3D2N Japan promotions


Big Bang will move on with their promotion in Japan.

Big Bang just ended their ‘Big Show’ concert in Seoul Olympic Stadium from 31st January to 1st February seeing about 52,000 fans present. And the concert will end Big Bang’s promotion for their album in Korea.

After this, Big Bang will leave for Japan Tokyo on 15th February and will stay there for about 3 days and 2 nights for their schedule. The boys will also appear on a famous morning show and hold a fanmeeting on 16th February.

YG Entertainment said, “They will leave for Japan for their promotion on 15th February and come back on the 17th. They will also appear on a special edition for a morning program and also have a fanmeeting there.”

The YG representative also added, “Right now SeungRi will continue with his solo activity and GDragon will release his solo album in April. After they return back to Korea, our focus will be more on individual activity rather than group activities.”

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~ by Momo on February 10, 2009.

24 Responses to “3D2N Japan promotions”

  1. Does this mean they wont be BIG BANG any more?

  2. Awww i’m gonna miss them T.T i hope SR take care of his health b/c all the traveling and looking forward their solo activities ^^ can’t wait!

    Thanks 4 the update momo ^^

  3. Yay, I can’t wait for the future activities 😀

  4. Nana:

    GD will be busy with first solo debut. Same goes to Seungri/TY/DS

    Top will be busy with his acting in Iris.

    No one is breaking up

    For the first quarter, everyone is busy with their solo projects.

    Everything will resume as normal by mid or third quarter!

  5. Aww, and I thought they’d finally be able to take a break. The boys work too hard. =/

  6. Hmmm so when do they get to go on their little trip to the US?

  7. I hope so, momovip. I hope so. :]

  8. i’ll missed them being a group (T_T)
    but cnt wait to hear bebe’s next album!
    the others’ too!
    top’s iris drama , sr debut album and gd’s album. ds’s solo acts!
    omo so much to look 4ward to

  9. What about the trip to the US?! xP
    Big Bang isn’t going to break up, just that they are going to do their own thing for now.

  10. AHHH i wonder how long they will be doing their individual activities D;
    but of course as a bigbang VIP i’ll support ALL OF THEM :]<3

    hehe, i’m reallyyy looking forward to their US vacation as well xD
    LUCKY JP VIPS. ahha they seem to go there a lott xD

  11. big bang is number 1! they need a break! they work too hard. i love them =] i am also looking forward to thier us trip. and all the solo acts. ^___^

    i ♥ BIGBANG

  12. huhu.. How I wish I was present during their Big Show Concert.. 😐 😦

  13. Aww, so i guess they won’t be coming to the US any time soon? ><”
    It’s okay at least I still love them (=
    But really looking forward to them coming to the US haha maybe the summer? (=

  14. Although I’m sure I will LOVE their solo work, I’m gonna miss BIG BANG as a group so so sooo much… Is TOP still planning on releasing a solo album as well? Cause I thought he was going to do so ?

  15. Ahhhh~ I’ll be missing BB all together.
    I can’t wait for GD’s solo though.
    But I thought they were coming to America???
    I guess they’re coming later in the month.

  16. WHAT? ugh aren’t they suppose to come to the US?
    I am so mad! And what about DaeSung’s MV for “it’s a big hit” ?
    UGHHH. I mean I’m happy that that Seungri is still performing,
    that Thee Kwonster’s Solo album is coming out and the rest, TOP has a movie
    but I thought they were suppose to come to the US and rest and even study more

  17. I’m sad now :[
    but I do hope they come soon :]
    Big Bang FIGHTING! Good Luck
    VIP fo’ life (:

  18. they’ll comeback and focus on individual activities?
    : ( i thought they will make this awesome comeback together..
    Well, i’ll be looking forward to seeing them together at
    the fan meeting, lucky JVIPs!

    SUPER excited for GD’s solo! and TY’s other one! ^___^

  19. They’re so busy! I do hope they make some time to rest and relax.

    I’m excited about what they’ll do in the solo activities.

    GO BIG BANG~! <33 C:

  20. so they’re NOT coming to the US?
    that’s even worse than the confusion we had before
    god I love Mr. YG but why does he have to be so god damn ambiguous/indecisive all the time?
    ughh -_-

  21. come to AMERICAAAA haha
    omg they got our hopes up
    we gotta see our boys out here T T

  22. Big Bang is NOT breaking up? are you kidding?!
    anywhat; i hope…NO SCRATCH THAT…they WILL be successful in their solo activities. i’m gonna miss them being together =(
    any news on when Big Bang’s coming to America? i thought they were coming in Feb? =)

  23. wow, more and more work for them.. sigh… i really hope they get their break soon :[ and come to AMERICA~~ oh my… ill die if they go to hollywood bowl :33 hehe. what do you guys think are the chances of that?

  24. They are going to the Hollywood Bowl. They were there
    Last Year also. Ugh, i won’t be going to that. Which
    makes me sad. i really want to though

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