TOP’s appearance led to Family Outing’s viewership to #1 position


Big Bang TOP’s 1st part appearance on SBS Family Outing has given the show a new highest viewership.

TNS Media Korea (a company which tabulates viewerships) reported that SBS Family Outing achieved viewership of 26.0% on 8th February when it was aired puting the show’s viewership at #1 position for the week.

This is a 3.0% point increase in viewership for the show from last week.

For the same week, ‘Happy Sunday’ has achieved 18.6% falling 1.9% point from last week. In just one week, the program had fallen below the 20% mark to stand at #2 position. Of ‘Happy Sunday’, ‘SaeBaKwe’ corner roped in 10.1% of the viewership while ‘We Got Married’ corner roped in 11.3% of the viewership. The ‘Gold Miss’ section roped in 9.4%.

Meanwhile, on this episode of Family Outing, TOP had appeared as a guest to the show. His simple and pure reactions to the show which were unseen when he performs on the stage as a rapper had been especially laugh-intriguing for the viewers. There was, in particular, one scene where he had been so afraid of catching an Angler fish and had resorted to hypnotising it to catch it.

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~ by Momo on February 9, 2009.

20 Responses to “TOP’s appearance led to Family Outing’s viewership to #1 position”

  1. HAHAHAHA, he was so funny getting all creep out to the fish and the reactions when he eats, there’s nothing could be any more epic. 😀

  2. ah top!
    it’s no wonder the rating reach its peak

  3. We all knew it!~ TOP would def be a succes, more I mean..
    I just envy Hyori >_=)
    hahahahah~ just kidding ^^’

  4. awwwwwww TOP love his dorky/funny side <333

  5. i can’t wait to watch the subbed version of this
    hahaha i haven’t download those videos yet..
    my connection is being really stupid right now
    but i wanna watch it so badly!
    tabi is an ubber cute rappuh!!
    and i bet noone is gonna disagree this fact after watching this epi

  6. huhu:| unfortunately, we don’t have SBS here.. so I juz watch from yt and wait for that NICE person who’ll sub d whole episodes.. :DD

  7. the part where he had to hold the fish was so CUTE & FUNNY!!!!!! TOP AHHHHHHHH ❤

  8. I can’t wait to see top on family outing. Ha Eum is so cute!

  9. This doesn’t surprise me. This TOP episode was highly anticipated I think. ;]]]

    I can’t wait to see the second! ^^

  10. ahhh so cute i’m so happy that when top’s come to the show rating become higher…must be that he has so many fans!!!
    i’m so proud of him…hehehhe top da best!
    i can’t wait the for the subs!!!

  11. I need the subs!!! I was anticipating this episode for a while too, and wanted to see if any so called sparks can fly with Top and LeeHyori..but what I saw was Leehyori ignoring Top most of the time, and Top being very shy…however there is a lot of funny scenes and hopefully with these ratings, it would mean Top will get even more opporunities to shine in movies, music etc.

  12. hhaha funny FO didn’t get highest ratings! they got highest sunday program ratings! if you want highest ratings, it’s 1n2d, they are just seen as lowered because their ratings are in average with IMC… sorry to burst your bubble!

  13. XD This episode is priceless. From the fishing to the snowball fight… & TOP being afraid of that fish XD. but that fish WAS scary… until they did you-know-what to it. daesung’s expressions were hilarious. the lady, not Hyori, is super brave. GAH. it was too funny.


  14. Wow, that is amazing.
    Of course BB members makes it BETTER!
    I hope to watch the English Subbed soon

  15. WICKED! i can’t wait til it’s eng subbed! but they should have an episode with like ALL the big bang members… that’d make their rating go even higher =P

    and i was just on yesasia… AND THEYRE NOT SELLING THE GLOBAL WARNING DVD WITH THE POSTER ANYMORE! gah!!! it was a limited time thing!!??!?! IT’S ONLY BEEN A MONTH!!!!
    i should have ordered it sooner. gahhh!!!!!! i hate life.
    you guys who got the poster are so lucky!!!
    i think i’m just not gonna get the DVD…

  16. Dang, that’s GREAT :]
    Lmao. BTW that reminds me.
    I need to start watching FO more.

  17. FROM BIGBANG. another record broken xDDD

  18. FROM BIGBANG. another record broken xDDD

  19. luvBB4lyf // No more poster?!! Aww, that sucks. I never thought it was a ltd time thing… >w<;;

  20. Really? TSN media reported it was 26%? Cuz I thought it said somewhere that it was 24%.

    Ohwell, but I’d just like to correct you on something, Happy Sunday is 1n2d and Immortal Music Classic. 1n2d’s single rating was 29.7% while immortal music classic was probably 10 or less so it brought down the average for Happy Sunday. FO’s Good Sunday part 1 is only one show.

    You can’t really compare it with two shows b/c TECHNICALLY, FO’s not really at the top as number 1. Not that it really matters but not a lot of people know this and it’s good to get the facts straight. If u need to me to pull up my sources, I will. But then again, it’s not really that important, I just wanted to straighten that out.

    In the meanwhile, I watched the first couple parts of FO and he didn’t seem to talk that much. But at least dae made the show still funny.

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