Inside Jiyong’s Room

i’m 1/2 amazed & also 1/2 amused that someone was willing to go all out & analyze the heck out of jiyong’s room. i found it uber-fascinating when i first saw it, the fact that his shoe rack was glowing (actually, only a product of great editing by SBS -__- thanks for squashing my imagination), the fact that he had pictures of himself all over his room (just like my room lol) & how all his stuff managed to squeeze very nicely in his space.

but yea, thanks to DCGD λ‹₯볡녀 for gathering all remnants of the clothes he wore previously & pointing them out, including hats & shoes.

also thanks for pointing out all his lil toys on his desk & shelf, they’re cute. & YES, those are those lil HARAJUKU PERFUME BOTTLES… -___- SO HE COLLECTS THEM! I FIND THAT SUPER ATTRACTIVE, IT MEANS NOTHING πŸ˜›

yes, there was SPONGEBOB, who doesn’t love spongebob?

i LOVED the fact that his shoes are organized. it’s sooo hot. the first thing i check out on a guy are his shoes. & you just gotta wonder why i love kwon jiyong then ^_^

they even pointed out the computer desk he has, the laptop, the mouse pad & the thing to rest your wrist on (which is in the shape of a baguette lol! that woulda fooled me when i be hungry in his room), also the magazine next to his desk, the chair he’s sitting in, & his speakers, to the batteries on his wall! wtheckkkk

the ONE THING that tripped me out the most was the fact that he had the DRES, aka the HEADPHONES, BEATS by DR. DRE.
OHMYGOD! anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that those exact headphones were on my christmas list for the LONGEST TIME! i was sooo mad he jocked my headphones (mad in a good way). he took my dream headphones away from me =[
at least i’ll know he will put them to good use, because NO JOKE: THOSE ARE THE BEST HEADPHONES MY EARS HAVE EVER LAID ON. so defs, KWON JIYONG & I HAVE EXQUISITE TASTE, considering the fact that they cost $350 BUX! >.<

it’s alright, you better make AWESOME MUSIC NOW, HONEY.
i love you ❀

PS: i’m going to start trying to call him “the kwonstah” now. cuz he’s ballin’ like that. (besides my other nicknames for him of course, like jiyongie, or babe/baby, or my friggin husband kthx! [copyright that]

& c’mon tell me you guys thought he had a glowing shoe rack like i did? >.<
quote JT: “yeah i believed it! i mean it’s GD! who else would have a glowing shoe rack?!”
^ touche!


you’ll know what i’m talking about under the cut —————>


credit: DCGD λ‹₯볡녀
let’s not try to claim that you spent all your time finding all the toys in jiyong’s room. kthx.

~ by gdluvzmc on February 8, 2009.

106 Responses to “Inside Jiyong’s Room”

  1. wow he got alot for clothes and shoes
    g dragon knows his style fasion

  2. that is what you call dedication.
    nice workk!

  3. LOL omgd if i was gd i’d be freaked out if i ever saw this
    nice headphones =]

  4. Wow.

    GD is so cool…

    meh, I am still in love with YB. πŸ˜›

    I want to ‘see’ his room for real. XD

  5. wow wow…
    cute but cool..

  6. O.O

  7. i love him so much, i think he is total GENIUS in a great good lookin sexy little package

  8. i am so shocked.

    she must have had super zoom

  9. ^ but the even more important note to notice is the HEADPHONES!
    i cannot believe he jocked me!!!! >.<

    yea she crazy. it’s all good.
    but damn yo, those headphones. omgosh. i’m mad lol

  10. wooow!!!
    I’m in looove with his room
    I’m jealous of a guys’s room
    nice work finding all of that you guys are definitely amazing

  11. that is pretty intense
    i watched it once and all i saw where the shinning shoes lol

  12. oh my damn O_O

  13. …Dang I love those shoes! lol ^_^

  14. he’s too perfect
    those harajuku perfume.
    i have the exact same 2 bottles that he has!!
    yea we smell alike lol

  15. my god I love this room. It’s way too great to be lived in. I love those shoes man!!! AND to be honest, I want that headphone coz mine sucks and it’s the one that GD uses xD (moreover, it’s among the best headphones on earth. Damn I wanna it!!!)

  16. melly
    seriously..when i saw those kicks
    i was like OMG I LOVE KWON JIYONG!!
    his kicks are so so awesome..can i have one?
    dang..and i love his wardrobe..he’s a silly fashion guy
    he is my perfect cup of tea! mmm yummy yummy~
    love him to death too ❀

  17. lol “he is my perfect cup of tea”
    that’s soooo cute.
    i shall grant you that saying about my jiyongie rofllll


  18. isn’t him the perfect cup of tea of yours too? hahaha xD
    and omg..i salute the one who analyzed this!!
    she’s crazy…she even analyzed the batteries!! wth
    and ohh..i love the purple jacket that he wore in the video too
    i wanna rob his wardrobe and kicks xD~
    and kidnap him xD
    love him ahh ❀

  19. wow. lol. and his shoes are amazing. i want them all!

  20. Now, seriously, that’s a major analysis, right there.

    Holy crap, you have no idea how badly I want to go through his closet. Like, I need to steal all of his pants. ROFL, I know I could just buy them from his sister’s site, though.

    omgsh, those Harajuku perfume bottles, I can’t believe he has them!! I swear, I freaked out when I saw them in the video. It the only perfume I will wear. I LOVE it!

  21. =o ~~ my godddddd =(

  22. i loveeeeeeeee jiyongie. noo lie. and i SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL MEET HIM.
    and if i don’t, well, its gunna happen so there are no “don’ts” !

    LOL i love how they actually find BATTERIES. aigo, hes so organized. he makes me wanna clean up my room & make it look like his’s. aha, i LALALOVE his skinny gray jeans. they’re so… FASHIONABLE; LIKE HIM.

    i think he should come to san francisco. or someplace near there !
    kwonjiyong = ❀

  23. dayum DCGD lol thats just awesome

    I’m gonna be staring at this pic for a while ^________^

    we have some of the same things!! lol

  24. ^ lol i can’t believe u said LALALOVE
    i said that a few days ago in regards to him.

  25. I thought DCGD had included pics of female models wearing GD’s jeans, but then I remembered that he’s ridiculously skinny lol

  26. Oh Jesus, I’ll feel all embarrassed to enter his “WELL-ORGANIZED” room… hehehe, cause my room is nothing but a BIG MESS. XDXDXD

  27. LOL. i have those same exact headphones. i fell in love with them when i first tried them on at best buy. they are definitely the best headphones! and GD has the same!! *squeals*

  28. ohhhh !! he has those paper stars in the jar !
    they are so addictive to make . i have a full jar too .
    and his little toys and everything . so adorable
    she must have a super eye for spotting every single on of those little toys ! lol !

  29. his room is my dream room
    the best room i’ve ever seen
    i guess this is how he gets all the inspiration and stuff to work on his music
    i mean everything around is just so him and reamy ❀

  30. wow~~~
    i’m speechless looking at GD’s room and DCGD λ‹₯볡녀’s effort in spending her/thier time to point out GD’s collection…
    I hope to see other member’s collection too… hehe.. ^_^

  31. omggg! Hands down* DCGD you rock!!! every single detail *.* thanks! and lol@ love JT Quote who else has a glowing shoe rack? GD for sure!! πŸ˜› thanks for the details Melly and DCGD πŸ˜›

  32. i wanna see top’s room too!^^

  33. love ji yong!!

  34. amazing!

    bebe’s room details?
    leave it to me ahahah

  35. And no one notices the Gundam, tsk tsk.

  36. >__< Ahh~ He collects haru juku bottles! So do I!
    ❀ He is definitely my love.

  37. wahh.. such dedicated fans right there.. 0_o

  38. geeze look at them shoes o_O

  39. such profound neatness! (unlike mine -cringe worthy-) i guess i’d have to be neat (if i were GD) otherwise i’d forget how much threads i actually have!

  40. The baguette thingy is hilarious !

  41. hahaha, OH WOW!
    yeah i’m 1/2 amazed & 1/2 amused too.
    Ah yes. Finally someone looked through his
    room. It is just like how i imagined it.
    Well kinda except for those extra things.
    I just thought about the shoes & clothes.
    Will Replied LATER b/c teacher is COMING!!!!!!!

  42. Damn! This sh!t is creepy as hell. WTH would have the time to find all these items in his room from toys to clothes to shoes…, (BIGGEST STALKER FANS) I think if JIYONG see’s this he would freak out or hide forever. I would be scared too. I’m already scared. lol. OMG!

  43. lol that was just hillarious following all those red arrows on to which part is which in his room ahhaaha

    i’d have to say his room is so packed – steaming with hotness and his glowing shoe rack is really just the-kwon-jiyoung-style-baby-dont-touch-my-hot-shoes thing lol ^^

  44. Wow, neat. *O* I can totally see the things in GD’s room better now. xD

    Those Harajuku bottles are so cute! ❀

    Dang, those headphones look good… : D

  45. Yah, I am so completly jealous of him to have lots of stuff and I mean it in a good way. No wonder I falls for Yong-ah, he is so super amazing XD.

    Saranghaeyo Ji Yong-ah, kyaaa XD
    Saranghaeyo Seung Hyun hyeong as well XD

    And yes, agreed with you, those headphones, oh man, I know it cost like…tones of money if it sells in my place, hoho.. O.< **winks**

    Saranghaeyo Big Bang.

  46. i have those harajuku too…the moment they came out i bought all of them…waahh they are soo cute ^.^v

  47. Omg, his closet (especially his kicks) are to DIE FOR.

  48. DDDDAAAAYYYYUUUMMM; i absolutely LOVE jiyong’s style…i mean who doesn’t? =)
    look at all those cute toys he’s got…WAHHH i’m envious.
    oh yeahh~ i have Bae’s paper doll thingy, but i never tried to put it together cause i’m afraid i’ll mess it up, but Bong’s dolly thingy is HOTTT! thanks for sharing, and i bet it took you a LONNGGG time to put all his pictures together. its beautiful =P

  49. ohmygawd i freaking love his shoes X___X

  50. im totally in love with jiyong to you should see what i did with his pictures. lol but yea true fans never let a celebrity down and you didnt gud job. but yea his room is exactly how i imagined it. love the fact that it HIS room too. lol jus enuff space for me to fit in there with him. lol i love him so cute and adorable.

  51. dang i never knew that kwon ji yong collect purfume… shiax i thought those are for girls only but.. dang that is so all his thing..

  52. oooooooooooo GD collects anime/manga figurines tooo!!!

  53. omiga lmfao harajuku perfume bottles
    i have them tooooo ahhhhhh babey lmao<33333

  54. omg i have those harujuku perfume bottles
    i want his room
    sooo . many clothes, hats & shoes .. love the shoes

  55. hes a neatfreak with his shoes.
    love them!!!

    GD ❀ kekekek

  56. oh my god! i have the same harajuku perfumes as he does too. kekeke!^_^

  57. OMG! i totally FAINTED LOL by seeing it !
    DANG D: ! His room is…. OMG Awesome! ^__^”
    i wan some of his clothes and kicks ! XDD
    LOL . eh yea. getting hyper just by looking at the pics 😑
    Thanks DCGD λ‹₯볡녀 !!
    i wonder what he will say if he see this thoe. Hehe!


  59. omg i love his room
    it’s so organized and everything
    totally not like mines lol
    but wow his shoes(i thought the shoe rack was glowing too hehe) are soo nice
    i love his shoes
    and look at all the cute toys he has

  60. Wow, the person who made this is a greater GD fan than I. Amazing O.O

  61. It’s okay GD, i collect a bunch of cute stuff too.
    DAMNNN his shoe shelf has a light thingy.
    I’m so jealous! GDDamnn. I love his headphones!
    Wow, his room must be pretty big to fit all those
    things. Damn, i want my own room now. So i can
    have all these/my cool things up too. But i have
    to share =[
    Goddd, i love him so much! Lols; true, when he does
    or has unbelieveable things, you know what? It’s GD for ya`
    Hahaha damn, who doesn’t love him? Yep, i’m a girl fan
    of his & is OFFICIALLY & been JEALOUS! I’m surprise i don’t
    see papers of music scatter on his desk. I guess he is a
    clean freak. It’s okay i am too =] && i’m surprise i didn’t
    see MORE clothes stuff. That he does have a lot already.
    I wouldn’t mind taking a field trip or getting a tour of his
    house/Room. Ahaha His Room is like a Art Museum =]
    You wanna know why it is? YUP, cuz it’s THEE` G-Dragon
    or thee` “the kwonstah”. Yes, ima start using that too now,
    if you don’t mind.
    Thank You so much!

  62. woah! woah! his room is totally cool, the glow in the dark shoe rack is totally awesome..only thing i have that glow in the dark are those stars thingy lol…and the fact that he collect Gwen Stefani HARAJUKU PERFUME BOTTLES are pure hotness…

    spazzing about how awesome gd’s room is~ xD
    & YES of corse i love his shoe collection~
    that boy’s got some great style
    the baby pink one& blue one appeals to me
    altho the gold one is tempting tooo hahaa

    GD’S forever wishlist:
    -skinny jeans in all colors
    -ballin shoes in all colors
    -lets face it; he likes everything in
    various shades<3
    ahahaaa i love how neat everythin is.
    its so appealing tat way.
    one day, we VIPs will

  64. […] credits to this picture : DCGD λ‹₯볡녀 ~>>> disini […]

  65. I have that gundam

    yellow sponge is one of my favee
    addictions! Jiyong’s so cute!
    VERY NICE SHOES, Jiyong’s awesommee.

    dude you’re awesome! both of you! no wait, make that all THREE of you! (you, DCGD & Jiyongie)
    his room = THE BEST!
    his action figures (not dolls)= THE CUTEST!
    his shoes = I WANT!
    harajuku perfume = my next investment…

    this guy is honestly my role model and my life ❀ (along with big bang of course)

  68. Dudeeeee,
    I effin LOVE his room! :]]
    I recognize all the outfits!! xD

    I wish I had Harajuku Perfume!!!
    Dang You Gd Baby! D:
    Of Course I Still Love You!!

    that is craaaaazy in so many levels.
    but awesome πŸ˜€

  70. omg this reminds me of my bestfriends room, she organizes her shit just like that 0.0. but she’s a girl, and seeing how this boy keeps his room supa neat worries me XD but like you said he’s the kwonstah its just how he rolls lol

  71. btw melly,
    i was meaning to ask… did you get your Global Warning DVD yet? lol, i’ve been wondering that since your post, lmao.

    His room looks really cool…

  73. @luvbb4lyf

    i did. thanks for remembering lol.
    i’m not going to watch it til spring break.
    i’m working on the daesung 3d paper doll. his hair… i hate dae’s hair! lol too many lil parts GRR

  74. lmao I FREAKING LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!! lol glad im not the only person who took still shots of this. But I just didnt go to the extent of pointing out everything and it mother lol. Omg I dont think I can love him any more than I already do. He has a spongebob and I freaked out when i saw that. Made me so happy. all the shoes >.< I’m crazy about shoes. I swear its my downfall. I want those blue ones that he has though. They look sooo good. Glad my man has such good taste. His room really is how I imagined it lol. That is probably what scares me the most XD

  75. Oh oh wheres his bed? :O

  76. wowow props to DCGD this is very cool :]] GD’s room is so full but organized ahh i like it. GAHH i love you kwon jiyong!! hurry up and make it April so we can see your solo album! im sure it’ll be awesomee!

  77. Ahhh amazing! i so wanna go to his room πŸ˜› huhuh

    btw is there a big bang fan mail address i can mail a card or a gift to?xD

  78. Ouh gosh, he’s room’s so neat and tidy
    I didn’t expect him to store the whole collection of his shoes, clothes, caps so nicely !!!
    I wanna see Bae’s room !!!

  79. hahhaaha, wow, gotta say whoever this fan is sure is a fan!! so many details about him. wow. *clapping* salute to whoever that is!!you make me love him more!!!! arigato!

  80. and and i want to collect all these spongebob stuff’s perhaps he would keep it. haha

  81. I love Giyeong !
    He is so cute πŸ˜€
    I loveeeeeeee the fan who made this ;D
    hehehe . Where do i join big bang’sfan club ?

  82. does this mean all the clothes they wear on stage and stuff are their own and not ones given to them by their stylists? And what brand are ji yongie’s kicks, i want some!! >.<

  83. wow….well organized…i wish i was like that…LOL!
    GO jib-jib!

  84. he really love shoes…me too..
    i love his room…i wanna go to his room and take his stuff..gee..kidding….

  85. Goodness!!! This is crazy!!!!
    He has the BEST wardrobe EVER!!!

  86. WOW . I Want all clother

  87. WOW . I Want all

  88. wow….well organized

  89. Thank you so much for posting this. Jiyong’room is so so so kute. Love it. Thax again.

  90. holy! talk about DEDICATED (or stalkerish) hahaha.

    but we all still enjoyed checking out what KWON LEADAH has in his room. hehehe.

  91. wow. jiyong’s room is so0o clean and neat, compared to my room, lmao. he has a lot of gadgets and collectibles. how did this person get these pictures on him in his room? still, it amazes me how much time this person has taken to analyze all these things in his room! thanks for uploading && great job to whoever analyzed all these. interesting.

    && yea, i just noticed that they are still living in their apartment where SeungRi did his manwon happiness episode. cos Jiyong’s room looks the same from that episode.

  92. @gdluvzmc

    lol, i hope i get mine by spring break…
    and i still have to make all my dolls, but im scared to make them… i was never good with making stuff from paper

  93. but good luck with daesung!… or rather his hair! ^^

  94. ^ i’m done w/ his head, i’m on 1/2 his body now lol.
    i don’t want it to consume my life!
    i will defs post up the pix when i’m done…
    i want the jiyongie paper doll 😦

  95. is this their new apartment?
    or their old? o.O

  96. omg this is amazing!
    thank u so much for making this and sharing it with everyone!!
    and thanks jiyong for having an AMAZING room!!

  97. holy moly crapness. xDD

    HARAJUKU PERFUME?! he’s so original LOLLL
    the egg thingies are SOOO ABSOLUTELY ADORABLEE ahhaa he is sucha
    cuuttiee ;D
    and his choice of electronics lol. -TOTALLY ENVIOUS-
    MANNN, those clothes he has and the hatsss. GEEEEE, THEY’RE FINNEE. hehehe, has so many xDD super fashionablee lololl.
    even if i’m a girl {he’s an idol ;D!!} I WANT MY ROOM TO BE LIKE
    THAT.. and a collection of clothes and super amazing hats to look
    like that xDD
    thosee SHINY KICKS LMAOO.. they. are. THE. SHIT.
    ADD SPONGE BOB AND ITS LIKE BAMMM, im so uberliciously coolioh and all organized and NOT TYPICAL-BOYISH HAHA xDD
    ahhaa lollll, omgg aweesomeeee. bonggiiee has a cutee amazing room just like HE IS BWAHAHHAA.
    iloveeyou jiyongiee, you’re like. THE MOST PERFECT GUY A GIRL COULD POSSIBLY EVER WANT?!?!?! AHHAHA well for me DEFFFFF WANT

  98. can anyone tell me the link for da vid?? thanks ❀


  100. wow…Ji Yong is pretty proud of’s a rare thing to find guys that neat and organized.. i’m falling deeper into him..

  101. I am so jealous! I wish I had his awesome headphones and chair. OH not to mention his smex of a clothes/hats collection. Man…

  102. Hahahahahaha! xD Even the batteries!
    I love his sense of style. It’s alot to my liking πŸ˜€
    And he’s a shoe-freak like me (especially when it comes to sneakers. I’m kinda jealous, I want the same as his pink ones!

  103. omg! what is w/ all those shoes?! i wish i had that! and freken BLUE GLOWING shoerack! wtfff!!! this will def. be part of my dreamroom list. hells yea.

  104. Wow, that’s dedication. xD Seeing all those STUFF made my head hurt. Props to the one who did the analyzing. ❀

    I thought the glowing shoe rack was cool. Even if it isn't real. :]

  105. Wow, that’s dedication. xD Seeing all those STUFF made my head hurt.

  106. I like this site thanks for this dude

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