Sandara Park to appear as actress before singer


Upcoming ‘Female Big Bang‘ group member Sandara Park will appear in front of everyone as an actress before she do so as a singer.

Sandara Park took part inthe filming of the 1st episode of MBC drama ‘Comeback of Il Ji Mae’, and there is also possibility of her on appearing on the 7th episode set to air on 11th February. Sandara Park will play a female Japanese ninja in the drama.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is set to debut in upcoming ‘female Big Bang‘ group together with members Park Bom, CL, Gong Ji Min and another member, with Big Bang member GDragon as the producer to their debut album.

YG Entertainment said, “We have decided on the last member to the group and has gotten down to preparing the album. But we still have not decided on the name of the group.”

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~ by Momo on February 3, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sandara Park to appear as actress before singer”

  1. umm.. any info on female big bang yet [besides all of said]?

  2. Hmm who is that last member be? o_O
    I’m definitely excited for this group!

  3. Darn, they have a 5th member already.
    I have no more chance. Wait… is
    Sandara the last member [4th] to be chosen?
    Aw man. Well i can’t wait till they debut
    && G-Dragon,,Good luck. Ah he has so much to do.
    Hrmm wow Sandara. Kay i’ll try to watch her
    Drama too..if i can find Enlish Sub.

  4. I clicked the Sookeyoung link and the picture of Sandara…
    She looks much prettier then before, if that is a recent picture of her… :O

  5. @teefannie: yesss she looks some different 😮

    i wonder who’s gonna be the 5th member…

  6. i love her so much because she is a nice young lady…very determined…i am looking forward in her debut…

  7. i like your blog very much, love you

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