NII Luck For You!

Translated by: Somssi @ VIPtranslators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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*credit when taking*

NII Luck For You!!
Lucky hand-written messages from Big Bang, wishing your best on your KSAT!

– this was from a while back, but we could all use luck year-round ^_^

PS: if you haven’t noticed, JIYONG has changed his signature lol ^_^

^ translations above ^

*EDIT: i was up watching Introducing Star’s Friend, & i was sooo excited when i saw my jiyongie come on of course, & he popped up so many times, i started counting how many frames came up, & it was about 20x. not even on the show, but the camera goes to him 20x. it’s amazing! lol

& the show was super hilarious, SR just kept getting bad luck. DAE was beating him so bad in every single way, even DAE’s friend beat SR’s friend lol.

every time one of the girls would call up their female friend, they’d ask who their favorite BB member was. a few times DAE & SR weren’t first, but they wanted her to continue down her ranking, & DAE finally got 3rd & SR just had to find out where he was & he ended up being 5th =X LOL

another girl actually picked DAE first & he was sooo happy. SR just gave up after that lol. although i do admit, the sexiest part was when SR made his sexy face. i nearly died, i’m surprised vicky didn’t gif that yet. DO IT VICKY! LOL

i think DAE’s friend is one of the YG Dancers. you might recognize him doing some stuff for YB & DAE’s solo stuff (he’s 31 yrs old). SR’s friend is a fellow dancer who he called a “ceo dancer” (who’s 26 yrs old) which i presumed he meant he owns a dancing school… i couldn’t catch it all since it moved too fast. but yea! the ladies love daesung, & poor SR was just unlucky that night lol.



~ by gdluvzmc on February 7, 2009.

20 Responses to “NII Luck For You!”

  1. thank god i don’t take SATs yet haha

  2. this is gonna be my wallpaper for now,lol

  3. aw, my babe looks so cute ^^

  4. haha i’ll save this and read it 2 years later when I’m a senior in high school

    and Melly gurl~ I can’t even bare looking at that face of his
    how the heck am I gonna gifed it? haha
    it gives me goosebump.
    all that tounge… T____T


  5. vicky do it!!! i havent watched it yet (no subs.. wah) and im so curious!

  6. waaaah!
    I’m printing this for June though I’m not a senior yet >.<
    gonna need a lot of luck to pass the SATs

    haven’t watched the show but
    will come back afterwards

  7. Thanks for the translation! I’m going to dl the non sub version b/c i want to see it so bad!

  8. I like Gd’s words.
    It made me giggle when it started with ‘Study…’
    😀 But,anyways.Yes,although I’m still not in high school.I will still use these words to keep on fighting!

  9. Ooh, I haven’t seen this. That’s sweet. ^^

    I’m SO glad I’m passed the SATS. XD And I mean I’m passed the stage of taking those tests, not that I actually passed… Hahaha j/k. =P

  10. And, I was just going on an on today about how much I hate school. -_- Oh, the irony.

  11. I couldn’t read the English translation but its okay. As long as they’re greeting every Senior Students to do well on their KSAT or whoever is taking the SAT Test. lol. Thank you.

  12. Ah, Thank You so much!
    Haha aww that’s so cute.
    Reminds me, i have school in like 2 days.
    Ooh, i need to see it then b/c he gets
    a close up of Ji Yong =]
    Thank You for the Picture too. Yes we could
    use it ANYTIME! and stuff.

  13. vicky
    you gotta do it for me! lol
    i want to rub it in someone’s face MUAHAHAHA

  14. woww thanks for translations Melly and Somssi ^^

    will need luck this semester ^^

  15. GOnna print it and hang it on my wall lol. It’s sweet. And it’ll give me strength to face tests, tests and tests (which gonna be my whole life in the next months). Aja fighting!!! (though I’m not sitting for the KSAT as I’m not Korean but it’s still meaningful to me lol)
    Thank you so much for the translation! 😀

  16. OMG i thought the jiyong’s sig looked different. when i first saw it without the trans…i seriously thought someone else tried to impersonate their sigs and it was fake…cause that was definitely not jiyong’s sig that i knew anyways. hehehe. it looks cooler now. ^^

  17. the translated one doesn’t show up =(

  18. the image link still works.

  19. oh, it does now.

  20. i shuld get a big picture of this and put it next to my computer and in my folder so ill study properly. i lyk GDs makes me feel betr =]

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