Big Bang Pulls Off Big Show in Seoul

Post taken from: 하늘비 @ VIPz Overseas/bbvipz (with permission to repost)

Pop group Big Bang indeed offered a “Big Show” at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium Friday night. With more than 13,000 fans attending, the group captivated the audience with spectacular settings, their stage presence and songs.

Before the concert even started, fans were screaming when band members appeared on the two large screens on the sidelines of the main stage, which was connected to a narrower one, resembling a large B and extended slightly above standing fans, for a closer approach.

When the curtains finally rose, the band’s five members ― Dae-sung, G-Dragon, Tae-yang, T.O.P., and Victory ― walked down from the top of a long staircase at the center of the stage, with an orchestra playing their song “Day by Day.”

Dressed in white with gold accessories, the members appeared nervous, but they quickly regained their confidence as they started to sing and dance with fans, showing readiness for the big night ahead of them.

According to the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, they had prepared more than 300 costumes, and it was evident that the members put thought into everything, from G-Dragon’s headbands, T.O.P.’s sleek suits and sunglasses, Victory’s bow tie and Dae-sung’s gloves, to Tae-yang’s simple white tie.

“We have always performed at the year’s end, but this time we decided to perform in January and February. When we are done, you will all be very surprised,” G-Dragon said, greeting fans.

Individual performances were central features of the concert. Although most of the songs were performed as a group, they reminded fans that each member had his own style, and the “Big Show” was the perfect opportunity for members to show their individual talents.

Victory, also known as Seung-ri, showed his sexy side with his solo hit “Strong Baby,” while Tae-yang appeared playing the piano and singing “Only Look at Me” while suspended in the air. According to concert organizers, only two pianos can dangle in the air and it took careful preparation to bring the “floating” piano on stage. Dae-sung revealed his new trot song “Daebakiya,” or “It’s a Big Hit,” complete with a tight jacket and amusing dance moves and expressions.

T.O.P. offered his solo “Like Nothing Happened” in a suit and trench coat while walking through a rain shower, while G-Dragon transformed the stage into a club scene, with raging music and his own DJ booth, singing “This Love,” a remake number of American band Maroon 5’s hit song.

The group and concert organizers successfully connected with the audience, as band members bonded with the fans, up close and personal.

The narrow stage that stretched through the standing fans was perfect for the group to get closer to fans, as the members danced, ran and walked, waving to their cheering crowd.

At one point, members were hanging from poles attached to the stadium’s ceiling with wires, just to get closer to fans, who were waving and cheering on the second and third floors of the concert venue.

In the middle of the song “Lady,” G-Dragon picked up a camcorder and started filming fans, the image of which was projected on to the two large screens on stage. The camera captured fans and finally focused on one “lady” fan who was brought on stage for a friendly hug amid jealous onlookers.

With more than 20 songs, the band kept fans entertained, even when they went backstage for costume changes. The hit drama “Beethoven Virus” was spoofed in a clip called “Big Bang Virus,” while in another clip, band members visited an amusement park with colorful masks on.

Big Bang finished the show with encores “Red Sunset” and “The Last Goodbye,” bidding farewell to fans, smiling and wishing them a safe trip home.

Although the sound was a bit shaky throughout the performance, the “Big Show” attested to the strong star and idol power the group has among fans, while the group showed that they were more than just pretty boys. The songs, settings, costumes and overall arrangements of the concert were superb, and the five members pulled it off with charisma and charm.


~ by Momo on February 1, 2009.

22 Responses to “Big Bang Pulls Off Big Show in Seoul”

  1. now i’m just gonna be waiting for DVDs lol

  2. OMG!!!! THAT SERIOUSLY SOUNDS LIKE ONE HELL OF A SHOW!!! gahhh!!!! i soooooooo wish i was there!!!!! but more than that i wish i that “lady” fan!!! omgg!!

    i seriously can’t wait til the DVD!!! and i guess now we know what they were shooting in those amusement park pics, lol…

    and wow.. 300 costumes?!?!? our boys sure know how to work it…

    god seriously, where the hell can you find 5 guys who are that talented, loved, amazing, cute, hot, sexy, fashionalbe, charismatic, unbearably squeal-worthy, and just plainly undescribably (even though i used quite a few ajectives to describe them…)

    there’s only one thing to say at this point.

    saranghae big bang<3 and we wish you all the luck, success and happiness in the world.

    (also i seriously can’t wait til this DVD comes out… but i think i’ve mentioned that already… like 5 times…)

  3. i’m so jealous of the hug
    god . :/

  4. wow <33333333

  5. Damn, that concert for sure sounded amazing! floating piano, wow ,lol. I cant even really pin point anything it all sounds awesome.

  6. I wish I was there to experience that. I wish I could of supported them and all the effort they put into those concerts.

  7. man i wish i was there 😦

  8. These boi’s will always be amazing and dedicated.

    I am so proud to be an iVIP.

  9. Woo!
    I’m so proud of them, they must have seriously worked their butts off for Big Show – not to mention they had like 3 concerts too!
    Gah… I’m so depressed reading about this though, I wish I could be there instead of doing homework T.T
    Haha I’m so jealous of the fan that got hugged! She’s so lucky!
    I’d do anything to see Tabi’s Like Nothing’s Wrong with him walking in the rain… *drools*
    Mmm his hair wouldve gotten all wet and hot and – ok I’ll stop now before I faint at the computer ^^

  10. they always WELL DONE 100%++ goooood joob i love BIG BANG toooooo much. BIG BANG GO GO,

  11. DaeSung in a tight jacket? bwahhahahaha!!! Totally love it!
    and omg..TOP? WET?!! I am totally missing out!

    This sounds like such a good SHOW! I’m so happy that their
    goal was to reach out and be closer with the VIPS, that
    camcorder thing was so cool!

  12. OMGGG! wowwww i can imagine how was BIG SHOW really awesome1!!!

    and that lucky VIP <333 GD with the camcorder T.T

  13. YG always put on the best shows ❤ big bang

  14. i couldn’t help but re-read the whole post!~ i wish I could’ve been there!~ Big Bang worked so hard! 300 fits? floating piano? wow. that’s a lot of extremities. They should be resting but instead..they’re going to Japan. AHHH~ i wish i could bump into ’em in L.A… Big Bang oppa…saranghae!~

  15. Argghhhh..the jealousy is coming to me.
    I wish I was that “lady”. Would I kill to be her…
    Floating piano? And poles too? Everything’s flying! JK.
    I can’t wait for the DVD to be released!!!

  16. WHAT?! G-Dragon focused it on one ‘lady’?
    ugh! i am so jealous! DAMN i wish i was there.
    Aw man, i really wish i was there.
    I cannot believe this. Damn 300 outfits? damnnn.
    Where’s the fancam’s at? i want to see ‘Big Show’
    Ah, i’m so proud of Big Bang. They are very good
    to their VIPz. YES i can’t wait till this goes
    out on DVD. ima buy it =]

  17. they sound..

    i had probably the worst day EVER todayy. and i totally forgot
    about BB<3

    and my friend told me to go watch some BB stuff and when she said
    that i smiled a bigass smile and forgot all the shit that happened today :]

    bb is my savior<333 my everything<333 my lifee<333 my sunshinee<33 my airr<333

  18. awesomee!! wow that concert seriously must have been sooo much fun. i hope theres a dvd!

    thanks for the info momo :]

  19. ahh~~thats makes me even more curious on how the show went >.<
    i want the dvd lol

  20. at first of all, thanks to publisher! it was so nice to read the news about Big show. i just can imagine… i wish i was there… but no more big bang hurts me soo so much… i’m really disappointed…

  21. I can imagine myself watching it even JUST IN DVD!!!!

    Hell yea. I would cry for sure~ D:

  22. Any idea when it’s gonna be released?

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