HaEum’s Big Crush


Feb 4th: Sean and Hye Young on KBS Yeonga Relay

Mom, Hye Young confirms it that. Among all Big Bang members, HaEum likes TaeYang the most.
She gets nervous whenever she’s around him.

Credit: S @ BBVIPz
Post/Video taken from:  ChauCNN @


~ by Momo on February 9, 2009.

35 Responses to “HaEum’s Big Crush”

  1. wah!!!!
    yang bae very lucky!!!

  2. I love Taeyang too !!!
    Youngbae, makes a little girl gets nervous
    For a teen like me, he makes me faint !!!

    GO BAEBAE !!!

  3. HaEum big crush is not TOP!!!
    thank godddd!!!!
    so glad…..

  4. omo ha eum we hv our eyes on the same guy ;))))

    jst don’t get married to ty oppa when u gro up okayyy lol

    ty’s got this natural thing wth kids . i’d fall for him too if i were as young as ha eum

    that explains ha eum’s face xpression when she took pic wth ty!
    she does look a bit , different? ahahaha

    nervous ha eum when ty’s around. so cute

    ty makes everyone fall for him!

  5. HaEum is too cute!!! Plus she got great taste. hihihi.
    And she gets to kiss her Taeyang oppa on the cheek. =)
    I love Taeyang too dear.

  6. oh btw , hye young’s beautiful
    no wonder ha eum’s so cute!


  7. aahahha that’s so cute.
    in the video sean was like “do you like taeyang?”

  8. LOL! awwww so HaEum big crush is Tae Yang so cute <333

  9. Haha how cute!
    I had the pic of Ha Eum kissing YB as my wallpaper on my phone like a day ago, or like couple hours ago heehee
    Now it’s the BANGS cartoon

  10. awww that little cutie getting nervous when she’s around tae.
    tae yang affects girls of all ages.

  11. hahaha Ha Eum is so so famous right now
    and people are even analyzing who she really likes!
    ahahaha..but then why did she deny in the previous video?
    NO! hahaa..that was so cute of her xD
    and hye young is so gorgeous with their 3rd baby
    yes pregnant woman is indeed very gorgeous!

  12. i thought she said it wasnt taeyang in that other video, indenial haha. Bae FTW stealing all young girls hearts

  13. LOL! TaeYang must be so good with the ladies
    cus HaEum is nervous around him kekeke so cute!

    HaEumi, you have good taste! He’s so handsome, right?!

  14. Ahhahaha!OMG! He seriously has a charm with ladies among all ages.Lol even HyoRi was shy around himXD.Haha Ha Eum’s too adorable! Aww I wanna see Ha Rang together with YB. I mean he has the same hairstyle as Tae!

  15. I knew HaEum like Bae. I know sweetie he’s so hot!!!! Plus Bae good wih kids!!!

  16. I love that little girl. XD
    When Bae and I get married, we’ll adopt her. XD

  17. awwww i dont blame her!!

  18. Aww, she gets nervous? Aww. x] I like TaeYang too! XD <333

  19. kawaiiii!!!

  20. awwwww omg XDD she has gd taste lol dnt worry id feel the same too HaEum XDDD :3

  21. Awwww…maybe that explains her facial expression in the photos of them @ the Big Show.
    Ha Eum, you have excellent taste. We can share him. teehee.
    YB has captured the hearts of girls around the world at different ages for sure.
    Maybe she got her wish of kissing YB! (talking about the Bis Show pic)

  22. haha.
    who wouldn’t love tae yang?
    he is cute. >_<

  23. ha ha I would be nervous too.
    If I was around tae yang 🙂

  24. lol what can i say…the girl has impeccable taste!
    i’d be nervous too if i was around that sexy man lol….he’s such a lady killer…first the “can i hug you?” girl grabbing him and now Ha Eum…..little kids are cute…

  25. awwwwwww that is to cute hehe…Taeyang can make any girl nervous haha

  26. sushiix3
    Taeyang can make any girl nervous ;D

  27. awww! thats so cute! and Taeyang’s the one she kissed! thats so adorable!
    you guys are right!!!! Taeyang affects girls of ALL ages!

    and sushiix3 & xblackchristmas
    i absolutely agree with you.
    he seriously can make any girl nervous, Lol.
    (some even faint at the sight of him (shirtless)… aka those VIPS @ BIG SHOW ;])

  28. B-But on the other video of her, she
    didn’t answer to it when Sean asked her
    about liking Taeyang.
    But aww that is so cute =]
    AWWW NO WONDER she agreed to kiss him.
    YoungBae is so, teasing her.

  29. Aww, I would’ve figured she liked GD the best since the pictures I’ve seen with them, they seem to interact well. Now that I think about it, she does look nervous in the picture with YB. xD He is the one that she kissed, after all.

    Aww, she probably fantasizes about marrying him, hehehe! I can see her being all “i’m gonna marry taeyang oppa!” At her age, I only fantasized about the prince in Cinderella.

  30. she didn’t answer Sean when he asked her?
    YEP the picture that they took says it ALL! =P

  31. aaawww thats so cute
    I bet she is nervous around Tae Yang and I faint from his hotness
    Tae Yang <3333333333333333333

  32. Hahaha! That’s so cute!
    Taeyang is so lucky. Lmao!
    But HaEum is luckierr!
    Of course, I love all of them.
    Haha. :] This is cuteee!!!

  33. in the previous vid…
    aaaaaaaaaaah i wanna bite her she’s so cute!!!

    she pics the guy wiith tons of CHARISMAAAA heheee.
    NICE PICK!! lolollll well actually i’d say that to anyone of them buhh yeahhh!! xDD

  35. LOL! AWWW, that’s so cuute! And she kissed taeyang too, LUCKY!
    I would fall for taeyang too, infact, i already DID 😀
    TAEYANG IS HOT LIKE THAT, making girls nervous around me.
    I would rape him i if see him 😛 (joking,maybe)

    I still remember watching a video when big bang were doing a photoshoot with like 2 kids, one of them was a little girl(english girl i think)…taeyang asked the little girl; “Can i hug you?” and the little girl practically JUMPED on him 😀

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