Shinhwa, Big Bang take a stand against unauthorized trademark use

Reminder: As i mentioned before for those who are selling fan merchandise like t-shirts and stuff, please avoid using BB LOGO or the Official Font. Precaution is better than cure. No Bashing!Please keep the comments to the minimum. Don’t go overboard.

This is something we need to think about. Although issue being mentioned here is COLOR/COLOUR is small matter to some of you,however, its a big matter in Korea especially to the fanclubs cause it represent the IDENTITY of the ARTISTs and FANS.


Groups Shinhwa and Big Bang have decided to take action against companies who produce fan support tools such as lightsticks and balloons for the unauthorized use of their trademarks.

On 11th Feb, a spokesperson from Shinhwa’s management company Good EMG told Star News in a phone interview, “At the recent Big Bang concert, there were many unauthorized orange lightsticks printed with the Big Bang logo. Orange is the representative color of Shinhwa, and more and more fans are protesting, stating that they must protect the color orange.”

“For the companies who are producing these unauthorized Big Bang lightsticks, both ourselves and YG Entertainment hope that they will stop selling these products as soon as possible. If they continue to do so, we will have to take action against them.”

Fans have expressed that there has long been an unwritten rule about the about the usage of colors for different singers and groups. For example, Shinhwa uses orange, DBSK uses red, Super Junior uses pearl blue, and all fan support tools are produced in the respective colors. Recently, there have been cases of Big Bang fans using orange lightsticks printed with Big Bang logos that they bought from street vendors at live performances and concerts. As a result, many Shinhwa fans have been making calls to Good EMG and YG, requesting them to “respect the use of colors”.

Good EMG stated that the biggest problem the use of Shinhwa’s representative orange color to produce fan items for other singers and groups, as well as the unauthorized use of the Big Bang logo.

The Good EMG spokesman added, “Orange has been the representative color that Shinhwa has been using for more than 10 years, it’s something different from Big Bang’s crown lightsticks and head scarves. In fact after the Big Bang concert ended, we already contacted YG in the hope that they will make an official announcement about fan support tools.”

With regards to this, on 1 Feb ,YG has already put up an official notice on Big Bang’s official website, “Big Bang’s Official Fan Support Tools”, stating that “The golden crown lightstick is a design that cannot be replicated”. The lightsticks of other colors that have caused conflict with other fanclubs are not produced by YG, please do not purchase them.”

The Good EMG spokesperson also said that unauthorized fan merchandise have also appeared at Shin Hyesung’s recent concert in China, but they have taken steps to confiscate the merchandise and conduct further investigation. As a result, they already had to take steps to protect Shinhwa’s trademark and copyright. He said, “After this clash between Shinhwa fans and Big Bang fans, we will make even more effort on trademark protection.”

At the moment, besides the orange lightsticks and raincoats issued to all Shinhwa Changjo members, for Shin Hyesung’s upcoming comeback, Good EMG will be producing Shin Hyesung and Shinhwa official merchandise.

YG has stated that, “Any products not sold through YG E-Shop are all unauthorized.”

source: absolutshinhwa
credit: Star News + Yonhap News
chinese translations by:
english translations by: absolutshinhwa

Post taken from: Ca_Kristine_4ever @ soompi


~ by Momo on February 11, 2009.

43 Responses to “Shinhwa, Big Bang take a stand against unauthorized trademark use”

  1. wow
    they take it soo serious
    but i cn see why though
    if something were sold with my name on it.. then i would want some credit form it too
    so yeaa i can see why

  2. good for them I’m proud they are taking action!!

  3. can someone clarify for me? so is big bang not allowed to have the crown sticks and scarves anymore because it clashes with the shinhwa’s color, and because it was their representatives first?

  4. aren’t they taking the colour thing a bit too seriously?
    i mean last time i checked, colours weren’t owned by anybody…
    it’s good they’re taking action against the illegal use of BB’s logo… but colours? honestly?

    “After this clash between Shinhwa fans and Big Bang fans…” clash?! between fans… OVER COLOURS!!!
    whao there, calm down… no need to be so possessive!
    where’s the love people!
    besides… there are many shades of orange (none of which are owned by anybody…)

  5. Crown stick and scarves are allowed so long its being purchased from YG Eshop.

    Its the Shinhwa color: orange that are being discussed as to so many company are selling unauthorized fan merchandise using the trademark and logo.

  6. @BG..

    i dont think so… Shinhwa’s company is just telling YG to take some action against the unauthorized manufacturers that are making the BB crown sticks orange… i want to say something here but i dont think i can bash… so i wont… but it’s so tempting

  7. Also, YESASIA, is one of the distributor, aside from YG EShop, coz YESASIA target the mass market especially those staying overseas. Unless, things change, then we IVIPs are in deep trouble as to where we should purchase BB merchandise..

    Im not too sure about DVDheaven.

  8. i kind of agree with luvBB4lyf.. Dont get me wrong, I think that YG taking action in this situation against unauthorized merch is good but yeah fighting over colors… after reading the article, it almost seems like BB aren’t aloud to use the color orange (my impression after reading it).

  9. and by the way please dont take my comment as bashing 🙂

  10. aha! i see you added the “No Bashing!”
    …it’s a good thing i didn’t…

    and i agree with your first impression Sabrina

  11. Yeah, I agree with luvBB4lyf and Sabrina. I can see why they want to stop unauthorized merchandise but fighting over colours? This article somehow gives me the idea that they all care about colours more than the merchandises being unauthorized.

  12. Okay I understand the need and want to stop unauthorized merchandise, but colors? Seriousely now! Come on I mean rerally does Shinhwa have to get involved just because the merch was the color orange. I find that plain stupid. No one owns any colors! And besides as BB fans we do not have a color what are we suppose to use the color of when merch are made AIR?!!?!? Okay that last comment was a little bit too much of an over exaggeration. But, it helps to make a point that the color thing is ridiculous. Taking action over soemthing like a color is so stupid it is not even funny. If, BB fans were buying bootleg merch that was ripped off Shinhwa merch I would understand, but come one now….
    -shakes head- I’m going to stop, because I know this will turn into a rant and I will just be repeating myself and what otehrs have said. -sighs-

  13. colors are colors, they didnt need to be so serious >.<

  14. that is totally ridiculous. COLORS. -.-

  15. …WTF? I’ve always thought the color thing was dumb and I liked that BB didn’t do that stuff. This is why. I understand why they’d want to stop unauthorized merch but since when is thers a copyright on colors? FT Island gets sued for breathing DBSK’s air?

    It’s probably the fans that are making a big deal about it and the company’s probably like, “please, just get these crazy fans to shut the hell up.”

  16. People.

    Stop patronizing the color issue here. In Korea, the music indudstry and the fanbase are far different from other countries.

    imagine if the issue reverse? Using the name VIP for other artist? Ponder on that.

    So we should be thankful, none of that for now. But try to understand other fanbase’s predicament.

    Again, please keep the comments to the minimmum.

  17. they took very serious right T.T

  18. Colors? I think any kinda of light sticks are allowed as long as it’s not like in a certain style that is replicating another style’s. I think a regular plain stick with any color is fine for just about any artist. They should ban the color copyright thing majiggy. It’s stupid. The next thing you know, a new artist is gonna have like a rainbow for their color theme because they can’t copy other artist’s color(s).

  19. the fans in korea are strict with
    the categorizing,supporting,&identityy
    trust me color is like their pride
    and nobody wants mad fangirlss
    anyways unauthorized selling shouldnt
    be allowed..
    buy the real thing~

  20. That is because maybe the colors is like their trademarks, no wonder. X]

    Well, I don’t mind about the colors trademark, I just supporting them, and if they take actions then…I’m just being respecting at their results and supporting.
    The only thing I want is the original and be original.
    It is not like…I’m the VIP that didn’t care at all, but I’m just being respecting at them, that’s all..

    Anyhow, FIGHT!!

    Oh I just knew that I kill English here, huhu, please don’t mind about my English.

    Saranghaeyo XD

  21. they should really take this seriously.It’s about trademark!!!Think they should really look into this problem.I don’t want other ppl 2 use bigbang logo and sell it!Seems like they’re using my idol…lol.

  22. cos in korea, colours = trademark.
    it is something important, worth fighting for, and to be taken seriously. =)

  23. i completely understand the logo thing, but claiming a color and saying no one else is allowed to use it seems a little too extreme, imho.

  24. hey, is it true that big bang won best album and bonsang in the 2009 gayo daesang today???

  25. LMAO!!! I find this whole fan colour thing pretty silly to be honest, there are only so many shades of one colour.

  26. This is so weird
    But I support this! 🙂
    Where do these “unauthorised vendors” come from anyway.

  27. Colours are very important to fans. It represent who they are! It’s unwritten rules about colours in the fandom. As I know, even HOT disband long ago, their fans still won’t allow other fanbase to use HOT color. What the news talked about was not BB cheering items, BB lightstick are gold-yellow-ish. SHCJ happened to find these light sticks, and saw people used it during BB perf. and concert.

    Here is the link –

    Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan even mentioned about this many times in his blog.

    I’m glad that things are taken care of. VIP and SHCJ are good toward each other. These things shouldnt happen because of a small group inconsiderate action. :]


    Note: If my comment was too much, please feel free to delete it :]

  28. Well, Shinhwa = Shinhwa Changjo = Orange. That color means alot to alot of people, not just mad fans. Yeah I think momovip has a point. What would BB fans feel if somebody else used the name VIP? Ah the color thing has been going on in Korea for years so gotta understand, they’re very emotionally attached to it!

  29. i think you have to respect the colour thing a bit, and Dongwan even said that he knows Shinhwa do not own the colour. Anyways i think a big thing overlooked here is how both YG and Good Ent, VIP’z & SHCJ are working together to stop this. And Big Bang nor us VIP’z would purposely do anything to disrespect shinhwa and their supporters. thousands of VIP’z even personally apoligized to dongwan on his blog

  30. CAn some one explain who is Shinwa? X; sorry x[

  31. Hm… idont get the article >.<

  32. “there has long been an unwritten rule about the about the usage of colors for different singers and groups”
    as long as companies abide this rule, its practically official. i can 100% truly understand the reason for such legal actions.

    its like in business: trademarks, brand, and copyrighted material

  33. are you all american??? lol
    i’ve been wondering that because in like almost ALL the posts, it says “color”… totally besides the point… but yea, lmao just something i noticed…

    and colours = free expression, something that can’t be copyrighted

  34. using the big bang logo without their consent is disrespectful.. it’s like using them to get money for themselves.. sorta like counterfeit goods. if you respect them just get the real stuff !

  35. color/colour..its all the same to me whether ur american or brit

  36. i’m so so happy that both companies have noted this because as a SHCJ and a VIP i hate to see something that can be easily avoided end up being a problem between the two greatest groups and fan clubs.

  37. my opinion is that we have to respect their culture in Korea. though it does not make sense that Shinhwa or SHCJ owns the orange color, but the color does represent their existence. look at the performances and concerts. u can see the sea of colors, which represents each and every fanclub supporting their own boys. thus i can understand why SHCJ are raising up this problem about unauthorised merchants misusing colors (not only orange, but we can even see green or white, but it’s mainly orange though) with BB’s logo.

    let’s take for example, if BB do have been using a color representing VIP, say “grey”, and of those merchants printed FT Island logo on it and fans have been using it, won’t VIP also feel the same as how SHCJ felt now? i think we have to see things in other people’s shoes and understand why SHCJ has taken such action. some may think SHCJ are being too protective or making a big fuss, but then we VIPs will do the same if that happens to our boys, aint that so? that’s just something u would do if you love your boys.

    i’m just glad this color issue is not involving the Cassiopeias. i cant imagine how crazy those fangirls may react if their color is being used, and i bet it’s gonna be ugly seeing how past events happen when it involves DBSK and Cassiopeias with other fanclubs. thumbs up to SHCJ for being matured and not causing a major uproar on their own, but raising the issues directly to Good EMG & YG, and let them take legal action towards those unauthorised merchants. it’s good to hear that VIPs & SHCJ maintain an amiable relationship and not going about bashing one another.

  38. aiyohh…
    i say that it shouldn’t be a problem because we would do the same if it was to our boys too.
    i’m pretty sure somebody has said that loll..

  39. Wow, they take this color thing serious but i understand.
    I mean yeah i do think of that too but i NEVER thought of
    Big Bang copying the color of Shinhwa. Yeah i understand
    but i don’t think that Big Bang or YG intended of stealing
    or taken that color. It was just a color to use.
    Err YG has been getting into a lot of trouble lately :[
    I mean the whole Strong Baby thing with KBS & now this.
    I think there are more. But i can’t think of it right now.
    && Yes YG Family will get through this and make it all better?
    right? But i know it will be =] YG Family & Big Bang FIGHTING!
    Yeah i would be protesting if someone used VIP too. I’m a BIG
    Shinhwa fan too. Well not as much as Big Bang but i still
    support both groups. I love both groups, they are greater then great (:
    Other people has other opinion, whether they think it’s dumb or not.
    But it does count for something & someone. We should respect it still.
    Since we all do love these K-Pop stars & Shinhwa and them did
    help make Hip Hop culture a better thing.

  40. The color thing is a big issue over there to fan groups. Like, Big Bang doesn’t have an official color, but they have their headscarves and crown light sticks in place of that. Unauthorized vendors using orange lightsticks and printing Big Bang’s logo on it is like someone using Big Bang’s design for their headscarves and light sticks and placing Shinhwa’s logo on it. It’s like stepping all over a fanclub of an artist. Sure, no one can own a color, but when even artists themselves respect this fanclub color rule, I’d say it’s something to take seriously.

    Basically, it all boils down to understanding the fan culture in Korea. And I’m glad that both companies are trying to put a stop to it.

  41. i agree w/ candysweetz.
    colors mean everything to the fans.

  42. I agree wholeheartedly with vipygbb and sunny.
    I can see how there can be an adverse reaction to their takes on fan merchandise, especially with regard to colors, but that is how korean fan culture is. And we have to respect that. It may seem trivial to fans outside of Korea, but to them it’s part of what defines a true, supportive fan. That’s the way it’s been for a very long time in kpop culture.
    I’m very glad that YG and Good have come to an understanding and an agreement to stop this.

  43. Seems like alot of fans who comment here are very new to kpop.
    The unwritten rule of colour starts way from 1996 H.O.T times…
    Not only big bang cant use orange but no one are allowed.
    Two colours of balloon that new groups avoid using will be white and orange especially
    White being H.O.T colour and Orange being shinhwa’s
    Old kpop fans look at balloon colour seriously as it has since become a “symbol” of dif groups.

    Which helps in big concerts, singers can regconize their fans just by the balloon colours.

    For new fans out there, please respect the original culture

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