BigBang’s Book printed over 160,000 copies


Big Bang’s book, ‘Cry out loud to the world about you’ is about to surpass the album counts.  Published/Released on January 28th, initial press of 100,000 copies are sold out, and additional 60,000 copies were printed, and out in the bookstore.

The response is phenomenal: it is placed as the best seller in many online bookstore websites (on the top on Yes24, and second place on Aladdin and Intepark).  When the promotion takes place in the coming days, the number of copies sold is predicted to increase.  Big Bang is having a press conference regarding their book at Seoul Press Center on Feb. 6, 2pm to actively advertise the book.

It is also interesting to watch whether it will surpass the album counts- the highest counted for a single album is 200,000 (their second volume ‘Remember’).  Because Big Bang has huge impact not only in music industry, but also in fashion and culture trends, book sale can be predicted to surpass their album sales.

Spokesperson from YG Entertainment stated that “The responses from the readers are very positive.  You can see the unseen characters of Big Bang, and the book contains their experiences of success driven by their passion and drive.  The book is getting good review from people of all ages”.

이혜린 기자
<ⓒ아시아경제 & 스투닷컴(이 만드는 온오프라인 연예뉴스>

Translation Credit: 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz
Post taken from: VIPz Overseas Room (with permission to repost)


~ by Momo on February 4, 2009.

23 Responses to “BigBang’s Book printed over 160,000 copies”

  1. O_O !! YEE !~
    i wanna get one , but its probably in all korean ? ahha . ;[

  2. hooraaay for them! 😀

    its in all korean..
    i wish they’d translate one into english!

  3. ooo i read this at the bbvipz site… CONGRATULATIONS!! so happy… i can’t wait to get my copy… even though i wont be able to read a single word… except ‘big bang’ and the english poems at the back =P

    hopefully kind soul will translate it for us… and hopefully a video will be released for the press conference, it’d be so cool to actually hear them talk about their book ❤

  4. whoa~
    it’s finally out!! YEY!!

    i wish i can buy this one. .
    and can read Hangul. .lolz. . .


  5. Whoa.
    Aw man, i wish i can buy it.
    But i’m hoping for a tranalated
    English & i’ll buy that one.
    Ahh,,this is so great though!

  6. I



    LMAOO :D:D:D


  7. prouddd of them xD<333

    i ALWAYS feel like that ahaha 😀

    every bb fan is proud im sureee :}<3

  8. i bought the book despite it being in Korean (and me not being able to understand), but i hope it’s translated into English eventually.

  9. by the time im able to get that book im PRETTY sure they’ll have an eng version XDDDDD

  10. awesome! i wish there would be an english version. I totally buy it!

  11. They need to translate that book!!!!

  12. Yeah, I really wish there was an English version to this book. T___T <333

  13. wow! more than their album sales? That’s crazy. I wish they could translate the book in english… i would MOST DEFINITELY buy it ! And increase their sales! LOL

  14. yeaaaaaaaa !
    are they gonna sell an english version ??

  15. There would be much more copies sold out if there’re an English version of the book. I hope they consider this! ahh I really … really wanna it!

  16. do you know if their going to sell this book in amerca?

  17. o0o today’s my birthday and I should purchase the book as one of my birthday presents!! I SO want one!!

  18. wow yay im so proud of the boys!!! but i wish they did one in english im pretty sure that will def be a super seller too…

  19. that’s how i imagine the book response will be, i want to learn korean so baddd. need to read that book T.T

  20. i wan to learn koreantoo
    dang x[[ i wan tah book lol..
    wish they translated it !!!
    and sell it in Usa x]
    x] anyway… Grats bigbang hehe.

  21. Dang if it was only in english,
    i’d purchase it ASAP.
    anyways, over 160000 is alot!

  22. The number of copies would even be greater if they translated it into English!!! AAAHHH I want that book!

  23. omg, i wanna buy their book . even if i do, i dont think i can read it, LOL! i wish i can understand/read korean ): BIG BANG FOREVERR<333

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