Who does HaEum Like?


some may have watched this, some may not. Thought u guys should listen to HaEum speaks a word or two.

sean: who do you like? out of big bang who do you like the most? taeyang oppa?
haeum: no
someone: TOP?
haeum: TOP, no.
then she starts to say “say ho~ say ho~ say ho~”
commentor: something about her having hip hop style.

Credit: S @ BBVIPz
Video taken from: ChauCNN @ Youtube
Translation from: jnie05

~ by Momo on February 6, 2009.

22 Responses to “Who does HaEum Like?”

  1. haha, so cute and random!

    HaEum likes GD probably lol

  2. Ahhhh I wanna hug her!

    JiYongie f’sho
    cuz that’s what her papa said on his cyworld.

  3. omg she is so so cute!!!
    TOP? No..i freaking love her cute voice
    haha say ho say ho!
    so freaking hip-hop!

  4. Yes,Gd 😀
    But,sorry little girl~ He’s mine 😛

  5. awwwwww shes cute but if i were her, and got asked if i liked big bang, then i would look in the camera and say I LOVE U BIG BANG

  6. aaawh she’s so freakin cute!!!
    i bet she’s going to rap in the future jst like her daddy :p

  7. awwwww !! she is so cute you just want to take her home ! LOL

  8. ha eum of course like jiyong oppa!!!Like me!

  9. i think she likes gd too!! cos when she sang say ho it reminds me of the song run to u during ydh letter show….i think thats gd’s part. haha i duno. myb i think i like gd too much also. haha.

  10. Kyaaa!!! she’s super cute X3
    Say ho!
    I think she likes GD so much hahaha

  11. waaa…!! cute!! so adorable!! hontou ni kawaii deshoo!! no wnder
    bg bng tuk pix wit her..!! mann..she’s lucky enuff tu be hugged by them, n nw on tv.!!
    she’s gona be a star!!

  12. Aww, I watched this video a while ago. I love it! Ha Eum is too cute. I’m pretty sure she likes GD the best. They look the cutest together, haha.

  13. AWWW SHE LIKES G-DRAGON!!!!!!!!!
    i fo`sure! Aww she is so cute. hehe
    Sean should of ask of all of the members.
    I really want to know but i have a feeling
    it’s Mister Kwon Ji Yong b/c she says ‘say ho’
    or likes hip hop.

  14. OMG she’s so adorable! Her voice is so cute. <333

  15. she definitely likes g-dragon the best. in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1huiAf5_8jY

    he starts rapping, & the english translation is “say ho.”
    i don’t think it’s a coincidence. however, they’re all so good to her. it’s adorable. she’s so cute & innocent. i doubt she could have a favorite.

  16. sweet little voice of ha eum

  17. awwwww say ho~~ xD! cute!

  18. thought i’d translate this cute video ^^

    Sean: (To Haeum) Who do you like most in BIGBANG? Taeyang Oppa?
    Haeum: No…
    Sean: Then? TOP?
    Haeum: Not TOP…
    Announcer: Our shy Haeum keeps avoiding the question
    Haeum: *squeals* SAY HO! SAY HO! SAY HO!
    Announcer: Haeum’s hiphop style…like father, like daughter.

    ya, it’s jiyong! i think her favourite member is jiyong, hehe.

    hehehe tae yang is suxha cutie tooo x)


    say ho LOLOLL.
    so cuutee and funny xDD ahaaa, i wonder who her favorite is 😀

  21. i have been killed. by cuteness. X_X

  22. She is such a liar…lol. 😉

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