The Producer for ‘Iris’ FINALIZED!


The producer for the action drama, ‘Iris’, is finally determined.

Taewon Production announced that PDs Kyu-Tae Kim (from ‘A Love to Kill’) and Yoon-Ho Yang (from the movie, ‘Holiday) are finalized to be the PDs for Iris.  Wan-Kyu Choi will remain as the writer as previously announced. PD Kim was awarded New-PD award and 2006 Asian TV Awards for ‘A Love to Kill’, and was also a part of ‘Worlds Within’ with Hye-Kyo Song and Bin Hyun.  PD Yang was invited to the Cannes in 1996 (first Korean ever) for his movie ‘Glass’, and directed ‘Libera Me’, ‘Wind Fighter’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Mask’.

So far, Byung-Hun Lee, Tae-Hee Kim, Seung-Woo Kim, Joon-Ho Jung and T.O.P of Big Bang have been casted for drama ‘Iris’, and is stirring interest already before production.

The filming begins in Japan, with an action scene with Byung-Hun Lee, Tae-Hee Kim and T.O.P.  It is scheduled to air 20 episode in late 2009.

고경석 기자
<ⓒ아시아경제 & 스투닷컴(이 만드는 온오프라인 연예뉴스>

Translation Credit: 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz
Post taken from: VIPz Overseas Room/BBVIPz


~ by Momo on February 5, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Producer for ‘Iris’ FINALIZED!”

  1. Oh yay finally! Csn’t wait till the drama comes out…

    I personally hope TOP gets a better role than he did in “I am Sam”


  3. OMFG i hope its not like ‘i am sam’ though…
    no offense to ppl that might have liked that drama e_______e;

    he’s so talented in acting XDD<333


    the casting for the drama is insane-
    i mean those actors/actress are at the topp.
    wow cant believe hubby tabi is part of it..
    prolly not a huge role becuz of those big
    stars. but still, thats really great.
    i know hes not the best in acting.. but
    i’m here to support himmmmm
    cant waitt<33

  5. Kinda worry, because I don’t like any of the movies that the PD has done in the past. But I do hope that TOP being in this drama will make me want to watch it. “I am Sam” wasn’t great either but since TOP was in there I kinda skip to his parts only. lol. Good Luck.

  6. yay<3

    super excuted about this (;

  7. His co-stars are great, so I am sure this will be better than I Am Sam (TOP and Lee Min Ho were the only things keeping me watching).

  8. Also, I found an article about Seung Ri’s sister debuting as a singer.
    It’s allkpop, and Johnny hates Big Bang, though. =/

  9. yes definitely it’s gonna be a better role than ‘I am sam’ and i read that they’re gonna film some scenes in Japan, Rusia, China, and USA :O

  10. can’t wait YOP waithing loveya forever ever

  11. AHH YAY!
    i cannot wait till it comes out!
    TOP, good luck =]

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