TOP is the grandson of late writer Seo Geun Bae


Attention is drawn to Big Bang member TOP after news reveal that he is actually the grandson of late writer Seo Geun Bae.

It was revealed in Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ that TOP is the grandson of late writer Seo Geun Bae.

Even at the end of the book where at his own signature, TOP also mentioned about his grandfather, “Even in times when he is seriously ill, he had wrote an amazing story ‘Accomplish you dreams’. And when times are difficult for me, I get strength when I remember the words of my grandfather.”

Meanwhile, Seo Geun Bae who debut with novels like ‘Tak Bo’ and ‘Hang Goo’ in 1950, passed away in 2007.

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~ by Momo on February 1, 2009.

19 Responses to “TOP is the grandson of late writer Seo Geun Bae”

  1. ;( that’s so sad .
    but then top has some writing blood for bigbang’s new book ;D

  2. hubbby<3 such a good kid, remembering his grandfather
    as an inspiration and all..
    idk if i should buy the book
    im fluent in krn but its costly hahaa

  3. aww :[
    rip to seo geun bae grandfather D:

  4. pretty cool..
    but sad.
    my grandfathers [and grandmothers] are ‘late’ too..

  5. wow… i really can’t wait to get the book… (and hopefully by then, some eng translations will be up)…


  6. Aww, RIP.
    So sad for TOP.

  7. OMG
    i love you momo you have the best news !!

  8. -continuing-
    but still
    that’s sad :C

  9. ohhhmann how inspiringgg *o*

    i really want that book too xDD
    Tabi, fighttingg :]!

  10. Wow…
    The amazing writing skills are hereditary then because
    A Good Man, was amazing, Lyrically speaking.

    Wooo! GO TOP!

    Poor Grandpa Top XD

  11. THATS SO AMAZING!!!!!! ❤
    (haha. not the death part. thatll be kinda mean to say….)

    TOPs Grampy is lucky to have a grandson as TOP :]
    well atleast we know hes always being watched by someone that loves him (his grandpa…..<3 also i cant forget his stalkers 😀 ).

  12. @ flowtracey
    haha yeah TOPs stalkers love him.. xD always being watched.. scary! lol

    aw what a good grandson TOP is..remembering his grandpa. i wonder what he looked like.. 😀

  13. woah, well i can see where he gets his wordy-rap side from!
    hope tabi is taking it ok, being busy with BB and all 😦

  14. Harabonim, thank you so much for inspiring TOP and giving him some of your talent although through music and lyrics!

  15. awww TOP U.U i wish to know korean T.T wanna read the book so bad =(

  16. aww. RIP grandpa TOP!
    aw he musta been a hell of a writer~ and his talents are Tabis talents :DD

  17. Wow, i did not know that.
    That’s so cool though.
    How come this was never metion Choi, Seunghyun?
    Ah, any family member of Big Bang i am a
    fan of too. So RIP grandpa Seo Geun Bae =]

  18. Awwww, Tabi’s G-Pa passed away, but he passed on the writer’s skill to Tabi.


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