee onni hehe

    gd shud stick wth the hairband look so adorable on him

  83. OMG!!!i wish i was there…i can’t even sit still…am too jealous n excited…i wouldnt wanna faint though…coz that will mean missing some part of the show… i wish rie now am in korea or be a kvip……..

  84. DAM!!!! those people who went ARE SO FUCKEN LUCKY!!!
    i wish i could go!!!!
    i wish they would come to the HOLLYWOOD BOWL???
    does any one know if thier coming???? OMG

  85. WHAAAAHHHHH!!!Tears in my eyes..why?..’Cause it’s my birthday and I can’t be their concert..I can’t see my love,Ji Yong sshi….I even saw a dream that my parents gave me a golden ticket to Big Bang’s concert….When I wake up all that was gone……:( Im so jealous for them who can be there,support our boys!
    At least I can come here check out updates,Thanks to Vicky again!
    Bong looks so so so cutie in pictures I WANT HIM!!!
    I’m gonna eat the computer..heh…NOT 8D

  86. Yaa. agree with EMie. Hahaha. HOw I wish that I am there. =(

  87. That oh-so-Big pics r really Big~!!
    I want to go to their concert~!!!
    Sir YG,plz do BB Asia Tour~!! Do at every country~!! Just like what 비 (Rain) has done~!!
    I want to scream their name at their concert~!!
    Kwon Ji Yong~!! Choi Seung Hyeon~! Dong Young Bae~!! Kand Dae Seong~!! Lee Seung Hyeon~!! ~kyiak~!! **Faint**

  88. Vi

    theres a clip…?
    on his cardigan..?

    i dont really care, theyre all hot : )

  89. seriously, top gets to kiss EVERYONE!!!
    will it be taeyang next?
    hohoho cant wait!

  90. Vi
    I doubt that
    bannin BB would bring even worse consequences
    we’ll burn them alive if they dare

    that was ‘HOT’

  91. No offense to TOP fans but I want someone other than him to get a lead role in their parodies for once. How about YB? He’s never had a big role! Sigh. I’m actually cringing a bit at imaging TOP and SR kissing.

    The concert looks SO amazing. YG, PLEASE put out a DVD of this one!! I want it way more than any of the others. They are performing some of my very favorite Big Bang songs.

  92. WOW! Aha coool! I like’em pictures.

  93. Full, Big Bang Virus Parody !!

  94. oh. my. god. HOLY MOTHER EFFER!!! the concert looks AMAZINGGGG!! goshh, what i would do to be at that concert… i seriously can’t wait for the DVD…

    for some reason i just can’t bring my self to watch the parody!! (i think it’ll make me emo…)

    the pics are just… wow. unbearably undescribable…

    (like big bang <3… hehe)

  95. @Liza

    i agree with you, i want this DVD more than the others too!! the songs they released in 2008 were some of my ABSOLUTE favourites. and they’ve evolved so much…

    like you listen to wonderful, then you listen to like… Goodbye Baby or VIP… it’s pretty different, Lol. seriously can’t wait til this DVD… =]

  96. @ Teum,

    @ suzee,
    OMG. JiYong is SO CUTE. 😀
    And BabyRi is SUCH A PRETTY GIRL. 😀

    @ Liza,
    I sorta agree with you. I love seeing Tabi act with all his facial expressions and all, but I’d love to see Bae as the main character, which I haven’t yet.. ;(
    And the TOPRi kiss wasn’t that bad. :O

  97. Vi
    Right? That give me shock when I heard ‘look at me Gwiison’ playing.
    Kekeke… the move is Bae- like. Yup. So Bae like. But I like the way he merge ‘gwiison’ dance with Bae style. Haha
    Frog?? Hahaha from where that idea pop out? Haha

    I want to see it so bad!!!
    Baby & Tabi kiss!!
    Hubby is raping everyone’s lips now.
    Raping. Is that a word?? Haha

    I really hope for the fancam.
    I want to see cool hubby & sexy Bong that go sleeveless. Haha
    I also quite curious bout their shooting at the amusement park. hehe

  98. how come no pictures of Dae Sung???!!

  99. lmao at GD’s signature XD

  100. I love Jiyongs signature. The parody was good. It was sooo cute!! G-Ri!!!

  101. Vi

    btw.. i sent u an email.
    tell me if u like it..
    cuz im not sure if i should go back to the way it was..

  102. wow the first picture under the cut, they look like gods walking down the stairs!! all hale big bang!

  103. soooooo COOL …. SARANGHAE GD and TOP!!!!!!!!!!4EVER

  104. lil sis in law

    yeah, I wonder why they did that. I wish Baebae and Dae had their own ads too…maybe because the Ice Cream 2 phone has only 3 colors? but still….

    Was Beethoven Virus really serious? haha. Coz i’m lmaoing whenever I watch the parody. hehehe.
    Can’t believe my Baebae did “Look at me Gwisoon”…and still dancing like Baebae.
    That’s my hubby all right.

    BTW, you have to see this.
    STRONG BABY unedited MV
    it’s a bit hard to see everything coz the VIP holding the cam freaked out when the unedited scenes flashed on screen.
    But you’ll see the kiss…or at least one of them…

    I dunno what to say about it…how come I feel like crying? Because I see Baby growing up too fast? hehe.
    It’s not a jealousy thing.
    Maybe just being protective of my lil brother in law. waaaaa.

  105. Ahhh…I felt like crying because I was a bit shocked. hehe.
    And I wish I saw a better view of the MV.
    But thanks to the VIPs who fancammed and uploaded these!

  106. OMG!!! they are all so good looking.. another year full of challenges and hopefully they will even make it bigger this year.. i love these guys. i could listen to their music all day long and still not get tired of it.. BIGBANG is NUMBER 1..

  107. Hey im an overseas fan of Big Bang. do you know where i can get a fan club or whatever address where i can send stuff/gifts/cards to them?

  108. @Kenley

    thanks for the link!

    i was yearning to see it…but right now, i’m just speechless..LOL~ the kissing scenes weren’t that extreme, i don’t know, probably bcos i didn’t see the whole unedited MV, but that was very mature of maknae. It’s quite awkward though. LOl. i guess it’s time to see Seungri as a real grown up.
    anyway, im surprised that i was smiling until the end of the vid! keke~

  109. kenley

    omg i just watched the unedited strong baby!!
    hahahahaa…it wasn’t that exteme though
    but the sexiness is like x1000 better
    i want the unedited version!!
    hahaha the way baby kiss the actress…is really seductive!!
    i cannot take it..but at the same laughing now hahaha

  110. DUDDDDDDDE~ the stage is OUT OF THIS WORLD! look at all the lights shinning on them!!! wahhh fans fainted? ohh man; i wonder if they fainted, were they able to go back to the concert? that would SUCK if they didn’t get back in XP
    —ohh the pics of their CF are too adorable! where’s Dae and Bae?
    i would love to set those on my cellphone wallpaper =P

  111. OMG that parody killed me. LOLOL. TaeYang with his dancing to Look at me, Gwisoon. ❤ XD And DaeSung… LMAO. <333

    SeungRi in a tutu! XDD

    Wow the concert looks awesome. *o* Aww, I wish I was there. T___________T

  112. @teefannie & Liza

    Bae had a pretty big role in big bang’s idol world drama in 2007… TOP was hardly in it, haha =P. in my opion, Bae had like one of the main roles…

    you guys should check it out (it freaked me out… no not Bae’s acting… but the story itself…)

  113. every time I saw that pictures of Big Show which our Big Bang on the stage, every time also I am major upset because I cannot attend the event of the Big Show… this is why I am so sad…

    I wish I can go there and see that oh-so-wow lightning and it’s very BIG no, I mean HUGEEEEEEEEEE!! Waaaa, so sad, aniooooooooo…. huhuhu X'[

    And the Virus Beethoven, aha, hyung always been given the leading role, must have because he is suits with it, ehehe, to me, yes…

    And wow, look at those photoshoot of Ice Cream 2, even the first edition of Ice Cream already made me go drool and I can’t wait to own it..
    I want the Peach Pink, and and Sky Blue and and Snow White….ahah I am being so greedy, ehehe…

    Just look at the photoshoot, oh wow, I am so speechless looking at it, and aaaa, when I saw Yong pictures, it made me smiles so widely… **drools drools**

    And hyung, wow, Sky Blue, I want I want, I want the phone and hyung as well, ehehe…
    Yah, look at Baby, sooooooooo baby, eheh…
    But where is our Tae and Dae? Iko?

  114. Kenley

    OMFG, THANKKYOUU ahha 😀 that was actually funny though i was laughing and smiling when i saw the kiss part XDD

    BLEHH i wish i was at that concert it looked freaking awesome -.-

  115. SUZEE

    you’re my herooo :D:D<3333 LOLLL. ohhh myyy freakingg god.
    BABY AS THE LEAD GIRL?!?!?!?!??! SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLEEE and he makes a pretty girl ;DD lmfaoo<333
    IT WAS SOOO FUNNYY i kept laughinggg and all of them. justt..
    AHHHHH<333 they make me have butterflies a lot xDD and that mushy feeling LMAOO<33 Tabi was soo cutee and OMG the piano part with boss AHAHAA<3333 they have a really good sense of humor LMAOO :]!
    i keep thinking of baby and his wig. he’s so prettyy xDD or..SHE’s so pretty? hehe..SO CUUTEE and bongggg OMGG they danced and hugged togetherr. GRI FOREVERR<33 BONGIEEE’S KISSSS TO BABY<33 AIGOOO, i died of course :] i was OMFGing when bong was going about to kiss baby on the lips WAHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT WILL BE IN MY MIND FOREVERR O______O;; andd then tabi comes xD HE looked so pretty AHHA..btw, i love baby’s CLOTHES HEHE, so cuute ;D and girllyy loll..bongg at the part where he’s on the phone with baby<33 never looked so cuutee/hot in that beanie hehe xD
    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TABI AND BABYYY<33 even so, i totally wish it was with BONGGG xDD GRI makes ppl crazy..literally 😀
    daee is hilariuosss and baee TOO adorabblee xDD

    THANKSSS ;P! <3333ed that parodyyy 😀 😀 :D! youu made my day ;P!

  116. the concert pics.
    blehhh, can’t seem to get over how Bong looks soo…GORGEOUS xDD
    geeee, he’s like a perfect, talented guy that every girl wants
    HEHE. or maybe BB FANS want :]

    AGGHH he looks good in everything almost xDD i’ve noticed i totally love bong in sleeveless/tanks xDD AHA, he looks SOO
    FREAKING HOTTT in them o___o
    and for some reason i love the way bong is standing in the second concert pic xD<33 he has greattt stylee *O*

  117. O_____________o Dude, if i was close to Bigbang, I would faint too. I wanna be at the show sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. DAAANNNNGGGGG! yah i would of fainted too if i was theree.

    i mean like once i see even a pic of them i start hyperventilating xD

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! these pictures are overwhelming!!! especially the TOP ones!!! XDDD

  119. No problem!

    I want to see the full MV!!! 🙂

  120. G-Dragon looks so HOT!!! TOP looks so hot with shades on. Ice Cream Photoshoot YES = D

  121. Aghh! I can’t find the unedited MV of Strong Baby!?! D:
    Somebody helpp~~!??!

  122. OMG I WANT TO SEE THE PARODY! but apparently it was deleted 😦

  123. teefannie

    I posted the link’s a fancam so some of the scenes were just blurs. Apparently the VIP holding it freaked out when the unedited scenes came out on screen. hehe.

    I would to if I was there. ^^

  124. omg omg please please get this parody x)
    all the onnes on youtube are fancam D:

  125. i wouldnt dare faint at a big bang concert or i’ll miss there performance ahh!!! but i’ll faint as soon as i get home, i’ll be the happiest person on earth after a big bang concert

  126. omg theres a parody i dont noe about. OMO!
    damn they are so hawt.
    id b so psyched if i culd go to a big bang concert!
    that phone is so cute. haha made even cuter by them 3.
    i like how seungri is snow white. haha maknae.
    i must get my hands on that DVD!

  127. I love the band big bang of all
    I wonder when they will come to Brazil
    in mines in beautiful horizonte.kiss

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