SeungRi casted for movie ‘71′ together with Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho | TOP’s family after the concert


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SeungRi’s 2nd movie “71”

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Big Bang member SeungRi together with actors Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho has been casted for movie ‘71′.

‘71′ is the story of 71 South Korean student soldiers who fought the war on the morning of 10th August 1950 with North Korean army.

SeungRi, whose hometown is in GwangJoo, will be using his accent in the movie acting as one of the student soldiers. In the movie, the 71 student soldiers will be led by their commanders Park Ha Seob (played by Kim Bum) and Yoo Jin (Yoo Seung Ho).

This will be SeungRi’s second appearance in movie after the previous filming of ‘Why did you come to our house’. SeungRi was casted as one of the student soldier through a public audition.

YG Entertainment said, “This will be a good acting experience for SeungRi. After his acting debut in musical ‘Sonagi’ last year, SeungRi will move on to try other areas like dramas and movies.”

A happy family photo for TOP

A photo of Big Bang member TOP taken with his mother and elder sister after Big Bang’s recent concert has raised much attention from fans.

TOP posted the photos on his own minihompy on 2nd February with the title ‘After a great concert this time’.

Also what had caught the attention of many is the bag that TOP’s mother carry with her in the photo with the words ‘TOP’s MOM’ printed on it. TOP wrote, “This is a present from Seung Hyun to mom.”

Thanks to SooKyeong’s minihompy


I’m somewhat surprise that Tabi posted this picture on his minihompy when we all know how he feels about pictures of his family on the internet, but it’s so sweet how he got a present for his mom kekek “TOP’S MOM” he be pimpin’ his mama up keke his sister of course, look freaking gorgeous as always. And AHHHHHHH! Movie with Kim Bum and Baby????? I lost it. I’ve been OBSESSED with Boys Over Flower lately, so.. Kim Bum….. and Baby… is this real??? haha I’m too happy. 😀

I was bored in Photography today, and I saw this during class, it was just too cute, so I was messing around on Photoshop and did this cuz I’m bored, using my limit knowledge of Korean, I translated and edit the comic, it’s about how Dae always the first one to get up and annoy the crap out of the rest haha poor Baby who share the same room with Dae got it the worst (they have a damn messy room too)

**Note: the un-translated words are mostly sounds, so I don’t know how to translate that haha.

BANGS Short Comic

Just in case you didn’t get the whole thing, Dae got up first and did his famous “HELLO I’M DAESUNG~~~~~~~” really loud. Bong got pissed off and wiggle everywhere cause we all know the leadah likes to sleep in … a lot. Baby with his dark circle can’t say anything but beg Dae to just let him sleep while Bae, who is sleeping with Boss ask himself if it’s morning already when in reality, it’s time for lunch, Tabi who is sleeping with the banana pillow that’s given to him by a fan, wearing headphones to sleep so he’s a happy little trooper and keep on sleeping like it’s nobody’s business. haha
Original Comic by YGEntertainment
Translated and Edit by Vicky

BANGS Profiles

Original Comic by YGEntertainment
Translated and Edit by Vicky



~ by Vicky on February 3, 2009.

100 Responses to “SeungRi casted for movie ‘71′ together with Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho | TOP’s family after the concert”

  1. Soo cool SeungRi get to play in a Movie…i can’t wait to see it!! ^^

    That is so NICE of TOP.. he knows how to keep his fans hooked n.n


  2. oh my gosh! oh my gosh! i cant wait for the movie to come out!!!
    i lvoe kim bum too .. so waaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

    and freaking hell TOP’s family pic looks so sweet!
    and his sis is jus o_o!

  3. Where’s TOP’S dad??? But that’s a sweet present. Maybe TOP is a momma’s boy. XD His sister is so pretty! Geez.

    Oohhh…I’ve been getting into BBF and Kim Bum’s pretty cool.
    I want to see how Baby’s acting chops are! I think he’s good!

  4. OH MY LOOORD!!!
    Baby and my second man in the same movie

    Tabi’s family pic is looove
    get to see my future in law
    her bag is sooo cool!
    seriously Tabi what a gift
    now I gotta wait for the one that says “TOP’s lady”
    to arrive
    just one thing though
    he looks sooo damn skinny what’s with that??!!!

  5. 😀 COOL
    can some1 tell me the link to TOP minihompy?
    thanks. x]

  6. Omg TOP looks just like his mom…
    How Cute…
    He is so CUte..

  7. okay. what? Baby and Kimbum in a movie together? *squeal*
    oh man, Vi. i’m liked obsessed with Boys Over Flower too
    and reading, ‘Big Bang member SeungRi together with actors
    Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho has been casted for movie ‘71′,’
    just made my day. kind of sucks cause it’s a war movie and
    i don’t really like war movies, but i guess i’ll make an
    exception for these two cuties. ^__^

    as for TOP and his family, wow, they look great as usual,
    but seriously, that’s surprising that he would post up
    family pics. maybe he made an exception this time…?

    oh and man, TOP looks so friggin’ skinny now. o_0

  8. awww TOP is such a sweety!!! that so cute hhah i should go make one saying TOP’s girl lol but aww they are such beautiful ppl!!

  9. BABY + Kim Bum~ its like heaven.
    baby using his accent! yay! lol cant wait to hear it, its gonna be hella cute!
    wow, a period movie..i bet its gonna be done rly good.
    OMGG. i love kim bum ever since i saw him in unstopable highkick! :DD
    AH! dude, that purse is amazingggggggg. Tops mom! lmao thats soo cool.
    i want one that says BABYS WIFEE. ❤ lmao

  10. Oh, man, ever since I heard about ’71’ I’ve wanted to watch it. Kim Bum is amazing and I have such a crush on Yoo Seung Ho. And now Seung Ri is going to be in it?! This is great. I think it will be a good movie. =]

  11. omg. TOP! so hot. and he’s so sweet 🙂

  12. Ahh!! TOP family is so so so CUTE!!!
    TOP is so sweet!! I totally love that pursue
    His sister is so pretty as always…
    OMG!! Tabi looks so so so skinny T__T
    My mom-in-law looks so cute X3

    Ohh Baby in another movie *_*
    When r they gonna air his other movie??
    Can’t Waitt

  13. Aww, “TOP’S MOM”. That is seriously so cute. His sister better get a bag that says “TOP’S SIS”.

  14. u know i can’t find the movie “why did u come to our house?” with seung ri in it
    when it is release?

  15. ahh~ I’m so excited for Seungri’s movie “Why did you come into my house” He did an amazing job in Sonagi!! :D:D:D

    Ohh~ Tabi you’re so cuuttee~ haha. His family’s like composed of Hot and sexy people. Like his sister’s so pretty as well as the mom then Tabi ooozing with hotness. OH God, I wish I live with a family like that. lol. J/k

  16. yea, i was wondering when seungri’s debut movie will come out. or has it already? Anyway, excited to hear his accent~!!

    TOP look exactly like his mother! HOMG. is it just me, or is top getting way too skinny? T_T

  17. i can’t wait to see the movie! it looks so good! sometimes war movies can be boring but not with these 3 cuties! lol i love Top mom’s bag thats so sweet that he got it for her. such a cute picture!

  18. yay Seung ri!!! <33

    and aha! ‘TOP’s Mom’!?!?! thats so cute! THATS OUR TABI!<3

    i just found out today that my friend’s grandfather knew TOP’s grandfather!! the writer one!! she said he visited him in the hospital and everything! and she’s a die hard TOP fan… she loves him… THATS SO COOL! god she’s so LUCKYY!!!

    i’ve already told her to tell her grandfather to meet with his family when she goes to Korea… and take me with her, lmaoo…

  19. you know the MNET Super 100 Idols?
    jiyong got number 1!!! yea baby =DDD
    taeyang got 15
    seungri got number 31
    and i think thats it(:

  20. i just watched seungri ystrday in showbiz extra, he said he wants to try ‘dramas’ too.. i really wanted to see seungri in the near future acting in 1 drama series ~ just like ‘rain’ (a singer, a great dancer & a good actor at the same time) LoL.. goodluck 2 my man,SEUNGRi! i’ll be more happy if he casted to FULLHOUSE 2. as ‘Lee young-jae’ hahaha!

  21. Aw, good for Seung Ri 🙂
    And I like the purse TOP got LOL X)

  22. seungri and kimbum<3

  23. aww, luv tabi’s hair.

    baby and kim bum?!
    im dreaming.
    im dreaming. awake @_@

    oh, did u see the pic i sent u [via email]?
    im not so sure about..


    aww so nice of TOP ❤
    is his minihompy available to everyone? o_o

  25. LOL @ Comic

    OMG @ TOP/SR
    Great post!

  26. SHYAAAAAAAAA BABY<3 another movie XDDD he’s on a rolee lmao.
    ahh btw i didnt get to see that movie Dx “why did you come to our house?” does anybody know where/if i can watch it? D:
    gadd, and i totally died when i saw the picture of seung ri next to Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho. GEEEEEEE, he LOOKS SOO BEAUTIFULLL BEAUTIFULL STUNNINGG AMAZINGGG CUUTEEE<33 he’s so pretty XDD<33 ahhhhhhhhhhh, love seung ri<3 hehehee..

    Tabi’s family photo!!! ohmygoshh, sister is absolutely stunninggg
    but then why is she wearing a dark, black cloak like thing? xD
    im not trying to be mean but please tell me if that’s suppose to be the fashion there or maybe it’s cold? lmaoo…

    wayy too adorable KYAA 😛 LOVEEE IT<3

    aigoo, JINGYO: WAYYY CUUTEEE<3333333
    bebe AHAHAA so freakingcuutee i can just imagine it lololl.
    tabi LOLLL soo cutee i’d probably be like tabi.
    and toriii<3333333 lmaooo so sweet/cutee like a little baby 😀

  27. Is that Kim Bum on the far left? …He looks good. 8]

    Aww, that’s really a nice present from TOP for his mom. o:

    OMGLOL. I LOVE THE COMIC. Hehehee so cute! <333

  28. do u know wat top mini homepage is

    oh the comic is so cute
    i love tabi’s way of sleeping

  29. LOL, TOP sleeps with the banana…that comic was great.

  30. Oh I love the comic!!

  31. omg
    Top got his mom a customized Goyard purse!
    Those are like over $1000
    what a sweet son

  32. aWw TOP lo0oks like his mommy! How cuuuute! LOL
    Do you know where I could find and/or buy those comics?!

  33. @Angela

    see! again! lmao! omg… you are seriously on a role…

    GD would be proud of your vast knowledge of fashion…

  34. Baby start a new movie again?
    Wow~ he’s experiment a lot of new things. Good for baby.
    But, baby with soldier thingy… I had never imagine something like that. haha

    Tabi posted this himself?
    Till now all I heard is his sister posted it herself.
    Now that he DOES posted it himself.
    I wonder what’s happen with him?
    He DOES say that he dislike ppl posting the pic of his family. ~,~A (hubby ah~ what happen to u?)
    Btw, he looks like his mom a lot. Especially their eyes & eyebrow. (now I know from where he got his sexy eyes. Hehe)
    His sister always look gorgeous. Her big eyes makes he looks like a doll. Very cute doll.
    & this ‘TOP’S MOM’ kekekeke where the hell he got this idea. Hahaha…
    Crack me up so bad.
    “This is a present from Seung Hyun to mom.” But these words are very sweet & I think I fell for him again. Haha
    But I wonder, I never seen his dad’s pic. wonder what would his dad looks like? hehe

    BANG’S morning. 1PM (I don’t think it considered as morning. Haha)LOL at Bebe.
    Bong is really cute, wiggle everywhere. Keke
    Poor baby who share the room. Haha his expression.
    Hubby ah~ ur mouth. Hehehe… looks like a duck mouth for me. The banana pillow~ I think I could wear the banana outfit just to disguised myself & sleep beside him.
    Dae’s “hahahaha” T______________T I donno what to say.

    1 thing I confused at. Tabi RAPPER / VOCAL?
    VOCAL? Though we barely hear him singing??
    There goes baby with his yellow blanket again. kekeke

  35. Angela
    what? that purse worth over $1000???
    wow~ Tabi is a good son.

  36. omg Vicky thanks for subbing that comic it was really cute
    wah Seungri in another movie
    and this time with Kim Bum (he’s so gorgeous) i bet it’ll be a great movie
    these BANGS are soo cute
    Vick,by any chance are u going to sub the other comics(i only saw another 1 dont knoe if there’s more than 2 lol)

  37. @nya2

    you like TOP ALOT right?? my friend told me today that her mom today her recently that her [my friend’s] grandfather knew TOP’s grandfather… the writer that passed away in 2007

    she said her grandfather went to the hospital to see TOP’s grandfather and everything… at that point in the story my mouth was cathing flies…. and she’s in LOVE with TOP too…

    god!!! i told her she should get her grandfather to take her to visit his family when she goes to korea… but that’s so unreal!

    what a small world…

  38. Thanks VIcky for subbing that comic!
    At first I didn’t really get it, until I read
    your description. I find it some-what very funny &
    ultimately cute! Hahahah x) THIS IS DAESUNGG! { in a loud voice }
    Lmao! Cute! hhahahahahaha x)) I like it ALOTT!
    WOW, Top looks so happy with his family 😀 Look at his eyes :]
    Lol. Woot woot, Look at Baby in that one picture
    with the other actors, damn, fine as ever =D

  39. my bad

    **her mom told her recently…

  40. Sexica

    I KNOW!!
    Kim Bum makes me weak on my knees
    he’s just AHHH!

    he’s been eating nothing but “APPLES AND BANANAS”
    haha and also concert rehearsal so I’m not surprise.

  41. Heather

    I KNOW!!!
    I’m still not over it
    haha still excited about it
    Kim Bum is my fave eye candy

    i just hope, like most war movie, we’ll get to see them wearing mostly wife beater or… nothing HAHAH

    kaka he want to show off the bag keke

  42. Jini

    Baby’s satoori is cuteness x10000 + awkwardness = DEAD FANGIRLS. haha
    what a great equation.

  43. KyBBLover

    last time they announce it will be out december 08
    but it’s already 09 and we haven’t heard anything about it coming out yet

  44. Dee Dee

    it hasn’t been release yet

  45. kiim

    every member of Big Bang got a spot on the SUPER 100 IDOL
    Tabi was #4 and Dae was #11

  46. Dori

    which one?
    of you with contact?
    i replied to that one already

  47. milkydonut

    that movie hasn’t been release yet so that’s why

    it’s freezing over in Korea right now so maybe that’s why
    and Korean’s fashion is different from most of us so i don’t try to question it haha
    mostly cuz I know Bong for too long kekekek

  48. Lumi

    OH YEA~
    that’s him.
    too good haha

  49. swtlidopnai

    it’s not a comic book thing
    it’s a online thing avaialable on their CYWorld

  50. nya

    just hope he won’t get beat up or worse… got shot
    I will cry my eyes out

    maybe he want to show off his awsome present for his mom keke
    letting ppl know this is how a good son like him pimp up his mama hahaha

    good looks run in the family.
    what a lucky family. damn.

    I think I’ve seen his dad’s pic before
    too lazy to search for it now but I’ll look for it tomorrow (sleepy right now haha)

    Dae’s “HA HA HA” took me half an hour to edit keke
    he laugh too much kekek

    but ah~ i love these comic too much
    let us know more about the boys’ everyday personality too
    i love that.

    ooh~ VOCAL?
    i didn’t catch that
    maybe they made a mistake?

    I KNOW!
    AH JEEZ.

  51. aznchick8701

    I’ll try to when i have time 🙂
    since I have photography tomorrow again… probably hahah

    I love them. Jing Yo =]
    Leader Kwon DOESN’T like to be waked up.
    What?! you can buy the comics?
    ahh, i want one. Hehe Dae.
    Dude TOP’s mom’s bag is COOL.
    Lmao it says “TOP’s Mom”
    Ah REALLY?! Kim Bum, Yoo Seung Ho & Seungri
    looks cute! Yay, another movie! i want to see.
    Thank You.

  53. lolz. .
    omo~ this comic is s0oper cute!!!

    i love them!!
    lolz, ssongie on his “Deasung Imnida~~~~”
    i so love him when he say this. . .
    poor TORI, . .hehehe
    tabi was smart! covered his ear..
    the best was Jingyo(the sleeping king). .
    (got pissed from the noise, lolz)
    and of course bebe, so cute!!

  54. i hope that we get to see the Global Warning concert videos soon. i come from a country where its practically impossible to order anything by mail, especially something as precious to me as a BB DVD…will someone please take pity on us iVIPS…

  55. i really love the family picture!!
    tabi’s mom is so good in giving birth hahaa
    just look how good looking tabi and his sister are
    and the bag is so damn cool!
    who designed it??
    can someone design somthing like TABI’S WIFE! OR BONG’S WIFE lol

    and Bangs’ comic is so damn freaking cute
    reminds me of baby’s manwon haengbok
    but this time its dae waking everyone up hahaa~
    ahhh..bae sleeping with boss is so sweet!~
    and tabi..i like that..
    dang…i decided not to give up on tabi hahaa
    cuz he’s killing me as much as bong does T__T

    taking care of boss is bae’s hobby hehee!
    and dae’s specialty is what?? HIGH CLASS GAG? lol
    and baby likes to meditate hahaha

  56. Vicky
    thanx ^^

    they all look a like and tops sister’s gorgeous even all covered up like that
    ❤ i love the bangs cartooon
    ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE<33333333333333333

    i love all their reactions to ssongee xD WAHAHA ! ooh so its JINGyo not ZINGyo.. ? no wonder.. lol xD i thought ZING was rather random(; lol !!

  59. Vi

    lololl it’s quite interesting XDD

    i’ve looked at it again and since her face is so whitee and everything is just covered in black LOLL
    kinda……creepy LMAOO vampire like..
    im not mocking!! hehe…it’s just kind of..funnny too xD

    and thanks for telling me that i had a feeling the movie wasnt released HAHA

    but somewhere i read it premiered in december.
    im pretty sure it was here LOLL. yeahh i think i read it here AHA

    soo yeahh my bad memory..pftt it hasn’t even beeen released xD
    -looking forward to “71” :D- hehe.

  60. LOOOOOOOOOOL! I LOVE THE COMIC! Somehow, it’s sooo like Daesungie to do something like that…
    At then end, even the ‘alien’ was like WTH?!

    The drawings are sooo cuute, especially daesung character, scratching his head thinking if they should start the day…LOL ❤

    OMG! a movie with KIM BUM n BABY! I HAVE TO SEE IT xD

    p.s:I’m obsessed with the drama Boys over flower TOO! ^^

  61. Vicky //

    Hehee, thanks. I need to go look up this Kim Bum. Mmm :]]] I have no idea who he is. >w<

    Thanks for translating the comic too! ^__^

  62. tori – meditate and absorb feelings? hahah

  63. the cartoon characters are really cute!

  64. lmao “writing autobiography” oh Baby.

  65. yeahh seungri’s debut movie supposedly came out in december 2008? i want to watch it but i dont know where/how!!

    OMG a movie with kim bum AND seungri in it!! MUST WATCH 😀

    hehe the BANGS are so cute! jingyo!

  66. i love the bag top got for his mom, that’s hilarious. and the cartoons are soooooo cute! thanks for translating! XD

  67. Omg, these comics are so cute!
    The bag that Top gave his mom is so cool.
    I thought it said Top Mom at first.
    As in his mom is the best & I was like “aww, that’s so cute.”
    I didn’t even notice it said Top’s Mom, LOL.
    Still cute though.

    Omg, Top’s sister is so pretty.

  68. omg Kim Bum? I’m definitely watching. Sounds like a good story too.

    TOP looks just like his mom.

  69. BANGS are soooo cuutteee…
    ahh!i can’t wait for the movie to come out too..
    kim bum n seungri?oh YES…
    i love them…

    Tabi photo just cutte..
    i’ve kinda notice that bag first…hahaha

  70. OMG SRi and KIM BUMM *faints*
    haha i love KB + BOF + SRi + BB = HIT.
    im so excited for 71!
    SRi will do well, he’s so ambitious and is driven to acheive his goals ^^

    Tabi gives the best prezzies fo shizzz
    haha goyard ‘TOP’S MOM’ LMAO thats hilarious
    omg how cool is it that they all have the same big eyes?!
    theyre all really pretty O.o
    his sister is so pretty as well!
    does anyone reckon Tabi looks really skinny though?
    i thought lately he’d been bulking up; thats why he looked a little big in the PMP CF photos etc…
    i hope he hasnt been overworking himself 😦

    hahah the BANGS ROCK!
    theyre soooo cute, everyone of them
    lol the best is Tabi (duhh), sleeping with his headphones and pillow
    so adorable!

  71. I’m loving Kim Bum in BBF…hoping he and Kim So Eun have a happy ending in BBF. I love their chemistry. ^^
    Can’t wait for their upcoming movie.
    Tabi is so cool, giving his mom a bag saying “TOP’s MOM”. hihi. But even without the bag he’s a carbon of his mother.
    His sister is so damn pretty. Why won’t she be a model or something?

    I’m loving BANGS!!!
    Boss is a part of Bangs…is he going to be a “new member”? XD
    Baebae loves to lock himself in a room huh? Hehehe….maybe I can join too? ^^
    that comic is too cute!
    Like Bong I love to sleep in
    Like Baebae I would think it’s morning when it’s already lunch.
    LOL at Tabi sleeping like a baby even when Dae is screaming like that. hihi.
    is their a continuation?
    go BANGS!!!

  72. cuteness! love how even the alien looks annoyed at DS’s laughing. hahahaa.

  73. TOP looks scary skinny in the pics with his family.
    man…the concert really takes a lot out of them.

    oh and i think you missed the first part of the comic…the first part has them trying to wake up their manager and the manager’s dream. it’s so cute.

    ^super long link…but that’s the link i got form the yg-bangs site.

  74. ohhh Tabi so sweet giving his mom that purse TOP’S Mom ^^! i’m surprised that he really upload the pic on his minihompy.

    congrats SeungRi! he’s moving to the movies now o.o

    lol~ the Bangs are so cuteeee! thanx Vi

  75. OMO~~~ now both SeungHyuns is an actor and singer…
    I hope that both of them can act together in same movie..
    Dun Cha hope so too VIP? hehe…
    I LOL at the BANGS short comic!
    Its make ma day~~ Thanks Vikcy DongSeng… ^_^
    About TOP and his family, I guess he wanna show to VIP that He loves his mom so much and wanna show the “TOP’s MOM” bag to us?
    SooOOooo sweet… ^_^

  76. hmm
    i don’t think TOP has a cyworld now
    he used to have before
    but he closed it now

    it was his sister who posted those pictures on her cyworld

  77. OH MY GAAAD!!! KIM BUM together with SEUNGRI!! No way!
    this is too perfect! aahhh!! Im in heaven!!
    I ve also been obsessed with Kkot Boda Namja! This is awesome!

    Awww, TOP and his mom and sis~ I cant believe he would post this, too! But man, his momma has one kickass bag lol love how its customized and says “TOP’s MOM” lol I would be super proud! Just shows how much TOP appreciates her ^___^ so cute!

  78. TOP’s fam pic is sooo scary.. LOL! but it’s cute though.. One happy family.. 😀

  79. AHHHHH!~~
    BANG*S are just freaking adorable!

  80. awwww that’s sooooooo sweet of T.O.P to get his mum a bag!! awwwwwww top is so sweet and kind.. not just to bb but he cares a real lot about family too he’s just too sweet and kind!! i love him!!!! sooo kind hearted

  81. luvBB4lyf
    hahaha… yes I DO. Kekeke.
    What???!!! Not a small word. But…
    Ahh~~~ ur friend’s grandfather know Tabi’s grandfather?
    She MUST get her grandfather take her to visit Tabi.
    If my it’s grandpa, I’ll do everything just to make him take me to Korea & visit tabi.
    Even if I can’t meet Tabi, but visiting his family is good too.
    Ur friend is so LUCKY.
    I wish I was her. Hiks hiks
    My mouth was opened all the time when I read ur comment.
    I keep saying “lord, forreal?” haha

  82. Vi
    It’s a soldier thingy, I think there’s a high possibility of having a shooting scene of Baby.
    I think u cried too much gurl. Better take care of ur body too. ^^v

    Hahaha I just get crack up so so bad whenever I look at that pic again. Keke
    “top’s mom”, hehe, I want 1 too. It should written “TOP’S WIFE” fufufu
    (such a naughty gurl I am fufu)

    Huh? Tabi’s dad? Sure?
    Aw~ I’m looking forward for it. I’ve never seen one.
    I even saw his ex’s pic but not his dad.

    That’s the typical of Dae. Hehe
    They just need to put the “HAHAHA” into the comic.

    Me too~ & they comic pic really look like them.
    I got their feel by just looking at the pic.
    Kekeke, their personality of waking up late? Hehe
    Now that remind me of baby’s “Big Bang’s thank you for waking me up”
    Hahaha 2 thumbs up for ur hubby for making this thing.

    Yup. The original verse write VOCAL on there.
    Idk why since hearing him singing is like forever.
    Urrgghhh~ he should sing more

    Baby with that yellow blanket.
    Ah~ that remind me of the ‘flying yellow blanket’
    Baby ah~ u could save the blanket for later use of u & Vi together.

  83. Hehehehe———“TOPs mom”——–he´s really cool. But hell, he looks so thinn on that picture.

  84. BANG*S FTW ;] i still cant stop laughing at that BANANA LOL!!

  85. ahahahahahahahahahhhhhh wondafuul!!
    bebe’s so cute “is it morning? it’s lunch??” lmao!

    the profile pics omo so cuteeeeeeeeee

    vicky i want them all can i???
    please. so freaking cute wanna post on my blog ?
    is tht ok?

  86. Vicky, could you help me with the if you don’t mind or can help me… I love Tabi hyeong sweater and Bong sweater as well…

    Thanks Vicky… do email me if you can help or not X]


  87. Vi
    yeah that smile is deadly and he is such a good actor…

    I hadn’t seen the little comic is so cute!
    Bae and Boss look adorable and my man witht his banana pillow

    I see song gags are a new trend
    he looks kinda scary
    can it be that for iris he’s supposed to look scary??…

  88. WOOOO!~
    Ebalso in a new movie!~ :DDDD. An in a war movie too–my type of film. 😀
    LOOOOOL “TOP’S MOM!” HAHAHAHAH. XD That’s really sweet. His sister is so pretty O-O. Like, omg. So… pretty. [Okay, now I just sound creepy.]

  89. Vi

    ..u did…?
    i just tried finding it..
    i couldnt do it.

    umm… do u know korean?

  90. lol, it’s so cute how TY loves boss so much ❤

  91. OOOOOOOOO~ Seungri and Kimbum in the same movie, I must’ve died and went to heaven. lol the comic was really funny and cute. Deasungs eyes got really big when he woke up XD.

  92. thanks for the translation 🙂

    wish i knew where TOPs minihompy is~

  93. omg omg omg! that comic is just too cute XD i know im gna be hooked onto these lol whens the next one :3

  94. thank you so much for subbing the comic. I’ve been curious what it’s all about. Hope to read more… ^^’s freakin’ cute!

    and yey for Seung Ri… he’s acting is good so I’m gonna watch out for that movie. =)

  95. ahaha how cute!

  96. OMG!! The picture was so cute!!
    Vicky can i save the picture??

  97. I was wondering if I can take the cartoon pix of the members and put it on my myspace. if that’s ok with you…

  98. OMG! im such a loser!!!! i JUST realized freakin 15 days later that SR was going to star in a movie with KIM BUM!

    i’ve recently become OBESESSED with Boys Over Flowers… and i seriously want to slap myself for not watching it sooner and realizing this fact… god! late much!!! i am such a stupid person.

    but oh well… i shall say this now since i was unaware of it at the time of the post… KIM BUM AND SEUNGRI??!! HOLY @#%*!#@&

    KIM BUM IS THE CUTEST THING EVERRR! and with seungri?!?!?? this movie is so going to rock. just like BOF…

    SoEulmates <333

  99. oh my god..
    kim bum , the cutiest boy..
    i like him so much.
    good luck to kim bum…
    i want meet you…

  100. queria ler todos

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