GDragon gives his stand on fashion criticisms


GDragon, leader to idol group Big Bang, speaks up directly about criticisms about his fashion on ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’ last year.

GDragon had wore a top with prints ‘69′ and ‘Fuck you too’ amd ‘I ♥ SEX’ onto the stage then and was in the centre of criticisms after that.

In Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ released on 28th January, GDragon gave his stand about the incident.

He said, “The clothes I wear is not about price or brand but about expression. When I say that music is the energy that moves me, fashion and clothes are the platforms for widening imagination. I had always wanted to work in the fashion industry if given the time and opportunity, and in my spare time of writing songs, I do make drawings and designs of clothes.”

“I wear my clothes with no relations to social standards but just as I feel like it but this has got me many criticisms along the way too. But the issue is also raised that as an entertainer in the centre of many’s attention, my conduct should be reconsidered and appropriate.” He added carefully.

“And especially so as a young singer wearing what is said to be a suggestive top and standing in front of the media on the stage. But I’m just wearing it because the tee shirt is one of the products by my favourite designer John Galliano and I liked it a lot.”

“And regarding my comment, ‘I don’t know anymore’ which was seen as an excuse by many, I have to apologise on my part of carelessness on that.”

Meanwhile, more juicy insights to the 5 Big Bang members in their recently-released book ‘Shouting to you in the world’. They will also be holding a press conference on the 6th.

K Bites:

~ by Momo on February 2, 2009.

48 Responses to “GDragon gives his stand on fashion criticisms”

  1. Yes to express!
    go GD; express your opinion [:
    you should wear what you want.

  2. ahh , the clothes he wears would look really weird on other people , but his style and clothing is adoorable on him and his shirts are cool . ❤

  3. OMG hot hot hot!
    I can’t wait to learn Korean and read that Book!

  4. I love him. I really do.

  5. Everything JiYong does makes me fall deeper in love with him.

  6. Yes,be strong Gd!
    He has a right to wear what he wants!
    It’s not the public’s business to dress him!

  7. whao momo! the news just keeps coming! lol

    GD. you are amazing.
    your music is amazing.
    your name is amazing.
    you hair is amazing.
    your talent is amazing.
    your clothes are amazing.
    hell, everything about you is amazing.
    no matter what the hell you do in the future, you will always be loved by us VIPs ❤

    P.S. i luved that shirt and only our Kwon Leadah could work that shirt, lol. (but really he could look sexy in anything ;])

  8. lol sookyeong beat me to it.

    but yes, spoken like a true gentleman. that’s why he’s my baby ❤

  9. GD keep on wearing what you like!

  10. GD fashion sense is his own problem
    they don’t need to criticize him!


  12. I love GD’s style. ❤ I like what he has said. -nods- Wear what you want~ ❤

  13. i’m totally reading that book right now
    but it’s taking me forever b/c my korean is like only semi fluent. lol

    btw. i dont think jiyong knows but uh….john galliono made that specific shirt for GAY guys. so mabye he shouldn’t be wearing it.

    btw. do you guys know if there is an english version of this book or even a traditional chinese one?

  15. Oh god, he wore that shirt like 23490 years ago.
    They’re still talking about it?
    But anyways, yes, go GD.
    Tell it like it is.
    Besides, he’s THE Kwon Jiyong, LOL, he can wear whatever he wants & look mighty fine in it.

  16. Yes, that’s the spirit. I actually really liked that shirt originally (he just made it look SO hot) and I don’t get why people made such a big deal about it. I’ve DEFINITELY seen worse.

    I love that he just has to namedrop Galliano. xD I prefer Marc Jacobs. Dior Homme is pretty awesome. TOP would look amazing in that. LOL, okay, getting way off topic.

  17. damn right! all you haters better just relax and let my man do his thing. Bongie we love you and dont give a damn what others think. that and you always look smexy so who the hell cares. Im happy that he is standing up for his freedom of expression cause it seems like it is fading away these days. Keep doing what your doing and dont let people bring you down jiyongie

  18. @Angela

    lol, you know so much detail about the designer stuff big bang wear, first the LV shoes, and now this… wickedd

    and i luv how it’s always G-Dragon =P

  19. that makes sense.. xDD
    like i like my shirt that says omg on it. but i think it’s really
    stupid LOLL but i just love the color so i wear it xDD<33

    EXPRESSS ahahaa

  20. Angela

    WOWOWOWWW omgomgg xDD gayy?!?!
    in that casee i agree with youu…
    butttt, i just thought..bong should know it’s for gay guys right?
    unless he did…and…he’s NOT GAYY RIGHT?! O______________O;

    with what everybody says about g-ri and all that ‘kissing’ in the
    but of course i never think they’re gay o__O;
    BONG should NOTT BE GAY -.-;
    he shouldn’t be wearing those clothes anymore xDD
    ppl MIGHT think he’s gay.. o_o


  22. yea jiyong!
    tell it like it is

  23. get over it haters, if the tv station isnt happy with it, im pretty sure you can blur it out dude.

  24. waaah!
    well said!
    GD is my hero
    fashion wise and…in everything seriously

  25. damn straight . eff the haters !
    he should be able to wear what he wants !
    he’s got mad ass style !

  26. Who cares if the shirt was made for gays? Just because GD wore it doesn’t mean anything
    I hate that he can’t wear a freking t-shirt that he likes because someone else got upset over it. I loved that top on him, too. He’s so stylish

  27. he really does put a lot of thought and energy into each one of his clothing choices, and i think he really wants his fans to appreciate what he does chooses as it reflects his style/personality.


  28. Sorry to double post; I just meant to add that
    I’m sure he did know who the shirt was made for, he just didn’t care. Like he said, he dresses “with no relation to social standards”. If he likes it nad wants to wear it, it doesn’t matter who it was made for

  29. @luvBB4lyf
    lol. that’s b/c i go to a fashion school and i intern for a fashion mag.

    NO! i didn’t mean he was gay AT ALL! Bong is not gay!! John Galliano is, and actually not a lotta ppl know that he made it for gays, I just know b/c I researched on him. It was a subtle message thing he did for fun one of the quotes was “fear the queer” meaning gay guys are bold and should be respected.

  30. p.s.
    i don’t want ppl to misinterpret me.
    i LOVE jiyong and his style. he is actually a big influence on my fashion and my fashion career. I even convinced my soho boutique in nyc to play big bang songs. HAHA

  31. @angela,

    heyhey, im a fashion major too. and same here. hes a big influence on my fashion views too and i try to sneak him into my projects all the time

  32. No matter what Bong wore or do, I will always support him. He is the best leader ever and Big Bang; saranghamnida…….

    I want to support him, ehe..

    For loving sake, it is just something that Bong is, and he is being honest to himself, not because of what, don’t get me wrong, no matter what, FIGHT FOR THE WORLD!!
    And yes, love Bong for his fashion; he is my fashion icon, gogogo…

    Fight for the world, Bong…


    joesonghamnida if I offence anyone…peace X]

  33. and favourite shoes of T.O.P are from design Ato Matsumoto..they are so very expensive…

  34. he wears whatever he wants
    and that’s what makes him so frkg unique

    he’s also got wht it takes to wear the clothes he wore;
    cos he’s confident . he has the attitude.

    sometimes yeah gd’s clothes are kinda crazy and ott
    but that’s just the gd that e love and who cares what t
    the critic says.

    dressed them with garbage bags, u bet we’ll still love big bang.period.

  35. i don’t see anything wrong with his shirt
    for me it’s pure FASHION
    i’m totally on his side that he should express himself
    why care about others?
    the apology isn’t necessary for me in anyway

  36. I don’t find it fair how a lot of people criticized GD for wearing that shirt but for YB’s hot concert for his first two numbers I believe, the back of his wife beater said “Fuck You” and well… I never heard any complaints. =/

  37. NOO, NO…. I DON’T LIKE IT SO MUCH… WHY HE WORE a top with prints ‘69′ and ‘Fuck you too’ ??? I THINK HE GOES MAD.. HE GOT a STAR’s PAIN, MAYBE!

  38. it’s just ma opinion… dont punish me 😛

  39. OMG! I’m so going to learn korean!!!!! Hehe i’m getting book for my birthday :DDD

  40. no offense to the all the comments posted above, but wearing ‘i ❤ sex’ and ‘fuck you too’ shirt in front of thousands of audience (in the building and at home) is not really….. appropriate. I don’t see how that is ok. if he wears that kind of clothes in private or casually, maybe that’d be acceptable. but not in a performance. so, as an artist and role model, i do think he should apologize. And he did, so i was really proud of him.

    What i really like about what he said above is the fact that although he wants to tell people that he love clothes and wants to share his fashion sense to everyone and everything and wants a bit of freedom to try different styles, he also admits that he is aware of the consequences of some of his actions and that he should not be selfish and careless because he is an idol and role model. That, to me, shows his wiseness and maturity. =)

  41. Aww G-Dragon it’s okay. I don’t care what you wear because you are very fashionable. && i think your shirt
    was like how Seungri’s “Crack,crack,crack,crack”
    couldn’t be performed on KBS but i still said
    “Crack” instead of “clap” .I liked how he said his words and stuff. And besides, he’s so good at what he does.
    Writing music, i mean does it really matter if
    his shirt says that? Jeez, i think his explanation was
    good enough. Sometimes i don’t really like his
    fashion but it’s GD. He always does things outrageous but it turns out to be really good. I don’t think he wants attention. If he did then he would probably be doing
    some other kind of stuff. He’s famous because of the
    great music he writes & how he works really hard to
    be a good leader.

  42. Aww, I didn’t really care what Jiyong wore.
    Yes, I still remember that shirt, but he can
    wear what he wants to wear. Go Jiyong :]

  43. for korea & other country in Asia
    it is inappropriate

  44. lol GD. I adore him and his style. But this is really inappropriate. “fuck” and “sex” are not the words for a star to appear in front of thousands of ppl. (It’d be appropriate being among friends)
    I dont mean to criticize him, to me everybody’s free to choose what they wear but to a star like him, who can influence a lot on others, it really does matter. Anyway it’s just his carelessness as he admitted. =)

    ah I damn wanna the book. If only I knew Korean =(

  45. sometimes yeah gd’s clothes are kinda crazy and ott
    but that’s just the gd that e love and who cares what t
    the critic says.

  46. I love you G-Dragon 🙂


  48. Even it took so long to post a comment but i must said that whatever he wear its doesn’t mean that he a person like that. He is a talented person, nice and smart so just love him just the way he is, if you don’t like it just don’t see it… Peace XD

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