[Public Awareness] Victoria Tragic Bushfire


Jess from ygworld.wordpress.com posted an announcement about the Bushfire Tragic in Victoria, Australia. Therefore, i am reposting it here for our awareness.

On behalf of BBfansite Staff, our deepest condolences to all families and friends that were involved in the tragedy. A moment of silent.

To our BBfansite readers who resides in Australia especially near Victoria, we are truly sorry for your loss.

P.S: Bushfire death toll has reached to 181 and counting..


“If you have families here in Victoria..give them a call to see how they are..the fires are mostly in the countryside..and still spreading…with windy weathers coming it doesn’t help either..

I know this is not yg related, but to happen near home is a tragic incident. Worldwide news of the Victorian bush fires has hit many hearts, to see and watch footage of the burning flames that took away many houses and lives of loved ones..just sadden everyone here. Listening to stories of the lucky survivors of how it happen brings tear to everyone..the grief, pain, shock…of what went wrong..

The death tool is now 135..and still going..news of loved ones missing to whether they r dead or alive is unbearable..if you think that your life is going bad..at least you still have somewhere to stay, a job to go to..your family & friends who is still there. These people are left with nothing..lost memories..everything gone in a few seconds..

http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun , for Australians or anyone who wants to donate can find info here. Who knows where it will strike next and how long before this ends.. To all the firefighters our there fighting in the hot flames to..u’re all amazing..i know many people are very grateful..To all the people who has lost their loved ones..may they RIP..and have gone to a better place..”

Post taken from: jess @ ygworld.wordpress.com


~ by Momo on February 10, 2009.

35 Responses to “[Public Awareness] Victoria Tragic Bushfire”

  1. Thankyou so much for putting this up here, I think it’s important as iVIPz to be there for each other during times of crisis. I’m from Adelaide, Australia, and although we’ve had our fair share of bushfires over the years I never really thought that the fires were really anything to be worried about (I know, extremely ignorant of me). At school we have heaps of bushfire drills in case students (who live in the hills where bushfires usually start) are in danger of bushfires near there homes.

    The death toll is really devastating, as (apart from the Bali bombings) I have never come across such tragic occurences living in Australia. A bunch of girls and I are going to be raising donations at school for the bushfire aids.

    Please support if you can!

  2. i was devestate and shocked when i heard this and then when the death toll kept rising it was even more shocking because i live in Sydney, Australia and we’ve had bushfires here too but i cant recall any deaths so i was so shock with the amount of deaths that occured and so sad that now those families have absolutely nothing left and have to rebuild their lives all over again from scratch . im so glad that you posted this up here . showing awareness of such a tragic incident . support and spread the love folks . our hearts goes out to those families who have lost loved ones .

  3. My prayers to all the fire victims.. and to those people who lost their lives, i hope their soul will peacefully rest in heaven..
    I didnt know abt this until i read this article :[

  4. my condolences to the victims..

  5. may god be with you guys.
    my prayers goes out to everyone whos
    lives are changed by this tragic fire.
    i was horrified when the mountains in my area
    were burning down (in L.A it got kinda messy a few
    months back) and when i evacuated just the
    thoughts of the possibility that i can
    never return to my house scared me…
    but atleast my family was all safe. and yes my
    gated community stayed safe(it was real close tho)

    i hope that the number of victims dont increase
    so much.. but it alrdy is.

  6. Hey, thanks so much for raising awareness of this. I live in Victoria, and although i dont live near the sites affected by the bushfires, i’m extremely proud to see you guys showing your support to those who are affected by this tragedy.
    I have been a silent reader of this site for a few months now, and i was amazed and proud to see your consideration towards us that i had to break my run of silent reading on this site =D
    Like Pearllovestop said, in the past i was also very ignorant of bushfires, thinking “it would never happen to me”, but this showed me the reality and it really pulled at my heartstrings, even while watching the news i would get teary – and i’m not even an emotional person!
    Here’s an update – according to what i last heard, the death toll has risen to 181…


  7. thankyou so much for your condolencess I live in vic and the fires were about half an hour to fortyfive minutes from where I live we could smell the smoke from our houses when I went to school I kept hearing about friends and teachers whose family had been hothit by the fires and lost everything. It’s so great seeing you guys bring awareness to this I’m sure everyone who was affected approviates everything that everyone is doing to help. Let’s just hope the hard part passes soon

    On a more positive note I think all you guys who keep the big bang site up and running are completelyyyy awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thankyou for taking the time to post this up – it’s wonderful to know that others do care. I don’t live near the affected areas but watching the news every night is pretty heart-wrenching. I’ve just been doing a first aid course at the Red Cross,and they’re doing a great job of helping those in need. They’ve been really busy, but would seriously appreciate any donations right now, and I’ve heard they really need blood donations for the burns victims. Unfortunately you can only donate every 3 months.
    Once again, thanx for you consideration.

  9. Wow…
    Is this really spreading around the world?
    I’m from Victoria but I probably live an hour away from Kingslake, etc. I’m so happy to see u to post this up and thank you for ur empathy. Apparently, everywhere in Australia are running a donation. This morning, I saw the donation reached almost 13 million which is really impressive. The death toll will probably reach to 300 which is appalling. Hopefully there won’t be anymore hot weather in Victoria like on Saturday (46 degrees… =.=) because this Bushfire was a total tragic and we don’t deserve to lose more lives. I hope they find the moron(s) who lit the fire asap and they should be charge for “Murder” and hope karma will come to them now.

    R.I.P to those who lost their lives from the tragic Bushfire

  10. this is really really sad
    i heard about this during my humanities class today too
    and my teacher was talking about how parents and kids have to watch their houses got burned down
    I really really hope all the people there are ok.
    and RIP to the people who couldn’t escape from the fire tragic.

  11. @ Shannice
    yeah, i heard that they will be charged for murder and that they only caught one of them, they are still looking for the rest of them .

  12. yumyumSUSHI and Shannice: What goes around comes around. Karma will do some justice. I will participate in donating some money. Need to read the donation process.

  13. This is really a tragedy, my heart and prayers go out
    to all the victims, fellow AustralianVIPs, I hope you
    are safe and are far from the devastation, if you lost
    someone you know in this tragedy, you have my condolences
    even all those who mourn.

    We were talking abt this in class, also with my
    family, this is truly sad, my heart goes out to all
    who are effected by this

  14. I’m heading to Sydney next saturday and will be studying over there got the next three years. And it is such a tragedy..that’s why we gotta be contented of what we’ve got now. Those victims just died like that without realization. I’m praying for the Australians..hope everything is gonna be alright soon

  15. As an iVIP, I hope all Aussie VIP’s are safe and I hope that the victims and their families from this tragedy will be ok.

    ❤ Hwaiting.

  16. My mom’s friend lost her home its very sad!!! I hope all those people are in our prayers! and I hope no one else is hurt!

  17. ohh my…tq for post this…yes it is really important that we should realize this kind of things…i hope they will be save..i will be pray for this people…
    we should grateful that we still can live without disaster…i hope this will end!!

  18. give my best to people in victoria!

  19. R.I.P

  20. I’m aware now.

    I don’t know anyone in Australia, but I’m really sorry for the families involved in this tragedy.

  21. I feel so sad. I live in Victoria but I didn’t get to know about the fires until Sunday. People are killed, people have lost their homes and nearly everything they owned and some of them may be injured. I pray for it to end.

  22. R.I.P for those who lost their lives.

    This is really heartbreaking… 😦

    I pray for all the victims…and FIGHTING for all the survivors!..

  23. Aww that’s so sad.
    I hope EVERYONE around there was okay.
    Yes, RIP for the ones who died.
    It’s okay if this isn’t BB or YG related.
    Thanks for giving us some info.
    I know some people for exchanged from
    ahahaha uhm these new kids came from Australia
    && in my gym class we were talking about
    Australia too. but i didn’t know this happen.

  24. WHOA~ i didn’t know this was going on? looks like i need to watch the news more often. but please be safe everyone, my prayers goes out to all of you =)

  25. omg whoa i had no idea this news was worldwise. yeah im from sydney too and the news coverage of what happened in rural victoria is similar to that of the bali bombings or even 911.
    thanks so much for your concern iVIPs it really does mean a lot to know that people we dont know care enough to leave comments like you guys have.
    i for one hope that we never get a week of temperatures of +/- 45C ever again. we cannot afford such losses. the death toll i think currently stands at around 175.

  26. uhm hi im marienne and im from victoria and i`ve lost friends there 😦

  27. oh im from victoria where it all happened. my friends houses were all burnt and yea so sad. i wish them the best. 🙂

  28. Dang, I’m so sad to hear this.
    Rest in peace. This is very sad.
    I hope everyone’s doing okay &
    feeling better. That’s a high
    deathrate number :/

  29. I forgot to mention that one of my cousins from my mother’s side live in Australia and he have his family there, I pray for their safety..as well as all the people there…

    crisis in the world is increasing..and it’s really heartbreaking… :((

  30. Thank you so much for putting this in here.. it really means alot to me and the rest of the Australian people who lives in Victoria. It breaks my heart to watch the news every night seeing the fire still continuing and the death toll rises. This would be the most tragic days that Victoria has ever seen.

  31. R.I.P, i heard this news from my friends …

  32. aww thank you so much for posting this up (:
    i live in victoria, but thankfully not where the bushfires are
    its a tragedy that so many people and homes are gone..
    please try and donate
    i know i will, and my school will be contributing to help the people how have lost their homes in the fire.
    RIP to all that have died

  33. thanks for posting this up…
    I’m form Victoria and it is just devastating that so many people have lost their lives in these bushfires
    As of last night Australia and anyone else who has donated has raised 74+ million dollars to help families and victims of these fires.
    RIP to those who have lost their lives in what has been called “Hell On Earth” or “Black Saturday”

  34. This is my first time posting here.
    but i was so moved that you posted this here. and im thankful.
    I live in victoria too, for fortunate for me not near the bushfire,
    it was a devastating tragedy, but the nation is comming together as a whole to support those who are currently suffereing.
    which is really good to hear, because we have so much love to give

  35. you know what makes me angry,that many of the worst fires were deliberately lit. Arsonists honestly don’t get ANYTHING out of it, i think they are all mental to hurt people like this.
    “Australia’s worst natural disaster” natural I THINK NOT

    anyway, to all those,r.i.p.
    our school has raised $4200 in one day (: for you brave fighters out there. hwaiting!!!!

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