Big Bang is ‘Shouting to you in the world’ | Most meaningful song to GDragon


  • SeungRi and DaeSung are just part of “S4” not a parody
  • GDragon showed up, Mr. YG didn’t….. but….. his voice did haha
  • This show is too hilarious.

02.07.09 Introducing Star’s Friends
Guest: SeungRi & DaeSung
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Behind new NII Photoshoot

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Idol group Big Bang’s recent book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ is actually more a book about self-development than one that is of Big Bang’s autobiography.

That was what Big Bang members said when they were holding a press conference on 6th February in Seoul Press Centre for the release of the book.

Member DaeSung said, “This book is not about our success stories but rather our true thoughts and experiences that we go through this while.”

Leader GDragon, “Yes, like DaeSung goon has said it, this book is not about success stories. Many people see us as the Big Bang who are always at a good spot. But what if we tell you we were actually floating stars? People will understand how we got to where we are now through this book.”

Member TaeYang, “The things we dreamt about before we debut as singers, the pain and troubles that we go through after that, the book will introduce to readers all these one by one. The book talks about our dreams as singers and also the future that we dream of and want to chase after for.”

And member SeungRi said, “When Yang Hyun Seok’s representative told us about the plan for this book, we were doubtful at first. But we understood that this is not the book about what we have done well, but about the dreams of 5 teenagers and how they were actually realised. We hope to embrace readers with hope and courage.”

The book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ was released on 28th January, has risen up to the #1 best seller place. Until present a total of 160,000 copies are sold.

Most meaningful song to GDragon

Leader GDragon also talks about how of all the songs that he has self-composed, ‘Haru Haru’ has been the most meaningful one for him.

He said, “Even though I like all the songs, I personally think that ‘Haru Haru’ is the most meaningful one for me. Personally I thought the song is the one which has the biggest sacrifice meaning to it.”

GDragon also revealed, “Fans and students have sent me many books. Whenever I had the time, I would read the books. But to say the truth, I feel that my level of writing is not to the level of my lyric writing.”

GDragon also revealed about his upcoming solo debut, “Right now, TaeYang and I are working hard on it. But I will come out with my solo works 4-5 months earlier than TaeYang.”

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I got this book the day YesAsia release it, I was really excited but then I quickly realized….. I have no idea what it says keke it’s all in Korea, I really wanna know what it says but happy enough that mine was one of those 160,000 copies, I REALLY hope that YG will release a english version. The book is thick and filled with.. words haha and also many messages from other people I think? Then each member wrote a message, the book also came with a cute calender.. but I’m never gonna write anything in it anyway haha. Reading this make me kinda teary, makes me wanna know more. Here are the pictures from their press conference, looking all serious and.. Bong with bowlcut.

02.06.09 Big Bang at Book Conference

MR T.O.P! what are you looking at? haha

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~ by Vicky on February 6, 2009.

106 Responses to “Big Bang is ‘Shouting to you in the world’ | Most meaningful song to GDragon”

  1. too bad i’m not fluent in korean. ^~^

    but i’m happy they are willing to share their stories with the world. makes the fans feel a lot closer.

    is TOP too tall? why is he bending? hahaha.

    anyways, thanks for the update. ^^

  2. Lol I love the shots of them drinking water.
    and yay for TOPS hair 😀 (and of course GDs.
    all of them look awesome as always.

    even if i did purchase a copy of their book,
    i wish I cold read/understand it ahha.

  3. My my my !!!!!

  4. their eyes :[

  5. i told jiyong to cut his hair, & that’s what he did lol. >.<

  6. waaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
    I’m sooooo glad to see them again ;___;
    Bong’s hair is loooove!!!!
    my man loooooks so sexy in black
    my sister choked when she saw Bae hahaha
    he looks killer in those shades
    Dae and Baby look different
    did they all change hairstyles???

    wanna read the book!! >.<
    you bought the book but can’t read it??!!
    your still lucky get to have the book and calendar that comes with it…;P
    I get my mom almost slapping me wen i told her that I wantedto buy it even though I don’t know what it says

  7. Dae Sung looks really hot in these, I swear. And, LOL, GD looks cute drinking water. The angle makes him looks cross-eyed.

  8. I really wanna get the book but I can’t read it!! LOL

  9. LOL cool x]
    but their eye.. is all red.. o_O
    Also, it look like top is too tall to go into the door behind him ;x thats why he is bending ? :X

  10. i heard at allkpop that seungri’s sister is become a signer 😀 CAN”T WAIT!!!

  11. im so happy that the boys book is getting so much love… i really really wish that they will release an english version!1 *cross fingers* but until then love all these articles telling us things we never knew about these boys.. just makes me love them more and more.. > it might just be me.. but now when i see pictures of the boys drinking their water i cant help but look to see if there are gonna be any girls flying across tables to grab their bottles.. lolx XD

  12. they are so serious but very cute! I hope the book will be in english too!

  13. Go MaknaeSS
    GoodLuck x]]] Hawiting! ❤

  14. awwss! i hope theres a englishh version too!

  15. btw, taeyang looks sad or something..


    and after speculating a lot of pictures, I also wanna know why TAEYANG wears a ring on his index finger so much.

  17. Aish, I want that book. =(

  18. Vicky
    you got your book the day YesAsia shipped it out! lmao! does YesAsia have like express shipping to florida?! you got you Global Warning DVD really early too right? wow… i’m expecting my copy within the week… but i didnt order from yesasia so….

    and it’s in korean… but oh well! one day, i’ll learn korean and read this book… but until that day, i shall settle for staring at their faces…

    THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING! GD and TOP look so cute! and lol at Taeyang looking all cool and sexy, lmao.

    but in that one close up of SR where he’s talking… he looks like he was crying or something… looks like his solo activities are talking a toll on him… he looks way tired.

    and that’s so sweet… Haru Haru being a really meaningful song to GD… the lyrics of that song really are amazing and so touching…

  19. AWWW. Ahaha Seungri, what are you doing?
    GAWDD, i miss hearing their voices with
    energizingly. What are they saying? They’re
    so cute though. G-Dragon =]
    Floating Stars eh? Ahh yes i can believe that (:
    DUDEE, i want the book so BADLY!! Damn #1 already.
    I’m so proud of theses boys.
    4-5 months…WHAT?! NU UH! in April! that’s 2 months!
    Boyyy,, ugh. Aw, i love that song too. It is meaningful,
    the lyrics are BEAUTIFUL! HOPEFULLY a English Version comes out! Please YG, PLEASE you can’t do that to us I-VIPz or us VIPs over here! Ahaha looking at TOP & GD drink water is hilarious.
    GD looks at the bottle while TOP looks to the side.
    Ahhh* GD! your hair!! it’s back to a bow-cute. i don’t like it.

  20. OMG tops hair looks REALLY good here!!!!
    i want the boook:( but no moola..T^T

    bong’s haircut is actually more mulletish than bowl.. because it’s long at the back LOL
    oh man i love these boys
    i want to read all about them!!!!

  22. ahaha what? another BBF parody?
    hmm… I might have to parody that one too 😀

  23. Geez I ordered Stand Up concert merchandise from YesAsia a week ago and havent gotten it yet…..I live in Florida too! Grr XI.
    Anyway, Omg I love Boys over Flowers! Dae makes an ugly girl though, he’s a much sexier man. They dont actually kiss do they, like it’s angles? hmm, are guys in korea more touchy feely and still not be gay than american guys, you know?

    AND! that vid needs to be subbed! lol, I wanna know why Dae made weird faces during the photoshoot and ran off!

  24. Vi

    wow.. i never expect that bong like haru haru that much..

    and btw.. i couldnt find where u replied to.. about my pic with contacts.. can u like, say it again or tell me where..?

    DID BONG GET A BOWLCUT AGAIN?! >.< I NEVER LIKED IT. *sigh* oh bong. my friend sez that ‘jing yo can make any cut work.’ and im all, ‘NO. not bowlcut. no one can. hes like a mushroom head!’

  25. AHA another parody thing? i loved the first one~
    sexy hubby as junpyo (: but honestly
    dae was never meant to play the girl LOL
    aw~ BONG& TOP are looking mad CUTE
    tabi finally has his hair downn&bong
    with the bowlcut again~ it’s LOVE~
    hahaa taeyang is like keeping his cool
    with those shades indoors~ dae is a cutie
    with tat smile~ seungri tryin to look all serious
    but i cant at the moment.. rawr@my mother ;o

  26. Dori,
    noo i say he CAN work it all~
    sexy, cute, wild u name it. hehehe
    maybe not.. bald o.o;
    LOL imagine TOP WITH A BOWLCUT<3
    i would still love him hehe…

    oh& i always had a feeling that there
    was deep meaning in haruharu. the lyrics
    were really.. strong, emotional, & powerful~
    lol maybe he was in some emo phase at the time

  27. Aww, this makes me want their book even more! ; o ; I just can’t buy it unless it’s in English. T___T;

    LOL@’Bong with bowlcut’. I don’t like bowlcuts… D;

    TaeYang looks hot as always. 8D His shades are awesome. :]

    Wow lots of pics! o: ❤ Haha, got them drinking water too.

    They are all look so handsome. ^w^

    I don’t understand the video cuz it was all in Korean, but there was a lot of laughing; couldn’t help smiling myself. ^____^

    I loved their Boys over Flowers parody; can’t wait to see the next! XDD

    Chrissy // Nah, I don’t think they kissed. They seemed to just angled it so that it looked like it.

  28. vicky, i want to ask if you have a download link from hqbb
    for the making of I-station pmp CF?? i really want a hq video of it;; thanxx in advancee!

  29. LOL, Taeyang looks like a FBI agent in the 1st few pics.
    Standing all straight & looking so cool.
    And GD is back to the bowl haircut?

    Aww man, I wish I knew Korean.
    I wanna read that book!

  30. Bae, why so serious? They should so release an english version of this.

    All Bae and Seungri lovers watch this –>
    so funny =]

  31. what is tabi doing in the 3rd pic??

    i never know that them drinking a bottle of water will look so damn sexy.
    i want to be the bottle

  32. Oh my damn, these pictures are soooo HIGH QUALITY!
    All the members look so stunning!! EEEK I will die
    from just looking at these photos. Hehe yay, new NII!
    I can’t wait for everything :]

  33. taeyang does look a bit sad…

  34. TY is lookin mighty fine with those shades
    the pics are hot, the close ups are sexy XP
    I want my own copy, but not being able to
    understand what it says will torture me -_-


  36. it looks like they’re trying to sale water up in here too. hahahah. all these drinking h2o pics..

  37. OMO, I want that book, I have checked the YesAsia, and I am going to order it, I need my cuzy help.

    And oh my, their photo, they all look so **drools drools**
    Kyaaaaaaaaaaa, kawaiie ne!!

    Wow, lucky water

  38. OMO, I want that book, I have checked the YesAsia, and I am going to order it, I need my cuzy help.

    And oh my, their photo, they all look so **drools drools**
    Kyaaaaaaaaaaa, kawaiie ne!!

    Wow, lucky water LOL


  39. yeah it made me teary too..
    it ain’t easy to be a singer and that’s why we gotta appreciate it more
    sorry to say that i’m not buying the book..cause i’m so damn BROKE!
    and plus i wouldn’t understand a word in it
    YG please release an english version, i’d die to buy the book!
    but i just received my global warning..i’m too happy~~
    bong ahh where’s his head band??
    hahaha the pictures of bong and tabi drinking water..
    WOAHH HOT~i died hahaha

  40. yayyyyyyyy, GD’s not wearing his headband !! woo hoo!! love this new hair!

  41. Yes i want the book and all but everything aside. Looking at these pics makes me want to cry. Not that there bad or anything. I love them dearly. But they just look so damn tired that it makes me feel bad. These men really need to rest. I hope YG does see the interest in the book and releases a translated version of it. That would be nice.

  42. o.o for some reason this site seems kinda….dead >3<

  43. kohjidmal // Dead? This site seems pretty active to me. :]

    kay // Yeah I’m looking at the pics again and they do seem tired. ]:

  44. aww i wish they’re coming out with an english version
    baby dae is soo damn cute!

  45. Awwe, Ha Eum what a lucky girl you are to kiss all of those lovely boys at your VEERRRYY YYYOOOUUUNNGG age…. ;_____;

    prolly thats why Haru Haru is a very sad song and in the MV we all saw the pain of our Kwon Leadah… honestly, even until now, whenever I watch it, i still cry just like the very first time I saw it… ;A;

  46. lumi

    well for the last few days its been different o.o but it seems back to normal now XD i just think it was cause vicky wasnt posting XD

  47. yes yes it’d be great to have an English version of the book for those who have no idea of Korean like me lol . It’s thick (wow) and sounds really interesting and I wanna it (in English :D) so badly.

    Look at GD’s and TOP’s eyes man. The eyeliner is oh so … 😀

  48. been busy with first week of college, and when i check this site, BAM!!!~ there has been many news lately. the photos of Ha Eum and Big Bang are plain awesome! they’re so adorable~

    the boys were so hot during the NII Photoshoot. hopefully there’s more pictures of them in that photoshoot. they look tired during the conference though, esp. Gdragon and Seungri. love the closeups! ❤

  49. ah about Haru Haru… Actually I dont really like this song but its video is very touching. Now I know why GD could be so intensely painful like that =) man I love GD!!!
    And I’m really looking forward to his solo. With all my belief, I bet that it’d be a great album =). CMON GD!!

  50. wah
    gd really really love haru haru 🙂
    their eyes sparkle in those pictures haha~~
    so adorable

  51. thanks hoichu for the SR and TY vid! haha its so cute

    wow i really like Dae’s hair here! love~
    haha GD’s working the bowl cut again.. im used to it now xD
    yayyy i love haru haru! i can totally feel the emotions GD put into writing it! <333

  52. janie

    haha i’m not sure either
    it doesn look like he’s in a small tiny space keke
    but i’m sure he’s just bowing down when he saw the press.. or maybe almost lost balance

  53. Lyne

    keke I thought Bong and Tabi saw the camera and did a little silent drinking water shot battle to see whose picture come out better hahaha

  54. Melly

    as long as his infamous “bowlcut period” doesn’t repeat itself

  55. Sexica

    keke Bae doesnt’ like ppl to see his small little eyes cuz he want some street cred repsect YO! haha
    probably cuz we haven’t seen them in a while
    something must’ve change
    i can’t think of anything though ahaha

    yes. it was so sad haha
    i wind up looking at the pictures and put it away right after hahaha

    my mom was home when the package was delivered
    she thought it was a bomb
    i was LOL my butt off when she told me

  56. brikim

    Hana is a trainee
    but not sure which company
    there’s rumours saying she’s MIGHT be the last member of the female Big Bang
    but nothing is confirm yet
    I’m sure she’s just as talented as her brother

  57. luvzBabyRi

    and break a table or two? keke

  58. xblackchristmas

    according to Bong haha
    Bae have a habit of twirling the ring on his finger haha
    it’s kinda a hobby of his to do just that haha

  59. luvBB4lyf

    cuz I always order express shipping
    since I’m an amazingly impatient person
    so I always do that to prevent me from going insane sometimes hahah

  60. Poopiness

    HAHAHA DO IT!!!!!!!!

  61. Chrissy

    I ordered expressing shipping that’s why

    Dae was embarassed because when he was posing with the female model, the camera man asked him if it’s awkward haha and of course it’s awkward, especially after the camera man ask him about it haha
    he just run off like a little girl kekek

  62. Dori

    I wasn’t surprise
    Haru Haru was the only song coming from him that filled with so much emotion
    i can feel it whenever i listen to it

    I resend the email again.
    check ur bulk inbox just in case too

  63. nya

    haha i’m sure you’ll like to be the bottle.

    …………………. and the reason why i’m sure
    I’m afraid to say it hahaha
    so i’m not going to
    it’s up to YOUR imagination

  64. jiyanz

    I think he was planning on wearing his headband that’s why his hair is like this but decide not to at the end to look more “serious” for the conference

  65. kohjidmal

    this site is updated by many people
    not just me
    when you don’t see me mostly cuz I’m busy, sick, dazed…. or just plain….. not myself haha
    but it’s still updated and active. one of the best thing about this site

  66. another parody…wow….can’t wait for that..&& its bout boys over flower,many people talks bout that drama,big bang parody it must be damn great n cute…^_^

    argghhh!!!i want that book too…hop i can get it…even i don’t know korean well,but i want to learn readng that book…even it gonna took a long time for me……>.33

    I LOVE SEUNGRI WHITE SHIRT in that pict….it’s blink2 and he looks cute wearing it…>33

    Big Bang looks cute in black n white…

  67. They all look sexy on those pics!! .<

  68. They all look sexy on those pics!! <33 ahihi~~ Seungri’s wht shirt looks sooo glamorous!! 😀 and daedae’s necktie! :DD Tae Yang looking SMEXY on those shades..

    im so excited for GD’s solo!! whoo!!

  69. i want tabi’s bottles of water ^^

  70. 1. want the book
    2. don’t lyk hubby’s hair D=

  71. tae yang!!!! ❤ check out this site…

  72. miz my hubby tae yang!!!!

  73. why tae yang looks soo sad??? hhhmmmm… i want to hug him…

  74. is it just me or all of them look even hotter these days..
    oh my GD!!! HAru haru i s my favourite song too!!:P i love him!! his hair!! awesome awesome hair!! i so cant wait for his solo!!
    TOP freaking GORGEOUS!!DAESUNG sweet as usual!TAEYANG hot as usual..SEUNGRI babyish as always..
    i wanna own that book!!!

  75. they look so tired and worn out in those pics.
    they need some rest!!

  76. hope that they are selling those books in m’sia and there’s an english version.

  77. kohjidmal // Heh, ohh. But Momo’s brought us a lot of news recently. ^^

    I like the activeness of this site. C:

  78. i need english subs.. :/

  79. Vi
    lol ‘respect’
    I can imagine him walking all thug like in the street
    I’m pretty sure something did but I just don’t know what ;P
    and right ow looking at the pics again…My man’s ring is BIG

    that expression must’ve been priceless

  80. Nice pics. But i don’t really like T.O.Ps hair =( He must be cut it! Personally, I would rather for short hair xP xx

  81. aw i wish i could read korean, i am really interested in reading their book!! they look REALLY tired, some of their eyes are red.
    haha daesung looks soo cool reading the book

  82. >< ahh i really want to read itttt~~~
    i really really hope yg releases an english version T-T

  83. candysweetz

    nah, im still not feelin the bowlcut..

  84. ^ ergh, i forgot to change the name 😦
    my friend did that as a joke when she went on the computer >.<

  85. Vi

    ohhh i got it now.
    u sent it to, which isnt mine..
    mine is
    not much of a big mistake though, i think wont mind 😉

    yeah, true.
    i hear bong really put life into that song..

  86. top and seungri, hotness

  87. ^___________________^ AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Toppie!!!! CAN YOU BE ANY HOTTER? He looks so dapper in a suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. LOLOL they look very serious but ohhso hottt at the same time ;D

    bongiie, so talented and bb is always so inspirational..deff A VERY TALENTED group to look up to 😀 hehe.

    aghah. when the eng version comes out i reallyhope i can get the book D:

    hmm..and bong’s hair..bowlcut again?! not sure i like it very much thoughh..but he can work it ahaa
    and top’s hair..i think maybe it doesnt suit him as well D:

  89. hey woahh there. NII photoshoot is like the epitome of sexy O__O

    yeahhh it’s pretty weird without the headband xD so..BOWL LIKE
    ahha..but mannn, i just FREAKNIGLOVEEEE his headband hairstyle
    superrr SEXXXXXYYYYYYYY<3333333333333 ;D

  90. i love TOP’s hair, it really suits him. i’m also glad that he’s not as thin in these photos unlike those taken during/after the concert…
    he looks so dapper in his suit and he’s the only one wearing proper shoes for the outfit…

  91. top sexy….
    i love u top…
    i want to read this book,,
    but,,i dont understand korean language [hangul]
    i hope they make english ver.

  92. Hehe i got a book too so i guess must be one of those 160,000 copies too hehe anyways thanks for updating 😀

  93. i wish to know Korean T.T i want to read the book U.U *sigh*
    The NII photoshoot looks awesome <333 lol@Bong with the helmet xD!

  94. i hope an english version would be published! i want to buy it!!

  95. OMG. the pictures!? xD
    Tabi and JiYongie are SO HOT drinking water!? 😀
    I ordered the book but can’t read either… :O
    I demand an English version!? 😀

  96. how do you get the book .. coz i want to buy one. so how much is it? thnx

  97. Ah! I’m hoping for an English version of the book too! >.<
    There’s a Korean bookstore near my house,
    but I haven’t checked if their book was there yet…
    not that I could read it or anything.
    My parents wouldn’t let me buy something I can’t understand… o_o;;

    Loll, like others…
    I’ll settle with looking at the pictures also.

  98. XDDDDDD GD looks really in love with his bottle: he keeps lookin at it^^

    SeungRi looks so tired!

  99. i want to read their book..i wonder if it trabnslate into english..

  100. i would love to read the book…IF it was translated in english =)

  101. LOL, yeah, I just now got a chance to watch the behind the scenes thing of the NII shoot. I noticed that, when Seung Ri was listening off Family Outing cast mates, that was not a picture of Hyori. I think, it was Son Dambi.

  102. I agree with Kwon Leader thoughs about the most meaningful song.
    Haru Haru is a really meaningful song.
    It is one of kind.
    The MV makes me cry, but yet its still my favourite song.
    When i first watched the MV and heard the song, I was already in tears. I remember saying to my friends WOW. There is not a single word in the dictionary good enough to describe this osng except for extraordinary. Kwon leader, Keep up the hard work.

  103. TOP!!!!! KAWAIIII!!! They’re drinking water LOL -laughs at G-Dragon’s expression-

  104. Is there a summary for this bigbang story?

  105. Where can I purchase ur book. My daughter is in love with ur music n she taught herself how to read n speak Korean just for bigbang. I live in Oklahoma city Oklahoma .. hopefully you’ll be touring Dallas Texas so I can take my son n daughter to ur concert. 3 hrs away from where u live but worth every mile. Her birthday will b Sept.9 her name is Marissa

  106. […] Source :‘shouting-to-you-in-the-world’/ […]

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