DBSK and Big Bang Were Excluded From “Korean Music Awards”

Reminder: No bashing. Read the news for your info!!


At the announcement of the 2009 Korean Music Awards Nominees, nearly all ‘idol’ singers were noticeably absent from the list of nominees.

At the press conference for the 6th Annual Korean Music Awards—which was held at 10:30 A.M. on February 4 at the Seoul Joong-Gu TaePyong Korea Press Center—both a general outline for the upcoming ceremony and a list of nominees by category were announced.

Nominees in competition for the 2009 Korean Music Awards were selected from a review of songs and albums released domestically starting November 1, 2007 through October 31, 2008. Sister’s Barbershop’s ‘Most Ordinary Existence’ was nominated in a total of 5 categories including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Modern Rock Album and Best Modern Rock Song. Galaxy Express, Verbal Jint, Toy, Kim DongRyul, and W&Whale each received nominations in 4 categories. However, it was difficult to find the names of any of the so-called ‘idol’ singers among them.

Neither Seo Taiji’s first single from his 8th album nor Rain’s 5th album ‘Rainism’ earned nominations. TVXQ and Big Bang, each of whom drew a lot of popularity in the last year, were excluded from the list of nominees as their album release dates were November 12 and November 5 respectively.

The Wonder Girls received nominations in two categories including Song of the Year and Best Dance & Electronic Song, as well as a nomination in the Netizen’s Artist of Year category. Lee HyoRi’s earned her a nomination in the Best Dance & Electronic Song category. Big Bang’s TaeYang became a nominee in both the Best R&B/Soul Album and Best R&B/Soul Song categories, but Big Bang was unable to earn nominations in any of the categories.

A representative for the Korean Music Awards revealed, “The idea that the Korean Music Awards is biased towards indie music while giving mainstream music the cold shoulder is a misconception. The judging committee isn’t merely a group that makes its evaluations based on a single opinion or point-of-view. The nominees are selected in a collective evaluative process by a committee of 52 judges with a variety of perspectives.” The representative added, “No other aspect besides music is considered when selecting nominees. Musical value and the final product are the main concerns during evaluation.”

The Korean Music Awards seeks to treat music as more than a mere form of amusement but as an art, and musicians as artists instead of entertainers. With such a basis, more attention is paid to albums and songs rather than singers, and musical achievement represents the standard rather than sales figures. The ultimate goal of the Korean Music Awards is to move beyond the mainstream vs. independent debate and to create a foundation upon which Korean music can progress in a balanced, positive manner.

Music critics, journalists specializing in music, music producers, members of academia and of the public specializing in music, will all participate in the selection process by reviewing music released in the past year. Netizen voting will also be reflected.

The Korean Music Awards will take place at KonKuk University’s New Millenium Hall. Yoon DoHyun will host to the ceremony and Achievement Award winner, SanUlLim’s Kim ChangWan, will perform.

source: Spectacle! Forums
credit: Lee HyunWoo@Newsen
translated by: ppoki@Spectacle!Forums
Shared by: DBSKnights [credit]

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~ by Momo on February 6, 2009.

44 Responses to “DBSK and Big Bang Were Excluded From “Korean Music Awards””

  1. wtf? ugh ok..
    sarang hae bigbang!!

  2. Don’t mini-albums count? Stand Up was released in August 2008, as well as Hot Issue in November 2007(was this right?).

    Since momo said no bashing, I wouldn’t say much, except I’m happy for Baebae. ^^ So glad he was included in the nominees.

  3. Unbelievable. So they’re saying that Big Bang are too mainstream to be awarded a nomination? Or that Big Bang don’t have enough “musical value + final product” to deem worthy of a nomination? That Big Bang are nothing more then entertainers, and that their music is seen as an entertainment more then an art to them and those that listen to their music? And to say that Big Bang music isn’t positive and/or balanced enough to allow Korean music to “progress”, Go west, anyone?


  4. I understand if anything from the album ‘Remember’ wasn’t on the list, but what happened to ‘Haru Haru’? They can’t say it was after the cut off date! IT WAS IN AUGUS!

    @Kenley but isn’t Wonder Girls’ one a mini-album?

    I really don’t get it because:

    “The ultimate goal of the Korean Music Awards is to move beyond the mainstream vs. independent debate and to create a foundation upon which Korean music can progress in a balanced, positive manner.”

    BB pretty much mainstream wise paved the way for certain styles of music in korea, shouldn’t the fact that GD writes alot of the music count towards anything? Thats the point there done!

    Auuhhhhhh i really don’t get it!

  5. i understand your fustration, but am confused as well. just dont know why or how that happpened.!!!!

    But how come Seo Taiji didnt make the cut??? He’s the PIONEER in the music industry for goodness sake!

  6. sel03

    I know, it’s a mini-album, that’s why I thought why Hot Issue and Stand Up weren’t here, because they definitely fall into the timeline.

    I feel Big Bang is underrated as artists here, just because they are an “Idol” group doesn’t mean they don’t have enough talent to be considered.

    Momo, I feel your frustration. guess we’ll never understand their basis in choosing their nominees.

    Let’s support Taeyang instead ok? I really hope he wins for Big Bang. =)

  7. i wish the admin of the blog`d put on her blog that banner,if she do that,i`ll be so so thankful!!!!!

  8. IT’s so unfair,
    TO The BANG, to US.
    It’s rubbish if they do not deserve for any nominees.
    And Yeah, like what other people had said, Stand Up released in August, ins’t it?
    And I don’t believe that it has NO MUSICAL VALUE.

    -an angry VIP- MH

  9. omo! How can they tell things like that? sooo rude.. Im soo dissapointed about this.. n even TVXQ were excluded?!! oh wow!! I cant believe!! >.<

  10. i think it’s an honour, chill up, it’s JUST an award.

    they think our BIG BANG is too superior too compete, so just chill-out and give other groups to show what their capable too.

  11. I am already sad about this, so speechless, I don’t know why they do that to Big Bang…

    It is just so unfair, huge unfair…

    I don’t want to get temper, but I am major sad indeed, but when I think about Big Bang, that is why I don’t want to be that temper, it’s just so sad.

    It’s not like I don’t care, it’s just, so frustrating…

    I am a very unhappy VIP here…

    But then, saranghamnida Big Bang.

    Even DBSK oppa are excluded, so sad.


  12. big bang still a winner to me 🙂 and congrats tae yang oppa ❤

  13. wheni read this
    i actually didn’t have any reaction
    i was mad or sad or yeah
    i mean
    i dont’ really care about the award anymore
    especially don’t really mind that they are going to this or not
    i don’t even really know this award
    and somehow i do see the point of them promoting the artists that aren’t idols and stuff
    but i’m happy that Tae Yang is nominated 🙂

  14. I”m a little disappoited about Big Bang was excluded from this award but i’m still happy that Tea Yang earn a nomination.

  15. I guess Big Bang will be in it next year but remember Tae Yang did get a nomination….actually 2….so be supportive of that people.

  16. i don’t understand why BB and DBSK can’t get into nomination
    just because they’re idols?
    it’s kinda unfair isn’t it?
    they’re too talented people as the others
    but still..i couldn’t care less
    it’s just an award..no big deal 🙂

  17. i really don’t understand why….
    i mean… just got excluded from it??
    i’m so angry!!!

    but they are really the best group in the world….irrespective of the award!!!

    but taeyang will win… trust me!

  18. lol..why should we fret..they won alot in MKMF and other award shows..infact other award shows focus alot on idols and almost all qualified singers like baek ji young, kim jong kook were all left out in the process. So its a good thing that this award focus more on the solo singers. And at least taeyang was nominated. imagine if they include all the idols? the others wont have chance to win..hehe

  19. Weird choice of nominees, seems bias to me.
    Isn’t Wonder Girls an idol group too?
    And this award show is suppose to be ‘fair’, sigh…
    Anyway, I’m not angry cos this award stuff is just superficial, i think fan support is the best award ever.

  20. awww I’m upset that neither Big Bang nor DBSK got nominated. I love them both equally. Well, at least Taeyang was nominated for something.

  21. Oh please….I bet this music festival said that Big Bang and DBSK had won enough awards so they’re excluding them from this. Sheeeesh…well I guess its okay atleast TaeYang is there. Go taeyaaaaaaaang!

  22. hmmm very rude i find.
    saying it is entertainment and not art?
    i totally think BB music is art which has so much meaning in the lyrics and emotion in the singing which makes us actually cry as we hear their music. i.e HARU HARU.
    and it is their music that attracted me to them from the very beginging. not their looks.

    I really don’t understand this article and awards thing =_=

  23. Get over that fact that BB didn’t get nominated. We should all be wishing YB the best of luck since he IS a part of BB. Big Bang can’t win every dang award.

  24. I wonder how BB feels about this!!!
    its ok they dont need no award to prove that thier good…cuase they know thier the best!!! and who came up with those stupid dates ANYWAYS??!?!?

  25. what the heck?!


    ugh, wth?
    but i guess, GOOD LUCK TaeYang.
    Good Luck =]

  27. Ahhh that sucks. D:

    I’m glad TaeYang got nominated though. ❤

  28. tbh, solo/indie artists are really overlooked. The industry is dominated by mediocre boy/girl bands (Big Bang definitely does not fit into that category, which is why I love them). Other artists and the true musicians need to be recognized. If you think about it, most of the award shows are biased towards idol groups. Not saying either party is right, though.

  29. sry, but that’s bull!
    it’s because of idol groups that Korea is getting so much attention from foreigners..they should be recognized for that and idol groups have the most albums sales!

  30. I’m actually kinda glad that Big Bang and DBSK aren’t nominated. Indie bands need more recognition and shouldn’t always be overshadowed by idol groups and big bang is most definately an idol group. I’m happy that Taeyang was nominated for 2 awards, I hope he wins something because his album does deserve to win an award. It far surpassed Big Bang’s Remember album!

  31. well said nene718 and lolo

    – lets give other people a chance…we all know and love Big Bang…no where are they saying BB sucks or any other group….but its also time to let other people/solo artists/non-mainstream people shine…..relax people.

    i don’t why people are getting so angry…atleast YB is in there…be supportive that and dont diss these awards when YB fans are rooting for him…..its not fair to his fans or fans of any of the other nominees

  32. it’s not fair . Wonder girls is a idol group too . I love both Big Bang and DBSK equally . Even Seo Taiji is excluded . Im mad and disappointed , or maybe they think they are dar too superior (: who cares bout the deadline znyway ? D:<

  33. lol. It’s strange that 2 among the most outstanding bands of the year get no nomination. haha it can even be called an AWARD huh??
    anyway i wish the best for TAE YANG. He deserves all what he’s nominated

  34. it sucks that they didn’t get nominated but… well, looking on the bright side, i’m glad taeyang got nominated at least!

  35. uhmmmm i’m confused x.X …at least Tae Yang it’s nominated …

  36. aaaahhh..that suckss.
    both of my boys (BB and DBSK) rn’t nominated.
    but good luck to Young bae! Ajaaja!

  37. TT^TT

  38. Oh, that SAD. but i understand.
    big bang and dbsk won so much awards in the past years.
    i guess we have to make other idol get a chance. right?


  39. BB HWAITING!!!


  40. hmph -___-;

    that doesn’t really make any sense to me lolol xD and technically not all that fair >:O
    ohwell VIPS DON’T FRET 😀 tae yang will surely win lmaoo
    he deserves it too..andd besides, bb and dbsk have won so many awards and accomplished TONS, so maybbeee it IS fair that they ‘let others have a chance’? even so, this is just ONE thing. bb will continue winning and getting nominated for other things right? xDD

  41. dang. so unfair D:

    what i hate most is the part which said
    it tends to be more for entertainers rather than musicians
    aren’t our boys the best musicians out there??!

    ok. ok. i said i wouldn’t bash but i just cant take it ok?!
    VIP reflex 😛

  42. hi oh now u have new song?
    i like song u

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