Se7en’s American debut date postponed


Singer Se7en will have his American debut on 4th March.

His American debut song ‘Girlz’, featuring famous rapper Lil Kim, was initially set to be released on 14th February, but it has been pushed back so that he will prepare for his promotional activities starting in March.

YG Entertainment said, “He will reveal the song on 4th March, and the teaser MV will also be revealed on the same day – not only in America but also in Korea and Japan.”

The YG representative said, “Because there is need for more preparation for his promotion in America, the date was pushed to March.”

This will be Se7en’s American debut 2 years in the making

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~ by Momo on February 11, 2009.

23 Responses to “Se7en’s American debut date postponed”

  1. are you cereal?…
    omg i cant stand waiting any more..

  2. OMG are u serious?! i was like fieninq to see what se7en has in store for america !!! gosh well maybe its worth the wait. i hope.

  3. aww.. isnt he supposed to release a come back album in korea this year as well? O.O well best of luck with him 🙂

  4. sweet on my bday =D

  5. Are you serious?!
    YG has been doing this to us for so long now, since we first started hearing rumors of his debute way back when.
    The man must be hating on US fans right now or something to torture us so.
    -sighs- Oh well. I guess he wants Se7en’s debute was perfect.
    I shall wait and be patience like a true fan.

  6. omg.. wow… i was looking forward to his debut too ! D:
    hwaiting se7en <33

  7. Oh, I’m okay with the delay. It’s one day before my birthday. It’s perfect.

  8. Gahh, really? D:

    Geez, I was really looking forward to seeing the debut song on V-day. . w .

    Well, I’ll still be happy when it’s finally released.

    <33 Se7en

  9. Whattt?? again… T.T awww i’ll be waiting U.U

  10. ok seriously either debut him here or get his butt back to korea and have him come back there. I’m tired of waiting. I dont care anymore. I just want to hear him singing again. I miss him alot and I think there are many people who would agree with me that all we want is to just hear him sing and watch him dance again.

  11. aw darnn it WAS gonna be this saturday! >.<
    anyways i cant wait! 😀

  12. OMG…when will it be big bangs turn to debut in the U.S??????????

  13. Seriously, this song has been LEAKED already.
    At this point I just want him to release this song, get it over with and go back to Korea to make more music.

    bchewy: Personally, seeing the way YG handled Se7en’s time in the US I would not want Big Bang to debut in the US under that kind of sloppy planning.

    I admire YG for trying to make a break and the progress he’s made for Se7en but seriously, his time here could have been handled A LOT better.

  14. 2 years….man hes almost disappeared now. I hope he comes back fighting. And yh the girl’s song has pratically been leaked everywhere ages ago =/

  15. Hello ^^ I found this pict >> o_O , This is new photoshoot??? :-O

  16. hey anyone know where is se7en nao? XD

  17. OMG, R U SERIOUS?! I was looking forward to it, but now we have to wait for 3 more weeks… I agree with everyone about the time management on Se7en’s debut. It could’ve gone alot better.

    @ jasisvip: Se7en is in the US. I’m assuming LA to be specific.

  18. @Cat: I feel exactly the same way! As fun as it would be for BB to come to the US, if they were to disappear like Se7en has, I would be so upset! I really think this is a bad time to try and break into the American music industry what with the economic crisis and all. Music sales are way down, even for established and popular singers/bands.

    YG should just swallow his pride, bring Se7en back, and admit to (temporary) failure like Rain did.

    Just had a thought: Some of BB is going to be over in the US when Se7en’s debut finally occurs! I’m sure they’ll be hanging out.

  19. … How much does it have to be pushed back? =[

  20. WHAT?! that’s LONG!
    ughhh, i guess. I bet chu` he’s busy or something.

    Where’d you find that picture? Aw the look cute!
    But i think it is new. Thank You.

  21. AGAIN!? i agree that the song has already been LEAKED so just get on with the debuting already!?

  22. OHEMG!
    thats cool.

    damn, that sux, i wanted to see him debut on the 14 of February!

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