TOP & DaeSung in Family Outing | Big Bang’s Energy Song | Pictures Update & Translated BANGS Comics

02.08.09 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
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Big Bang’s Energy Song

DOWNLOAD: (02.08.09) SBS Inkigayo: Big Bang Energy Song
DOWNLOAD: (02.08.09) SBS Inkigayo: SeungRi Strong Baby Performance

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They shoot a “Energy Song” video with a message of telling people to Save Energy and Save Earth. They filmed Big Bang’s living quarters and show us their surroundings, which is pretty cool, it’s been a while….. a year since I see their house, definately LOT of things have change for the past year, it got a let messier haha that’s what happen when you’re popular kekek I didn’t expect for them to have so many book in their house though haha their self are FILLED with books everywhere…. or is that comic books? hm……………

but I wasn’t surprise to see Dae’s Doraemon cutting board on the sink kekekek his Dorae loving self, he say his energy is “His Smile” aw~~ Dae ah~ it’s our too. Baby’s energy is “VIP”, us fans, how sweet is he? but all I hear is “VI” though haha my selfish self, I love it when he say my name. Bae’s and his… mop (still haven’t get over his How Gee phase?) say his energy is “Stage” and Bong………. his room…….. oh my damn, it got a lot more messy too haha but still organize, look at his kicks DAMN. Do you spot SpongeBob??? CUZ I DO!!! hahah Bong would be the person to have a mirror next to him on his study desk…………. hahahhaha so he can stare at himself at time and be happy keke his energy of course, is music.

Tabi being the mushy being hyung of the group say that his energy is Big Bang. AWW!!! OURS TOO!!

Picture Updates

  • Shooting Big Bang’s Energy Song
  • (Translated) BANGS Short Comics: Intro: Who is the main character?
  • (Translated) BANGS Short Comics: Episode 1: We are the BANGS! 2

Shooting Big Bang’s Energy Song

BANGS Short Comic
Intro: Who is the main character?

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


This was the first BANGS comic release, it was also included in Big Bang’s diary, it’s about how they found out about them being in a comic so they’re fighting…. or more like talk greatly about themselves to see who should be the main character in the comic haha. Bong bragged about how he’s the HOT ISSUE haha and he’s also the leader, while Dae say that he’s the busiest Big Bang member these days with his filled up schedule, Bae use Boss to reason with them while the big hyung of the group doesn’t really care…. he just wanna be the TOP… keke which I’m sure he got that since he’s the tallest one in the comic anyway haha… and Baby… well, he’s just too confident to list any reason, just because. keke.

Episode 1: We are the BANGS! 2

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


This is to continue the day after Dae’s wake up call, 5 of them annoyed the crap out of their manager hyung haha their manager was having a nightmare about all 5 of them hanging onto him like a little kid and receiving a call from YG tell them to hurry up. His manager woke up from his nightmare and he have to do this job…. which is pretty being these 5 little boys’ mom haha bathe them, clean them… while they’re still sleeping peacefully haha. Finally they’re ready and sparkling…. still asleep haha. Poor manager.


~ by Vicky on February 8, 2009.

110 Responses to “TOP & DaeSung in Family Outing | Big Bang’s Energy Song | Pictures Update & Translated BANGS Comics”

  1. omg they are so cute!!!!!

    YAY! im first!

  2. Awww…I love those comics.
    And the first one w/ Bae & Boss was cute

  3. AWW! I couldn’t saying aw while i read the whole thing. The cartoon is soo ADORABLE!!

  4. *I could stop sayiing ‘aw’

  5. *I couldn’t stop saying ‘AW’… my mistake >_<

  6. ahh!
    the comics are soo cute πŸ˜€

  7. Amazing!!! They’re sooo Kijawa!!! Saranghaeyo

  8. very comics πŸ˜›

  9. Lol these are so cute!

  10. the energy’s a nice song!
    i love baby’s voice at the beginning of the song!!
    and i want bong’s KICKS..
    damn what is happening in Malaysia
    i can’t seem to find any highcut kicks here 😦
    his kicks are so awesome..and his wardrobe..
    i think i can wear his clothes too since he’s so damn skinny kekeke
    and i like the look of him producing music! ahhh~
    i really wanna know more bout him being a producer

    and the ‘who’s the main character’ thing..
    the ending made me laugh hahaha~
    Mr.YG is the one hahaha~
    and the boys bragging about themselves haha
    baby is too confident! kekeke

  11. totally lovable…
    the cuteness!!
    arghh,i’m sure it’s killing everybody..^_^

  12. ” but all I hear is β€œVI” ”
    LMAO at this line, if only they would say my name
    GD has so many shoes and clothes, i feel like they’ve increased since the last time i saw
    i think i better save the planet too

  13. SO CUTE and FUNNY~
    Bae is so tiny and baby-like compared to the others xD
    Thanks for translating!

  14. The Energy song sounds so nice. ^___^

    Aww, Dae and TOP were really cute with ther responses to their energies. <333

    OMGLOL at the Main character comic! Dae’s part was really funny and TaeYang’s part was super cute. <33

    Hahaha, the 2nd comic was silly. xD <333

  15. i’m in love with these comics ❀

    hahahah there so cute!!


  16. Love the ep 2~!!!hahahahahaha!!!! Sweet n Cute Manager ν˜•~

  17. the comics are adorable…but the video doesn’t seem to be working for me…omg and i love gd’s hat in the energy song photos..i want i want!!! teehee

  18. lol nvm its workin now

  19. they didn’t show TOP’s room…-_____-


  21. waaaaah!
    the energy song was kute!
    Dae and Bae cleaning LOL
    Baby and Bong enjoying their free time
    damn! Bong’s room is full of clothes,shoes and accesories
    hahaha don’t know why i’m surprised
    cheesey Tabi’s energy is BB hahha

  22. heheh forgot to mention the comics
    their just cute
    especially the second one
    poor manager has to dress them and feed them
    wouldn’t mind being the manager
    feeding them
    dressing them up

  23. the cartoons are adorable!

  24. OMG….TOP!! AND DAE! on FO! I want to see this! It’s not subbed though, eh? >w<


  26. the energy vid is so AWESOME! it’s nice to know they care ❀
    and i luv their house… absolutely fantastic…
    but seriously.
    GD’s room.
    and AW seungri! you are too cute! and so is TOP. lol. big bang is his energy .<
    these guys are TOO cute.

  27. and you’re right, theyre ours too! lmao
    and Taeyang with a mop (looks like a swiffer) and Daesung washing the dishes >.<
    these really are TOO cute, hehe
    and so is MINI- BIG BANG!

    check it out!!:

  28. LOLOL WTF?! the second comic got me LOLOLOLing to epic heights. LOLOLOLOLOL THANK YOU FOR THIS VICKY!~~~!!!

    and LOLOL ENERGY SONG! Damn, they keep the sneakers supertidy don’t they. O-O.

  29. can’t wait til the eng subbed version of this FO episode comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. 1) still looking stylish in the comforts of their home
    2) jiyong’s room is just TO DIE FOR
    3) i love how he has pix of him everywhere in his room, just like my room! lol
    4) they just HAD to cap ajoo in the clip, like that’s the last thing we had to see.
    nice one lol

  31. lol wow!

  32. NICE!!~~ xD

  33. i really like the bangs comic xD THAT IS SUCH AN AMAZING IDEA BY CEO-GREATEST ! πŸ˜€ teeheee~ manager oppa is amazing isnt he? lol xD taking care of the little kiddies like that :3 and…. teehee~ BEBE IS SUCH A CUUUTIIIEEE!!!!! xD lol… he’s like.. the innocent one xD lol xD and tabi’s the ‘watever’ one xD lol.. zoomg… i love bebe in the comic meeeeeeeeen(;

  34. Thank you so much for getting the FO ep up so quickly! I’m gonna watch it even though I don’t understand Korean πŸ™‚
    And TOP’s wearing the sweatshirt from the MBC Music Fest (12.31) for the energy thing πŸ™‚ That is such a hot sweatshirt and he looks hot in it!

  35. And I love how short and cute they made TaeYang in the cartoon…and that they put his puppy in it!!

  36. AWWWWW!!! Tae Yangie and BOSS!!!! How cute is that?!

  37. you guys did real aweseome with getting FO up so quickly. THANKS to everyone @ Big Bang fansite~~

  38. gawwwwhd, i hvent updated any news about the gents.
    imissthemtons! i know they are doing fine (:
    Email me any news:)

    Thank You

  39. LOL, omg, these comics are SOOO CUTEEE.
    Especially when Taeyang went “Do any of you have a pet like me?”
    LOL, he’s SO CUTE! <33

  40. The boys are lookin cute in the pics! ^^

    Awww, I love the song! and wow their place has a lot of stuff!
    yep, it definitely changed since I last saw, its more crowded! lol
    those are probably the books GD was talking about the ones that fans gave them kekeke

    I love all their sources of energy! πŸ˜€ aww~ SR’s energy is us XD

  41. Kiaaa the song is sooo nice ^^
    OMO HeHe there house is COOOOL
    GD’s room << love it xD
    Dae & YB WaaaH CuuuuuuTE
    BUT the COMICS HeHe very cute & funny
    especially SOL , He is veRRRRYYY cuuuuuuuUUUTttteeEeE


    its a must watch ! XDXD

  43. AHHHHHHHHHH I GOTTA watch this ep of family right now~~
    i was busy all day.. i was dying to see my hubby!!#@
    oh yess i love new promo songs XD

    do you have the original comics by any chance?
    i want to read it in original korean please?
    thnx ^^^

  44. Heheh I ❀ BEBE & BOSS! Hahah even in the comic there are G~Ri moments. Why is Bae sooo small hes like 3x small then tabi haha

  45. bebe’s the cutest his my one namja the flat hair is so cute on him ahaahah boss looks adorable (*.*)

    who’s idea is it? the story of the comic? whoever that is , you;re a genius! awesome

    gahahahahahah bebe small little head wth boss on top so cute!!
    i’d be happy to help ang oppa take care of the boys anyday~

    them bangs clinging on ang oppa so freaking cute omagod so cute\

    cnt wait to c fo wth top and dae! must be hilarious them both. they’re goofballs. dae’s getting funnier by the day!

    omo their house ; how i wished to be anything in bebe’s room! perhaps let me be ur bed, oppa??

  46. the comics are soo cutee! πŸ™‚

  47. are there going 2 b subbed versions of the FO epi????
    and i cant even download the epi cuz that type of file isnt compatible w/ my comp
    wat shud i doo???

  48. this family outing episode is soooo hysterical! ahahaha! especially with the jjembbangs and how jaesuk didn’t get any (:

    hahahaha! i love daesung and TOP (:

  49. the comics are awesome!!!
    so cute~~
    where can i get the original version of the comic?
    the one thats fresh (in korean not edited by anyone)
    please tell me ;DD

  50. yayy TOP on FO! LOL the part where top gets back at dae for bossing him around is hilarious!
    thanks you bunches!

    the BANGS are soo cute! taeyangie with boss is so cute ^^

  51. awwww, so cute, the cartoon are so cute, I like Tabi hyeong part, so funny, ehehe….


    thanks vicky

  52. they are so cute!!! thanks for the translation=D

    *they look kinda spoiled, aren’t they??^^’*

  53. oohh the energy video was so cute xD The song was sung by Baby, right? His voice is unmistakable xD haha i got the first comic with the diary πŸ˜€ i only understood some parts of it…thanks for the translations ^^

  54. awwww..the comic bangs are so adorable!! i wanna pinch them!! and hug them!! kekeke.. thanks for the translation vicky!!!

  55. thanks so much for everyeveryeverything!!! I can’t wait to watch Tabi on FO… I hope he’s more talkative than Jiyongee… Jiyong barely talked!!!

  56. OMGS.! bebe so cute o;!

  57. ah i’m so in love with this energy song vid. GD’s room is so wanted with so many great stuff. ah what a stylish guy!!!
    and the comic is just LOL haha πŸ˜€

  58. this is a stoner cartoon, follow the graffx. if your’e not high!, you don’t get it. get it?

  59. this is SO FRIGGEN CUTE!!
    haha major LMAO at YG’s ‘the main character is me.’
    LOL i can just imagine him with his funny voice!
    SRi cracked me up the most though: ‘Isn’t it obvious that its me?’
    Tabi of course is the most chilled ‘I just want to be TOP’ mmm that’s my man!

    Haha the mini GD in manager’s dream looks adorable with his ‘hyung, wake up.’
    so little!!
    thankyou SO MUCH for the translations!

  60. AHHH! THANKS VICKY! the comic is so so cute!
    they’re all wrapped in a blanket,and according to height at that! how cute! haha i think the most hilarious part of the comic was when jiyongie’s huge telephone necklace started ringing! so funny!
    and finally tabi on FO!! THIS IS THE FO EPISODE OF MY LIFE!! i was waiting for him to go on FO ever since bong went on. >_<!!
    yayy! and awww tabi looks so adorable with ear muffs it love it.
    thanks vicky!

  61. OMG! the comics are the BOMB!!!! xD

  62. Hahaha.
    AWW its so freaking adorable!

  63. lol!!! the energy song awwwww :3

    all those clothes *.* thanks for the translation Vi ^^

  64. poor manager. hahaha…
    they need to give him more salary of babysitting our boys.

    Bong in the 2nd pic looks realllyyyy cute. hahaha
    want to pinch him that bad

  65. so when im trying to download the thing on top and daesung its showing me nothing..can someone tell me whats wrong!?

  66. how are you?

  67. lol tae yang’s haracter is so adorable

  68. funny+cute=LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. omgosh! :DDDD love sbs for showing gd’s room(: a room like this should be shown long ago..though another part of me wishes he can keep his privacy..a big thank you for all the hardworking people who keep the site up!

  70. HAHAHAH.
    that’s the cutest thing i’ve seen all day XD
    love it

  71. mysue // Hmm, maybe you have to be a member of livejournal, if you’re not yet.

  72. where is TOP room? 😦

  73. oh my gee. they’re so cute… ke ai …it was so funny how they try to wake up hyung…
    update the cartoon soon…

  74. Vi

    you know korean…?
    @_@ wow.

  75. nya

    more salary?
    i would do it for free : )

    thank you for subbing.
    Hehe HOT ISSUE. him & his Hot Issue.
    IT’S SO CUTE. I love the song =]
    Ahaha that’s cool how Zong Yi’s telephone
    necklace rung. i get it!
    AW TaeYang looked so cute with his puppy.
    Yeah, their house does look er messy-er.

  77. omg so cute!! lols aw they depend on their manager so much, but he still ends up getting them all sparkly and ready XD lolzz

  78. cute!!!

  79. it’s real cute~~

  80. lol funny hahah LUV BIG BANG 4EVER

  81. really nice….LOL!
    Thanks Vicky you’re the best…Kwon Leadah! Fighting

  82. Dang the video for family outing stops working halfway like after less than 20minutes of watching it T_T
    I wanna see TOP! gahh :\

    <3TOP is so cute πŸ˜€
    Thanks for uploading!!

  84. the best comic ever XDDD
    -in my opinion- HEHEHE..

  85. LMAO I ALMOST CHOCKED because of Daesung getting hit in the head with the snowball and the snow ball fight;
    dang- i literally died.
    I guess I shoulda came HERE first and read

  86. jiyanz

    I love collecting them, and looking at them
    but i can’t stand wearing shoes hahah
    so I end up just displaying my kicks
    so I kinda stop doing too much (still doing it haha) and use the money for something i can wear hahah

  87. Cleev

    I KNOW!!!
    that’s really not fair
    no one have seen Tabi’s room yet.
    they never showed it when they showed us Bong and Baby/Dae and Bae room already

  88. Sexica

    keke that’s right.
    you shouldn’t be surprise
    I was suprise at how it’s not sparkly clean but kinda messy
    he have too many stuff

  89. LilKrnQt33

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
    he’s barely there hahaha
    2 eyes and a circle for his head hahaha

  90. Yerin

    well they do work hard for it haha
    can’t blame them

  91. Jaja

    in cartoon it’s freaking functional now hahah

  92. nya

    I KNOW!
    the manager work too hard
    he’s like a single mother/father to these 5 monsters haha
    notice how Tabi’s rice bowl is BIGGER than others??? hahahahaha

  93. Dori

    they’re simple korean so I can understand a little here and there haha

  94. yuris2top

    they didn’t show it for some reason
    i know~
    i wanna see it too

  95. ybee

    and the PDs are to blame too
    they edit out most of Bong’s talking part
    just so they could make it look like Bong is this cool rapper
    it’s ridiculous how korean vareity shows work sometimes

  96. zoby

    they can make us save the freaking earth for sho’ hahah
    and i am happy my parents gave me this name hahah

  97. luvBB4lyf

    their house is really beautiful
    it’s more of a condo
    overlooking a river
    it’s freaking awsome
    they move into this condo after they came out with “Lies”
    YG knows how to treat his artists nicely

  98. rosiebb

    that’s right
    now let’s just hope he read them
    or not just him
    (cuz i do see TONS of comics haha)

  99. mysue

    you shoulud try again
    I didn’t members blocked the page so anyone can view it

  100. xin

    check all the parts and make sure they’re all 100 MB except the last one
    one of the parts must be corrupted when you download it

  101. Aww, cute!
    Can I take?
    I don’t edit pictures!


  103. OMG SO SO CUTE~~~~~~ Plz plz keep translating more BANGS comic when they’re out, thank you, u made my day *hug* X3

  104. oh… they look so kute ^^” but i cant see the energy song video?

  105. great.Thx u very much.

  106. hahaha simply cute!!!

  107. thanks for sharing & translating!! πŸ˜€
    big bang fighting!! πŸ™‚

  108. please translate more

  109. so good….<3<3 ….:))

  110. hahaha so cute……<3<3<3 like it so much..:)

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